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- Scientists have freedom of researches and freedom of ideas. Some ideas may be different with your ideas. All is for the purpose of sharing ideas & technology, opening new ideas, improving business efficiency, shifting innovation, making society open & advanced.
- Fostering a culture of shared creativity and innovation.

- It is not sugar coating, open and honest, a lot of data.

- Innovation is contagious. Mindset is contagious. To build something big, you need surrounding people who are big mindset. Mindset influences very much the way people think, do things, build things: Product, Service, Policy, Company, Business, HR, Operation, Sales & Marketing ... When you assemble a big mindset Team, you will come up with something big, big ideas, big things.   

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A different Manager of a different Business.
- A restaurant Manager operated a restaurant for 7 years. Everyday, he followed steps, repeated same tasks as usual. Business as usual has been established like this. No thing new in 7 years. Website not update in years. He was afraid to change anything, old mind set.
For example,
new ideas like E-commerce sell online, Mobile Orders pick-up on the GO like Drive-Thru pickup, Online Sales & Marketing and Promo, Customers self take orders, New kind of POS system and Mobile, different with Tradition Stand Fix POS System currently used  ... are not acceptable by Tradition Restaurant since its open 10 years ago.
NOTE: Change needs Knowledge, Experience, Innovation, and Mindset to change & accept the differences. Not easy. So even manager wanted to change, but could not, because lack of knowledge, experience, innovation, lack of Staff can implement changes. But if a person opens mind and learns then he/ she can change.

- Change easy said than done.-> Need right people can make change.

Then the restaurant hired a new Manager. Business unusual. He made a lot of changes, the way of doing business.
=> He main architects, writes code in Framework (a must), builds:
-> 1) E-commerce. Sell on line. Customers use Tablet/ Laptop, Mobile.
2) Marketing Online Update Product Catalog, Update Price, Photo, Desc, Update Promotion ... and Display Product Showcase online. Allow setup each Item Option (diff Sizes, diff Price), Promotion ( Buy 1 Get 2, Discount 10% this month..) , Up Sales, Cross Sales with other Item. See photo the pop-up each Item.
-> 3) Mobile Orders for customers pick-up on the GO. No need Drive-thru.
-> 4) Modernize POS, Tablet/ Mobile POS. Staff & Customers self orders in/ outside Restaurant, faster, efficiency.
-> 5) Data Analytics, Mobile Data Analytics. Anywhere Login Mobile/ Tablet -> Knows & Track business (BI), Total Sales, Tax, Total Sales Orders, Total Sales by Cash, by Credit, Track Pick-up/ Delivery, Track Orders Paid/ Un-paid, Track Details of each Order, Top Sellers & Total Sales of Products and Staff, of Today, any Period... Managers Check Data use Mobile, Tablet from anywhere in Office, at Home
> 6) Office Order Management Managers & Management Tracks Orders sold see instantly, any where Home/ Offices use smartphone, tablet. When an order is done, already pick-up/ delivery, food already prepared, staff set status = FullFill. Staff touch OrderID see Detail Each Order, Inventory of that item in stock after this order, i.e. Inv:100 (new version), Photo of Staff take order + Phone contact, Item Photo, Item Desc, Price, Pickup/ Delivery, Address, DateTime, Table/Seat... => Can't have alot Data & Photo & Info each Order displayed on Paper Bill, on POS screen like see on receipt. OOM easy track than Paper Bill Order. OOM the best & fast & smart & mobile Manager. See slide OOM.
-> 7) Office Card Sell & Distribute Gift Card to closed Customers. Eat First. Pay Later. Then Text customers Office Pay for payment. People buy Office Gift Card online, in store. Quick  Tour Office Card.

-> 8) Office Pay: Office Pay is the First Pay-by-Text Mobile smartphone. Office Pay offers many different solutions of payment: - Pay Close, Pay far away, Pay in Store, Pay Outside Store, Pay Onsite Service, Pay Online, Pay & Print receipt Anywhere, Pay Rent, Pay Loan, Pay Food, Pay Coffee, Pay fee & Register, Pay Deposit, Pay Tickets, Pay Service Fee, Pay Invoice, Pay by Text, Pay Skip Line, Pay Just Walk Out, Pay & Data Analytics. Case Study: See Different Payments of Office Pay
- First Pay-by-Text

-> 9) Cloud Print print receipt over Cloud, far distance, to POS Printer anywhere Offices, to owner's POS printer @ Home ..

-> 10) Software Work across Multi-Devices It runs on Laptop, Windows Tablet, Android Tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tablet, iPad, iPhone, Android Samsung Galaxy Smart Phone ... Even Vend POS with 100 millions investment can't. Read this Blog about: Design One Work On Multi Devices, Data Driven Architecture. We also explain why Vend POS for iPad only, doesn't work on Windows Tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tablet & Android Smart phone, not work on iPhone (few small features like View Report on iPhone only). That's why Vend POS doesn't have Mobile Order, Mobile POS, not run as App on Mobile. It runs on iPad only.
See Office Slide.
Vend POS can't do Mobile App like Office App in slide. ==>

-> 11)Finally, No need Tradition POS The restaurant stopped using Vend POS, other tradition PC POS, iPad POS no need. Not necessary. At the End of Day, Month, Year, we get more Data & Analytics than tradition POSYou see the way Office System is used very different with Tradition Pos. All-in-One Office, not just a POS, but also Add-on & Integration new Technology. Office is POS that can Sales & Marketing & Promo, Generate Revenue, unlike Tradition POS Dumb fixed Terminal can't.

NOTE: Office System is very different with Tradition POS, like Vend POS. Even POS System's by Design is different each others. If Office is built like Vend, then of course people will buy Vend System. We try make Design simple, start from Mobile screen first, so that Office can fit in Mobile, not auto fit in. But other POS Sys can't fit in mobile well, because design, they start layout from Tablet screen first. Put many UI Components on Tablet screen -> Thus hard fit in Mobile screen. Too late to change. Students, Developers design software start from big Laptop screen. Office Screen Design influenced by Vend Design Auto Search + McDonald Big Stand Menu Navigation. ** In New Office Version, Auto Search Box integrated on top Main Screen. Use both option Menu Nav OR Auto Search for Item, Customer **
=> Using Office Sys, Managers need
to adjust to new way of doing business. Need Training as well.

=> As a result,
the Restaurant operates more efficiency, modernize, hi-tech, smart restaurant, revenue UP 60%.

The Top Management said:- We have never seen any restaurants that run and operate like this Office. Do you? -  For other types of businesses like Retail, Nails & Salon Business, Mom & Pop Store, Home Based Business, Office System are used the same as Restaurant, alot easier. Most important the whole modernization doesn't cost a lot money. Easy said than done. A lot of changes. We should recognize his efforts to modernize business better.

Customers Eat in an Office Restaurant in Downtown City:
We sit at Table#6 of 4 people, a Galaxy Samsung Tablet already on Table#6. Peter selected food Items using store Tablet. Maria used her Mobile iPhone 6 placed order pay by store's Office Card -> Then Add food Items in Shopping cart. Tina and Dave used their smartphone Samsung Galaxy placed orders, because can't wait for Peter still search food on store Tablet. Order by Mobile save a lot $$$ for the restaurant to buy Tablet.-> Tina & Dave Add food in Shopping cart on their Mobile phone on separate bill. Then orders sent separately to the Counter and in Kitchen for staff prepare orders. Then staff bring food serving ..
After finish,
we walk out to the counter for Payment. Maria just Walk-out in line, because she already paid by Office Card. While stay in-line is: Peter Pay by Cash. Tina & Dave Pay by Credit Card swipe/touch on Bank Terminal. At counter, a Staff hold a Tablet with Office Order Management (new Version) on. She knows which receipt of Table #6 belong to whom. She touched on record of Peter's Order =12.50$ on Office Order Management screen to Popup UI Data Entry Form -> Then enter the Peter's Customer Payment = 20$, Tip = 2$. Then system Calculate -> Change = 5.5$ she return to Peter + Receipt. Same step for every one. Done!
Pickup/ Delivery:
We also see few customers pick-up orders by Mobile. Staff check OrderID on OOM match ID info of customers.
Staff: A few Staff used iPad, Smartphone at customer table help take orders or to do others tasks. More efficient. Most waitresses said that: -Taking orders and processing orders are most time consuming and annoying. Now Office does it fast & better & efficient.
Before: Staff were very busy, back & forth, service no good, customer wait long time. Staff came to our Table to Take Order, Back & Forth take 15 - 20 min. When busy, customers wait 15 - 20 min. After finish, staff back & forth process payment, enter in POS. In Total Service Time = 30 min / Table. Use Office, total = 5 min / Table.
=> Office System already Take Order + Process Payment.
Office did 80% - Staff did 20%. All Data processing by Office electronically. No need tradition POS. No Human errors,
like write orders on Paper Bill, match price, enter data in POS.
Today, minimum wage increased from 11.50$ - 15$ / hour. Office save alot Time & Money for small business. Good luck.
We never see a restaurant changed and modernized efficiency, fast, reduce cost $$$, like this Office Restaurant.

Customers in another Restaurant use Tablet:- We eat a lot restaurants in the City. We have never seen any restaurants that run and operate like Office System. Do you? - One day we visited a big restaurant. First time we see a restaurant (not Office Restaurant) used Tablet only but no Mobile yet ** by Customers ** in-store to place order. We were given a tablet built-in software made by a software company, very expensive, (Thick & heavy, not like iPad, Samsung Tablet) in order to place order. Store very busy.
-  Like Office System, we add food Items in shopping cart.
Order processing very slow sent to counter & kitchen for staff to prepare orders. After finish, Staff came to our table - OR- Customers go to Counter. She gave us a Bank Card Terminal for Payment by Credit Card. Done. Of course can Pay cash.

-> Compare to Office System has both **Staff & Customers use Tablet & Mobile Phone** Place Orders inside/ outside store, online order, mobile order. Office Produce Catalog has pop up of each Item for Customer to select different Option like sizes, On sale, Cross Sales, Promotion (see photo) that this system doesn't have. Also no Order by smart Phone, Mobile Order, a lot other Office's features.

IMPORTANT: This restaurant has 2 separate System. One System for Customers Place Order on Tablet. We see another Pos System for Staff to register orders. After we paid, Staff got receipt then enter in separate POS, like seen Staff in tradition Restaurants, enter Paper Bill in POS. While All-in-One Office has Ecommerce, Pos, Mobile Orders all integrates in One System.

-> We check company website.
It got 5 millions from few Investors. Design this way is no good. Business must buy Hardware Tablet. Very expensive system to use, not include E-commerce, POS, Mobile Order, Data Analytics, Cloud Print ... like Office.

Compare to VEND Pos, Office System has more features, mobile, and Price affordable, unlimited Licenses. No Add-on Register as extra POS terminal. We should give Office System a credit for Innovation, and efforts for helping business better.

- Can't afford every iPad or Tablet for each customer. Need Mobile Order both: iPhone & Samsung Phone. Software company can't afford. That's why their App run iPad only. (POS Sys is big App not small App)
Office runs on iPad, iPhone, Android, Samsung Phone, Tablet, Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Windows Tablet -> Only Office runs on multi devices on market.
Customers don't care iPad or Not, not their personal use of Device, personal App. Need few minutes use to order. DONE.
** Business can't afford many Licences
/ Tablet. Other iPad Pos company, Vend charged 30$ USD each Tablet. **
Only Office Free
unlimited Licences.
Office Smart Automation Restaurant.

A true Story: Why Software Architect is so important. If you architect and design Office Building, you would know Software Architect is the same. Web Service Open Architecture!
Few Notes: The Consultant is no longer working for this company. He always opens to new possibility. He likes working around the world, in different places, different cultures, different countries. He enjoys working with different people of backgrounds, nationalities.

A global software company has Offices in US, Canada, in Asia. It builds and develops a Dev Center portal website for their customers login and access data, documents, resources, API tools for Web Services.

Background: A Consultant was assigned working abroad at a company's Office in a big City in Asia. At this Asia Office has 300 employees & developers. He is a Canadian citizen, graduated from a Canadian University in Computer Science, live in Toronto, working as: Software Developer, Computer Scientist, PT- College Professor.  => In mid January 2018, while working for this global software company at its Asia Office, A Canadian College wanted him for Part-time Teaching Job in Canada. 

=> In Canada Budget 2018 (read) It promised to help Female Scientists close gender gap, Scientists of Ethnicity. As a Middle Class self-sufficient, debt, keep working, as a Scientist is trying hard make ends meet. He took a job, traveled thousands miles away from home, working for a global software company in Asia Office in a country he has visited as tourist few times. Just like tens of thousands of citizens of this country every year go abroad, to Canada to live, to study in school, or to work make ends meet.

Toronto is the biggest city in Canada, 3rd in North America. People come from different backgrounds, whites, blacks, yellows, all kinds of nationalities: India, Chinese, Vietnamese, Korean, Japanese, Philippine, Italian, African, European.
Ethnic Chinese, Indian & Indian decent are the most ethnic population groups in Toronto. A lot Asian Developers from ethnic China and India, work cheaper 20% - 30% salary than high paid Developers in US. You come to Toronto alone yourself, 0.0$, no Degree, work hard will become Scientist, Middle Class. -> Of course, like people live in their own City. -> There are immigrants make it, and immigrants don't make it in Toronto. But Toronto is tougher, harder because its characteristic. It doesn't matter different background, different culture, different nationality, we learn respect, open, tolerance, in peace, work together for common goal.

What is API, Web Service?
Think API (Application Program Interface) is like A Command of web service that allows to do Tasks, such as, Create Order, Buy & Check Out Order, List Customer Orders, Update Order, Check Inventory, Post Shipping, Post (Send) Invoice to Customer, Create & Register Account, Update Account, Import Products, Get Weather Data ... -> A Scientist explains: Web Services used for:
1) - Interoperability: Open Architecture - Allows different machines, different languages Application VB, Java .. communicates, share data, services each others. Make Applications and Platform independent.
- For example, 2 person talks in different Communication. Helen speaks Chinese to Mark in English. -> Thus Helen needs an Interpreter to translate from Chinese to English. And vice versus, Mark needs another Interpreter English-to-Chinese for Helen. Web services allows Helen & Mark, 2 x Objects, 2 x Apps using a standard communication like XML, JSON, without Interpreter. Thus Web Service makes Communication open, easy, simple, standard between Helen & Mark, Client & Provider, Buyer & Supplier, or 2 x Software, 2 x Machines, 2 x Apps in different language .NET <-> Java. And Save Time & Money, no Interpreters for Translating.
2) - Standardized Protocol: Use standardized industry standard protocol like XML, JSON, for the communication.
3) - Make easy Exchange Data, Collect Data
using standard protocol XML, JSON. No need design complex Form, UI/ UX.
4) - Large Scale Enterprise System, B-to-B Business Software Apps. Large Scale Software System with a lot Collecting Data, a lot of Data Exchange, a lot of Data Processing, Update Data, a lot of Data Communication back & forth.
For example, when you buy something at E-commerce website -> Then Check Out Shopping Cart ( =just a website Form) -> You Create an Order only few Data collecting on Shopping Cart. This is B-to-C Business (Business to Consumers) -> Use Shopping Cart. Not collecting a lot of data. But in B-to-B Business (B2B, Business to Business), a Client Business buy something at a Supply Provider -> This Client Create an Order does not use Shopping Cart like B2C E-commerce. A lot of data collect. -> In B-to-B Business doesn't use Shopping Cart ( = a website Form) but use XML, JSON to Collect alot data, Exchange data easier.
-> Business Client has at least 10 times more data than Consumer Client in E-commerce. Each Business Client has Field & Data different each other. Can't use traditional Web Application UI/UX, Form to collect such large data. -> See photo sample of Create an Order in B-to-B. A lot data collect.
=> That's why B-to-B Business Software Application use Web Service. -> Build a Business Application not E-commerce, or A Large Scale Software System a lot Exchange Data & Collect Data, your Application should built Web Service more power.

- A scientist said:- "This Web Service doesn't teach at College, University, even at Graduate Level. Software Developer just came from schools will not know HOW. Even this Global Software Company doesn't have Managers & few hundreds of Developers, who don't understand Web Service. Everyone just begins to learn. Mistakes from the beginning.
He continues:- We should Invest, Teach this Technology in school. E-commerce Business modernize to apply Web Service, built-in Web Service. -> Will increase more customers, more revenue extra 40% - 60%, even triple. To build this Big Modern E-Commerce, Developer must have experience in Build E-commerce and in Build Web Service." - But he doesn't say HOW-TO in secret.

- He specializes on different areas of Web Service, such as:

1- How-To: - Web Service Open Architecture & Design, Different Types of Web Service.
- Understand & How-to: - SOAP(40% - XML - more likely Statefull. ) -  REST (60% - JSON/XML, Stateless = Scalability, Cache, Light, Fast) - Scalability very important. 
Scalability: - For example, E-commence, Bank website, Web Apps are usually Statefull. Which requires E-commerce keep track tens of thousands users, maintain session, contact with each users Orders and Activities -> Thus Slow, Site easy Break down, Congestion. To handle alot customers, need more servers, networks. Load Balancing. Cost alot $$$ Infrastructure. If Tradition E-commerce can support 100,000 users. -> Your Modern E-commerce built-in Web Service REST Stateless can handle 10 millions users, customers. Stateless no keep track, no wait, no maintain. You request data, WS REST sent you. DONE.
- For example,
Static info website is Stateless. That's why Static website is very fast, millions of users use, no problem on small hosting, low cost. - Web Application's Login is Statefull -> Because server maintains State of userís information throughout the session until logout. If you inactive, the Web App will kick you out to login again. -> This is Statefull.
- For example, you company build Software as A Service SaaS, Cloud Web Application to provide services for customers. Since your Web App is Statefull, thus you need a lot powerful Servers and Networks, Load Balancing at Cloud Center. Developers write code must solve bottle-neck, speed, performance problems. -> But if you built Web Service REST Stateless will help your Cloud Application handle millions of users, customers easily. Scalability.
=> REST Web Service Good for Design Large Scale Software System with a lot Data,
Scalability, Flexibility, and Performance.

2- How-To: - Software Framework, Languages, API, Protocol XML, JSON, Good Practice Database Design used in Web Service. Understand API. Write code API return Status Code & Message. Such as, Code = 200 success + Msg: "- Success. Record created in database."
How to Create Professional API Help & Document, like Manual. Very Important.
Not only include:
- API Description, Data used by API, such as, What is Data = PartnerSKU for?, API Headers & Content Type, API Params, API Security & Authentication. But also include: Result of API Sample Code Response (after run this API) & API Message (= Status Code return + Sys Message), API Syntax used in diff Languages, like: Java, C#, Java Script.. for Front-end.
: Web Service is Open Architecture, any computer languages of your Software can use & run API. API Help & Doc Good for Developers & Users & Customers. Users & Customers just 1-Click. DONE!

3- How-To: - Web Service Security, Authentication, Authorization, OAuth2, Login User & Password, Access Token, Refresh Token, Client Key, Client Secret, App Key, Encryption & Decryption Key. - Federated Authentication vs. Delegated Authentication.

4- How-To: - Use Web Service Client like Postman and Integration in your Web Application. Learn Postman Tools, such as: Test & Run API, Generate Token, Collection, Environment, Local Variable, Global Variable - Use API with Local & Global Variables -  Embed [Run Postman Button] in website & launch Postman - Install & Launch Postman to Run API on Laptop.
- Learn Installation, Setup Database, Software Tool, IDE and Install Postman for Testing & Running Web Service API on local Laptop, before publish on website.
- How to: Setup Website & Hosting and Publish Web Service and API online for people use. Usually in school, students only learn on Local Host. OR in Environment that the School already setup Database, Server & Network Hosting Website Application.=> As a result, students after finished don't know how to setup & implement Web Service for Business Application. 

How-To: - How to build Dev Center Web Application and Integration with Postman. -> Clients can choose Dev Center or Postman to run web service API.

6- How-To: - Architect & Build Web Service Integration with Web Application. Differences between Web Service & Web Application.
- Design Human Interface vs. Machine Interface (but Human Readable).
How to convert Human Interface -> Machine Interface and Machine Interface -> Human Interface.

7- How-To: - Architect & Design & Build Web Service for Large Scale Software System.
- Apply Framework
(Server side) ! -> Very hard to Build Web Service use Tradition Programming = Self-Make, Self-Create. Waste Time & Money. -> Ask them Framework apply for Web Service. A must. There are few Frameworks - Choose the right one. -> Framework is hard, scary for experienced Managers & Developers. -> But should use FRAMEWORK better QUALITY for FUTURE than satisfy ($$$) Cost NOW.
- Understand & How-to: - Contract First Design Web Service Method VS. Code First Design Web Service Method.

How-To: - Learn Web Service Programming including Database Design & Programming for Web Service. Need experience in Database Design & Program. Who has built & implemented Database Application.
.. More ...

: ddanpros @ hotmail.com - Put in Subject: Let's talk.

=> A difference Manager.
- A restaurant Manager operated a restaurant for 5 years. Everyday, he opened the door, repeated his tasks as usual. Business as usual. No thing new for 10 years. A website not update for 5 years. He is afraid to change anything.
Then the restaurant hired a new Manager. Business unusual. He made a lot of changes, the way of doing business. He build online
-> 1) E-commerce restaurant.
2) Marketing online & Display Products Showcase online.
-> 3) Mobile Orders for customers pick-up on the GO. No need  Drive-thru.
-> 4) Modernize POS, Mobile POS. Staff & Customers self orders in/ outside Restaurant, faster, efficiency. They use POS on Laptop, Mobile.
-> 5) Data Analytics, Knows & Track business (BI), Total Sales, Tax today, any period...
> 6) Order Management allows managers & Management Tracks Orders sold instantly, any where at Home, in Office.
-> 7) Gift Card Sell & Distribute  for closed Customers. Eat First Pay Later

=> As a result,
the Restaurant operates more efficiency, revenue UP 60%. The Restaurant Management said:- We have never seen any restaurants that run and operate like this. Do you? - And most important the whole modernization doesn't cost a lot money. Compare to VEND Pos, the Office System has more features, mobile, and Price affordable.

=> You can see the previous Manager didn't want to change anything. Just sit and watch. While the new Manager made a lot of changes.=> All about mind-set.

A Scientist & Adj. Prof: Teaching a class: - Web Service for Large Scale Software System and Open Architecture. How? - Learn.

- Any Web Application can add-on, built-in Web Service.
- Learn Architect & Design Web Service.- Learn Web Service Programming.
Apply Framework! -> Can't build Web Service use Tradition Programming = Self-Make, Self-Create. Waste Time & Money. -> Consultant can help for Training & Design in Framework.

=> E-commerce Business modernize to apply Web Service, built-in Web Service. -> Will increase more customers, more extra revenue 40% - 60% even triple. To build this  Big Modern E-Commerce, Developer must have experience in Build E-commerce and in Build Web Service in order to understand.-> It is a new beginning of new Modern E-commerce using new Modern Technology not Old Technology

Web Service could disrupt one big Tradition Software Industry its Old Technology created 40 years ago. It is EDI (Electronic Data Interchange.)

=> To hire Developers Architect, Design, and Implement Web Service ->
Tradition Interview and Questions has nothing to do with Web Service. And HR, Developers, Managers, who don't understand, no experience in Web Service. -> Which will not help.

-> It is easy to find Developers with knowledge, experience, and following.
But hard to find Developers with knowledge, experience, and Innovation.



Web Service disrupted one big Tradition Software Industry and its Old Technology created 40 years ago, very complex, human unreadable, need translating, mapping. -> EDI (Electronic Data Interchange).
-> Why complex? -
A scientist explains: " - Because EDI Technology and Business Model created 40 years ago, when the Internet Technology didn't even exist, and a lot new Technologies created since 40 years ago. Today Business Model has changed. Web Service created based on Internet Technology, and a lot new Technologies, which helps solve problems much Easier & Simpler & Faster. For example, Mapping A Business Client's Documents like Purchase Order, Invoice -> EDI language or EDI document is Human Unreadable. Not like XML/ JSON. -> Take days, weeks. A lot of Time & Money & Staff. Like Translating Chinese <-> English, back & forth. See white photo of EDI Doc ->.
-> Even company 20 years expert in this business begins to invest in R&D in new Web Service Product, a new Player.-> The Managers and Developers are new to Web Service, begin to learn Web Service. A lot mistakes from beginning. The Consultant has experience Web Service on different Framework before. -> Having experience in Web Service helps you understand How to Apply Web Service in your Software System, in your Business Model. Other people, developers will not understand.

Web Service applying & built-in Big Modern E-Commerce a new beginning of new Modern E-commerce applying Modern Web Service Technology. No one has done this Web Service + E-Commerce in simple way that mom & pop store can use. -> Can you See big picture, Prepare, and ahead?

- A Scientist said: -You have seen Web Service apply in EDI. I am interested and begin Research & Development R&D in this Big Modern E-commerce apply Web Service. Change the way we shop and sell online. Change the way E-commerce used to be. I also am interested in Apply Web Service POS (= Large Scale Point-of-Sales).  
Many benefits:
- It is Large Scale Modern E-commerce.
- It is easy Shop, Buy, Sell. You shop @ E-commerce site -> hundreds of Click, i.e. Clicks Add-a Item in Shopping Cart.
Each Customer's Click will create pressure on E-commerce System, back & forth. Then x Millions Clicks of thousands customers. VS. Web Service E-commerce, each Customer just 1-Click Order, Flexible, Scale.
- It increases Revenue and Reach out more customers. ->Tradition E-commerce is limited. Big Modern E-commerce will increase revenue 100%, double, triple. 

Experience in Web Service helps understand How to Apply Web Service in your Software System, in your Business Model. Other people, developers will not understand.

I will not disclose more & How-To. Because still in early stage. I welcome big and small funding, any funding from any small or big Investors.
Invest in passionate Entrepreneurs. Corporate Donation for Research & Development R&D for Making The Difference, Create Change Technology of Future. Not about Money, but about Support. Which helps scientist continue Research and Development, contribute to Innovation Digital Economy.
Vend just a POS software company. It received 20 millions USD from Peter Thielís Valar Ventures and Square Peg Capital. https://blog.vendhq.com/post/64901824985/vend-raises-20m-funding-round-co-led-peter-thiels-valar-ventures-square-peg-capital. Recently Dec, 2016 Vend Pos also received many other funding: 9 milllions, then 13 millions, 60 millions, and many other rounds. CEO said in Total value at 100 millions. https://pitchbook.com/newsletter/vend-secures-9m-investment.

Contact: ddanpros @ hotmail.com - Put in Subject: Let's talk.

- Two students working on Start-up in early stage:- Building first Apple Computer in basement as hobby. At that time, IBM PC computer had already dominance market.

Story of Start-ups
for almost big hi-tech company Billions in values: Facebook, Apple, Alibaba, Oracle, Microsoft, Twitter, Snap Chat, Amazon, Dell ...

=> As you see, Web Service is not only applying in big Software Industries, in E-commerce, Pos. But also applying in mom & pop store, small businesses, restaurants ... in future. -> Change the way doing business much easier & simple, reduce document paper work, reduce cost doing business, faster service, reach out more customers, increase more revenue 100%, 200%, double, even triple.

