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Update: Dec, 2018

Latest Home Sales, Home Price Toronto for Toronto Real Estate in Nov, 2018, which is released in Dec 6, 2018.

=> Toronto (416), Ave Home Price, Nov, 2018 = $842,4830 (Nov, 2017 = $803,540) compared last year Up, Town Home = $739,837, Condos = $595,678.

=> GTA (905) (Districts around Toronto, Area Phone code = 905) Ave Home Price, Nov 2018 = $750,721, (Nov, 2017 = $732,840). Town Home = $613,846, Condos = $454,288.

Image result for merry christmas happy new year

** Important News **

1) Just recently, only Condos and Semi-Detached Homes U
p continues growth. Average Semi-detached Home Toronto up 8.3% = $1.06 millions. Last month Nov, 2018, Semi-Detached up 6.3%.

: Only Average Price. Translate into Real Home Price is higher. People save money and Property Tax. We already see Semi-Detached, increased to 1.2 millions dollars. Click here. But this is first time, the Average of Toronto Semi-Detach Home has over 1 millions dollars. Which means that: Sum all Semi-Detach Homes spreading in Toronto and Take Average =
$1.06 millions.

=> When Property is Hot
like last time, up 33%, Detach Home Price increased more. But when it goes Down, Down a lot. More risky. When Property not Hot, stable, steady, like right now, Semi-Detached more referred, less risky. That's why Semi-Detached goes up recently 8.3%. A lot.  For example, recent Toronto Housing Cooling, Detach-Homes lost 200,000$, while Semi-Detached lost around $80,000 -> $100,000. In Toronto Housing Recovery, Semi-Detach Home Price increases more than Detach-Home.

Property Tax: Not Business, Company, Corporation, Government, but Middle Class Home Owners, who work hard for their Home, and pay for Property Tax. Property Tax is
main source of Tax Revenue for the City to pay for: City's Services, City & Municipality's Employees, Schools, Parking, Park, Policing, Ambulance, Fire Fighter, Garbage Collection ...

2) Home Sales drop 14.7% compared to last years Dec,2017, but down only 3.4% compared to last month, not much, because
Stress Test Restriction required higher Income or Salary, and higher Borrowing Cost to buy Home. A Majority of Home Buyers Buy Home, work hard 25 years for A Home to Live.

A Scientist Professor ask: - Why Home Sales Down, but Home Price still Up?

=> No need reading 100 pages Report. Look at this Chart:
When Home Supply S1 Decrease, Shift Left from: S1 -> S2. Create more competition for Home Buyers in tight Home Market fewer Homes "in the past few months" - And Quantity (the number of Home Sales) Down: Q1 -> Q2. Because Stress Test more restriction, Higher Borrowing Cost Buy Home. -> Pushing Home Price: P1 -> P2 Up.
=> Which means: Home Price in Toronto still steady, Up even Home Sales Down. Because People don't want to Sell their Homes, since Toronto Housing started recovering in May, 2018 after Cooling Down started June 2017 -> Home Listings Down. Plus New Home Builders, Construction limited. Both = less Home Supply. Thus Home Sales Down doesn't mean Home Price Down, but even Price Up
-> Thus, even Build more New Homes. But less People Sell their Homes since May, 2018, will not affect Home Price much.
-> Just 5% -> 10% People sell Homes will translate tens of thousands Homes for Sales. Thus Home Price could go Down. But Not see in Toronto.

- See: How much cost to buy home in 50 US's States in 2018. Click here.  | - See: Salary needed to buy Home in 20 major US Cities. Click here.
- See: Ave Home Price in GTA Districts around Toronto, GTA's Map. Click here

-> Home Price is like Stock Price reflects value of a Company. Why people want to pay a lot of money for a Home, a Location to Live, for high Stock Price. What do they get in return?  It is not small Home, big Home but Location. Why don't people move to Quebec, Winnipeg, where big Home around $280,000 dollars? Why a City has higher Home Price than the other City? - Not I want my Home worth millions dollars. But all about Location, like Stock Price, Investors keep put money in a Growth Stock. CEOs of Company make sure Growth and Return On Investment (ROI) for Shared Holders.

: Before 2018, so easy Buy home. Anyone can Buy Home. Begin 2018 very difficult, for people low Income, low Salary qualify for Mortgage when borrow Money Buy Home from Bank. Need Deposit at least 20%. And
Home Speculators who Buy Home as Investors.
A Majority of Home Buyers Buy Home, work hard 25 years for A Home to Live.

3) But Home Prices still climb, or stable, specially Semi-Detached Home climb 8.3%. While Condos rose 7.5%. The reason Home Price still steady because of less Home Supply for Sales in Market. Such as, people don't want to sell home, and less New Home Construction. Compared to last year, Home Price still Up.

4) New Home Listings were down than Sales. This suggest that Buyers had more competition for Buy Home, tight market ->
Home Price steady.

NOTE: People Buy Semi-Detached because Property Tax much cheaper, and other Home Tax like Land Transfer Tax, less Risky.

A person said: - Worth it to watch Home & Property once month than watch Stock every day. Before if I watch Home, understand more about Home & Property, I would buy Home, Condos and better for me today. Since I follow this Blog, I understand more about Home. We start saving, have a plan for Home, Property, Condos ... This Blog really helps me in positive way better than scary News about Home. A Home to Live is the best Return is always right Choice in Making Decision for having something in future in turbulence, ups, downs market.

Update: Nov, 2018

- See: Latest Home Sales, Home Price Toronto released in Nov 6, 2018 for Toronto Real Estate in Oct, 2018
- more Click here.

=> Toronto (416), Ave Home Price = $869,870 (Oct, 2017 = $819,210) compared last year Up, Town Home = $767,000, Condos = $603,200.
=> GTA (905) (Districts around Toronto, Area Phone code = 905) Ave Home Price = $807,300, (Oct, 2017 = $780,400) compared last year Up 3.5%. Town Home = $621,560, Condos = $461,000.
Home Sales
Down 1% compared Sep, 2018, Up 6% compare Last year.

=>Toronto's housing market stabilizes after turbulent year as Sales rise, Prices steady.
- Housing Toronto & GTA started cooling sometimes in June, 2017 and started recovery sometimes in May, 2018 after 1 year cooling. It is just recovery in 5 months, Ave Home Price recovered 1/2 losses compared to its peak Ave Home Price in GTA @ peak, Ave Home Price = $916,000, in Toronto @ peak, Ave Home Price = around $1,000,000.
- Before use 1 Ave Home Price. But now, better used 2 separate Ave Home Price for Toronto and GTA.
- Toronto ( 3.0 m. Not inc GTA, just Toronto = 3rd largest City' in North America, replaced Chicago, only after New York, Los Angeles) + GTA (6.5 mil) = 9.5 million population.

NOTE: This is Ave Home Price only = Which means including All Types of Home Properties and All different Locations. Home Price depends on Location. Toronto more expensive than GTA. Compared to Home Price @ peak, although has recovered 1/2 losses, translate in Real Price still lost from $100,000 -> $250,000 (Downtown Toronto).
Home or Stock = Wealth, Same Net worth. Start working @ 25 years old for 10 years @ 35 should save $100,000. Work 20 years @ 45 should save $200,000 -> Add-on Net Worth. Lost $100,000 No Big Deal ->
The Risk of Nothing, not Having Home, even more Risks.
Some people blamed
Toronto Housing Cooling on the previous Ontario Government has introduced a Housing Policy called "Fair Housing Plan" just recently, in mid 2017 in effect Jan, 2018. Why not let Market decide Price, Ups / Downs, like Stock Market. But some people said, FHP helps slow down a bit (cooling) Toronto Housing Market that was very Hot, Home Price up too fast, could cause "crashed or bubble". It also helps more people, who complain Price too high. But then when Toronto Home Price dropped at very bottom of low lost around $200,000 from peak -> Less Buyers. Sales down -45%. Compared to when Price at peak Ave = $900,000, People line up multi-offer -> Most people complain not enough money to buy. -> Home or Stock, follow Price up/ down, then you will notice Price.
A recent Stock Market Cooling
Lost "Few Thousands" for some People is Big, but for some People is Small. Nothing compared to Toronto Housing Cooling lost Hundred of Thousand dollars / Household in Toronto & GTA. Each Home in Toronto, GTA lost Ave = $100,000 -> Few Hundreds of Thousands Homes in Toronto translates Hundred of Billions of dollars wipe out
just in Toronto. Downtown Toronto lost most, double, ave more than $200,000 / Home. But the Toronto Housing Cooling doesn't seem affect Toronto and Canada. A lot countries in the World wish Home Price up, but not.

NOTE:- Semi-detached Home cheaper in Property Tax around 249$ - $350 / month compared to Detached Home 550$ - $800 / month. Home Price difference between Semi vs. Detached Home is $100,000 - $150,000. While difference between in GTA Home vs. Town Home = $200,000, and Town Home vs. Condos = $150,000.(See Data above)
For example, In Toronto, some Areas, Ave Semi = 1.1 -> 1.2 millions vs. Detach = 1.25 -> 1.35 millions.

- Flying over Toronto, I see hundreds of thousands of Homes. Does it mean all of them are millionaires?
- Not really. Depends on Home Ownership. Buy Home less than 10 years, after 2008, Home ownership still less than 50%. Thus it is Bank's Home. Starting in Jan, 2018, required 20% to buy Home. Thus $200,000 you can buy 1 millions dollars Home, still Bank's Home. A lot people buy Home in 5, 10 years, lost jobs Sell Home. A lot new Home Buyers/ Sellers bought/ sold Home after Financial Crisis 2008. Recent Toronto Housing Cooling in 2017, a lot people sold Home, panic. Now, hard Get in because of New Housing Regulation. Or they already spent half. Home is piggy bank Saving Money. -> However, Toronto & GTA Housing is the main reason put Canada the Top List of Millionaires = 4.6%. Predict in 2020, Toronto Home Price steady will put Canada 5.5% - 6% Millionaires, only after US.
Toronto (Old Toronto) = 3.1 millions (Over 2.8 million in 2016. 30% of 356,000 Immigrants each year in Canada = 108,000 Immigrants come Toronto, GTA each year. Most Economic Immigrants, Family Re-unification. Not include Canadian born in Toronto, GTA each year.), GTA = 6.5 millions, Vancouver = 600,000 population.

=> Thus Toronto, GTA = 9.6 millions population produced most Middle Class, Millionaires in Canada, 15 times x bigger than Vancouver, and 2nd, after US New York City 8.6 millions, because of Home + Population. All is about Data.

GTA = Greater Toronto Area, Districts around Toronto, like Mississauga, Brampton, Markham, Richmond's Hills, Vaughn, Peel, Ajax, Pickering...
- Click here Toronto & GTA Map. (Nov, 2018)

- North York is a Municipality in Toronto. Old Toronto made up by a lot big & small Municipalities. Biggest Municipalities of Old Toronto are: East York, Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, York.

- Old Toronto has 2 biggest University of Canada, and  largest number of Full-time Students: University Toronto (1st Canada) in Downtown Toronto, York University (2nd Canada - largest International Students) in North York.

=> Ave Home Price 5 biggest Cities Canada: In Montreal, 2rd biggest City = $345,000, Vancouver ave Home Price = $1,070,600, Town home = $837,600, Condos = $687,000 ( Recently Price drop, reduce gap between Toronto & Vancouver. ), Calgary, Oil Producers = $424,000, Ottawa, Capital = $412,700, Kitchener- Waterloo, Hi-tech = $439,700.
How much cost to buy home in 50 US's States. Click here.  | - See: Ave Home Price in GTA Districts around Toronto, GTA's Map. Click here

: Scientist used Data because it defines Value, Number, Quantity, reflects the Reality, Fact. Data helps make easy understand, easy make decision. Ignore Data is blind. That's why Making Decision needs Data, not just Discussion, Perception, Mouth, Tongue, Feel this way, that way.-> In the table a lot Policy Makers, need a Data Scientist  who knows Make Sense of Data, Ask question using Data.
-> Not easy Use Data -> Need Scientists are trained using Data, Analyze Data, Collect Data, Make Sense Data. The more Data provide the better.
A lot professional, educated, smart People have Data available, but ignore, not trained, can't understand, Data blind. Most of them Making Decision using Emotional Intelligence, Basic Instinct, Feel this way, that way, Like It or Not. Unconsciously, they don't know.
For example, Stock Market
is example Emotional Intelligence, Greed & Fear. Ask a lot smart people, Financial Annalist, Stock Analyst from big Banks, Financial Institutions. big Investors Institution, Bloomberg Analysts, simple only two choices: Either " Buy or Sell " -> They talk, mouth, tongue. Almost can't get correctly. If they know they will make millions, billions of dollars.

-> Does it mean Emotional Intelligence more human, feeling than Data Intelligence? Wrong. Not really. Empathy for one Group of People and not for other Groups, other People is not empathy.

Data Intelligence is better,
smarter, more human, less biases, less narrow minded. Data Intelligence helps people Do The Right Thing, although their Emotional Intelligence, the Human things, said NO. Love but not Blind is the difference between Data Intelligence and Emotional Intelligence.

A Scientist & Professor said: - In the Movie " Crazy Rich Asians " - Professor Rachel Chu, the main character girl Rachel in movie, plays Game with a student to demonstrate to her Game Theory in class that, involving both Psychology, Human Emotion and Choice. " The key is playing to Win, instead of trying not to Lose ". The result is she wins the Game.- Most people Play not to lose Emotional Intelligence. The student played game using his Emotional Intelligence, " Hate to lose what are values to him ", abandoned " rational thoughts " thus make poor decisions. He Played not to Lose, even small things. Prof. Rachel is playing a Game either: " Gain or Loss " - One Gain in the expensive of the Other's Loss. Can't both Gain nor both Loss. Thus what ever values the Opponent Lost ( - $10 ), the other Player Gain those values ( + $10 ). In this Game, Prof. Rachel is playing a Strategy in called " Dominating Strategy " that forced the opponent her Student played " Play not to lose "

Scientist & Professor continues: - What Strategy should her Student play? - Her Student should play Optimum Strategy against Prof. Rachel's Dominating Strategy -> Maximize the Gains -> The Student knows could Loss. So the Student Play this Strategy = Minimize the Maximize Losses = Remove the Maximum Losses. => Game reduced to The Equilibrium of Losses & Gains = The Game's Equilibrium. This is called: Optimum Strategy.

For example,
Domination Game. Playing to Win (Dominant Strategy) and Playing not to Lose (Dominated Strategy).
-> 1) Play B ( Row - the dominant, Professor Rachel ) choose Play Dominating Strategy, Gain = 3 = the Game Pay Off at Row 2, Col II.
-> 2) Player A (Column - the dominated - the Student) find that Col IV where he gets the most losses. The Play A removed the column IV, called the Dominated, the big Losses, in order Minimize the maximize Losses. -> The Game reduced to smaller Game Matrix 3 x 3. = [ 3  1  2 ] [ 2  3  3 ] [5  2  4 ]
-> 3) Then Player B Play Maximize Gains -> Find the Row1 has least profit -> Then eliminated Row 1 [x] . Now = Game 2 x 3 = [ 2  3  3 ] [5  2  4 ]
-> 4) Then Player A Play Minimize Losses -> Find column III = [3 4 ] has most losses -> Then eliminated Column III. Now = Game 2 x 2 =   [ 2  3   ] [5  2   ] = Game Equilibrium. => This Domination Strategy Game, Player A plays Strategy = Optimum Strategy..

A strategy ai  Ä  Ai is strictly dominated by Ši  Ä Ai   if  ui ( ai , a - i ) < ui ( Š, a - i )
a - i  Ä  A - i  ( = no matter what the other Players do )
NOTE: Given ui = the Payoff.  Ai = Some Players => Then, the Payoffs Formula = The Payoff of strictly Dominated Strategy ( ai ) is always less than ( < ) the Payoff of Dominant Strategy ( Ši )  No matter what the other Players do.

Conclusion: In Domination Strategy Game: - Professor Rachel Chu Plays Dominating Strategy -> Maximize the Gains. Her Student best Strategy ( or is forced ) Playing: Optimum Strategy. => The Game Iteration is reduced the Least Losses available on the Matrix Table. => In photo Game 1.
Is there other Strategy for the Domination Game? - Yes. It is called: The MinMax Strategy.

- B Play, Dominating : Maximize [ Minimum Gains ] -> [4, 2, 5] = 5

- A Play, Dominated, plays: Minimize [ Maximum Loss ]-> [9, 5, 6 ] = 5

=> The Equilibrium of Game = 5 .

=> As we see in Domination Game Strategy, the Dominating Player B is forcing the Dominated Player A no other Choice, or only Choice but play: Minimize the Maximum Loss, because A doesn't have " Dominant Strategy ". So Player A plays "Dominated Strategy" eliminate "Dominated Losses" in order to Minimize big Losses.

->" Dominant Strategy "
is the Strategy of the Dominant Player (B) Plays to Gain (or they think so) regardless whatever the Opponent Player A Plays. To Play "Dominant Strategy", the Play B must have Dominant Strategy. So the Dominated Player A must figure out "- What is the Dominant Strategy of Player B that they think will Gain, regardless whatever the Player A's Playing? ". -> Yes, there is a methodology.

 Dominant Equilibrium: When two Players playing Dominant Strategy, each one has its own Dominant Strategy, the result is Dominant Equilibrium, not always the best Payoffs for both. But not always both Players had Dominant Strategy, or want Dominant Strategy - All depends on Players' money, resources, talents ... For example, in Poker Game, the one has the most money is considered the Dominant Player -> Has Dominant Strategy. Professor Rachel has not much or same money, but she has more talent.

-> Is any other Strategy than Minimize the Maximum Lost, or Optimum Strategy ? -> Yes - But can't explain here. Sorry. -> A 64 K question.

Game Theory is a field of Computer Science, like Web Services, Framework, Data Science, AI ... Recently, it becomes a hot topic of Research by a lot Professors Teaching Computer Science and Research Computer Scientist. It helps Computer Scientist find solutions, different with Social Science. Game Theory also helps Computer Scientist Design software by finding " How People's rational & irrational Behaviours when using, reacting, interacting with software, Screen Interface, GUI, UI/ UX, Logics and Algorithms " - Most Software Developers design software for them not for common people. Computer Languages used to design Game Theory is OOP (Object Oriented Programming) Java, C++.

What Game Theory for?

A Scientist and Professor said:
- Game Theory is NOT Play Chess Game, Toy Game. It used Complex Algorithm to solve Problems. - Not easy to Play kind of Game Theory. Unlike Chess Game, Toy Game anyone can Play. -> You need smart people in Table make big difference. Play Game Theory, Scientist can predict, forecast the Payoffs of the Game, such as, Gains, Losses, Equilibrium, and understand Human Emotion's Behaviour rational and irrational even smart people in Making Decisions. Then applied in Economics, Policy, Stock Market, International Conflict, Competition, Consumerism, Pricing, Problems Solving ... Which is very important.

Game Theory proves that most people Play Gains for their best Interest (both Play B, Play A), thus not always good Making Decision. Hard Compromise. Conflict, war happens.

What Game Theory for? continue

- Knowing Game Theory will help your company, your Team Design Dominant Strategy that will put the other Players in a situation that they have no choice but Play according to your Strategy for your advantage. Make a big difference.

For example,
- Professor Rachel Chu has knowledge of Game Theory. She then applied in Playing to Win, Dominating Strategy. Her Student has no choice but Play Not to Lose.
For example, in Game 4, Pricing Competition. Player B knows his Dominant Strategy is Low Price - What ever Player A Play. Player B knows Player A has No Dominant Strategy, and A will have no Choice but Play Low Price. Even if A Play Low Price, B still Dominant because B has Lower Low Price, i.e. B's Labour Cost lower than A. => Thus Player B will Play Low Price for its best Payoff what ever Player A Play Low Price or High Price.

I used to go to temple. Give some.

Helen Keller :" - Life is either a daring Adventure or Nothing at all."

A Story. A person said: "- I started life alone at young 18 years old, nothing, $0.0 no Money, no Degree in big City Toronto. I worked all kinds of survival jobs. Very tough. Try yourself. -> Then become College Professor and Scientist. -> Get in Middle Class 19 years ago. I have been working around 25 years at very young. As a Canadian, I have contributed 1/2 millions in Taxes. Without work, hardly survival in Middle Class early days in Toronto. See a lot Data. I have experience Life Ups, Downs, Gains & Losses unpredictable, sometimes from Mother's Nature. It likes: - Play Game Theory of a Person's Life of Gains & Losses that you Making Decisions & Choices. I used to go to temple often. I Give some, even a little. Not wish for Maximize Gains, or be millionaire. But Minimize less Losses. I feel good. Reduce Greed & big Ego. While most people visit temple wishing for more Gains, but hardly see Gains. Because they don't know Game Theory. -> It is Greed that people suffer mind & body, mentally & physically.

I am young. Still have a lot of time. Have fun.
According to statistics,
people make alot of money, in Middle Class when they are young, ambitious, energy, on demand from 28 -> 38 years old. So called " The Young the Restless". Time runs fast. Don't waste time, have fun when young. Start saving.

Do you have any achievement in your life?
I have a lot Ups, Downs in life. This Story about a person, no Privileges, started life alone from 0, zero, no Money, no Degree, in big City -> And pull itself from survival jobs to become College Professor and Scientist, in Toronto Middle Class 19 years ago. Still work hard make ends meet. What ever Ups, Downs, Gains, Losses, no Problems, it's Game of Life."



Game 2: The Domination Game 3x 3 Matrix Table for MinMax Strategy. => The Equilibrium Game = 5 is the best Game Payoffs.

- Dominant Strategy

B / A Low Price High Price
Low Price ($250,$110) ($150, $160)
High Price ($170,$130) ($80,$80)

Game 3 - Pricing Competition:
At Low Price, B's Gain = $250, A Gain = $110. So on... However, from Table, we find that: - B has Dominant Strategy is Play Low Price. No guessing. We also find that:- A doesn't have Dominant Strategy.
Dominant Strategy: "- What ever Play A plays Low Price or High Price, Player B always Play Low Price better Payoffs for them. So B has Dominant Strategy. A No. "

NOTE: Dominant Strategy is applied in different  Contexts, different Games. Such as, Pricing Competition, Policy, Negotiation, Conflict, Stock Market, Economics, Social Science, Human Behaviour, Making Decision..

For example, even A Play Low Price,
B still Dominant because B has Lower Low Price, i.e. B's Labour Cost, Product Cost lower than A. -> A has no Dominant Strategy either Play High Price or Low Price.
For example, Before, Made in China not popular, no body likes, not favour. Today, Made in China has popular the World because of Low Price. Trade Balance always in favour to China in many countries. A Dominant Strategy. If you can't Compete Product then Compete Price.

But Player A don't know if Player B plays Low Price or High Price. Even B's Low Price is Dominant Strategy, would B play it. Or Player B just scares Player A - Like Poker, no ones knows other Player will Play - How do you know Player B has Dominant Strategy, like 4 Aces? For example, look at Game 4, both Play Low Price for its own Interest -> Both Loss = (0,0). Rather both Play High Price = (2,2) small Gain still better than Loss.
-> So, A needs to find out: - What is B's
Dominant Strategy or Not? - Why good for them. If B plays Dominant Strategy, what A should play?- Like We show you Optimum Strategy or MinMax Strategy.

For Player A no Dominant Strategy.
How do you play?
- Yes, there is Solution, Method.

A Scientist said: Use Game Theory on Stock, can prove that: Almost People Play Stock has No Dominant Strategy = Strictly Dominated Strategy. See Math Formula of Payoff.

Buy Stock is Dominated Strategy
Not all, but almost People Play Stock, Making Decision irrational, Human Emotion Greed & Fear.
-> When Stock Up -> They Sell for Gains, or Buy, or Hold for more Gains on paper, because of Greed.
-> When
Stock Down -> They Sell for Losses, because of Fear.
-> When they Hold for 10 - 15 years, a Stock Crash comes like Tsunami, fast & furious -> They run. Sell for Losses everything. Recently Stock just little pumps Cooling Down in few weeks, not a Stock Crash like 2000, 2008, erased all Gains in 2018.
=> That's why: - Don't see people Hold Stock for 20 years like almost people Buy Home. They keep Changing Strategy Buy, Sell, Hold Stocks when Stock Price Ups, Downs.

Buy Home is Dominant Strategy
Because: Regardless Home Up = High Price, Down = Low Price, like Play Low Price, High Price, always the Game's Payoff is A Home to Live = Dominant Strategy.

People Buy Home for a long time at least 20 years. Regardless Home Up, Down, still have A Home to Live. => Live either Pay Rent = Rent keep increasing.
Or Pay Mortgage
= cheaper, until 0.0$ Rent + Home Value increase.


A Home to Live = Dominant StrategyRegardless Home Up, Down. Different with Stock.
-> If you Buy Home, just Buy it. Don't Wait for right time = Buy Home & Wait. Don't Wait & Buy Home.
-> A lot people waiting since 1998, at that time
Interest Rate = 6.5% go down, waiting 20 years ago for Right Time. Still waiting after 20 years

Game Theory is about: One's Gains. Other's Losses. Play Give back some times. Why? Because use Game Theory, Scientist proved that most people are Making Decision irrational for their own Interest, Gains -> As a result, Game's Payoff is not Gains.

- It's Law of Super Nature -> Give back to get more.

-> Billionaire Warren Buffett, lives frugal life, eat lunch $6 at Mac Donald, live in Home, not Manson, drive used car. Give back Billions, 1/2 his net worth
B (Row) / A (Col) Low Price High Price
Low Price (0,0) (4,-2)
High Price (-2,4) (2,2)

- Game 4: Dominant Equilibrium = (0, 0) because both Players plays for both Self-Interest, ignore the other's Interest.

- In this Game, Company B, and Company A in competition by High Price or Low Price. B & A Low Price Payoffs = (0,0).

- If B Low Price,  Payoffs = (4, -2) Because A High Price. - Similarity, If A Low Price, then Payoffs = (-2, 4) Because B High Price. The Payoffs = (0,0) for both, because both Low Price. Which is Dominant Equilibrium, not always the best Choice = Both Low Price Losses (0,0) rather both High Price (2,2) = small Gain. -> So the Player can handle the big Loss, like Low Price, for a long time, or one less Loss than the other Player, is in better position to put the other Player out of business because Both Low Price.

In this Game 4, both Company A & B want to Gain market shares by Playing Low Price than other = High Price. So Low Price is Dominant Strategy for both own Interest. But because both Low Price -> So both Loss or no Gain (0,0), because Gain at Low Price only when other at High Price. But no Players want High Price -> As a result, both play Low Price =No Gains or even Loss.

A Scientist said
: - Not easy to Play these kinds of Games. You need smart people in Table make big difference. Play Game Theory, Scientist can predict, forecast the Payoffs of the Game, such as, Gains, Losses, minimized Losses, Equilibrium, Human Behaviour rational or irrational in Making Decisions in Economics, Policy, Stock Market, International Conflict, Consumerism, Pricing ... Which is very important.

- In Game 3: Dominant Strategy: In this Game 3, both Company A & B want to Gain market shares by Playing Low Price than other = High Price. But different with Game 4 because Game 3, B has Dominant Strategy but A don't. So, what ever A play Low price or High Price -> B always better play Low Price in this case for better Payoffs. Depend on Data, B's Dominant Strategy could be Play High Price not Low Price.

=> Human is not smarter than Math, Complex Computer Algorithm. 


A Scientist: - Design a Game Theory between 2 Players. Each Player is given some money to play the Game. Time = in 20 years using Historical Data.

Player B Strategy: - Pay Mortgage and Buy Home

Player A Strategy: - Pay Rent and Buy Stock.

The Game's Payoff is big Payoff 10 x times for the Play B = Pay Mortgage and Buy Home than Play A = Pay Rent and Buy Stock.

The Scientist said: - Very surprised when you analyse Data & Strategy in the Game, help you solve Problems by Making Decisions by Choices, and avoid Making Decision irrational


NOTE: Game Theory has applications in all fields of social science, economics, policy, as well as logic and computer science used to a wide range of behavioural relations and making decisions. A lot big Corporations, Financial, Technology, Policy, HR, Stock Investment, International Conflict, Competition, Banks, hire Scientists using Data Intelligence & Strategy for Making Decisions.

Professor Rachel Chu, plays Game Theory to demonstrate
Human Emotion vs. Choices

Game 1:- Domination Strategy Game 3 x 4 Choices.
- Play B Dominant Play
Dominating Strategy. vs. Play A Dominated Play: Optimum Strategy

"Amazon is not too big to fail," Bezos said, in a recording of the meeting that CNBC has heard. "In fact, I predict one day Amazon will fail. Amazon will go bankrupt. If you look at large companies, their lifespans tend to be 30-plus years, not a hundred-plus years."

Game 4: Why both do not Play High Price for both small Gains (2,2) ?
-> Both can't Play High Price, because B's Gains Play Low Price (Interest) is A's Loss Play High Price. And VS. => So A or B has no other Choice but Play Low Price is the best Interest or Dominant Strategy regardless the other Play's doing. Because if you don't Play Low price the other Player will Play Low Price and Gains. Thus You more Losses B= (-2, 4), A = (4,-2). So both Play No Gains or even both Losses, better than the other Player Play Low Price Gains, other Player Lose. => A's Gains are B's Losses. B's Gains are A's Losses = Both Play Low Price for its best Interest (Gains).

People don't understand. Why not both Play High Price small Gains. Simple. Right. Thanks very much? - But not easy! No easy Compromise because Lack of Trust, because both Play for its best Interest. Not because Lack of Communication (Human). Even if both A & B agreed Play High Price, but B Play Low Price -> A will have heavy Loss play High Price. A Dilemma. -> That's why War, Conflict happen involving a lot smart people on negotiation Table using Human Communication Skill. But no result. Solve problem need Complex Algorithm.

But there is Solution. Can't explain here. Scientists apply Data Intelligence + Game Theory solve a lot complex problems. Can't Solve complex problems without Data.

-> Game Theory is NOT Play Chess Game, Toy Game. It used Complex Algorithm complexity to solve Problems 

- See: Step by Step to Setup Product Catalog Get Started from scratch. Then Place First Order successfully. Click here. - Latest update
- Update: Office used Web Services component, Security component built in Framework for safe & secure Login.
Login Web Services Not show Login in public like Online Bank. Even hackers know your User + Pw, but don't know your Birthday. Can't Login. Small Businesses less than 1/2 millions dollars worry about doing business in Cloud than big businesses more than billions dollars.
A lot experience Developers don't know this Framework is already built-in powerful platform for Web Services.
A lot experience 20 years in speaking English doesn't mean experience in speaking Japanese. Means nothing in Software Development, not Sales & Marketing. Very different experience. -> Back to grade 5 learn Japanese. We are HR, Management, Office Administration, Project Managers, Analysts, Customers ... Our job is not coding, design & architect software. But we are decision makers, and most important money.

Build Modern Enterprise Software without or with Framework or BOTH? Build software cost a lot Time & Money. - Why experience software managers said differently? - Who do you trust?  -> In Software Development, trust no one. Every one makes ends meet selling their Tools. People get paid for being trusted and loyal. Next time, they go to your competitors. The more Experience the more Resistant to change. Since Developers use Tools to build software -> Trust the Tool more than the Developer.

A Computer Scientist and Professor, who has both 10 years experience build Software in Tradition and 6 years experience build software with Framework said: -> I know at least 15 computer languages:
C/C++, Python, Php, Jsp, Java, Servlet, Enterprise Java, J2EE, C#. Net, all kinds of script like JQuery, Java Script, CSS, Dynamic Script like Node.js, Angular.js, UI/ UX, Front-end Design, Back-end Design, Database Design, Relationship, Implementation, and Framework. I can build any software using 1 or combined of many languages from scratch. Trust no One, No "Like It or Not" in Software Development. Use your brain. Every one tries make ends meet using their skill, will give you all kinds of different advices. -> But, We rather trust big corporation invested 400 millions USD in Framework used by their Software Development than trust Consultants, reading Analysts, Scientists, Developers make ends meet, who don't have experience in Framework. -> That's why modern Software Engineers must know to build software both: Tradition No Framework & Framework. Software Industry is very huge. Internet, Cloud, Mobile, Accounting, E-commerce, Social Media ... made by Software. Software rules the world. Business, Government, School spend, invest billions in Software Development. -> The Big Losers are Businesses, Organizations, Customers, Stake holders. Developers get paid, can always move to another Job. Change for the better. Software Development A first Step not Get It Right = A thousands miles to repair a lot of problems.

Understand Web Services -> All is about Data, Fast and Large Scale
. Click here.
-> Can you explain -> Why Modern Enterprise Software Framework Architecture & Design, Code & Build like Web Services.

A Scientist said:
People who are responsible, who are concerned, Scientists, Developers, Technology Leaders, HR, Management of Company, Organization, Academic Scholars, Schools ... Who know ONE, should try to learn the New Enterprise Architecture and Design Software using Framework and Web Services. Open Learning. Avoid biases. Next Generation Developers should up-to-date skills, know BOTH. All is about Technology & Innovation. Why do we need Framework for Software Development? - A lot benefits. But one most important is = All is about Infrastructure. We already explained: Architect, Design, and Build Modern Software is like Architect, Design and Build Modern City. Click here see explain. A lot people still don't understand Infrastructure can do to modernize city, country -> Then how can they understand Framework can modernize their software. Narrow minded. Smart people don't spend 400 millions USD on Framework for nothing.
- A lot of Software, more than 60%, are built without Framework. It could be Framework is New Technology, officially around 5 years. While the majority of big Software Projects are built & developed
more than 6 years ago, using more than 20 years old Technology.

Top Management, top Managers said: - We want people give us their advices, different views, right or wrong, doesn't matter. No hate, no bias if different ideas. Also doesn't mean not go along, no love for co-workers, not follow order. We still like co-workers for lunch, drink, coffee when not working. We don't want people listen and yes all the time with co-workers, with managers.
Millionaire Households Rank in the World. (new update) Click here -> Data vs. Perception, Exaggeration

=> Data suggests that your net worth 1/2 million dollars will put you on Top 10% of  population in Industrialized Countries and in most rich countries in the World.

Japan: 127 millions, the best in Asia, G7.

- 48.9%
less than $100,000.
- Canada more millionaires 4.5% than Japan 2.7%. If Housing in Toronto not cooling in 2017, Canada = 5.5 %, more double Japan.
- Japan = 4 x Much Less Bottom Line only 5.3%, More Middle Class 48.4%, better than any G7. Although Less Millionaire 2.7%.
- Data true, reflect most Homogeneous Society, like South Korean.

US: 326 millions - In G7 Industrialized Countries
- Richest country in the World.
- 28,4% Less than $10,000
- 60,0% Less than $100,000,
10% more than most Rich Industrialized Countries
US has A Changing Demographics.
- US has 33.6% Middle Class population, 10% less than most Rich Industrialized Countries.
- US has big gap between Rich (the Millionaires, Billionaires) & Poor.
- US has more 2.5% of Millionaires, billionaires than any Industrialized Countries.
Just update: NOTE: 90% Wealth, Net worth is Home. No one puts $100,000 cash under bed. Net worth = Home (90%) + Car + Cash + Bank Account + Stock + Anything can sell - Liability (Debt)

- Canada & Graph:
37 millions - Has 48.9% less than $100,000 - More millionaires / population = 4.5%, compared to rich countries in Asia: Singapore 4%, Japan 2.7%, Hong Kong 3.5%, South Korea 1.8%, G7 like German 3.2%, France 4.3%, Italy 3.1%,  after US = 7.5%, UK 4.8%. Because Housing Cooling only 1/2 Recovery in Toronto (else = 6.0 % @ peak home price). Before Housing booming in Toronto, in 2013 = 3.7% millionaires, when 2013 Ave Home Price = $523,000. In Nov, 2018, Ave Home Price Toronto = $869,870. Predict 2020 = 6.0% millionaires.
: Ave Toronto Home Price today in Nov 6/ 2018 in GTA still los $100,000, Home in Downtown Toronto still lost $200,000, if compared to peak Ave Toronto Home Price in April, 2017. No problem!

-> People have worry about Win/Loss few thousands then never have peace of mind when Stock Up & Down -> Lost $100,000 No big deal. Home is Win Big, Lost Big. A risk to take if want big. Work harder, Saving. Stock Market recent down 10% from peak in 2018, but nothing compares with Toronto Housing Cooling started in July 2017. Ave Home Price today, although has recovered half of losses, still lost $100,000 -> $200,000.

Chile considered rich country, highest Wealth in Latin America, 3 x times better than Argentina, Brazil, 18 million population, 36% less than $10,000, 89% less than $100,000.
Brazil: 209 millions, 74% less than $10,000, 98% less than $100,000

- 51% Canadian are Middle Class Home Owners. In many Provinces, in Rural areas, small Towns, Home cheaper. For example, Quebec Ave Home around $230,000, Montreal $330,000, 2rd largest City in Canada after Toronto, GTA.
- Rich Canadian Middle Class Home Owners,
House Hold Millionaires live in Toronto, Vancouver. Because Home Price in Toronto, Vancouver more than double the rest of Canada.

- 1/2 million dollars will be on Top 10% population in most Rich Countries and Industrialized Countries like Canada, Japan, UK, German, France, Italy ..

- Who has the most Liability (Debt) ? - Middle Class Home Owners, mostly Mortgage = Bank's Loan borrow when buy Home. High in Industrialized Country. After paid for Mortgage, Home Bill, Expensive, no money left for Have fun. Household Debt Ratio / Income is 168% = Make 1$ Income -> Paid 1.68$ Debt, just for A Home to Live. A person said: - Since in Middle Class, I have no beer, no drink, no smoke, no fun. Try hard make ends meet. All Money made paid for Home.

-> People see one side of the equation is narrow minded.
Net worth = ?

- Why most development countries in Asia, like Thailand has more population less $10,000, less $100,000 ?
Could be in their Culture, Life Style, and Salary. Their Family has One Home is transferred from Grand Parent -> Parent -> Children. In Industrialized Countries this could Create extra 5 Homes not 1, because all live independently. Asia's culture, they all live in same Home, less Rent, less Living Expensive, when Salary not good. Share, Inherits same Home. -> Rather Saving for Buy New Home, they Spend all, Travel. Less worry Rent, Mortgage, Food. -> Thus not add-on value. Unlike Western Industrialized Countries, Children grow up, live away from Home -> Live independent. Have their own Home, Condos. Thus add-on more values for their own. When their parent get older, or died, then Home is transferred to Children + Children's own Add-on values. -> Next generation richer than previous.
Life Style = More than half
population still live in rural, farming, where they earn few dollars / day.