1) - For example, To collect data like Name, Address for Invoice.. Developers design Invoice Form, Print Label Form, has more than 20 fields like Name, Address, Phone ... Then the Consultant proposed design using web services, API, POST XML, JSON file to submit data. No need to build Form with a lot fields that Customers will not like. This web service API, POST: https://{web_url}/api/2.0/invoice can run at Dev Center or using web service client Postman.
2) - For example, you go online to fill benefits Insurance Application, Driver License .. you go thru many web pages to fill Form. Using web services, you just need 1-Click to run one API, example: https://{web_url}/api/2.0/createaccount. -OR- https://{web_url}/api/2.0/register. Just 1-Click. Done. No need fill many Forms, no fill long Form, no go thru many 15 webpages. -> After finish, you will know your online Application go thru, success or not. What errors? Then you can re-submit.
3) - For example, you go online to fill Benefits Insurance Application. You back & forth 15 web pages to fill data. Use web services, you just need 1-Click run one API, example: https://www.acompany/register. Just 1-Click. Done. No back & forth 15 webpages take 1 hour. After finish, you will know your online Application go thru, success or not. What errors? Then you can re-submit.
4) - For example, A company ABC, inc, as a Client, has software system built in C# .NET. Another company, its Provider, company XYZ, inc, has software system built in Java. Both software system is built in different languages, can't Exchange data, Communicate each other. The Client wants to buy (Create Order) at Provider Java System. But no Web Service, Provider's Java System can't.
-> Then the Provider built Web Services inside its Java Software. Now The Client can buy (= Create Order), Send Invoice, List History of Orders, Shipping, Inventory .. at Provider's Java system. To Create an Order, Client just needs to run an Web Service API at the Provider Java Software System = POST
https://{provider_url}/api/createorder?clientkey=12345Xyz. The Client use XML/JSON (standard communication for exchange message, data) contains its data (see photo sample a Client buy CreateOrder at right => ) in exchange Data (Message) with Provider. -> Now Client and Provider, although different language software system, now can do business together using Web Service and XML/ JSON as common language of Data Communication.
NOTE: If the Software Application of Provider is not Java, but C# .NET and is built-in web service. Not matter Java, .NET, the Client use XML/ JSON communicate with the Provider's .NET Software System the same like Java Software System.

Web Service is a new frontier of software development. You can write web service in Java or C#.Net. But usually in Java better. -> The Consultant is doing a lot Research in Web Service in Java for a while ago, still continue research Web Service in applying Office Product Lines, in any Software Products. Different languages has different way to build Web Service. Need some time to learn & research. The Consultant proposed using Postman as tool for Test & Run web service in addition to Dev Center, because Postman has a lot powerful built-in Features & Tools.

NOTE: JSON gains more popular use in web service, light, faster than XML.

For example, when collect large Data & complex Data with nested sub Data of Data, Array of Data, You can't design very complex Form for Web Application, Website to collect data for that. Waste Time & Money. Only XML/ JSON and Web Service can help Describe & Design & Collect & Submit such large, complex nested Data.

For example, a website collect data for online Application, such as Register and Create Account for Insurance Benefit Application ... You back & forth 15 pages to fill alot data in hours. Cost alot of Time & Money to design such online Web Application.
-> Using Web Service, all you need is a simple Web Service API POS https://web_url/api/register. In 15 minutes. DONE!
Compare Web Service XML/ JSON with FORM used in Web Application, Website:
1) -XML/ JSON like Text Editing, easy Update, change data by Customer. Use Notepad OK.
2)-> Easy use. Easy add extra line Field Data = <CustomerID>12345</CustomerID> in XML/ JSON than Form. -> Thus easy for customers, purchase manager, anyone Add extra Data on Demand. Not fix Form.
3) XML/JSON Collect a lot Data, submit large Data. Light weight.
4)-XML/JSON no need fill data again next submit unlike Form.
5) XML/JSON easy Design in 20 min, like Text Editing. Form is hard design + Write code insert Form Data in Database = 1 day work 8hrs = 480 min. Time.
6) When collect large Data & complex Data with nested sub Data of Data, You can't design very complex Form for that. Waste Time & Money. Only XML/ JSON can help Describe & Design such complex nested Data.

Working in a foreign country in Asia.

The managers in Asia Office have many years experience. In the beginning, used a 3rd party platform of an Internet company for development and host their Dev Center website. Developers already spent near 2 months from the beginning of project, trials & errors, working and testing the portal Dev Center on 3rd party platform. Trials & Errors Methodology could take years. -> In Software Product Development, this is inefficiency, poor performance, software delayed big Time, bad design, bugs, errors, not making right decision. This is not a small task's deadline mistake. Some people should take responsibility, resign, regardless their backgrounds.

In the beginning, a consultant advised them that "Dev Center portal website" should be built and develop at their Cloud Center, where also host their database servers of customer data, and other company's Products. Because it is close to their database server, faster get data and process data, high performance, efficiency, easy product development and integration. If using 3rd platform of another company, their customers would have problem in performance, get data & process data, no good architecture, no good integration with company Products. But always be rejected.

In the beginning, the managers would not listen to the consultant.
In many meetings, open discussion only between the consultant alone and Managers, while other developers no say, follow managers. They kept working & testing, trials & errors on 3rd party platform.
-> Then the consultant, explained "How the Dev Center portal should be built" written in a Word document, and sent email it to the top Boss at Headquarter.
(The consultant still kept this Word document, date & time of events.) -> After that email to the top, the following days, a Manager email consultant, acknowledge his plan, listen to the consultant's advise, and discuss his plan.
-> Then the consultant was given the task to develop, come up a tool to build and manage website portal Dev Center, according to his ideas, plan & proposal. The consultant sit same table, next to a Project Manager, who is not a software developer, not computer scientist, like playing table tennis, good Manager, but didn't have experience in Coding and Software Design. Easier said than done! -> Thus hard for him to estimate how long programming tasks should be completed. Behind the consultant, many developers often joke, chat, joke comments.

-> Then the consultant completed his tool that is used to build & manage the Dev Center. Without this tool by the consultant, the Dev Center portal is empty. The Dev Center portal is built and hosted at their Cloud Center as seen in the meeting for 1st demo, an ok success of first demo. -> The consultant has completed his task, helped change the architect, software development in right direction.

The top Boss of the company, during a demo, admitted that:- Big mistake if we have not changed in right direction.

- The consultant also proposed a few Constructive Change, such as:

Modernize, Up-to-date Technology: The new software product should be built & architect on A Framework, called as Modern Enterprise Architecture. Which will improve a lot of bugs, improve efficiency, improve high performance, optimize database resources, specially product is built solid foundation, enterprise, large scale. Save time & money software development. But his proposal was rejected by managers have been get used to Traditional Technology for almost decades, did not want to update latest technology. And also Developers are not up to date skill yet, ready to change new tool. Most of them no experience, just came from schools don't teach these technologies.

Direct Communication when in need. Good for building Product Integration: When a developer needs to meet, discuss product development, with another developer from another Product Team may locate in different floor. He/ she should call, inform, and setup meeting first for approval. This takes a lot of time. Because the way organization is that each Product is owned by Product Owner, who had a lot of rights in control their own Product Domain. Need the Product Owner approved meeting, sometime, could take many days, even week back & forth. Sometime you are not allowed to see them, because they are busy their own product. => Therefore, when you build software product that needs integrate with that software product, you have to wait or back & forth few days, even week to solve problem. Like having walls between Product Owners in different Team.

ig Global Companies have people in different countries to work for them.

-> A Manager said: - In a diverse culture like Toronto, where I live many decades, started my life with no Degree, no Money 0.0$. I never work with any one same my nationality. I go school, work with different talented people, scientists, developers in same Team Members from Indian, Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Vietnamese, European, from many different backgrounds, nationalities, whites, blacks, yellows. -> Like it or Not, I found like working in Global Competition more competitive, innovative than in your own group comfortable. Which creates more values, benefits, accountability, no favouritism, attract different global talents for company. -> Like having good global athletics around the world compete in Global Competition, much better Problems Solving, better Game Players, better Product Development, much diverse Talents, Challenging than having Local Athletics in Local Competition.
- Parent send their children to learn and live abroad. Which helps open their eyes to different worlds in global perspective.
- An Athletic is good on top of the world when in Global Competition not Local Competition.
- A local developer said open: - I live, go school, work in environment 99% people in same my nationality. Even the company I work is a Global Company. I don't see foreigners working here. Look around, only local Managers manage local Developers. Local Developers don't want managed by foreigner Managers different style, not inclusive them. I like working in same my group and culture. I feel comfortable, close, understanding, likeable, supportive, agreeable, having fun, hanging out. But when working with other developers from different background, different country. I feel more competitive, more pressure, challenging. Push me harder, try better. -> Which is good for me. -> I recommend for my company. A lot bad managers, bad officials, bribery, bad managed were resign, get fired, seen openly on TV, Internet, News Paper. Good to open talk.

It doesn't matter different background, different culture, different nationality, people learn respect, open, tolerance, embrace differences, in peace, work together for common goal.


Apply Web Service: Create Order

- This code: A Client Business use Web Services to submit data = (POST method) in order Create an Order. Data submit in JSON or XML.
- Customers just
fill data in pair. No need UI/ UX, Form. Example: pair = "Price" (field) : 31.02 (data) - OR: pair = "SupplierSKU" (field - no change) : "V-123123" (data, change).

=> Apply Web Service in EDI
Another method for Client Create Order is: - Use EDI Document to Purchase Order (Create Order). EDI document is Human unreadable, unlike XML/ JSON document. This is Mapping PO Doc -> EDI Doc 850. Very Complex. But only one of many steps. Need Staff Mapping, Translating. -> While Web Service, Client Buy only 1-Click API POS: https//.... Done.
NOTE: This small business PO in EDI is much much simpler, less data than medium & big Business PO in JSON used in Web Service above. Customers place orders, buy in B2B different way with Customers buy in E-commerce B2C used Shopping Cart.

In reality, your application has 1000 customers, each customer fill its own data in different forms has different fields. Example Customer ABC, Inc has 20 fields of data. While customer XYZ Inc has 30 fields of data, many new Fields. Thus both customers has different Data.
-> Developers have to design 1000 different forms for each different customer. Use web service, you don't need design 1000 different forms for 1000 different customers. -> Use Web Service, they just need to use one same web service API to POST. DONE!. Not need design 1000 different Forms to collect data.

Translate above Data in JSON format -> In Form HTML format like this:

Price: 31.02
SupplierSKU: V-123123
PartnerSKU: P-123123
UPL: 1234567890123
more Field ... more Data ...

- Take a lot Time & Money to design a UI/ UX Form + Validation Form Data + Write code insert in database.

- While local Developers design Form for customers to collect data. - The Consultant advised them use web service API, POS XML/ JSON file to submit data, which is save Time to design many forms. And Customers will not want to fill form with more than 20 fields every time to submit data. To Fill Form 25 fields take 20 min.

-> The consultant even show the example Code Demo in Ms Word, photo included. The consultant still kept this Word document. -> Send email  to request the Managers and their Developers change their design using Form.

=> Postman: is a web service client allows users to Run & Test web service API, like, POST: https://{mydomain}/api/2.0/listorder?clientkey=12345Xyz
-> Web Service API can run at Postman then run at Dev Center.

- Customers can run all web service API at Dev Center or at Postman web client service.
Postman has better tool built-in to run web service than your web site Dev Center that need to develop your own Web Service Tool by your developers.. For example, Postman has built-in tool called Collection keep all Date & Time, History of web service API of  Customers running.  So that next time, a Customer just click & run API, like a Command.
- While at your Dev Center, you need to Keep Track History of Customers login and run API by saving history in database. There are more Tools your developers need to develop these Tools, very hard cost Time & Money, like Collection tool in Postman.

- Unlike Dev Center runs web service API at website, required UserId & Password to Login. Postman run & test web service API in a sand box environment. Customers no need login website. Just click an Postman icon on their laptop when run web service API. For security, run web service in Postman required a request token.

- You can create A Run Postman button, and embed this button in your website. Customers 1-click this Postman Run button will lunch Postman and all API web service of your application.

- You need Software Developer to write web service Programming Code using a programming language like Enterprise Java or C# .NET for web service API to run at your website Dev Center or at Postman.

=> The consultant wrote Web Service Code simple API Demo, but a bit complicate than Code Demo: "Hello World". Then email this Demo.
API Demo:- A Customer Register, Create An Account, and Insert data of that customer in database. Thus need to know Database Programming. Then you need to write code return Status Code + Messages. Example: return 200 means Successful - 201 = Account Created. '- Database Insert OK ' - 401 = Bad Request - 'Can't Insert Database' - 401 = Unauthorized. 'You don't have access to this account.' .. Use POST method, OAuth2 Authorization Security + API Doc also is created for this API.
This API run at Dev Center and Postman like this:

POST: https://{mydomain_url}/api/2.0/creataccountr?clientkey=12345Xyz
--- same as ---

POST: https://{mydomain_url}/api/2.0/createorder?clientkey=12345Xyz

: https://{mydomain_url}/api/2.0/listorder?clientkey=12345Xyz


Search & Autocomplete & Filter Technology (used Data Driven Architecture fast) is applied in: Pos, E-commerce, Mobile Order .

- A Research Scientist said: "- In near future, your E-commerce website only has a simple [ Search Box ] looks like Google website. Data Driven Architecture "fast on data" can help build this. Traditional Search from E-commerce website, McDonald Digital Menu Stand (used Menu Navigation), you type search words like "Woman T-shirt " in Search Box -> Then you Enter -> Then your Search Words are submitted to database for Query. -> Then Database returns all Product Items T-shirt for Women.

This back & forth
Database Driven Architecture Search from Buyer's computer sitting in Canada to Seller's E-commerce server in US, thousands miles away back & forth between Buyers & E-commerce Sellers, takes long time, not in real time. It is not dynamic like you Search & Type & See result return in real time, no Enter, used Data Driven Architecture Search fast on Data."

: Not easy to explain How Data Driven Architecture working. But we try our best to show you picture worth thousands words. See different Search from Database Driven Architecture Search data used by E-commerce website and Data Driven Architecture Search & Filter data in real time fast instantly.

=> Data Driven Architecture for Search, Autocomplete, and Filter for Dynamic List & Scroll List + see Photo. Which is fast, Search, type & see List size increased & reduced in real-time. This is different Query & Search Technology like Amazon E-commerce website (click & see), and other big & small E-commerce websites.

What is Data Driven Architecture?
Data Driven Architecture is a new kind of programming that user's web browser is embedding only with data, no code embedding. The View (front end or user's web browser) contains only the data result is response (return) from Server side. Data then is to manipulate, display, render in different devices, laptop, mobile.

=> Since User's web browser contains only data,
webpage is loading very fast, display & render data fast, very light, responsive, portable across platform, multi devices
. Data embedded right in User's browser, which is easy manipulated, such as, Search, Filter on data in real time, fast Display & Render Data ...
=> See example we apply Data Driven Architecture in Search & Autocomplete & Filter. It is very fast, light, dynamic that you can do Search & Filter in real time instantly on data.

Data Driven Architecture, good Software Architecture to build Cloud Software Product, Cloud Applications, Cloud Software as Service (SaaS), is written using Enterprise Java language, high level, advanced Java.

- A Research Scientist said: - We see software developers, more than 15 years old experience, do not want to upgrade, not easy to change, build software product using Traditional Architecture 15 - 20 years ago, no Framework. Framework developed recently is used to build Modern Enterprise Software. There is Framework for either Java or .NET, which is required as Enterprise Software Platform to build Modern Enterprise Software Product for high performance, efficiency. Traditional Software is built without Framework. It is like Architecture is built without Solid Foundation. As a result, their software product is built low performance, not efficient, a lot of bugs, waste time & money re-design software many times.

- A Software Manager said: -
Technology always keeps changing. If the person doesn't want to update their experience. Nothing is changed.

- Database Driven Architecture Search:
Buyer around the world Search data "Women T-shirt" back & forth user's Request = look for Women T-shirt & server's Response = return all products of Women T-shirt in Database Server of Seller's E-commerce website thousands miles away.
- Every time you do a new search, like, type "Japan Ramen Soup" in Search Box, then Enter. Your computer travels thousands miles away thru the Internet to that E-commerce server to get data.
- User's Request from a computer in a country around the world, and Response from website's Server hosted from another country. Both Request & Response travel thru the Internet, thousands miles away, back & forth.

- Data Driven Architecture Search.
Buyer Search data "Women T-shirt" in the data embedding inside buyer's browser's laptop, mobile phone, very close, not from E-commerce Database Server thousand miles away .


=> Does it mean a whole E-commerce website just has a [Search Box] like Google website?
- Yes, the future of E-commerce is simple. Your E-commerce website looks simple like Google website only has a [Search Box].


- See List of Items with character J, example: 400 Items
- Type ja or continue type a = list reduced smaller size, example = 4 items have title contain characters "ja" on any position in title words. In this case "ja" in 1st position. See photo.

- Dynamic List in "real time" = Type & See List reduced.
- List has Photo.

- Touch select: Item 451 Japanese Ramen Noodle Soup 6.0$ (regular) -> See screen [3] Option List of Japanese Ramen Noodle Soup has more options: Small size, Medium, Large, Extra Large. Scroll list for more options.
=> Then select Small size 5.0$ -> Touch
[ +/- ] for Qty = 2 -> Touch [Buy Now] button Add-to-Cart. Done! Continue!

- Step [2] again: Type any characters start searching.
- This Search & Autocomplete & Filter Technology (used Data Driven Architecture fast) is applied in: Pos, E-commerce, Mobile Order for Staff & Customers to Place Order on Laptop, Tablet, Mobile.
- Advantages: Easy use, simplify & fast to Search products, Place order, and Check-out. Better technique than tradition Pos, E-commerce, Mobile Order.
=> Does it mean a whole E-commerce website just has a [Search Box] like Google website? - Yes, your E-commerce website look simple like Google website only has [Search Box].

Product Design needs Innovation, Creativity, Flexibility, multi Tasks, Out of the Box.

Case Study: Vend and Office both Cloud - Different Design, Look & Feel, but achieve same results. Use Office, people do more than just a POS.

Vend Pos modernized new Design
Search & Filter. List no scroll & no photo. Click see. - New Office Pos Search & Filter. Click see. Only few Pos on market by Design Search & Filter.

Vend Pos used Group Product, like, Group Clothing -> all Items. Click Vend Pos Design. (update photo) - Click see Office Digital Menu. <- update photo
- See from picture, Vend Pos, most Pos Systems put Cart at side Left or Right, and can't swipe Horizontal & Vertical.

- Both software same Usage, same Result: At first,
people, businesses, no Software Design background, see like different software. But both the same.
Vend: Touch Group
like [Clothing] -> List all Cloth Items -> Select Option Item small size touch Item see pop up (click & see) -> Add to Cart -> +/- Qty at Cart -> Touch [Pay]
NOTE: Vend don't see Photo + Price until Add Item in Cart. Can't swipe Horizontal, Vertical like Office more items, press 1, 2, 3 ... more Cloth Items. Almost Pos can't swipe, a few.

=> Office: Touch Group like [Soups] -> List its Items. See: Jap Ramen Soup -> Touch [Option & Promo] select sizes, diff options -> +/- Qty -> Buy Now -> Add to Cart -> Touch icon Pay.
NOTE: Office Main Screen Menu as default to display most Popular Sales Items Select quick. If not see Item -> Click Group like [Drink] = List all Item that Group. [Refresh] icon -> Main screen.
- All Mobile by default use & swipe Vertical Screen like Social Media. Office use Vertical + new Tech Virtual Screen, swipe Horizontal, Flat, Smooth, very Fast, like swipe Vertical Screen. You can setup display items in Width and Length, like display 5 items in Horizontal, and spreading all items in Vertical, or VS, 20 items in Vertical, spreading items in Horizontal.

=> Users both software do job, achieve same results, only different Design and Look & Feel.
But Office Digital Menu by Design, is used multi-tasks as Pos, E-commerce, Mobile Order, Mobile Pos, Staff/ Customer Place Order, Flexibility run on Multi Devices. When Staff login & use, flexibility, more special features for Staff that not see by Customer, and in Public. So we design Office must Flexibility, fit in different situation & devices - Vend design only Pos for iPad.

=> To achieve multi tasks like Office Product,
Vend must provide customer another E-commerce software, another Mobile Order App, another Mobile Pos App, another App work on Android Phone & Tablet, modernize their Pos for Customer place Order ... Thus, a lot of software App, a lot of Time & Money build many software, not integration All-in One Software App like Office, complexity problem for customers want simple Integration
All-in-One Software for all Tasks, for all Devices, for Mobile. Just build one iPad Pos App already cost a lot of money. Vend can't afford, even multi millions dollars company. => Software Architecture & Design is very complicated, not simple.

Vend is a private multi millions Global Software Company, hundreds of employees around the world. It received 20 millions usd dollars from Peter Thielís Valar Ventures and Square Peg Capital. https://blog.vendhq.com/post/64901824985/vend-raises-20m-funding-round-co-led-peter-thiels-valar-ventures-square-peg-capital. In the past, Vend Pos also received many other funding: 9 milllions, then 13 millions, then 60 millions: https://pitchbook.com/newsletter/vend-secures-9m-investment.
We like Vend because they build best Pos System in the world.
In business 20 years, millions in R&D, Vend Build & Design the best Pos System, still constantly changed and modernized their software design.
Vend Price:- Get the best features, Price = 99.0 $ usd / m (Month plan- Withdraw anytime), not expensive compared other POS. Have 5 staff used Vend Pos on 5 tablets, pay extra licence or Addition Register / iPad = 39$ usd / m. Total Cost 5 staff = 99$ / mo + 4 x 39$ / m = 255$ usd / mo = 3060 $ usd / year. Email only. Phone support = 19$ usd/ m.
- Office Price: - 10 x Staff use 10 x Office on Mobile, on Tablets, 20 x Customers use 20 x Office on Mobile, on Tablets, All-in-One Price = 49.0 $ / mo

A manufacture, hundreds of employees, big industrial space, big ware house, a lot expensive machines, but not worth over 20 millions. But these Internet Cloud Software Company, but worth hundreds millions, even billions of dollars. Investors invest millions of dollars. A Start-up few guys can build a software company need just a laptop, no cost expensive machines, no cost big manufacture industrial space. Vend just a Pos Cloud Software Company worth 100 millions dollars. Is it exaggerate?
-> Very true, if we don't show you PR (Press Release), you don't believe. Investors know Software Business make big money, make them big rich. -> Most big software companies started this way, Google, Facebook, Yahoo, Amazon, Alibaba... Unlike to build Hardware needs manufacture, Software is built by coding by Software Developer, Computer Scientist on a laptop. They sit & build software storing on Cloud anywhere.

How to pay? Use Office, business used its local bank Card Terminal

- Credit Card Transaction Fee - Most cost for business. - When a customer in store paid by their credit card, not Cash. A business swipe customer credit card.
=> Both Office & Vend Pos allows business used their own Credit Card Terminal Machine provided by local bank
, cheap rate = 1.5% / swipe, 100$ fee = 1.5$. Business can get a whole package cheap rate by local Bank

- There are other Pos built in Credit Card Terminal Machine on their Pos, very expensive rate = 2.5% - 3.0% / swipe. Thus customer pay 100 $ on their credit card, Transaction Fee  = 3$ cost for business. Thus if a business sells 10,000$ charge on credit card, Transaction Fee cost = 3% x 10000 = 300$ / mo, = 3600$ / year.
In addition Pay by Credit Card, Pay by Cash ( no fee), Office also allows Pay by Gift Card (no fee).
-> A business said: - Before we had a tradition Pos like dumb terminal doesn't do much.
-Then we have Office. Our business is transforming into Digital Economy, Cloud & Mobile. We use Office as Tradition Pos enter order. Then we use Office expand business On Cloud, like Open store every where 24/7. Customers Order Online, Reservation, Pickup & Delivery. Customers now see our Product Catalog, Update Marketing, Promotion. Our old static website 5 years no change then how can do business in Internet Age? We also use it for Mobile Order, Customers on the Go & Pick-up, revenue increase 35%. Save Paper Bill cost 5000$ /year. Our staff use Office Mobile Pos in/ out store take order. Customers Self place order in store now use Tablet or their Mobile. Business Data Analytics, Productivity and Efficiency up 40%. Save Time & Money. Other businesses stand still, no new. We move forward. Open our mind Business in new Digital Age large scale out limited a small store alone.

-> A Manager said:- I like run business with Office in Digital Economy, fast, scale, Cloud & Mobile. StarBucks 25000 stores, build Mobile Order, expand business on Cloud. Revenue up 35%.

-> Another Manager said:- So little money but so much help in many ways. All is about Innovation.

- Paper Bill, dup carbon copy cost 5000$ / y. It is used with PC Pos. Today, business used Cloud Pos take order direct, replace paper. Save Time & Money.

- Can I use Office just as Tradition Pos and Mobile Pos? - Yes.
- Can I use Office just as Cloud E-commerce website, online Marketing & Promotion, and Mobile Order?
- Yes.
- Can I use Office just as Cloud Cloud Database like Ms Access. I just need simple Create few Tables, like Employees, Products, Supply, Customers, upload their photos in table, see their photos, run SQL command?
Yes. See manual show Howto Step by Step. Office Database the best back-end office for Pos, for small & medium Businesses, like Inventory System, Warehouse System, Child Care System ... See 100 E-Business System can build with Office Database at top left menu this site. IT College Graduate can build.
- In this site, we even show you Step-by-step, Data Sheet, Code, Create Table, Sql Program .. How To Build this System. Click see - In left menu @ bottom, click Case Study Build Enterprise Database for E-commerce.
- Office Database
has Quick Popup Easy Data Entry Form in Table Database. Click see Office Database - Quick Data Entry: Insert, Update, Del, Upload Photo .. - Click see: Office Db Full Data Entry - Office Db Quick Data Entry

NOTE: We build in simple software feature easy manage Inventory, Sales Data, Tax, simple Data Analytics ...

Quick  Office Tour and Office Card. Office Card is used for Office Mobile Order like StarBucks Mobile Order. An advanced feature offering by Office. Mobile Order better than Big Digital Menu in store people still in-line.

- See video StarBucks Mobile Order: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=fc-nLMO1iq0
- Another video from
Chief Digital Office of StarBucks, Adam Brothman: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EsZMG1XyrLA  (Beta Mobile Order Testing) -> StarBucks maybe the first big corporation provides Mobile Order. Other big food & coffee still behind Technology. In video, the woman placed order already has 
StarBucks Card bought on her phone, like Office Card. She paid by StarBucks Card, not Credit Card. Her StarBucks Card, Balance = My Card (1335) = 10.43$, like Office Card.

=> Although a bit jump back & forth, Place Order only 1 or 2 items, but so many touches, many back & forth. Can't swipe Horizontal, only Vertical like Mobile, not see Cart, StarBucks Mobile Order is easy to place order. StarBucks has Good feature like Order from Previous Order. Office Mobile new improvement, customers check Office Card Order History -> Then 1 touch to place order from previous order in Order List there.

- Customers love it,
Pick-up & Go. No line-up. Rev up 35% - 40%. StarBucks has done very good job to enhance Customer Experience.

People buy StarBucks Card Online, pay by Credit Card or PayPal. No plastic Card. Like buy Office Card online pay Credit Card, Pay Pal, in Store pay Cash, or Email, Text Card Code. The only difference: - Buy StarBucks Card need Register online, Create Account, complicated. Office Card no Register, just Code, when buy Enter Code or Save Code no enter next buy. Thus easier sell Office Card many ways like just Email, Text Card Code. Or sell like Business Card with Car Code. There is an Office Card Tool lets business self-create Office Card with Code in database system.
Office Pay with PayPal or Credit/Debit Card.-> Office Pay & Office Card.

StarBucks Mobile Order increase 35% -> 45% revenue, better than Drive Thru, another Sales Chanel helps increase 40% -> 50% revenue. But Drive Thru hard to build, need location, parking space drive-thru, cost alot $$$. Customers slow still long in-line, not on the GO fast. Businesses still waste Time & Money for Staff take order.

- A business said: Big StarBucks has Talents & Money have Mobile Order. We don't. -> Not true. All about mindset.
- Use Office Card -> Place Order -> Pay -> By Office Card (not CASH) -> Enter Code -> Pick-up or Just Walk Out.

- A business sells Office Card online, in store, paid Credit Card, Cash. Or sells Office Card like Business Card with Card Code, Text, Email Card Code => Customers buy enter Code, or Save code in system, next time no enter Code like: Xy12#P, like password, no Card Number, 6 - 8 letters combine Letter & Number, case sensitive.

- A Business said:- Our store a small space. Cloud & Mobile helps extend business large scale, reach out more diverse customers. They need Mobile Order, on the GO, no Line-up, like Drive Thru, then Use it. Else, Don't. Simple. Customers happy.

- Use Office Mobile Order, customers paid by Cash, Credit Card, Pay Pal, Office Card. - To Pay by Office Card: Add Item to Cart -> Pay -> Select Pay by Office Card -> Enter Code -> Paid. (see Office Tour & Office Card)

- Business: Mobile Order, Cloud help improve Innovation + Efficiency + Revenue + Profit. In any country, 90% are Small Businesses, create most job. Imagine millions of Small Businesses Use Technology, each creates 1 extra Job = Millions Job created. -> Thus help improve Economy, Job Creation, reduce Unemployment.

- Check Office Card Order History, Balance, How Many Times Buy, List Order Items inc Date&Time, Qty, Price, Pic. Businesses sell Office Card in Store, Online. or made Office Card as Business Card with Code on it (no need use as Business Card). - Or just Email the Card Code. There is a Office Card Tool allows business self-create Office Card with Code.

- Office Card Benefits: Office Card,
just like StarBucks Card used for StarBucks Mobile, better than Cash, Credit Card. Save Transaction Fee, convenient, no go-to-bank withdraw Cash when need, easy Buy, Good for Mobile as well. It replaces Paper Note, error, can't track, lost money, waste Time & Money, Small Scale.
- Office Card
helps Business
like its own small Bank, more Capital, Self-Financing customers: Buy First. Pay Later. No Interest. No Fee. More Customers. Repeat & Retention Customers. Good for Service Business like Nails & Salon, sell services, no lost. Just Text Customers, Friends a Code -> Buy. Easy Sell. Easy Buy.
- Use Office Pay,
businesses get back small loan convenience, quick, fast. Customers happy.

- Customers use Office Card in Store, out Store, Online, Mobile Order.
When Buy, Add-to-Cart Item -> Select Pay -> Select Pay by Office Card (not CASH) -> Enter or Save Code in system. No enter Code next buy. -> DONE!

- Office:- After cashier, staff Take Order use Office, Customers Touch & Paid Credit Card at Card Terminal fast by local Bank = Low Fee Transaction = 1.5%, or negotiate A cheap Package.

- Data Name, Card Number from credit card is useless. Not much data. Because Pos already Get all data Order.

Like see Mac Donald, Restaurants, Super Market ... - Eat at Mac Donald, Restaurant, cashier enter Order in Pos, you paid credit card at Card Terminal.
-> Store Credit Card info in system attract Hacker. Not recommended.

- 90% business already had machine.
Drive Thru, Mobile Order: Gradually popular, people less sit & eat in store. Generate 35% - 40% Revenue -> Create Jobs. 90% of Businesses said need Drive Thru if they could build. But today, Mobile Order is the new Drive Thru.

- Today Digital Economy, businesses, people are busy, fast, on the GO. Mobile Order, Drive Thru become popular.
StarBucks Story:
Mr. Schultz Chairman StarBucks, no background Technology, had wealth of experience building & growing stores
in tradition, from few stores to 25000 stores. But He open mind, recognized the change of doing business in Digital Economy, fast, efficiency, large scale. So he hired Mr. Johnson, background in Technology as CEO, April 2017, to build Cloud & Mobile Model, Mobile Order improve, enhance Customer Experience. He as Chairman of StarBucks, Mr. Johnson under his Leadership.


A business described All-in-One Office as:- One Software, one App, integration does multi tasks: We use not only a Pos, Mobile Pos. But also, Online Business Website Update, Marketing & Promotion, Mobile Order, E-Commerce - Office Pay for Online Order, Pay Invoice, Text & Get Paid, Get Paid Loan quick. - Office Card Self-Financing my customers buy in store, online. We also use Office Card for Buy first. Pay later, used for Mobile Order. - Staff, Customers Place Oder anywhere. - Work on multi Devices, Laptop, iPhone, Android, Tablet, iPad. All-in-One Office also helps run Business, Organize Data orderly, Analyze Data, Operate Efficiency & Productivity. We are not big business, we want Simple and Easy, unlimited copy & licence,  All-in-One Price.

- A Scientist said: - Today Digital Economy fast, efficiency, large scale, people busy more, Pick-up on the GO, Drive Thru become more popular than sit in store. According to a Research: - Drive Thru, Mobile Order, Cloud: 35% - 40% increase Revenue -> Create extra Jobs. The challenge for business is Mindset in Tradition, Small Business Mindset, because a lot businesses still get used comfortably to Tradition Business small scale, still don't see it Digital Economy. See StarBucks Story.

Businesses said:
- Like it or Not, Thank You for positive Advice, efforts R&D, Scientific Values. Which helps us improve better. We all Open, Learn, and Adapt.


- Other POS: - Paid Credit Card by Pos = High Transaction fee = 2.5% - 3% + 30 cent/ swipe. - Sell 10000$ / mo credit card, Transaction fee = 300$ / mo. -> Company gets more profit by paid Credit Card this way.

Data Name, Card Number from credit card is useless. Because Pos already get all data of order. -> Store Credit Card info in system attract Hacker. Not recommended.

- Use Office on counter.

- Is Office a Pos ? - Not just a Pos as main App, it is a Business Application Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS).
All-in-One Office
= Tradition Pos + Mobile Pos + Cloud E-commerce + Online Marketing & Promotion + Mobile Order + Staff/ Customer in/ out store Place Order + Data Analytics + Cloud Database (like Ms Access) Operation Efficiency Do More with Less + All-in-One Price

Office Card Order History List - Reorder.
Including: - Date&Time Order, Order ID, Price, Qty, Item Name, Photo, and Balance, many other Data -> Then Place Order from previous orders in this List. 1-touch Add-to-Cart. NOTE: An Order ID = 1086 has 3 Items in one order (receipt). - Last Time Buy = Order (receipt) 1086 @ 2017-03-15 at 12:47 AM. - Office Card value = 50$
Office Pay:  The first Pay By Text.
- How to Pay:
Open Office Pay. Select Pay Pal or Credit Card -> Fill Data -> Paid.
- Auto fill data fast. Type: dan -> Auto load all Data in Form.
Use PayPal, Office Pay loads all data its Form -> Pay Pal, like Fname, Lname, Email, Phone, Address, Total Pay. At PayPal site only enter Credit Card Number. No need Login PP, anywhere. No register.

- Office Pay integrated in All-in-One Office. - Used for Buy Online, not in store.
-> When Check-out, select: Pay by Office Pay (not by Cash/ Credit Card in Store)
- Office Pay also used as stand alone for e-Payment. The first Pay By Text.
See Office Pay Case Study.

- Office Digital Menu put Cart on Top, and Swipe Horizontal (new Technology Virtual Screen) & Vertical, and when first open, see Main Screen Menu display most popular sales Items for quick select, nice Photo. To select an Item if not available popular items in main screen, press on Left Group Menu like [Drink] -> All items in Group. [Refresh] icon back main screen fast.
In addition,
Office Digital Menu is also used as: Pos, Online Order E-commerce, as Mobile Order, as Staff/ Customer Place order In/Out store, and Work on multi Devices & Mobile.

- Other Pos Systems
can't do these functions. Only Staff Place Order in store. Can't swipe screen on iPad Horizontal & Vertical. Work on iPad only. No Pos Mobile, no Mobile Order, no Online Order, no Customer Take Order.

- People ask:- Why a start-up can build software the same level as big business with tens of millions of dollars and huge resources, developers?
-> In software business is all about talents and Innovation. If you assemble of a Team of talents then they can build good software. Like Facebook, when in small start-up only few developers to build Facebook. At that time
Yahoo, Microsoft multi billions company, wanted very much a Social Media website very hot that time. My Space a social media, built before Facebook, already worth 1 billion dollar, back by big investor like News Corp, while Facebook still in basement. Yahoo can't build social media, wanted to buy Facebook for 1 billions of dollars. With 1 billion dollars and its brand name, Yahoo (or Microsoft) can hire thousands of developers to build a new Social Media much better than Facebook that time a small start-up only few developers. Why couldn't Yahoo, a software and media corporation, build themselves a Social Media like Facebook given having huge recourses multi billions company with tens of thousands of developers. That's why Silicon Valley always search for new start-up.

Start-up 's Products got started humbling in the beginning.
Then it keeps improving & evolving & growing into something innovative, something powerful, something big over years. As a start-up but we build our product line as same quality as big businesses with huge resources. A lot of work and efforts! The more resources, the better & powerful product we build.

- Small Businesses Market. - Just in US & Canada, there are 35 millions small businesses, Moms & Pops stores, Home based Businesses. The richest market in the world where small businesses can afford software monthly like 100 USD / month. We know many software companies in this market, have few hundreds of thousands customers or 0.9% of small business market, value at 5 - 10 billions dollars. Smaller companies, few thousands customers like 5, 10, 20, 30 thousands, 0.01% of small business market, but value more than multi millions of dollars. There is a POS company has 24 thousands customers, investors invest 60 millions dollars, 5 millions in the company in early days of start-up, accelerate Product Development. -> Because start-ups need money to accelerate product development, and launch market fast. If asking start-ups get thousand of customers, has profit first, then invest like retail Investors, will take few years. Because *right now* they need financing resource to build Product fast. Start-up developers also need make ends meet. That's why start-ups need helps in early stage. Big Investors in Silicon Valley even don't need to see product, they just need an Idea. Then Invest money -> Build -> Develop. They even invest millions in company that doesn't have profit yet. That's why we see big companies made from Silicon Valley.

- What software do small businesses need the most? Almost 99% of small businesses need a POS (Point of Sales) for their business, keep orders, sales, taxation. Tradition POS system is used as POS like Cash Registered to register sales, orders, and Print Receipt, like you see in small business store. -Tradition POS doesn't generate extra revenue, can't sell, doesn't help business leverage potential by using the Internet power of Cloud & Mobile to reach out more customers, sell more, generate more revenue, operation efficiency, **very busy back & forth** waste Time & Money. Because it is used as Cash Registered only. That's why we build the next generation of POS in Digital Economy, Cloud & Mobile, different with tradition POS has been around more than 100 years. There are already a lot of tradition, thousands POS companies. Tradition Pos although has different Designs, different Features, different Looks & Feels,  But all does same job as *A Cash Register*. Tradition Pos not only doesn't Generate money, but also not Efficient, Cost money.

In estimate, small business used our product lines will see an increase of 25% -> 35% of revenue, and improve efficiency 40%. This translate in hundreds of thousands, for example, 150,000$ of extra revenue if that small business has ave revenue 500,000$ / year. This doesn't include improving in productivity, efficiency, automation. Save Time & Money. Before this small business used Tradition Pos didn't see not only any revenue increased, but also less efficient.

Our software POS is used not only:

Tradition Pos as Cash Register as seen in store, but also:

2) Mobile Order, Online Order Generate Revenue.
 -> Only few. More sales by make POS as online E-Commerce, Mobile Order, like Drive-Thru generate 45% revenue same as people in store. - StarBucks generate 30% revenue from Mobile Order. Today, less people eat in store, but Pick-up On The Go.

Operation Efficiency, Automation.  -> Only few. - Save Time & Money, like Customer Self Order in store use their Mobile and Tablet. Of course, Staff Take Order as well. => That's why we build Mobile App Work on All Devices. Can't ask customers use iPhone only. Can't afford Tablet / customer.
4) Mobile Pos App.  -> Only few.  Most Pos today Pc Pos, iPad Pos, few Mobile Pos on smart phone. Sales Staff/ Staff/ Customer place order anywhere, In/Out Store.
1 x fix stand Pos = 10 x Mobile Pos.


- Office Mobile Pos.
Other Pos has, see Report feature on Mobile, not a whole use Pos.

5) Easy Software Integration Work on all Devices.  -> Only few: - Business need software integrate Pos + E-commerce + Mobile Order + Mobile App in one sys, All-in-One App Work on Multi Devices.

6) Good Price: - Our software All in One 49$ / month. Other systems at least 79$ / month. OR, few hundreds dollars. No subscription. Others just subscription more than 1000$ / year

Data & Analytics.  -> Only few. Data Analytics is different with Reporting seen in software, because Software is not Database. For example, see Software Reporting from Office App, Get Total Sales, Tax ... display right screen. This is called Software Reporting. See App example Software Reporting ===>
- No POS system that built-in
Office Database, first database store & display photos, see photos of Employees, Products, Customers .. A Picture is worth thousands words.
- Office Database allows Businesses get complex data like our Product. In addition, our product Lines also quick Data Analytics, such as, Get Total Sales, Tax, Orders, Pick-up, Delivery, Staff Sales, Salary, Working Hours, Customer Contacts ... Select Date -> To Date.

-For example, a lot small businesses use Ms Access to create Tables, Inventories ... - Why use Ms Access does not integrate with POS system, with E-commerce, Mobile Order? => Use Office Database do the same, even more powerful because it used
SQL, a Database Programming to Get Data. -> Office Database open tables that created for POS system, such as, pos_orders, pos_orderdetail, pos_shipping, pos_customers .... Then you can create more Tables that have Table Relationship to these tables.

=> All these Get Data only SQL Database Programming built-in Office Database, can do.
Why other POS, like multi millions company Vend no built in database like Office Database? - Because they can't.
No POS system can analyze these Data, Because they don't build in Office Database using SQL Database Programming like Office Product.
 => See Office Database manual in this website. A lot examples Data Analytics in website. We even provide 100 E-Business Database Diagram (at Top Left Menu this website) to build Database System for business use Office database.

 => Quick  Office Tour and Office Card


- Office Pos - also work as Mobile Pos
Search is most important. Today, people buy, place order, spend a lot time go thru Catalog.
- Type 1 or few characters, then see Search -> Auto Complete -> Sort -> Filter
less items in Real Time when type each Character, List Scroll plus Photo.
For example, type = j (no enter) -> see 20 items -> Continue type ap = jap -> 3 items reduced in real time.
- Not e-Commerce Search, when type j see nothing, no list until press enter. See: amazon.com
NOTE: Amazon Search seems Search & Filter better than other e-commerce sites. But not scroll + no photo. Sometimes type & list, sometimes not.
Vend Pos new design is Search & Filter, but List not scroll & no photo. Click see. Improve from its Pos tradition Design search items used Group Product Catalog, like, touch Group Clothing -> all Items. Click old design. Click see Office Digital Menu.
- Different way of Office Search by Filter:
Type: soup 6, 10 List all soup Item 6$ -> 10$ range -> Then Filter by enter few letter. Search Items like laptop 200, 300. Or food in Price range. Price matter!
Typeram = Display 1 Item = 451 Japanese Ramen Soup, right away
Type: 451 Search ItemID # 451 - right away
Type: juice Search by Group/ Category = juice by Title then: List all Juice Drink -> Scroll list of items -> Select -> Buy.

- For example,
-> How Many this Beers, this Beef Soup, this Chicken Rice .. has been sold from Date to Date -> Listing its Total Sales, Staff who sold, Supplies

-> Get List of Customers who didn't return your store in 6 months
. Get list of customers spent more than 500$. Then send promotion. - No POS software can do this. Only Database can do.
List suppliers that supply for these Products, these Items?
-> List the top Sales Employees, their Photos today? any date? - List the worst Seller Employees today? Any date?
-> List all orders sold, including Staff  sold these orders, Photos, Product & Photos, Qty, Price, by Mobile Order, E-commerce Orders, In-Stores Order today, from Date to Date?
-> List all orders not Pick-ups, not Delivery yet, include Customers Address, Phone so that we can deliver or call to pickup.
-> List all Products & Services, including Quantity, Total Sales from Staff Helen sold, this week, from Date to Date.
-> List Total Tip collected this week, from Date to Date.
-> List Total Tip from Staff Helen, other Staff collected this week, from Date to Date.
- How? - Because  Helen login Pos for that ship. When Helen Take that order 12345, customer when pay Tip for that order 12345, include Helen in that order. So Office Database Analyze Data know that Tip of order 12345 for Helen. => Look at Order Manager see Staff Name + Photo include in order.
-> List Total Hours, Date & Time of Ship, Total Payment for Staff Helen, other Staff this week, from Date to Date.  - How? When Helen or other Staff Login & Logout -> We know Date & Time, like Log-in at Monday 12, August, 4pm. Then Log-out at Monday 12, August, 12am  -> Know how many hours of work -> Know Hour Rate / hr = 11.50 $/hr -> Office Database look up data in many Tables -> Use short SQL Database Programming Analyze data. Automatic, no need Input data, Date & Time, Hours, Ship of Staff ... -> Then know how much each Staff made during that Week, from Date -> to Date. -> More ...

There are millions of small businesses with different needs. Some businesses just need a POS as Cash Register. But also some businesses need their POS system do more than just a tradition POS system. And we will target these businesses, even just few thousands out of millions, help them leverage their potentials, Run business Efficient, Reach out more customers, Generate more Revenue, more sales in the Digital Economy, already happening in Far East fast growing economy like Thai Land, Indonesia, Singapore, India, China, South Korean, Japan ...
- A small business said: - We are just small business, not big like StarBucks.
- But another small business said: -You are small, but think big. Run business. Do business like big guys. StarBucks 25000 stores, still use Mobile Order. Its customers so happy use their smartphone place order. Nothing new about Mobile Order. You are still alone 1 store, next 10 years the same. Not all businesses think like you. Change mind set.

Update latest: - All Office Product Line work all devices, Laptop, Tablet (iPad, Android), Mobile (iPhone, Android) because we Design One Work All Devices, Data Driven Architecture => One Software App one Cost = 30% cost = Save Time & Money 70% for Development & Maintenance.
- While other One System but Design Many Software Apps Work for different Devices, design on Laptop only, or either Tablet  or iPad only. Can't Mobile on iPhone nor Android. Thus need design one software on many different Designs for different devices, Design for iPad, for Android & Window Tablet, Design for iPhone, Android Phone.=> One Software App many Costs = 100% cost, alot money & developers.

For example, other companies design POS (Point-of-Sales) Software App, work on iPad only, not working on Android, Windows Tablet, no Mobile Pos, no Mobile Order on iPhone, iPad. Office Product only software app let you do Mobile Pos, Mobile E-commerce, Mobile Order, not just on iPad only like 90% of iPad Pos -> Why iPad Pos runs on iPad only, not on Tablets? - And if work on iPad only, why the same Pos does not work on iPhone, since same Apple technology Developers, same Apple Environment? - Why? -> These multi-millions companies, a lot resources, developers, if design same Pos work on just iPhone, would be double cost, more cost than design Pos on iPad, because Mobile Development very cost. That's why they don't have Mobile Pos, Mobile E-commerce, Mobile Orders for all Devices. But Office Product run on iPad, on Android & Windows Tablet, on Smart phone like iPhone, Android Phone, Windows Phone.

=> Our Software App design POS (Point-of-Sales) work on iPad only, on Android, Windows Tablet, on Mobile iPhone, Android Phone like Galaxy Samsung.
We reduce a whole (not few functionalities) Pos system size from big size Tablet, Laptop to Mobile small size on iPhone, Android Phone. Because when design, lay-out, other companies focus on large screen size of Laptop, Tablet. They don't Design One Work All Devices, Data Driven Architecture like we do. => See Vend Pos. Now, in order their software to work on Mobile Pos, Mobile Order, Mobile E-commerce,  like Office Product, cost them a lot of money & developers re-design a whole software app work on iPhone, Android Phone. Company, Business back to drawing board, ask:
1- Why your software run on Laptop only, not work all devices, not run on iPhone, Android Phone, iPad, Android Tablet, Windows Tablet?
How much cost Money to Design Work All Devices? 3- How long, Time get done make it work all devices?
4- Can Get It Done? -
Very hard design on Mobile iPhone need Objective C, Swift Developers, Android Phone need Java developers, Windows Phone need .Net developers = Different Developers, Cost & Project -> Very hard design on Mobile than on Laptop, Tablet?
Can you ask customers use iPhone only for your software app? - 
Waste Time & Money, less comparative, less innovative.
Features can easily build, add-on, but Design & Architecture is hard. Can't change, add-on. Need re-design, re-build whole building again, like we have done and experience, many years hardwork better re-design, re-build from scratch 0 for next 20 years.
6- Seamless Integration Many Apps for different Devices into One App Work All Devices. => See photo Office App on iPhone, Android in slide =>

We spend years on R&D, pioneers on
Design One Work All Devices, Data Driven Architecture. Click see Data Driven Architecture. Different software development has different Architecture.

- We introduce another 2 new Office Product Lines
- New way Buy & Order: Office Search & Buy for customers, new Office Pos use Search -> Type few characters -> List -> Buy -> Print receipt. Fast, simple, easy, Mobile (Only Office)
Step 1: Order

- Customers in/ out store Place order -> Cloud Print receipt far distance. Use:
- Office Digital Menu & Ecommerce good use on tablet, mobile.  1==>
- Office Search & Buy good on mobile, fast, easy

- Customers: Couple used both smart phone & tablet Place order for each -> Print receipt.     1==>

- Staff take order -> Print.
Then Orders in Office Order Management  1 ==>
 Step 2: order done

- Business complains:- Can't afford tablet / customer. Any solution?
Although Office Digital Menu good on mobile, we improve, come up new Innovation: Office Search & Buy Mobile. Can't recycle 1 product year / year. No new.

- Cashier track orders taken by staff, customers in store, mobile orders, E-commerce orders. All orders are in Office Order Management.

- Receipt bill already Calculated & Print
on counter. Thus, no need enter order from paper bill in Pos sys, Calculate and Print. No need Office PosNo Pos on counter. 2 ==>

A whole business process of store By Design by us.
Step 3: Pay

- Type few characters -> List items -> Buy  -> Print. => See promotion.
=> Any one can do it.

3 ==> Customer pay Cash/ Credit Card @ counter, as seen in MacDonald, Coffee stores, almost restaurants.
3 ==> Cashier
use Office Order Management, Update Order status UnFulfill -> Fullfill (paid). - Give receipt already Printed & Calculated. Done.
=> No enter in system Pos.
No PC pos.
A Restaurant Manager, 20 years experience said: - In this business for 20 years experience, I never think to change the way running business like this. We keep repeating same way doing things for so many decades. Nothing new.

Office Search & Buy good use on Mobile, search, fast.- Type a few -> Buy -> Cloud Print receipt.

- Mobile Order on the GO.
- Pick-up / Delivery.

-> Business in Digital Economy
needs Innovation to survival, better service, more revenue, reach out more customers, expansion, grow.

- Complexity & expensive, fix, not mobile. No Mobile Order.
- Office
integrates Mobile Order inside system.
A business said: - Can't believe that small price 39$ / mo, many benefits for our small business:
- Cloud & Mobile E-commerce website + Cloud Print receipt.
- Office Pos, mobile
- Office Mobile Order drive-thru + Cloud Print receipt.
- Customers Place orders using Laptop, Tablet, Mobile.
- Text & Get paid loan, invoice
- Office Gift card, send to my friends, close customers, relatives
Buy First. Pay later.
- Data & Analytics daily Sales
- Easy Manage & Work @Home
- Cashier productive, relax
- Keep track all Orders, Pick-up/ D
- While others Sys only Pos
- So many benefits. Worth
Virtual Screen: -> One big problem in mobile is small width screen. New design Screen UI/ UX Mobile helps extend small screen width wider horizontal by swiping horizontal 10 times wider small real estate screen of smartphone.
See on Tablet. Click

- See big e-commerce website, type: walmart.com on mobile. It uses Cloud. Can't swipe width Horizontal, only swipe scroll Vertical. For example, T-shirt for men = 200 t-shirt items, scroll vertical only, a long list.

But Office Digital Menu & E-commerce can swipe horizontal 10 times width. Click see
-> What you see is what you get. Same size with smartphone view on Laptop, Tablet 1600 x 900. But smartphone screen better color, shaper, clear.

NOTE: We choose the biggest and the best website from the biggest corporations so we understand.

NOTE: Build an large scale App (Application) on diff Devices is not easy like translation from English -> Japanese. Need to construct, build a whole Office Building again on diff Devices. => Cost same even more money, even not sure can be done. -> You build App in Java, doesn't mean can build same App use Objective C, Mobile. -> Totally difference Design & Developers.
That's why medium size software company like Vend, build Vend Pos on iPad, but can't afford resources build same Pos on Android, Mobile.

Complexity & expensive, not efficient, fix, no mobile. Use Office 10 staff in/ out store with 10 x Office Pos mobile, easy.

- No Mobile Order.
- No Generate $$$. No Cash Flow

-> Customers just need visit website use Laptop, Tablet, Mobile (= @ All in 1 place 1 address). Done! No download, because it is Cloud Enterprise App. Use Office Digital Menu & Ecommerce, or, Office Search & Buy. Pick-up/ Delivery. No waste time on Phone, Back & Forth customers limited, not scale.- Admin login: Use Apps Office Pos, Office Tools i.e. mybuzdomain.com/login.
- A customer said:- In/ Out store, I just visit website to buy. It opens Office Digital Menu & E-commerce. I notice E-commerce bit different style, because it built fit for mobile as well. I can swipe <= => Horizontal not seen in other sites can't, 10 items wide, extend screen width = 10 times wider space on small real estate screen, like Virtual Screen, not easy, good design ( click see ), and scroll in Vertical ↕↕ like most e-com sites like Walmart. -> Imagine have 100 items scroll 1 Item vertical to the bottom. No good Design.
- Cart always on top easy see. I scroll Left Menu -> Select A Group -> Reduced to few Items in Group. In store, I choose Office Search & Buy so fast. This Search can't find in E-commerce Search, even big website. Easy mobile.
A customer said: Use Office Digital Menu & Ecommerce, I select Left Group Menu -> Product Items. In one Group Noodle Soup has 100 Soup Items, easy find swipe Horizontal & Vertical in Virtual Screen 10 x 10 than scroll Vertical 100 items long List, not look nice -> Touch Buy button Add to card -> Pay. Whole shopping process happens in 1 screen, Cart @ top. Not many screens back & forth. Office Digital Menu & E-commerce Style & Design look like MacDonald Digital Menu Big Stand in store used Left Group Menu Navigation to get Items. Cart @ bottom. But can't swipe horizontal, back & forth because limited screen space, hard. -> That's why new Tool Office Search & Buy on Mobile In/ Out Store. Type few characters -> Got Item. Fast.