About Scientist Collect & Analyse Data: All is about Data. No comment. No mouth, tongue. No biases. No perception. Just look at these Data, will tell a lot about Social Policy, Social Classes, Demographics, Rich & Poor, the Middle Class, Working Class, Industrialized Countries, the World, big countries like China, India ...
For example, look at Data between Japan & other rich country, its equally Wealth Distribution much better, because of homogenous population, compared to US has the most diverse population. Re-unification of German East & West shows an increase 40.6% less than $10,000 highest in G7 Industrialized Countries. China reduced poverty alot only 33.4% population over 1billion people in bottom line, compared to India 90% population in bottom line.
Middle Class:
- Japan has more 2% Middle Class than Canada, Canada has more 2% Middle Class population than UK, 13% more than US. US has the most Millionaires & Billionaires in the World. A lot more ... Can't explain here


Canada: 37 millions, in G7 Industrialized Countries
- Less than $100,000: Canada 48.9%, US 60%, Japan 48.9%, China 93%, UK 50.6%, German 62%, S.Korea 60%, Thailand 99%, India 99.3%, Indonesia 99%, Philippine 99.2%, and 95% World population.
- Less than $10,000: Canada 20.7%, US 28.4%, Japan 5%, German 40.6%, UK 17.5%, Italy 25%, France 22%, China 33.4%, India 90%, Thailand 89%, Philippine 86.6%, Indonesia 85.4%
- If Housing in Toronto not cooling in 2017, Canada = 5.5% millionaires, only after US 7.5%, more double Japan 2.7%. On Average Home Price, lost from $100,000 -> $250,000.

UK: 66 millions - The best in Europe, better than German, France, Italy. In G7 Industrialized Countries

- 17,5% Less than $10,000
- 50.6% Less than $100,000

- Which country has the most millionaire households / % population in the world? -> US has the most Households Millionaires, the most Millionaires, the most Billionaires in the world = 7% of Population had more than 1 Millions -> Billions, compared to most rich Industrialized Countries had Millionaires:  South Korea = 1.8%, Japan = 2.7%, German = 3.2%, Russian = 0.2%, China = 0.5%, Canada = 4.5%. Richest country in Asia, Hong Kong = 3.5%, Singapore = 4% of Millionaires more than 1 Million.
About China:
Has hundreds of millions Chinese people don't live in big City. As said, most rich People, rich Middle Class live in big City. But by Number not by % Population, China has the most Millionaires and Billionaires rank 2nd after US. China has 7.2 % or around 100 millions Middle Class had Net worth more than $100,000 -> Less than 1 millions dollars. More than 1/2 millions, you could be in Top 5% of Population. In China, Ave Net worth Middle Class ave = $50,000 USD (North America = $200,000), Ave Middle Class Income = $11000 usd / mo. This translates into few hundreds millions of Middle Class in this Category.

NOTE: More than 1/2 millions dollars (1/2 millions -> 2 millions dollars.) But Data said 1/2 millions is enough put you on Top 5% of China Population, Top 1% of India Population, Top 10% of Japan, Canada, UK, German, Italy, French, South Korea Population. All is about Data. No argue.

-> A Scientist said: -That's why scientist used Data. No Perception. ->
Let Data define value. Get Top 10% not easy. Take 20 years Get to Top 10% in big City. All is about Hardwork. -> Very difficult, like climb on Top mountain, Hard work, Hard ship, Patient.

-> A Person said: - Not easy to Get in Top 10% in big industrialized City, because of Living Expensive. Do grade 5 math  -> After Tax, Car, Insurance, Food, Rent, Phone, Hydro, Water, Job security on/off, Entertainment, Drink, Smoke, Vacation ... Nothing left. Even just try to make ends meet just pay for Living Expensive is tough, no Saving. If I didn't get in Middle Class 20 years ago, today probably, Net worth has less than $100,000 + debt, like 60% of US, 49% of Japan, 48% of UK, 90% China population. Data very true. In big City life always Ups and Downs. You can't avoid debt no matter how rich. Buy Home less than 10 years, after 2008, or, Home Ownership less than 50% is Bank's Home. -> Advice: -> Get In Middle Class, Start Saving early, the better, it helps. I live thru Toronto, I know. Who on Top 10%, no jealousy. Hardwork, Hardship, Deserve it.

-> We look at Data of population Middle Class, Millionaires, Billionaires by Region (Continent), US & Canada, is the richest  in the world: North America -> Western Europe -> South East Asia.

- How many US Adult had Net worth less than 100,000$?
= 60% of US population. Big gap between Rich & Poor. Compared to Canada = 48%, Japan = 49%.
-> Net worth less than $10,000, bottom line. How many % Adult Population in growing Asia Countries, like Thailand, Indonesia, Philippine, India.. Net worth less than $10,000, in poverty, bottom line? - Less than $10,000 = Thailand 90%, Indonesia 85.4%, Philippines 88.5%, Taiwan 22.5%, Japan 5.3%, India 90% -> Data said India hard to feed and improve life of more than 1 Billion people. Industrialized Countries: Italy = 25%, France 22%, Canada 20.7%, China 33.4%. US 28.4% -> Data said China more than 1 billions people has Population in Bottom Line only 5% less than US, German 40.6%, UK 17.5%
-> Net worth less than $100,000. S.Korea has 65%,
Japan = 49%, UK = 51%, German = 63%, China 90%, US 60%, Canada 48%. -> Check link above.

About the Author:
As Scientist, we used Data reflects the reality, not mouth, tongue. Avoid biases. Data said so.
A bit disclose:
-> I am a Canadian citizen like any Canadian citizen of all kinds of backgrounds live in the World most diverse, multi-culture big City Toronto. I started my life alone 18 years old in big Industrialized city Toronto, from
$0.0, no Degree. Then I started early career as a College Professor, became Toronto Middle Class 19 years ago quickly, usually take at least 15 years get in Middle Class. (See my cheque in Blog). Do not judge Scientist for their Research as long as Scientists no biases, use Data, not mouth and tongue. People don't like biases. Narrow minded. Canada is one of the few richest countries in the World. Every works hard and dreams to become Millionaire, Top 5% of Population. So far, I have been working for 20 years, and contributed nearly 1/2 millions in Taxes like other Middle Class working for 20 years. People, foreigners think Canada a lot benefits for citizens. The Reality is that as Middle Class, there are no any benefits available for you, although contribute a lot taxes. Use credit card when in need or sell Home. The only benefit after lost jobs is EI (Employment Insurance) for a while, barely enough to get by, max in a year, but depend on how long you work. To qualify for EI must work at least 5 months full-time, or work total 800 hours. That's why in Middle Class try hard to make ends meet, keep working, pay Bills, pay Debt like everyone.

- See: Framework, Modern Enterprise Architecture. Why Office is built on 400 millions usd Framework? -> Click here | General about Office -> Click here

Investor Relations: (Nov, 3) There are Investors invest in established Products. But there are Investors invest in Something New, not in some established Products, even it had millions of customers. -> Today is popular. Tomorrow fade out. People said, smart phone first came from, invented by Research In Motion (RIM), now is Black Berry. Just only 10 years ago, 2008, RIM valued more than 100 Billions. Its smart phone Black Berry had 90% of market, millions of customersNo Apple, no Samsung could compete. First Black Berry device came out in 1999. First Black Berry smartphone came out in 2002. First iPhone came out June, 29, 2007. First Samsung smartphone came out June, 2010.

=> Investors invest in Office is invest in Web Services a Platform for Data, not just Pos, Mobile Order, E-commerce, B2C. Office is using Framework for Infrastructure, and its Web Services All is about Data. As you know that Web Services can Get Data, Return Data, Display Data that are most complex data that a business dream about.

=> Office Web Services - Business, Company, Corporation begin to use Web Services delivery Data to customers, fast, efficient, convenient, simple & complex:
Give you a simple example of just Getting simple & complex Data using Web Services: -
A business wants to Get Data of Staff who sell, Data of Customers who Buy, Data of Products & Services were sold, Time, Date..,  in a period Date. Including Data must include the Name, Desc, Price, Qty of each Products & Services, including Name, Contact of Staff, including Name, Contact of Customers, Name & Contact of Supply, Quantity of each Products in Inventory .... Usually, you need a lot of Reports to Analyse Data, Describe Data, collect Data, Process Data, and show all data. But now, just  1-Click, Web Services can quick produce nested-Data of many Objects like Staff, Customers, Products ... in JSON or XML. No UI/ UX webpage Reports.
=> How? - Business Login Office -> Select Center of Office Web Services = All is about Data. Welcome! -> See Left Menu API = Show List 100 API or Commands of Web Services, such as:
1) API (1) = List Data of Employee
-> Show Data Employee Kate Lee in XML / JSON. See example Kate Lee. Click: Understand Web Services.
2) API (2) = List Data of all Orders of Today, from Jan1 -> Feb, 1
-> Will show Data, nested Data, including Tax, Sub_Total, Price, Qty.. of all Orders in this period.
3) API (3) = List Data of all Pickup/ Delivery of Today, from period Jan1 -> Feb, 1
  -> Just Click or Touch -> Will show orders pick-up, delivery of Today or in a period.
4) API (4) = Summary Sales Today
-> Will show all Data of Total Sales, Tax, Products & Services have been sold, Data of Customers bought, Data of Staff who sold Products & Services ...
=> Customers also can Get Status, returned Data of their orders thru API of Office Web Services. They also can Place Order (= Create Order) using Office Web Service's API.
 NOTE: API is a Command of Web Services tells system do something. Just Click/ Touch on Link of Command Title of API. There are also API Documents for IT managers, Developers to understand like URI like Web Address, such as,
http://www.mywebsite.com/ws1/getuser/123.xml  ...
=> For Security and make sure only Login Staff can access resources, data, Office Web Services API require Authentication & Authorization, so that people outside can't access resources, Data when they know URI or Web Address. Example: URI = http://www.mywebsite.com/ws1/getuser/123.json?accessKey=Y1234Zx23P0^5&userid=1357&password=Hello123 => API Get Data of Employee ID = 123. Where accessKey = Y1234Zx23P0^5 = access Token, Auto generated KEY, at least 10 characters produced when Staff Login. userid = 1357 = User ID Login of a Staff - Password = Hello123 = Password of a Staff must matched with Database. Different Staff when Login has different Access Key.-> So even Logout, at Home this Staff can't access Data same Access Key even know their own UserId & Password = Only Staff, who has User Id & Password and only allowed Login can access Data. Hackers, off duty Staff get User Id & Password can't assess Data. But when they Login, we know Who currently Is Login Get Data. No types long URI -> The API Link auto embed in API Title, like, you Click Here Login Title open Login web page.
Otherwise, any one
open webpage, type address URI =
www.abcrestaurant.com/ws1/getuser/123.json -> GET Data of Employee.

=>This 400 millions USD Framework built-in Web Services empowers Developers to build powerful Web Services. No Self-make, Self-Re-Invent. = Which means Features already built-in Framework or Tool, but Developers said not built yet, blah, blah, blah.., even Developers, IT Managers don't know, and of courses Top Bosses don't know because not directly coding. -> So Developers spend a lot of Time to Implement these features, complex features already had or built = Waste Time & Money. It doesn't mean Developers are cheating. Maybe they don't know because they just reading or learn, trials & errors.

=> We can't tell you here what we will be doing on Office's Web Services for Data Platform -> People will steal ideas. We don't need few hundreds of Developers. We jut need A Few Good Men.

Few Note: This Framework is R&D (Research & Development) and is used by big multi billions company for their Cloud Software Development. This Framework is the latest 5 years old New Technology in 2012 opt for Cloud & Mobile Technology, compared with current used 20+ years old Technology Computer Languages created in 90s, like scripting languages Php in 1994, Python in 1989 ... When the Internet only beginning. No Cloud Computing, no Mobile Technology. Computer Languages are Not Framework, i.e. Angular.js, Node.js, .Net, Java, Php, Visual Studio .. are not Framework. All kinds of Frameworks, big, small, free, open source. But we talk about 400 m usd Framework. This 400 millions usd Framework in use only 5 years ago, although  has been R&D for a while.
=> Thus Software Engineers & Developers, Software Architect & Design (different with Framework Architecture & Design) , IT Managers over 5 years experience will not know this 400 m usd Framework Technology. Unless update skill. Students, who graduate from University in the past 5 years & in present, also don't know, because this Framework Technology is not teaching, not official main curriculum, not up-to-date.

Why people less likely up-to-date?
- Because of the Cost, Time & Money, and the Skill used make ends meet.

1) Because the Software Product they have been built for many years, many decades, a lot of  Time & Money invested -> Now up-to-date to New Technology Platform will be cost Time & Money.
-> However, today Software Development more advanced, allows business, company build different Application (Apps) using different Technology, and all different Apps on same Platform, access same Data in same Database like Oracle, Ms Sql, MySql ... What is Data Driven Architecture used by Framework's Architecture? -> Which helps developers build Mobile Apps that achieve Work All Devices.
- Why traditional scripting languages like Python, Php, Jsp, Asp, Dynamic Scripting ... embeds Code in browser. Such as:

customerhistory.jsp = <! DOCTYPE html> <html> <body> <%  /* Jsp Coding .. Open Database -> Get Data in web browser. -> Display Data in web browser -> Slow web browser. */  CustomerOrderHistory = customer.openDbOrderHistory();  %> </body></html>
-> The real world,
Developers embed not one database method customer.openDbOrderHistory() in webpage, but many of them embed code in web page. Almost scripting languages, dynamic scripts embed code in web browser. In Framework, web browser is the View or the web page only embed Data for Render & Display fast like static info webpage. No database method in the View or in Web page.
hello.php = <!DOCTYPE html> <html> <body><?php echo "Embed code Hello World!"; ?> </body></html>. -> This is Php webpage embedded code in it.

-> When display webpage
customerhistory.jsp, this page will open, access Data of CustomerOrderHistory from remote database thousands miles away. And display data. In Framework, this page will not open & read database. Only display Data of CustomerOrderHistory. Which one is faster? - Display a webpage even thousands of text, always very fast. But when webpage do something, communicate back & forth with database. Database action makes webpage slow, a lot of activities communication back & forth between Client ( you in Canada open web browser ) communicate with Database @ Server ( Cloud Host Server in US. Or thousands miles some where) in order to get data. That's why Framework webpage used for display Data as Text, like static info website always very fast. Server just sends Data to Client's Request for Data -> Client's web browser then just display Data. Client no need communicate database back & forth with Host Server thousands miles away in order Get Data. -> Thus reduce, relieve a lot stress on Client -> Thus easy for Client's web browser display & render Data on different Devices. No Database Action Coding = read data, write data, update data in web page. Framework is hard because different with Tradition Programming. Architect & Design Framework requires Developers who have coded in Framework, because it is different with Tradition Design & Architecture.

Framework embed Data only in web browser. What does it mean for App Design & Architecture?

For example, 15 years ago, when No Cloud & Mobile Technology, Company built Software Product using scripting language Python, a Computer Languages, Database Ms Sql, Oracle, MySql. Then Cloud & Mobile comes out. Company now use New Technology, like Framework, build other New Applications (Apps) that still access, use CRUD = Create, Read, Update, Delete the same Data in same old Database Oracle, Ms Sql, MySql that have been used by other Apps built before. No problem, even Better

2) Because the Software Engineers & Developers have been use their skill of computer languages, such as, Python, Php .. to make ends meet for many years. They are experienced in that skill -> Now ask them up-to-date New Skill. Now learn speaking Japanese not English. -> They will less likely accept, not Like It, and could mean they may lost job.
-> However,
there are other Developers open to learn what ever skill required. Framework is not easy to learn, not from reading, because Framework is very different Coding, API, Architect, Design with 20 years ago Tradition Software Development, Architect, Design. Need 5 years hand-on Experience Computer Scientist train.

The Challenge: Should we update to New Technology? - Depend on who you talk. Tradition hard to beat. Mindset hard to change. People less likely out of their comfortable zone. People want to build things, do things in their own way, my way.

A Scientist Professor said: - Unfortunately, a lot Developers, Software Engineers, Computer Scientists still don't understand Framework, and What is used for. Framework does not teach in school, in main computer science curriculums. Students don't like Framework so do tradition Scientists. WHY? - Because it is different with Tradition Programming. Tradition Computer Languages like Php, Python, Scripts are their favourite. Professors don't want to talk about Framework because students don't like. -> As a result, after graduated, they design software ignore Framework, not important. As we explained. People used to speak English for many years. Now ask them speak Japanese, they will not like it.

-> The more experience the more difficult to Adapt and Change. Senior Managers, senior Developers, Leaders of Projects who have a lot of experiences, more than 10 years in other Technologies, but not experience in Framework will not happy in using Framework. They are making decision how a system is built. IT is King. The Management is not Software Developer. No making decision. -> However, Management can always change if they wanted. But they trust their Developers, IT Managers. -> But most Developers, IT Professionals, Managers less likely up-to-date their skill has been used for decades to Make ends Meet. Even if they want to Change, it takes them many months to Learn and become Expert. Thus means their job could be in jeopardised, loss job. Developers use their skill to Make ends Meet. Change their skill = means vulnerable for them to make ends meet. Thus they will protect their skill. They will reject Change. -> Very hard for company move forward. Change is Not easy.
-> Leadership, Leaders should open mind, whether Like It or Not, whether Use It or Not. Recognize Technology, Innovation is very important, and move forward.

-> However to Adapt and Change is always the best Strategy of Survivor for all kinds of Businesses If ask all Leaders of Businesses and Corporations, even a Country. They said, not just change but constantly change to move forward, and try something new. Einstein said:- " The insanity is doing same thing over and over again and expect different results." - Even Change means Take Risk and could Failure. Jack Ma said, he runs Alibaba :- " Having thousands of mistakes and failures. But most important is to Learn from failure." - Leaderships who are afraid of change, afraid of mistake, afraid of failure, will not Learn, will not Modernized and Move forward Business for the better, while its competitors keeps changing.

-> Who are the big losers? - The Business, the Company, the Investor, the Stakeholder, the Customer. We don't know if Product good Quality or not. When developers build products testing by only few developers, not used by hundreds of thousands customers -> That's why Software needs Framework.

What is Framework? -> All is about Infrastructure. - Framework is Modern Enterprise Software Architecture. Think Framework for Software is like Infrastructure for a City, a Country. A modern City needs good & strong & large scale Infrastructure, such as, fast Super Highway, fast web of Subway, large multi lines Street, Street Car, Bus ... in order to move Cars & People & Workers and Products & Services = like Data in software, not just Fast, Efficient but also huge Quantity from point A -> B. As a result of Good & Large Scale Modern Infrastructure, Human increases Productivity, delivery fast Products & Services from Businesses -> to Consumers consumes Products & Services fast, efficiency, just-in time Inventory. -> Thus Large Scale of Supply / Demand. More Products & Services are produced. -> Increases GDP.
Without Good & Modern Infrastructure, traffic congestion, bottom neck streets with cars (like Data) can't move or very slow, very difficult to grow next level. People, Workers spend more Time (is money) travel back & forth from work, unproductive. When Economy of a City grow -> More People, more Cars, more Population, more Consumers, more Businesses, more Products & Services grow, on demand for fast moving, fast produce, fast delivery of Products & Services -> Very hard for a City to handle, satisfy such large scale of people, of cars, of Products & Services produced by Businesses and to delivery fast on demand by Consumers. -> As a result, the City is hard to grow next level, expand, increase productivity, efficiency. Time is Money. -> So Infrastructure is a strong Base Foundation for Productivity, Efficiency Supply & Demand, Large Scale, Expansion of Modern Mega City. Which is like Framework is for Modern Mega Large Scale Software. Computer Languages like Java, C, C++, Scripting Languages like Php, Python, Jsp, Asp, Ruby on Rail .. and Dynamic Script languages Node.js, React.js, Angular.js, Visual Studio ... are not Framework. Framework is more like Software Tools than Computer Languages. -> Developers then used Language like Java, Enterprise Java to develop Tools, such as, Lib (Library), API, Web Services ... for Framework.

Framework reduces Cost of  Hosting, Network, Server -> Reduce Cost, cheaper Price.

For example
, an e-commerce website, in order to support tens of thousands customers, you need Website Hosting cost 100$ / month. Using Framework, its software is built very efficiency, optimize resources, power foundation, which helps reduce Cost of Hosting to 10$ = 10 times cheaper / month -> Thus more profit. That's why Office Software can offer customers cheaper Price.

A waste of Time & Money
listening to Developers, Scientists who never build software on Framework, rely on reading. We build software on Framework for many years, strong Base Foundation, faster, not Duplicate Code, not Reinvent, Lib, API Functions, Code had been tested. Our software like having 400 millions usd invest in its R&D Research & Development, thousands of Developers, same as big company with a lot of resources. Framework helps Developers build something that others can't, or take a long time.

What is solution for Enterprise Software Architecture? - Diversify Enterprise Software. Modern Enterprise Software needs Framework. Modern Developers, IT Managers not only know to build Software easy, but also know Framework hard. Better know both. Students should learn both Software & Framework.

A Computer Scientist & Professor said:- Today, Modern Software Enterprise Architecture is built not just by one Software, one Application, one Technology, but built by many different Applications (App) using different Technologies. All different Applications different Technologies that made A Large Scale Software System can access, use, work same Database or different Database.
For example,
a company before use Python to build a whole software system. Now, they continue build add-on a Framework Application assigned to A different Development Team in order to do different task in their growing large scale Software. They still keep existing old Python software system built 10 years ago. No problem, even better, despite the Python Managers disagree, want to Build and Manage a whole system by Python. Framework allows Application access, use, work on Database from same Host, same Platform, or different Host, different Platform.

-> We spent many years to built, write code a whole Office's Product Lines on
400 millions usd Framework. We overcome some many R&D Challenges, thousand of Problem Solving. We do a lot of Research in depth its Modern Architecture & Design. But build software is not only add-on Framework, but also include other computer languages  and other scripting Languages as well.
- Tradition Software Design no Framework.
Developers use a computer language like Java -> Then Design Software. My Way. Self-Make. Self-Create.
- Modern Software Design Have Framework. Developer design Software use Computer Languages, and add-on Framework  -> Then Build Software on Framework. Must follow its Architecture & Design. Must use its API, Library ... Framework's way. Like follow ISO 9001 International Standard Organization's Requirement to meet its standard. People don't like. The reason for that is to prevent Developers re-invent. Sometimes Developers don't even know. Not their faults. -> If each developer does my way, self-make, self-create x 100 developers do my way, self-create, self-make = Thus waste huge Time & Money, duplicate, fat software, heavy, not lean & efficient. Managers no time or impossible inspect each of hundreds of developers' thousands lines of code. Managers never understand Framework can do for Software Development. No Framework = Fat, Heavy, Slow, Inefficient, Duplication of Software. They don't know. Coding is an Art. Different Developers each writes different code to achieve a same Task = Duplication.
- To build Framework for Software needs a Developers expert and hands-on experience Framework. Design Framework Modern Enterprise Architecture is different Design tradition Software.
- All kinds of Frameworks, Software Platforms, Software Tools, Open Source Framework, Free Framework, but we talk about
400 millions USD R&D just for A Framework that we care. The resources invested in it, which had no Software Development can compare. It is huge money that tells something about the Tool. Why smart people spent that much money for just Framework. A 10 millions Software Company can hire 200 Software Developers with salary 50,000$ / each then compare with 400 millions usd.-> Work with smart tool you become smart. This Framework built by smart, talented Scientists brings Software Development to the next big level. Software like Cars. All cars drive you from A -> B. But there are low end cars and high-end cars. There are software are built need hundreds of Developers developers, re-invent, back & forth, require huge resources, no strong foundation. While there are other software are built so efficient, less resources, small budget.

-> Dear Friends. As a scientist, I would like to share New Technology of Software Development with you, good for you, for your company. Open to learn. Use It or Not for your own benefits (YOB), not for me. No hard feeling. This Framework is not 5 millions, 10 millions, 50 millions dollars Software Development - Use brain. Need at least 5 years to work on this Framework in order to understand How to Apply Framework in Enterprise Software. -> Just Reading, few small Examples, then making assumption this Framework like other Developers' Tool is narrow minded, not know Framework.
Add-on 400 millions R&D Framework
on Office software = Add-on a lot of work of thousands Developers & Scientists already developed a lot of stuff in a Framework for your software
, which means reduce a lot of Cost, Time & Money of building software, bugs, testing, re-invent stuffs. This is so simple Software Development & Management that people still don't understand. -> That's why cost them so much resources, so many Developers, big budget to made Software no Framework, like build modern City no modern Infrastructure.
If you are not ready, not having Developers can do it -> Then don't use Framework. Don't Change. Do your way as you used to do. I give you another Solution for Enterprise Software Architecture using Framework. As scientists we share Knowledge & Innovation. Nothing bad about this. Think big influenced the way people build Product, add on Framework.

-> Smart people don't spend 400 millions USD investment for building Small Software. Big Tool for building Big Software. They know something we don't know. Because these Scientists who build Framework, experienced, get used to build Product on Large Scale. Why they need Framework for Software, but we don't? - Or, maybe you are smarter than they are. A waste of 400 millions usd for just A Framework. - No. These smart people are not dumb. They are in business of making Cloud Software, not in business of the Bank, Financial Institution, Insurance, Manufacture, Pos, Ecommerce. They invest half a Billion in a Software Framework Tool used for their Software that helps them generate revenue Billions of dollars.

Update: Oct, 2018 - We update almost every day.

Office is a beginning of new kind of Pos, new way of doing business in new Digital Economy. Invest in new future. The evolution of Pos since 50 years ago: Dummy Calculator -> PC Pos (millions and millions of dollars investment in PC Pos a waste of money) -> iPad Pos  -> Mobile Pos.

-> People use Office for all Pos tasks, Place Orders in one hand, so easy.
You still run Office on iPad like iPad Pos, Tablet, iPhone, Android, Galaxy Phone, Laptop.

A Restaurant said about Mobile Pos: - Without Office Mobile Pos, we need at least 25 iPad Pos, one / table, not including Staff. Specially weekend, very busy, crowded, all Tables are full. Each table needs 2 iPad, because customers can't wait for other guest finished to place order. Every one mobile takes order same time faster than one waits for other one take order using 1 iPad. Staff take orders, hundreds of orders, then carbon copy paper bill cost 5000$ / year, enter orders in Pos, process payment. Repeat back & forth every days, months, years.
Office Mobile Pos is only choice, cost
$0.0 for iPad. While using iPad Pos cost at least $10,000 just for 25 iPad / Table, not including Licence / iPad. Using Office is like having hundreds of customers as staff take orders, process orders for you every days. Reduce a lot of pressure on staff, labour cost very high. Office Mobile Order also helps business increase revenue up to 45%, better than Drive-thru, less cost, easy implement, easy use.
=> Right now in Japan, China, they already build the first Generation of Robotics for Restaurant replace Server bring food to customers to save labour cost. And here, we still back & forth every day. No wonder less profit, inefficient.
Why Mobile Order & Pick-up better than Drive-thru?

Today, less people eat in small space store. Attract people may live far away, drive around in the area, on the Go work or Go home. Attract people from different communities. Mac Donald's example 55% revenue from Drive-thru. Both Sales Channels same: Order & Pick-up. But Mobile Order better:

1) Easy, less Cost to build Mobile Order than to construct Drive-Thru: need large private Packing, Rent

2) Time is Money. Cost Staff: Mobile no need staff. Customer self-order. Save Time. While Drive-thru needs 2 x Staff take order. Time consuming.

3) Location: Only few Stores can build Drive-thru for their store. Need license, permit.

4) No wait in line for Mobile Order. Even better than Drive-thru, Staff even brings food to customers waiting in store's public parking. Drive-thru wait in long line, needs staff take orders.

5) Mobile Order no need driver, no need Delivery, cost money, staff waste time, no profit, wait long time for food delivery, like Local Delivery that needs order at least 25$, only limited area near store. Can't delivery far.

-> That's why Office built in Mobile Pos, Mobile Order, All-in-One App integrated, easy Update & Modification, Work All Devices that no Others built.
->  North America has 35 millions small businesses. Just have 15 - 20 thousands customers will translate 100 millions valued company, 2000 employees ave salary = $45,000. Or have 7 - 10 thousands customers will translate 40 - 50 millions valued company, and 1000 employees ave salary = $40,000.
A lot Internet Companies even no profit, but valued Billions of dollars. Office goes global where small businesses can afford Office All-in-One Price.

-> Why we can reduce Price but others can't?
Because the Framework Technology allows us to build software product so much Efficient, Light, Fast, Powerful, Large Scale, Data Access, Transaction Management, Remote Access Network, Memory Allocation, Resource Optimization. Which helps reduce cost of Hardware, Server, Network to host Office. While other system need multi millions platform, network, heavy-duty servers to host their software.

For example, our Cost / Office = 5$, other system may cost 10 times more = 50$ / Software of resource allocation for Network, Hardware, Servers. When having more customers, they keep adding more servers, more cost because their software heavy, not efficiency, consume a lot of Network & Servers' resources.

Another Example, You have e-commerce website, cost hosting 20 $ / month. Then your website has more customers to tens of thousands customers, not talking hundreds of thousands, millions, very slow, because your website is built by Web Software Technology not good, not efficient, not resource optimization. Data Access not efficient, congestion, traffic slow, bottom neck You can't re-code, re-design you website, even cost more, take years. So the only option is ask the Host Provider to increase hardware, keep adding more Memory Heap, more Servers, more Network. Now the Hosting Cost goes more triple from 25 $ / m -> 100$ / month. If you build software cost $100 / month, then you must charge business customers using your software for E-commerce website $150 / month to make profit. Big multi billions Corporation rely on their expensive multi millions Servers, Network. But small & medium Business that sell software can't hardy afford the cost. -> As a result, too late to re-code whole software again! That's why we keep talking about 400 millions usd Framework. People who never build Software Framework product, don't understand. Very hard to explain people never went thru hard experience. We no choice but scrap a whole our old software took 5 years Time & Money. No regret 5 years Time & Money wasted, better than keep building Office Building on a weak foundation. We choose re-build. -> However, you don't have to re-design a whole software. You can just add-on new Apps using different Technology like Framework, work on different Database or same Database, for new Projects.

- Drive Thru a lot cost, need private space Packing, more Rent, Staff Take Order, hard Build, long wait Line. 90% store can't construct Drive-thru, only big business.

-> While Mobile Order no need
private Parking, easy Build, Staff because Customer Take Order. Very tiny Cost.

- Big like Mac Donald, thousands Stores has: Drive Thru + Mobile. Small Business 1 small space Store needs Innovation.

-> That's why Office built in Mobile Pos, Mobile Order that no Others built.

Few steps to setup Product Catalog - If you can setup Product Catalog, you can do & manage Office.

Complex Design is Make It Simple. People, Users don't like complexity. Most Developers don't understand they build product for common Users, not for them.

Fist of all, Login to Create First Product Catalog. 1) Create New Product Group = Japan Soup -> 2) Create New Product = Japan Ramen Noodle Soup, Add Product in a Group Japan Soup. -> 3) Then Staff Take First Order: Add-to-Cart, Pay when Customer in Store.
gallery thumbnail
Login: After register for Office Website
Account. Now Login. 
Laptop Mouse hover photo see bigger. Or Click on Photo

How to Register: Anywhere in the world, Search yourself a Domain or use your current Website. -> Then Send Email us or Submit Form -> Pay by PayPal, no need setup account @ PayPal, Credit Card, e-Interact. -> Login, Setup. Use Office. HELP: www.MyOfficeSite.com/center
- Available at your office website -> Login -> @ Admin Menu -> Get Started.

Office Login used Framework's Web Services for Secure: - This Framework built-in Web Services, Security ... 1) Admin setup Staff, Kat Lee, who is allowed Login Status, and User + PW Login. 2) To Login Authentication with Birthday, Kat Lee sends Web Service POS Request. Type Web Service API = MyOfficeSite.com/2008 -> Office verify her Login Status in system. Then send this Login Page -> Then she Login using her User Name = admin, or any Name, could be PIN = 12345, Password = whatever. User + Pw setup by Admin. Login Web Services Not show Login in public like Online Bank. Even hackers know your User + Pw but don't know your Birthday. Can't Login.
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- This Home = Main Menu  after Login
- Staff: Kat Lee is Login @ Location.
- Her Total Sales so far = $1250 on this Shift. - Init Cash in draw = $150.
Kat Lee is a Cashier or a Server. What ever she takes Order will associate with her when Login. -> $1250 could be total she takes order as Server or Cashier on that shift. Data, including Photos of her and Products & Services is stored in OOM (Office Order Management).
NOTE: It stores Photos of Staff & Products.
- Touch [3-Dashes ≡ ] -> Admin Menu. It Scrolls if more icons. ->Touch [Product] -> Product Management. Admin Menu = Settings, Get Started ... Product Menu = Create & Manage Product. - Pickup: 10/6 = Today has 10 Pickup orders, 6 Not Yet Pickup. See in OOM.
Customer View or Public View:
Not see icon [3-dashers] = Admin Menu and icon [Home] of Staff, statistics of Staff. Press [Home] back Home screen.
gallery thumbnail
- Product Management Menu Screen already has 3 Items.

- Setup: Add Product, Del/Edit Product,
- Add-on Price for Item Option, like,
Small size, Large, Medium ..
- Sort: Products by ID, Name, Group by touch arrow icon Up, Down
- Icon Black Add Item Option for that Item
- Icon Edit Product: Load data in Form for Change Price, Photo, Name, Group, like Insert Product Form below.
- Touch icon Home -> Home menu

- Click Laptop: Product Management

- List Staff on Serve & Contact = Touch on this will see a popup all Staff currently Login Office, including their Photo, Date & Time, Phone, Email ...
Touch [3-Dashes] -> List Product Menu

1) Fist Setup Group for a Product
2) Then Create New Product add in Group. -> Select Product Group Management.

- See Laptop big screen. Click, touch, or Mouse hover:  Product Management

- See small size Tablet screen. Click, touch, Mouse hover:  Product Management

- See Tablet big screen. Exact size. Click, touch, or Mouse hover:  Office Checkout Pay

- See Tablet small screen. Exact size. Click, touch, or Mouse hover: Office Checkout Pay
gallery thumbnail
- Product Group Management Screen

- There are 3 Groups: Soup, Pho,
Nails & Salon, Pho.

=> Touch [3-Dashes ≡ ] -> Slide Group Menu, then select Add Product Group to Create New Group = Japan Soup

Icon Edit Product Group

- Fist of all: Create Product Catalog
How: Select [Product] @ Admin Menu
-> First, Create A Product Group, like,
Japan Soup -> Then, Create or Insert Product, like, Japan Ramen Noodle Soup -> Insert in Japan Soup Group. Done!
gallery thumbnail
- Create Japan Group -> Touch [Choose File] popup Choose an action -> Select Documents browns to phone's Gallery -> Then Upload a Photo for Japan Group from.
- Now had Product Group = Japan Soup

NOTE: Take Photo of Customer, Employee, Product.. from Mobile in Gallery.
Then upload photo in Gallery, or in Download location on your smartphone. Very convenient.
How to Load Photo from Download location on Phone:
- Google Search photo = Japan Ramen -> Touch & Hold on Images tab of Google Search see a lot photos of Raman Soup -> Touch on Photo will see popup Option -> Choose Download image, will put image in Download location on phone.
gallery thumbnail
- Open Product Management Menu

-> Select Add New Product = Japan Ramen Noodle Soup. = Insert Product.
-> At Group Menu -> Add in Japan Soup, select available Group in Pull-down List
- Favourite:
Display Item @ Main Menu
for easy select, add-to-cart fast.
- Photo:
Load Photo from local Laptop,
Mobile for that Product
-> See photo this Item Japan Ramen Noodle Soup in Product Management.
=> Repeat 1) Create New Group -> 2) Create New Product -> Add in Group
gallery thumbnail
=> Now, Place First Order:

Staff @ Home screen, Add-to-Cart -> Pay

Touch [<=>] open Group Menu has
3 x Groups. Main Menu has 3 x items. Each Group has only 1 Item, for now.

- Customer View or Public View =
See no [3-Dashes] open Admin Menu + See no Pull down Menu Home = List Data.
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=> Touch [Pay]  check-out

Customer pay $70 -> Staff disc = $2
-> Balance = $64.41. Change = $5.59.
-> Customer gives Tip = 2$
-> Staff gives 2$ Coupon

NOTE: [Pay] Form auto calculate data like Excel

- See Tablet big screen. Click, touch, or Mouse hover:  Office Checkout Pay
gallery thumbnail
=> Now, Check First Order in OOM
Office Order Management
- If Pickup or Delivery Order will see Name of Customer, Address, Phone, Email, Time Pickup or Delivery so that Make Food on time. And Order is Pickup, Deliver or Not. IMPOSSIBLE: Tracking by Human back & forth, can't remember, on small scale. -> Use Office Mobile do large scale Mobile Order & Pickup.

Successfully. Congratulation!
You just Use Office
Setup First Catalog & Take First Order.

As said, Office maybe the first Pos System, Mobile Order, E-commerce that you can setup, do everything on Mobile.

Easy few 3 Steps using Office by Staff for Retail Business, Nails Beauty Salon ... Not Restaurant

- When a customer in Retail Store Buy some Product & Services. The Store is not Restaurant, Food, Coffee Store, not Table Manager.

- Laptop Mouse hover around photo see bigger. Tablet, Smartphone touch on photo see bigger.

gallery thumbnail
Step 1 - Screen 1 = Process Customer Info

-> Staff Login: Search Customer by Phone
-> Enter Phone: 123-456-7890 in Search Box -> Touch left [icon Customer]. Not Right [icon Search] for Product -> Exist, see on Top Cart: Helen T 123-456-7890. Screen1.

- When a customer in store Buy some Product & Services. Staff Login -> Search Client's Phone (easiest), or Email (first part User Name of email), or Fname & Lname (type: helen t )-> 1) If Exist Customer then Name + Phone auto load in top Cart see photo. 2) If Not Exist then not see.

Mouse hover or Click: Vend Pos Payment.

gallery thumbnail
Helen in store buy 2 Bread Sandwich.
Staff type: bread. Search -> Touch: Item Option, Qty, Buy Now to Add-to-Cart -> Pay -> Done!
NOTE: Same as Vend: Buy Stripe Tee.
Type: Stripe Tee in Search box -> Touch on this item for [Item Option] select Size Medium then auto Add-to-Cart -> At Cart, Choose Qty, Discount, Note -> Touch [Pay] button -> Select Cash -> Done.
Store can ignore Customer Contact, but want to keep Contact customers for Customer Retention.

Office has 3 ways Search (Vend only 1):
1) Search Box. Type partial Title & Search. Limited space can't afford 2 x Search Box.
2) Search by Group: Touch [<->] open Group Menu Left -> Touch [Bread] Group will see List all items. -> Select Item -> Add-to-Cart
3) Scan Main Menu 50 - 60 most often sold Items daily. Admin setup which Items display Main Menu.

Vend Pos few steps

Vend Step 1: - Search Customer info -> Enter Name, Phone in top Box at right has [icon Customer]. See photo.

Vend Step 2
: - After process customer, Staff Search Product Item -> Enter Item Name = Strip Tee in top Box at left. -> Pay.-> See photo.

- Mouse hover or Click:1) Vend Add Customer & Take Order:
Vend Pos Latest Design.
- Touch or Mouse hover 2) Add Customer

Vend Add Customer
- Click or Mouse hover 3)
 Vend Add Item Option -> Touch Stripe Tee Item popup Option; While Office touch slide Item Option (screen 1)
Mouse or Click 4): Vend Pos Payment.