All-in-one Office Business Get:
- Mobile & E-commerce website, Mobile Order, Staff & Customers in/ out Store Take Order, Pos, Daily Data Sales Summary, Data & Analytics, Mobile Text & Get paid loan, fee, Gift card, Order Tracking from Home, Mobile.., Easy manage ... in one system. No complexity. Good support

- Complexity & Cost, not efficient, fix. - No Mobile Order. No E-commerce Order. No Generate Rev $$$$
Type: mybuz.com -> Touch link open Office Search & Buy = Faster, easy remember than type: mybuz.com/osb.

A customer said:- In/ Out store, I visit website to buy. -> See Office Digital Menu & E-commerce open product show case, like Wal-Mart, Best Buy, big E-commerce websites. I choose Office Search & Buy fast order when in store. Both tools run on my Laptop, Tablet, Mobile. -> I like see photo Carousel, Promotion (only Office), and Place order. I less interest in reading info webpage: About Us, Company. I recognize easy shop on Office than Wal-mart, specially when on mobile. See, type: walmart.com on mobile. Office is good for small business, simple.
NOTE: We can put Office Search & Buy in Office Digital Menu & E-commerce. But we rather have OS&B separate tool, easy order when customer in store use mobile.

- Big Wal Mart E-commerce website is Cloud, first is built on strong, solid & powerful Back-end Cloud & Web Services. -> Not on App Store. Cloud always built first, anything else, Apps.. come 2nd on top Cloud.
- Office Digital Menu & E-commerce
is both Cloud & Mobile, Design look & feel is built and optimized for Mobile.

MacDonald Digital Menu. Click pic.
Group Menu Nav Left can swipe & scroll. But can't swipe menu Horizontal & Vertical. Some Groups over 100 items in small space. Hard, a lot jump back & forth. That's why less people use in store.
-> UI/ UX not easy to Design on Mobile where small screen, even multi billions Corporations.

=> MacDonald should build Menu in Mobile like Office Digital Menu mobile avoid line up in front machine, Mobile Order better serving like StarBucks?
Contact Us. We build better Menu less cost.

- Complex & Cost.
- Dumb Terminal
- No Mobile Order/ No E-commerce.

- Generate 0.0$

- No Take order used as Input Data System.

- Staff use OOM manage orders better. No Pc Pos.

- In store, every one knows & uses Office Search & Buy place order


Quick Price:

- Other Pos Sys like click: Vend Pos 79$ usd /mo
+ Extra licence or register 39$ usd / iPad use / mo
+ Phone support = 19$ usd / mo. -> Or email support only, long time back & forth. Headache & frustrated.
+ Not Include Hardware.
=> Watch out Transaction Fee / credit card swipe.
Some iPad System charge 2.7% - 3% / transaction when customer pay credit card.
-> Vend is good system compared to other similar type iPad Systems. Vend is Global Company with hundreds of employees. Just receive 12 millions funding this month, including in the past millions in funding.

- Office Product:
45 $ / mo
- OR -
- Few hundreds dollars / a whole system. No monthly subscription.
- Unlimited licences & staff uses.
+ One-To-One support & Training FREE if in Toronto. Contact both: NetthruOffice@gmail.com & ddanpros@hotmail.com

Almost millions and millions small businesses worldwide used Pos system to manage orders, daily sales. But their traditional Pos system doesn't help them leverage their potential, generate revenue 0.0$$, not efficient, not take advantage of Today is about Cloud & Mobile Technology, grow in Digital Economy. A big lost.

Case Study: A True Story - A business used All-in-One Office Sys increased extra revenue 25% or 150,000$ / year. And create jobs. Before it used tradition Pos system, which not only it doesn't help increase revenue, sales & marketing, but also not efficient, cost money & time.

- Any country,
95% Businesses, in millions, are Mom & Pop Store, Home Business, Small Business create 2/3 of jobs Creation. Do a math:
Few Millions Small Businesses x Few Employees = ? -> The Majority of Small Businesses don't use any Cloud & Mobile Technology, very much in Tradition. Don't even have a simple info website.

-> How many Small Businesses, Stores you know in your local community that use Cloud & Mobile Technology?
A small business said:- A few! Only Big Businesses. But when The Trend Business in Digital Economy begins, every one will follow. Because right now, no Cloud & Mobile Technology available like Office made simple, easy, affordable. Even A Pos Sys, like dumb Terminal, is too expensive, less features. No mobile. Can't Mobile Order. Doesn't help generate revenue = 0.0$, not reach out customers. As a small business needs help innovation, a lot talking but no action. Can't survival and Grow if not adapt Cloud & Mobile Technology.

- We build software help Small Businesses use Cloud & Mobile Technology, leverage their potential in Digital Economy.

Question: - Why Office Mobile Order can Print receipt from Mobile phone order in store Pos printer, but other system can't ?

Question: - As a restaurant, do I still need Office Pos? - No. You don't need any POS including Office Pos. See photo step 1 => 2 => 3. For restaurant, Office Order Management replace Pos. Other business not Restaurant, like Nails & Salon, Retails.. needs Office Pos run in Laptop, Tablet, Mobile.

Question: - My business fast food like MacDonald. Should I use A big Digital Menu Stand in store?
- No good, expensive, people less use if design no good, line-up in front machine.
Digital Menu Mobile Order better
like Office Digital Menu used in/ out store is the best option. Easy, convenient, much cheaper. See StarBucks.

Question: - What are main differences between Office Pos and other iPad Pos?
- Office Pos used Search & Pos like Vend, while all other iPad Pos not.
- Office Pos run on
iPad, Tablet, Mobile, while most iPad Pos run on iPad only. Like Vend Pos.
- iPad Pos It fix on stand. Can't move. Can't Take order. => While Office Pos Mobile, Tablet Staff use 10 x Office Pos take order in/ out store, any where.
- iPad Pos fix on stand 1 Licence or Register. While Office Pos 10 staff use it on Tablet, smart phone take order in/out store. No extra license could cost extra 39$/m / license x 10 licenses. And each customer use software on their smartphone, tablet count a licence = A lot of licences for Staff + Customers. A lot $$$
Office Pos integrated with whole Office Product Lines can Mobile Order + Cloud Print, while iPad Pos can't Mobile Order, can't Cloud Print!
NOTE: Look on photo of a Cashier. A whole big stand Pos reduced fit in a small screen smart phone Office Pos. That's why Office Pos work on Mobile. - See photo of Office Pos below in smartphone Mobile.
- Office Pos integrates with 8 other Office Product Lines,
like Office Digital Menu & E-commerce, Office Search & Buy, Office Card, Office Pay, Office Database, Office Order Management. - While iPad Pos is used mainly functionality as Pos.


- Any Businesses like this Store Nails & Salon used Office Pos + All-in-One Office  
- Use Office Order Management manage orders, P/D, daily Data, mobile
work @home.
- Office Digital Menu E-commerce show Product Catalog in store, E-commerce online Take orders + Cloud Print. See OOM
Use Office Pos
register order + Receipt.
- Use Office Pay Text client & Get paid.
- Use Office Card like Gift Card  popular.
Relax, easy Manage. Revenue up 30%.

- Cashier using Vend Pos System (old ver)

- Using Office, Cashier relax used OOM. No enter  Paper Bill in system. No more need PC Pos. - Receipt Calculated & Print + A lot Data. -> Help alot other work in store.

Business in new world.
Cashier now Take On new challenge role as Mobile & Ecommerce Manager in new creation E-Business Department. 
Duty include
: Use, Update, Maintain Office Product Lines + Training Staff + Run and Manage Office Mobile Order & E-commerce Order + People on the GO Pick-up + Grow business, revenue Online & Mobile = A lot work. -> Business better grow this way, a new Business Model in Digital Economy.

A Cashier said:- Love It, my new challenging role than boring cashier. Help my store grow, generate revenue better than just Enter Input Data in Pos. -> Office is more than Pos System. Easy learn, easy do than paper bill Track data, some paper bill more data, more items complicate, take time, customer waiting, could human error. While use Office, bill already Calculated & Print.

Office Order Management, Office Pos, Office Search & Buy, other Office Tools have changed the industry. Technology is about changing for the better, more efficient.

Business can't have Drive Thru, Cost. Mobile Order is better. Drive customers in store. Easy have Mobile Order than Drive-thru, need construction, big packing, license, need staff take orders, a lot cost.

- Drive-Thru: Usually generate same revenue as much 40% as in store customers. More people just pick-up on the GO. Don't want to be in store. This is new Trend. People drive thru, pick-up, GO even more than people in store.

Mobile Order = Drive-thru less cost: - That's why Mobile Order like Drive-thru generate 30% - 35% revenues, few hundreds of thousands more, a lot. More people like pick-up on the GO. Fast.
- Mobile Order is less cost than Drive-thru, easy & simple,
because Drive-thru needs having few staff serve Take orders. While Mobile Order, Staff focus in store, no need Take Order like Drive-thru, waste time & money. Drive people in store.

-> See as on smart phone. Not yet zoom.
-> Top Logo put in carousel album better.
-> The latest.

-> Use Office Product Tool to Create Carousel Album, Upload Logo, Photo from laptop, Update Price, Promo, Create New Item .., Create Shipping Group, Coupon Group -> Add different Item Option. Open, touch [Option & Promo].
Group Shipping Item Option:
- Shipping customer pick up after 5 pm
- Shipping 5$ in local ...
- Customer Pickup, 1/2 hour for food only
- Customer Pickup, 15 min for coffee only ...
- Create as many shipping options.
=> Customer place order like Coffee -> Select shipping by themselves. = Customer Pickup, 15 min for coffee only. This shown on receipt, means that after order, can pick-up after 15 min.
- Some customers choose pick-up after 5 pm
-> This helps business prepare food better.
=> Business see detail Order, Shipping, Coupon .. in Office Order Management, or on receipt.

Coupon = Bring customer back store, Option:
- 5$ coupon, on receipt.
- 10$ coupon, print on receipt. Keep it.

Coupon good marketing, better than Discount, bring customer back store, retention. Just show receipt. Only Staff can add coupon.

- New way POS: Office Pos, Search & Pos -> Type few characters -> List -> Take Order -> Print receipt. Fast, simple, Mobile. Staff use smart phone, as Pos Take Order, no iPad, Tablet. Vend Pos is Search & Pos, but no Mobile. 90% iPad Pos can't Mobile.

- Use Office Pos,  Staff can even out store, onsite with customers -> Use Office Pos on smart phone Take order -> Cloud Print receipt @ Pos Printer in Head Office.

=> Staff & Customers, in/ out store use Office Search & Buy, Office Pos fast pos, mobile order ... Fast ordering. Use smart phone, tablet, laptop . No back & forth!

- Staff use Office Pos on smart phone. No paper. Type few characters -> List (see photo exact size on phone) -> Take Order -> Print receipt. Save 5000$/ y paper bill carbon + Take order direct in system + Faster, accurate than write on Paper match price, key input in system = Time & error.

-Type & See List changing, filtering DATA in real time, instantly (Data Driven Architecture). No press Enter, different with E-commerce Search no Listing, Photo, Price, Title, no real time, no filter, can't scroll List like Amazon Search @ Amazon website <- Click see difference. Type j, ja, jap. Simple, plain short List, then compare with Office Search List. All E-commerce website Search no better or look like Amazon. -> We want to show difference Office Search & Buy is not E-commerce Search people shop @ E-commerce.

For example,
In/ Out store, you Take Order or Buy Japan Food Item. You want FAST & SIMPLE.
=> Type j -> See & Scroll List of 20 items Title contain J and Choose an Item. You see 3 Japanese Food in List -> Select an item. Buy. Done! - But assume Not satisfy. -> Then continue type: a = ja see list of 4 items. -> Then continue type p = jap = Now reduce to List of 3 Japan Food Items -> Touch choose 1 item. Buy.
- Type continuously 3 letters: jap = See List of 3 items right away. It knows when you typing & stop typing.
-> No jump back & forth many page, alot Clicks.

- Vend Pos used Search & Pos, empty beginning. Click.

- Why Vend, also Cloud SaaS like Office, doesn't have Mobile, not even work on Tablet, only iPad ?
- Pos is not a small App, not just simply change UI/ UX screen. From the beginning, it Architect & Design differently and building up on this Structure. Even the easy part move Cart on Top can affect a whole Structure Design. The hard part, to have Mobile, Vend must hire iOS Developers + Android Developers = Cost a lot of Time & Money, not sure can be done! Vend a medium size, hundreds of employees global company, has no recourse to build work on Tablet, Mobile, Android, iOS. That's why Office by Design is Design One Work All Devices.

- Office Digital Menu is E-commerce modernized and Mobile, Cloud Print.
- We have too lets you add Logo on top + Carousel Photo album rotation + Create few static webpages.
- Office Digital Menu
is E-commerce Mobile.

- Now you have Mobile E-commerce.

- Cloud Print E-commerce:
- Other E-commerce can't
Cloud Print receipt. Good use
when customer place order online, Pick-up/ Delivery. It Cloud Print receipt in store, so that staff can prepare food items on receipt. When customer Pick-up or Delivery, staff give receipt.
For example, a customer place an order on the GO. On order has coffee + other stuff -> Paid. Then receipt Cloud Print @ store Pos printer -> Staff look up receipt, prepare orders -> Customer comes pick-up + receipt. fast.

- What You See Is What You Get on phone. ==>
- Touch photo see bigger + gallery of photo.

We introduce another 2 new Office Product Lines:

Office Search & Buy and Office Pos

All-in-One Office Product Line, seamless Integration, run on Mobile, Tablet, Laptop

1- Office Digital Menu ( is E-commerce modernized ) = Staff & Customer place orders in store, online. Then Cloud print. No E-commerce has Cloud Print. Good use on Tablet. Mobile too. - Office Digital Menu is new version Office E-Commerce work on Laptop, Tablet, Mobile. Add Logo on top + Add few webpage = E-commerce. It has Logo + Cart on top, Scroll Menu Navigation @ Left + WebPages.
Customers see promotion, Add Items in top Cart -> Check out Paid -> Shipping Pick-up / Delivery.

2- Office Pos =
Staff take orders use Search like Vend. Good use Business not Restaurant, only need Pos.
- Example,
Pos by design difference, but the goal is the same. What you can use, do with Vend Pos, you can do with Office Pos. Switch from Vend Pos -> Office Pos = The same. Plus you get extra 9 Office Product Line and cheaper Price.

3- Office Search & Buy =
Staff/ Customer In/ Out store Mobile Orders fast. Good use Mobile, order on the Go.

4- Office Cloud Print
= Print to Pos printer far dist Cloud

5- Office Order Management
= Report, Manage all Order. Work @Home Track Pick-up /D, detail order in instant. Cashier in store used manage all Orders FullFill/ UnFulfill, Table/ Seat. Calc Sales Data / day/ date.

- Example,
when staff or customers in store use Tablet/ Smartphone Place order -> Print receipt. Their order in OOM = UnFulfill. After finished, they Check-out paid Cash/ Credit Card at counter's Credit card Terminal - See in MacDonald, most restaurants. Cheaper Rate / Transaction. Use Office Card Just Walk Out. No % fee. Cashier looks up in OOM customer's order @ table, turn Unfulfill = Fulfill (paid). Then give customer receipt already Calculated & Print. Boss @ Home also knows orders in on mobile. No need in store. See OOM.
- Example, a business's Cashier use Office Pos take order. Boss @Home see order in OOM mobile instant.
- Example, Customers use Tablet/ Mobile Office Search & Buy -> Place order on the Go Pick-up / or Delivery. Their orders in OOM see Pick-up + address + phone + email. When they come Pick-up, Cashier see their Order + Name + Contact on OOM. Then give them order + receipt. Then turn that order = Fullfill = already Pick-up. Cashier relax. Receipt already Calculated & Print. No need PC Pos expensive not work online, no Cloud.
- Example, A Business Owner, End of Day,-OR- Any Date, used OOM, see Sales Data, Tax, Total Sales, P/ D, Order DateTime, Staff Sales, detail Product Sales, Customer Contact .. Get Data instantly after 5 years.

6- Office Pay
= First Text & Pay by Pay Pal, Credit card. Text client pay use Pay Pal, Debit/ Credit card. OP used Get Paid Onsite service, Loan, Register, Deposit..
- Example, Customer place order online -> Checkout @ Office Pay online by Pay Pal or, Debit/ Credit Card.
- Example, A Business Text/ Email to a lot Clients address of Office Pay. Clients open text msg / Email -> Click on OP's address -> Fill form -> Register & Pay
- Example, Pay Rent, Loan, Deposit. Pay Invoice.
A Business Text
(no lost junk mail) / Email Tenants. Tenants open Text msg (or email) on phone -> Touch on address link OP i.e.= mybuz.com/op/250 = pay 250$ -> Fill Form -> Pay by Pay Pal or Credit Card.- Important- Office Pay Data saved in system easy Track History & Manage like Office Card. Like:- List all payments of John Smith, DateTime, Amount.. from Jan -> April.
- mybuz.com
/op = Open OP -> Enter amount written on text msg. mybuz.com = Office website of a business.
- Example, A business Text all Clients:- Please pay your Rent/ Fee/ Donate. Touch open mybuz.com/op Thanks.
Clients touch on link -> Open OP -> Fill Form -> Pay

7- Office Cloud Database 
= Report, simple & complex Data Analytics, SQL, Build Relation Database

8- Office Card
= Gift Card. No plastic card. Buy first Pay later, like VISA. Customers buy Office Card online, in store pay cash. Customers use OC Buy Online, buy in Store. Save Transaction Fee when swipe credit card.
- For example, A business self create Office Card. Then Text code to close customers, friends, relatives: Buy first. Pay later.
Office Card Track & Manage all transaction. Customers check Gift Card Order History on mobile. Not like a lot businesses use paper Gift Card on transaction paper, manual, mistake, human error.
- Other POS companies, 3rd Parties charge a lot Fee, extra 30$ usd / mo to have Gift Card add-on.

9- Office Product Management Tool 
= Build Product Catalog. Example, Add/ Update food Item, Add-on Item Option in Product

10- Office E-commerce

- Office Digital Menu used as E-commerce on smart phone. See promotion. Place order in Cart. Buy.

- Customers shop see Promotion -> Add Item in Cart -> Pick-up/ Delivery -> Check-out Pay. -> Cloud Print receipt -> Done. - Alot other E-commerce can't run Mobile.

Add on Logo + Carousel Album rotation + Few static WebPages as E-commerce on tablet.
- Like E-commerce, it has Cart, Menu Navigation at Left side, Pick-up/ Delivery. But also has Promotion, Option. It is used on Laptop, Tablet, Mobile. A lot other E-commerce can't run on Mobile.

<== Continue: This screen, after Buy Now add-to-Cart, enter another Search like a in above Search Box. See new Listing (scroll) -> Select an Item -> See Options, Promo, Other Stuff (scroll) of this Item -> Buy

Office Pos Search & Pos
This Search & Pos is used by Vend Pos in new Design. But Vend Pos run only in iPad.
1) Vend Pos can't run on smart phone, can't Mobile Order, can't Search & Buy, only Pos used by Staff.
Its List, no Photo, can't scroll, Cart at Right side, different with Office Pos List, Cart always on Top.
3) Vend Pos pop up Item Option. Office Pos used a screen of Item Option, thus a lot of Item Options, easy scroll, easy select, easy Buy.

4) Vend Pos can't Filter, only check 1st letter word Title. This hard to find Item, must remember exact 1st word, not powerful search. Type: bl = Blouse, Blazer. Thus, type ram will not List Japanese Ramen Noodle Soup like Office. => Type juice will not find Title Orange Juice, will not List all Juice Drinks, if want see all juice drinks, then Filter less or Scroll -> Select Orange. This called Search by Group/ Category = juice. Powerful.
=> This is most important. Office Pos Search & Filter help people find Items fast & easy & powerful.

- Click photo see big picture of Vend Pos.

Both use Pos & Search,
very much the same Use for all kinds of Businesses that used Vend Pos, same Functionality.
The difference is UI/ UX look & feel:
- Vend Pos put Cart @ Right side. iPad only. No Tablet. No Mobile. List no Photo. List can't scroll. Touch Blazer -> Item Option popup select sizes: small, medium, no promo, less detail.
List made a big difference.
- Office Pos put Cart on Top. iPad, Tablet, Mobile. List has Photo, scroll. When touch select a List Item -> Item Option is a screen, not popup, scroll, promo, detail, easy.

-> How to use Vend Pos?
- Customers in store buy Blazer.
Cashier Take order used Vend Pos on iPad -> Type bl in Search Box see List of 2 Items Title begins "bl" -> Touch on Blazer popup Item Option to select size: small, medium. -> Touch medium Add to Cart Blazer medium size. Continue Take orders other Items -> Pay. This so easy, fast compare old version.

Use Office Pos, the same steps. Cashier hold iPad, Tablet, Smartphone -> Type bl in Search box -> List of Items Title contain "bl". If many items like 100 items contains "bl" then Filter, like continue type a = bla, List smaller = 10 items contains bla in Title -> Scroll List see Blazer. Or Type Blaz = exact 1 item Blazer -> Touch on Blazer -> List of Item Option size of Blazer, like small, medium ... Then Select medium Add-to-Cart -> Pay -> Print receipt. Done!
=> This difference with E-commerce Search like Walmart.com. No Filter in real time.
- Staff can even out store, onsite with customers -> Use Office Pos on Smartphone Take order -> Cloud Print receipt @ Pos Printer in Head Office.
- Buy Cash Draw any store.
=> While use Vend Pos, Cashier in store only, hold iPad, Pay extra 39$ usd / mo for another Staff use Pos iPad.

Vend Pos is one of good Pos. A global company. Price expensive: 1 Tablet License = 79.0$ usd / mo
- iPad only, can't Mobile. By design Office Pos mobile.

NOTE: Search & Filter Technology, we also use for Search Customers. Type partial Name Customer -> See Listing -> Then click see Details, their Photo, Contact Info, Phone, Other Stuff. Only Staff can access.

Search & Filter Technology:
Type: soup + 6, 10 = List all Item soup in 6$ -> 10$ range -> Then Filter by enter few letter. People search Items like Laptop, Food in Price range. Price matter!

- Type: ram = Display 1 Item = 451 Japanese Ramen Soup, right away

Type: 451 = Search ItemID # 451 - Load right away

Type: juice = Search by Group/ Category = juice in Title -> List all Juice Drinks -> Scroll -> Select -> Buy.

Vend, a medium size, hundreds of employees global company, also a software company, can't run on Samsung Android Tablet, Windows Tablet, iPhone, Samsung Phone, only iPad. It has no recourse. Because it can't afford millions of dollars build Vend Pos work on Tablet, Mobile, Android, iOS.

-> Ask WHY?
- A lesson should learn. We actually ourselves learn painful lesson. The software we built before work on Laptop only. Waste 3 years Time. But no choice, better re-design. => That's why We R&D Product Development. Build Office by Design is Design One Work All Devices. Quality more than Quantity.

- Office Digital Menu used as E-commerce on Tablet.
- Click photo see bigger.
=> It has Promotion = Generate Sales $$$ and Draw people back website, back store.
- Promotion helps prevent Reducing Price GO DOWN = No Profits. Simple marketing but people don't know.
- Example, A Service Price = 25 $ -> 20% Off = 20$. Better than reduce Price = 20.0$

=> Use Office Product Catalog Tool easy update Promotion, Price, Title, Photo ...



1) Type in Search Box letter: j => List all Items in Product Catalog in Title contain j.
-> Continue type: ap = jap = Filter only 3 Japanese food.

2) Touch select Item:
- 6.0$ - Japanese Ramen -> Will see 2nd screen List all add-on option of Item# 451 Japanese Ramen Soup, like: small size, medium size ...

3) 2nd screen, Buy Now:
- Touch button Qty = 2 -> Buy Now. - Done!
- Repeat Step 1 to Continue Search & Buy.
... Very Fast ..

-> Another Innovation from Office ... New way of Order is very fast, easy, simple, no jump back & forth
-> In this case Search begins 1 char. But, can setup minimum character for Search, like, must Enter at least 3 characters, i.e. jap

- RESTful Web Services Apps <- Click photo. Design One Works All Devices. -OR- BYOD ( Bring Your Own Device)
Increasingly popular!
New way of Mobile App Development, simple, easy learn & development, easy use, easy update & maintenance, efficiency, scale & solid foundation back-end (where Infrastructure is code and software, app, client front-end deploy, run itself.), flexible & adaptive, nice UI/ UX front-end, large scale, integration, accelerate development. But most important = No difference with other Mobile App + Save 70% Time & Money

- We hear a lot stories about software development take long time, over budget, cost alot of $$$$  
- Start-ups build software less cost, more efficient.
That's why big companies just buy or invest in start-ups, let them build less cost, more efficient than they build. But maybe different Developers have different ways to solve problems. There are many ways to solve problems, achieve same result. Some made it complicate. Some made it simple, easy. -> Even Apps solve same problems, same results. Learn new way of doing to save time & money, more efficient.

=> When design & develop Cloud + Mobile Application, Cloud Apps (Application) always come first across devices & platform. We have been used & hands-on & coding development R&D this new Technology for a while, in few years, so we have a lot of experience. We pioneer in new Data Driven Architecture, which makes & creates & brings next level for new Cloud Mobile App Development easier, faster, efficient, large scale, enterprise, seamless integration. This new Mobile App Technology just begin in less than 5 years, in response to popular on demand for Cloud (Cloud Computing).
=> We know how to design Cloud Mobile App like see photo, slide shows same size of smart phone. What you see is what you get. ->
No difference with other Mobile App, even better, powerful.

=> According to the CIO Job in 2020:- Smartphone and other mobile devices have helped changed the landscape of workplace by introducing BYOD policies (Bring Your Own Device - means Software App runs on whatever devices you have) and have solidified the need for mobile apps that help to drive efficiency and effectiveness via cloud computing and software applications.

NOTE: As scientists, we give advice. In this case, don't get paid for. There are people don't Like it, and people Like it. Like Doctor, we can't sugar coating, our job as scientist can't please every one. If work for you, take it.

Software Design: - Design work for Laptop only is Design work only for 30% of users, not effective. Design work for all devices: - Laptop, Tablet ( iPad, Android, Windows ), Smartphone ( iPhone, Android ) is Design work for 100% of users.  Easy Change, Add on, Update Features, easy Manage and maintain. One Change will change a whole Application. No waste Time & Money for Develop & Maintain many different Apps for different Devices. Small App is easy to build for iPhone, for Android, but big App like a whole POS software system is not easy to develop for different App.

-> How much Cost Money & Time for a company to build different Apps work on All different Devices?
- Customers don't know differences, only effect Business

- Why
90% of POS ( Point of Sales ) work on iPad only, not work on Android like Samsung Galaxy Tablet, Windows Tablet?
- So company must hire another Team Java Developers to develop App work on Android Tablet, then for Windows Tablet. -> Cost more extra Time & Money. Only big multi billions company can afford Money & Resources to build different Apps, like iPhone App, Android Google App, then put on different App Store.

- Why to run this App, I have to go to different App Store, like Apple Store, Google Play, to download different App?
"- You can run ( this POS App ) on iPad only but not Android Tablets. " -> Also means, this App runs on iPhone only, but not on Android like Samsung Galaxy phone.

- Why to Design
App for iPhone used Objective C, Swift, to Design App for Android Phone, like Samsung Phone, used Java? ( same for Tablet, iPad )
- Different Smartphone App used different Languages like Japanese and English. So waste double Time & Money to hire different Developers to build same application but different Apps for diff Devices.

- A Business like Restaurant, used iPhone App, thus only customers have iPhone can use. But Customers use Android Phone, like Samsung phone, can't use. -> What is your solution for customers used Android Samsung Phone?

-> Why my Application run on Laptop, Tablet, but
not run on Smartphone? -> Why
Office Apps, like Office Digital Menu Multi-Tasks, Office Pay, Office Card ... run on all Devices including Smartphone.

- A Business said:- My App serves only 30% of Customers. Other 70% customers can't use. -> Can't do business this way. So we stop using it. Waste a lot of Time & Money.

- All-in-one Office -> All-in-one Order - Open any devices, place Order.
Pos + E-commerce Order + Online Order + Mobile Order +
Pickup/ Delivery + Laptop Order + iPad Order + iPhone Order + Tablet Order + Android Samsung Order + in-Store Order + out-Store Order + Pay Cash/ Credit card/ Gift card + Cloud Print Receipt + Just Walk Out. =>
See photo.

A Business said: - We are small & medium business, not hi-tech company. We and our customers want simplicity, easy use. We don't have resources, developers to update & manage many Apps: App for Android, App for iPhone, App for Laptop, iPad, Tablets, Windows. So confusion. That's why we need All-in-One Software, one App, All-in-one Integration, so that we update & manage only one software.
For example,
in store, our staff, customers can use Tablet, Smart phone place orders. At Home, customers can use Laptop, iPad, Tablet, Mobile place orders. On the Go, customers can use iPhone, Android phone mobile order.

A true story: Use Office, A small business 500K / year revenue -> Generate 125,000$ extra revenue or 25% -> Create 2 jobs. Hire extra 2 employees. Now it has new Cloud+ Mobile Department -> Open store everywhere -> Reach out larger customers base -> Grow next level.

In any country,
90% are small businesses in millions, while few hundreds large businesses, few thousands mid-sized businesses. Small businesses include Home based Businesses, mom & pop stores create 2/3 of jobs. A mom & pop store employed 2 -5 people, mostly family members, work hard manual long hours day & night. -> However, small business doesn't use Cloud + Mobile Technology, Innovation, reach out customers in large scale, run efficient, leverage their potential in new Digital Economy. A big lost.

This business said:
- We are not big like StarBucks, we don't have resources and talents. We can't afford Mobile + Cloud Technology. But now we have All-in-One Office make it simple. -> If you don't Take Action to improve & innovation your business, how can you see the result? 
You don't believe on this business 's achievement, and Create Jobs
. Your business keeps doing same things year after year. -> No incentive to change. Then you will not change nor improve nor innovate.
- StarBucks 25000 stores worldwide still use Cloud + Mobile Technology to improve & Innovate its business.

StarBucks: Mr. Schultz, CEO, who built StarBucks from 5 stores to 25000 stores, resigned as CEO in April, 2017, still as Chairman of StarBucks. Like Steve Jobs hired Sculley as CEO of Apple, so that he could focus on Product Design. According to CNBC: " ... Then hire Mr. Johnson, who has led efforts to integrate Mobile + Cloud in Starbucks' customer experience and operations."
->  Mr Schultz believes that Mr. Johnson 's background + mindset in Technology, and willing to change things, will do better job to Innovate company next level. Mr. Schultz has huge experience build stores in tradition, however, mindset not in Technology. But Mr. Schultz recognized the important, the need of Technology & Innovation in new Digital Economy. That's why he hired Mr. Johnson, who has background & mindset of Technology & Innovation, to run, modernize the company, and change StarBucks in new direction.

- 25000 stores still needs Innovation

-> Office App on iPhone

- DEMO.- Office Digital Menu runs on this selfie photo iPhone, Android phone.  => That's why we have Mobile App Order, while other iPad POS companies don't have yet, like Vend Pos.
- Customers in store
don't need extra Tablet, like 39$ / month / tablet licence -> 15 Tablets could cost money 600$/ month for licences. They use Smartphone Place order -> Cloud Print receipt. Done.

- Vend & other POS
- Cost 79$ -> 299$ usd/ mo
- Add-on: A Register = A Tablet License = 39$ usd / month. 15 Tablets = Add 15 Registers  = 600$ usd /m
- Use Office = 39.99$/ mUnlimited Tablet Licences
- Pos company like Vend Pos charge 1 x Tablet licence ( or A Register) 39$ usd / m.
- What if you have more than 100 customers in store. Thus in need Mobile Order in/out Store
That's why Vend, other iPad Pos don't have Mobile Order. Only Office, All-in-One Integration. -> That's why Technology we use better, advance, efficient, less cost. Design One Work All Devices

- This kind of Office App is not easy to build -> Require: Back-end (where infrastructure is code and software, app, client front-end deploy, run itself.) + Data Driven Architecture + Java (Enterprise) + Mobile Web Services (fast, large scale) + Front-end.

- Technology has changed so fast,
always open mind to learn. We want to build product used the latest advance Technology for next 20 years.
We learn lesson
Design -> Re-design, fix it, better than keep building on some thing no good. Even Cost Time & Money. Because same resource, same budget, other Developer Teams build 200,000$ hi-end car, while your Developer Team build 20,000$ car.

If see Office Digital Menu on iPhone screen, much better color, sharp screen pixel than see picture pixel of selfie, of screen shot. - Office Digital Menu no need iPhone close source Licence Agreement. While Android App open source can't run on iPhone, Licence violation, also iOS, Hardware incompability.

-> Data Driven Architecture -> Design One Works All Devices for 100% World -> Easy Update & Maintain Software, App -> Save Time & Money. We spend many years R&D, pioneer using this Technology to build Office Product. => That's why we have Mobile App Order, while other iPad POS companies don't have yet, like Vend Pos.

NOTE: Design One Works All Devices is a new App,  Software Design & Development. Increasingly popular.
: For software company, it provides:
- Simplicity, easy Use & Manage App, Integration.
- Faster & accelerate
70% Software Development.
- Save
2/3 or 70% Time & Money for budget.
- Reduce 2/3 or
70% Developers of Software Development.
For Business, Customer use Software App, it provides:
- Simplicity, Ease of Use one software App,
- Update & Integration, Manage all-in-one Software App.
- Reduce
70% cost.

Case Study: - Design the real Business Challenge -> Update: July, 2017
Improve traditional plastic Gift Card + no Paper Statement. + No swipe. => Design new Digital Gift Card that gives customers & businesses best return, best benefits: -
Easy Made card & no cost Plastic card + Gift Card Machine + No subscription fee (POS system charge extra 30$ usd/ month for Gift Card feature). Save Transaction Fee ( Other POS system charge extra swipe Gift Card Transaction Fee like Credit Card swipe ). Easy Use. Easy Buy online & in-store. Easy orders. Easy Sales online & in-store. Work on all Devices. Design UI/ UX ( Screens interface & User Experience step by step ) and Data Analytics. Mobile Check Data History Order. Mobile Order. No in person swipe & no Cashier check-out. Just Walk Out.

Note: The Design must be Simple, easy Navigation, easy UI, show detail Data Analytics, show Mobile UI/ UX ( Interface & User Experience ). Show Design in Laptop & Tablet View as well. - UI interface Dialog pop up on screen, avoid page back & forth. See Popup 3 x Dialogs Communicate each other. UX (User Experience) is simple. Customers just enter Card Code & Buy, see Order History Statement. UI/ UX Design in consistence with Data Analytics, such as, Order Data must include DateTime, Price, Qty, Desc, Photo. The Design also needs deep Understand & Collaborate with Database Architecture & Design & Code & Data Analytics -> Data is Collected & Store & Process in 7 different Database (MySql, Oracle) Tables Relationship of Office Card. Show Database Diagram of Design. Design must work well on all Devices, Laptop, Tablet (Android, Windows), iPad, Mobile (iPhone, Android). Design works on Laptop only for 30% of Users. UI adjust & work in Mobile. => No UI/UX Design App looks the same. What ever UI/ UX Design but KISS rule = Keep It Simple Stupid.

RESTfull WEB SERVICES = New Architecture Web Services = Representational State Transfer =  is a stateless architecture. REST is often used in Mobile Applications, Social Networking Web sites, mashup tools and automated business processes. The REST style emphasizes that interactions between clients and services is enhanced by having a limited number of operations (verbs). Flexibility is provided by assigning resources (nouns) their own unique Universal Resource Indicators (URIs). REST avoids ambiguity. REST helps application performance, scalability, simplicity, modifiability, visibility, portability, and reliability.

For example, This job from Open Table required to build Cloud & Mobile large scalable Application Platform required Java (must be Enterprise Java, not Basic Common Java learn in school ) + RESTfull Web Services:
NOTE: This Web Application used Java (Enterprise) Framework + RESTfull Web Services as Back-end Framework. This Web Application also has Front-End Framework as well. See the requirement. Front-end is used HTML, CSS, Dynamic JavaScript ... This is how a Modern large scale Cloud Web Application is design & built. Understand Job Requirement:

When it said "-> 7 years Java experience": Java is common name for all kinds of Java Technology, such as, Basic Common Java Language syntax is Java. - JSP (Java Server Page) a scripting Java Language like PHP also Java. - Java Servlet also Java - Modern Enterprise Java also Java. So what Java is used?
A secret company doesn't want to disclose. -> Can't build RESTfull Web Services just use Basic Common Java school test nor Java Servlet. -> Must use Enterprise Java Framework because it is power, scalability. Experience Java Developers know that Enterprise Java Code is different with Basic Common Java Code.

2) "-> Work with other front end teams to ensure that the solution .." - Which means, Java + REST Web Services is used for Back-end Framework. This Cloud Web Application also has Front-end Framework.

3) "-> Experience leading technical projects integrating with iOS apps .." - Which means this Cloud Web Application need to work with Team of iOS App many developers that develop this software App (Application) on iPhone. Because you use Java, like English, while the iOS App Developers used Objective C, Swift, like Japanese. Your Java App will not work on iPhone iOS.
> Which means company cost triple developers + triple Time & Money, a Team of Java Developers for Laptop + Team of iOS Developers build this Web Application for iPhone + Need another Team of Android Java Developer build this App for Android phone.

: OpenTable
is from a big corporation 95 billions USD dollars. It is big. It has resources & talents. So it can afford to use advance, powerful Technology &  to build this way. -> Most start-ups under 10 millions dollars can't build up-to-standard like this, because lack of resources & talents.

A Professor who does research Cloud Web Technology used by many start-ups hi-tech companies said: - Most start-ups build Cloud Web Application focus & develop on Front-end, lack of strong, solid, powerful Back-end Framework. See our Application, we used both Front-end Frame work + Back-End Framework. - Their Web Application doesn't have Web Services built-in... => If used Data Driven Architecture, then your Cloud Web Application will integrate working with Laptop, iPhone iOS, Android OS. No need to develop iOS App, Android OS App.
=> Why not just build Application Platform, use whatever Front-end Scripting Languages like PHP, Python, -OR- Front-end Dynamic Java Script. -> Why choose Web Services, Back-end Enterprise Java 3-Tier Complexity Technology?

- You can build Cloud Application ignore Web Services, use old Java Servlet, PHP, taught 20 years ago in school, both still popular for students, and ignore new Enterprise Java.
But you need to Build and Use the latest Architecture & Technology for the Quality, Scalability, Performance, Power, Cross Platform Flexibility, advanced Complexity of Application Platform.

 - A student said to Professor:- I would like to say thank alot schools & Professors working hard for students. I would like to learn the latest & advance Technology, so that after graduated, I can use these skills in real business world right away. Because company didn't have people know such skills, that's why they need me.

A Professor said: We may suggest new Technology. But we teach what ever school's curriculum design.

I can help design new course name: - Architect, Design, and Implement Large Scale Enterprise Cloud Web Application. In this course, we learn: 
- Technology of Back-end, Technology Front-End
- Learn Data Driven Architecture.- Learn Design One Works All Devices. - Learn Design Mobile App, & Integration.- Learn Web Services, API like RESTfull, SOA.- Learn Enterprise Java as Back-end.- Learn Design UI/ UX for Front-end. - Learn Put all together Implement Large Scale Cloud Web Application use Front-end, Back-end Technology above. Because students lean each course, but don't know How Put All Together. Then will not know to Build A Whole Cloud Web Application and Mobile App and Integration.

-> I will prepare materials, give students a lot of mini Projects to build Application including code, like College Project Design Inventory above.-> Right now, Java Servlet, PHP is teaching, popular. I would like to transfer to students my many years of R&D working & using these Technologies. I believe that College students can be prepared to become the best Software Engineers in a new Digital Economy.

- Cyber Attack: Without a strong, powerful, scalable, solid framework foundation, your Cloud Web Application like cooking spaghetti.  
Waste Time & Money. Not efficient.

- Different Frameworks work differently. - Large scale Modern Cloud Web Application used both Back-end & Front-End Frame Work.

-> Design Data Driven Architecture works across devices needs to use the right Technology. Building software is like building car. There is car 20,000$, but also car 200,000$.

-> For small School Project, you can build whatever you want. But need to learn & prepare for real Business World.
1) - A Design wrong from a beginning means no good. Company Cost Time & Money. Design then Re-Design.

2) - Company can't afford training. Take months to train & learn advance Technology. Project delayed.

3) - Company doesn't has people know such skills to Design & Build.

- A Professor teaching high level Web Application course. Enterprise Cloud Web Application has changed so fast recently.
- Using the right up-to-date Technology to build
the Cloud Web Application will have impact next 20 years.

 -> Right now, Java Servlet, PHP is teaching, popular. Easy, can self learn. People can say anything, but the reality is this Technology obsolete. Even Java Servlet obsolete, no Back-end Services. Thus Basic Common Syntax Java school Test can't use to build advanced Cloud Web Application. Of course, good to learn in school know basic language Java syntax.

There are few Java Technologies. Experience Java Developers know that Enterprise Java is coding differently with Basic Common Java, Java Servlet.

-> Mobile first. Design on Laptop only, big screen size, works for 30% of Users, 1/3 of the world. -> Then cost Time & Money re-design software work on Mobile, Tablet, on different Devices. Now, Integration problems.

Software Design like Car,
there is Team of Engineers design car worth 20,000$, Team of pro Engineers design car worth 200,000$. 
- What is difference between 200K car and 20K car?
- See spaghetti photo, what does it mean your software?

- A Professor said: We may suggest new Technology. But we teach what ever school's curriculum design.
I can help design new advance course name: - Architect, Design, Implement Large Scale Enterprise Cloud Web Application.
We will learn:
Technology of Back-end (where infrastructure is code and software, app, client front-end deploy, run itself.)
+ Technology of Front-End UI/ UX
+ Web Services, Data Driven Architecture

- For example, click see this Senior Software Product Development & Analytics from Hulu required for (Enterprise) Java + Web ServicesData Driven Application Architecture. It said: - In-depth knowledge of Web-Service & Data-Driven Application Architecture.
NOTE: A few knew Data Driven Architecture.

There are quite a few Java Technologies. When company said Java means (Enterprise) Java, not Basic Syntax Common Java learn in School, not Java Servlet. Because Hulu knows Pro-Java Developers will know only Enterprise Java can build Web Services API + Data Driven Architecture. Few Java Technologies, Hulu doesn't disclose (Java) secret.
+ Mobile App
+ Database System Design
(MySQL, PosgresSQL, Oracle)
+ Cloud Integration
( = Put All Together, Deployment all Technologies learn above ) -> A Modern large scale Cloud Web Application, include Mobile App & Integration

-> This course must be teaching by people who have been Architect, Design, and Build using this Technology. And teach by 1 person. Students learn each subject, like Mobile, UI/ UX, Web Services, from different Instructors, will not know How To Integrate All Technologies into a Cloud Web Application.

-> Students after learn this course will be able to Architect, Design, and Implement A Large Scale Cloud Web Application, including Mobile App, and Integration, Database System Design, for company. Because:

1) -
Company has no time to train, take months to train & learn. Design then Re-Design, Project delayed, waste Time & Money for company. Design wrong from start means no good.

2) - Company has no people know such skills to Design & Build.

- Today Mobile first on demand, not Laptop first, Design must work on all Devices: Laptop, Tablet, Mobile, all OS: Apple, Android, Windows.

- The Management:- But How. Show me?
We said:- Why not try, begin from small school project first? -> Not many schools teach this. Easy said then done. Start research, and learn.

See Slides show, see example Design here: -> Design Real Business Challenge that works for Laptop, Tablet, Mobile. - What Back-end, Front-End Technology Framework are used? - What Architecture? - How UI/ UX design fit in? - How RESTfull web services Response (?), Process Data, Get Data & Display Data in UI? ...

=> Why many Office Apps work all devices? - Like Office Digital Menu, Office Card, Office Pay, Office Order Management, Office Product Design Tool (not seen here - Let you Design & Manage products display in Office Digital Menu). -> See photos, see slides, show Office Apps in Laptop, Tablet, Mobile View.

=> Why iPad Pos works on iPad only, but not work, not fit on iPhone although both same Apple product?
- Because you need to know Architect & Design App fit-in. Not auto fit in small screen size mobile.

- Why the need for Design One Works All Devices?
You can't run Android App, like Pos Application, on iPhone and vice versa
. Because:

1) Hardware incompability between iPhone & Android Phone like Samsung Galaxy

2) OS (operating system) in compability iOS difference Android OS. Also Apple's IOS is closed source against the license agreement to use on non-Apple hardware.

3) API (Application Programming Interface) incompability iPhone use Objective C, Swift vs. Android used Java.

Data Driven Architecture: Whole Design is built on on Back-end Frame Work Enterprise Technology + Front-end Frame Work Dynamic Java Script. It is Data Driven Architecture allows Design One Works On All Devices. If Design built on only Front-end Framework Dynamic JavaScript or Scripting Languages is not enterprise, not powerful, not work for all Devices. -> Thus needs design many Apps for different devices. -> Cost a lot of Time & Money, hard to Maintain many Apps.

Gift Card is the most popular use by business to generate revenue, easy sales, customer retention, much better, no credit card Bank Transaction Cost Fee, convenience than Cash. Business also used Office Gift Card like Visa card: Buy first. Pay later. A business self-made Office Gift Card buy on his business's Office website -> Email / Text Office Card code (no plastic card cost $$, no physical in-store swipe card, no gift card machine) to close customers: Buy First. Pay Later. Customers store Code in their phone, use Office Card Code digitally thus can buy online, buy in store, no card swipe. Office Gift Card helps businesses like its own Bank financing their customers FREE interest.

User Experience: A Customer bought online,
or in store, Office Gift Card 80$ from Office Digital Menu. Then Pay by Cash, Credit Card -> Got Office Card code. No plastic card. When in store/ out store, customer used Mobile Order Smartphone ( iPhone, Android Samsung, or Laptop, iPad, Tablet Android, Windows ). They want to Pay by Gift Card. -> Open Office Digital Menu multi-tasks -> Add 2 x order Items into Cart = 5.0$ + Tax -> Select menu [Pay] -> [Check Gift Card History] then
-> Enter Gift Card code. Then see List Order History, DateTime, Desc, Photo, Detail Items, like OID 1124 has 2 x items, Qty, Price of total 4 Orders = 1124, 1123, 1118, 1116 = 4 time + Last time buy order = 1124, on Wed, 7:54 PM + Balance = 10.50$ -> Click button [PlaceOrder]. -OR-  Select from [Pay] -> [Pay By Gift Card]. No check History -> Enter Gift Card code -> Paid successfully, new Order ID = 1229 -> New Card Balance = 4.86$. -> Cloud Print receipt -> Just Walk Out Store. This also works like StarBucks Mobile Order Pickup - On the Go.  => ** Click see detail Office Card Mobile UI Design

Mobile App User Experience:
Customer Check their History Order of Office Cart and Balance -> Then make decision to order. See photo Mobile Design UI fit in.
Customers open Office Digital Menu on mobile smart phone -> Touch [Pay] pull down Menu. See [Pay] menu in slide.-> Touch [Check Gift Card Order History] submenu -> a Dialog popup enter Gift Card Code stored in phone -> Scroll & View List Data of all History Order of Gift Card, including: Last Time Buy = Sat, April, 4:20 PM of Order 1129 - Time = 5 of Orders (= 5 receipts) - Total Spent = 75.14$ - Balance = 4.86$. On Top left Cart, it buys 2 x Items, Total = 14.12$ -> Not enough money in Office Gift Card. - Assume its Balance more than 14.12$. Customers touch on button [PlaceOrder] -> Popup a Dialog to enter Gift Card Code (secure) -> .. Order successfully.
: In example, show the Code looks like, include characters case sensitive + numbers hard to crack. But in reality, will see like password field = *****

=> The customer said:- I like UI / UX of this Office Card Design. Nice light & smooth UI Dialogs pop up with Buttons. The activity of Customer Experience occurs on 1-screen, no switch back & forth many web pages, many screens. Easy to use. I have many plastic Gift Cards from big businesses, but not seen Design like Office Card. - I can see Gift Card History, Balance, and place order online, any where, anytime use Mobile. So easy order. I trusted, order more. A whole Software integrated all Devices (Laptop, Tablet, Mobile), all OS (Apple, Android, Windows) into one Office App.

=> The Business said:- We are small & medium sized business, not hi-tech. We like simplicity. Don't see Integration of Online Order, In-Store Order, Mobile Order, E-commerce, Pos into All-in-One Office like this. For example, if Customers use Office Digital Menu on Laptop, Tablet, it is like E-commerce, Online Order, Pick-up, Delivery. Customer also used like Pos place order in store. If Customers use on Mobile, it is Mobile Order order in store, out store. If Staff use it, it is Pos System. A whole Software integrated all Devices, all OS into one Office App. So easy to Use, Update, Maintain. No headache maintain many Apps, incompatible Devices.

This photo taken from Laptop View, Tablet View, Mobile view.
This Cloud Web Application Office Card built on Back-end Java + RESTfull Web Services + Data Driven Architecture. It also has Front-end allows to build UI/ UX.

=> Customers while in Store or Out Store anywhere at Home, in Office, Mobile Order .. -> Check Office Gift Card Order History -> Then Enter Gift Card Code to Place an Order -> Order successfully. -> Then Pick-up if out Store - OR - If inside Store Just Walk Out. No need in store, at cashier counter swipe card.

The simplest, fastest POS for Staff, Customer few swipes order. DONE! No many steps.

- Businesses improve Productivity, Efficiency to face challenges. Office can help, can customize any time, add-on more features fit your needs. Big software company can't provide. WHY? - Because each Office software is architect & built to run as its own independent system, has its own Web Server, Database Server, such as, MySQL, or Oracle, like live in your own House, easy renovation. Unlike big Cloud Software company build their software on large Platform, like Vend Pos. Thus hard to customize for different needs, like live in Condos Apartment, as shared membership. -> You can't renovate your condos. Used as it is like it provides to thousands of Member's condos in big platform Building.
HOW to Customize? - No need Face-to-Face. Send us what new features you want -> Wherever your Cloud Website, any country, we update code of your own site -> DONE! You have new screens, new features.

For example, Different Architecture & Design. Stand alone Software as a Service VS. Platform Software as a Service.
1) Software as a Platform Service: Like Vend Pos, you create a Membership Account at their Software Platform -> Then you Login in their big Platform to build your Store. Thus, the Internet Company can't customize features fit your needs. Because their software is used not just for you but also for thousands other customers, like Condos in big Platform Building.
2) Stand alone Software as a Service: Like Office, you don't create Membership Account. Anywhere in the world, you let us know By Email or By Submit Form, your Domain Name like, www.mybuz.com -> We then Install Office software on this Domain in 5 minutes. Even customer can do Office Installation by themselves. -> You login your own Domain website, like, www.mybuz.com/login -> Then use Office Software. We can help customize features, add-n features fit your needs, like in your own Home's renovation. To Design this, we have in each Office software a Web Server, and a Database Server in your own Office software site www.mybuz.com  in order to run your Office App.

=> Different business has different needs. Not all businesses have same needs. ->
Few features in need better than hundred features no need, no use.

=> This Innovation & Creativity by Design helps us reduce cost ( why? ), complexity, and provide customer's flexibility in their own Home space website. Save Time & Money. -> That's why Innovation is so important to help solve complex problems in different situations, then come up with talented best solutions. Innovation does not just invent new ideas. There are many ways to solve problems.

=> Why I don't see this kind of Cloud Software Distribution local & global, anywhere before?
-> Now you see it.
Think out of the Box.

Contact Us: Email both: ddanpros@hotmail.com and NetthruOffice@gmail.com - Subject: Office efficiency

Small and Enterprise All-in-One Office 69.0 $ dollar  / month - Most vendor's price US dollars.

What are main differences with other systems don't have? - Update May, 2017

- 1/2 Price / month compared all iPad System at least usd 69$ / month. Unlimited licence, 10 tablets = same price 1 tablet. Thus can use many like 15 - 20 Tablets for customers order. Other sys very expensive, 5 tablets = usd 249$ / month.
- Only System both Staff and Customer place orders -> Print receipt @ counter. Complete automation, efficiency.
- Only System
Order by Mobile, Pickup & Delivery, Skip Line.. like StarBucks. Other systems act as POS only thus can't
- Of course,
Order Online, E-commerce use Laptop, Tablet.
- Only System
Cloud Print. Let customer order anywhere, @ Home, in Office, far distance, then print receipt in store.
- Only System Office Pay advantages.
Business used for all kinds of payment: Pay Invoice, Pay Rent, Loan... See Office Pay.
- Only System Office Card advantages. Business use & replace traditional limited Gift Card. Gift Card is important feature
- Only System Office Database advantages.
Businesses big, small need Back Office database like Ms Access database.
- Only System Simple & Complex Data Analytics.
- Only System Office Digital Menu advantages feature like Sales & Marketing, Cross Selling, Up Selling, Promotion ..
- Only System Design One Work all Devices.
Run on Android, Mobile, Windows. Other sys iPad only. No Mobile (or limited)
For example, can't run iPad Pos on Mobile like Office Digital Menu. Can't run on Samsung Android Tablet, Windows. Not like this, see ==>

All-in-One Office run business, Cloud + Mobile Orders. Sell every where, out of limited small store.

- Continue innovation. For example, from Traditional Car -> Electric Car -> Driverless Car -> Flying Car

A Story:
-> Office solution for simple Street Vendor.

Dave, a Street Vendor:
Put a sign Mobile Order & Pickup at: daveshop.com/dm (dm = Office Digital Menu).
=> Customers
type smart phone: daveshop.com/dm. (no download app, no register). Select food order -> Select Pay by Cash, Pay by Office Pay -> Paid. - Pickup must Pay by Office Pay.
This Street Vendor Sells every where, Opens every where, Pays every where. Revenue increased 35%. People order & pickup.

-> Office helps this Street Vendor provide Mobile Order, like StarBucks. No cost. No Card Terminal. No Pos. Pay everywhere. No tap-to-pay, no swipe-to pay, no insert-to-pay. Wireless.

Update March, 2017 - Why need Modernize and innovation?

Today so much global competition, we can't afford
no Modernize, no Innovation, no Talents. Modern Time company needs Modern Leadership.

- Either you are a Student, a Developer, an Engineer, or a Business, you see other Students, Developers, Engineers, Businesses they do advanced stuff, know innovative technologies. Build stuff that more advanced than you. They Modernize & Grow business thru Innovation. And you still run business in tradition, use old technologies, lack of Automation, back & forth, inefficient... Then you feel dummy, your business less knowledge, less skills behind them. They can offer Customer New Experience like StarBucks but your business can't.