=> Vend is 100 millions software company and 20 years experience in business, thousands of customers world wide. They build best product. We want to show you what ever you can with Vend, Office can do: Add Customer, Search Product, Add-to-Cart Product, Discount, Note, Payment ... People said Office has more features. -> Both software is doing the same procedure.

gallery thumbnail
Step 1 - Screen 2 = Touch icon [] -> Process Customer Info -> Popup this screen.
- 1) If Customer Exist -> It auto loads Customer Data in Customer Form. Staff update & review. Screen 2.
- 2) If Not Exist Customer -> Then Enter Customer Data in Customer Info Form (no Data. Empty) -> Submit. Done!
For example, Ask Helen want receive Email since Analyst Data tells she not -> Slide [Email Opt] blue + Enable Helen in [Loyalty] Program.


Vend Pos have **Step 2** that allow Staff to Create Customer Info if not Exist.
But different with Office:
1) Staff No View [Order History] like Office
2) If Customer Not Exist
(new customer) -> Both Office & Vend popup empty Form Enter Data.
2) If Customer Exist -> It doesn't auto load Customer Info Form like Office. -> Thus staff can't Update Customer Info, such as, change Address, Phone, Email ..

- Park Sales in Vend different Office [Park]
- Park Sales =
A Customer in store buy something, forget wallet at home -> Go home get wallet. Staff [Park Sales] this order. When customer back, Staff retrieve this Order, and finish Payment.

Vend Process Order in 2 Steps

1) At Search Box has icon Customer Right side, (see photo) Enter customer Name = Adam Smith will load Customer Data in Pos. If not Exist, new Customer, will popup Customer Data Form to enter.

2) At Search Box has icon Search Left side, enter Item = Stripe Tee Search product -> Add-to-Cart -> Pay.

Why use Vend as example respectly?

- A Computer Scientist & Professor, who is Chief Architect, Design, Data Science, and Code Framework, UI/ UX Front to Back-end, Database Design, Cloud, App said:
"- Easier Said than Done!  5 millions can hire 100 developers each 50,000 $ dollars. Vend, 100 millions dollars Software Company, not small, has hundreds of smart and talented Developers. Its Software is the best in business. Although Vend's New Version has: Search Customer by Name -> Add Customer. Office also has. - Vend: Search Item -> Item Option -> Add-to-cart. Office has same Search Item, Search Customer, in 1 Search Box, Vend in 2 diff Search Box. (see photo) - Vend: display favourite Items at Main Menu. Like Office Menu. => But both software is very different. No one copy. - Vend can't: Mobile Pos, Mobile Order, Customer Self-Order, Table Manager for Restaurant, Work All Devices ...Vend iPad only."

NOTE: So far, Investors invested 100 millions in Vend Pos. It received 20 millions USD from Peter Thielís Valar Ventures and Square Peg Capital. https://blog.vendhq.com/post/64901824985/vend-raises-20m-funding-round-co-led-peter-thiels-valar-ventures-square-peg-capital. Recently Dec, 2016 Vend Pos also received many other funding: 9 milllions, then 13 millions, 60 millions, and many other rounds. CEO said Total value at 100 millions. https://pitchbook.com/newsletter/vend-secures-9m-investment.


Almost every Big company starts from a small Start-up, such as, Facebook, Alibaba, Apple, Amazon, Oracle ... However, Data shows that lack of Start-ups from diverse background, minority, women. Toronto, 1st largest city Canada, and 3rd largest city in US & Canada, most diverse city in the world, attract a lot diverse talents around the world, is becoming a major hub of Start-ups after Silicon Valley's high cost living and labour. In September, 2018, Uber invested more than 200 M in new Engineering Lab in Toronto, ďThis expansion comes at an exciting time for engineers at Uber,Ē said Thuan Pham, Uberís Chief Technology Officer. Microsoft moved its Head Office in Toronto massive 132,000 square foot space. 

- Data shows gap presentation of Minority, Women Start-ups.


gallery thumbnail
Step 1 - Screen 3 cont = Touch [Order History] -> Process Customer Info.
- Analyse Customer Data:

Visit = How many times Helen in store.
Disc, Coupon = Total Disc, Coupon Helen got.
- SubTotal = Total buy before tax.
Email? = Join Email Marketing receive email or not. N/A = Not yet. Y = yes - N = No receive email.
Loyalty = Helen earned 1.0$ base on 1% of SubTotal. Setup by Admin.
Total Orders = How many orders Helen bought. In photo Order #450 has 2 x Items. See photo.

Summary Office 2 Steps:

For Retail Business, Nails .. :
Staff Login, Staff View only:
Add Customer [] -> Add-to-Cart -> [Pay] button.
- Only 2 buttons: [] & [Pay]

For Restaurant, Food Services:

Customer View / Staff View Login:

- Add-to-Cart -> [Park]. Repeat orders Add-to-Cart & Park -> [Table] Review orders & Pay.
- Only 2 buttons: [Park] & [Table]

=> All you need is 4 buttons
, [Pay], [Park] & [Table] in front menu.

When customer in store buy Products & Services, Staff will do 2 Steps:

Step 1) Process Add Customer
1) Search Customer by Phone or Email or First & Last name, enter in Search Box -> Touch left icon Customer of Search Box. See screen 1.
-> If Exist (Customer had registered ), will see Name + Phone on top Cart. Screen 1. Staff touch icon [+Customer]
next to [Pay] -> See popup Customer Form has Data, like Fname, Lname ..  in field to make sure OK. Screen 2. Although no need touch [+Customer] to Review, unless need Update info. (Vend no Update, only empty Form). Review later, Search phone again & touch [+Customer].
-> If Not Exist (new Customer), Name + Phone not see on top Cart. Staff touch icon [+Customer] menu next [Pay] to open Customer Info Form (screen 2) but all empty field, no Data. -> Enter Customer Data like Fname, Lname, Phone ... -> Submit

NOTE: If Customer Exist or Not, need touch icon [+Customer] on menu next [Pay] button -> Will popup Customer Info Form -> Order History.

Step 2) Process Order Add-to-Cart
Staff Search Item = Japan Raman Noodle Soup -> Enter ram in Search Box, touch Search icon @ right side Search Box.
-> Next, [Item Option] -> Qty -> [Buy Now] red button Add-to-Cart. -> Touch [Pay] menu button to process Payment. Done.

Easier than Table Manager for Restaurant

Office Payment.

Office Card: like Gift Card, but modernized, more powerful, no Plastic, easy Made, easy Use. Customers buy Office Card 1) Online paid by Pay Pal, 2) In Store paid by Cash or Credit Card, 3) Call in. Business self Create Office Card, just like Customer Paid by Cash. Email, Text Code to customers, or write Code on Business Card. No Plastic Card. Customers are given a Code self-generated by computer, like: X12y15# - 7 to 8 chars, case sensitive save in phone. No Plastic just Code.
- How? - When [Pay], Select Paid by Office Card -> An Input appears for Office Card only, other Pay not have. (not see in pic) -> Enter Code -> Done.
- Customer can check: Balance & History of Order by Office Card. See demo: [Office Slide Show]
-> Office Card Benefits: - Another way to Pay, better & convenient than Cash, no Transaction Fee like Pay by Credit, Pay Pal.
Office Card = Cash = Digital Money.
Invent by Office. Good use for Mobile Order. Fast pay, like StarBucks Mobile paid by StarBucks Card only.
-> Business use Office Card like its own Bank Visa Card, no Interest. Give closed Customers only Card Code, no Plastic: Buy first. Pay later.

Office Pay: See Office Pay. You choose paid by Office Pay using your Credit Card, Pay Pal.
The difference Office Pay with other Pay is that Office Pay keeps track: 1) Data History of Payment. 2) Pay by Text. 3) Get paid fast like Invoice.
For example, Landlord keep track Tenant's  Rent: Date & Time, Amount, Pay BY: Cash, Credit ...
See Office Pay Case Study

eInteract: New payment offer by Office has system Track & Manage eInteract Payment like Office Card. Not see from other system. Cost no Transaction Fee for business. Fast, convenient. Customer no enter Credit Card info, no register account, use only Email. Good use for Mobile Order, Online Order.

gallery thumbnail
Step 2 - Screen 4 = Add-to-Cart

->After Customer, Staff  [x] close Customer screen. Add-to-Cart Items.
Staff Enter Item name, i.e. 'red' search for Woman Red T-Shirt in Search Box. Then Touch on [icon Search] at Right Search Box. See photo. -> Touch [Item Option] to select Size, then Qty, [Buy Now] button for Add-to-Cart Items. -> Touch [Pay] for checkout -> See photo.


Cont Checkout.
Add-to-Cart -> Pay
Finally, touch [Pay] button screen 1, will popup this payment screen. It automatically Calculate: Discount, Balance, Change, like Excel.
For example, Total = $62,15. -> Enter Customer Payment = $80, Discount = $2, it auto self-Calculated -> Balance = $59,89. Change = $20.11.
-> Select Cash. Enter Email & check Email & Print receipt. -> [Pay Now]. Done.

gallery thumbnail
Step 3 - Screen 5 = Pay. Done!

- [Pay]: All payment in one screen. Validate Data required to make sure must enter. Self-Calculate Data like Excel.

Touch Office Card will show (slide) an Input Box for Enter Office Card Code. Touch other Pay, Cash will not see or Close box. See Pay screen5.
- Similar, touch Email in blue -> Show Email box. Touch uncheck in shade color -> Email box close.

=> We design to avoid back & forth many screens, specially on small Mobile Screen, UI/ UX save Space & View Simple. Users see many Input Box confused. This CS (Computer Science) Design called Object Relationship Design not Database Relationship Design for Database Design.
-> That's why Software Analyst & Design Project Leader must know How to Code =
Many Ways Design Software Achieve same result. -> What You Think may not efficient, no good When You Code. Same applied for UI/ UX, Database Design.

gallery thumbnail
- Finally this Helen's Order #451 stored in Office Order Management.
In Search Box, you can Search & Calculate Data quick & fast.
-> See photo Staff Kat Lee Cashier Take Order + Photo of Products & Services 2 Items sold.
For example,
Search & Calculate all Helen's Orders from 01-01-2010 -> 01-01-2019, type in Search Box: helen t 01-01-2010 -> 01-01-2019

See Office Slide Demo: 


How Office Helps Business Keep Customers even more important than find New Customers.

However, the problem for Small Businesses is that they always spend time to look for New Customers, but ignore or don't know how to keep Exist Customers. As a result, their customers go to competitors. -> To keep customers you need to spend money not just talk, smile -> Some free money or give free something like free some services, some products.

1) Build up Customer Database, the most important: 90% Businesses don't have Customer Database, Golden Data. What a big lost no Customer Database. Using Office, after few years, you can have thousands of customers in Customer Database System. Then you can export Customer Data to Excel to keep private.

2) Email Marketing: for Promotion. Keep contact. Informing ... Office lets you check customers from Customer List, then send email to many customers.

3) Customer Retention: Modern day Sales & Marketing, Get Customers in store easy, but Keep Customers difficult. Office creates few Customer Retention Techniques: Coupon, Loyalty, Discount.

- Coupon: Give 5$ Coupon, Print on receipt. Scientist found: - 90% Customers will back Store or Give 5$ coupon to friends. A Referral. Coupon -> Customer Retention + Referral. Generate more Customers.

- Loyalty Program
: Like points, stamps. 1) You setup Loyalty Program based on SubTotal. such as, 1% Loyalty. Thus 100$ -> $1 earn Loyalty.
2) You setup Loyalty Program based on Visit. such as, Setup each Visit = 1 Stamp. Each Stamp = 2$. -> Thus Helen has 5 Visit -> 5 Stamp earn Loyalty = 10$. That's why Office Tracking Visit -> Look at Visit @ Order History. In photo Helen = 5 Visits. -> Determine a Customer  How Much They Earn Loyalty. Then Email/ Text to inform customers -> Bring them back store = Customer Retention.

For example, Mac Donald has Loyalty Program = Buy each coffee -> Get 1 stamp. -> 8 Stamps get 1 coffee free. -> Thus, after spent money for 5 coffees, 90% will come back to buy more 3 coffee in order to get 1 free coffee. -> This called Customer Retention to encourage customers back store, spend more.
For example, Encourage customers Go Back Store -> Loyalty Program based on Visit.  Encourage customers Spend more -> Loyalty Program based on SubTotal.
-> That's why Office track & provide Data for Visit & SubTotal.

- Discount: Rather reduce Price. Give Discount. Business No Profit because Keep Reducing Price. In the end, every one Out of Business.

4) Customer Order History -> Customer Profile: Helps business know What Customer Wants -> Customer Profile. Thus when have promotion for that Product or that Service, you inform customer ->  Bring customer back store. Promotion to Buy other products fit in Customer Profile. For example, Big Businesses analyse Customer Data of Customers, who buy a lot baby diapers -> She is having baby -> Send her promotion of Baby Products. A Data Scientist said:- By analyse, look at Customer History Data -> You can know a lot about a Customer, social status, their career, their earning, their hobby, what Products & Services they like ... So that you create a Campaign to target them, bring them back store, retention. Unfortunately, a lot Businesses don't have system to Track Customer History Data. A big lost.
NOTE: That's why Office, by Design, can Track Customer History Data for every each Items bought by Customer.

5) E-commerce, Mobile Order: Helps Business Do Online Business. Track Pick-up / Delivery.


  Update: - We update almost every day.
The Requirements for: Buy Home or Start-up:
- Persistence 20 y / 9-5. Start-up will be faster, not long 20 y / 9-5.
- Commitment
Home or Start-up ups/ downs, temporary setback, but no give up. Almost, Start-up at the beginning is always challenging, difficulty, setback. Understand risky when Buy Home or Start-up. Do not afraid of mistakes and try new things. The more mistakes, the more we learn. 
- Skill
work hard, make it happen. Creativity, Innovation.
- Capital
money for Deposit. Else may take longer buy home.
- Passion
for something,
- *Vision
something will Big. Think Big. Out of comfortable Boundary. Modernize. Lager scale.
The most important requirement for a Person, a Manager, a Start-up, a Business. Donald Trump dreamed to become US President since 1988, 30 years ago when 42 years old. He finally achieved his dream in 2017, become US President at 71 years old. Don't limit yourself. Never too late to achieve your dream some thing.

- A lot entrepreneurs do Start-up few years, not make a lot money, give up -> Will not success.

A Story: Star Bucks: 25,000 location Stores world wide, hundreds of thousands employees, revenue in Billions -> Still in need of Mobile Order Technology. It hires a new CEO to implement Technology for their stores.

Mr. Schultz Chairman StarBucks, no background Technology, had wealth of experience building & growing stores in tradition, from few stores to 26000 stores. On average, 70 stores / mo. Then he has Vision for Star Buck's store in New Economy. He open mind, recognized the change of doing business in Digital Economy, fast, efficiency, large scale.
-> So he hired Mr. Johnson, background in Technology as CEO, in April 2017, to build
Cloud & Mobile Model, Mobile Order improve, enhance Customer Experience. -> Most Big Billion Businesses run by CEO background in Technology, like Facebook, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, Netflix, Oracle ... Their Vision ran business different.

- Almost small business stores still don't have Mobile Order like Star Bucks. Mac Donald just offers Mobile Order -> But hard to use. Customers said:- We just need few minutes to place order, quick, easy. Not Social App used every day. Phone already had so many Apps.

Recent Statistics shows
: Today busy time, people less sit & eat in store. They Drive-Thru (need large parking & drive-thru space, very expensive, not for all location) or Mobile Order and Pickup. Some Businesses have parking but can't drive thru. They creatively offer their staff bring food, orders to parking where customers park. Customers don't need to walk-in store pick-up. Which contributes to increase from 40% -> 50% of Sales. ->
Mr. Schultz has Vision the Future of Store in Digital Economy. Small business can't see in Tradition.

Mobile Order much better than Drive Thru:
1) Less expensive cost, Parking space & construction Drive Thru 2) No cost of 2 Staff Take Orders like Drive-thru. Mobile Order customers self take order. 3) Quick, fast, easier than Drive thru line-up 4) Save lot of Time & Money. 5) Easy Setup. 6) Reach out diverse customers rather than same customers almost 95% same community.

- Office is the first product, by Design, that offer Mobile Pos, Mobile Order that doesn't cost a lot of money, make it easy for all kinds of customers to use. Even Vend Pos, 100 millions dollars investment still doesn't offer Mobile Pos, Mobile Order -> Then Who Can?
- Almost Pos: PC Pos, iPad Pos.
- Office least Requirement
: iPhone or Android Phone, Pos Printer. Not seen on market a system that does everything, Pos, Mobile Order, Tracking Data Analytics, Order Management... A -> Z only on Mobile like Office. Ask other Software Company: - Can we just use your system on Mobile only. -> They said: - No. Can't.
Maybe few small features.
NOTE: Office can use on Laptop, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Samsung Phone - All Devices. Other System: No Laptop, no Tablet, no Android Phone, no iPhone -> Mostly Pos on iPad, because By Design, Lay out its Interface, UI / UX on iPad Large Screen, Space, easier than Small Screen Mobile. Very hard by Design a whole Pos system fit-in small screen Mobile. -> Other System only iPad Pos. -> That's why called iPad Pos.

Office easy Use
: Touch Office icon on mobile -> Open.
Office Technology: Use the latest $400 million USD Framework Technology that has been used by Billions Software Company .
Office Affordable: - No extra Licenses,
unlimited Licences, no extra Hardware, Software. Other package: 5 Staff  use, Cost = $450 usd / mo, $5400 usd / year. Office cost less than $950 usd. Office is only system allowing Customers Order in / out store using their mobile.

- When will it happen to a store near you?

A Story:- I live in big city more than 25 years, not see this happens yet. Mobile Pos and Mobile Order integration. When Customers can place order in / out store using their Mobile? -> I see this from big Business Star Bucks, MacDonald just has, but not see from small business, mom & pop Store. Only 1 Japanese Sushi restaurant gives us one White thick & heavy Tablet Hardware, not Android nor iPad, special design by a software company that also built-in ordering software @ our table 4 Guest for us to place order. We keep ordering food from this tablet # 4, like Office Table Manager. When done, we waive. A server came with a Debit/ Credit Card Payment Terminal rent from a local Bank, at our Table for Payment & Print receipt. The owner said, very expensive cost $10000 for a whole Ordering System. It is worth it. This Automation helps restaurant alot, specially when busy, a lot customers. The Ordering System does not not integrates with Pos system. Both system separated. Staff must input data on print receipt into a separate Pos system. Like tradition Restaurant input data from paper bill into Pos system. We ask if can place order from outside store like Mobile Order. He said: - No. ==> See right side Office.

NOTE: Japanese Business is very good at Innovation, at using technology for efficiency, modernizing, and Automation. In Japan, a lot Sushi Restaurants by Design, no server: Customers seat around Kitchen Counter -> Chef delivery food to Customers on trail rail around counter. This is good for small restaurant.

How Office System Working.
- Store minimum requirement, just need an iPhone or Android Phone or a Tablet, an iPad.
- When customers come & sit at Table # 4 -> Staff or Customers use smartphone. Can't afford each Customer / Tablet. -> Each Guest or one Guest at Table #4 Place Order for all Guests: Add-to-Cart -> Just Press [Park] blue button. Then 10 mins later, Staff or Customer continues Order: Add-to-Cart -> press [Park] on Menu.
-> After Done Eat.
Staff comes to Table 4 or Customers come to Staff Counter -> Pay by Cash or by Credit Card -> Staff touch [Table] at Menu next [Park] button -> Touch Table T4 -> Touch [Pay] -> Popup a Pay UI -> Enter Payment -> Automatically Calculate Change, Tip, Disc + Print Receipt -> Done. See Slide Show @ Active Table Manager.
-> Customers can Mobile Order outside store.

Easy few Steps using Office to Place Order by Staff or Guest

-> Use Laptop Mouse in see bigger photo. Use Tablet, Mobile just touch on photo see bigger.

gallery thumbnail
1) Staff /Guest Add-to-Cart -> Touch [Park] button on menu. That's it.

Continue Place Order many times. Staff come Table take order, or Guest Self-order: Add-to-Cart -> [Park]

Find Item fast: Use 1) Search. Type: ram -> Japan Ramen Noodle Soup. Or, 2) Scan thru main screen display 50 - 60 most Sales Items. Or touch [<->] select from 3) Group -> List of Items in Group

Add-to-Cart: At Item Japan Ramen Noodle Soup, 1) Touch Item Option to select size Small, Medium ... 2) Touch + / - for Qty -> Touch [Buy Now] button Add-to-cart this Item.

Change Qty, Table/Seat: At Cart, touch blue button [T:T3/S1] change Qty =1 -> 3, and Table / Seat from T3/S1 -> T3/S2.

- There is [Help] button menu, can't see here. On top screen, shows short Instruction.

Small Business Enterprise Success

1- Keep Changing. Repeat same business model 5 years = same stuff, 1 Store => To next 10 years = still repeat same stuff, 1 Store, then never grow, boring. Need Change.

2- Innovation, Creativity. Can't run business the same model over and over again. Be different -> Innovative. Not follow tradition, copy others, do the same others doing.

3- Leverage Technology, the Internet, Cloud, Mobile in Large Scale. Without Technology hard to grow next level, even big like StarBucks. The Internet, Cloud, Mobile will help businesses do business faster, efficient, reach out more customers, large scale.

4- Surround, hire smart, talented people
According to Steve Jobs, Jack Ma, you should hire the smart people. -> When your business at 1/2 millions need certain kinds of people, at 5 millions need different kinds of people. So on.

5- Believe in yourself. Think differently. Open to new ideas. Not afraid of mistakes. Learn from mistakes
Jack Ma, Alibaba CEO, who was teaching in College. Then he quit teaching in College to experience real life. He started with few Friends an Internet Company Alibaba Ecommerce helps Small Businesses leverage the Internet. He saw business opportunity from movie Forest Gump catching small shrimp, small but abundant in numbers. He had been rejected so many times. Later, Alibaba got funded millions of dollars from Jerry Yang, Yahoo co-Founder, and Softbank Masayoshi Son. Today, Alibaba company value more than 400 Billions, and created 500 employee Millionaires, VPs, Directors, compared to Facebook 700, Google 1000.

Jack Ma and 18 Founders in his apartment Start-up a company. Every Big started from Small. Most Founders had 9-5 job.

6- Think Big
You open small business but always think expand, large scale. Today, Internet, Digital Economy allow small business grow business large scale less cost.

For example,
rather open 10 locations cost alot money + manpower + hard to manage -> You open Online Business, Cloud, Mobile, less cost, less manpower, easy manage, and reach out more customers than even open 100 locations.

gallery thumbnail
2) Guest View: Guest at Table 3 touch [Table] button menu next [Park] any time, see this screen. Touch [Guest @ T3] button to Review Orders, Item List, and which Items served.
- Guest View can't see Button & Features used by Staff View Login

Active Table Manager = Tracking Table currently occupied, Guest eating. Track: Who place order, Guest or Staff, Name & Photo of Staff? - Which Items for what Table/ Seat? - Item Desc, Price, Qty, Is Item served? - Table/Seat, Total Sales, Order Number#, Date&Time ...

Guest: Only 2 x screens: Add-to-Cart, finished -> just touch [Park] -> touch [Table] anytime review List Orders.

These Steps exactly What You See Is What You Get.
- Bigger Photo
may same screen size of your phone. Touch screen.

Jack Ma quit teaching in College to experience real life. He saw opportunity in small business from watch movie Forest Gump. He said: "- I've seen people make a fortune by catching shrimps, but I've never seen anyone make a fortune by catching sharks and whales.Ē - This is how Jack Ma parallels Forrest Gump into Alibabaís successful business strategy.

As we said :- In any countries, 90% are small businesses, mom & pop stores, Home based businesses. They are in millions and create most jobs. While medium & big businesses are in thousands.

Small Business Enterprise Success continues...

7) Open to new ideas. Think out of the Box.
Inside the box, you will not see things clear.
Small Business Strategy

=> Compete with the bigger, do not do the same they have done. Then hard to win. Must differentiate from them.  

When Less Money + Less Resources -> Use the Technology + the Internet in order to Leverage your Potentials, Compete the bigger, and Grow Business next level. This Strategy we called:" - When you are small -> Use Innovation against Tradition. Use Less gains More. Use Small against Big. Use Weak against Strong. -> And The Tool is the Internet. The Tradition Management in back Office will not work if not Leverage the Internet, the Technology." -> That's why you see most CEO from big Companies are Technology background. Even StarBucks hired CEO Technology background. A Coffee Company, 25000 locations runs like A Technology Company efficiency, large scale. Mr. Schultz alot experience build from stores in Tradition. He recognized doing Business in Digital Economy is different. But his Limitation is no Technology background, not Like it, not mindset for that -> So he hired new CEO with Technology background. -> Today, every thing you want to Manage & Sell has been Managed & Sold by Technology -> The Boss, the Manager do not like Technology, mindset not in Technology, Tradition Management Style -> Will never ever use Technology. Don't believe it, not Like It. Even they know Technology good for them.


gallery thumbnail
2) Staff View: - Staff Login -> Touch [Table] button on menu, see List all Active Tables occupied by Guest. Touch each Table see List Item.

- When an Item is prepared ready for Guest, Staff touch
Item Ticket Number [469] = YES, also tell which Item has been place order first.
- When Staff Login @ Table Take Order, the Name & Photo of Staff appear, not Phone icon & Self order.

- When Guest @ T1 Pay
, Staff touch T1 -> [Pay] tab for Payment T1.
A customer Story:
What we want is simple:

Mobile Pos easy for Staff Take order, easy for Customer, Cashier. We like new stuff, new model Mobile Pos, portable, mobile, the next Generation. And what ever devices available we can use as Tablet Pos, iPad Pos, touch Laptop Pos. No cost for extra Hardware.
NOTE: 5 staff need 5 iPad = Cost a lot money, specially countries in under development. Office goes Global; While other Systems too much cost, can't. Every one has smartphone. A lot businesses, Staff, Cashier, Customers use Smart phone + Office  = Easy, Convenient -> Can't afford so many iPad for each Staff, Customers, Casher. That's why need Mobile Pos.

2) Staff Take Order using iPhone, Android Phone, Galaxy Phone, iPad, Tablet, iPhone, Android. We can't find any System offer this, only iPad.

3) Customers Self-Order in store Bring All Devices, using what ever Mobile they have either iPhone or Android Phone. Can't expect all Customers have iPhone only. Big challenge even for 100 millions Software Companies. Because can't afford Time & Money to build different Pos App (big App not small App) for different Phone.

4) All-in-One App, no plug-in, seamless Integration for easy use & manage.

5) Mobile Order, Good for Sell & Marketing. Reach out more customers out of small Store's Space. Today, less people eat in store -> See Drive-Thru & Pick-up @ MacDonald more than people eat in store. Although Office Mobile Pos is also used for Local Order & Delivery. Why Local Delivery no better than Mobile Order & Pick-up? -> 1) Local Delivery is not Drive-thru & Pick-up. 2) People don't want big order like over $25 for Delivery. 3) Store doesn't make money use Driver to Delivery for $25. Gas, Insurance, high Fee. 4) Wait long time. 5) Local Delivery only in limited Area near store. No reach out more customers like Mobile Order.
Mobile Pickup the best choice, like Star Bucks -> Help increase 40% - 45% Revenue. Most Pos don't Sell, don't generate Revenue, only Take order, like dumb Terminal. We used to run business use Paper Bill, no Pos. Revenue more important than Pos. Our store can't Drive Thru. Mobile Order & Pickup is used like Drive-thru, less cost, easy implement. Staff bring Order to Customers pick-up at Parking. No Walk-in. Convenient, save Time. We also use Mobile Order for Delivery, but must order over 25$, and live in a close area near Store.
NOTE: Office Order Management track: Time of Orders & When pick-up / delivery, Address, Phone, Status: Is pick-up / delivery yet ? of Orders. -> Technology fast, efficiency, large scale. Human can't handle, back & forth, few customers, small scale.

6) Price & Affordable. All-in-one Licence. No extra License, no extra Terminal, no extra Register.
=> Only Office can offer all 5 solutions, no extra licences

Office is a beginning of new kind of Pos, new way of doing business in new Digital Economy. Invest in new future.

gallery thumbnail
4) Staff touch [Pay] tab see this screen [Pay] popup for that Table T1, not T3. After paid, T1 not see on Active Table Manager.

- After Done, Staff come table T3 or Customer @ T3 come @ Counter for Payment.

- Staff touch [Table] menu see List all Active Tables -> Touch T3 -> List T3 -> touch [Pay] tab popup this UI Payment screen -> Enter Data to Process Payment. When enter, Data self calculated like Excel & Print receipt. ==> Done! No back & forth

A Computer Scientist said:
- Pos (Point of Sales) used for B2C or Business-to-Customer to register or enter sales data into a Pos System in order to keep track Sales, invented 50 years ago, could be replaced by another Technology more powerful.

A Computer Scientist said: - As a Scientist who spent years to Design Software from scratch, not from existing Product, who research in Framework, Enterprise Architecture, MVC, Data Driven Architecture, Database Design & Implementation, UI/ UX, App Work On Devices, can understand this. No text book, school test, school teach this. What customer said is a proof. Why Big Business invest 400 millions USD to build Framework for? Data Driven Architecture - What about it? - Pos, invented 50 years ago, could be replaced, disrupted by another Technology more powerful. The next revolution would be Mobile Pos, Mobile Order, Automation, more Affordable for customers use.


A customer said: - We phone 3 company provide Pos, and 3 of them valued 80 millions -> 100 millions in investment. The best in business. What their System can offer:
- System run only iPad. No iPhone, no Android, no Tablet, no Laptop.
- No Mobile Pos, no Mobile Order.
- Impossible Customer Self-order use either Android Phone or iPhone.
- 3 x iPad: 1 at Counter, 2 for Staff carry in store =
$2000 / year.
=> Only Office can offer this solution, no expensive Licences.


Office is not just another Pos.

"- The big opportunity is in Global, where small businesses don't have a lot of resources like SMEs in Industrialized Countries can afford a Pos System with 3 Staff / Pos = 2400 $ usd / year. That's why Office All-in-One Price is so affordable, no cost extra Licenses, no cost extra hardware, no cost extra iPad. A smartphone is good enough to run a whole All-in-One Office. Do all tasks from Front-end to Admin Back-end, from A -> Z. "

=> Most Pos today help Business Take Orders, Manage Orders, but don't help Generate Revenue. This is one of the difference between Office and other Pos Systems.

Rather open 10 locations cost alot money + manpower + hard to manage -> You open Online Business, Cloud, Mobile, less cost, less manpower, and reach out more customers than even open 100 locations.

Why Mobile Order & Pick-up better than Drive-thru?
Both Sales Channels same: Order & Pick-up. But Mobile Order better:
1) Easy, less Cost to build Mobile Order than to construct Drive-Thru: need large private Packing, Rent
2) Time is Money. Cost Staff: Mobile no need staff. Customer self-order. Save Time. While Drive-thru needs 2 x Staff take order. Time consuming.
3) Location:
Only few Stores can build Drive-thru for their store. Need license, permit.
4) No wait in line for Mobile Order. Staff even brings food to customers waiting in store's public parking. But Drive-thru wait in long line

Office's Park is different with Vend Pos's Park. Click & see Vend Pos latest Design  |  see Vend Pos old Design

So far, Investors invested 100 millions in Vend Pos. It received 20 millions USD from Peter Thielís Valar Ventures and Square Peg Capital. https://blog.vendhq.com/post/64901824985/vend-raises-20m-funding-round-co-led-peter-thiels-valar-ventures-square-peg-capital. Recently Dec, 2016 Vend Pos also received many other funding: 9 milllions, then 13 millions, 60 millions, and many other rounds. CEO said Total value at 100 millions. https://pitchbook.com/newsletter/vend-secures-9m-investment.

Vend's Park = When a customer buys something, but forget wallet home or something busy to leave store, will come back store later. Cashier Park that order, when customer comes back, cashier will retrieve that order, then finish the sales register of customer's order.
Use Office this Case: When Customer back, Cashier Retrieve & Fullfill order by Office Order Management -> Touch [Blue Button Payment] -> Enter data.

Office is used for all kinds of Businesses. Design System for Coffee, Restaurant Business, Business has Customers sit @ Table, Repeat order by Group of people ... is more difficult than Retail Business, Nails & Salon Business, Supper Market ... Which order more simpler, one customer Check-out one Order at a time, not repeat orders, not group of people order, not track Table/ Seat.

For the Businesses like Retail, not Food, Coffee, Table, Restaurant: Need collect Customer Info. Process One Order at a Time.
1) Touch [Add Customer Icon] next to [Park] button, will pop up an
UI Data Entry to collect data to Create Customer Account such as, Name, Birthday, Address, Phone, Email... and Save in Customer database system. If needed. -> 2) Add-to-Cart many Items to Create Order -> 3) Touch [Pay] next [Table] button, will popup UI Payment Data Entry enter data. No Park. No Table Manager -> Done. Order register in Office Order Management.
For example, Vend Pos By Design good for Retail Business but hard for Restaurant. In store, Customer buy some thing -> Staff Add-to-Cart items to Create Order + Create Customer Info if needed -> Check-out Pay -> Email & Print receipt. No Table Manager.

There are Systems By Design good use for Retail Business, Other Business, but not Food & Restaurant Business, and vice versa, by Design good for Food & Restaurant Business but not for Retail and Other Business. Office by Design good for all kinds of Businesses.


- A Coffee Store Company, but run like a Technology Company. Without Technology, will be very hard to grow Business next level, large scale.

- Office 1st Mobile Pos A - Z
- Add-to-Cart -> Pay -
> Business not Restaurant, not Table like Retail
- Add-to-Cart -> Park -> Restaurant
When design Pos, Developers follow tradition Pos on iPad first, easy Large Screen. No one though Pos is on Mobile, hard.

Office is
by Design Mobile first.

Follow Tradition = Not want to Change. Copy ideas. Not Think difference.

- The First Mobile Pos, Mobile Order Integration. Easy use. Office least Requirement: iPhone or Android Phone, Pos Printer. Not see on market.

- Important Office Features not found in other System
- Office Mobile Order seamless integration
- Office E-commerce seamless integration
Office Mobile Pos, first system can run completely on Mobile like iPhone, Android Phone from A -> Z.
- Office lets Customers Self-order use Mobile
- Office run on Multi-Devices can run on iPhone, Android Phone, iPad, Tablet, Laptop. While other System runs only iPad, not even iPhone, not Android Phone, not Laptop, not Tablet.
- Office by Design for all kinds of Businesses.
=> We check with many Software Companies, that investors put at least 100 millions dollars. They don't have these features. In any country, small businesses around 90%, in millions of them. Big market. While medium & big businesses in thousands.
We build Office
70% Time & Money less than other Company. Their App run only iPad. No Mobile. No Android & iPhone. No Laptop. While Office all Devices.
All is about Design. Many ways of Designs to solve problem. Good Design made easy, save time & money. Why many company with 100 millions investment still can't offer features like Office? -> Feature like Mobile Order, they can't, given big resources, alot developers

Pos Revolution:
Big stand PC Pos -> iPad Pos
-> Office Mobile Pos, New Generation Pos. ->
Reduce Cost, any where, convenient. On hand Customer Place Order. Staff Mobile Pos, Take Order anywhere, On site.

- Office Mobile Pos = Big Stand Pos, iPad Pos

 Benefit: Mobile, not heavy fixed stand. Customers Take Order in store. Reduce Cost: 1) Both Staff and Customers Take Order. 2) Can't afford each Customer / Tablet. 3) Use Carbon Paper Bill (350$ / mo, $4500/y) & Cashier back & forth. 4) Buy Hardware Terminal, Tablet
Office flexible both
: iPad, Tablet Pos & Mobile Pos.

- Office Payment Screen - Easy & Fast. Auto calculate.
- Payment in one screen. No jump back & forth.
- Check & Verify important Payment, Pay By no select.

- Touch & Try - Resize screen same with your smartphone. Easy, Convenient, Comfortable, Flexible.

After Done, Customers Pay @ Counter or Staff come to Table.
Staff Take Payment: - Touch Slide select Pay By = Credit Card. Enter Payment = 50$, verify if not enter. Enter Disc = $2. Order Total = $37.29 from Cart auto display. -> Change automatic calculated & display. Number changed when enter. Then Staff enter Tip, Coupon print on receipt come back, Note, Email. -> Touch Slide select Email, Print receipt. One or Both. -> Finally touch [Pay Now] send Email receipt & Print Receipt.

A Developer said:
Design Software run on Laptop = not enough, will re-Design later. Thus waste Time & Money. Get Right at the Beginning. The Reality is different. => Today, only 30% Users run software on Laptop. And 70% Customers Bring All Devices.
-> How do they build Office in Cloud and App, UI/UX on Framework, Work All Devices. No many Apps cost Time & Money, even
100 millions company can't afford another App for iPhone, another App for Android, another App for Tablet, for Laptop, which makes very difficult for small businesses no IT like restaurants, mom&pop shop ... to Use & Update & Maintain all kinds of Apps.
-> As a result Office has advantages, can offer
Self-Order & Mobile Order, which allows customers Place Order use their iPhone or Android Phone, Samsung Galaxy. While other System only iPad. Now you understand why App Works All Devices has advantages: 1) Easy Use & Maintain All-in-One App 2) Customers Bring All Devices. 3) Self Order & Mobile Order require Bring All Devices. 4) Save big Time & Money. Reduce cost 70% of Software Development, and achieve Bring All Devices: Laptop, iPhone, iPad, Tablet, Android Phone, Samsung Galaxy. 5) Currently, this is popular Software App Development.

> Compete with the bigger, but do the same they have done. Then hard to win. Must differentiate from them.

All Pos is the same, although different Look & Feels, different Designs, but result is same as Pos. Now you design another Pos, then nothing new, the same - Just Another Pos. That's why Office design A Different Pos. Features like: Mobile Pos, Mobile Order, Customer Self-Order Automation, Office Menu, Office Order Management, Office Table Manager, Office Card, Search, Pricing & Licences, Easy Use, Work All Devices, Work All Businesses (i.e. Some Pos good for Retail, but no good for Food, Restaurant, and Vice Versa) ... differentiate Office from other Pos.

NOTE: This Developer is right. Well explain. Office not just Mobile Pos, but also iPad Pos, Tablet Pos, Touch Laptop Pos large screen, Laptop Pos = Bring All Devices.