This pushes up-to-date, Modernize better -> Which creates more competition, more innovation -> Which is better for every one.

- In Business is in Competition, whether you like it or not. Can't afford running turtle business far behind.

Grow Business Thru Innovation can increase revenue from 30% - 40%. Just 30% translates extra 200,000$ / year in revenue if small business has rev $600,000 / year. A lot. It can hire extra 3 employee. While Tax Cut not only can't help business much, but also create huge deficit. That's why China launched  A New Revolution Grow Business Thru Innovation. In 2016 G20 meeting, China called for Grow Global Economy Through Innovation. That's why China grows their Economy so fast, so dynamic, GDP grows 6% -> 10%. While the World GDP grows from 1.8% -> 2%.

So Innovation only way can grow Business to next level. All-in-one Office built in many tools help business Grow Thru Innovation. We already explain here many times, show you how. We also show Story of StarBucks, a big business 240,000 employees, still adapt Innovation grow next level. Given already had 25.000 stores, implement New Customer Experience Mobile + Cloud increased its revenue to 25% - 35%. Although in Coffee business, founder CEO hired new CEO's background in Technology to Grow Business Thru Innovation. Click here.

A Business said:
- Their businesses are doing these advanced stuff, use advanced technologies Cloud + Mobile, leverage the power of Internet. Reach out to huge customers base. Sell every where, out of limited a small space store. Run business so efficient, productive. They can provide New Customer Experience.
But we are still back & forth, doing these tradition stuff, waste of Time & Money for Business & Customers. Some one must Take Responsibility, Modernize, Run business like StarBucks. Modernize is good thing.

Design software for benefit = Design one work for all. Easy to maintain & development. Save big Time & Money- Update: April/ 2017

RESTful Web Services Apps - The popular Apps Development.

Anything less than this is not acceptable.
By the time your Team finished Product is already outdated. Waste Time & Money. Why not design for next 25 years. FYI.

If your Development Team could not Architect & Design Software work & integrate seamlessly in multi-devices: Laptop - Tablet - Smartphone, and multi devices: iOS of iPhone & iPad, Android of Android phone like Samsung & Tablet, Windows Phone & Tablet .
A Waste of Time & Money. - Design that works for Laptop only or iPad only or Mobile only is Design for Small World (DSW).

=> So the challenge: How you design software that integrate + work seamlessly across all devices and all Phone, all iPad, Tablet, Windows? =
Design for big World - We have been research on this subject for years - Good Luck -

=> The big loser is the Investors, Business, Customers, who get something not deserve their hard working money.

=> A business said: - How can we afford to spend 1 millions to design software that work on only Laptop -> Then spend another 1 mill extra to design same software work on tablet, Mobile. Even Mobile has different: - Mobile work for iOS Apple only, mobile work for Android only, like Samsung Phone & Table, mobile for Windows Table & Phone -> Then spend extra 1 mill to design same software work on Android. - Extra 1/2 mill design same software work on Windows Tablet ...

As a result,
the same one software, but divided in to many different software project + huge cost of Time & Money. Each software is design in different Environment, different Developers ( Android, iOS, Window...), different Managers
-> Now rather 1 Software Project, 1 cost -> Became at least 5 x different Software Projects with 5 x different cost of Time & Money.
=> A whole thing is not seamlessly integration = Huge Problems, huge multi x Cost, huge Mess.

=> Only big business big money can afford this kind of design.

Management ask this:- Can our software design One software works for all Devices? - If yes, can you show run on all devices, iPhone & iPad, Android Phone like Samsung & Tablet, Windows Phone & Tablet, Laptop, Tablet, Mobile?
- Like see Office. When design Office, we start design from small screen Mobile first see if fit -> Then Tablet -> Laptop. See how software Adapt & Change in different environments, different sizes, different devices. And if not fit in mobile, go back to drawing board.

- For example, download a software App, said: 1) Download at Apple Store.- OR - 2) Download at Android Store. Which means this company cost 2 x times of Time & Money develop software for both Devices 1) Hire iOS Developers design software run on iPhone. For 2) Hire Java Developers design software for Android Phone like Samsung. -> Thus for software maintenance & development, needs double developers, double cost, double complexity development & maintain. While, Design one work for all, when update, change -> Will change all.

- For example,
almost schools teach students design work on Laptop only = Design for Small World 1/3. Students can ask Professors if can help them Design One work all Devices.

-> Data Driven Architecture = Design One work all Devices = Businesses save x5 big Time & Money.
Which means a webpage is used just to display data only, do nothing else. -> Flexible adapt to any devices. All devices said:- We don't care how you get data. All we needs is send us data. Easy just Display Data. But, this Architecture not easy design, take many years of experience.
- This Data driven Architecture is different with Scripting Languages, Php, Python, Jsp (Java Server Page - Work like Php, Python. Jsp + Java Servlet even better ).. that web page do every thing, such as, embedded code in webpage -> Open & connect database -> Get data & Display Data. Now we get Data send to Frontend webpage -> We still need some Java Script Languages for Frontend like, Node.js, Angular.js, React, HTML5, CSS .. in order to massage the Data look & feel better.
- More than half of Developers, Software Engineers will choose Scripting Languages -> Because it is easy.

- Today alot competition,
can't afford
no Modernize, no innovation, no talent.

- Multi devices. Easy Development & Maintenance. Save Time & Money.

- Why 90% Pos is iPad only? (DSW) -> More $$$ design work on Android, Windows tablets.
- Why my mobile App work for Apple phone only? (DSW) -> More $$$ design Mobile for Android Phone like Samsung.
- Why Design work on Laptop only? (DSW) -> More $$$ design work on Mobile, Tablet

- We spend years to find solutions. We build Office full functionality in all devices, Apple, Android, Mobile, Laptop, Tablet.. Seamless integrated.

Case Study: Design One Work All Devices.
- Vend is not small, a global company, a good software company compared to other companies in this Business Application.

Its staff said:- You can run Vend on iPad but not Android tablets = Which means Vend software by design can run only on iPad, like 90% of iPad Pos, but not run on other Tablets like Android, Windows.
Its staff said:- Vend is also not built for full functionality on Smartphone = Which means you can't run whole Vend software on mobile like Office.

-> Why don't they
Design Vend software Work on Devices, on Android Tablets & work on Mobile? - Will cost them a lot of Time & Money + Hard to maintenance software not integrated. Better not.
Wrong design from the start.
- Right now Vend Pos work on only iPad, no work on Android, no Mobile.
That's why called iPad Pos like 90% iPad Pos on market.
- While Office work on all Devices & Mobile: iPad, iPhone, Android Tablets & Phone, Windows Tablets & Phone. Not just only on iPad.

Small scale Software Application, we can easily build software into each App
(like Android App, Apple App) for each devices. But when Software App is large scale like Vend, it is not easy, not affordable, not efficiency to build large scale software into each App for each devices. We must Plan, Architect, Design software at the beginning Design One Work All Devices - A Computer Scientist said.

-> The Management ask all questions above.

RESTful Web Services Apps on Laptop, Mobile, Tablet - See photo.


Start-up is small team easy to adapt new advanced Technology than large Team Environment of a large size software company, where there are many levels of controls, legacy, many managers & bureaucrats.
For example, in large Team Environment had multi Managers. A Manager used Python, Php Language Technology, or old Java like Java Servlet to build software. Another manager like Enterprise Java Technology to build software. Now, you see, the Python, PHP Manager would not give up his Tool used in the last 10 years for new Technology, like Enterprise Java. And he doesn't like Java in first place. This could lost his job as Python Developer, like from speaking English to learning new Japanese. Thus he would not accept nor adapt new Technology but only his own. => The result is no Modernization. The Management trust the Developers do the right thing. But the Developer only care about his own interest first, make ends meets. This also applied in Organization, in Small Businesses.
The loser in this case is the Business, the Investors, the Company, not the Manager, Developer because they can always go to next Job.

NOTE: There are people who want to Modernize. They want to change & improve new stuff. And there are people who don't like Modernize nor change, keep do same stuff years after years, 10 years later still the same. 

The Leadership must encourage & support people who want to Modernize. Which will send a good message:- Regardless who you are, like it or not, we need Modernization in Modern time. If we don't support, don't encourage the people who want to Modernize, then will send bad message. Nobody wants to Modernize, it goes back ward, old business, old organization.=> Look at StarBucks example. The founder CEO resigned ( maybe temporary but he used as an example ), and hired a new CEO in order to Modernize the company to next level. This sent a good message to company from Top to Bottom. A lot businesses, when a manager doesn't want to change, will stop whole process.

Two different Leadership

For example, the Owner of Store
wanted to Update system, Improve business process & operation, Implement Cloud + Mobile Order. Expand business next level. But the store manager, who ran store for 10 years, nothing changed, doesn't want. He got used to his own comfortable style of management. Up-to-date means has to learn new things, new challenging, his skills could be obsolete, not useful. Mindset is not on Innovation. No need Innovation & Technology. This store owner, no choice, but stop the plan Grow Business Thru Innovation.

But another business CEO said
:-  Regardless who you are. Like it or not, people can stay or go, but the business can't. The big loser is the business. We will not stop the plan Grow Business Thru Innovation. We get the people who can help us implement the plan to Modernize business next level. We had seen a lot very big invincible corporations still downfall to zero, because products & services did not Modernize & innovate. We encourage people to contribute ideas that could help business Modernize & improve, rather than quiet, protective, worry revenge, lost job if different ideas with their manager. That's why today, employees engage is only 30%. No ideas is bad ideas. Only bad idea is no ideas. The big loser is the business & the customers, who got products & services not Modern & advanced.

Celebrate differences: different ideas, different background, different social class, different culture. Be respect each other. I can't be like you, you can't be like me. Let's accept we are different. Diversity. Be yourself what you want to be. 
This from Google Career
: - At Google, we donít just accept difference - we celebrate it, we support it, and we thrive on it for the benefit of our employees, our products and our community.

- Celebrate & Embrace differences.

"- A country that works not for a privileged few, but equal opportunity for every one of us."
- UK PM, Theresa May
- Why don't we know new advanced stuff?

- For example, Java Servlet, 2-Tier Architecture, 20 years ago, already out-dated, obsolete, can't use in Mobile + Cloud, right now, still teaching, very popular, in junior & senior College Class. Why not Enterprise Java, 3-Tier MVC Architecture.-> How can company find best developer, talent?

- Even the Professors, who taught only Java Servlet course, can't see the differences, then how can the Boss, Management, HR, Students, Business, the people never write code understand?

-> Coding few school assessments only in one subject Java Servlet can't understand differences. The Professor who write code in both Java Servlet & Enterprise Java can see clearly, because know both languages. He no choice but dismantled a whole 2-years of hard work the software written in 2-Tier Architecture, Java Servlet. A waste of Time & Money investment, Shared for benefits. -> The people who never write code in both languages, or read few programming books, few assignments, or knows only Java Servlet language, will not understand.

- A student said:- We don't learn Cloud Computing, Mobile, Advanced Enterprise Java Cloud Stuff, from Prof, who is expert & experience on this hot subject, new Digital Economy. Design Software on Laptop only is design small world. Like it or not, thanks for positive advice.
Another student said:- We can evaluate, file complaint at Dean Office. Most of time, the Administration listen to us. We can get Professors in trouble.
A Professor said:- Professors teach based on curriculum, courses. Although Professors may suggest improving & Modernizing curriculum. Good luck for your study.

-> That's why rich money & resources company, build product need hundred developers, multi-millions budget. While Start-up can do it better, more efficient.-> People don't understand. Software is not like Manufacture that needs to buy machines, big space cost a lot of money. All you need is few talents developers in a garage.

Summary All-in-one New Enterprise Office Tools in * new Cloud + Mobile*, new Pos, new era of Digital Economy ( update March / 2017)

- We want to Modernize the Pos Industry, maybe the Food & Drink Services, the Restaurant, like AMAZON Modernize the Retail, the new way of doing business in new Cloud + Mobile in new Digital Economy. Modernize will make things more efficient, good service, better, smarter, faster in Modern time.
=> See, take us a while to design the New Pos, because the old tradition Pos had mindset us for a long time, hardly escaped that old mindset when design.  => That's why talent people when design, they first must escape the same thinking, the old tradition, out of the box.. Why Modernize? Click here or see a little bit above.
The first Just Walk Out Coffee, Bar, Food, Restaurant in the world
Name = quality
  ( update March / 2017)
Take quick Office tour from a customer order & pickup using mobile.

- Manage every order, any where, any time.
- Simple & advance Data Analytics

-> The new Cashier Pos.
-> Relax + Do nothing. Office DONE!.
-> Manage whole operation efficiently
-> The 1st
Just Walk Out Restaurant built on the New Pos -> Open a beginning new R&D.
Only the beginning, this The New Pos Technology still has next 25 years to change & Modernize.

Mobile Order.
Pickup / Delivery

In Store - Office Digital Menu


- Busy Tradition Cashier Pos in 50 years.
Staff: Finger lookup price + Input data in system -> Bill calculated -> Receipt Print.
Math: Order Processing.
- On ave 5 min / customer => 100 cust / day x 5 m = 500m = 8 hr.
New: 5s x 100 = 500s = 8m

- No need. Expensive, complex, not efficient

-This new Cashier Pos relax, checking order with ODM, turn button Unfulfill -> Paid, after customer paid, pick receipt + Tip. Out store. Office already DONE everything.
-> Relax. No train.
- Open a beginning in R&D.
Office Processing: Data collected + Input in system. Bill already calculated + Receipt already printed. Save Time & Money.
Oh, plus Cloud + Mobile + Data + Other Benefits... More than just a POS.

- No need. Expensive, complex, back & forth, long process. Tradition Pos in 50 years ago.
Office Digital Menu.
See pics ODM on Laptop, Tablet, Mobile.

Use as:
- The New Pos
+ Customer Order Online, Store, Mobile, anywhere
Mobile Order ( flexible any devices, Tablet..)
+ Staff take Orders inside/ outside store, onsite.
Sales & Marketing, Cross Sales, Suggestion, Promotion on Menu, easy update anytime, not like paper menu
Cloud Commerce online Take Order 24/7
+ Use as Paper Menu

- Line-up -> Need Office Mobile Order -> When buy coffee just Add Office Card. Done!
-> Next time buy -> No line-up! -
Easy solved.

Fast Payment: What ever Wallet, what ever Payment -> Still wait inline, then touch card, touch finger, touch phone ... Only Office Card skip line, already paid in few secs. -> Office Card saved Time & Money & Transaction Fee for business and customer. Every time customers used Credit Card paid -> There is a Transaction fee for business. And Interest Fee for customers by Credit Card company. Only Cash, Gift Card, Office Card no Transaction Fee.

NOTE: That's why recently 2017, Wal-Mart in disputed with VISA over Transaction fee because higher card fee, Wall-Mart can't control their cost. -> See, that big like Walt-Mart still cares much about Transaction Fee. Many POS charge high Transaction Fee from 2.6% - 2.9%, because they still paid VISA transaction fee.

Update: April / 2017
See more info Document Office Tour

- Like a show case of your Business's Product Catalog. It is used in store, online, mobile every where. Staff take orders, Customers place orders used Office Digital Menu.

- Office Digital Menu is used as: The New Cashier Pos. No need tradition Cashier Pos, like 50 years ago. See lot of pics of Office Digital Menu here.

Case Study: Customer comes in store is given an Office Digital Menu Tablet / or Use their smart phone -> Place order. Click [Buy Now] button -> Add Item in Cart. -> Select Pay by Cash/ Credit/ Office Card -> DONE! Next.
-> Office Processing: Collect & Analyze Data & Input Data in system + Bill calculated + Print receipt. -> Staff bring food served -> After finish, Customers go to counter, and Pay Cash/ Credit. Tip + Get receipt. - If Paid by Office Card -> Just Walk Out.
Note: A whole process can be done by Staff.

: - See a whole Order Processing is done by Office. Staff do nothing. - Use Office Digital Menu, no need tradition Cashier Pos.

The first Just Walk Out Coffee, Food, Restaurant in the world.  Need: Office Digital Menu + Office Pay + Office Card + Office Mobile + Office Database ...to build such restaurant.

=> AMAZON GO is the first Retail Store Just Walk Out. But it seems complicated, hardly for small businesses afford this technology.

=> We have different design and solution to build Just Walk Out Retail Store, less complex, small businesses can afford, like Just Walk Out Restaurant. It is the next level of Office, but too soon to disclose now.

- Tradition Order Processing from Start to End back & forth could take 5 min / order

- Start: Waitress, Server take order use techniques: - Write note, Memorise + Face Association ...
Now have tool made job easier, faster.

- End: Cashier finally process this Order at counter, finger look-up, Calculate Bill + Print Receipt.
-> Now have tool made job easier, faster.

- See Buy Office Card -> Add Office Card with coffee item. No Register. No Login. No email back & forth.

=> Charge Cash is the most difficult for customer paid. -> Thus Sell less. Business dropped 30%. - Research found that 60% customers don't have cash available must go to bank first, specially in Industrialize countries busy  -> They drop trip to stores. What most convenience for customers is Easy Pay -> Easy Sell.
- A lot Public & Private Organizations, Companies, their employees still line-up at their Food Services Counter, waste a lot of Time & Money. - See Starbucks no line-up -> An effort to improve New Customer Experience.
A big business said: - Cost us millions, a lot developers + consultants back & forth build mobile order. The result = Still no mobile. Still line-up. Waste Time & Money for customers, employees, business.

Office Pay -
See picture
"- Not just a Payment, but also Data behind the Payment. The first payment use Text & Pay."

- Payment is very big industry. So many players, the Banks, Financial Institutions, big corporations, like Pay Pal, Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay... Each offers different & unique solution of payment. Office Pay offers many different solutions of payment: - Pay Close, Pay far away, Pay in Store, Pay Outside Store, Pay Onsite Service, Pay Online, Pay & Print receipt Anywhere, Pay Rent, Pay Loan, Pay Food, Pay Coffee, Pay fee & Register, Pay Deposit, Pay Tickets, Pay Service Fee, Pay Invoice, Pay by Text, Pay Skip Line, Pay Just Walk Out, Pay fast, Pay & Data Analytics

- We continue improving Office Pay.

Office Pay by Design from All-in-one Office.
© 2015 - 2017 .
Why not Plagiarisms <- Click see.  
A movie True Story, about a big company stole idea, the actual Design not just an idea, from a College Professor.

- To pay, type: mybuz.com/op
- Or -
Click on App icon on smart phone
( no need download app, no register ..)

What is Auto Load Technology? - Office Pay Wallet.
- First @ Home, User can Add more Credit Cards, such as, Visa card, Amex card, Master card, Discovery, Debit card, What ever cards ... in Office Pay, like User can Add more credit cards in Samsung Pay. -> Then select which card Auto Load data -> Pay. Fast. User no need to type Name, Card Number, Expire...No tap, swipe, insert card.
NOTE: New version. Don't see old version.

- The 1st e-payment by Text Phone. Fast get paid. - OR - Email link Office Pay of your Office website.

No Register, Login. No email back & forth. Could be virus email, in junk mail.

Mobile: open web browser like Chrome, type above URL. It also work like App -> Click on icon -> Open Office Pay app.
-> It works on Cloud + Mobile + All devices. Not just iPhone, also Android, Windows.

NOTE: New Design of LinkedIn social media work on Cloud + Mobile seamless integrate into one for all devices.
Type: www.linkedin.com - See Integrate on laptop - tablet - mobile smart phone.
Samsung Pay can't pay this:
1) A client own you 500$, and on vacation or at Home. Can Samsung Pay helps you get money, and help your client pay?
2) Can you Text your Client's smart phone with Samsung Pay, and get this client pay 650$? - No because you need wireless Terminal for the Client to tap her phone. Office Pay no need wireless Terminal like see in pic.
3) If you onsite service, can your client used Samsung Pay on her Phone pay you?
4) Payment Data Analytics:
5) In all 8 Case Study Office Pay, none of any case you a Business can't get paid, and Client can't pay if used Samsung Pay.

Can Office Pay design Pay fast like Samsung Pay Tap, but easy use?
We design Auto load data in field, like auto load Name, Card Number...very fast. So that customer no need to re-type. We call this:- "One Touch -> Paid. Done! "

Many ways use Office Pay
-> Only Office Pay can help pay many ways.
-> The first payment use Text & Pay

Office Pay Rent: Sol for thousands of Landlords.

-> Landlord creates on his phone Group of hundreds of Tenant Contacts, who rented in many different location properties.
-> Then
he Text his address link of Office Pay to hundreds of Tenant's smart phone in his Contact Group -> Tenant touch text msg address link automatic open Office Pay on their phone. ( Tenant no download app, no type address link, no register. Any one no tech can do. ) -> Then Select a credit card. Auto Load Data, Name, Credit Card info of Tenant. No type. Only Enter Amount -> Pay -> Office Pay Print receipt @ Office & Email receipt Tenant.
Get Paid quick.
=> No delay. No direct contact. No cheque bounce. No email. No pickup money. No waste Time back & forth.
- Tenant can choose Pay Pal
Payment Data Analytics: Landlord & Tenants check History of Payment on Mobile + Cal Total + Tenant Photo ( Office Pay lets client upload photo, selfie. Option) + Data Analytics + Keep record. * Important *
- Tenants can check Payment History like Office Card. See
Check Office Card History

- Office Pay Food, Coffee. Happy.

In restaurant, coffee shop, food services, after finished, server brings bill. Customer opens Office Pay on smart phone -> 1-Touch Auto load Data -> Only Enter Amount -> Paid  -> Print receipt @ Counter -> Just Walk Out. => She doesn't need Go to Counter Tap Phone or Swipe Credit card, or Insert Card, then enter Pin..

- OR - Office Digital Menu + Office Pay ---
- Customer was given ODM Tablet -> Select food items.
Add to Cart -> Select Pay by Office Pay -> Office Digital Menu automatic transfers your Order to Office Pay, and puts Amount in field *Amount of Office Pay -> Customers select a Credit Card on phone. Office Pay 's Auto Load Data of Credit Card, like Card Name, Card Number ... No enter Amount + No enter Card info in Office Pay. No open Office Pay. -> Paid -> Print receipt @ Counter -> Finished -> Just Walk Out.

- OR - Office Digital Menu + Office Card ---
- Customer was given ODM Tablet -> Select food items -> Select Pay by Office Card  -> Paid -> Print receipt @ Counter -> Finished Eat -> Just Walk Out. ( See Office Card )
Street Vendor: Simple use.

Dave, a Street Vendor: Put a sign Mobile Order & Pickup at: daveshop.com/dm (dm = Office Digital Menu). => Customers type smart phone: daveshop.com/dm. (no download app, no register). Select food order -> Select Pay by Cash, Pay by Office Pay -> Paid.
- Pickup must Pay by Office Pay.
- No Card Terminal - No POS. Cost $$$$.
-> Even simple Street Vendor can use.
Office helps this Street Vendor opens & sells every where. As a result, Revenue increased 35%. People order & pickup.

Office Pay: Register & Pay
receive Text Msg (
or email ) to pay Tuition Fee, or Register, or Deposit. They open Email or Text Message -> Touch on URL link to Office Pay -> Register + Paid. Get Email receipt. No Card Reader.
- Office Pay is used as Register + Get Paid. Payment Data Analytics: Tracks all students + Keep records. * Important - Not just pay *
- Students check their Status + Payment on mobile. -> Is your smart school ready yet?
You can send Email with the link address of Office Pay. But email could lost in junk mail. Or people don't open because afraid of virus. => You can create a Group of hundreds of Contacts on your smart phone. Then Text all people at one time.

Nails & Beauty Salon:
- Staff or Customers use Office Digital Menu to select Services + Employees do the service. Add to Cart.-> Select Pay by Cash -> Print receipt. After done, Pay Cash @ Counter. - No Pos.
-> If choose Pay by Office Pay, Office Digital Menu auto open Office Pay on Tablet -> Customer Select a Card. -> Auto Load Card Info -> Paid. Print receipt. No enter Credit Card. No tap-card, no swipe, no insert card.
- No Pos + no Card Terminal.
- If chose Pay By Credit Card -> Need Card Terminal to swipe / insert card. No Pos.
=> Oh, Business gets all kinds of data. Today Sales Data Summary... from Office Order Management. Data like :- How much staff Jenny made her Total Sales of Services + Her customers & services in any Date. - And many other Data.
Oh, Owner runs business @ Home, Shopping, Take care kids, Do Sales & Marketing. See orders in Office Order Management in mobile. No need in store.

Office Pay Loan:
You Text Client msg :" - Please pay 250$ loan within today. Click mybuz.com/op/250 . Thanks." - 250 will auto put in field *Amount in Office Pay. ( see OP pic )
-> Client touch on msg link Office Pay to open Office Pay on phone. No type address. No download App. No enter amount 250.-> Just click [PayNow]. -> Done!
It is like you setup 250$ on Card Terminal -> Client used Samsung Pay phone tap or swipe card paid that amount.
- But in this Office Pay can send that Amount to Client 1/2 meter @ Counter, in store, or hundred miles away. Client pay, no near Card Terminal, no tap, no swipe.

- Business needs setup amount on Card Terminal for Client use Samsung Pay Tap & Paid

- Setup amount for Client Swipe & Paid.
Office Pay sent direct amount on Client phone & Pay

Payment Data
Track payments Date & Time + Keep records. Important. Not just pay.

Office Pay Skip Line - Pays fast, no tap phone, no swipe card, no insert card, which helps him skip line Go-to-Work fast. He could lost job for a coffee.
Office Pay as a Virtual Terminal
- Customer Phone in
or Self-take order, or Staff take orders by look up Item ID.
For example:
Order 2 x small + 1 x Medium Noodle Soup, and 2 Heineken beer:

Japanese Jamen Soup ID# 451 6.0$ (main ID) , Small
$5.0 ItemID# 289 (sub ID for Addition Item), Medium #339 $7.0, Large #344 $10.0. ( see Office Digital Menu Tablet)
- Heineken 2$ ID# 442
(main ItemID)
Enter Scan ID =
289x2  339x1 442x2. DONE!
Much better, faster than Pay Pal Virtual Pos cost 35$ usd / month.

- Click Pay Pal Virtual Pos = 35$ USD /m

- It is used: Staff take order from Customer phone in, take order by phone. -> Too slow typing order, entering order Item Desc, Price, Qty .. manually is slow. See video. Office Pay used Scan ID code. Very fast.

-> According to PayPal, over 1 million customers use Pay Pal Virtual Pos -> Generate 500 millions USD dollars / year for Pay Pal. Office Pay do it better + Pay many ways

Office Pay offers 2 solutions for this Virtual Terminal, Pos Take Order by Phone.

1- Customer self-Take Order. Faster & Easy than Call in + Hide Credit Card info. Because call-in, staff has to take your card info + Business no waste time & money Staff. -> Customers just open company's Office Pay address on laptop, tablet, smart phone -> Scan ItemID -> Paid. -> Pickup, Delivery. - Pay Pal can't offer this because it doesn't have Tool to Create Product Catalog & Item Code to display available online & mobile like Office Pay more features. So Customers must call-in place orders. And Staff must type order manually. And Business doesn't have showcase of their Products & Services available online & mobile.

2- If Staff take orders by Phone
-> Staff open company's Office Pay address on Laptop, Tablet: mybuz.com/op . No login. -> Type ItemID code on Menu & Scan = 25$ -> Next, Take customer's Credit Card. Fill in form -> Paid.
- Office Pay keeps track all payments. - Boss see payments anywhere in Office Order Management.

- Just Pay Pal Virtual Terminal 35$ usd /m. According to PayPal, over 1 million customers use this Pay Pal Virtual Pos. -> All you need is some easy useful features.

-> Office gives business
many different ways of doing business with best price in Digital Economy. Use creativity.

- See Office Pay picture

All-in-one Office has a lot of tools, Cloud & Mobile helps business Modernize & innovation in New Digital Economy. Only 69.0 $ / month

See 8 different Case Study use Office Pay Update: April / 2017

- Usage:- Is used for many differed of e-payment.
- Customer online order at Office Digital Menu -> Select [Pay] by Office Pay.

- The first e-payment that used Phone Text.

Case Study:
Business Text customer's Smartphone -> Customer open phone message -> Click on link and Pay.

- Customer buy online Pick-up/ Delivery -> Select [Pay] -> Paid by Office Pay. Customer use Office Pay -> Pay thru Pay Pal.
-> Office Pay also let you Pay direct fill payment Form, not thru Pay Pal. Just click on [DebitCredit] button

Thus customers feel safe & secure
to know that business don't collect their Credit Card Info, when pay online thru Pay Pal. When pay by Pay Pal, clients no need Pay Pal Account. Just use Credit Card and Pay.
Client got Text msg -> Click on OP Link open Office Pay -> Pay use Pay Pal no Login Act.
- OR- 
Pay direct Form, fill Credit/Debit card.

- Text msg " - Please pay this service." + Link Office Pay of your Office website = mybuz.com/op

   Samsung Pay and  Office Pay.
=> Each Pay has different Benefits & Uses. - Each Design solves different problems.

Samsung Pay: Tap & Pay @ Card Terminal.
- HOW: - Setup: You first download Samsung App on phone -> Register Member at its website -> Add your credit cards in App. 
- When pay: Customer Go @ Counter -> Select a credit card on phone -> Cashier needs enter Amount manually on Terminal every each pay ( no pleasure, no automation, busy - Do it 100 customers / day. Line-up ) + Enter Pin -> Tap phone on store Card Terminal -> Paid.-> Print receipt.

- Pay Close.
Must in store @ Counter.
- Can't skip line. Can you explain?
Hardware Solution.  Need Card Reader Terminal support this Technology + App works only on Samsung Phone, not iPhone + Pos Infrastructure  & Hardware compability issues. Like, need upgrade POS + Buy new Card Terminal system
- Better, faster than card swipe.
- Can't use Pay Online. Customers can't tap on laptop screen and pay.
Design used Hardware & Electronics.
- Accept: All major credit cards.
- No Payment Data Analytics.

-> Samsung Pay is good design. Achieve its goal.
Office Pay: - Open Office Pay on smart phone -> 1-Touch Auto Load Credit Card Data i-> Enter Amount -> Touch [Pay Now]. Done!
No enter pin code, no back & forth. No go to counter tap Card Register. Sit -> Office Digital Menu -> Eat -> Office Pay -> Cloud Print receipt -> Go. No need Tap or Swipe @ Counter. No complex. No hardware!
NOTE: Office Pay - 1st time pay, need enter Credit Card Data. 2nd time, next pay, 1-touch Auto Load all Data. No enter again. Very fast.
NOTE: We test Samsung Pay Tap-to-Pay with Office Pay Touch-to-Pay -> Office Pay pay faster + Skip line.

- Google Pay

- Apple Pay
- Phone Tap-and-Pay = Add your Credit Card like Visa, Master, Amex... in your Phone -> Tap phone to pay. Google Pay, Apple Pay, Samsung Pay are Phone Tap-to-Pay.
Needs Card Terminal. Big businesses invest big money to develop this technology. Appx less than 15% Card Terminal support Tap & Pay. Have Samsung Pay doesn't mean can pay @ small business store, or even big store like Wal-Mart. If you can't Samsung Pay @ Store, just take credit card swipe. Same solution.

Office Pay
: Text & Pay, Touch & Pay - Touch screen. No Card Terminal
- HOW: No setup, no register, no download. No Go @ Counter. No tap, no swipe, no insert card, no enter PIN. No enter Amount. Cashier does nothing.
- When pay:- Customer Sit @ Table -> Just type address Office Pay of store. i.e. abc.com/op ( No download App. Not easy. ) -OR- Touch App icon.
-> Will open Office Pay on your phone -> Select a credit card Auto Load data. No type Name, Card Number.. -> Pay -> Then Print receipt. Just Walk Out.
- Full automation. Cashier do nothing.
- It also creates an app icon on phone.
- Next time, no type address, just touch on app icon -> Open Office Pay -> Pay.

- Pay Anywhere & Out/ In Store.
Software Solution. Office Pay App works on (iOS) iPhone + Samsung (Android) Phone + No need Hardware expensive & Hardware compability. No upgrade POS. No Buy Card Terminal.
- Skip line
- Can use Pay Online. Pick-up/ Delivery. Pay Invoice ...

Design used Software, Enterprise Java
- Accept: All credit cards + Pay Pal.
- Payment Data Analytics.
Such as, -> List all Payments of John Smith from Jan -> April, including Date Time, Amount, Invoice, Last Time Paid, What for (Service Fee, Tuition Fee, Invoice, Rent, Loan, Donation, Food, Coffee...) - Photo Smith. Sum Total. See on Mobile like Office Card.
- 8 Different ways of Pay.
- See Office Pay picture
You see this video Demo from VP of Samsung. He has to tap + enter pin code + amount to pay + must go to counter tap Card Terminal = No convenience. Back & Forth. Take long time. Can't Cloud Print.



Samsung Pay coming in India in 2017
Click See article Samsung Pay coming in India in 2017

- In Samsung Pay video Demo, a group of young people, after finished drink, the server brings a bill 25$. To pay for 25 $, but no Cash, just use Samsung Pay -> Select a credit card on phone -> Tap & Pay. Done.

- Use Office Pay, after finished drink, server gave bill = 25$. To pay for bill:
- Open Office Pay on smart phone.-> Type 25$ @ Amount field -> Select a Credit Card on phone like Visa, Amex. Office Pay Auto Load credit card info. No Type -> Paid.

When in situation line-up at Coffee,
Office Pay customers skip line -> Paid no Tap. Done! While other customers wait for Tap & Swipe.
NOTE: India now started a new Digital Economy. Businesses used E-Pay, no Cash.

- Not just a Payment, but also Data behind the Payment.

- What is Office Pay Auto Load Technology? - Office Pay Wallet.
- First @ Home, User can Add more Credit Cards, such as,
Visa card, Amex card, Master card, Discovery, Debit card, What ever cards ... in Office Pay,
like User can Add more credit cards in Samsung Pay. -> Then select which card Auto Load data -> Pay. User no need to type data, like Name, Card Number, Expire, CSC... Very fast. No type. No tap, swipe, insert card.

New version. Don't see in old version.

Office Pay the first Text & Pay by Design from All-in-one Office. © 2015 - 2017 

- Pay by Office Card
NOTE: Credit Card Terminal is for Credit Card processing. It is not Pos, not Office Digital Menu, not Mobile Order, not Online Order, Office Order Management ...

- Office Pay automatic create an app icon on smart phone.
- Touch -> Open App

What is Auto Load Technology?
- User can Add more Credit Cards first setup, such as, Visa, Amex, Master, Discovery, Debit card, What ever cards ... in Office Pay, like user can Add more credit cards in Samsung Pay. -> Then select which card Auto Load data -> Pay. No tap, swipe, insert card.

- Card Terminal: Swipe, Insert & Pay
Pay by Credit Card, Pay by Cash @ Counter, like see in McDonald, Restaurant, Supermarket
- Data saved in Office Digital Menu. Keep your Credit Card Terminal. It is Credit Card Reader in Samsung Pay.-> Almost Credit Card Terminal are Card Rader can used by Samsung Pay.

Samsung Pay = Many credit cards in a phone.

Tap & Pay = Pay by Phone. Same as Pay by swipe credit card.
- Good use for rich guys had many cards not fit in small wallet. People pay attention because name Samsung.

- It costs millions to build Samsung Pay.

Office Pay: -> Not just a Payment, but also Data behind the Payment.

- Pay by Office Pay: smooth & fast

-> Touch app icon on smart phone Open Office Pay App -> Auto Load all Data ->
Only Enter Amount-> [PayNow]. Done!

- No wait to Counter Tap Phone,  Swipe Card, Insert Card.
- Smooth.
Faster than Phone Tap, Swipe Card, Insert Card. No in line. No Card Terminal - Cloud Print receipt miles away store for Pick-up, for Order online.

By Design, Office Pay -> Businesses use Office Pay will not have your credit card info submit on form. Safe use short Pay.

- Office Pay powerful than Samsung Pay. Good Use Office Pay:
- Pay anywhere.
- Pay & Print receipt
hundred miles
- Pay Data Analytics
- Text & Pay
- Skip Line
- Pay Invoice, Pay Loan, Donation, Pay Fee, Pay Rent, Pay Food, Coffee. Pay Register, Deposit.
- See
History of Payment, Total Paid, Balance, Last Paid. on mobile.
- Pay online
- No Card Terminal, Reader

The Reality: - There are many solutions (Design) to a problem. The worst Design is cost a lot of Time & Money $$$$. There are some Developers & Consultants worst Design, not intention, made project became smart complexity, and the longer project back & forth, the better, more money in pocket. Too late to change new direction.

=> The big losers
the Businesses, Investors, Customers got Products & Services not deserved their hard working money, less comparative, less innovative.

=> Mark Zuckerberg built Start-up Facebook in his small room. 

-> This small start-up built product that big multi billion hi-tech companies like Yahoo, tens of thousands Developers & Employees, couldn't build. And at that time, Yahoo wanted to buy this small start-up
1 Billion.

Ask Silicon Valley Investors
That's why Silicon Valley constantly in search for new Start-ups in basement, garage..
Google, Facebook, Apple,  Yahoo, Oracle, HP, Alibaba, .. are from small start-ups in garage.

- 95% are small businesses, mom & pop stores. -> Create most jobs. -> Small business needs help Modernize.

- New Digital Economy
-> Grow Business Thru Innovation
-> Productive & Efficient
-> Reach out to huge customers.
->Sell any where. Open every where, out of small limited space store.
- In a survey, Cloud + Mobile main technology in Digital Economy will be accountable for 30% -> 40% of Total Revenue, and keep increasing

A Business said: -> Invest in New Enterprise All-in-one Office to accelerate its Development. We need this Office Cloud + Mobile Software, multi-Uses, multi-Benefits, less Cost. Other software too expensive, not multi uses.

- Think Small Business like a Start-up.

Needs Innovation to compete, better operation, better & advanced products & services. See StarBucks, 25000 stores worldwide still adapts Innovation & Technology in order to Grow business.

- A Restaurant, a Coffee, Food... can provide
New Customer Experience like StarBucks.

- If business ran not innovative, not efficient, not productive, a result is: - Less revenue for business, less tax for Government.

Using Office Pay in many ways (continue)

Office Pay Invoice:
You Text Client message :" - Please pay this Invoice 250$ within today. We email invoice paper today. Thanks. Touch this link pay  mybuz.com/op/250 "
- 250 will auto put in field *Amount Office Pay.
-> Client touch on msg link Office Pay to open Office Pay on phone. No type address. No download App. Work all devices. No enter amt 250.-> Click PayNow -> Done!

Next time, just Copy this text msg by press + hold on msg, see Copy Text. -> Touch on new typing msg, popup Paste. Paste msg. Edit msg 250$. No type msg again.

Payment Data & Analytics: Track all Invoice DateTime Payments + Keep records + Calculation Payment + Analytic Payment ... Not just pay.

-> Download sample: Excel Invoice Template1. (good)
- Excel Invoice Template2.  - Word Invoice Template
- You can Text File Invoice on smart phone.

- No back & forth many steps.
- Send Invoice & Get Paid very fast, 1 step. Simple & easy.
- Can email Office Pay address too. But Text faster + Not in junk mail.
- The 1st payment use Text & Pay

- A Business said:- Just used only Office Pay get paid fast in many ways is worth of money. You don't know what happens tomorrow, a week, a month. Customer can change.
Visit, Phone, Email back & forth take long time. No Login.

Office Pay FREE + Unlimited invoices.

Other Internet Company
charge fees Send Email Billing Invoice ( not Text )  
- This company charge per Clients:

Sent Invoice by Email to 5 Clients / month = usd 15.0$ / month

- Send Invoice to 50 Clients fee = 25.0$ / m
 -OR- This company charge per Invoice:

Charge Fee
2.9% + .30 cent / Email Invoice.

- For example, you send Invoice 250$ to customer. -> Cost your business 250 x 2.9 % + .30 cent = 7.25 + .30 = usd 7.55 $

- Free monthly fee. -> But Pay 2.9% + 30 cent / Email Invoice
- Many steps Login & Email back & forth.
- Office Pay No Login. Text & Pay so fast.

Office Pay features. The 1st payment use Text & Pay.

- mybuz.com/op = Open Office Pay on a phone, laptop, tablet. No type, no download app, no register. Work all devices. Customer needs enter *Amount fields in Office Pay.

- mybuz.com/op/25 = Will open Office Pay on customer phone, laptop, tablet, and Put 25$ in Office Pay field *Amount. No type, no download app. Customer no need enter *Amount 25$. Click [Pay Now] button & Pay.
It works like Business setup
25$ on Card Terminal. Then Customers swipe credit card or Samsung Pay phone tap Terminal pay 25$. Not Automatic. Cashier must always @ Counter. - Use Office Pay, customers already Paid + Tip @ Table -> Just Walk Out. Cashier free do anything, not tied @ Counter. Business needs smart + creative. Tradition eating your profit. We can't explain all.

NOTE: Setup 25$ on Card Terminal, need Enter PIN + Enter Amount 25$ = Time.
- On smart phone, you can Copy & Paste Text msg & Edit msg. No type again.

- mybuz.com/op/25/service fee = Will open Office Pay on customer phone, laptop, tablet,  Put 25$ in Office Pay field *Amount, and put short Invoice Message @ field Invoice: Service fee, or 2189 invoice number, or pay loan, pay rent april .. Like, this payment for What? - And for Office Pay Data Analytics. There are Payment no paper Invoice.

- Office Pay Wallet = Built in Office Pay. It used Technology Auto Load Credit Card info. It allows a customer add many Credit Card info first. When at store pay, just Select a card. Auto Load Card data -> Pay. No enter Card info again.

- Office Pay Scan = Built in Office Pay. It used to scan product item. For example, put on the menu:

Japanese Ramen Noodle Small
$5.0 ItemID# 289, Medium # 339 $7.0, Large # 344 $10.0.

-> Customers enter in Office Pay (op) field Scan = 289x2 339x1 344x1. Office Pay then scan price & other info like ( tax or not) + Desc + Photo + Calculate. Then automatic put amount = 29.21$ in *Amount field. It auto Calculated Total = 5$ x 2 (qty) + 7$ x 1 + 10 x 1= 27$ ( no tax Item ID 344 ) + 13% tax -> Customer only touch Pay Now. Paid-> Print receipt. Like a virtual POS.

- In Hotel Room, Street Vendor few Food Items Sales, put Paper Menu food + item ID on table. Customer open Office Pay -> Scan item id -> Office Pay auto calculated Total Amount & auto Put in *Amount -> Paid. It is convenient, better, faster than Scan QR code.

=> It likes scan QR code picture.

- Office Pay has Tool to create Product Catalog & Generate unique Item ID code.

Q&A: - Store has Office Digital Menu with ItemID, and also Paper Menu with ItemID. -> Can I just use Office Pay Scan and place order from lookup ItemID in ODM, or Paper Menu? - Of course, same. All Office Pay's pays & orders are in Office Order Management. So you constantly update payments of Pay Loan, Pay Invoice, Food & Coffee Orders ... -> Tenants Paid Landlord play golf, see instantly on mobile use OOM. No Home Laptop.

- Scan ID Code is by Design for Office Pay only.

Office Pay Scan ItemID code.

- Take photo & Scan QR code of a Product Item to Get Price.
- Can't see price. Must photo
- Hard use + QR quote complex + Hard to create put on Menu. Stick on Product + Need take photo QR code + Multi items take multi photo. Take times.+ Customer must close to Menu or Product take photo. + Multi Quantity take multi photo + QR code contains less Data + Not convenient.

- Office Pay Analytic: "- Not just a Payment, but also Data behind the Payment. "
Built in Office Pay that is used to analyze & keep tracking data.
Such as, -  List all Payments of John Smith from Jan -> April, including Date Time, Amount, Invoice, Last Time Paid, What for (Service Fee, Tuition Fee, Invoice, Rent, Loan, Donation, Food, Coffee...) - Photo Smith. Sum Total.
- List all Payments, Date & Time, Amount, Invoice, Name, Photo ... this week, any date. And Sum Total. -
Can View on Mobile.

- Office Pay Strategic Features
Can't disclose here. We show you a lot here like, Office Pay Rent, Pay Invoice, Office Pay Wallet, Office Pay Just Walk Out, Skip Line, Office Pay Scan Item Code ...
But these features
WE CAN'T SHOW, only for Investors.


- Office Pay Virtual Terminal & Payment

-> Payment is Big Industry played by Big Players.

-> Analyze Office Pay and Samsung Pay is an effort & skill analytics, so that common people can understand. Can't just said it better. Need explain Analytics & Logics + Show differences + Show details.
Each Pay serves its own benefits for consumers.

- A consumer said:
- I used a lot payments. But no payment helps me in many ways useful, not just convenient like Office Pay.
Samsung Pay useful when you had a lot credit cards -> Put in Phone -> Paid. You can still pay use Credit Card Tap or Swipe, no need Samsung Pay.
While Office Pay for Pay Loan, Pay Invoice, Pay Coffee, Pay Restaurant, Pay near, far, Take Orders, Pay Rent, Pay fee & Register, Pay & Text, Pay skip line, Pay & Print receipt anywhere.. Pay all kinds. Easy understand. Some said Office Pay more benefits for Business. Not really, see Pay Skip Line, Pay Walk Out.

Big like Apple, Google, Samsung in 10 years invested a lot of money in millions in hardware solution Phone Tap-to-Pay. But so far less than 15% of Card Terminal support Phone Tap-to-Pay, a lot of Hardware & Device compability problem, Phone compability problem, App compability problem.
We believe in
Virtual Payment & Virtual Terminal & Touch-to-Pay could play a big role in future. And Office Pay is the first in frontier. This can not be done alone by us. Still need a lot of R&D.

-> You see,
many big players, big money invested in Phone-tap-to-Pay. We, not that big, try our best. A lot advanced in Virtual Payment we can't disclose. Hopefully one day more Virtual Payments no need Tap & Swipe. -> We need hep accelerate Development.

- Consumer continue Tap & Swipe. -> But use whatever Pay convenient for them.

For example,
Office Pay for Pay Skip Line, Pay far, Pay & Text, Pay Invoice, Pay Rent, Pay Just Walk Out.. -> Can't Tap nor Swipe.

-> We do not just Talking No Action, we show in detail: - Office Pay made payments in many ways.


Office Card (Office Gift Card)

A business said: - Use Office Card to create Credit for my business. Use this Credit finance customers, stimulus demand, which is the best tool ever use for business. Hi-tech Office Card + Office Pay help me & my customers do this. Easy Pay -> Easy Buy. Grade 5 understands this. Customers pay back Credit either in store, or we send Office Pay. Can't do this use low tech paper.

The 1st Just Walk Out Restaurant
- Benefits for Customers:
-> Customer can Track their Gift Card anytime, anywhere, online. No call in, in store, swipe.
-> + Fast Pick-up, Fast Order + Just Walk Out no Line-up
-> + No go to bank withdraw Cash 
Fast Pay. Fast Buy. Charge Cash is the most difficult for customer paid. -> Thus less sell.
->+ Get Loyalty Point
->+ Don't Give Discount. Give Office Card.

third First Second third
=> Move mouse in photo stop slide -> Out slide again.

How? - First customer buy Office Gift Card at website by click on Gift Card Group Menu. Or buy in Store. -> Get a code. -> When buy a Heineken beer, Add to Cart. Select [Pay] -> [By Office Card] -> Just Walk Out. Done. No Goto @ Counter, Pay Cash, Phone tap card, swipe credit card.

NOTE: After paid, Office Card gives customer Data like, Balance, How must Spent, History of Card, last Time Buy .. Office Card also lets you check History of All Orders.

=> You can't do Gift Card with Mobile like this Office Card with Vend Pos, and 90% of iPad pos on market.
=> Click this link Tour Office document see more: Office Card.

- Usage: - Is used like Gift Card, but more easy to use.

- Office Card is Digital Gift Card, Mobile + Cloud used for Digital Economy: - Just a 6 characters like mw218e, 2p4a4t. No plastic card. No swipe order, no swipe check balance.
Tip: Self Text code your phone. Never lost. - OR - Take photo of Smartphone screen in Gallery after given Code. Press Home + Power button same time.

- Office Card
is fast payment is used Just Walk Out when in Store, or Pick-up fast. Take long time swipe card. Office Card is easy Pay, easy check History.

Customers Buy Office Card: at business Office Digital Menu -> Add Gift Card + other Items -> Pay by Cash / Credit Card. Or at Home, Buy online, pay by Office Pay -> The Get Office card Code like xw31y5.
- Click see Customer Mobile
Buy Office Card. with other Items.

Customers Buy & Pay by Office Card: Online, Mobile, In store -> Add item in cart -> Select: Pay by Gift Card (Office Card) -> Enter code -> Pay -> Finish eat, Just Walk Out.

=> Starbucks big Coffee Super Store in the world provides  Cloud + Mobile, New Customer Experience Mobile Order use Starbucks Card and continues efforts to Modernize their 25000 world wide Stores.

- Office Card Benefits for Business:
-> Business can be a Financier, a bank, no Interest, to their customers use Office Card ...
A lot businesses offer: Eat First -> Pay later. Like VISA Card = Use First. Pay Later. This is called Credit. Business just created Credit out of thin air from Office Card. Since Create is low like 20$, 50$ ... So the risk of customers pay back is low as well. -> But able to provide Credit to customer, business needs Hi-Tech Office Card. You can't manage Credit using using paper, low tech manual hand written.
-> Customer Retention: by using Office Card. Then later, send customers Office Pay to pay using their Credit Card or Pay Pal. Customers don't need Pay Pal Account when pay by Pay Pal.
-> Business cut down Transaction Fee from 2.5% - 2.9% charge by some Pos, Credit Card Terminal, when customer paid by Credit Card.
-> Easy made Office Card, Track & Manage.
-> Easy Sell -> Tell client Add OC when buy. Text clients Code. Email code.
-> Charge Cash is the most difficult for customer paid. -> Thus Sell less. Customers go to other stores. Business dropped 30%. - Research found that 60% customers don't have cash available must go to bank first, specially in Industrialize countries busy. That's why to have Gift Card feature in POS, you must pay extra fee for Pro Account.

NOTE: Office Card could increase 8 chars or more easily any time. But 6 chars, case sensitive ( a diff A ) good enough = million of codes. Fast entry. Example, sW2145, sw2145, B7431y ...
See: Mobile Buy Office Card. -> Customer just Add Office Card when Buy other Items.
- See: Pay by Office Card: - Customer Add Item -> Enter Office Card code Enter code -> Then Order successful -> Just Walk Out. Card Balance + brief History updated right away. Fast
- See Customer Check Office Card History & Statement - Laptop view (<= just update pic) - See detail in each order too. i.e.. Order 1086 has 3 items + Photo. - A customer used Tablet, View Office Card Balance -> Place Order right away Tablet View - Before, she must call in store or in store check, order. - See more pics in Tour Office document.
- See: - Starbucks Card -> Starbucks Order Mobile -> Add item -> Pay by Starbucks Card -> Pick-up. No line-up. See video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=EqnV_byHv24

Office card, Office Pay save Time & Money for Business & Customers
- While others are waiting for *tap & swipe*, cost 10x / coffee -> Only Office Mobile came out first, fast, smart, skip line. Because, while in store, they already paid in sec. Get to work fast. Could lost job for a coffee. Dumb me! - While others still waiting for *tap & swipe*.

=> OH, Office Mobile also saved business
2.7% transaction / tap & swipe
Office Order Management
- See:
Laptop - Tablet - Mobile

- It is used: by Staff Cashier to keep Manage & Track every Orders In, Pickup/ Delivery.
UPDATE: May, 2017
First Second Second third forth five five
=> Order ID 1074 has 2 x Items
1) Japan Udon Soup = 2 qty x 5$ = 10$
2) Heineken Beer 2 qty x 2$ = 4$

- FU = FullFill Order - Pay By CASH - Total = 6 Orders.

=> See
Sales Summary.
You can get data like this 5, 10 years. Just select Date -> Go -> Get all kinds of Data like shown.
=> Like, Jan,1, 2015 -> Jan,1 2016 -> Get all Data + Sales Summary + Sales Staff + Contact of Customers  + Contact of Staff + Order Details + Top Sellers ...

-> Even Vend Pos can't offer this mobile feature.
- When open this app, Today in From date Calendar. 1-Click get data Listing detail orders of Today.
- Choose any From Date -> To Date Get Data
- It Lists data of Today, any Date, any From -> To Date.
This pic lists only one date = Feb, 20, 2017. No type date, click on input -> Popup a Calendar select date.

- Office Order Management: ->
Listing all Orders sold Today, any Date, including Employees sold that Order 1059 = Bun Ng, her Customer bought that Order 1059 = John Smith, and Product & Service Price x Qty + Time buy. -> Scroll down end of the List is Data Summary of Total Sales / Employee.

=> Select any Date -> For example, you want to review, check What has been sold Today, or From Jan 1/ 2017 -> To: April 15, 2017 -> Get Data = Powerful. Not seen by any POS sys. -> Thus don't need see receipt like this business below. Waste Time. Human can't even check 100 receipts ( = 100 orders - A receipt 1059 is a printed order 1059. ) of Today. But Electronic System can check records, even Listing Data of 1 millions Orders in 5 years. -> And then it connected all more data than see on a receipt.

See on Laptop, Tablet. => 90% Businesses can't Get List of Product & Service sold Today, any Date

- Use Office Order Management better. =>
Get List of orders ( receipt is order printed on paper) of Today, any Day, from Date -> to Date

- This business owner looking for Data on paper receipt. Waste Time & Money.

- All you need is change from Paper -> Tablet. Because paper can't digitized, can't collect data. Your business is same. DONE!

NOTE: A business told us that Tax Man no time look thru invoice paper like this owner. They will charge labour fee for this. Tax Man needs electronic records Listing of all & each Order. An order= a receipt. But look at receipt is waste Time & Money. Each Order includes, Price, Qty, Total, Date & Time of each Item in each Orders .. like above Listing. => If you have Clear Records + Data Transparency then no worry.

- Use paper, take 7 days audit, track data, verify data all paper accumulated in 3 years.
Mountain paper work.
- Ave =
100 orders or receipts / day -> 30,000 receipts / year -> 150,000 receipts / 5 years. Office used MySQL database server can contain 50 millions of records. You can store 50 years of your business receipts, records in Office.
- Use electronic records, less than 1 day to verify detail orders, and
1-Click in 2s Calculate Summary of Total Sales, Total Tax of 1.5 millions receipts in 5 years.