Customers say in few words: "- We use Office for Database Product Website can Create & Update Products, for Sales & Marketing, and for Online Order E-commerce, Mobile Order, and Pos. Keep track Sales Data, Manage business better, Operate Efficiency, Self-Order if needed, Pick-up, Delivery. We now reach out customer anywhere, online, mobile, on any devices: Laptop, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Samsung Phone, Smart Phone, large scale. Office is easy Use & Maintain, affordable Price, no extra Licences, and good Software Quality.
Requirement: - All you need is a Laptop or Tablet, iPad, or just an iPhone, any Smartphone (All demo on Mobile as seen.) run All-in-one Office Software, and Pos Printer. No need expensive Hardware, Software. No need website. Just Info Website, no Database, can't update Info, Photo, Price, Promotion .. cost $699.  " 

- Office is the first product, by Design, that offer Mobile Pos, Mobile Order that doesn't cost a lot of money, make it easy for all kinds of customers to use. Even Vend Pos, 100 millions dollars investment still doesn't offer Mobile Pos, Mobile Order -> Then Who Can? - Almost Pos: PC Pos, iPad Pos. Office least Requirement: iPhone, Pos Printer. Not seen on market.

- When will it happen to a store near you?

NOTE: Office is the first Pos run whole system By Design iPhone, Mobile first.- Others By Design large screen iPad first, called iPad Pos. Website can Login & Update has Database cost more than Info Website, E-commerce $1500, Mobile Order $2000. Office cost less than Database Website, E-commerce, but Do more: Create & Update Website, Sales & Marketing, E-commerce, Mobile Order, Pos, Data.

, 2018 - Housing Toronto for August, 2018 comes out the Housing Report in Sept 06, 2018 that Home Sales, and Home Prices continue higher.

- This Photo took from a Reporter did a presentation on Home Report in a Video clip. Home sold from the Reporter. We paste in photo a few Headline News.

- Home Supply continues a big issues. People back in market search for Home very tight supply in market after a year of housing cooling. Currently Housing in Toronto in a situation that is:
More Buyers, but Less Sellers, Less New Home Construction -> Tight in Supply. So need more Home Supply. But doesn't mean Home Price goes down. Look at the Demand Shift Chart: When more Buyers, Demand Shift right from D2 to D1  -> Supply Shift also increase from Q2 to Q1, high Quantity. => The Price Shift from P2 to P1, pushing Price even higher. For example, current Stock driven by Demand Shift, more Buyers -> Stock Price higher, Volume higher, Stock higher.

- Ave Home Price = Ave of Home + Town home + Condos that reflects Up/ Down trends, and a glance at Price of a whole Property Market. For more accuracy, people go deeper into each Districts of Toronto, and GTA Districts around Toronto + And deeper in each Type of Property like: Home, Town home, Condos. Toronto is big = Old Toronto + GTA.
Home Price
depends on: Location, Renovation. A 50K renovation, such as, Open Space Living Room, new Kitchen & Cabinet, modernize & extended Bath Room, extra Bed Room, new hardwood Floor, new Paint, improve Basement like Kitchen, Living room, extra Bed room, Bath room,
could increase Home Value to 65k.

- A Scientist explains: - Home Sales Down or Home Sales Less, but Price Up because of Supply Side = Less home owners want to sell their Homes + Less New Home Construction = Supply Decrease S1 -> S2 -> Shift left. Qty Decrease Q1 -> Q2 = Home Sales down. -> But, Price Up = P1 -> P2. => Thus as long as Less people wants to sell their homes + Less New Home Build (S1 -> S2)  -> Price up (P1 -> P2) even Homes Sales (Q1 -> Q2) Less.

Explain another way: - Even Less Buyers -> Home Sales, Quantity Down or Home Sales Less: Q1 -> Q2, because of Housing Regulations + Stress Test to make sure people qualify for Mortgage + Less Sellers -> Supply Down: S1 -> S2 => Price still UP or Stabilizing: P1 -> P2, not Down Trend. 
Because less people want to sell their home. Or something to do with less Housing Supply. Most important @ Supply Side is not just less New Home Construction, but also people don't panic to sell their Home. All you needs is 10% people panic sell their Homes, translates tens of thousands Homes in panic or just abandon sold their homes could collapse Housing Market.

Home or Stock is about Greed & Fear, Supply / Demand.
Stock Price is higher for many years. But People still Buy More. Just like Home. Driven by Greed.
-> Push Stock Price higher. When Stock Down, Home Price Down -> People Driven by Fear -> Sell out -> Stock Price Low, Home Price Low. But doesn't mean more people Buy. People look for exist. -> Stock could be cooling or crash. -> Thus Home Price or Stock Price Down, Lower, Affordable. But doesn't mean to attract more Buyers. The people who want lower Price ( Price Down) don't come in and buy. They want lower and lower. -> When Stock or Home Down, Low, this could cause Home or Stock cooling or collapse or crash. People hesitate to Get in market, less Buyers. People look for exist than Buy, as seen in recent Toronto Housing Cooling, more people dropped, sold their Homes.
For example, last year in Jan, Feb, March, April, 2017, Home Price was Up, High Price -> But a lot people line up Buy Home with multi offer, bidding Price higher than selling price. When Housing Cooling, Home Price Down 25% = Down hundreds of thousands dollars. Down alot. But Home Sales still Down -25% -> -35%, even - 45%. Less Buyers.
-> Why people want Home Price down don't jump in Buy? - Where Home Price Down, Low can satisfy all people? -> No one knows.

Home Price ups, dows, doesn't matter. Nothing gains until you sell your home. People every day work hard for their home, try make ends meet, pay mortgage, pay bills, pay debt.

Author: As scientist, we do research. We don't do research to make people like it or not. Different Scientist has different view just like Politics. Not to judge scientist based on their research.


August, 2018 - Home Price just came out as usually early every month, in August 2018 for Toronto Real Estate in July, 2018. Home Sales is up 18.6%. Last year August 2017 down - 40%. Today in August, 2018, Ave Home Price = $837,379 for all types of properties = Home + Town home + Condos. In each category, Condos = $582,547, Town home = $718,698, and record Home Sales. More people come back buying Home. ďIt appears that some people who initially moved to the sidelines due to the psychological impact of the (Ontario) Fair Housing Plan and changes to mortgage lending guidelines have re-entered the market,Ē said Jason Mercer, the boardís director of market analysis. A lot of money are lining up, and ready jumping in Housing Market like last year 2017 spring. While Vancouver Home Sales down in July, 2018, Ave Home Price = $1,093,600. The average Home Price of country wide Canada slight increases $546,562 for July, 2018.
Important News:
1) Since January 2018, Home Price ups continuously from Jan = $738,000 -> May = $805,000 -> August, 2018 = $837,379. In May 2018, Home Price break into $800,000 first time, after its cooling started in June 2017. But Home Sales flat. Now, in opposite, Home Price slight high in 3 months May, 2018 -> July, 2018 up only $30,000. But Home Sales up significantly in double digits first time since June 2018. => Read Blog, we said ago:- Do not time the market. Just jump in & Buy. When Home or Stock up/down, up/down very fast. Take Home down bottom 2 months, for Stock maybe few days like Tsunami. => Only the beginning, Toronto Hosing Market now is like a patient just starts recovering after heavy shock. Unlikely another heavy shock until full recovery. Good time buy now or miss it.

2) -
Ave Home Price Gap between GTA ( Area Code Phone 416, closed Downtown) and Downtown Toronto (old Toronto) smaller = $43,000. Many Districts in GTA 416 close, GTA 905 far, like Brampton ... & Suburban 905 further far like Mississauga ... = far away Downtown Toronto (416), price cheaper. It reflects in your Home Phone. High paid jobs in Downtown Toronto, where in Banks, Financial Institutions, Financial Centers of Canada, Government Agencies, who can't afford Home, Rent in Downtown -> So they move to live in GTA (416) closer to work, where Home cheaper than Downtown. Which is pushing Home Price in these areas higher. Toronto has web of Subways underground move people to Downtown, faster than driving to Downtown, parking cost, gas, traffic.

3) - Home Price up
slightly, highest since May, 2017, behind peak April, 2017. But a record Home Sales continues.
-> Home Price will be higher if Cut Taxes that impact on Housing market introduced last year by provincial Fair Housing Plan, and if Amazon setup 2rd Headquarter in Toronto.
What if Amazon move its 2nd Headquarter in Toronto, the biggest City in Canada, the 4th largest City with large Population
(Toronto = Downtown Toronto 2.5 millions + GTA is Greater Area Toronto 4 millions = 6.5 millions) in US & Canada? - Just last May, 2018, Amazon created 3000 Jobs in Vancouver where ave Home Price = 1.1 millions dollars. Recently, a lot of news about Toronto will become the next Silicon Valley in US & Canada, Global Talents, and cheaper hi-tech Labour + cheaper Rent than in US.

Analyze Vancouver Recovering and Toronto:
In Vancouver,
in Aug 2015 =
$708,500 -> Up.. In July, 2016 = $1,007,867. Intro New Housing Policy, Begin Down -> Aug 2016 = $941,100  -> Jan, 2017 = $905,800 = Bottom. Begin Recovering, small increase Feb, March, April, 2017 -> May 2017 =$981,100 -> June 2017 = $1,053,655, in Million range -> Jan 2018 = $1,056,500 -> Aug 2018= $1,090,000.
Important note:- Since in bottom
August, 2016 -> Jan, 2017, Vancouver continued up, no down in range 1 millions up-to-now. Price either Up or Float. Take 1 year to recover from July, 2016 = $1,056,500, Since begin New Housing Plan, begin down in August, 2016 ... May, 2017 = $900s range -> June, 2017 = $1,053,655 back in a millions dollars peak range ... Aug, 2018 = $1,090,000 = flat.
In Toronto, in Aug 2015 = $603,000 diff Vancouver = $100,000 -> in Aug, 2016 = $710,000 -> Jan, 2017 = $730,125 -> up 33% peak April 2017 = $916,867 -> Prev Ontario Introduce New Housing Fair Plan -> Down 20% -> 25% Bottom in August, 2017 = $730,000 -> Jan 2018 = $736,700 -> Begin Recovering, Slowly up, first break in $800,000, in May 2018 = $805,000 ->  Aug 2018 = $837,379. Not yet get back to April,2017 peak = $916,897.

- Since in bottom in Toronto Aug, 2017 = $730,000 -> Jan,2018 = $736,700, = 6 months in bottom, same as in Vancouver = 6 months in bottom August 2016 -> Jan, 2017. Then it begins recovering. Price either Up Small Increase or Flat. Same as Vancouver, since bottom in Jan, 2017 -> Vancouver never look back, Up, Small increase or Flat from Jan, 2017 bottom begin recovering (same Jan, 2018 in Toronto begin recovering) -> up-to-now Aug 2018 = 20 months. So far, in Toronto only 8 months since begin recovering in Jan, 2018 -> Up-to-now, Aug 2018 = 8 months -> Price either Small Increase or Flat -> Expect in July, August 2019, Home Price will be in $900,000s something range. It takes at least 2 1/2 years or 30 months get back its peak in April, 2017 in $900,000s range. 

Home Price like Stock -> Nothing gains until you sell your home. Everyday, people work hard for their home, pay bills, make ends meet, regardless ups/ downs.

- This normal Home in North York, Toronto, July, 2018  = 1.5 millions, low Property Tax than Downtown; While Ave Home Price = $838,000. - This Home in other big Cities in Canada around $300,000.

July, 2018 - Home Price is already out on in early July 2018 for Real Estate in Toronto in June, 2018. There are signs people back to market, Home sales up 17.6% in June 2018 compared to May, 2018. This is the first time Home Sales up that much = 17.6%. In Jan, Feb, March ... May, 2018  Home Sales was flat, different only ups / downs in 2% - 3%. During months cooling, from Aug, 2017 -> Dec, 2017, Home Sales even down 25% - 35%, 40%. Ave Toronto Home Price in June, 2018 = $ 807,900, compared with May 2018 flat, compared with peak last year in April 2017, Ave Home Price lost $105,000 in today. But if translate into Real Home Price, it lost from $100,000 ->  $150,000 / home, and  Downtown lost from = $250,000 -> $350,000 / home -> Only Toronto Home Owners feel the pain. 50K salary work hard continuously 15 years, no laid off, after paid Income Tax + other Expensive, to save $150,000. Or = Buy 3 x luxury BMW cars. Or your $150,000 Stock Portfolio gone. Bam! People cut back, frugality. Try harder Make ends Meet.
When at peak ave Home Price April 2017 =
$916,567 = Ave of Home + Town home + Condos. If calculate just Ave Home Price, not including Town Home, Condos, Downtown Toronto there are Home Price = 1.3 -> 1.6 millions, GTA = 1.1 millions -> 1.4 millions dollars. Usually the difference between Downtown and GTA around $100,000, like UK London city difference Downtown and Districts around = $420,000 euro - $350,000 euro = $70,000 euro difference.
- Toronto Home Price has recovered 1/2 its lost. Only Home Price lost, Condos, Town home flat, no lost. A lot of people with a lot of money are
waiting to jump back in Toronto Home still very affordable, like in Jan - May, 2017, people line up with high multi offers. A lot people can't afford Home, complaining, High Rent Control better, or buy Condos.

Ave Nation Canada Home = $ 496,000.

Other 5 biggest Cities in Canada
Ave Home Price in Capital Ottawa = $450,000, ave Home in Center big Oil Producers Calgary City = $ 431,500, Ave Home, Montreal City of Quebec  = $343,800, in Quebec, Ave Home Price = $267,000, Ave Home, hi-tech, start-ups, Home of Black Berry, Nortel, Canada Silicon Valley Kitchener-Waterloo = $ 450,800, Ave Home Price Vancouver = $1.094,000 - Condos= $698,000.

-> Where You Live! This Home Owner is millionaire if live in Toronto
In Toronto, GTA, this home, 3 Bed, 2 Bath, worth 1 millions.
Calgary City of Alberta, is top 5 Cities Canada, 68% Whites, home of cow boy like Texas, has Ethnic Mayor, low Employment, City of big Oil Industry, big Oil Producers of Canada.

Other big Cities in US: New York City ave Home $460,000, Chicago =217,000$, Washington = 383,000$,  Las Vegas = 240,000$, Los Angeles = 465,000$, Miami = 318,000$, Seattle = 422,400$, San Diego = 564,000$ (2), San Francisco = 816,000$ (1 - US Silicon Valley). 

Salary needed to buy Home in 20 major US Cities. Click here.
In Washington Median (Ave) Home Price =
$383,500 Salary required = $82,500 - Because after minus your Salary for Income Tax, Other Living Expensive like Food, Phone, Car, Car Insurance ... ->
How much left you can afford Mortgage, Property Tax buy Home.

Real Estate used Ave Home Price to prevent people use few millions dollars Homes or Condos in core main Downtown to present price for a whole City like New York, Toronto. From now, we update Home Price other Canada biggest Cities.

- G7 City Tokyo Japan Capital, a brand new 3-bed room, 2-story, most Japan houses no back yard, built in 2016, ave Home = 260,000$ (•28,800,000). Ave Home Price in Tokyo = $247,120 (29,580,000 yen). Ave US Capital Washington = 383,000$.

- G7 City in Europe, UK London:
Ave Home Price City UK London, in Downtown London =  $420,000 Euro or $640,974  - Behind Downtown Toronto, better than Washington, Tokyo
Districts around London, South-East, South-West, Midlands (like GTA) = Euro 350,000 or $534,145 - Behind GTA Toronto.
UK London,
a City of thousands years History, either same or more expensive than other big Cities in Europe, like Berlin, Paris, Rome ...

- Average Home Nation wide in German = Ä260,000 = $297,000

- This Home with backyard (not all Home), 2500 - 3000 Sqt, North York, Toronto, New Listing July, 2018. Many months ago cheaper. Ave Home Price just in Jan,18 (low) -> Jul,18 up $100,000. - Any Home can easily renovate to more 8 Bed & 4 Bath Rooms.
- This Home in other big Cities in Canada around
- Many areas in Toronto, Home Price still not up-to-date current up market, still use Recycled List when market low many months ago.

- This Home 3 Rooms. 2 Bath in North York, Toronto (North Toronto) = $1,088,000, New Listing July 2018, Ave Home $835,000. At peak = 1.2 millions. Many months ago cheaper. Ave Home Price in Jan,18 (low = $738,000) -> Jul,18 ($837,000) up $100,000.
- Many areas in Toronto, Home Price still not up-to-date with current up market, still used Recycled List when market low few months ago.

- Toronto is modern, industrialized City, Transportation, big web of Subways, Bus, Street Cars, Super Highway, large Street Lines help move very fast, easy from Districts around and to Downtown.  -> Which push Home Price high in areas near Downtown Toronto.

- Not about big/ small Home, but about
Location, Location, and Location = Where You Live

This Home in North York, New List Aug 2018.
- York University, 3rd largest in Canada in North York. Has most International Student

- North York is North of Toronto,
where Phone's Area Code = (416). Which has same area code in Downtown Toronto, Home Price only a bit smaller than Downtown. Both share same Home Price Ave or Small Difference.
Phone's Area Code = (905), where these Districts in GTA like Brampton, Suburban 905, like Mississauga, far away Toronto, cheaper Home Price, cheaper Ave Home Price.

- TREB = Toronto Real Estate Board used Area Code to Categorize & Statistics Home Price.
Scientist asks: Who Can Afford This Home? - A lot in Toronto. Specially, Middle Class already bought Home long time ago. A 20 years middle class can buy 2, 3 x Homes. They easier buy than first time Home Buyer -> They already proved survival as Home Owner more than 15 years.
Harry met Sally, both Middle Class  -> Take sweet Home -> A lot people in Toronto can afford easy.
- Buy Home = $1,088,000
-> Deposit  20% = $200,000 = The challenge
-> Loan Borrow = $800,000
-> Interest = 3.5% - Amortization (years pay off loan $800,000 & own Home) = 30 yr
Note: 25 years faster, less Interest Payment, but higher monthly mortgage. Investor even pay 40 years -> Reduce alot monthly payment.
=> Mortgage Monthly Pay = $3450
=> Rent out 2nd Floor = $1500 / mo
=> Now
you pay mortgage = $1950 / mo - The more years paid, this payment gradually reduced less to $0.0. Nearly = Rent 1-Bedroom.
=> Rent 3-Bedroom = $2950 -> $3500. Rent 1 Bedroom GTA= 1500$ - Downtown = $2050
Now cheaper than Rent 3 Bedrooms $1000 => Scientist proved this $1,088,000 Home affordable, cheaper than Rent.

- Apply for Condos cheaper than pay RENT. Usually people buy Home cheaper than this Price.

- A 20 years Middle Class can buy 3, or 4 of this home, but huge Debt, huge Interest Payment, huge Risks. Never own Home, no Home to Live. Even just Buy 1 Home is a Risk, such as,
Economy, Lost Job, High Tax, Policy Maker, Bad Tenants, High Mortgage Payment / mo, Pay more for Interest Loan than Pay for Home Principal, Can't 9-5 for 25 years, Work longer, rather few years Done, Enjoy Life, now back on the long road again. Many calculations + Many other Risks of having multiple Homes. Can't show.
- From own 85% one Home -> Own only 20% 3 Homes, 3 Big Mortgage, Work longer on long hardship road again. - Which one more risks, Greed & Fear  vs. Peace of Mind?
- Ave Home Price Residential in North York =

North York is a municipality within the current city of Toronto, Ontario. Geographically, it comprises the Central Part of the Northern section of Toronto.

- York University, 3rd largest in Canada in North York, Toronto, while University Toronto is 1st largest University in Canada in Downtown Toronto.

The Reality of Industrialized Middle Class.

- The only benefit of Middle Class is Home. Home is their " Return On Investment of Life". But there is no easy Home -> You have to work hard for Home 25 years, 9-5 every day to pay for Home. Home sucks in 2/3 of their income. When no Home, you have $1000 to spend for fun, restaurant, drinking, smoking, leisure. But when own Home, that $1000 leisure all in paid for Home Expensive, a lot bills to pay for Home Ownership. Home Ownership is about Responsibility, Saving, Frugality, Hard work. But reward something.

- If lost Income, Middle Class used their Credit Card pay for Living Expensive. Can't apply for benefits. If own no Home, lost income, people can apply for Social Welfare, Basic Income. Basic Income will give an adult, without big asset like Home, an income around $17,000 $ / years. Some say $1415/ mo is generous. After Rent / Room = $415 /mo / person, $1000 / mo for one person spending, more than a middle class's spending after pay for Mortgage. This program is testing few areas not yet official in Toronto and in Ontario, by previous Government. For now, Social Assistant (welfare). A lot benefit programs help people not own Home. Each year, Social Assistant increased 3% to adjust inflation.

NOTE: People, who don't have asset like home, will have more or less Income / month helped by Government. But, Middle Class, Home Owner will not qualify for Social Assistant, Basic Income. Middle Class with a lot Home bills, mid income, low income, lost income -> Use Credit Card, Borrow, Sell Home and spend all your Home money. Although contributed a lot of taxes. That's why Middle Class needs job, the only source of income.

- Industrialized Middle Class Households debt is high, because of Mortgage Payment + Home bills. A person around 20 years Toronto Middle Class said: "- It is tough in big city, not easy. A lot people dropped out middle class after 10 years. Home Price up made people jealousy. But hope not. People understand that All is about Hard work & Reward. "
- Middle Class pay a lot taxes, Income Tax, and Property Tax is main Revenue for local Municipal City to pay for all kinds of Local Services. On average a Middle Class or a Couple contributed $250,000 Taxes in 10 years, 1/2 millions in 20 years.

- Home like Stock, Home Price up/ down, but nothing gains until sell your Home.

=> Scientist used Data Communication reflect the the reality, which could be good or bad, like it or not, not mouth, tongue. Scientist , like Doctor, can't change Data make look good, like it. The majority people make decision, judgment based on Emotional Intelligence easier (hate, like, love, fun, feeling love or hate for something, desire, empathy, subconscious).
=> Since Human Evolution is evolving on
Emotional Intelligence basic instinct, for survival thousands years . But, then Technology, Digital have changed Human Evolution evolving on Data Intelligence. People smarter!

For example: - Love is Emotional Intelligence. When love people don't think, don't care, but love. All is about feeling, desire for now, at the moment. But then after marriage, feeling is gone, the reality comes.
All is about Data Intelligence for next 20 years: Rent, Car, Home, Children, Shopping, Living Expensive.

Can we use Data measure Human Emotion? -> A Computer Scientist said: - No. No Data can measure Human Emotion. Very complex, unpredictable. We can design Robot, AI, Software do, work like Human, replace Human. But we can't design Robot, AI, Software ... have feeling, sense, hate, love like Human.

Customers say in few words: "- We use Office for Database Product Website can Create & Update, for Online Order E-commerce, Mobile Order, Sales & Marketing, and Pos. Keep track Sales Data, Manage business better, Operate Efficiency, Self-Order if needed. We now reach out customer anywhere, online, mobile, on any devices: Laptop, Tablet, Smart Phone, large scale. Office is easy Use & Maintain, affordable Price and good Software Quality.
All you need
is a Laptop or Tablet, iPad, or just 1 iPhone, (see all demo on Mobile) any Smartphone run Office Software, and Pos Printer. No need expensive Hardware, Software. No need info website $699,
but can't update. Doing business without Technology will stay small for a long time."


You run Start-up -> Become multi millionaire, multi Homes, no 25 years. Most people, started working in mid 90s, had Home around 10 years ago, in 2008, ave = $450,000, or from day Graduate to day to buy Home, because they must Work & Pay Debt & Save at least 10 years - 15 years just for a big Deposit = $90,000. Today harder, Home up, graduated in 2005, Work hard & Save, probably you can buy Home Price in 2020, deposit = 20% = After paid all Living Expensive, Income Tax, Car ... you must save $55,000 in 5 years.

Start-ups easier said than done.
Choose the right person with the right Mind-set, right Skill, and most important Think Big, Global, Have Vision, not afraid of Competition, Persistence, no easy Give Up. A lot Start-up Entrepreneurs just a year gave up when a lot challenging. DONE! They think easy make millions. Even people work hard 25 y / 9-5 hardly make ends meet.
Take chance. Make rich faster than 25 year / 9-5 still hardly Make ends Meet
(:-(( - If we don't try & try harder, then how can we know success?

- Vend Pos. Investors invested 100 millions in Vend Pos. It received 20 millions USD from Peter Thielís Valar Ventures and Square Peg Capital. https://blog.vendhq.com/post/64901824985/vend-raises-20m-funding-round-co-led-peter-thiels-valar-ventures-square-peg-capital.
Recently Dec, 2016
Vend Pos also received many other funding: 9 milllions, then 13 millions, 60 millions, many other rounds. Total Investment Value = 100 millions. https://pitchbook.com/newsletter/vend-secures-9m-investment.

When having Multi Homes is good?
When early in the beginning on the road, you are in late 20s, early 30s. When young, people Have Fun rather Have Something soon until mid 30s.
You think can afford multi homes, should have Good Deposit at least 25% to reduce time pay off Home faster, help reduce Interest Payment, help reduce monthly Mortgage. You need
good high pay salary job, such as, Professor, Doctor, high pay Scientist, and can keep high pay jobs for a long time in 25 years. Then you buy 2 Homes, walk 25 years on the road, you are on Top Mountain multi homes.
Having Multi Homes or One Home to Live?
A 20 years Middle Class can buy at least 3 Homes. Each over 1 millions dollars.

One Home to Live
is better than having many Homes,
but not own Home, keep working harder, suffering,
longer looong road, high risks along the road, All Money pay for more Interest Payment / Home, specially when Interest Rate up, pay more Mortgage / home, hard & long reach @ Top mountain. One Home owns 85% much better than split into 3 Homes, but own only 20%, less than 50%. It's Bank's Home. Not true Millionaire. Work hard 9-5, 25 years to Top, own Home 100%. Now, slit into 3 Home only 20% -> Walk 25 years again? (:(( - No.

So the Goal here
is Reach to the Top of Mountain soon, when still young. Just 1 Home
then Enjoy Life, Travel and Become true Industrialized Millionaire. While others still walk hard to the Top Mountain, still not sure reach @ Top.

-> Why big Home less Value than small Home? - Home is a Product but Values in its Services (Location). Explain why people move Rural to City. Why Rich Middle Class, Rich people are created in big City.

- The Millennial and Home Ownership today.

- Millennial mobile, no 25 year / 9-5 responsibility, freedom.
Millennial, 22 - 37, less likely want to Buy Home because of their Life Style, mobile, not Saving for Home.
- The Challenge for
Millennial is the Deposit. Take at least 13 years Saving of Hundreds of thousands dollars. By that time, you are not Millennia.
- The other Challenge is Job security, keep changing. Bought Home only few years, lost Job.

- Today, to afford for a Home in Toronto, Vancouver need salary at least
$85,000 salary. No matter Home Price goes Down. See here What Salary Needed to Buy Home in US Cities. US Capital Washington, Ave Home = $383,000 -> Salary needed = $82,500.

So Who most likely Buy Home?
-> It is the Middle Class high Income at least $80,000, 2 x Middle Class Couple, Middle Class Home Owners, who already had Advantages and Capital. 

-> Working Class, no matter Home Price down, they hardly can afford, even a Condos
. Rent Affordability better for them.

-> Current Housing cooling, Home Price, (now has recovered 1/2 its lost.), doesn't translate more people buy home, even less Buyers. People want Home Price down, don't jump in. But more people sell Home, dropped. But when Ave Home Price high like in April 2017, more Buyers line up, multi offers? -> WHY?


-> Data Scientist, use Data, give people see differently in context of Local & Global. Data Intelligence. See far.

While ave Condo Prise is $562,000, flat. Ave Townhouse is: $639,000, flat. Ave Condos at peak April 2017 =  $ 518,579. A lot new built Condos unsold in Downtown, a lot supply for Condos than Home  -> As a result Condos price is flat since its peak. But the demand for Home is now up 17.6%. -> In Real Estate, All types of Home is most expensive -> Town home -> Condos. People have money will refer buy Home to Condos for big return. => In 2000 ave Condos Price = $180,000, ave Home Price = $240,000. Today, ave Condos = $560,000. While ave Home = $807,000. -> Profit diff = $200,000. => 18 years ago, Condos Price was different with Home Price about $60,000 - $80,000. Today, the difference wider is about $250,000 - $300,000 ($560,000 vs. $808,000). At peak April, 2017, difference was $350,000, even $500,000. Data tells Home Price goes up faster. Property likes car, different car for different people. All is about Data.

- A person lived in Condos Apt and Home said:- Live in Condos no privacy, under tight security, camera, backgrounds check, watch people in/out from Condos Management. Up/ down in elevator many times / day with strangers. Ups/Downs in Parking lot not safe, a lot strangers, all kinds of people. A lot noise from top floor, a lot smell. Your kids throw things on floor could cause tension with other tenants. In Toronto, Condos Apt 1-bed room = 1500$ / mo, Downtown = 2000$ /mo, not include Internet, wash/ dry cloths, could cost extra 150$ / mo. People can smell others smoking in isolate environment. No freedom like Home. A lot stories like husband & wife argue, Tenants next door call police. Rent can increase anytime. Can't Rent out extra income Condos like Home in 2nd Floor. Can't renovate Condos. The convenience of Condos is no need shuffle snow. Immigrants, new Comers likely live in condos. => Live in 2nd Floor Home 800$ / mo -> Will save rent 10,000$ / year, 5 years = $50,000, 10 years = $100,000 -> A lot of money! Could buy a new Condos. Invest in Child's Education and Saving for raining days, no job.

Jason Mercer, TREB's Director of Market Analysis and Service Channels said: " ... It is likely that issues surrounding the supply of listings will persist. This suggests that competition between buyers could increase, exerting increased upward pressure on home prices." -> Which is exactly we have predicted in May, 2018 that Home Price is steady or up because of Supply. -> But even if spend billions to build new 50,000 Home, take at least 5 years, it is not much affect, to hold down the Home Price. People build more Condos easy sell than build Home. See May, 2018 our Analyze.
- Last time when Toronto ave Home Price either same or more than Vancouver was in February, March, April, May 2017. Vancouver like Toronto was started cooling down in August, 2016 (Toronto started cooling in June, 2017), because Housing Regulation like in Toronto. When ave Toronto Home Price = $807,000 = Ave of all types of Properties in Toronto =  Homes + Town Home + Condos.

- A person said:- Every month I visit this Blog because I am interested and open my knowledge about Home, Real Estate. If I read this Blog many years ago, which will make my life big difference. I like a different approach of analytics using data of your Blog. You want to help people make good decision to buy the most important and expensive thing, work hard for their whole life for something. BTW, I love your product and would buy it for my business.
NOTE: Thank You very much. Over 1 millions people in Toronto, other Cities, and around the World, follow up Blog.

A person said:- Before, we could have bought Home easily. No Home because of listening to bad advice, surrounding with people, who just want others like them. For example, you play, surround with people who have Home, more likely you will buy home because of competition. Now wake in the reality, after we work hard for 10 years, 25 years, more than 1/2 Income paid for Rent. Can't stop Rent always up in big City. Money is the main cause of broken family, relationship. The first 2 years is Honey (Emotional Intelligence). The next 20 years is Money (Data Intelligence).
Where you live also make a big difference.
What happens in big City China could happen in any big Industrialized City. A person came Vancouver 25 years ago with 0.0$. Today, he is worth a millions dollars because he bought a Home in Vancouver. What if he lives in other Cities, small Town? - Most Cities in Canada ave Home Price 490,000$, except Toronto, Vancouver.

A Scientist said: " - Good Athletics gather in Olympics, not in Local games. The best companies run like Olympics." -> Which describes Toronto is tough - Tough here means you play in Olympics Games with other Global Talents, not in Local Games play with same people, same ideas. People refer to working with people like them, in their own Group, same Ethnics, but not in Toronto. Everywhere, in School, at Work, in Office, in Public places, I see all kinds of different people in different Backgrounds. Before I lived fit comfortable in my own Local, until I live in Global Toronto, the only multi-culture Global City, where different people and backgrounds live & work to build the best City in the world.
Look at Toronto Ave Home Price
the best indicator describes Toronto that why people are willing to spend, invest that much money to Live in Toronto, like to buy a hot Product & Service, buy a hot Place, like to buy a hot Stock Price. Its ave Home Price has more than New York City, Los Angeles, Tokyo, Washington, Ottawa, UK London. And Toronto Home Price has been hot, grow in the past 30 years. So does the City. Home Price is like Stock Price reflects its value. Company grow -> Stock grow -> See far.
Canada Toronto
has changed my life.
See A Story of a person started $0.0, no Degree -> Became a Canadian Toronto Middle Class Professor 18 years ago.


Chile: 18 millions people
Consider as Rich country in Latin, South America

- Indonesia: 265 millions population.
99% Adult population less than $100,000.
- 0.8% are Middle Class Net worth over $100,000.

- Singapore: 6 millions population.
- 52% Adult population less than $100,000.
- 184,000 Household Millionaires.
- Richest country in Asia by millionaires / population = 4%

- Japan: 127 millions population.
- 49% Population less than $100,000.
- Rank 3rd = 1.2 millions Households Millionaires.

- South Korea: 51 millions population.
- 60% Adult population less than $100,000.
- 38% are Middle Class Network over $100,000.

Canada: 37 millions - 48% less than $100,000
- More millionaires / population = 4.5%, than most rich countries, Singapore 4%, Japan 2.7%, South Korea 1.8%,  G7, only after US = 7.5%, UK 4.8%.
NOTE; Recently Housing up in Toronto, Vancouver. In 2013 = 3.7%

- India: 1.34 billions population.
- 343,000 Household Millionaires.
- 90% less than $10,000

- China: 1.38 billions population.
- 2nd Largest, 2.1 millions Household Millionaires only after US.
- 2nd Largest Millionaires, Billionaires only after US
- 93% less than $100,000, US = 60%, Japan = 49%, Canada = 48%, German = 63%

South Africa: 57 millions
- Richest country in Africa

 -> There are a lot of Vietnamese working abroad, Vietnamese New Comers, dual citizen, from Vietnam in Canada, in Toronto, said:
- Canada is open, much better than US, Europe and Japan. Good Wage, Good Benefits, Good Minimum Wage best in Industrialized Countries
(Canada = $14, Others = $8). They work in Canada in few years; When back home, or send money home, help their Family, they can buy this Home easily.

- This high raised 8 multi-level Home 10 Rooms in District 1 Downtown, HCM City = $335,000.

- Hanoi Capital like Ottawa, is cheaper.

- HCM City is growing City, beautiful city, before called A Pearl in South East Asia when more than 500,000 American lived there...

- With $150,000, you can buy a 4 levels Home, 7 Rooms, in HCM (Saigon) biggest City in VN, like Toronto in Canada. 15% Rich Middle Class own Home in HCM City, the rest Rent or mostly Live with Parent. - In Toronto this Home could = 2.0 millions.
- Downtown HCM City, District 1, Ave Home Price = $300,000.

Home Price reflects Values of the Location, like a good Product sell to people can afford = Middle Class Salary can afford Home Price - It is Middle Class buy home. Not few Rich.
+ Location's Values = Modern City, Infrastructure, Subway, Transportation, Super Highway, Immigration, Environment, Open, Attract people to Live specially Foreigners Buy Home.
Standard Living, Education, Hospital, best *Health Care* specially Free, Banking, *Minimum wage*, GDP / Capital. (GDP for each person in a country) GDP/ Capital of Canada = $51,315 usd in 2017, Japan = $38,894 USD, UK = $39,899 usd, France = $37,000 usd, German = $42,000 usd, China = $8124 usd. NOTE: Canada receives more % Economic Immigrant, most of them settle in Toronto GTA, Vancouver, could boost Home Price stabilized and higher in GTA, a Ripple Effect. Now they buy Home easier as Landed Immigrant like Canadian, no Foreign Tax applied.

- Home Value (price) reflects Location. A lot people believe this Farmer.

This Home, 4 Rooms on Main floor + 2 Rooms in under 2nd Floor = $ 975,000, New List in June, 2018, in North York, Toronto.
-> Usually Home Listing lower to invite Bidding Price
.-> Location + Renovation increase Price.

All is about => Ability to make Money, Salary in order to Buy Home + Values of Location = Home Price. - People do not just Buy a Home, but also a Place to Live + Return On Investment. People work hard 9-5 every day for 25 years to pay off Home.
Thus Home Price is the Return On Investment of your Life. But ROI of Life depends on location.
- Where (location) you Live will make a big difference. That's why in any country, Rich Middle Class, Millionaire are created in Big City.

- Life is a long road to the Top either you pay Mortgage or pay Rent.
-> Pay Rent never finish the road, never Freedom, never Enjoy Life.
Keep increased, longer, Keep Paying.
- A lot people retired in Industrialized Countries still working hard, like in Japan. Because of Rent kept increased, Life Expensive, Inflation, Benefit reduced.

-> So these people on long road will relax, enjoy life @ the Top. Have Something. Some will become millionaire.
- On the long road.

- All walks of life,
Factory Worker, Office Worker, Teacher, Scientist, Doctor, Engineer, Professionals, people work hard 9-5 for 25, 30 years jus for Home for something.

- So many people quit. Back to the Bottom.

- When
young, people Have Fun rather thinking Have Something soon until mid 30s. Could be late because today is different. We are in a serious Global tension and conflict, will not get better. Stock crashes anytime.

- People talk about Housing Affordable, but not Rental Affordable. The reality today is only Middle Class can afford Home no matter home price goes down. The requirement
buy home harder like Stress Test testing Income, Salary. Unlike before Factory Worker, Restaurant Server can Buy Home. Rental Affordable will help the poor, the Working Class.

A person said
: - Before I hear a lot scary, negative info about Home when its cooling, price dropped, sales down from Senior Analysts, Senor Economics, from online News -> Which is discourage people buy home, stay on the sidelines -> Thus lost opportunity as seen of Home Ownership today. But you were positive it will recover. You are right. Since I read Blog. I learn a lot. I look at Data. I made decision to Buy Home, no matter what will happen. If I read early in Jan, 2018, would be very good for me $100,000 different. Jump in or too late. Thanks for info. I like Office product.

Author: For your benefit. People who don't have Home yet, or don't live in Vancouver or Toronto, don't blame why no Home nor my Home Price low -> Where you live! Make a difference.
As a Canadian, no other citizen, I live in North York more than 20 years. Started life when young no Money, no Degree -> Then started my career as Professor, quick in Middle Class 18 years ago in North York neighbourhood.

A glance at North York Neighbour, a majority people daily 9-5 working, repeat 25, 30 years, pay Bills, pay Mortgage, make ends meet. Never hear argument, never hear shooting, no see fighting even kids.
Neighbours don't know, don't talk each others. Maybe few "hi" / year. => They know people in their own Community than know their next door neighbours. Homes of ethnic neighbours around: Chinese, Vietnamese, Italian, Greece, Jewish, Korean, Japanese, Indian. Encounter, working with all kinds of people, backgrounds in Toronto for more than 25 years live here. I have 2 Canadians Brother-in-Law, Irish, Scottish background, who married my sisters, had Home Downtown. They see their Homes in Downtown dropped from 1.5 millions -> 1.3 millions.

North York is also diverse population like all Districts in GTA, Toronto.
In 15 minute walk, few big buildings, everywhere, a lot in Toronto's neighbourhoods, where a lot Immigrants, New Comers live. I used to live in Appt for 3 years, then moved in Home. 1-bed room Apt = $1300 / mo.
Ave Home here in North York is one of the most expensive District in Toronto, and in the the World, more than Richmond Hill, Vaughan, more than UK Capital London, US Capital Washington, Canada Capital Ottawa, Big Oil Calgary, Hi-tech Start-ups Waterloo, Hollywood L.A, Home of Amazon, Microsoft of Seattle, Home of Harvard Univ, M.I.T of Boston, Capital Japan Tokyo. See Data -> Data change people think. -> Need good Data Scientists, who live inside, wear all kinds of common people's shoes understand, Do Research, Consulting, Explain in Local, Global perspective. No mouth & tongue. No perception. No bias.
-> Ave Home = Any Location, there are Homes in few Millions, Homes in few Hundreds Thousands dollars. This doesn't reflect Accuracy of Home's Value in Location. So Real Estate used Ave Home Price.
I do all kinds of work: Start-up, Teaching, Consulting ... I go anywhere, try hard make ends meet, pay Mortgage, pay Debt, pay Bills, just like people here. In Middle Class, job is the only source of income. I contributed more less 1/2 millions in taxes in near 20 years as Middle Class. I delivery honest message. Click & See A Story

- North York is a municipality within the current city of Toronto (old Toronto - see map), Ontario. Geographically, it comprises the Central Part of the Northern section of Toronto. Info from NYRE.
- North York is part of old City Toronto, second Economic Hub outside Downtown Toronto.
- GTA,
like Markham, Vaughan, Richmond Hill, Brampton, Peel, Oakville, Ajax, Mississauga, Pickering.
Biggest Municipalities of Old Toronto are: East York, Etobicoke, North York, Scarborough, York. 
- In Map, Toronto is
Downtown Toronto, also Entertainment District, where, Financial Center Canada, Banks, CN Tower, TSX Stock Exchange - Most expensive Home. Toronto Housing Cooling Ave lost = $250,000 / home, before 1.55 millions now is around 1.3 millions.

- Ave Home in North York = $1,100,000 -> See some Homes we post from North York, just normal Home.
Ave Vaughan = $1.008.193, Ave Richmond Hill nearby Vaughan & Markham = $1,030,136, Ave  Brampton = $707,017, Peel Region = $716,077, Ave Pickering = $681,089, Ave Markham = $913,007, Scarborough = $816,917, Etobicoke = $941,863, - Ave Mississauga = $706,570, Ajax = $644,115.

NOTE: Canada is the first choice by Immigrants. Asked immigrants why? - Education for their children, Health Care, Region's Economy, Open, Environment (less pollution than many countries in Far East). Never see people wear pollution mask in Toronto, in Canada. Canada has small population 37 millions, in G7 ave = 60 millions. -> Target 40 millions next 10 years = 300,000 immigrants / year. Population increase, Housing in Toronto, Vancouver continues on Demand.

- Use Ave Home Price to avoid people use few homes in millions to present all Homes in area. When Listing, people usually list lower Price to invite Buyer see Home & Bidding Price.
- The different Price between North York and Downtown small. Toronto, Downtown is Financial Center of Canada, big Banks, high rise Buildings, Toronto Stock Exchange TSX, Gov Agencies.

- Big Toronto Today = City of Toronto ( 3 millions people - see map) + GTA (Greater Toronto Area, 6.5 millions ) Districts around = Around 9.5 millions. Ontario is the biggest Province. Toronto is the biggest City in Canada, 400 Billions GDP, Economic Engine of Canada. Compared to Kitchener-Waterloo = 26 B, 560,000 population, Ottawa = 58 B, 885,000, Calgary = 130 B, 1.3 million. It is bigger than GDP of Malaysia, Egypt, Ireland, Israel, Philippine, Singapore, Hong Kong, South Africa, Denmark, Finland, Portugal, New Zealand, Greece. Toronto is a Manufactory Hub & Financial Hub of Canada. It produces more than half = 55% of all Manufacture Goods & Products of Canada, and Center Financial Hub of Canada. It is 3rd in US & Canada, after New York, L.A. -> It reflects in Home Value of Toronto is the most Location value in the world. -> Why people pay for high Price for good Product ( a Home ) & Services ( = Location Values = Education, Environment, Health Care, Open Policy, Immigration, Economic Region, Infrastructure ...) Where You Live!

-> Explain why Homes in Calgary, in other Cities less expensive than in Toronto? - Because lack of Immigration, Population, Economic Region. Need more people buy Home + Rent. Why Rent? - Because Rent is the main reason people Buy Home. Thus, even Calgary has same Services of Industrialized Cities, but lack of Immigrants (Immigration -> Population increase -> More Economic Activities -> More Products & Services produce -> More GDP up -> More Consumer Spending -> More Demand for Housing, Renting .. UP), smaller GDP (= Region Economy). 65% of Calgary are whites, (same as Kitchener-Waterloo), 123 B of GDP. If GDP that Economic Region small -> Then hardly people can afford pay big money for Home. Toronto, GTA is the only City in the world that has multi-cultures, more immigrants than any Cities in the world. Toronto Location Value is the best Value in Industrialized G7 Countries. People are willing to pay high Price for the best Product & Service. -> Reflect in Home Value that people want to pay. Like People want to buy brand Name, luxury Product. Or Buy a good & growth Stock Value return on investment (ROI) proven. People want to jump in, invest in good & growth Stock good return in 3 years, 5 years.
Toronto Location Values
better than UK Capital London, US Capital Washington, Canada Capital Ottawa, Big Oil Calgary, Hi-tech Start-ups Waterloo, Hollywood L.A, Home of Amazon, Microsoft of Seattle, Home of Harvard Univ, M.I.T of Boston, Capital Japan Tokyo, US Financial Center New York.
-> In few words, we just describe Toronto easy understand. No mouth & tongue. No perception.

=> Toronto all People, all kinds of backgrounds, work hard in Office, in Manufacture in order to build Toronto. A lot people live in Toronto don't know Toronto. People in Toronto, GTA are tolerance. They work, school, live with all kinds of people in different Backgrounds everyday. Same as for Schools, Companies, Businesses, Communities.

=> Toronto, GTA is the largest Manufacture Hub of Canada, produce more than half, 55% -> 60% of all Manufacture Goods of Canada. Then Canada export Goods, not Services, to other countries, to US. Canada, 37 million population, is Top Export Country, 420.6 Billions in 2017. And 3 of Manufactory Jobs create 1 Office job, Service Job work in Office.
For example, on ave, a Manufacture 120 employees with 90 working on Floor, 30 in Office. Then people working in Manufacture Buy Home -> Bank lend money for mortgage -> Bank make more money -> More Office Jobs, Service Jobs in Service Sectors, created. All related. Money flow every where.
NOTE: Not all Immigrants work in factory. They are also Small Business Owner, Engineer, Scientist, Teacher, Professional, Doctor, Lawyer. For sure 99% Immigrants worked in Manufacture sometimes in their life, specially first came as New Comers. Young people go work in Manufacture sometimes to understand.
-> Immigrants will become Canadian after 5 years need they apply for Citizenship.

A Scientist:- Who live in big City Toronto for many decades, wear many shoes, many hats, started life from no Money -> In Middle Class Scientist. Did Research a lot Immigrant Families in different Community. In 80s, 90s, House cheap, on Ave, took 15 years for an Immigrant couple both working minimum wage, 5.5$ - 6$/ hour (Both salary = A Software Developer) Buy Home. Ave Home in 80s = $170,000 -> in 90s = $230,000. In mid 90s, Salary Software Developer = 11$ - 12$ /h, Professor = 45$ - 50$ / hr (4 Developers = A Professor). Today, Home Ave = $800,000s, take 25 years for an Immigrant couple, both working, start from 14$/h mini wage, saving for a Deposit = $150,000 -> $200,000 Buy Home.
- 40% of Immigrants in 80s, 90s Get in Middle Class
(recent cooling a lot dropped out), before less strict, even Factory Worker, Restaurant Server if having satisfied Deposit, and both working low Salary at least 15 years.
Impossible for 1 low Salary Buy Home. Such as 1 Factory Worker, 1 Restaurant Server, mini wage = 5$, 6$ / hr in 90s Buy Home. Because after Income Tax = $780 / mo, not yet paid for Rent 1-bed Room = $650 / mo in 90s (today = $1350 / mo.), then Car, Car Insurance, Gas, Food, Grocery ...Ave Home = $220,000 in 90s.
Use Data. -> Today, harder,
at least 20% Deposit, Stress Test Income, Salary ... Most Immigrants first thing to buy is Car, then Car Insurance, Gas, Car Maintenance -> Take alot money they earned, after Income Tax. Then Rent, Grocery, Phone, Internet .. -> Hardly money left saving for Home. That's why take 20 -> 25 years Buy Home
Image result for no talk
Use Data


Middle Class Millionaire Household.
NOTE: People can say anything they want. As scientist, we use Data reflects the fact, not mouth & tongue. In some countries, no International Data available from Global Research Sources, we have to use their own Local Data Sources, make sure no biases, like Thailand, Vietnam.

Data vs. Perception: People travel to a country like Thailand. Entertain in coffee shop, bar, restaurant, in Downtown ... in Bangkok city. Then think all people in Thailand are same, have fun, rich. Wrong. They know only 7% of population. It is like people watch TV see all in Downtown, then think people in Toronto, GTA like TV in Downtown, all whites, no immigrants, no minority. Few Condos in Downtown New York City over 1 millions dollars then you think all Houses, Condos in NY over millions dollars, in Bronx, in Queens areas. Wrong. If compare Thailand with Vietnam, Thailand has more middle class house holds millionaire. But Vietnam has better population less in poverty than Thailand, Philippines, Indonesia, Malaysia.
-> 49% of Japan, 51% of UK, 62% German, 60% South Korean of Adult Population have asset less than $100,000. Although rank high in Middle Class Millionaire Households.
-> 60% of US Adult Population have asset less than $100,000. Although US has the largest numbers of Millionaires, Billionaires in the World. See Chart below.
-> Poverty in Rich Countries, G7 around 20%, Asian Countries around 85%: Japan, South Korea had the least population on poverty, only 5% had asset under $10,000 compared to richest countries, G7 around 20%. UK = 19%, US = 29%, Germany = 40%. Compared to Asian Countries ave = 85% population asset less than $10000.
That's why Scientist used Data, no mouth, tongue. Data is worth thousands words.


Even China has the 2nd largest Middle Class Millionaire Households in the world. The majority of Middle Class is Member of Party, Officials. China's The National People's Congress is a Growing Millionaire Club.

Toronto rank 1st in country, Canada rank 1st in number of Millionaire Households (Middle Class Home Owners) in Industrialized G7, in the World based on population. Canada has 65% Middle Class, and 485,700 of Millionaire Households around 4.3% of all Canadian Households.

Global Ranking Middle Class Millionaire Household. ( will continue update ....)

Calculate Net worth = Home + Car + Cash + Bank Act + Stock ... Anything can sell - Liabilities (debt). 90% of Net worth is Home. No one puts $100,000 cash under bed. They put in House or Stock.

US in 1st global, there are 326 millions population, 6.5 millions are Middle Class Millionaire Households.
=> 28.5% under $10,000 - Compare 65% of the World under $10,000. 32% from $10,000 -> $100,000.
- 60% of US adult population are not Middle Class - The Reason: Home does not go up like Canada - Same as, Germany 62%, South Korea 60%. While Canada, UK, Japan has 50% population are in Middle Class. The World of Adult population: 65% under $10000, 25% = from $10,000 -> $100,000.

in 2nd global has 2.1 million of Middle Class Millionaire Households with 1.37 billion population.
in 3rd global has 1.24 million of Middle Class Millionaire Households with 127 millions population.
=> 5.5% under $10,000, 43.6% from $10,000 -> $100,000.
in 4th global has 820,000 of Middle Class Millionaire Households with 66 millions population. -> 18% under $10,000, 33.1% from $10,000 -> $100,000.
in 5th global 485,700 Middle Class Millionaire Households, 37 millions. Majority in Toronto, Vancouver.
20.7% under $10,000.- Compare 65% of the World under $10,000. 28.0% from $10,000 -> $100,000.
No easy save $100,000, unless having a home.
Most people when have money, they buy Car first. Car value depreciated unlike Home. No thing left.
in 6th global has 473,000 of Middle Class Millionaire Households, 83 millions population.
=> 40.6% under $10,000. ( mostly East German) - Compare 65% of the World. 22% from $10,000 -> $100,000.
in 8th global has 439,000 of Middle Class Millionaire Households, 67 millions population.
in 10th global has 307,000 of Middle Class Millionaire Households, 61 millions population.
Number 7th, 9th global? - later - And 11, 12, 13, 14, 15 ? - later
How about Hong Kong, Saudi Arabia rich oil, Australia, Taiwan ...

South Korean
has 200,000 of Middle Class Millionaire Households, 51 millions population.
2% under $10,000, 57.8% from $10,000 -> $100,000. 40% South Korean in Middle Class.
Singapore has
184,000 of Middle Class Millionaire Households, 5.6 millions population.
=> 13.8% under $10,000, 38.2% from $10,000 -> $100,000. 48% Singapore in Middle Class.
Hong Kong has
228,000 of Middle Class Millionaire Households, 7.3 millions population.
=> 20.0% under $10,000, 40% from $10,000 -> $100,000. 40% Hong Kong in Middle Class Net worth > $100,000
India has
343,000 of Middle Class Millionaire Households, 1.34  billions population.
90.8% under $10,000, 8.6% from $10,000 -> $100,000.
Indonesia has
89,000 of Middle Class Millionaire Households, 265 millions population.
85.4% under $10,000, 17.7% from $10,000 -> $100,000.
Philippine has
38,000 of Middle Class Millionaire Households, 105 millions population. -> 86.6% under $10,000
Malaysia later
Thailand has 22,400 of Middle Class Millionaire Households, 69 millions population. -> 90% under $10,000. 9% from $10,000 -> $100,000.

- Photo take from website.

A scientist did research said: - 60% US Adult citizens have asset less than $100,000 dollars.
7.1% have asset from 1 millions -> Billions dollars. 5% have asset 1 -> 5 millions. 2% 5 mil -> Billions.
15% of US Adult citizens have asset from 1/2 millions dollars -> 1 millions dollars.
- Compared Wealth to Canada, Japan, UK, US is not as rich as you think. Although it has the most Millionaire House Holds in the world.
- 1/2 millions dollars Asset will put you on Top 5% of The World Adult Citizens.
1/2 millions - 1 millions dollars Asset, you on top 10% population in Industrialized country like South Korean, US, German, Canada, Japan, UK, French, Italy adult citizens.
1 mil - 5 millions dollars Asset, you in Top 5% population in most Industrialized Country like Japan, China, Canada, US, German, UK ...
5 millions -> Billions dollars Asset, you in Top 1% - 2% population.

-> As Scientist, we used Data reflects the reality, not mouth, tongue. Avoid biases.

- Photo taken from the Report.

- US Wealth Distribution in 2018 latest from Global Wealth Distribution Research Report 2018.
60% of US Adult citizens have Net worth less than $100,000. - Rank 1st = 6.5 millions Households Millionaires.

- 34.5 % are Middle Class German's Adult Population had asset over $100,000.
63 %
not in Middle Class of German's Adult Population (inc East German) asset less than $100,000.
Rank 6th = 473,000  Households Millionaires.

Vietnam has 14,500 of Middle Class Millionaire Households, 95 millions population. HCM City has proximately 6000 - 7000 millionaires of population 9 millions, the rest country is 8 thousands millionaire population 86 millions people. NOTE: Data in 2016. But, in 2018, VN increased from 12000 Households Millionaires-> 20,000 near double, catch up with Thailand.


Most millionaires live in big City. Canada is the richest country in G7. Most Millionaires live in big city Toronto (the most) and Vancouver. Average Housing in Toronto rank 3rd only after Vancouver, Silicon Valley, even more than New York. Se Blog in August. For example, US Capital Washington DC, ave Home = $383,000, but Toronto $840,000. In some districts GTA around Toronto, ave Home even around 1 millions. Home has 90% of Net worth.

- In next 3 years 2021, Canada will have
650,000 millionaire Households = 5.0% of all Canadian Middle Class Households,
5.0 Trillions, equal to 35% all of Canada Wealth, if Home Price holding ok.  
Toronto is only Canadian City has the most Middle Class Millionaire Household with 9.5 million population. Vancouver in 2nd millionaire Households with 650,000.
- Home Price in Toronto, Vancouver puts Canada rank 1st of Millionaire Households by population in G7 and in the World. -> Increase Canadian Wealth in Trillions of dollars. This Wealth spreads into Economy, Community, Society. And help reduce Household's Debt.

NOTE: - A recent cooling, Home Value dropped
hundreds of thousands dollars, a lot people dropped out Middle Class.
We have seen it happening to a lot working hard people in a lot Communities. The number of people Get out of Middle Class more than people Get In Middle Class. People want Home Price down, don't jump in during 6 months Housing Bottom August, 2017 -> Jan, 2018 = Homes Sales Down -40%, No Buyers, while Home Price Down Hundreds of Thousands of dollars. More people sell Home, dropped out. But when Ave Home Price high in April 2017 = $916,879, more Buyers line up, multi offers, price war.
-> WHY when Home Price Down, bottom 6 months, from August, 2017 -> Jan, 2018, more Affordable, but less Buyers, people want price down not jump in?
NOTE: Toronto Housing took 2 or 3 months, June, July, August 2017 from Peak Down to Bottom -> 5 months in Bottoms, from August 2017 -> Dec, 2017 -> From Jan 2018 -> August 2018, 7 months in Trend Recovering 1/2 its lost.

To become Middle Class Millionaire Households: - Not easy. It takes Home Ownership 20 years + At right Location Value like Toronto or Vancouver. Home Price up, doesn't mean you are Middle Class Millionaire Household if you own Home less than 20 years, need bought Home before 2000.
For example, a 20 year Middle Class could buy 3 of million dollars Homes, each worth $1,000,000 ( a million dollars) with 25% down payment. Are they Millionaire Household?
- Not yet. Because ownership less than 50% ownership = Bank 's Home.
If they keeps 1 x Home, own home around 20 years -> Millionaire Households.

Net worth of Middle Class Millionaire Households = Home Value (90%) + Home's Misc of Jewry, TV, Cloth Washer, Fridges, Couch.. ($30,000) + Cars ($50,000) + Bank Account (Cash) + Stock + Retirement Security (RRSP + 401 K + Gov Income Benefit ).
Millionaire Households work hard, try hard make ends meet, pay Bill, pay Debt, like average people.
If you are Millionaire Households, enjoy, have fun, spoil, spend money, self-indulge -> Then you will be delisted soon. -> The previous Generation built it, then the next Generation destroy it, not add value.

If you can dream Millionaire, then so do others. The Law of Nature Return. Who ever you are, where ever you live. Millionaire Status means you are very Good, Success, big, not small in Top 5% of population, top 5% of all Households, top 5% of all Middle Class in the Country. Use Data -> It is the Reward of your hard work, 20 years / 9-5. Every one wants to be rich, dream Millionaire. If you are already Millionaire, dream bigger.-> Donald Trump at 70 years dream to become US President. And he did it @ 70 years old. Most Seniors in Management, Directors of big Companies like Facebook, Oracle, Amazon, Google, Apple... are Millionaires. -> Opportunity opens to people who dare to dream Big.



  Current Updating:

Office anywhere in the world: - Email or submit Form a Domain name your choice, like JennyStore.com -> We install Office website 5 min. -> You Login your own Cloud Website, like your own Home, www.JennyStore.com/jenny (security) with UserId & Password by us. Make shortcut App Icon Login (At Setting at right corner browser -> Add to Home screen -> Type: Login) -> Setup Product Catalog using Office Product Catalog Builder -> Now, Business and customers can use Office site.

- Now, Office is serving businesses in Local, not ready Global yet, very soon.
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We know what are the needs of tens of thousands of businesses using their software. Easy to use is what customers want.

Today in New Digital Economy, most businesses need inter-connected, reach out customers in 3 x different Sales Channels: In-Store 35% sales, Online Ecommerce 30%, and Mobile 35%. In the Internet Age, Cloud and Mobile, you must have your business's presence on these 3 x Sales Channels, whether you like it or not, use it or not. Else, your business is behind modernized competitors. Only Office is built seamless integrated into All-in-One: Pos + E-commerce + Mobile. You create one Product or update Price, this will be on Online, Mobile, In Store instantly, and see on Laptop, Tablet, and Mobile, whatever devices. This is big different between Office and other Software. In China, stores sell more customers thru online and mobile than in store only 30%.

Our goal is: Global High-end Product with the cheapest Price. => Office is built software more efficient, optimized resources helps us reduce cost. While others software companies need multi-millions dollars Platform for hosting their software. Thus more cost, less profit.
Case Study. A Restaurant needs a Pos System at Counter + 2 extra Pos System for 2 Staff used extra. Cost:

- Vend Customer paid = $129 x 12 = $1560 usd / year after year + Extra Licence. = $1560 + $49 x 2 = $1660 usd / year, repeat every year

- Use Paper Bill 3 x Carbon Copy, no Pos System cost =
$3950 / year, repeat every year ==> Cost the most. Carbon Paper cost more than Digital.
- Use Paper Bill + Pos for Input Data from paper = Complicated. Duplicate Time & Money.
Not smart. Not Green. Not efficient! Back & Forth = Cost more Time & Money. Lost Data.
Learn and Adapt Digital Economy soon.
Embrace Change in Changing Time.

- Office Customers pay:
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NOTE: In some Countries in some Provinces, the Government requires Businesses must have a POS System that Tax people can login and audit online. It costs a lot of Time & Money, inefficiency to audit on tens of thousands of Paper Bills submit. A lot of stories about small businesses were audited, paper, data not transparency, paid big heavy tax penalty estimated by Tax people, even missing few Paper Bills + Cost labour's time for audit paper.
-> As a result, they closed business, transfer name to different owners.
Run good business, peace of mind, needs a Pos System better for your own benefits. No one wants to tell their Audits. But we hear alot.

-> Tax people are smart. They just look at
your Expensive like Business Rent + Your Home's Rent, your Supply, your Employee ... -> Then can calculate how much revenue your businesses has generated to be able open business in 3 years. Having a Pos system easy to keep track orders, invoices, receipts, and easy prove your Data Transparency to Tax people and in Court. Business has more credits having a Pos.

In Office, each Receipt (invoice) = each Order in OOM (Office Order Management). So much easier than Paper Bill. Very Transparency. A Receipt or Order in OOM contains: Detail of Order, such as, many Items, Desc, Price, Qty, Subtotal, Tax, Discount, PayBy (Credit, Cash...) DateTime ... Very Transparency. No complain. Tax Audit gives your business alot credits. Save them big Time & Money. ->  See pic of a Receipt or Order in OOM.

- Paper Bill Receipt = Submit tens of thousands of paper, no time go thru. Hard audit, but this doesn't mean they trust your paper, take it easy for you => Thus easy for Tax man Question, and Estimate. Paper is hard to prove to Tax man, in Court. Today, Audit happens every year or 2 years. Audit is scary, having Pos sys, peace of mind.

=> Government encourage, want people start-up business. But, your business must be Data Transparency, if don't know then Learn -> For Your Own Benefit.

A Story:-  A story no one wants to tell. Do Business is Keep Good Data.
NOTE: There are businesses having an Accountant cost $50,000 / year and plus Pos System, many Businesses Software System, even cost extra tens of thousands dollars in order to keep track every dollar in / out. Small Businesses can't afford, there are few hundreds Business Software System good for you. A must have a Business Software System.

We work hard, save money open a Small Business. We get used to run business used Paper no Technology. Back home country, Business was told to keep less data -> Be careful. In Industrialized Business, more Data is Good.
Then one day, a Tax Auditor came to audit. We show few Notes books + 50 thousands of papers, receipts in boxes. Tax Auditor asked many questions, such as, "- See Customer Database? - Show receipts customers randomly? - Show Orders by Cash? - Why less claim Revenue, while you can afford open business many years? .." - But we can't answers, impossible get all receipts by Customer, Orders Paid by Cash. Everything in papers, receipts stored in many boxes. They have no time to re-calculate thousands of receipts. The result, we got an estimate in Tax Penalty = 30,000$ for few years in Business ( Cost Time go thru tens of thousands papers ) plus Interest Payment. Go to court, Tax Consultant will cost more, because you don't keep Good Data. Our Book Keeping even blamed on us. -> Later, Tax Auditor reduced to $20,000, because first wrong we don't know much about Tax Auditing, Pos, Business Software.
-> We learn in business is keep Good Data. This applied all kinds of businesses. We thought that give thousands of papers, they had no time, accept what was given. But they look at each receipt: DateTime, Items, Total, Qty, Cash/Credit... Government needs Tax Revenue to provide Services, Benefits. Tax Auditors in Industrialized have billions dollars System, Hi-tech, Government access privileges  -> Know your business better than you. They know your Home, Car, Income, yearly expensive Vacation, Bank. They send people pretend customers in your store. Know how many your staff, on ave how many your customers in/out store. Know how keep data when customers pay.

When got Tax Penalty, we though not fair. We had hard time. (NOTE: Tax man asks: - Why still open business. You must make money). Industrialized Middle Class, ave 20 years, contributed Tax 1/2 millions, in 10 years $250,000 Tax. In a survey, Households Debt (Middle Class Home Owner) is high in Industrialized; While our business is good, still in business today.
-> Now with help, we use Office, A Business Software System, Manage Business Better, peace of mind. Work hard and work smart. Thanks for advice!

- A Business said: - Tax people more happy if you keep Good Data. Save time. Forgiven. Give back. Wish your business success. No one wants Penalty. Today Modern Time, Digital Economy, doing Business, You need A Business System. Simple! => Can't Afford, there are less expensive Business Software System few hundreds dollars.

NOTE: Office not just keep track data, receipts, orders, but also help business use Technology leverage their potential in New Digital Economy. Every Business is the same. It has: Customers, Products & Services, Price, Qty. Use Office, first Create Products & Services, Price. When people Buy your Products & Services & Pay -> You 1) Add Customer Name, Contact. Restaurant no need. -> 2) Add-to-Cart Items. This Sales became an Order or Receipt stored in Office Order Management -> 3) Pay, enter Amount ... Office has OOM, not A Summary.-> Every Order is a Receipt or Invoice.

Community, School should have free class Use, Howto, Q & A : Pos, E-commerce, Mobile, Mobile Order, Self-Order, Data Analytics ... for small business. FYB = For Your Benefit.
Contact our Developer
. ddanpros @ hotmail.com  - NetthruOffice @ gmail.com - Social Media

- Cost about $3950 / y -> Carbon Paper Cost more than Digital.
- Big Cost Time  back & forth, inefficiency - Easy lost paper. - Hard to manage & track.
------- Mountain of Paper ---------
Office Order Management = Receipt Box for easy Search & Find Data

- Drown in mountain of paper bill.

How can I find All Orders History of Helen? - Thank You!

Yes. Type: "Helene Ng" in Search Box -> OOM Find and List 569 Orders Receipts 5 years of Helen 10 sec. Include: Invoice #, Items, Desc, Qty, Price, Sub, Tax, DateTime, Staff, Contact

-> If Tax Man can't find this ** Basic Info ** then you got big problem. - No good Manage. -> Already Happened. In business you must have customers. Right? -> Office helps -> Easy.

-> Tax people will estimate big tax because no time go thru mountain paper. You pay Labour's Time. - Paper Hard to Manage!
- Paper not Transparency.
=> Need Pos System, a must for Your Own Benefit (YOB)

- In Office, each Receipt (invoice) = each Order in OOM (Office Order Management). So much easier than Paper Bill. Very Transparency.
-> Big challenge for business is Track & Organize Data in Order. Office helps. Human, Paper can't.

- A Business said: - I used Pos, Business Software System, just for Tax purpose. Sooner or Later get Audit. Get Audit soon is better than Get Audit later, because big Fee, Interest Charge accumulated. Learn.

- Salary = 60% Revenue + Bonus.
- You are your own Boss -> No deadline. No push. No pressure. No sales target.
- You One-on-One Service + Customize Service, you win. Big company can't afford this service, only Email, Phone. No customize.
- You help: E-commerce, Pos, Mobile Order, Self-Order, Mobile Pos ...

- Sell 499 Offices x Price = $799 => You make $250,000 USD + extra Consultant Fee.

-> We take care Technical & Support.

- A Business said:- Our business has a tradition Pos. Then we need online E-commerce. Developers charged $2500. Then we need customer can order on Mobile, called Mobile Order. Developers charge extra $3000. All 3 x Systems Pos, E-commerce, Mobile are separated very hard to maintain, complex.
=> Better get All-in-One Office integrated, so much cheaper, easy use & maintain. One update, change price update all 3 systems.

- If not use E-commerce, Mobile Order then use it like website see on Laptop, Tablet, Mobile.

Other Systems: No Mobile Order Pick-up, no Self-Order, no flexible Price for easy sales.

Office is built on 400 millions dollars USD. Framework. This Framework has been used by big multi-billions Cloud Software company for their Cloud Products. Quality is #1.



We are looking for Sales & Marketing Executives where ever you are in any country.

- We give you 60% Revenue + Bonus. Our Price is affordable,
flexible, not fixed Price like others, Vend -> Thus easy for you to sell. - Salary = 60% Sales Revenue + Bonus -> In 2 years sell 499 Offices with Price = $799 / each Office, one time payment ( can split 3 down payment $265 each ) -> You get paid $250,000 USD. Office is flexible Price for easy Sales.

Take you 2 years to sell 500 Office with Price = $799 a whole package, one time payment + $ 9.95 / mo (just assume the Price). You make: 500 Office x $800 x 60% + Bonus = $ 250,000 USD in 2 years. Office's customer pay $799 usd one time. No extra licence. Done.

- We help, support, setup you free website for you include submit form, your own content. You execute your own plane. You are your own Boss and VP to us. We will come see you if in Toronto. We don't need to know your customers.

1-> You have a Network of Customers, Friends, Relatives, Local Community, Business Card, Advertising,
Spread words of mouth is the best marketing, talk to your friends, relatives, community, social network. You work hard make $250,000 USD.

2-> You are a News Paper, Radio, Broadcaster Business. You have Marketing Staff, Media, and Marketing Tools. You place advertise on your Media -> Send customers to us, or customers can contact direct with us. Together we can make a difference. You work hard will make
$250,000 USD in few years.

3-> You refer customers to us. Or our Product will help your customers. We take care them. You work hard make
$250,000 USD. Nothing is easy.

NOTE: Vend has increased 32% their Price recently from $79 -> $119, because huge Demand Pos for Businesses to manage their business.

Our job is focus on Product, R&D. Can't write code & Sales.

Main differences Office with other systems:
Price and Licences: - Office's Price flexible, easy Sales - Unlimited Licences. Use 1 or 50 Tablets same Price.
-> Vend Pos, add-on 5 Licences for 5 Staff / Tablets cost = $400 / mo = $5000 / years. Impossible for Self-order, too expensive for each Tablet / Table or each Tablet / Staff.
High-end Technology, Quality #1:
- Built on 400 millions USD Framework, solid, power, large scale. Office = Other System's Enterprise.
- Make shortcut Admin Login icon by UserId + Pw given by us, on Mobile. No one knows this address. Not like Online Banking knows Login URL.
Example: www.mystore.com/jenny -> Then type UserId + Pw to login
Can Customize: Add-on few features in need for customers.

Each customer has its own Host:
Like own Home. Not one big Platform one Software, sharing Host with thousands customers.

Self-Order, Automation: - Customers can self-order on Mobile, Productivity, Efficiency, Automation. Only Office. In Japan is developing Server Robot. In order countries huge R&D spending for Automation like Sel-Driving Car, in US like Amazon GO ... Self-order is first step R&D to automation, efficiency.
All-in-One Integration in one Software App:
Pos, E-commerce, Mobile Pos, Mobile Order in one Software App. Once update Price, update all. No many separate Apps, hard maintain by small businesses with no IT.

All-in-One Office integrates: Office Commerce, Office Tablet/iPad Pos, Office Mobile Pos, Office Menu, Office Card, Office Order Management, Office Pay, Office Table Manager, Office Product Builder.
-> When use Tablet/ iPad, Office launches Office Tablet/iPad Pos.
-> When use Mobile, Office launches Office Mobile Pos
-> Click see: Office Menu Pos
|  Office Order Management
Not jus a Pos: - All-in-On Office used for: Pos, E-commerce, Mobile Pos, Mobile Order, Pick-up/ Delivery ... By Design, it is used by all kinds of Businesses like: Retail, Nails & Spa, Restaurant, Food Services. Vend hard for Restaurant, Food, Coffee Shop because no Table Manager. Mobile Order, Mobile Pos: - The first System, by Design, is built for Mobile first, like Mobile Pos. While other system, by Design, the lay-out screen optimize for iPad first, not fit in Mobile. That's why called: iPad Pos. Requirement: All you need is a Laptop or Tablet, iPad, or just an iPhone, any Smartphone (All demo on Mobile as seen.) run All-in-one Office Software, and Pos Printer. No need expensive Hardware, Software.

Customers say in few words: "- We use Office for Database Product Website can Create & Update Products, for Sales & Marketing, and for Online Order E-commerce, Mobile Order, and Pos. Keep track Sales Data, Manage business better, Operate Efficiency, Self-Order if needed, Pick-up, Delivery. We now reach out customer anywhere, online, mobile, on any devices: Laptop, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Samsung Phone, Smart Phone, large scale. Office is easy Use & Maintain, affordable Price, no extra Licences, and good Software Quality. All you need is a Laptop or Tablet, iPad, or just an iPhone, any Smartphone (All demo on Mobile as seen.) run All-in-one Office Software, and Pos Printer. No need expensive Hardware, Software. No need website. Just Info Website, no Database, can't update Info, Photo, Price, Promotion .. cost $699.  " 

First Step: Our Head Office in Toronto. Contact: both email ddanpros@hotmail.com and NetthruOffice@gmail.com - See you. Or: - Contact: LinkedIn you know who. => We open for business. All is up to you. Customers, We, You = Win-Win-Win

- A Sales Executives said:- Today uncertainty, you need Plan A, Plan B, multi-Plan at a same time. I have a full-time job 9-5 everyday. After Income Tax, Living Expensive, I have left not much. Now, I work part-time as Sales Exec for Office. I waste no time. Little by little, I build and expand my customer base. I give people Business Card. Words of mouth spread very fast, people know what I am doing. They come for help their businesses, home based businesses. Not only they get
my best One-on-One Consulting, but also they get the best Price no company can compete. When I show them them Price from other companies. A lot of Businesses just need E-commerce (up 30% Sales) + Mobile Order (up 35% Sales). I sell Office, already built-in and Integrated All-in-One. Other Systems have only POS, only iPad no Mobile. They pay me at least $2500 for that service. For Technical & Support, the Office Developers will take care of.

A Business said:- Only few hundreds dollars, not just a common Pos, Office help my business so many things, operation efficient, cut cost, increase revenue, reach out different customers in different channels: online, mobile, in store. Before we had only Pos -> Then we need E-commerce. We paid online E-commerce site $2000. This E-commerce site does not work, run on Mobile -> Then we need Mobile. We built separate Software App for Mobile Order, paid extra Mobile Order App $3000. Both E-commerce & Mobile Orders System are separated, take care, input data, update data 2 system separated. Very hard maintain. Not integrate like Office. Now few hundreds dollars, we have All-in-One Office everything integrated all needs for business. Now we learn hard lesson = Not everything works and integrates like All-in-One Office.
If you need All-in-One like Pos, E-commerce, Mobile Order, Get All-in-One now, later very hard and costly to add-on each App in separation. Sales Executive should explain people this costly hard lesson.

Update: August, 2018

Office Search @ Main Menu

- Type: bread (bre or san) -> Got 2 items

- 3 ways to Get Item:
1) Office Search: Type partial words
2) [<->] = Group Menu -> List Items
3) Setup Main Menu display most Favourite

- Update: 24 July, 2018.

Office Order Management = Receipt Box
for easy Search and Find Data

=> Type Search Box: cust helen ng 2018-07-01 2018-07-20 -> List all Orders (= 2 Receipts 364, 351 ) of customer Helen Ng bought in July 1 -> July 21, 2018. It shows Search: 2 receipt; Tot = $19,77.
- Touch 351 popup Detail Receipt # 351
- Total Orders in OOM = 358 so far.
- Search words remain in Box, easy change Search, Date. Click Refresh back OOM Listing.
- Good Data & Presentation. Paper can't do this.
- 50 thousands receipts no problem in 10 secs.
- Find Total Sales, Total Qty Heineken Beer, or Japan Ramen Soup
Sold July,1 -> Aug, 1 in 10s. -> See Product Search #3.
- Brain can't remember even 5 passwords. Do Business relies on your memory
will lost money, lost customer, lost business, don't even know.

- Update: 24 July, 2018.
New Office Search
The challenge for Business is Track Data & Get Data. All kinds of Losses result from No Good Manage Data = No Good Manage Business. Office fastest, easy get Data few seconds. Mobile.
Search & Get Data need directly.
No long Report back & forth, general. Can't Get specific Data need.
No System can list Order or  Receipt or Invoice in Detail like OOM. Save Time & Money

1) - Search Name, Phone, Email, Address
Type in OOM Search Box: partial Laura, or partial Phone, Email, Address
-> List History Orders, Total Sales contains Laura name, or Phone, Email, Address. Example, type: 905, or West street -> List All Orders contains Phone 905, or West str.

- Search for Sales Orders by Date.
Type Search
Order  2018-05-01  2018-08-01
-> List all this Date History Orders (receipt) and Total Sales, Total Tax from May 1 -> Agu 1.

- Search for A particular Product Sales.
Type:  item 451  2018-05-01  2018-08-01
 -> List all History Orders and Total Sales of Product Item #451 = Japanese Ramen Noodle from May, 1 to Aug 1. Example: Find How Much and How Many Heineken Beer, Japan Ramen Soup sold from 1, July -> 1 Aug.

- Search a Customer.
Type: Laura Ng 2018-07-1  2018-07-20
-> List in this period July 1 -> July 20: History Orders (receipt) and Total Sales.
-> Audit, first Tax man asked for Customers. Some Businesses delete all customers. No keep Data of Customers. No Customer Database. -> In business must have Customers. So important for Sales & Marketing. Businesses Get Penalty because No Customer Database.

- Search a Staff.
Type: staff jenny d  2018-08-01  2018-08-10
-> List in this period of date Aug, 1 -> Aug 10 = All Products & Services and Orders (receipt) and Total Sales of Jenny D Staff has Done or Sold.

- Search for Order by Cash/Credit.
Type: Cash  2018-08-01  2018-08-15
-> List in this period Aug,1 -> Aug 15 = All Orders Paid by Cash and Total Cash Payment. -> Same for Pay Credit. -> If Tax man asked for Order paid by Cash -> In business must have Paid by Cash Orders. Show some something. Don't say No. Grade 5 knows.

- Search for Pickup/ Delivery.
Type Search: Pickup  2018-08-01  2018-08-06
-> List all Orders Pickup (or Delivery) this Date

- Search for Tip, Coupon, Discount.
Type: Tip  2018-08-01  2018-08-15
-> List in this period of date Aug,1 -> Aug 15 = All Tips and Orders has Tip, Total Tips. -> Same for Coupon, Discount.
-> If Tax man asked for Tip -> In business must have Tip. Show some something.

- Search for Gift Card In, Gift Card Out.
Type: Giftcard in  2018-08-01  2018-08-15
-> List in this period of date Aug,1 -> Aug 15 = All Gift Card In and Orders has Gift Card In. -> Same for Gift Card Out

- Top OOM Report, you can List All Orders, Products & Services, Total Sales, from Date -> to Date.

OOM Report -> Get quick Today Summary Sales Report, Details Sales Report or From Date to Date. => Get Total Sales, Total Tax from Date to Date.

NOTE: To work hard for something, you need patient. For example, It takes us many years to build Office. If you want easy -> Nothing is easy.

Today, Automation changes the way we work. Companies are investing in Self-Driving Cars, Amazon GO Store. We are the pioneers investing in Self-Ordering. Why only Office can provide Self-Order? - All is about Licence and Mobile Ready - Because other Pos like Vend are built like big App, each download take long time, hard Setup, and Cost license / App, like Vend Pos Register cost $59 / Register. Other Pos, Vend Pos are not Mobile Ready. Customers can't be in store, Download big App long time -> Setup -> Use = Very hard. While Use Office, No download, Customers just touch on shortcut App icon open web browser  -> Place orders.
A Business said:- Run a Business a lot of cost, Rent, Staff, Software, Hardware, License ... Office help our business run more efficient, reduce cost.

- $119 usd / mo = Pay every month. Can cancel after month. $99 / mo = Sign contract yearly. Can't cancel.
A Register = 5 Staff use 5 Tablets installed Vend Pos = 5 x $59 usd = $300 usd / m extra. Total = $400 usd/mo.
- Staff and Customers can't run Vend on Mobile. iPad only. Vend by design not for Self-order, Mobile Order.
Ask other company:- How much cost you to build just an e-commerce website, not including Mobile Order, Pos, and a lot less features than Office?

- Vend Pos
just Pos, for 1 Licence / Tablet, paid monthly subscription cost more than 1000$ usd / year. 5 Staff carry 5 tablets Vend Pos around store = extra Addiction Register = 59$ usd / mo =  5 x 59 = 300$/ mo usd extra. No way that Business can use Vend Pos for 20 Tablets = a lot money.

Use Vend Pos, no way, never Customers in/ out Store can place order by their Mobile Phone. Global customers in developing countries can't afford this price.

- Vend Pos is one of the best Cloud Pos software on the market.

Investors invested 100 millions in Vend Pos. It received 20 millions USD from Peter Thielís Valar Ventures and Square Peg Capital. https://blog.vendhq.com/post/64901824985/vend-raises-20m-funding-round-co-led-peter-thiels-valar-ventures-square-peg-capital. Recently Dec, 2016 Vend Pos also received many other funding: 9 milllions, then 13 millions, 60 millions, and many other rounds. CEO said Total value at 100 millions. https://pitchbook.com/newsletter/vend-secures-9m-investment.

Corporate Investors
Today new Economy, businesses and corporations sell everything, not just their core product. For example, Microsoft sells Mouse, Tablet... Google sells Tablet, driverless car, invests in all kinds of businesses. Amazon sells Food, invests in Space, Movie, New Paper ... Office is developed on 400 millions usd Framework, the latest new Technology used by big multi-billions Cloud Software Company, that no other system has done, because legacy system is built on old Technology over 10 years ago. Simply ask: "- Why people spend not 100 millions, not 200 millions, but 400 millions USD to invest R&D and build a Framework?  -> What 400 millions usd in R&D can do for your software? "

Any software system, like Windows, you use only 30% of its features. Can't customize your own need.

Using Office is having your own website, your own House. Easy customize, add-on few features for your needs. Office Installation is Self-Installing in 1 minute / Customer's Domain. Customer then Login their Domain, Type web browser: www.mystore.com/Login -> Setup Products -> Use.

- While other Software Companies are built its software on big Platform for all customers share.
Your Pos System is shared with thousands other customers. You can't ask the software company to change color of a button. Because when they change for you, the rest of customers also inherit that change. What add-on feature you need doesn't mean other customers needs.

There are a lot of businesses, specially Medium sized and Big Businesses, Corporation want to customize, add-on features for their own needs -> To satisfy them, Vend and other Software Companies offer expensive account, call "Enterprise" like Vend Enterprise, or "Plus". Using Vend Enterprise, you have your own Website like your own Home. You can Customize or Add-on features for your own needs. -> Very expensive.

A Business said:- Only few hundreds dollars, not just a Pos, Office help my business so many things, operation efficient, cut cost, increase revenue, reach out different customers different channels: online, mobile, in store. Office is built on 400 millions dollars USD. Framework. Quality is #1.

- Software Company like Vend build its Pos Sys on big expensive Platform for thousands customers sharing, like Building for tenants rent a room.
- Can't Customize your own Appt.
- To Customize customer' own needs, Software Company offer Account: Enterprise, like Vend Enterprise or call "Plus" - Very expensive.
- Office is build your own website, like your own Home. You can add-on few features in needs.
- Office = Vend Enterprise or Other "Plus".
- Office is built on 400 millions dollars USD Framework. Can't lie if we sell Hyundai car, but tell you 200 K Luxury Mercedes car. We can get sued. Very important need to know. This Framework has been used by big multi-billions Cloud Software company to build their Cloud Products.

Support:- Very important. Most Pos System provide short Phone / Email support back & forth only. Take long time. Office has Local Consultant help & support Free One-on-One when in need like Training. Even big company can't afford One-on-One support -> Fee very expensive.

Technology: Office Plus 400 millions usd Framework. What 400 millions usd in R&D can do for your software? Click here What is Framework ?
- Office is built on
400 millions USD dollars Framework, the latest New Technology, and affordable Price. Which helps overwhelm competitors. This is big Plus. Quality is number 1. None of any Pos, E-commerce, Mobile on the market now is built on Framework. Software like car, any car drives you from A-> B. But high-end car 200K big different with low end car 30K. Investors, Businesses, Customers who have no deep Technology background, who are not technology oriented on making decision. Now they just know.
What Is Framework?
- A latest New Technology is used to build a solid Foundation for software.
Most software design, build no Framework. Framework is so powerful, scale, a solid foundation, a new way of Software Design & Architecture. That's why "big" Corporation spends & invests 400 millions USD in R&D to build Framework, a new way of Software Development of big Corporation. Small software business few millions - Tradition Software Design, no Framework, Technology used currently over 20 years.
NOTE: This Framework is from a multi-billions dollars Software Company used for its Cloud Software Development. Developers stay and leave. What they leave behind is what the company inherits.

Investors:- In any country, 90% are small businesses, Mom & Pop stores, Home Businesses. This translates into millions of small businesses. Almost small businesses need Pos to keep track records, sales data, and other technologies like E-commerce, Mobile to leverage Cloud & Mobile expand business.
What ever investment you can make any amount big or small. We thank you very much. We use it to speed up Development. Investors will receipt an email from us. Big or small Investors will be invited to our meetings, and thru Skype. Like many Start-ups, we go thru up and down, but we
commit to build software for the long time.
Our goal is: Global High-end Product with the cheapest Price.

- Businesses in developing countries can't afford Price, Licences, Hardware like Vend Pos or many Pos System built in North America, Industrialized Countries. Office cost less, because it is built on the high-end most expensive 400 millions usd Framework latest Technology, leverage Office product overwhelmed our competitors, more efficient, hardware, network, software resources optimization, large scale, like high-end cars, fast, robust with fuel gas efficiency. To Build best & powerful Product needs best & powerful Tool. This 400 millions usd dollars Tool helps us build advanced Product that other software company CAN'T. While other Cloud Internet Companies invest a lot money in Hardware, Servers, Network Resources -> High Price. We can customize Office to fit businesses in a country.
- Investors should not invest, money back if Product Development without 400 millions usd Framework written on Contract
, a legal binding document. In business is in good faith. Multi millions software Company like Vend has hundreds of developers. But they back & forth, re-invent, lack of experience, most important lack of Innovation. While Start-up a few good men will build product better.

A Story: Facebook when a small start-up building social media Facebook, at that time, Yahoo was a very big 100 Billions dollars Internet Company, with tens of thousands of software developers. At that time, early in 2000s, My Space, a social network, very big, worth nearly 1 Billions dollars. Yahoo, Microsoft was very much in need a social media network. Yahoo wanted to buy Facebook for 1 Billions of dollars, but rejected by CEO Mark Zuckerberg when he was still living in an Apartment. Finally, waiting for at least 10 years later, in March, 2016, Yahoo bought Tumblr, a social media network for 1 Billions dollars. Tumblr is also built by a Start-up company. Why did Yahoo 100 Billions dollars Internet Media Company, tens of thousands of developers build themselves a social network, very important strategy for their business? - With 1 Billions dollars they can build software anything? - Why did they wait for at least 10 years later, and spent 1 Billions dollars to buy a social media built by a Start-up? -> In software business is not easy ! -> All is about Talents. Without Talent and Innovation, even Billions of dollars can't help. - Yahoo today gone, was sold in 2016 for 5 Billions dollars, used to valued more than 200 Billions dollars. A lesson is learned for any size company without Innovation, without Talents, even Billions of dollars can't help.-> This kind of Story we hear over and over again.
Every year, Silicon Valley spent
50 Billions dollars to invest in Start-ups. Even some of Start-ups have only prototype, ideas, not actual Products yet. Almost big companies came from Start-ups, like Facebook, Apple, Alibaba, Google, Yahoo, Twitter, Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon ... CEO of a big software company said:- The thing keeps us wake up at night is some Start-ups some where at the corner in the world, comes up a new product that will disrupt or change the established (tradition) Industry.

How Can I as an Investor Invest in Office?
If you are in Local Toronto, we meet you. If you are around the world, just send us both Email. Then we send you a Link to our Pay Pal Account. OR, we Text Office Pay to your phone. Office Pay is the first Payment by Text on Mobile. You touch on the Link, open Office Pay -> Fill Credit Card. As Investor, you are automatically hired for our Office Franchise. See you. Thank You.

 Contact us: both email: ddanpros @ hotmail .com - NetthruOffice @ gmail .com - Subject = Let's Talk.

- Click See iPad Vend Pos. - Same but difference Design, Look & Feel. Office has more features. Click see: Office Menu Pos Design

For example, Vend has no Table Management, no Mobile Pos, Mobile Order, Office Card, Office Order Management ... We look at many Pos Systems, Vend builds the best Pos on the market.
NOTE: So far, Investors invested 100 millions in Vend Pos. It received 20 millions USD from Peter Thielís Valar Ventures and Square Peg Capital. https://blog.vendhq.com/post/64901824985/vend-raises-20m-funding-round-co-led-peter-thiels-valar-ventures-square-peg-capital. Recently Dec, 2016 Vend Pos also received many other funding: 9 milllions, then 13 millions, 60 millions, and many other rounds. CEO said Total value at 100 millions. https://pitchbook.com/newsletter/vend-secures-9m-investment.

What is the difference between feature [Park] in Office and [Park] in Vend Pos? -> We don't Copy. We use our own Innovation.

In Vend Pos, [Park]
is: When a customer buys, Cashier adds items to Cart. Then customer forgets wallet in car or at Home. He/She goes get it. The Cashier temporary [Park] this sale in History of Sales. When customer comes back, Cashier retrieves the sales and Check-out -> Pay for this order.
This case in Office,
just Check-out the order, even customer does not paid yet -> This sales in Office Order Management with Status = UnFulfill. You put a Note at this sales = Customer forget wallet, will come back. If Customer not come back, you [Void] this sales. If come back -> Staff do [Pay] at OOM touch [blue Pay Button] this Order n enter customer payment amount. Done. -> Set Status = Fulfill. -> Re Note this sales.

See DEMO here:

In Office, [Park] is: When One or a Group of Customers buy something like food, drink .. sit at a table -> Then one or many of them repeat ordering many times. When order taken, Office first [Park] orders in [Table]. -> When Check-out, touch [Pay] from [Table] for a whole Table includes many repeating Orders of one or many customers. See photo of [Table]. You can Split into many Orders.

How You Use Office.

Customer/ Staff: At Table T1, Add-to-Cart many items -> Park to Place order. After Park, Order#123 is in Table T1 in Table Manager. And also Order#123 is registered for Data Analytics in Office Order Management. Done this order. -> Repeat next order of Table: Add-to-Cart, Park to Place orders. Done!

Only Staff: Touch [Table] -> Select T1 to check Items, and [Pay] when customers @ T1 check-out, pay @ Counter.

Other Businesses, not Restaurant, Coffee Shop: Customer/ Staff: Add-to-Cart -> Pay this order. Done. The Order#123 is registered in Office Order Management for Data Analytics. There is [Pay] button on top menu.

Same as Vend Pos: Touch [Group] -> List of Items -> Touch Items to select its Item Options (small size, medium ..) -> Add-to-Cart -> Select Qty -> Pay.

=> That is it How You Use Office. Customers any age can use easily. Just type web address. No Download, no Setup, no Register, no Installation App.


- No system lets Cashier check-out Payment on Mobile like Office, include: PayBy, Change, Tip, Coupon, Note, Discount, Email/ Print receipt. Fast, Simple & Easy in one screen. No back & forth.

- Cashier opens Check-out Payment. Customer Pay @ counter $100, Total = $54.8 no enter.
-  Staff Select Pay By Cash/ Credit -> Enter Customer Pay = 100$. Office auto calculate & update Change = $45.2 -> Staff gives Change to customer. -> Customer got Change, gives Tip. -> Staff enter Tip, Coupon -> Select Print receipt. Both Email / Print ok. -> Everything OK, touch Pay Now. Receipt print. Done!

- One screen. No jump back & forth.
- Check 2 required fields: Payment, PayBy are  entered. The rest Option.

- Office Table Management for Take Order, Self-Order, Payment fast, easy 2 Steps.

Step 1) Use Office Menu, Customer self-order, Staff take orders Add-to-Cart . Step 2) Orders in @ Table Manager -> Pay that Table. Done.

Table Manager: - Keeps track Orders & Payment by Table. Server & Kitchen Staff know easily -> Which Order Item belong to Which Guest @ Which Table & Seat.
An Active Table:
- Is a Table currently used by Customers eating, not paid yet. After paid, this Table will not be seen at Active Table Manager.
A Ticket Number: is the ordering food Item used for preparing food like seen in MacDonald. When a food Item is already prepared, staff touch Ticket Number Button like [77] -> Status = YES.
Self-Mobile: - Is the order by customer used their Mobile Phone or given a Tablet. No need waiting for server. Place order anytime. Has icon Mobile. Staff Take Order, must Login first.
Customer can't see [Tablet] on Menu, only Staff.
An Order: - Has 1 or many Items. A Table have many Orders. Guest keeps Ordering. After Place Order, in-store Orders in Table Manager, in Office Order Management for Data Analytics, Calculation Tax, Total, Revenue ... NOTE: Online E-commerce Orders, Mobile Order Pick-up will not in Table Manager in-store only, but in Office Order Management, process Payment from OOM, just touch on blue Payment Button -> Pay. Office Order Management is where All Orders in-Store, Online, Mobile are stored. From OOM, you run Daily Reports, Data Analytics, Daily Total Sales, Tax, Revenue... and other Reports.

How It Works? 3 Guests come in restaurant, sit at Table T1.
In store, there is a sign to show simple Instruction of Self-Mobile and Website Address. Which also helps promotion business online. And E-commerce, Mobile Order if provide in future. Guests can always ask for server but may take time when server is busy for other Guests. All Orders include Self-orders First Come First Serve based on Ticket #

Staff Kat Lee Login Take Order, see pic #1 for Guest 1 = Japan Raman Soup, Item ID= #451, Ticket number = 71 @ T1/S1 (Table 1, Seat 1) -> Create Order = 152 -> in Office Order Management
Then Kat Lee Take Order, see pic #1 for Guest 2 = Pho Beef Meet Ball, Item ID= #335, Ticket number = 72  @ T1/S2 (Table 1, Seat 2) -> Create Order = 152. -> 2 x Items in Order 152.
Guest 3 used Mobile Self-Order used its Smartphone = Japan Soba Noodle Soup, Item ID= #450, Ticket number = 75 @ T1/S3 (Table 1, Seat 3) -> Create an Order = 153 -> In OOM.
NOTE: Guest 3 can use his/her mobile phone take order for other Guests in table.
- After finished eating 1st Order, Guest 1 @ T1/S1 used Mobile Self-Order = Bread Sandwich, Item ID= #506, Ticket number = 77 and Orange Juice, #476, Ticket number = 78 -> Create Order 155 In OOM

Each Guest and their order Items identified by Seat
. Guest can order anytime by themselves using their smart phone. They continue order, like Guess T1/S1.
After finish meal, Guess Check-out at Counter. Cashier open Table Manager at menu
[Table] see pic#1 -> Open Table Manager see pic#2 -> Touch T1 open T1 Total = $29.94 -> Touch [Pay] and enter @ Payment = 35$ given by customer, then enter Tip, Coupon. See pic #3 of Payment -> Touch Submit.  -> Return Change = $5.06 to customer. T1 Closed. No see. Ready for next customers. See pic #4. Done! in 2 simple steps. After paid, Table T1 Closed for next other customers. All Orders are registers in Office Order Management for Data, Analytics, Total Revenue, Tax ...
See Photo
of Product, Server. Other System don't.

- Tracking: Staff Kat Lee, Order Time, Order ID, Total, Quantity, Price, Table/Seat, Item, Ticket, Item served ... See her photo & Food photo. No Pos System has done this.
- In kitchen
, Chefs used Tablet or Mobile -> Touch on that Table T1. Know: -Which Food Item @ Which Table is Served =YES or Not Yet. Staff touch button Ticket # [77] = YES, bring food served Guest.
- All Devices: Laptop, Tablet, iPad, Mobile, iPhone, Android, Samsung ... Everything fits good. Staff & Manager used Mobile, Tablet: Take Order, Track Orders, Take Payment .. like Mobile Pos.
- Office cost less, because System Design Enterprise Framework, Efficiency, Optimization Resources, Robust, Fast, Large Scale .. No Framework could cost $1000 / customer = No Profit. Internet Company paid a lot of money for Network Resources, Hosting, Hardware ... Use high-end Technology Framework reduce Cost $$$. Our Cost / mo / Client = very low.
Office has done 80% of
Work, Operation, Tracking Orders, Pick-up, Delivery, Pos, E-commerce to Mobile Order ... Collect a lot of Data for Data Analytics. Much more efficient than 50K Manager. Help Businesses leverage their potentials using Cloud & Mobile, and bring their business to the next level, large scale.
Office Requirement: A Tablet, iPad, or Smartphone, or a Touch Laptop, PC + Pos Printer. No need Pos printer if Print from Credit Card Terminal.
: Login Cloud Office website -> Setup Products -> Use. Step & Step  Manual inside.

How about other Businesses like Retail, Nails & Beauty Salon ...?

Table Management is by design for businesses that have a Group of customers, sit at Table, repeat orders like Restaurants, Coffee Shops. Which helps easy keep track Orders and Payments. For other Businesses like Retails, Nails & Salon ... that don't have a Group of customers, usually have each customer will pay for each own order, including many items on 1 x order -> Then Office Order Management is used. For example, Using Office Office, A Retail Store scans each Items in 1 x Order of a Customer. This Order is in OOM not Table Manager.

A Nails & Beauty Salon & Spa have 20 customers in service in store is using Office.
Staff write down the services of each customer they serve, like 1 x Manicure, 1 x Pedicure.. on paper. Most Nails Store are doing like this. After done service, Staff gives the paper of this customer to Cashier @ Counter -> Cashier use Office Menu:
Step 1) - Add Customer Info in system. Touch on Menu Icon [Add Customer] (see pic# Add Customer). - Step 2) - Add-to-Cart each service Items on paper: Item#1 - Manicure, Item#2 - Pedicure... in 1 x Order of this customer. -> After Add-to-Cart, Cashier touch on button [Pay] on Menu -> Select Pay by Cash, Credit Card, Office Card. Done! Not [Pay] from Table Manager. Order 123 in OOM. Can also do Payment for Order 123 at OOM touch blue [Button Payment]. See pic# OOM. Then Cashier returns Paper to Staff for record. Customers don't do anything.

What You Can Do with Office Order Management (OOM):
 Manager see Photo of Staff in OOM. Can run Total Sales of each Staff today, a week, month, in From Date -> To Date in OOM. Run Reports Today, From Date to Date. = List all receipts (order, invoice) in Detail (see pic$). See OOM Data Analytics. Search customer Name, Phone, Order in OOM. For example, Type Name = Helen, will Search and List all Orders from Helen.
IMPORTANT: From Office Order Management, 1-Click, you send Office Pay to customer's Email or Phone Pay by Pay Pal the amount on Order.
All Orders in Store Orders, Online E-commerce, Mobile Orders Pick-up, Delivery ... in Office Order Management.

Usage: Login Cloud Office website -> Setup Products -> Use. Step by Step Manual inside.

Office Requirement
: A Tablet, iPad, or Smartphone, or a Touch Laptop, PC + Pos Printer. No need Pos printer if Print from Credit Card Terminal.

A Business said: - I don't need to buy any extra hardware. Cost too much. I can use my Mobile Phone as Pos. My Credit Card Terminal used as Pos Printer. When customer pay @ Counter, I open [Pay] -> Enter Amount -> Submit -> Print at my Credit Card Terminal. Done!
I used to print on my Card Terminal in my Restaurant Store when use paper, no Office.
If you are other Businesses, like Nails & Spa, you do like this: After done service, customer pay @ counter. You use Office Menu + Smartphone:
1) Touch [Add Customer Icon] on top Menu if New Customer. A lot businesses after many years, still no Customers Database. Good use for Email Marketing, Customer Retention, Marketing & Promotion. A big lost.
Touch Add-to-Cart services you do, like 1) Manicure - $30 2) Pedicure - $25 3) Haircut - $10.
Use Office Product Catalog Builder create Product, Price first. Office Menu main Screen display 50 - 100 Items Favourite, often Sales for easy Select.
When Customers @ counter to Pay. Or, Staff with Phone come to the Customer. Cashier: Select [Pay] at top Menu. Enter Amount of customer. -> Submit -> Print receipt. Done. Return Change to customer. OR: Just Email receipt. No Print.
4) Any time, End of Day, use Office Order Management to Track All Orders in here, Search by Name, Phone & List All Orders of Customer, Run Reports, Get Sales Data of: Total Sales, Tax, Revenue, Staff, Product, Pick-up, Delivery ... That is it. Simple & Easy.

A Restaurant said: Before, we ran Restaurant, Staff used Paper + big stand Pos + Card Terminal can Print. Now use Office, we don't buy extra anything. Staff used Phone for Take Order and Pos + Card Terminal. Customers can order use their Phone. We also have online business E-commerce, Mobile Order any time we want. Office Menu Catalog always opens for Marketing.

A Retail Business said: Use Office, First, We use Office Product Catalog Builder create 100 Products & Services, its Price. When customers Buy Products & Services, We use Office Menu: Add-to-Cart -> Pay -> Print. Done! Use Office Order Management for Sales Data, Data Analytics. Done! Easy understand.

- No need expensive hardware.
- Just: Smartphone + Card Machine

- No Need. Office Phone more features. Easy carry a whole Office Mobile Pos onsite Client.
- Phone -> Add-to-Cart -> Pay. Done!
- Click See iPad Vend Pos

A Nails & Spa Business said : "- We have learned lesson. Doing Business must keep track good records, receipts, staff, customer, data. Then you don't need worry. Peach of mind. Office easy learn."

A Customer said : "- Never see any restaurants that let customers to use phone to order faster than to wait for server. Sometimes waive servers few times but they ignore to server other customers. Specially restaurants reduce their staff, customers wait long time for serve. Not good service."

Another Customer said : "-This restaurant lets me self-order by phone, which makes me order more at my finger. I type their website address or touch App Icon open Menu -> Place order. No download 100mb software app on phone, out of space, then used only few times, no install, long time back & forth. I make shortcut App icon on my phone. Next time touch on it open Menu. So easy any one can do."

A Business said : "- Point of Sales -> Should do more. A new begin. We have a better tool for doing business next level, large scale in new Digital Economy. " 

Another Business said : "- Tax man is watching, knows everything. Our first audit, we hang in all paper. Not clear and transparency. We got estimation with big penalty. Now we use POS to keep data clear and transparency." 

- Click See iPad Vend Pos
- Same but difference Design and Look & Feel. Office has more features. For example, Vend has no Table Management.

=> Step 1) Staff Login their their website to Take Orders. Customers Self-Mobile Order -> Type its website address, use Smartphone or store Tablet. When use Office, you are given Your Own Website address installed with Office, used for E-commerce, Mobile Order, Pos... Make shortcut App Icon on phone. It is Cloud, just like use Online Banking. PC software no more.

This Step, Customer/ Staff: Add-to-Cart -> Park to Place order. -> Continue Place orders.

- Only Staff: Touch [Table] to check Items and Pay.

Office anywhere in the world: - Email or submit Form a Domain name your choice, like JennyStore.com -> We install Office website. -> You Login your own Cloud Website, like, www.JennyStore.com/jenny = no one knows your Login address, extra security. -> See a Login page Use our given UserId + Password, Enter to Login -> Setup Products -> Now You, Customers can Use.
NOTE: Make shortcut App icon on Phone: [Setting
Related image ] at right top corner Chrome browser -> [Add to Home Screen] -> Type Name = Login.  

HOW Place Order? - At an Item -> Select [Item Option], such as, Sizes -> [+/- Qty] 1, 2..-> [Buy Now] button Add-to-Cart.
: Main Menu Screen first open, display 50 - 100 most favourite often Sales Items for easy select. Use Office Product Catalog Builder Tool, you can setup which Item displays on Main Menu screen in order to take orders fast.

- Open Table T2: Has 2 Guests sit at: T2/S1, T2/SA. Staff touch on button Ticket 18 = YES for served.
- T2/S1 already served. T2/SA waiting food item.
- In kitchen, Chefs know: -Which Food Item @ Which Table is served or not yet.


=> Step 2) Only Staff can open Table Manager touch on [Table] at menu. See pic#1 -> Touch T1 see List Orders in T1. When Item ready for serve, touch on its Ticket like [332] = YES. See pic#2

- One Guest
can take order for other Guests in Table using its mobile phone.

All in-store Orders in Table Managers and in Office Order Management. Staff, Customers Continue add-on as many Orders use Step 1).

- Tracking Staff Kat Lee, Order Time, Order ID, Total, Table/Seat, Item, Qty, Price, Ticket ...
- Sort by T/S. First is the latest order.
- See her photo & Food photo. No Pos System has done this.
- Ticket Number = The ordering of orders


- Top Menu, touch Add Customer icon -> Take Customer info

=> Cont. Step 2) Customers Check-out, Pay @ counter. Cashier opens Table Manager -> Touch T1 -> [Pay]. Done! -> Paid that Table.
=> Paid By Credit Card -> Select Table T1 -> Pay. Done! -> Same like Cash. Then give Credit Card Terminal to customer Swipe / Touch like Restaurant with POS.
Almost stores had this.


Cashier @ Counter
: Open Table Manager -> Touch T1 -> Pay -> Enter amount -> Paid. DONE!
Before: Look at Paper Bill, Match Price, back & forth ... a lot time.

Office changes the way Pos taking orders. Big stand Pos now becomes small Mobile Pos, flexible, anywhere. - The first kind. Millions of all kinds of Businesses and Stores in the world are looking for new Pos to extend business next level, big scale in the Cloud & Mobile Economy -> A new beginning.

- Office -> Table Family 6 Guest + 10 Items -> Enter amount -> Done. No Paper.
This Tradition Pos:

- C
omplex, take a lot of time back & forth.
- Fix big stand.
- Manually Input Data.
- Human errors
- Paper Bill = 5000$/y.
- Can't
E-commerce, Mobile Order built-in.
-> Pos used as
Register few Data.

Maybe no need POS.

- What if a Table 6 Guest +
-> Input, Human errors.
-> Staff back & forth serve
Repeat order -> A lot of Items order,  on Paper > Long time.

Office take orders, collect a lot of Data, Products, Staff, Sales, Photos, DateTime.. in system, so fast & simple 2 steps. No manually input.
=> Cashier Smartphone, Tablet just: Open Table Manager -> Select Table -> Pay -> Enter Customer Amount -> Submit -> Done!
=> Business just needs: Office + Pos Printer.

After paid Submit,
T1 is not seen at Table Manager, ready Open for next customers.

All Orders are registers in Office Order Management for Data, Analytics, Total Revenue, Tax ... See Order 155 @ Table T1 = Bread Sandwich + Orange Juice by Self-Mobile Order.

- Online E-commerce Orders, Mobile Orders Pick-up in here OOM, but not in Table Manager.

Customers: Enjoy food -> Continue place orders anytime By themselves or By Staff. When Staff bring foods to their Table/ Seat, Staff verified Orders at right T/S. After finished, Check-out at Counter -> Paid: Cash, Credit Card, Office Card. Done!

Chefs: Look up @ Table Manager -> Know which Orders of Which Table/ Seat customers are Served or Not. Ticket Number tells him Orders in Table First Come First Serve, is Served or Not.

Bosses, Managers: Use Mobile, Tablet -> Login anywhere, at Home, in Office, Hotel, Vacation -> Look up @ Table Manager, Office Order Management -> Know everything in store. Know every each of Orders in, Total Sales, Revenue, Staff service, Product Items Sold, Data Analytics ...

Server Staffs: Relax, Less Pressure when store busy, easy Train -> Place Order @ table, Look up @ Table Manager, Serve food. No mistakes. -> More Productivity.

Office has done 80% of Work, Operation, Tracking Orders, Pick-up, Delivery, Pos, E-commerce to Mobile Order ... Collect a lot of Data for Data Analytics. Much more efficient than 50K Manager. Help Businesses leverage their potentials using Cloud & Mobile, and bring their business to the next level, large scale.


We are:- The Business, the Investor, the Stakeholder, the Customer. Software like Car. We want high-end cars built by best Technology & Engineers & Scientists. * We want software that is Powerful, Fast, Large Scale, Enterprise, for millions of Users, Affordable, Solid Framework Foundation first. Then build anything, UI/ UX, Screens, Features, Whatever Add-ons later *. So simple but a lot of companies still build software without Framework. Quality is number # 1.

Office is built on 400 millions USD Framework. We Can Do It.
NOTE: Office just used 400 millions usd Framework.
No company
that has 400 millions usd to build just a Framework. This is a Framework is worth 400 millions usd R&D by a big multi billions Cloud Software Company for their Cloud Software Product. See Framework below. If your Managers don't know Framework, build software without Framework -> Not too late, because software is built for the next 20 years.

Framework - Most software design, build no Framework. Framework is so powerful, scale, a solid foundation, a new way of Software Design & Architecture. That's why "big" Corporation spends & invests 400 millions USD in R&D to build Framework, a new way of Software Development of big Corporation.
NOTE: Small software business few millions - Tradition Software Design, no Framework, Technology used currently over 20 years.
Office is built on 400 millions usd Framework for the next 25 years.

We are the Business:- The Investor, the Stakeholder, the Customer. We don't know much about Software Design & Architecture, Data Driven Architecture..., not our job. But we understand Software like Car. Any car can drive you from A -> B. But we want high-end cars built by high-end Technology and best Engineers & Scientists. * We want software that is Powerful, Fast, Large Scale, Enterprise, for millions of Users, Affordable, Solid Foundation Framework  first. Then build anything, UI/ UX, Screens, Features, E-commerce, Pos, Database, Business Applications, Mobile Apps, What ever Apps, Whatever Add-ons later *. So simple! But a lot of companies still build software without Framework. Quality is number # 1.

We are a Start-up: "-
Before, we build software, re-invent, self made, self create our own way, my way. No Framework. No choice, we build new software development on Framework. Developers must Update their skills. -> After having this 400 millions usd Framework built into our Products is like having 400 millions usd investment in our R&D and Product Development overwhelmed our competitors completely. That's why we said we build software same quality as 100 millions software company. Save big Time & Money. Quality is number one."
NOTE: A lot of small & medium sized software companies from few millions dollars. Their software product development R&D around 5 millions. This Framework 400 millions R&D is huge big deal for Cloud Software Product Development.  A lot ot customers complain Cloud Software Product is slow, not powerful, a lot problems, even store has 1 or 2 staff use. Can't Mobile Order, can't Mobile Pos.

A School: "- We have around 6000 Users of full-time Students Login using our system for their assignments, exams, school works, labs, upload files, check marks, check time table scheduling, resources, registrations. Our Cloud Network Center costs tens of thousands + IT maintenance. But still a lot of problems, students can't Login when busy time, concurrency, online Payment still not advanced, still line-up, slow access Network Resources. Cost a lot of money to maintain.

A Computer Scientist Professor: "- When I teach in school as a Part-time Professor, I talk a lot about new way of Software Development, Framework, Data Driven Architecture.. only 5-6 years old, very different with traditional Software Design & Architecture at least 20 years old. A full-time Professor whom I work very closely, after listening to my advice, he agreed this Technology should be teaching as Advanced Programming Courses. But he hesitates because this Technology is new, hard to learn, different way with traditional coding, students may not like it."

We are the customers: "- When eating at a local restaurant using a Cloud Pos system, the restaurant server gave us a Tablet to place order. Store has around 800 in-store customers plus 10,000 customers Online Order and Mobile Order, and other activities. But the Cloud Order System is so slow to execute our orders, bottle necks, like traffic jam in Queue waiting. - We ask the store how much cost. They said at least 10,000 thousands for Online and In-house Customized Cloud Order System. Need System Efficiency, Resource Optimization, High Performance. -> Small & Medium sized Businesses are NOT Big Company that can afford Server-Farm Cloud Center cost hundreds of millions of dollars, installed Worldwide. Although still having a lot of challenges in modernizing and applying Technology, we admire this Store Restaurant thinks big, leverage Cloud & Mobile Technology to expand its business. Good for them! "

: Computer Scientists build 400 millions usd Framework know very well these problems. Developers no need re-invent write code solve these problems and many other problems. -> This 400 millions R&D is not just to solve Traffic Jam, Bottlenecks, Software Performance problems, there are so many Add-ons Features, Security, Libraries, Mobile, UI/ UX, API, Web Services, Data, Database, Connection Pool, Design & Architecture.. that thousands of Computer Scientists & Developers work hard add on values in this Framework.
Just 5 millions dollars, a small software company can afford to hire 100 developers paid each 50,000$. Thus 100 millions dollars can afford to hire 2000 software developers. Some people said 400 millions usd Framework is nothing... What do they know?

A computer scientist said:
" - I write code this Framework for 6 years, still keep learning, coding every day. So much to learn. Some people have no coding Framework's experience...  said they know Framework. "


- Cloud Center's Server Farm from big company used for Hosting their Cloud Software as Service (SaaS), E-commerce, Cloud Website..

Run All-in-One Office in One App on Laptop, Tablet, iPad, Mobile (Android + iPhone), easy, convenient for Business & Customer.

People Type Website of your Business -> Go.
- Easy make an icon short cut on phone. How?
Open phone's Chrome type Website Address -> At Setting top right corner see ... -> Select Add to Home Screen -> Type Name App: Office App. Done! See square icon on Phone Screen like Download App.

No 100 mb download on phone of customers using few times / year. People already store alot selfie photos, videos on their phone, out of space on their phone, then Login, Register, Waiting, Installing ...
-> A big Software Project can have different Apps written by different Computer Languages i.e. App1 written by C# .Net, App2 by Framework, App3 by Java, App4 by Python... and all Apps work same / different databases Ms. SQL, Oracle, MySql ... many databases. It's OK

-> People say can't because either they don't know or they want to take control Project.

- Large Software Project is made up by different Apps, host in same Cloud Environment. Each App can be written by different CS Languages, and access different databases, CRUD (Create, Read, Update, Delete) run, work on different Databases, or same Database. For example, Php App, Python App, Framework App work on same 1 database.

- Framework is a modern way of software development, very different write code with tradition way self-made, self-create. Framework doesn't teach in College nor in University. Not in official Curriculums. Best practice & A Must, whatever big or small your Web Development, Cloud App, E-commerce, Pos, Mobile App, Business Application, SaaS (Software as a Service) ...  You need Framework. Then build your software, application on top Framework. Just need one Framework.

NOTE: Framework is Back-end. Most Mobile Apps are built Front-end by small & medium sized companies, easy upload on App Stores, no Framework on App Store. No Cloud Center.

Management simply asks: Does our software have Framework?
- The Back-end
Most Mobile Apps are built Front-end only, easy upload on App Store. No Framework? - If not, why? - What do you know about Framework? - Show me your work 400 millions usd Framework? Why should we listen to you? - Not too late Get It Right.

We are the Business, the Investor, the Stakeholder, the Customer. We don't know much about Technology, Framework. Our job is the Money. We see any Products as Color, Look-and-Feel, and Like It or Not. We hear & trust all kinds of Developers blah, blah, blah. Now we understand software like car. All cars drive you from A -> B. But, there are low-end car 20K and high-end cars 200K. We want high-end cars built by best Technology & Engineers & Scientists. ** We want software that is Powerful, Fast, Large Scale, Enterprise, for millions of Users, Affordable, Solid Framework Foundation first. Then build anything, UI/ UX, Screens, Features, Mobile App, Whatever Add-ons later **

A Start-up:"- Before, we build software, self made, self create our own way, my way. No Framework. No choice, we change, update Framework for whole software product.
-> After having this
400 millions Framework into our Products is having 400 millions usd investment in our R&D and Product Development overwhelmed our competitors completely. That's why we said we build software same quality as 100 millions software company. Save big Time & Money. Quality is number one."

A School:"- We have around 5000 Users of Students using our system for their assignments, school works, labs, upload files, registrations. Our Cloud Network Center costs tens of thousands. But still a lot of problems, students can't Login when busy time, concurrency, can't access Network Resources, very slow. Cost a lot of money to maintain. Even not 5000 students use Network at the same time.

Most experienced Developers write code in traditional way are scare, shy away from Framework. WHY?
- Because experience developers who used to write code in my way, get used to code, to work with my way for many years. This is my way, my experience. Now they are told to do this way, write code this way, Industrial Standard Design Patterns. It scare, don't like it, could lost job. Because Developers have to learn new way of design software and code. Framework is not easy to learn, to write and to adapt.

I work with many Software Development Teams from big, medium, small sized companies -> They begin update code in Framework. Design Software in Framework, you must have experience in Design & Write code in Framework. Some Team, Project Managers don't have experience write code & design software, became software design.

- Choose The Right Framework: There are all kinds of Frameworks, some created by Developers, some Frameworks free ... -> Can you name a Framework that costs 400 millions to develop ( A 400 millions dollars Framework). Now under maintained by a big public software company.

NOTE: We design and wrote traditional way using Java. Then no choice but rewrite in Enterprise Framework. We can see big different, like Build low-end car 20K vs. Build high-end car 200K.
I spend years write code in Framework and Tradition Coding, I understand -> While the Investors, Management, HR, Managers never write code in Framework will not understand.
 My Way is alot easier than Right Way.

Some Developers under pressure said :- I Design & Write code in Framework. How can we know? - You don't know unless you design and write code in Framework. Need to ask right questions verify.

For example, "- Listen to some one, who don't know Framework, said about Framework blah, blah, blah ..."

For example, " - Our best top senior experienced developers said we build software no need Framework." 

All kinds of Cars drive you A -> B. Which one the best? All kinds of Framework made by all kinds of sized companies. Which one the best. Choose one. Just one not enough time to learn. We choose 400 millions usd R&D Framework. The most expensive Framework. And we have built Cloud App Office from scratch use this Framework.
Not other Frameworks, all kinds of Frameworks, blah, blah, blah Frameworks,
spaghetti Frameworks. Not all Frameworks created the same. Framework made by few developers. Shareware Framework. People talk all kinds of Frameworks, but not actually code build one ... Very confusing to choose the right one, no time for others. After doing Research, we choose this 400 millions Framework from a multi-billions public Company.

For example, some Developers said:- We use Node.JS Framework. Node.JS is not Framework. Node.js is a script langrage, like Php, Python, .Net, C#, Java, Visual Studio, Net Beam, Eclipse, Packages, is not a Framework. Code is not tested, not follow the right Design & Architecture. It is not 400 millions R&D Framework. A company invests 400 millions R&D, used language like JAVA to build a Framework -> It is a 400 millions Framework we talk about.
Case Study: A Billions Cloud Software Company build the next generation Cloud Product Lines used by millions of users, .i.e. E-com, Pos Apps, Database Apps, Business Apps. A lot problems:
1) Developers each writes different codes do same 1 task. Thus 100 Developers write 100 different ways to do same 1 task. Thus 1 Task x 100 Duplications. Cost 100 x Times & Money x 1000 Tasks duplications (not 1 task). Duplication made software Fat, not Lean not Efficient. Re-inventing the wheel = A Developer doesn't know that Task already written by another developer of other Product Owner can't easy access. Developers keep secret code, other stuff in their own Group.
Use Framework, use only 1 good best practice, optimized, tested Code, API, Lib,  for that Task, hundreds of Tasks,  for hundreds of developers, for  every one. No re-invent. 2) Developers use Open Source, tons of codes not Tested, not Quality, put into Projects. 3) Not Large Scalability. Not Enterprise. Not extended beyond. Don't Know How. 4) A lot Bugs, Time & Money Trial & Error, Fix. 5) Hundreds of Developers write code not Industrial Standard, not best Practices. not Optimize Resources. Security. No good performance. No good Design Patterns. 6) Manage Development, back & forth.
Transaction Management, Data Access Management, Bottle Necks, Database Resources Management, Memory Management ... When you have huge numbers of users to Open Database, Access Data, Millions of Transactions from Users and Concurrency (at the same time) over Network, such as, Place Orders, Check-out, Update Data, Process Data. Developer's Nightmare. This "big deal" 400 millions USD is about.

A business said
:- ** We want software that is Powerful, Fast, Solid Framework Foundation, Large Scale, Enterprise, Affordable first. Then build anything, UI/ UX, Screens, Features, Whatever Add-ons later **

NOTE: That's why 400 millions USD Framework is about. We talk about 100 millions of Users with less cost Hosting, Hardware & Network.

In Conclusion. The company then invests 400 millions R&D to build a Framework. Their Developers & Computer Scientists use Java, or .Net, C#, tools like Visual Studio, Eclipse, Net Beam to build this Framework to make sure their Developers do the right way, code tested, re-use, large scale, high performance ... Use same Framework for all Product Lines, all Cloud Apps used by millions of users.

- NOTE: This Framework is used in recent years, compared to Java 1995, .Net 1999, C#  2000, Php 1994, Python 1989 more than 20 years. These are computer languages, not Framework. Then Computer Scientists use one of these languages like JAVA to develop Framework, which has: LIB, API, Architecture, 3-D MVC Model-View-Control Architecture, Data Model, Database Resources Management, Memory Resources Management, Transaction Management, Data Access Management, Remote Resources Access Management, Design Pattern, Web Services .... Developers used to write themselves, invent the wheel, to code these things for their Cloud Application -> Using Framework, they use Framework's Functions, API, Lib provided by Framework Availability, already Tested, high-level R&D, Solid, Power, Scalability, Enterprise. You still write your code use Computer Language, but follow their way of Architecture & Design, use their Functions, API (Application Programming Interface), LIB (Library).. My Way is alot easier than Right Way, because you have to follow the Design Patterns and Architecture, like satisfy ISO Standard Certify (International Organization for Standardization). This Framework is called: "Modern Enterprise Architecture" described as:"- Web Application Development and Management Services in Large Scale and Enterprise, a means of accelerating the delivery of Business Applications in the Cloud. => That why 400 millions USD R&D for. " - Who don't like it are most experienced Developers.

Ask smart question: - Good! Have you written Code and Design software in Framework at least 5 years, not from reading nor from slide nor from listening to people? Show me please. If not then What Do You Know about Framework? -> You ask people who don't know, don't like, bias, even more dangerous. No good judgment.

-> Why waste Time and Money to build low-end car? - Get It Right at the Beginning! Or else, Design -> Re-Design, Trials & Errors again and again.

Hundreds of Developers and Computer Scientists + 400 millions usd dollars invest build this Framework.
They must know more than we know.

-> Leadership: Developer Team build software no Framework. Project No Framework already get started. None of Developer knows Framework. What should you do? - 64K advice -> Your money. The only big losers are the ones with money, such as, Business, Investors, Stakeholders, Customers.
-> This Framework by Design is also the most powerful platform for
Web Services.

- A Scientist said: "- Our job as Scientist like Doctor, tell people something we know, whether they Like It or Not. Like It -> Take It, Do It. If not, Don't Do It, Open -> Learn. No hate, take it easy. I have been make ends meet, ups & downs in middle class 20 years in tough multi cultures city Toronto, work with all kinds of people, whites, blacks, yellows, ethics, I understand all kinds of human communications, not just one."

- Office Order Management on Mobile.

- OOM on big Tablet screen. *Click see*

- @ Home, in Office, Vacation, Login, See & Check Order in instantly. Check Staff.

- Inv = Stock Inventory that Item after sold. Example: Inv = 4 means 4 items in stock now after this sales. Place supply order.

- Track Server and their Services -> Calculate Total Money Server Get Paid and Total Server made from Doing Services. Example: Find How Much Tina Server generated from Doing Service Today, this Week? (85$ in this bill) - List what Services, DateTime she did Today, Week ..?

- Office is built on 400 millions dollars Framework. -> This Framework is used by multi-billions Cloud Software Company to build their Cloud Apps for hundreds of millions users to use.

There are all kinds of Frameworks,
some created by Developers, some Frameworks free ... -> Can you name a Framework that costs 400 millions to develop, now under maintained by a big public software company that used to build their Cloud Apps. -> It is distributed for Developers to build their Cloud Application?

- What is the most important Design Patterns of this Framework?

Other people, HR, Management, Bosses ... don't know. Not their jobs. -> But as Leaders, Managers, Developers who are responsible for Software Development. But you don't know this Framework, not talking about Write code, Design using this Framework -> You are not up-to-date, still in tradition.  

- This is another good advice for you free. Take it. Get It Right from the Beginning. Not too late.

- Another advice show you the Gold Mine. Take It -> This is the Framework by Design also a powerful platform for Web Services. Stop reinventing the wheel. Developers Copy alot Code from Open Source (untested code - 1 person test vs. 100 millions people test), Cut & Paste in Project, Fix, Trials & Errors & Fix .. Some Developers during working day no code. But then suddenly hundreds lines of code paste in Project.
<- For others, ask simple question we show you.  All is about *Open Mind* to learn. Your Time & Money, choose what ever up-to-you.

A Professor from Japan said:
- " Thank you very much. We teach our students use this Technology. Like It or Not = A must. Can't ignore Framework 400 millions dollars in R&D. A Modern Software Development. Tradition hard to Beat. Mindset hard to Change. Choose: My Way or Right Way. "

- A Developer said:"-
What a loss I build software self make self create, no Framework. Feel sorry for companies I am responsible to build their products. I don't know. They don't know. This Framework, Hundreds of Developers plus 400 millions dollars invest in R&D build this Framework. And we don't know how to take advantage of it. We live in the world full of fools. Thank you show us right direction."

- A Business said:"- What is Framework? We don't know anything. We listen to Developers blah, blah ... Now we understand software like car. Any car drives you from A -> B. There are cars made low-end car 20K, and cars made high-end car 200K need special high-end Technology & Engineers. We want to build high-end car.  The big loser is the Business."

- A Start-up :"- Using this 400 millions Framework into our Products is like having 400 millions usd investment in our Product Development and R&D over our competitors. Save big Time & Money. Quality is number one."

A Scientist Professor:- " A multi billions Cloud Software Corporation invests 400 millions dollars on a Framework Technology as a Foundation for Cloud Apps build for hundreds of millions of users to use. This Framework is built by hundreds of Developers & Computer Scientists. So either you & your Developers are smarter than them. Or they are smarter than you. Compared to such huge of resources invest in Framework, just like "frog in the well". I work, code in this Framework about 6 years still alot to learn. Someone just read 6 days know everything. => We build Office on this 400 millions Framework. Why you can't?"

- Should Software Product has Standard like International Organization for Standard ISO for Manufacture? -> Very hard! If follow Framework Architecture, most software are disqualified.

- But in Digital Economy, Cloud Economy, Cloud App "spaghetti" is very harmful for business. WHY?

- Office is Design & Code using this 400 millions Framework Design & Architecture.

How long to learn this Framework?
At least 6 months. Need a Developer experience this Framework to Learn right way faster. No learn on Local host. Deploy real-time on Cloud Center.

- Must hands-on Code. No reading.
This Framework works only
one way, no My Way. If design not right will not work. A lot of Time. This is the Modern Enterprise Architecture, Cloud App Development, increasing vey popular.

- It works with all kinds of Front-end Scripts, Mobile built on top.

- Take appx 6 months to know Basic, Architecture, Design, Deployment..

- A Developer said:- I have been Coding, Architect, Design this Framework for 6 years. Still a lot to learn. Very different with tradition way of coding. You must follow exact Framework Architecture & Design. It used as Back-end. It works with all kinds of Front-end scripts like JQuery. HTML5, CSS, Java Script, Ajax, Node.js

A Business said: - ** We want software that is Powerful, Fast, Solid Framework Foundation, Large Scale, Enterprise, for millions of Users, Affordable first. Then build anything, UI/ UX, Screens, Features, Whatever Add-ons later **


- Office Order Management -> Touch on blue button [Payment] -> Popup this UI Payment -> Take Payment from customer @ Cashier.
- Customer gives 100$ for order Total = 97.18$.
-> Staff enter 100$, Tip = 5$, Coupon = 2$. Then Give Change = $2.82 to customer.
- Finally, Staff touch [Submit] save data, [Print] receipt, Close [X]

- Feature: Mobile Check Staff Login on service

- David D, a Canadian Scientist Professor, grad. McMaster Univ Canada. Click see my cheque.

He is main Architect, Design, Write Code every thing from scratch
->  From Front-end to Back-End, Database Design & Implementation, CANDO (Collect Data, Analyze Data, Normalize Data, Design Data, Organize Data. See 100 E-Business App Database Design ),  Enterprise Languages, Write Code in **Enterprise Framework**, Mobile App Design, Web Services. Strong engineering professional skilled in Database Architecture, Requirements Analysis, Enterprise Software, E-commerce, and Enterprise Architecture and Development of Cloud Applications.

He said:
- Easy Said than Done! Good Product Design must have strong background coding from Front-end, UI/ UX to Back end Framework, Database.

Hire high level Developers: Show me your Design -> Few questions like:- How long you get done this Screen/ UI similarity? -How about back-end ? - How you do it? -> Then I know what Developer's level are. But HR, Others don't. No necessary interview back & forth. No school test. -> I design Screen Front-end display & Back-end Design Database Tables, Get Data Database Coding, write code in Enterprise Framework (others tools not sure) in 3 hours. -> I design, write code so many screens. I know what Steps & Times Get It Done. But others don't know. I also help Developers solve problems, Algorithm. -> A big Software Project can have diff Apps written by diff CS Languages, work same/diff database. It's OK

What level? - We build software, look at alot design medium & big software companies. The Level we design & build same as 100 millions software company. -> In Software Design is not about Money, not Like It or Not, but Talent. The competitors ahead, customer's expectation behind. -> Design & Re-design, Trials & Errors cost a lot money.

Regret?- While I am working for a Global Company abroad, in Jan, 2018, a Canadian College in Toronto wanted me teach at their school. But I can't leave my responsibility. I lost a good opportunity and good pay and close to home, and pay debt. The Global Company's HR knew. 

- The Middle Class Capital Asset: is the Metric to measure the Wealth of Population of a country, the Healthy of Economy, and the strength of Middle Class, not the Millionaires, Billionaires, not the GDP, nor the Working Class. Because obviously, the country has the Majority of wealthy Middle Class is the Rich Industrialized Countries or the Rich Development Countries.  

At 2016,
after subtracting liabilities, the average Middle Class North American US & Canada had assets worth $186,000 USD (EUR 152,510).
 Put them the richest Middle Class in the world.
For example, a Canadian Middle Class bought a Home in Canada, ave Home Price = 500,000$, deposit 20% = 100,000$, plus, 100,000$ in other assets, like Cash, Stock ...Thus Household Asset Ave approximately = 186,000$ USD.
: $186,000 USD is ave Asset of Middle Class Household of a whole country. Household Middle Class in big City also has different Assets with Household Middle Class in different regions. A property in big City is big different with a property in countryside. Middle Class Vancouver has assets above 1 millions dollars.
By way of comparison: average per capita assets in Western Europe Middle Class (G7 countries + Non G7 countries) came to only 71,265$USD  (EUR 58,600) Make North America Middle Class the Wealth Upper Class in a global comparison to other countries.
- In G7 Industrialized Countries Middle Class: US 1st, Canada 2nd, Germany 3rd, UK 4th, Japan 5th, France 6th, Italy 7th.
- China
Middle Class Assets at US$ 50,000.
- Japan
Middle Class Assets at US$ 132,145. Ave Home Price a whole country in Japan = 337,000$ usd (35,760,000 yen). Ave Home Price in Greater Tokyo =  29,580,000 yen appx = 247,120$ usd. Compared to Greater Area Toronto (GTA) appx = 785,000$.
- Ave Home Price in UK appx = £227,871 (277,416 $ usd) rose 2.7% in April 2018.
- Ave Home Price in German  appx
= £260,000 (316,615 $ usd) .

The House Holds Millionaire: the metric to measure the Family Wealth Asset in Millionaires of a country.
US rank Top # 1 has the most House Holds Millionaire in the world, Canada rank #5 followed by China #2, UK #3, Japan #4. - But if compared to population, Canada rank #1 only 36 millions population, compared to China 1.4 Billion, Japan 130 millions, US 330 Millions, UK 66 millions.
- Capital Asset = Anything of value that can be converted, sell into cash, such as, Home, Car, Stock, Bank Acct, Cash ...

- The Working Class Minimum Wage is the metric to measure the Improvement of Poverty, the Poor, the Working Class = Big Help directly.
- In Industrialized Countries, Canada in 1st, minimum wage = 15$ / hour, 2,400$/ month, 28,800$ / year, UK = 7.83 EURO (9.50$ usd), Japan = 8.0$ usd (822 yen.), South Korean minimum wage = 6.64$ usd (7530 won.) up 16%, Taiwan minimum wage = 4.50$ usd (133 TWD.) = 750$ usd / month, China minimum wage = 2.9$ usd(18.70 Yuan) = 464$ usd / month, German = 8.84$ EU (10,71$ usd),  in US = 7.25$ usd. => Make Canada Working Class like rich Middle Class in global comparison to Non Industrialized Country's Middle Class = Double their Middle Class Income. For example, Middle Class China ave Family Income = 10,220$ usd / year; =
> That's why Canada is the best country to attract immigrants from around the world.

Author: Use Data, no comment. Data self-explain, help people see thing differently. That's why scientist used Data Communication as new Human Communication, reflects the reality. Location, location, big city or small town, where you live will make a big difference not only for you, but also for next generation. I had a friend in Vancouver 20 years ago, today he is a millionaire, worth 1.5 millions dollars.
A scientist said
: - Simply because Where He Lives. He used one simple way = Just Buy 1 x Home to Live. (Today easy said than done) -> Salary helps pay Living Expensive + Have Fun. Stock is a gamble. Since he bought that Home, 2 x times big Stock crashed. Home is a piggy bank helps make your Wealth Growth in a long run. => The ultimate Return from Home is 3 x Something. Not just Home Price but also Freedom + Free Rent. Not Home Price but the later Bigger.

Vancouver Housing vs. Toronto Housing - 20 years ago, Home Price in Vancouver even was cheaper than in Toronto. Then it slowly goes up. In 2017 while Home Price in Toronto up 33% in peak April, 2017. But in BC, Vancouver home price was cooling down to 21% started sometimes in Oct, 2016, because of new Housing Regulations like in Toronto introduced in August, 2016. As a result, started in October, 2016, Home sales down 40% - Home Price Price dropped more than 21%, and continued cooling in many more months. In February 2017, Vancouver Home Price went down even less than in Toronto for the fist time. After 1 year, same Housing Rules introduced in Ontario, Toronto, after peak in April, 2017. As a result, like Vancouver, Toronto Housing is still cooling as seen today, not recover yet.
When Housing cooling, dropped very fast in first few months, then cooling in a price range.
In Toronto peak at April 2017 = 916,567$ -> Then down in few months June, July.. drop very fast .. in Aug 2017 = 732,000$ -> in Sep, 2017 = 775,546$, first time Home Price rebound up 6% in Sep, 2017 since April, 2017. -> Nov 2017 =  789,104$, Dec, 2017= 730,217$ -> in Jan, 2018 = 736,800$, in Feb, 2018 = 767,818 -> April, 2018 = 784,558$. So Vancouver Housing cooling 1 year before Toronto, then recovering. But Toronto still cooling now. April, 2018, Look up peak April, 2017 = 916,567$ -> Down 132,000$. Look down March, 2016 = 668,000$ -> Up 117,000$ -> Only around 15,000$ different.
NOTE: - Home (not Villa) most expensive -> Town Home -> Condos.

=> In Feb, 2017, Home Price Toronto = 876,000$, Condos = appx 500.000$ ( April 2017 = 518,879$ ). But in Vancouver, ave Home Price = 830,000$, Townhouse = 675,500$, Condos = 526,300$. -> The first time, Home Price in Toronto more than Vancouver.

Overall, Home Price Vancouver after cooling down 21%, then slowly recover. Today Vancouver price even more than before. See Home Price Vancouver in Feb 2017 vs. April 2018. Like Vancouver, Toronto home price cooling 15% from 33% up peak in April, 2017. Give back 1/2 gain. Toronto March 2016, Home Price = 668,000$ -> Up 33% April 2017 = 916,567$.

Today, in April, 2018
, ave Home price in Toronto = 784,558$, Town house = 633,000$,  Condos = 533,407$ (Downtown Toronto = 572,391$). Vancouver in March, April, 2018, Condos = 723,827$, Town house = 966,220$, ave Home Price = 1.1 dollars. Which makes all Middle Class Vancouver millionaires, with capital assets above 1 millions dollars ( not 186,000 $).

A 64 K question: " - Scientist! Could you tell me How Long Vancouver Housing recover to its peak and UP more? If Apply in Toronto, Could you tell, WHEN, HOW LONG Toronto Housing will recover to its peak in April 2017 = 916,567$ and UP more, like Vancouver ? - Even Top Analysts from Financial Institutions tell negative about Toronto Housing. But I feel so good, want to buy more Homes when read your Blog. Thanks! "

=> Answer: - No need to thank. You can make Millions of dollars in short time if Get Right answer that question. Need smart people around the table. In Financial Crisis in 2018, Stock crashed, most big multi billions Financial Institutions, big Banks nearly collapsed. Although they have a lot talent Economics, talented Financial Analysts. No one could analyzed crisis coming. Big Financial Institutions like Bear Stern, Lehman Brothers value hundreds of billions dollars bankrupt quick & fast in just few weeks, after many decades in business. When stock crashed in 2000, 2008, like tsunami, quick & fast & furious. Investors ran for exit. A small Investor in crisis 2008 said: - Even try to sell @ Market Value, no Buyers, only Sellers - Contradict listen to people that can sell @ Stop Loss. Portfolio built up many years from 60K (could deposit buy home at that time Home Price also bubble low. Now profit = 300K) -> 20K quick & fast & furious -> Finally, just few days,  sold out every thing, exit. Done.
Use DATA + A lot Data Set than in this Blog,
We can forecast, answer question, but can't tell you. But we show you quick sample of Vancouver Housing Recovery, and the similarity with Toronto Housing. We don't want speculation in Toronto Housing. We are Computer & Data Scientist, trained in CANDO (Collect Data, Analyze Data, Normalize Data, Design Data, Organize Data). You don't know value of Computer & Data Scientist -> Blind. Even in Collect Data is hard, because you could collect Garbage Data. => See we CANDO at top left frame corner: 100 E-Business Case Study & Data Diagram. - We Collect Data -> Design Data of Pattern & Behaviour -> Analyse Data, Forecast.

A question: "- Scientist!  WHY in Toronto, when Home Price at very high in Jan 2017 -> April 2017, alot people line up to buy home, multiple offers higher current home sales price. A lot of stories like this online, TV. But now, Home Price went down, not a lot people buy home?"
=> Answer: - Housing Investment, buy Home is like Stock. It is about Psychology, Greed & Fear, Emotional Intelligence. When Home or Stock is hot, up, people greed, jump in, buy more. And Home Owners became millionaires, don't want to sell their home. = Greed. People don't sell when Stock up, greed, because they think price will be higher. -> More Buyers less Sellers, Supply/ Demand. -> Thus push the price higher like stock market now. But when price goes down like Home or Stock, people fear, lack of momentum (greed), lack of Buyers. -> Thus they don't want to buy, out of the market because of Fear, even Price low. Toronto is a big City, 2nd after New York, Center Financial Hub of Canada and North America, richest in Industrialized Countries. A lot of people have money, Good paid Jobs, first time Home Buyers, Foreign Buyers, more coming Canada new rich Economic Immigrants,  new Comers waiting for a right time, Housing rebound -> Then they jump in, buy Home -> Thus push the Home Price up like Vancouver now.
=> What happened to Housing Market could happen to Stock Market.

As Computer & Data Scientist, we look at Data, can see (analyze) Pattern & Behaviour of Objects like People, Stock Market, Housing Market, and Object's Events, Activities -> Use Data Science, we understand well by trained, by instinct, the Patterns & Behaviours of Objects. But other people can't see, can't understand. Data Science (not Emotional Intelligence) is applied in HR, Management, People Skills & Management (use people), Problems Solving, Sales, Business, Investment, Home, Stock... We advise:- Nobody Can Time the Market, even Bill Gates, Warrant Buffet said that. When you want to buy, just buy. If you wait for the right time, the market already up fast -> You miss the run.

- The Middle Class in US & Canada is the richest in the world, ave Middle Class Capital Assets 1st = 186,000$ USD
- Japan in 2nd = 133,000$ USD
- Western European in 3rd = 72,000$ USD.

- Source: From Global Wealth Research in 2016.
Canada Working Class has highest minimum wage = 15$ / hr, 28,800$ / year
 Canada Working Class becomes the richest Working Class in Industrialized Countries, and the rich Middle Class in caparison to other non Industrialized Country's Middle Class in the world.
In ratio by population, Canada rank #1 that has the most
Family Wealth Asset in Millionaires in Industrialized Countries G7, and in the world.

Household Debt (Middle Class Home Owner), which is Consumer Debt like Credit Card + Mortgage Loan mostly, is high in Industrialize Countries. Household Debt was a main cause of the Canada, U.S. and European economic crises of 2007Ė2012, Stock Crashed in 2008.
=> In Industrial Countries, Debt
means leverage, good debt, like Mortgage Debt. Much better. -> Make you work harder pay Debt, less fun. In the end, you have something.

- Industrial Middle Class Life Style Home + 2 x Cars.

- In Non-Industrialized country: - People live by Rent or in Parent's basement = No Mortgage + no Property Tax + no other Home Expensive. Drive bike cycle = No car Loan + no Car insurance + no Gas. Can afford drink a lot beers. People understand why Industrial Middle Class work hard, and a lot debt.
In Globalization
, Open Trade, Goods & Services & People & Prosperity move across globe, a lot of Industrial Middle Class travel thousands miles away from home, go working abroad (not settlers) for Global Company's Offices in order to make ends meet. Even for a Canadian Middle Class 20 years, who leave home, and leave opportunity working abroad. -
> They Understand their (after tax) Net Salary = Cut 1/3 pay for extra Rent & Food, when not live at home. Although there are companies pay for  Rent Expensive. Rent in a big Asia City apx 650$ - 850$ usd / mo, same as Master Bed Room Home for 1 person. A person in Toronto, working in a big City Asia said:- Eat-out Food + Transportation + Misc Spend = 500$ usd / mo.


Update: May, 2018 - Updating.

Take Order & Payment just like Paper Bill, but written on Mobile, Tablet, Laptop *Click see* on big Tablet screen.

 Click see photo & analyst: Vend Pos Design vs. Office Menu Pos Design update pic: April

Both Design look different, but achieve same result as Pos. Without analyze, people see Office Menu Pos is not doing, not look like Pos. Office Menu Pos does exactly as Pos, does exactly as Vend Pos, the best Pos on market, with a lot of resources, 100 millions dollars investment. Office Menu Pos is modernized do multi tasks.  Office Menu Pos by Design is not just a Pos Take Orders, but also a Pos can Sales & Marketing, E-commerce, Mobile Order, Mobile Pos. The Challenge in Software Design & Architecture is the seamless Integration of all Devices: Laptop, Tablet, Mobile Phone, and the seamless Integration of Technologies: E-commerce, Pos, Cloud, Mobile into All-in-One. Which give an unique Customers Experience multi tasks, easy & simple.

Use Vend Pos: Use Product Tool to Create Item with Price... Then Organize your Products into Group like: Clothing, Accessories. -> Then Add Items in each Group. -> When Customer in store only Buy Item Cotton T-Shirt White:
1) Staff touch Group Clothing List all Clothing Items. Touch Item see popup Item Option select Sizes. Touch Small Add-to-Cart.
NOTE: Office Item Option smooth slide down under, when touch an Option, Price + Title changed, harder design, no popup, no jump back & forth screen, but smooth slide Option, no refresh screen, good for Mobile, can open many Item's Option on screen. Different with Vend Item Option popup windows center screen, can open only one Item Option.
-> 2) At Cart, Add +/- Qty. Find more Items, touch 1,2,3. Can't swipe Vertical, Horizontal like Office.
Vend Pos iPad only. No smart phone Mobile
. It is used as POS only. Nothing else. See new photo open multi Item's Options.

NOTE: Vend Pos is the best Pos (Point of Sales) on market with 100 millions Investment. It received 20 millions USD from Peter Thielís Valar Ventures and Square Peg Capital. https://blog.vendhq.com/post/64901824985/vend-raises-20m-funding-round-co-led-peter-thiels-valar-ventures-square-peg-capital. Recently Dec, 2016 Vend Pos also received many other funding: 9 milllions, then 13 millions, 60 millions, and many other rounds. CEO said Total value at 100 millions. https://pitchbook.com/newsletter/vend-secures-9m-investment.

Use All-in-One Office: Use Office Product Catalog Builder Tool to Create Items with Price, Photo... And  Organize Items into Group like: Bun & Soup, Drink, Gift Card, Shipping ... In/ out Store, online, Customer Buy Item = 3 x Japan Ramen Soup, medium
-> 1) Staff/ Customer Touch Option & Promo button see popup Item Option Sizes. Touch Medium price change from 6.0 -> 7.5$
-> 2) Add +/- Qty. Finally, touch Buy Now Add-to-Cart. See photo smartphone.
All-in-one Office System = E-commerce, Catalog Website self-update, Mobile Order Star Bucks pick-up on the GO like Drive-Thru pickup, Online Sales & Marketing, Staff / Customers Self Take Orders, Office Gift Card, Office Pay, New POS system, Mobile Pos Take Order with smart phone anywhere, Sales Data & Analytics, Tablet/ Mobile Order Management...
Note: Can setup display How Many Items per row. Default Items / row spread according to screen's size of Laptop, Tablet, Mobile.
Why Menu?
2 x Menu Screen changed different in Public (Customer Screen) and Private (Staff Login Screen: has more Features for Staff used. People can't see, can't access). Menu is used not just for Pos, but also for E-commerce, Catalog Website, for attracting customers to Online Sales & Marketing i.e. On Sales Items, Hot Items, New Items ...(a must), for easy scroll Find & Select Item when see photo. When get used, staff know exact location that Item on screen. Customers place order see photo appetite.
Office Menu Pos
makes easy to provide & track: Gift Card, Coupon, Online Booking, Shipping Local & Global, Promo, Delivery & Pickup. For example, Use Office Product Tool Builder create a GROUP = SHIPPING -> Create many Items = Pickup Item ( Price=0.0, Title=Customer Pickup  like other Item ) , Local Ship Item, International Ship Item... Then Add Items in Group -> Create many different Options of Pickup Item. Customer select time pickup in Group Shipping -> Pickup's Item Option. See on Cart + Print Receipt + Office Order Management.

New update Price: One Payment or Monthly Payment. Contact Us: NetthruOffice@gmail.com Subject: Lets' setup

Investor Relation
: We welcome all kinds of big, small investors. Not about money but about support.
NethruOffice@gmail.com Subject: Lets' talk
In any country, 90% are Small Businesses, Mom and Pop store, Home based Businesses ... in millions, while medium & big Businesses with few hundreds of employees in thousands. In US & CANADA alone not including Global, there are 35 millions of small businesses. Companies value in hundred of millions dollars had approximately 15,000 -> 20,000 customers or 0,0005 % of US & Canada market. And 7000  -> 10000 customers will value company at 20 millions dollars. Pos, Ecommerce, Cloud, Mobile .. are the main tools used by Small Businesses.
While large
ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), Enterprise System cost a lot of money, tens of thousands dollars used by medium & big Businesses.

NOTE: There are Internet companies, not only no profit but also lost a lot of money, value at billions of dollars.

- In any county, 90% are Small businesses.
- 7000 - 10000 Small Business customers could value company at 20 millions dollars.

A different Manager, a different Business.

- A restaurant Manager operated a restaurant for 7 years. Everyday, he followed steps, repeated same tasks as usual. Business as usual has been established like this. No thing new in 7 years.
All-in-one Office System = E-commerce, Catalog Website self-update, Mobile Order Star Bucks pick-up on the GO like Drive-Thru pickup, Online Sales & Marketing, Staff / Customers Self Take Orders, Office Gift Card, New kind POS system, Mobile Pos Take Order with smart phone anywhere, Sales Data & Analytics, Tablet/ Mobile Order Management.
Very different
with Tradition POS System on fix stand like Dumb Terminal used by Staff only to input orders Paper Bill
A tradition Manager
said: - Store, Restaurant used to be this way, POS System used to run this way, since we open store. Why change that way? - Industrial Revolution, Technology Revolution with IoT, Cloud & Mobile, Innovation Digital Economy can't not change the way we do business in Tradition Business Small Scale.

Cashier of All-in-one Office
- A different Manager said: - Office System leverages our business full Potential, Automation, Efficiency, Innovation, open store every where, in people's smartphone, reach out large scale in New Digital Economy. Customers Pay no tip. Who want serve pay tip. We know which order is taken by Staff or Not. Good service. They love it. -> So efficient, Revenue Up. Save big Time & Money. Today, the cost to run business is high. Businesses are more comparative, more efficient, more innovative, customers more smart, technology more advanced, automation, affordable, we can't afford not to change.

- Another Manager said:
- We stuck with Tradition POS do nothing for so long. It is just used to enter orders, few data. We don't know if we lost money or something, because of human errors, bill mistakes, cheating. Big problem. Office Take Orders fast and Get more Data, Track Data than my old POS. Now All-in-one Office has all Technologies we need to run for our small business.

The Top Management said:- We have never seen any restaurants that run and operate like this Office. Do you? -  For other types of businesses like Retail, Nails & Salon Business, Mom & Pop Store, Home Based Business, Office System are used the same as Restaurant, alot easier. Most important the whole modernization doesn't cost a lot money. Easy said than done. A lot of changes. Giving a little resources, we should recognize his efforts to modernize business better.

- A Different Software Product Design -> Product Innovation has evolved like Smartphone mixed, combo, bundle with Internet, Camera, Photo, Message, Apps .. not like tradition phone many decades ago.

- A Different Business: Big Corporations diversify their business, expanse customers base, sell a lot of  things in consumer products, very different with their core business.
For example,
Microsoft core business is software, also sells Laptop, Tablet, Phone, even Mouse.
core business is Search Engine, also sells Driverless Car, Tablet, Laptop... Google invests in R&D, in many Start-ups that had nothing to do with their core business.
used to sell Mac, Computer Hardware, also sells iPhone, iPad, iTV many other consumer products. The Sales Represents when spend a day to sell not one but few products at same time, cross selling. -> Save Time. Increase Revenue and Productivity.

In any country, 90% are Small businesses, Mom and Pop store, Home based Businesses ... in millions. While medium and big sized Business with more than 500 employees only in thousands ... Just US & Canada not including Global, there are 35 milllions Small Businesses. Pos, Ecommerce, Cloud, Mobile .. are the main tools used by Small Businesses, while medium & big businesses use ERP large Enterprise System cost a lot of money, tens of thousands. Companies value in hundred of millions dollars had approximately 20,000 customers or 0,0005 % of US & Canada market.

All-in-One Office helps business leverage potential, apply not just Cloud but also Mobile, like Mobile Pos, Mobile Order

Customers enjoy Take Order used Mobile + Tablet. See Promo. No wait for server.

- Tradition Pos on stand.
- Staff input
Qty, Look up Price each of many Items on Paper Bill -> Time + Mistake.
- From
big fix stand Pos -> small Mobile Pos.

- This business is
small scale needs Cloud & Mobile.
-> All-in-One Office
helps business leverage, apply not just Cloud but also Mobile, like Mobile Pos, Mobile Order.

big fix stand Pos -> Smartphone small Mobile Pos, Tablet, Laptop

NOTE: Change needs Knowledge, Experience, Innovation, and Mindset to change & accept the differences. Not easy. So even manager wanted to change, but could not, because lack of knowledge, experience, innovation, lack of Staff can implement changes. Fear is also the main factor why not Change. -> But if a person opens mind and learns then he/ she can change.

Then the restaurant hired a new Manager. Business unusual. He made a lot of changes, the way of doing business.

=> He main architects, writes code in Framework (a must), Front-end, Back-end, Database Design, builds from scratch:

Summarize Cloud Office System's main Features + Photo worth thousands words. Run One App All-in-One Office on Laptop, Tablet, iPad, Mobile (Android + iPhone), easy, convenient for Business & Customer. Type Website -> Go. (no 100 mb download on phone, out of space, Login, waiting, installing ...)

1) E-commerce / Website. Use All-in-one Office, your website now can display on Laptop, Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Mobile. Customers buy use Tablet, Laptop, Mobile = Big difference with old Ecommerce, old Website on Laptop only. If don't need E-commerce then you need Website with Product Catalog. Replace useless static info website no Catalog, better, because you can easy Update, Promo, Marketing. Put message no Delivery only Pickup. Be Creative. Your business is to sell product. -> Thus people visit your website, it should display Product Catalog right away, like Office Menu. Not static website. Click Walmart website, see Product Catalog right away..

- Anywhere, in /out Store, Customers just type website. Done! i.e. www.mycomp.com -> See 40 - 60 most favourite, often, regular Sales Items (for easy see & fast select item when Take Orders. No search.) & Promo Items (Buy 1 Get 2. 10% Off this week), Hot Items -> Buy. So simple & easy, any one can do it.
A different Manager said: - Use Office System, Pay no tip. Who want serve pay tip. We know which order is taken by Staff or Not. They love it. -> So efficient, Revenue Up. Save big Time & Money.

2) Marketing Online Update Product Catalog, Update Price, Photo, Desc, Update Promotion ... and Display Product Showcase online. Allow setup each Item Option (diff Sizes, diff Price), Promotion ( Buy 1 Get 2, Discount 10% this month..) , Up Sales, Cross Sales with other Item. See photo pop-up each Item. Main Menu Screen when open show 40 - 60 (10 - 15 rows) most favourite often regular sales Items, for easy see & fast Select, when customers Buy, Take Orders. Staff setup favourite Items in Product Catalog Builder Tool.
Office Menu good for Online Marketing, Product Show Case, Promotion, Items want to sell, New Items, Hot Items, Cross Sales to customers go to website see instantly. Best Marketing Strategy to reach out people 24/7, anywhere. Other Systems don't have.
=> See big screen Tablet Office Menu. - Click button:  (<- check updating )

3) Mobile Orders for customers pick-up on the GO. No need Drive-thru.

4) Modernize POS, Tablet/ Mobile POS, Customer self take order, Staff Take Order in/out store. Save time & money, efficiency, reduce cost.

5) Data Analytics, Mobile Data Analytics. Anywhere Login Mobile/ Tablet -> Knows & Track business (BI), Total Sales, Tax, Total Sales Orders, Total Sales by Cash, by Credit, Track Pick-up/ Delivery, Track Orders Paid/ Un-paid, Track Details of each Order, Top Sellers & Total Sales of Products and Staff, of Today, any Period... Managers Check Data use Mobile, Tablet from anywhere in Office, at Home

6) Office Order Management Managers & Management Tracks Orders sold see instantly, any where Home/ Offices use smartphone, tablet. When an order is done, already pick-up/ delivery, food already prepared, staff set status = FullFill. Staff touch OrderID see Detail Each Order, Inventory of that item in stock after this order, i.e. Inv:100, Photo of Staff take order + Phone contact, Item Photo, Item Desc, Price, Pickup/ Delivery, Customer Contact, Phone, Email, Address, DateTime, Table/Seat, Print receipt, 1-Click automatic send  Office Pay to customer pay by PayPal if Order = Unpaid... => Can't have alot Data & Photo & Info each Order displayed on Paper Bill, on POS screen like see on receipt. OOM easy track than Paper Bill. OOM the best & fast & smart & mobile Manager.
By default is Today's Sales.
Click GO Calendar anytime see Today's Sales Data,
Total Sales, Tax .. & Analytics. See slide OOM.

7) Office Card Sell & Distribute Gift Card to closed Customers. Eat First. Pay Later. Then Text customers Office Pay for payment. People buy Office Gift Card online, in store. Quick  Tour Office, Office Order Management, Office Card.

8) Office Pay: Office Pay is the First Pay-by-Text Mobile smartphone. Office Pay offers many different solutions of payment: - Pay Close, Pay far away, Pay in Store, Pay Outside Store, Pay Onsite Service, Pay Online, Pay & Print receipt Anywhere, Pay Rent, Pay Loan, Pay Food, Pay Coffee, Pay fee & Register, Pay Deposit, Pay Tickets, Pay Service Fee, Pay Invoice, Pay by Text, Pay Skip Line, Pay Just Walk Out, Pay & Data Analytics. Case Study: See Different Payments of Office Pay
- First Pay-by-Text

9) Office Product Catalog Builder Tool Allows  website Admin Login and to Update & Create New Product Item with Price, Title, Promotion, Upload Item Photo from Laptop, Favourite, Add-on Item Options like small size.. See in photo Item in slide.

10) Cloud Print In store, out store order, far distance order (print after paid), mobile order (after paid) , online order (after paid), and print receipt over Cloud, far distance, to POS Printer anywhere Offices, to owner's POS printer @ Home ..

OR, no need POS Printer, you can use Pos Printer built in Card Terminal rent from a local bank. Because need this Card Terminal for Pay by Credit Card.

Card Terminal built in print receipt. Tap/ Swipe to pay

11) Software Work across Multi-Devices It runs on Laptop, Windows Tablet, Android Tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android Samsung Galaxy Smart Phone ... Even Vend POS with 100 millions investment can't. Read this Blog about: Design One Work On Multi Devices, Data Driven Architecture. We also explain why Vend POS for iPad only, doesn't work on Windows Tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tablet & Android Smart phone, not work on iPhone (few small features like View Report on iPhone only). That's why Vend POS doesn't have Mobile Order, Mobile POS, not run as App on Mobile. It runs on iPad only.
See Office Slide.
Vend POS can't do Mobile App like Office App in slide. ==>

12) No need Tradition POS The restaurant stopped using Vend POS, other tradition PC POS, iPad POS no need. Not necessary. At the End of Day, Month, Year, we get more Data & Analytics than tradition POSYou see the way Office System is used very different with Tradition Pos. All-in-One Office, not just a POS, but also Add-on & Integration new Technology. Office is POS that can Sales & Marketing & Promo, Generate Revenue, unlike Tradition POS Dumb fixed Terminal can't.

NOTE: Office System is very different with Tradition POS, like Vend POS. Even POS System's by Design is different each others. If Office is built like Vend, then of course people will buy Vend System. We try make Design simple, start from Mobile screen first, so that Office can fit in Mobile, not auto fit in. But other POS Sys can't fit in mobile well, because design, they start layout from Tablet screen first. Put many UI Components on Tablet screen -> Thus hard fit in Mobile screen. Too late to change. Students, Developers design software start from big Laptop screen. => Using Office Sys, Managers need to adjust to new way of doing business. Need Training as well.

=> As a result,
the Restaurant operates more efficiency, modernize, hi-tech, smart restaurant, revenue UP 60%.

Case Study - A Story.

Customers Eat in an Office Restaurant in Downtown City:
We sit at Table#6 of 4 people, a Galaxy Samsung Tablet already on Table#6. Peter selected food Items using store Tablet. Maria used her Mobile iPhone 6 placed order pay by store's Office Card -> Then Add food Items in Shopping cart. Tina and Dave used their smartphone Samsung Galaxy placed orders, because can't wait for Peter still search food on store Tablet. Order by Mobile save a lot $$$ for the restaurant to buy Tablet.-> Tina & Dave Add food in Shopping cart on their Mobile phone on separate bill. Then orders sent separately to the Counter and in Kitchen for staff prepare orders. Then staff bring food serving ..
After finish,
we walk out to the counter for Payment. Maria just Walk-out in line, because she already paid by Office Card. While stay in-line is: Peter Pay by Cash. Tina & Dave Pay by Credit Card swipe/touch on Bank Terminal. At counter, a Staff hold a Tablet with Office Order Management (new Version) on. She knows which receipt of Table #6 belong to whom. She touched on record of Peter's Order =12.50$ on Office Order Management screen to Popup UI Data Entry Form -> Then enter the Peter's Customer Payment = 20$, Tip = 2$. Then system Calculate -> Change = 5.5$ she return to Peter + Receipt. Same step for every one. Done!
Pickup/ Delivery:
We also see few customers pick-up orders by Mobile. Staff check OrderID on OOM match ID info of customers.
Staff: A few Staff used iPad, Smartphone at customer table help take orders or to do others tasks. More efficient. Most waitresses said that: -Taking orders and processing orders are most time consuming and annoying. Now Office does it fast & better & efficient.
Before: Staff were very busy, back & forth, service no good, customer wait long time. Staff came to our Table to Take Order, Back & Forth take 15 - 20 min. When busy, customers wait 15 - 20 min. After finish, staff back & forth process payment, enter in POS. In Total Service Time = 30 min / Table. Use Office, total = 5 min / Table.
=> Office System already Take Order + Process Payment.
Office did 80% - Staff did 20%. All Data processing by Office electronically. No need tradition POS. No Human errors,
like write orders on Paper Bill, match price, enter data in POS.
Today, minimum wage increased from 11.50$ - 15$ / hour. Office save alot Time & Money for small business. Good luck.
We never see a restaurant changed and modernized efficiency, fast, reduce cost $$$, like this Office Restaurant.

Customers in another Restaurant use Tablet:- We eat a lot restaurants in the City. We have never seen any restaurants that run and operate like Office System. Do you? - One day we visited a big restaurant. First time we see a restaurant (not Office Restaurant) used Tablet only but no Mobile yet ** by Customers ** in-store to place order. We were given a tablet built-in software made by a software company, very expensive, (Thick & heavy, not like iPad, Samsung Tablet) in order to place order. Store very busy.
-  Like Office System, we add food Items in shopping cart.
Order processing very slow sent to counter & kitchen for staff to prepare orders. After finish, Staff came to our table - OR- Customers go to Counter. She gave us a Bank Card Terminal for Payment by Credit Card. Done. Of course can Pay cash.

-> Compare to Office System has both **Staff & Customers use Tablet & Mobile Phone** Place Orders inside/ outside store, online order, mobile order. Office Produce Catalog has pop up of each Item for Customer to select different Option like sizes, On sale, Cross Sales, Promotion (see photo) that this system doesn't have. Also no Order by smart Phone, Mobile Order, a lot other Office's features.

IMPORTANT: This restaurant has 2 separate System. One System for Customers Place Order on Tablet. We see another Pos System for Staff to register orders. After we paid, Staff got receipt then enter in separate POS, like seen Staff in tradition Restaurants, enter Paper Bill in POS. While All-in-One Office has Ecommerce, Pos, Mobile Orders all integrates in One System.

-> We check company website.
It got 5 millions from few Investors. Design this way is no good. Business must buy Hardware Tablet. Very expensive system to use, not include E-commerce, POS, Mobile Order, Data Analytics, Cloud Print ... like Office.

Compare to VEND Pos 100 millions dollars Investment, Office System has more features, mobile, and Price affordable, unlimited Licenses. No Add-on Register as extra POS terminal. We should give Office System a credit for Innovation, and efforts for helping business better.

Click see photo: Vend Pos Design vs. Office Menu & Pos Design.
Both Design looks different, but achieves same result.
Use Vend Pos: Use Product Tool to Create Item with Price... Then Organize your Products into Group like: Clothing, Accessories. -> Then Add Items in each Group. -> When Customer in store only Buy Item Cotton T-Shirt White: -> 1) Staff touch Group Clothing to List all its Items. Touch this Item see popup Item Option select Sizes. Touch Small Add-to-Cart. -> 2) At Cart, Add Qty. Find more Items, touch 1,2,3. Can't swipe Vertical, Horizontal like Office. Vend Pos iPad only. No smart phone Mobile. See photo.
Use All-in-One Office: Use Office Product Catalog Builder Tool to Create Items with Price, Photo... And  Organize Items into Group like: Bun & Soup, Drink, Gift Card, Shipping ... In/ out Store, online, Customer Buy Item = 3 x Japan Ramen Soup, medium
-> 1) Staff/ Customer Touch Option & Promo button see popup Item Option Sizes. Touch Medium price change from 6.0 -> 7.5$ -> 2) Sel +/- Qty. Finally, touch Buy Now Add-to-Cart. See photo smartphone.

- Can't afford every iPad or Tablet for each customer. Need Mobile Order both: iPhone & Samsung Phone. Software company can't afford. That's why their App run iPad only. (POS Sys is big App not small App)
Office runs on iPad, iPhone, Android, Samsung Phone, Tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Windows Tablet -> Only Office runs on multi devices on market.
Customers don't care iPad or Not, not their personal use of Device, personal App. Need few minutes use to order. DONE.
** Business can't afford many Licences
/ Tablet. Other iPad Pos company, Vend charged 30$ USD each Tablet. **
Only Office Free
unlimited Licences.

Office Smart Automation Restaurant.

What is API, Web Service?
Commands of Web Services called API. Think API (Application Program Interface) is like A Command of web service that allows to do Tasks, such as, Create Order, Buy & Check Out Order, List Customer Orders, Update Order, Check Inventory, Post Shipping, Post (Send) Invoice to Customer, Create & Register Account, Update Account, Import Products, Get Weather Data ... -> A Scientist explains: Web Services is used for:

1) - Interoperability: Open Architecture - Allows different machines, different languages Application VB, Java .. communicates, share data, services each others. Make Applications and Platform independent.
- For example, 2 person talks in different Communication. Helen speaks Chinese to Mark in English. -> Thus Helen needs an Interpreter to translate from Chinese to English. And vice versus, Mark needs another Interpreter English-to-Chinese for Helen. Web services allows Helen & Mark, 2 x Objects, 2 x Apps using a standard communication like XML, JSON, communicate each other, exchange Data without Interpreter. Thus Web Service makes Communication open, easy, simple, standard between Helen & Mark, Client & Provider, Buyer & Supplier, or 2 x Software, 2 x Machines, 2 x Apps in different language .NET <-> Java. And Save Time & Money, no Interpreters for Translating.

2) - Standardized Protocol: Use standardized industry standard protocol like XML, JSON, for the communication.

3) - Web Service is about Data -> Make easy & simple Exchange Data, Collect Data, Return Data, Generate Data, Display Data
using standard protocol XML, JSON. No need design complex Html page, Form, UI/ UX.
For example, users make a request to a serve for Data of Object like Customer, Order, Weather ... Then Server return Customer's Data in XML/ JSON format, easy, simple. So if your business want customers access a lot data, get data easy & simple -> Use Web Services, no HTML web page's using Table display data.

- Users, Customers Get return Data and Display in XML/ JSON format is easier, simple than in HTML webpage using Table. Some situation, Data returned to customers nested so complex only XML/JSON can display. Can't design HTML page, UI / UX to display complex & nested Data.

4) - Large Scale Enterprise System, B-to-B Business Software Apps, Big B2B, B2C E-Commerce.
Large Scale Software System
with a lot Collecting Data, a lot of Data Exchange, a lot of Data Processing, Update Data, a lot of Data Communication back & forth. For example, when you buy something at E-commerce website -> Then Check Out Shopping Cart ( =just a website Form) -> You Create an Order only few Data on Shopping Cart. This is B-to-C Business (Business to Consumers) -> Use Shopping Cart. Not collecting a lot of data. But in B2B Business (Business to Business), a Client Business buy something at a Supply Provider -> This Client Create an Order does not use Shopping Cart like B2C E-commerce. A lot of data collect. -> In B-to-B Business doesn't use Shopping Cart ( = a website Form) but use XML, JSON Collect alot data, Exchange data easier.
-> Business Client has at least 10 times more data than Consumer Client in E-commerce. Each Business Client has Field & Data different each other. Can't use traditional Web Application UI/UX, Form to collect such large data. -> See photo sample of Create an Order in B-to-B. A lot data collect.
=> That's why B-to-B Business Software Application use Web Service. -> Build a Business Application not E-commerce, or A Large Scale Software System a lot Exchange Data & Collect Data, your Application should built Web Service more power.

- A scientist said:- "  I don't like reading. I like building things. I like building software. This Web Service doesn't teach at College, University, even at Graduate Level. Software Developer just came from schools will not know HOW. He continues:- We should Invest, Teach this Technology in school. E-commerce Business modernize to apply Web Service, built-in Web Service. -> Will increase more customers, more revenue extra 40% - 60%, even triple. To build this Big Modern E-Commerce, Developer must have experience in Build E-commerce and in Build Web Service.
Most software company -> Every one, every developer is beginning to learn Web Services
. No one has experience in Web Services before. Self-make, self-create using other Tools.
Modern Enterprise Architecture 400 millions usd Framework is built in Web Services will help Developers not re-invent, save Time & Money. No one knows. -> The way its coding similar to Web Services than Tradition Languages.

For example, you can handle a GET method to perform read operations, POST methods to create resources, PUT methods to update resources, and DELETE methods to remove resources from the server. Almost it used GET, POS, DELETE .. when you write code its functions. Very different with Tradition Coding Languages. A whole Office Product Lines are written this way, like Web Services: GET, POST, DELETE, PUT

Why Framework, code like Web Services, different with code Tradition Language like Python, Php, Java, C# .Net, Node.js, Script?-> Because this Framework by design likes Web Services
1) Because Web Services is for Large Scale Enterprise Software. That's why Framework code used GET, POS, PUT, DELETE like Web Services for Large Scale Application. Only Scientists know BOTH Framework and Tradition Software Design, can understand WHY Framework by design work like Web Services. -> You should know so that can make good decision either you are IT Manager or Management in Office no code. -> That's why Modern Developers should know both methodology of Software Design & Architecture in Tradition and Modern Framework. Listen to Scientists know both. Avoid biases listening to Developers, reading Analysts, Scientists know one. A waste of Time & Money.
2) Because it is built-in Web Service in Framework. No need 3rd Party Web Services Tool. It can display either Json or XML. For example: Display a object or domain Employee in both XML/ Json, you specify in Class Employee. It auto detects which one XML, Json:
@XmlType (propOrder = {"pos_EmployeeID", "fname", "lname", "phone", "email", "address", "title", "photo", "notes", "birthday", "user_id", "password" })
@JsonPropertyOrder ({ "pos_EmployeeID", "fname", "lname", "phone", "email", "address", "title", "photo", "notes", "birthday", "user_id", "password" })

In Controller call 2 different (Data Access Object) DAO's methods Mapping for XML, Json:
@RequestMapping( value = "/ws1/getuser/{id}.xml", method = RequestMethod.GET,
produces = "MediaType.APPLICATION_XML_VALUE)
http://www.mywebsite.com/ws1/getuser/123.xml -> Where Employ ID = 123 in XML format

@RequestMapping( value = "/ws1/getuser/{id}.json", method = RequestMethod.GET,
produces = "MediaType.APPLICATION_JSON_VALUE")

For Security and make sure only Login Staff can access resources, data, Office Web Services API require Authentication & Authorization, so that people outside can't access resources, Data when they know URI or Web Address. Example:
accessKey= 1234Zx23P0^5&userid=1357&password=Hello123 => API Get Data of Employee ID = 123. Where accessKey = Y1234Zx23P0^5 = access Token, Auto generated KEY, at least 10 characters produced when Staff Login. userid = 1357 = User ID Login of a Staff - Password = Hello123 = Password of a Staff must matched with Database. Different Staff when Login has different Access Key.-> Only Staff, who has User Id & Password and only allowed Login can access Data. Hackers, off duty Staff get User Id & Password can't assess Data. But when they Login, we know Who currently Is Login Get Data. No types long URI
-> The API Link auto embed in API Title, like, you Click Here Login Title open Login web page. Otherwise, any one open webpage, type address URI = www.abcrestaurant.com/ws1/getuser/123.json -> GET Data of Employee.

=> See the result of Data of Employee return in both format below.
You can display Employee's Data Json format long lines, easy see. Database = MsSQL, Oracle, MySQL. Format Json is more popular than XML old format. SOAP only use XML and required more resources, bandwidth, more cost infrastructure. SOAP can't use REST but REST can use SOAP. REST use both XML, JSON (light weigh) , HTML (most Office page display in HTML), more used, popular than SOAP. REST is "true Web Services". Framework allows you do many Web Services operations like: - Create New Employee = POS, Delete Employee = DELETE, Update Employee = PUT, Read/ Display Employee = GET as seen. Web Designer no need design webpage, HTML page display data. Common Users can understand. You can also Test Data directly in web browser.

Software Industry is very huge. Internet, Cloud, Mobile, Accounting, E-commerce, Social Media ... made by Software. Software rules the world. Almost top Billionaires, big hi-tech companies like Amazon, Facebook, Microsoft, Google .. came from Software. Every year, Business, Government, School spend, invest billions in Software Development.
Today Software Environment, people take control Project in their Own, or in Group for easy sympathy, support, lack of diverse, different backgrounds, lack of accountability, favouritism... The Big Losers are Businesses, Organizations, Customers, Stake holders. Developers get paid, can always move to another Job.


David.D specializes on different areas of Web Service. Change for the better.
ddanpros@hotmail.com - Or LinkedIn Social Media - Just send email.

1- How-To: - Web Service Open Architecture & Design, Different Types of Web Service.
- Understand & How-to: - SOAP(30% - XML - more likely Statefull. ) -  REST (70% - JSON/XML, Stateless = Scalability, Cache, Light, Fast) - Scalability very important. Today, businesses use more REST than SOAP.
Scalability: - For example, E-commence, Bank website, Web Apps are usually Statefull. Which requires E-commerce keep track tens of thousands users, maintain session, contact with each users Orders and Activities -> Thus Slow, Site easy Break down, Congestion. To handle alot customers, need more servers, networks. Load Balancing. Cost alot $$$ Infrastructure. If Tradition E-commerce can support 100,000 users. -> Your Modern E-commerce built-in Web Service REST Stateless can handle 10 millions users, customers. Stateless no keep track, no wait, no maintain. You request data, REST sent you. DONE.
- For example,
Static info website is Stateless. That's why Static website is very fast, millions of users use, no problem on small hosting, low cost. - Web Application's Login is Statefull -> Because server maintains State of userís information throughout the session until logout. If you inactive, the Web App will kick you out to login again. -> This is Statefull.
- For example, you company build Software as A Service SaaS, Cloud Web Application to provide services for customers. Since your Web App is Statefull, thus you need a lot powerful Servers and Networks, Load Balancing at Cloud Center. Developers write code must solve bottle-neck, speed, performance problems. -> But if you built Web Service REST Stateless will help your Cloud Application handle millions of users, customers easily. Scalability.
=> REST Web Service Good for Design Large Scale Software System with a lot Data,
Scalability, Flexibility, and Performance.

2- How-To: - Software Framework, Languages, API, Protocol XML, JSON, Good Practice Database Design used in Web Service. Understand API. Write code API return Status Code & Message. Such as, Code = 200 success + Msg: "- Success. Record created in database."
How to Create Professional API Help & Document, like Manual. Very Important.
Not only include:
- API Description, Data used by API, such as, What is Data = PartnerSKU for?, API Headers & Content Type, API Params, API Security & Authentication. But also include: Result of API Sample Code Response (after run this API) & API Message (= Status Code return + Sys Message), API Syntax used in diff Languages, like: Java, C#, Java Script.. for Front-end.
: Web Service is Open Architecture, any computer languages of your Software can use & run API. API Help & Doc Good for Developers & Users & Customers. Users & Customers just 1-Click. DONE!

3- How-To: - Web Service Security, Authentication, Authorization, OAuth2, Login User & Password, Access Token, Refresh Token, Client Key, Client Secret, App Key, Encryption & Decryption Key. - Federated Authentication vs. Delegated Authentication.

4- How-To: - Use Web Service Client like Postman and Integration in your Web Application. Learn Postman Tools, such as: Test & Run API, Generate Token, Collection, Environment, Local Variable, Global Variable - Use API with Local & Global Variables -  Embed [Run Postman Button] in website & launch Postman - Install & Launch Postman to Run API on Laptop.
- Learn Installation, Setup Database, Software Tool, IDE and Install Postman for Testing & Running Web Service API on local Laptop, before publish on website.
- How to: Setup Website & Hosting and Publish Web Service and API online for people use. Usually in school, students only learn on Local Host. OR in Environment that the School already setup Database, Server & Network Hosting Website Application.=> As a result, students after finished don't know how to setup & implement Web Service for Business Application. 

How-To: - How to build Dev Center Web Application and Integration with Postman. -> Clients can choose Dev Center or Postman to run web service API.

6- How-To: - Architect & Build Web Service Integration with Web Application. Differences between Web Service & Web Application.
- Design Human Interface vs. Machine Interface (but Human Readable).
How to convert Human Interface -> Machine Interface and Machine Interface -> Human Interface.

7- How-To: - Architect & Design & Build Web Service for Large Scale Software System.
- Apply Framework
(Server side) ! -> Very hard to Build Web Service use Tradition Programming = Self-Make, Self-Create. Waste Time & Money. -> Ask them Framework apply for Web Service. A must. There are few Frameworks - Choose the right one. -> Framework is hard, scary for experienced Managers & Developers. -> But should use FRAMEWORK better QUALITY for FUTURE than satisfy ($$$) Cost NOW.
- Understand & How-to: - Contract First Design Web Service Method VS. Code First Design Web Service Method.

How-To: - Learn Web Service Programming including Database Design & Programming for Web Service. Need experience in Database Design & Program. Who has built & implemented Database Application.
.. More ...

: ddanpros @ hotmail.com - Put in Subject: Let's talk.

Web Service applying & built-in Big Modern E-Commerce a new beginning of new Modern E-commerce applying Modern Web Service Technology. No one has done this Web Service + E-Commerce in simple way that mom & pop store can use. -> Can you See big picture, Prepare, and ahead?


Related image
A Scientist & Adjunct. Prof: Teaching a class: - Web Service for Large Scale Software System and Open Architecture. How? - Learn.

- Any Web Application can add-on, built-in Web Service.
- Learn Architect & Design Web Service.- Learn Web Service Programming.
Apply Framework! -> Can't build Web Service use Tradition Programming = Self-Make, Self-Create. Waste Time & Money. -> Consultant can help for Training & Design in Framework.

=> E-commerce Business modernize to apply Web Service, built-in Web Service. -> Will increase more customers, more extra revenue 40% - 60% even triple. To build this  Big Modern E-Commerce, Developer must have experience in Build E-commerce and in Build Web Service in order to understand.-> It is a new beginning of new Modern E-commerce using new Modern Technology not Old Technology

- You can Test people for their Knowledge, but can't Test people for their Innovation

-> It is easy to find Developers with knowledge, experience. A lot, tons of them. Design what we want them to do. Be told to do
based on their experience, use their experience. But, "be told to do" doesn't mean no Innovation. Like be told to create "content",  but still very need creativity. All you need is one Steve Jobs will change a whole Industry that has hundreds of thousands IT Managers, Developers, Engineers.
See photo
the different Experience and Innovation.

But hard to find Developers with knowledge, experience, and Innovation. You can teach people Coding = a skill, but not Innovation = a psychology.
Can't teach Innovation. Very hard. It has to begin with "Change and Care and Imagination"
Some people don't want the Tradition, the Business as Usual, the existing something. They want to change. But some People who " don't care, let it be. If not broken, why change? Thus, change could break something. " hard for them Innovate. They shut off an area of their brain, which stimulates, makes them innovative.

- Innovation is the key.

Steve Job built Products at Apple.  Which makes competitors out of business.
-> People said, smart phone first came from, invented by Research In Motion (RIM), now is Black Berry.
-> Just only 10 years ago, RIM valued more than 100 Billions. Its smart phone Black Berry had 90% of market, millions of customers. No Apple, no Samsung could compete. First iPhone only came out June, 29, 2007, first Samsung smart phone in June 2010. First Black Berry came 2002.

-> A lesion always learned. No matter how BIG, no Innovation means Out of Business. You need to keep Innovate your Products & Services.
-> Your Products built 20 years ago. Tens of millions R&D. All you need is a Start-up from somewhere, comes out a New Products, which could make your Product became obsolete.

There are Investors invest in established Products. But there are Investors invest in something New, not in some old Products, even it had millions of customers. -> Today is popular. Tomorrow fade out.

-> Customers no loyalty. They are using your Products & Services, but always looking for Something NEW.

- A Scientist said: -You have seen Web Service apply in EDI. I am interested and begin Research & Development R&D in this Big Modern E-commerce apply Web Service. Change the way we shop and sell online. Change the way E-commerce used to be. I also am interested in Apply Web Service POS (= Large Scale Point-of-Sales).  
Many benefits:
- It is Large Scale Modern E-commerce.
- It is easy Shop, Buy, Sell. You shop @ E-commerce site -> hundreds of Click, i.e. Clicks Add-a Item in Shopping Cart.
Each Customer's Click will create pressure on E-commerce System, back & forth. Then x Millions Clicks of thousands customers. VS. Web Service E-commerce, each Customer just 1-Click Order, Flexible, Scale.
- It increases Revenue and Reach out more customers. ->Tradition E-commerce is limited. Big Modern E-commerce will increase revenue 100%, double, triple. 

Experience in Web Service helps understand How to Apply Web Service in your Software System, in your Business Model. Other people, developers will not understand.

I will not disclose more & How-To. Because still in early stage. I welcome big and small funding, any funding from any small or big Investors.
Invest for Research & Development R&D for Making The Difference, Create Change Technology of Future. Not about Money, but about Support. Which helps scientist continue Research and Development, contribute to Innovation Digital Economy.
Vend just a POS software company. It received 20 millions USD from Peter Thielís Valar Ventures and Square Peg Capital. https://blog.vendhq.com/post/64901824985/vend-raises-20m-funding-round-co-led-peter-thiels-valar-ventures-square-peg-capital. Recently Dec, 2016 Vend Pos also received many other funding: 9 milllions, then 13 millions, 60 millions, and many other rounds. CEO said in Total value at 100 millions. https://pitchbook.com/newsletter/vend-secures-9m-investment.

Contact: ddanpros @ hotmail.com - Put in Subject: Let's talk.

- Two students working on Start-up in early stage:- Building first Apple Computer in basement as hobby. At that time, IBM PC computer had already dominance market, millions of customers, billions in sales.

Story of Start-ups
for almost big hi-tech company Billions in values: Facebook, Apple, Alibaba, Oracle, Microsoft, Twitter, Snap Chat, Amazon, Dell ...

=> As you see, Web Service is not only applying in big Software Industries, in E-commerce, Pos. But also applying in mom & pop store, small businesses, restaurants ... in future. -> Change the way doing business much easier & simple, reduce document paper work, reduce cost doing business, faster service, reach out more customers, increase more revenue 100%, 200%, double, even triple.

1) - For example, To collect data like Name, Address for Invoice.. Developers design Invoice Form, Print Label Form, has more than 20 fields like Name, Address, Phone ... Then the Consultant proposed design using web services, API, POST XML, JSON file to submit data. No need to build Form with a lot fields that Customers will not like. This web service API, POST: https://{web_url}/api/2.0/invoice can run at Dev Center or using web service client Postman.
2) - For example, you go online to fill benefits Insurance Application, Driver License .. you go thru many web pages to fill Form. Using web services, you just need 1-Click to run one API, example: https://{web_url}/api/2.0/createaccount. -OR- https://{web_url}/api/2.0/register. Just 1-Click. Done. No need fill many Forms, no fill long Form, no go thru many 15 webpages. -> After finish, you will know your online Application go thru, success or not. What errors? Then you can re-submit.
3) - For example, you go online to fill Benefits Insurance Application. You back & forth 15 web pages to fill data. Use web services, you just need 1-Click run one API, example: https://www.acompany/register. Just 1-Click. Done. No back & forth 15 webpages take 1 hour. After finish, you will know your online Application go thru, success or not. What errors? Then you can re-submit.
4) - For example, A company ABC, inc, as a Client, has software system built in C# .NET. Another company, its Provider, company XYZ, inc, has software system built in Java. Both software system is built in different languages, can't Exchange data, Communicate each other. The Client wants to buy (Create Order) at Provider Java System. But no Web Service, Provider's Java System can't.
-> Then the Provider built Web Services inside its Java Software. Now The Client can buy (= Create Order), Send Invoice, List History of Orders, Shipping, Inventory .. at Provider's Java system. To Create an Order, Client just needs to run an Web Service API at the Provider Java Software System = POST
https://{provider_url}/api/createorder?clientkey=12345Xyz. The Client use XML/JSON (standard communication for exchange message, data) contains its data (see photo sample a Client buy CreateOrder at right => ) in exchange Data (Message) with Provider. -> Now Client and Provider, although different language software system, now can do business together using Web Service 偡nd XML/ JSON as common language of Data Communication.
NOTE: If the Software Application of Provider is not Java, but C# .NET and is built-in web service. Not matter Java, .NET, the Client use XML/ JSON communicate with the Provider's .NET Software System the same like Java Software System.

Web Service is a new frontier of software development.
You can write web service in Java or C#.Net. But usually in Framework better. -> The Consultant is doing a lot Research in Web Service in Java for a while ago, still continue research Web Service in applying Office Product Lines, in any Software Products. Different languages has different way to build Web Service. Need some time to learn & research.

NOTE: JSON gains more popular use in web service, light, faster than XML.

For example, when collect large Data & complex Data with nested sub Data of Data, Array of Data, You can't design very complex Form for Web Application, Website to collect data for that. Waste Time & Money. Only XML/ JSON and Web Service can help Describe & Design & Collect & Submit such large, complex nested Data.

For example, a website collect data for online Application, such as Register and Create Account for Insurance Benefit Application ... You back & forth 15 pages to fill alot data in hours. Cost alot of Time & Money to design such online Web Application.
-> Using Web Service, all you need is a simple Web Service API POS https://web_url/api/register. In 15 minutes. DONE!

Compare Web Service XML/ JSON with FORM used in Web Application, Website:
1) -XML/ JSON like Text Editing, easy Update, change data by Customer. Use Notepad OK.
2)-> Easy use. Easy add extra line Field Data = <CustomerID>12345</CustomerID> in XML/ JSON than Form. -> Thus easy for customers, purchase manager, anyone Add extra Data on Demand. Not fix Form.
3) XML/JSON Collect a lot Data, submit large Data. Light weight.
4)-XML/JSON no need fill data again next submit unlike Form.
5) XML/JSON easy Design in 20 min, like Text Editing. Form is hard design + Write code insert Form Data in Database = 1 day work 8hrs = 480 min. Time.
6) When collect large Data & complex Data with nested sub Data of Data, You can't design very complex Form for that. Waste Time & Money. Only XML/ JSON can help Describe & Design such complex nested Data.



Feature: Payment on Mobile, Tablet, Laptop

Order Taken by Customer or by Staff: Add-to-Cart -> Check out -> Order in Office Order Management.
- Payment @ OOM
on Big Tablet screen -> *Click see*
- All Order Data & Detail in Office Order Management.

- Pay Cash: Customer bought Products (Restaurant) or Services (Nails & Spa), Add-to-Cart -> Check out Pay Order Total =
97.18$. At Cashier, Customer gives 100$ Cash -> Cashier enters 100$ (default = 97.18$ in box) -> Give Change = 2.82$ to Customer. -> Then Customer give 5$ Tip or whatever Tip. Staff don't ask for Tip. -> Cashier enter 5$ Tip + Enter 2$ coupon for next return. = Good Retention. -> Staff touch Submit save all Data + Print receipt of all Items, Desc, Price, Qty, 2$ coupon. Touch Close [X]
- Pay Credit Card -> 1) Staff enter
97.18$ in Card Terminal. Give it to Customer. -> Customer self- enter 5$ Tip on Card Terminal -> Card Terminal do Sum. -> Customer swipe card or Tap -> Paid -> Done!.
2) Next, Staff enter Tip =
5$. No need enter  97.18$ at Form's *Payment box already there. Change = 0.0$.  => Staff touch [Submit] save all Data + touch [Print] receipt of Items + 2$ coupon. Touch Close [X]

=> Different from Tradition Pos to Look up input Price each of many Items on Paper Bill  + key in its Qty -> Calc sum Total, Tax..  -> Enter Customer Payment -> Print. A lot time. Easy mistake.
=> Take Order electronic on Mobile, Tablet,
Data everything Items, Price, Qty, Desc .. already save in system & Calculated accuracy. Just Enter Payment -> Done! From big fix stand Pos -> smartphone small Mobile Pos, Tablet, Laptop.

save in system. Easy Track, easy Calculate from Date -> Date. No lost like Put in tray, easy steal in pocket.
- Card Terminal has cheaper Rate.

- Tap credit card on Card Terminal -> Paid.


Add Table/ Seat, Change Qty @ Cart

Touch Item Cart T? -> Drop a Popup UI Dialog to Change Quantity + Add Table & Seat - If wanted change Qty after Add-to-Cart. Like Vend Pos.

 A lot of small features like this in Office.

Latest: April 1/ 2018

All-in-One Office -> Menu + Search
- A customer said:-  All-in-one Office includes: E-commerce + Pos + Mobile Pos + Mobile Order + A lot features, like Office Card, Office Pay, Office Order Management, Data Analytics ... cost much cheaper. And the Technology used is Enterprise Framework, even 10 years+ experience developers shy away, for robust, solid foundation, powerful, large scale, by pro Developers, only big corporations can afford. Which make a difference between making 20K car and making 100K high end car.

- Another customer said:- Office Menu Pos App is so easy. When in Store, at Home, in Office, On the GO, I use my iPhone, my friend used Android Samsung Galaxy Phone. Mobile is always ready. No Tablet no PC. I Type store website -> See new Promo. Then use Search or easy Menu, and Place order. No jump back & forth screens like other Apps. Done 2 minutes. Simple & easy. I use for order at this store few times / year, not my every day's App -> I never see a small business, not big Star Bucks, can offer this Customer Experience's Mobile.
Video Starbucks Mobile Order used StarBucks Card register & buy by Credit Card/ PayPal:  https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fc-nLMO1iq0 -> Need Register = Hard. StarBucks , 25000 stores worldwide, invests huge money in Mobile. Even hire new CEO implement change from Tradition Coffee to Cloud & Mobile Coffee.
ard = Faster, easy, no re-enter Credit Card again when buy, no wait in line swipe card, no Transaction en use Office Card, no register like StarBucks Card.
Almost Mobile Order by big company required to register their own Card. Because Card save big money on Transaction Fee.
Transaction Fee?
- Every time you Buy online, in store using Credit Card, PayPal  (2.5 - 3%), that business has to pay Transaction Fee for Credit Card company. Only Pay Cash, Pay Card = no Transaction Fee. That's why we said many times: Office Card like your own Credit Card of your own Bank, that can issue your own Credit Card to your Customers. Save big Money for Business, Convenient for Customer.
Office built-in system can Manage & Track Office Card, its Transactions. Can't do by paper.

- Of course
use Office Mobile Order no Office Card, use Office Pay for Online Order, Pay by Pay Pal.
- You buy Office Card online paid by Credit Card, PayPal, or in store Paid by Cash, Credit Card. You get a code .i.e. = X237Yzp -> Buy coffee, any Items -> Check out select [Pay] -> Pay by Office Card. (photo) -> Enter code in Box. Paid. Done. See Balance after paid. Can Check Card History.

Order faster,
Open Office Card History -> Click previous ordered Item -> Load in Cart. See photo.
-> Can't Mobile Order
with Vend Pos, other Pos.
Click Tour Office Card.

- 1) Search: Staff + Customers do Auto & Filter Search real time = Type & See result Listing right away. No press enter. See Photo + other data on List.
2) Add Table/Seat: T:T1/S1 - Each Item to keep track Item for Guest @ Table 1/ Seat 1. See OOM.
- Open Multi Item Option slide, i.e. Item ID# 451, 480.
- How Customers Place Order: [1] Touch slide Item Option -> [2] Touch select medium - Price change from 6.0$ reg to 7.5$ medium -> [3] Touch BuyNow button  Add-to-Cart -> [4] Pay in store, choose: Cash - Credit Card - Office Card - Buy Online choose: Credit Card, Pay Pal, Office Card. -> So simple.
3) Park nice feature see on Vend Pos. Temporary Parking an unfinished order. Parked sales can be put on hold and retrieved again to complete the sales.
NOTE: We have alot more Features you don't see. What ever important Vend Pos has -> We have.

=> The new Office Mobile Pos, Office Mobile Order.

Apply Web Service: Create Order

- This code: A Client Business use Web Services to submit data = (POST method) in order Create an Order. Data submit in JSON or XML.
- Customers just
fill data in pair. No need UI/ UX, Form. Example: pair = "Price" (field) : 31.02 (data) - OR: pair = "SupplierSKU" (field - no change) : "V-123123" (data, change).

=> Apply Web Service in EDI
Another method for Client Create Order is: - Use EDI Document to Purchase Order (Create Order). EDI document is Human unreadable, unlike XML/ JSON document. This is Mapping PO Doc -> EDI Doc 850. Very Complex. But only one of many steps. Need Staff Mapping, Translating. -> While Web Service, Client Buy only 1-Click API POS: https//.... Done.
NOTE: This small business PO in EDI is much much simpler, less data than medium & big Business PO in JSON used in Web Service above. Customers place orders, buy in B2B different way with Customers buy in E-commerce B2C used Shopping Cart.

In reality, your application has 1000 customers, each customer fill its own data in different forms has different fields. Example Customer ABC, Inc has 20 fields of data. While customer XYZ Inc has 30 fields of data, many new Fields. Thus both customers has different Data.
-> Developers have to design 1000 different forms for each different customer. Use web service, you don't need design 1000 different forms for 1000 different customers. -> Use Web Service, they just need to use one same web service API to POST. DONE!. Not need design 1000 different Forms to collect data.

Translate above Data in JSON format -> In Form HTML format like this:

Price: 31.02
SupplierSKU: V-123123
PartnerSKU: P-123123
UPL: 1234567890123
more Field ... more Data ...

- Take a lot Time & Money to design a UI/ UX Form + Validation Form Data + Write code insert in database.

- While local Developers design Form for customers to collect data. - The Consultant advised them use web service API, POS XML/ JSON file to submit data, which is save Time to design many forms. And Customers will not want to fill form with more than 20 fields every time to submit data. To Fill Form 25 fields take 20 min.

=> Postman: is a web service client allows users to Run & Test web service API, like, POST: https://{mydomain}/api/2.0/listorder?clientkey=12345Xyz
-> Web Service API can run at Postman or run at Dev Center.  

- You need Software Developer to write web service Programming Code using a programming language like Modern Enterprise Java Framework and its Web Services or C# .NET using Entity 6 + Ms SQL Server for web service API to run at your website Dev Center or at Postman.

=> The consultant wrote Web Service Code simple API Demo, but a bit complicate than Code Demo: "Hello World". Then email this Demo.
API Demo:- A Customer Register, Create An Account, and Insert data of that customer in database. Thus need to know Database Programming. Then you need to write code return Status Code + Messages. Example: return 200 means Successful - 201 = Account Created. '- Database Insert OK ' - 401 = Bad Request - 'Can't Insert Database' </