- See Office Order Management Document in details. Click see.

- Usage: It is used: - By Staff Cashier to Manage, Check, Verify, Track all every orders made from Sales Staff, Customers. Know which Order from which Customer.
Staff looks at tradition POS screen see nothing. But look at Office Order Management will see & analyze & manage every orders in.

Case Study: A Customer in Store is given an Office Digital Menu Tablet -> Add order item in Cart  -> Select [Pay] by Cash -> Done! See message Order successfully! on top cart.  
-> Then
Office Processing ... Data collected & input in system + Bill calculated + Receipt print at Counter -> Then Staff see this order appeared on Office Order Management. Customer finished, go to counter Pay Cash/ Credit. Get receipt -> Walk Out.
-> Pay by Office Card ->
Just Walk Out ( encourage people use Office Card )

=> Repeat same Order Processing by Staff.

Office Order Management Data Analytics gives Summary of Today Sales & Data Analytics. Such as, Total Sales, Tax, Discount, Total Pay by Cash, Credit, Office Card (Gift Card), Total Orders, Pick-up/ Delivery, Orders not Fullfill, Top 5 sales ... Click see. - Laptop View

- Knows which order: Cash. Office Card (Gift Card), Credit ...
- Boss, Manager work at Home, anywhere. Login. -> Used Mobile know instantly when Order in.
- Keeps track Inventory. - Know Order is Unfulfill, Paid (Fulfill), Pick-up/ Delivery already or Not.

- This Manager on vacation but know more than Manager in office.

He said:
- " - I check a lot system, see a lot Charts. But Office lets me known deep in detail ** Data Analytics **, and Mobile. A Manager doesn't know just 1 data = How Much Total Sales / day = No Good. OOM & Today Summary give so much Data.

-> We just need to use
multi-use Office Digital Menu, multi-use Office Pay for in Store sales & outside Store take sales orders. All orders in store, out store, online, mobile centralized all in Office Order Management.

- This Boss play golf, but know more than bosses sitting in office all day.
He said:- Just 10 min check on OOM and Summary Today, I got so much Data in Detail ( = Data Analytics ), than from my Staff report whole day. Just OOM worth of money. -> It' is about Work Smart.
NOTE: Boss no time take course Data Analytics & Management. OOM good enough.

Boss said:- All you need is change from Paper -> Digital Tablet.  Because paper can't digitized, can't collect data. -> Have staff or customer take order in store, out store by using Office Digital Menu on Tablet/ smart phone. Your business unchanged. DONE!

- This Boss play Golf, This Manager on vacation used Office Order Management knows every each Order in instantly. Manages store efficiently. Order came from in Store sell, out store Staff sell, Online sell, Mobile sell, Pick-up/ Delivery sell ... Get Data instantly.

What did he know?

All needs to do is anytime click on List Employee, Product... -> He knows:
When Order sold instantly. - Who is the Employee & Photo, sold or did service of that order. - Who is the customer, their contact info bought that order. - What is Products & Services in details of that order. Example, Order 1059 has 2 x Items, including: Price x Quantity = Total of each Item + Time sold important, like 1059 on 7:33 PM on that Day.

=> 90% of Managers didn't know :- What is sold in detail Today - Basic info.

In business is about
Data Transparency, which means you keep good records & data of your business. It is basic 101 of running a Business. Easy understand. Office, Office Order Management helps you keep track electronic Records, Data & Transparency. So that you just focus on Business, no paper work, no worry, a peace of mind.

- You can get data like this Today, any day, one week, from date -> to date

- For example, you want to know 1 year period: - From Feb/ 20/ 2016 -> Feb 20/ 2017 = 30,000 order receipts = All Details of Orders + Total Sales in this year period + Total Tax + Total Employee's Sales + Total Sales by Cash, by Credit, by Office Pay + Total Pick up / Delivery and Not Pickup / Delivery + Total Orders not Fulfill + Top 10 Products sold this year period ... Just 1-Click Get All Data. DONE.

- If done by human will take weeks look into paper, calculation. See audit woman pic.

Office Cloud Database.
Data is gold
(-> Non any POS System had Database App like Office Database. It has Reporting Data only)

See: new Office Database pic. Using different JOIN SQL programming Get Data of many Relationship Table. No POS Sys can do this!

- The first Database that display photo in database.
-> A picture is worth a thousands words = thousands of more info.

NOTE: At back end Office is MySql, Oracle Server, where Data stored.

- Office Database App
is used as easy, user friendly Data Analytic Tool, Get Data, run SQL Programming + E-Business App - See Case Study: 100 E-Business Apps Diagram.
- Many Database Apps on market design this way, like
Intuit QuickBase ( non-SQL). See. - Sales Force, like CRM Database, is another example.
Usage: It is used:
- To Analyze Data, Get Data, List Data simple & complex.
- To use ** SQL Database Programming ** to get complex Data.
- To Create new Database Table, like Supply, Product Table store data, Create Data Relationship (Supply: 1-to-Many Product ) -> Then Build Enterprise Relation Database with many Relationship Tables.
- To Build Database Apps. See 100 Case Study of E-Business App use Office Database

In Business all is about data. Office Database Analyze simple & complex Business Data that non of any Pos System had. - Only in Office.

- It is the tool that company's
Head Office, the Boss, the VPs, the Data Scientist, the strategic Managers, wanted to use, and Analyze Data. Seen many our Blogs talk about DATA.

- Office Database Collect Data, analyze Data goes beyond
Pos Reporting Data. When business needs more data, complex data, whatever data -> Send us email -> We send you SQL Program -> You run it Get Whatever Data.

-> A Oracle Developer said:- "- Never seen like this before. Photos of Products, Customers, Employees... seen in database after Search, Query. Which made so easy analyze data, understand Data, Data looks and feel good, not like raw Data only seen Numbers + Characters."

- For example, when display data in database, customer, employee name = John Smith, without a pic = not clear. Who is it?

       All-in-one Price

- $ 69.0 / month  - OR -
$ 99 / month for 12 month - No Repeat

- USD 1.05% (1.65% CAD) Transaction Fee, or  Credit Card Swipe fee.

- No extra fee for addition Copy, or Tablet use. No extra feature fee.

- For example, use extra 10 Tablets = usd $ 0.0 All-in-one Office.

- Use extra feature like Office Database, Data Analytics, extra fee = $ 0.0

Use extra feature like, Office Mobile Order, extra fee = $ 0.0

- Use extra feature like, Office Card (Gift Card), extra fee = $ 0.0

- A small business said :-
A lot of fees and hidden fees. Should have more companies in this market to drive price down.

- This is huge market
35 millions small businesses, home based businesses, mom & pop stores in just US & Canada. Only 0.5% of this market could translate into multi billions dollars company.
                 Price from Other POS companies (All in $ USD )
- Monthly Fee: From USD $69.0 -> USD $89.0 / month

+ Additional Copy/ Tablet = + $39 USD.

- For example, see this Pricing extra Copy or extra Tablet use:

- A small business shocking: -> A lot fees + other fees, hardly pay the bill. - Hardly Modernize small business next level, Mobile + Cloud.

- This Pos company charge 5 iPad or Tablets = USD $ 249 / month extra

- Vend Pos charge extra use 1 x Tablet (register) = USD $39.
- A store needs 6 tablets cost = 6 x $39 = $ 240.0 usd /m extra.
Tot = 89.0 + 240 = $330.0 USD /m

+ Extra Feature: + $45 USD - must use ( like Gift Card only for Pro Acct = USD 40$ extra + Other Package extra fee..) , after use Basic Acct. So could cost appx $99.0 USD / m can be used for business.

+ Transaction Fee or also called Credit Card Rate Swipe Fee from: 2.5 % - 2.9% USD - Some charge extra 30 cent.

- For example, a customer pay 100$ by credit/ debit card -> fee = 2.7% x 100 = USD $ 2.7 - While Office = $1.05 USD
- A business sells  $10,000/ m Paid Credit Card, Fee= $270.0 USD

A customer said: - At first I sign Basic Account $25.0 USD. Can't use it. Need more battery. Then, I realize that I need to print, other stuff, can't miss. I sign on extra Other Package cost 45$ USD/ month, + Tax = 600 $ USD / year. Then I need Gift Card features .. is Pro Acct  extra cost = USD 50$ / month. Thus a whole package can use & run my business = $120 USD / month. This not include: Transaction Fee, extra Tablet fee ... Small business already a lot of fees, hardly pay bill. -> Small business lost comparative, hardly grow business in new Digital Economy.


Click here see New Office Summary.

( update March / 2017)

- We design All-in-one seamless integrate Cloud + Mobile into one system. There will be No Work on Android Tablet, No Work on Windows Tablet ... Work all devices.

- New Design of LinkedIn social media seamless integrate Cloud + Mobile into one. Type: https://www.linkedin.com See on laptop - tablet - mobile smart phone. - LinkedIn can afford to build Cloud + Mobile integration Technology.


Office Franchisee: You gather a group at least 5 clients at your place. We send developer working with you and your clients one-on-one training, make sure everything OK before they pay. You can arrange get extra service fee for one-on-one Training if your customers ok with that.
Click see new update Office Franchisee
Jan, 2017 -> Freedom @ 30s.
=> Investors: We need investors get involved to accelerate Business Development. We want to bring All-in-one Offices in the world. Can't do it ourselves alone. -> You, your children work hard, take 25 - 30 years in middle class. But invest even few thousands in our start-up will get you rich very quick.

Update: January 2017.   continue updating ....
Enterprise Office Digital Menu
= Pos + E-Commerce 
Staff, Customers Take Orders when in Store, out Store, on the GO, no Line-up, offline, at Home, in Office, Order by Phone, by Tablet, Laptop, Order by online web Digital Menu, Order by Mobile Smart phone. No complex Cashier Pos, expensive hardware & software, no complex E-commerce, powerful Sales & Marketing, Promotion, good Price. Cloud Print receipt. Technology became simple & easy & cheaper = All-in-one

The future of millions of Stores is changing, reducing cost, simple and efficiency -> No need traditional Technology, complex and expensive Cashier POS System.
- Cashier: - How long take you input data in system this order from Paper Bill?
- Server:  - How long take you this order from Paper Bill?
- Business:  - Waste Time & Money every day.
- Use Office Digital Menu, Customer or Staff: - Add Items in Cart -> Select Payment -> Done! (see pics above.) ... Then ...
-> Then right away, Office collects a lot data. Everything, Bill calculated and Cloud Print receipt like this receipt, including add Coupon under. Make Receipt = Coupon.
Staff: - When customer pay at Counter by Cash / Credit Card, Staff use OOM turn but [Unfulfill] -> [Paid]. That's all Staff does! No need Pos.


=> Have You Seen this All-in-One Technology in any Store, even at StarBucks, McDonald yet?
-> Cost -  How much cost you to build? - Can you build it ?
-> Cloud Print - Email is simple. Take a long time type email, specially when store so busy. Not all customers have email. Business needs receipt. Can you Cloud Print receipt of orders any where, customer order at Home use their Laptop, Tablet, Smartphone, then Print, not just in Store?
-> Integration - How do you integrate all data from Pos, E-commerce ... in to one system?
-> How about Data, Sales Data, Data Analytics

- Investors & Customers Contact: - Email both: netthruoffice@gmail.com ,  ddanpros@hotmail.com - Subject: all-in-one. - or - Office Franchisee -  See in LinkedIn.
- Customization: We can customize Office fit your needs.

- Office Franchisee: You gather a group at least 5 clients at your place. We send developer working with you and your clients one-on-one training, make sure everything OK before they pay. You can arrange get extra service fee for one-on-one Training if your customers ok with that.
=> Click see new update Office Franchisee
Jan, 2017 -> Freedom @ 30s.

Our business  model called Sharing Economy - Use power of IoT (Internet of Thing) like Uber But Uber drivers use their own car expensive, pay for gas, don't get paid year after year even no working.

Investors: We need investors get involved to accelerate Business Development. We want to bring
All-in-one Offices in the world. This, can't do it ourselves alone.
You, your children keep working hard, take 25 - 30 years in middle class. -> Let us work hard for you. Stock market can be crashed any time. The future is less opportunity. But invest even few thousands in our start-up will get you rich very quick. Keep working. Your choice/ Good luck. The early investors invested 5000$ in Facebook now all became billionaire, millionaires.

Update: January, 2017.  

Cloud Tablet App
= Staff, Customers Touch order -> Print receipt. Done!
That's simple. No Cashier Pos. Any business can create powerful Products & Services like this.

- Office Digital Menu

=> See View from Laptop -> picture is worth thousands words.
Update: Feb, 2017 --> current update

Take quick Office Tour from a customer order & pickup using mobile. And Office Order Management helps any staff manage every order. No need POS system. Help cashier more productive, multi tasks.
In store, Customers ( or Staff ) place order use Tablet or Smart phone:
- Add items in Cart -> Select Pay by Cash or Credit Card. DONE! -
Then Office collects all Order Data, Sales data, Product data, Employee Data, Customer Data, Price .. for Bill Calculation, Analytics, Pick-up, Order Management, Print Receipt  ... in 1s. Tradition back & forth could take 5 min = 300s + less Data.
In store = skip Office Pay, Fill Form - Fastest order pos in the world - We show Mobile Order above, Tablet same as Mobile. => See quick Office Tour
The simplest & fastest POS for not only Staff but also Customer take order few swipes. DONE! No back & forth.
All-in-one Price 69.0$ / month- OR- $ 99 / month for 12 month only - No hidden Fee  - Unlimited Copy/ Register - Credit card Transaction = 1.6% CAD  ( apx 1.05 % USD )

- POS companies charge all kinds of Fees in $ USD. Monthly fee from 79$ - 99$ ( more ) usd / month, Credit/ Debit Card Rate, Transaction Fee = 2.6% - 2.9 % USD.
Not include: Extra Tablet Copy fee, extra add on Feature, Package fee, extra one-one-one Phone support fee... Only Reporting Data, no Data Analytics.
- High end, heavy duty medium size & big businesses over 500 employees, use All-in-one Office plus powered by Enterprise Java + Oracle

-> Let's talk. Don't waste Time & Money for software development.
- Light, fast, resource efficient, only data embedded Client (thin Client), 3-Tier Architecture, built-in mobile, MVC, enterprise large scale, solid Foundation Framework.
Good for Cloud.


Ent. Java + Oracle = Plus


each All-in-one Office Cloud Website has its own Web Server and Database Server

- We host Office
website like your own private (House) Website. You don't create an Account at a big Platform (Apartment) like Traditional POS Company.
powerful because each Office website has its own Web server, Database server like MySql, Oracle. Good for Enterprise, larger scale, multi customers, multi stores.

-> While create
A Member Account at a big Host Platform like POS company, you don't have your own Web Server and Database Server. Thus, not powerful, not Enterprise.
Update Jan, 2017

Leadership Goal 2007:

- Let's increase sales target =
20% and efficiency. How?
only Technology.

- Sell in store
offline, online, mobile. Sell more. Sell every where. Sell & Marketing, reach out customer every where, mobile.

- Past 5, 10 years, never changed ->
First goal: Implement Cloud + Mobile. Get help. Do it.

Business today must innovate to survival. A new store must have Online Cloud + Mobile  -> If it is hard to implement mobile, even for big business. -> Get Office Franchisee.
Your business behind others.

Welcome to Digital Economy. Cloud + Mobile helps Small business do like Big business.
Reach out to huge customers. Sell any where, every where, any time, out of small & limited space of store
, even
Big, thousands of stores like StarBucks. => In a survey, Cloud + Mobile main technology in Digital Economy will be accountable for 30% -> 40% of Total Revenue, and keep increasing

         Goal 2017

- Learn. Innovate.
- Leadership in action.
- Get Modernized
Mobile + Cloud
- Get help. Get Digital
- Sell every where to increase sales 20%
- My responsibility as Manager.

- My business behind innovation, technology.
The past 5 years no thing new. The same old stuff repeat. -> Should I Modernize?

- But my staff can't help
. What should I do? -> Not easy solution.

This Manager boring same stuff ? -> Wake up in Digital Economy. Cloud + Mobile more 30% - 40% revenue -> This hard. Get Help. ->  Fast. Sell more. Sell every where out of limited space small store. -> Give customers new experience.

- All-in-one Office includes: Office Database, Office Digital Menu, Office E-commerce, Office Pay ...

- Office Database, user friendly, photo, interface with Back-end Database Server, used for: - Data Analytics, Reporting - POS Sys only Reporting Data. That's why no Data Analytics, no SQL Programming, no Create Table, no Data Relationship, not like Office Database can do all above.
-> Only
Office Users use Office Database to Get Data, Process Data, Analyze Data, Data Analytics, Inventory, Tracking, E-business Application, Day Care Center, Schools, Customer Database, CRM, HR, Accounting
...  Design all kinds of E-Business Database Application.
-> Office Database is not Back-end Database Server like MySQL, Oracle
...But it is a Database App user friendly for Office Admin, Managers .. used to communicate, interface with Database Server.
- A small business with 20 employees, may be only
10 employees have access, use Office Database at Head Office. A mom & pop store 10 employees, may be 5 staff have access, use Office Database..
So on average,
less than 10 people use Office Database every day. While tens of thousands of customers used Back end Database Server at Cloud Data Center.

- A  big business with
10000 employees, but may be only 100 employees at Head Office have access and use Office Database.

Update: March, 2017

A Story: Starbucks

- Market value: 83 Billions
- 25000 locations worldwide.
- Rev: 19 billions.
- Even that big, adapt technology, Modernize best Customer Experience: Mobile + Cloud.

- Even big corporation adapt Technology in Modern time Digital Economy.
It has new CEO effective in April, 2017. Kevin Johnson, came from Technology background. -> Which (mindset) will likely Modernize & use Technology. - According to CNBC:- Mr. Johnson has led efforts to integrate Mobile + Cloud applications into Starbucks' customer experience and operations.. Out going CEO Schultz, who build Starbucks from few stores -> 25000 stores :" -  Also touted Johnson's technology experience, which Schultz expects will be able to be used to enhance the consumer experience." -> He said in quote.  

- In Modern time, company needs Modern leadership. Mr. Schultz put his company first. Starbucks 25,000 stores,16 billions in revenue, not satisfied, still needs to Modernize & adapt Cloud + Mobile Technology.
=> But why the recognized, lovely, nice, smart, talented, best CEO like Mr. Schultz resigned? - Under his leadership, he bought & built Starbucks from few 6 stores to 25000 stores, and Starbucks doing very well.

-> Why Mr. Schultz resigned? - Still don't know.
1) - Maybe he just wanted to give Mr. Kevin all the authority and power as a CEO to implement the change.
2) - Maybe he knows his limitation in technology, although very talented CEO. The company now needs to Modernize & adapt Mobile + Cloud Technology. So put company first, he step down, hired a new CEO background in Technology to implement the change.
3) Maybe when a company, an organization, a business is changing to new direction, new level -> Need new fresh people -> Regardless who you are.

Small Businesses must be more aggressive use Mobile & Cloud Technology to expand business, like big business. Which doesn't cost a lot of money like open another location. 90% of Small Businesses after 15 years, still one small business one store.

How We Deliver OFFICE on Cloud to anywhere?
From anywhere, any country in the world,
any customers, any Office Franchisee, like Tina from Asia, just sent us email or submit Register Form @ our website let us know their Domain Name, such as, tinarestaurant.com. - Jennifer from US sent us 20 domains of her clients.
-> Next, allow 24 hours, we registered all Domains will be ready & active on Internet by Internet Registry Organization. At Head Office, we install their websites. 1 x Office website in 1 minute.
=> Finally,
Tina, Jennifer had all their All-in-one Office website to use in 24 hours. DONE!
-> Tina, Jennifer login
their website, access to Help, all Tutorials
step-by-step learn to build & manage & use website. For security, when Tina received email, in email we let her know the address (URL) to login her Office website as Admin. For example, Tina open web browser and types: TinaRestaurant.com/tinalogin + default User + Password. She change User + Password anytime.
-> Their All-in-one Office website includes all: Office Database, Office Digital Menu, Office E-commerce, Office Pay...
For example, Tina Office Pay = tinarestaurant.com/pos/officepay -> Send this address to customers get paid.

Jeff Weiner, CEO LinkedIn
- As CEO of social media LinkedIn had access to hundreds of millions users' background & profile, including CEO of Fortune 500 - The biggest companies in the world, so he knows better than any one.


Watch out:- extra Copy or Register Fee, Transaction Fee.
Office Digital Menu can do all-in-one above + cheapest Fee. 
=> Tradition POS companies charge fee for extra Copy, or Registers for a Tablet. Example, 80$ usd / m, extra Register = 39$ usd

- A Store used POS software on 10 Tablets for Staff carry & Customers come to use at Table, cost = 80$ / m + 10 x 39$ for each Copy Register / m  = $ 480 / month (usd)

While other POS companies charge addition Copy / iPad or Tablet


- This cost a lot Tablet's Register fee $39 / customer
- Office Digital Menu Unlimited.
=> Understand tradition POS Transaction Fee or Credit Card rate / swipe = 2.8% usd + extra 30 cent / Credit Card Transaction. => Most Fee.

A customer bought $ 100 paid by Credit/ Debit Card will cost a Store = $ 100 x 2.8% + 30 cent = $ 3.1 / Card Transaction  (usd)

- A customer bought $ 10 paid by Credit/ Debit Card will cost a Store = $ 10 x 2.8% + 30 cent = .28 cent + 30 cent = 58 cent / Transaction. => Thus Store sold 100 receipts / day extra 30 cent cost = 100 x 30 cent = 30$ / day or 900$ USD / m - Not include cost 2.8% / card transaction.

=> For example,
a store to survival, must have ave Total Sales = $1000 / day, apx $ 300,000 / year revenue (not much)
-> Transaction Fee cost = 1000 $ x 2.8 % = 28$ /day =
840$ usd / month Transaction Fee ( no 30 cent ) + $ 80 usd / monthly Fee => Total Cost Fee = 920$ USD / month ( not sure other hidden fee, like Register fee )

Most customers Don't Analyze Data when Buy. Not the Monthly Fee but the Transaction Fee.

- Card Transaction Fee - OR - Credit Card Rate  is heavy cost for store, every time customer paid by swipe their credit card.

- Small business can't afford.

- Mom & pop store.
-> A lot of fees heavy cost for small business already too much cost.

Most customers Don't Analyze Data when Buy. Not the Monthly Fee but the Transaction Fee

- Office Digital Menu 1.6% CAD / credit card transaction.
- No extra 30c /swipe.
$ 69.0 / monthly fee - Unlimited copy/ register.
- No any hidden fees.

- POS companies charge all kinds of Fees in


Update: January 2017.   continue updating ....

Office Pay - Add on feature built in - Another innovation from All-in-one Office. First e-payment by text on smart phone.

We use Cloud Technology with Mobile Technology, a new kind of software development today, so that it works in both environments. For example, look at Pay Pal App.
Open your smart phone browser, type:
NetthruOffice.com/pos/officepay - We host on a small inexpensive, non commercial server for testing.

Office Pay Case Study: See Click here
- A lot different ways you get paid from your customers.
A business said:- Office Pay helped us get paid quick and fast. Saved us Time & Money. Before no Office Pay, after done service, we send a customer invoice later. Never get paid. Now, we fill data in Office Pay in our smart phone or tablet -> Hand over customer fill credit / debit card. Get paid right away.

We can get paid anywhere convenient, onsite, in house, travel. We text a message and Office Pay link to smart phone of a Customer at home or on vacation. Customer opened  txt message -> Click on
Office Pay link like
mycompany.com/pos/officepay to open Office Pay, and paid. So simple. Txt always sure customers received, while email could lost in junk mail or virus.

You can Sell Tickets, Donation, Get loan paid. Customer Register, Deposit, Track & Calculate Payment. Both we and customers got email receipt if successful paid...

-> You can create a Group in smart phone Contact -> Send Text message for payment to every one in that Group.
-> Just Office Pay is worth it of money.
Email Virus pretends like payment email. People curious open email -> get virus, or hacker gets in, take control, spy your computer, you don't know.

Office Pay Text -> Get Paid.
Avoid Web Form, website owner, Staff, collect credit card. Use Office Pay, no one get credit card info. Only PayPal process payment.

1) Office Pay - First Digital Payment using smart phone text to your customer and get them paid by Pay Pal. This way, they will never say not receive your email because in junk mail.

Office Pay - First payment had database for Data Analytics. Other Payments used report only. Thus can't analyze Data. Click see Office Pay Data Analytics

- Office Pay Get paid &
fast anywhere. Easy
-Like a mobile credit/ debit card terminal carry any where. No monthly fee.

- Office Pay ticket no line-up.
Get email receipt if successful
No email, check Name, Phone

- Even Vendor used Office Pay with Tablet, smart phone.

- Office Pay Text & Get Paid. Client anywhere: 1-click & paid. No one-to-one like other payment. Office Pay program PayPal -> Take photo fast credit card, if don't type.- No Credit/ Debit Card Terminal. No need Card Reader.

Card Terminal

Card Reader
Note: Office Pay good for e-payment, remote payment, customers out store.

- Office Pay register, deposit, donation.-> Get email receipt. Secure & safe. Avoid Web Form, Website owner, Staff, collect credit card. Use Office Pay, no one get credit card info. Only PayPal process payment.

When to use Office Pay - Only Office Pay can do:
Click Office Pay Case Study

Avoid Web Form, website owner, Staff, collect credit card. Use Office Pay, no one get credit card info.

Data, Data Analytics, add-on SQL Queries Get Data when needed whatever simple & complex Data. That's why experience Managers choose All-on-One Office.

- SQL = Structure Query Language used for Database Programming.

- All-in-One Office that can Track Data, Get Data, Analyze Data, Database Programming SQL Queries in real time, flexible, powerful, add-on SQL Queries Get Data when needed Data, simple Data, complex Data like Net.Office, Office Digital Menu ... Because of Office Database built-in. Other Systems don't have like Office Database. -> When business in need whatever Data, simple & complex, we just send you a small code of SQL. Then you can install in Office Database to get such data easily.

For example,
"- Get Listing of Data of all Customers, Name, Email, Phone, Customer Photo, Products bought inc Product Photos, Qty, Unit in Stocks, Unit on Order, Re-Order Level, Desc, Date of Orders, Tax, Sub_Total, Order Number, Shipping info, Details of Suppliers of Products, Detail of Staff associate with orders, Cashiers, Employees, their Name, Employee Photo ... of Today's Sales, last week, or from Date to Date."  - in 1-Click

- You need some simple & complex Data -> We send you short SQL program -> You install a short powerful SQL program's code in Office Database, Get whatever simple & complex Data. = Only in Net.Office.

- Built-in Office Database for Data, Data Analytics you can find only in Net.Office system.
- Office Database new first kind of database can store & display Photos.

For example, See the Boss's Listing of Data on Demand.

- Office Franchisee at 30s. Freedom @ 30s. - Update Jan, 2017
- You work full time. Use free time working as Office Franchisee.
All you need is 10 customers / year who pay for 69.0 $  / month. => In 3 years, you get 30 customers. Then you Get Paid around 1100 $  / month  year after year, as long as you keep maintained 30 customers.
-> If you get
60 customers pay 69.0$ / month, you will get paid year after year equal to 36,000$ / year gross salary after minus for Income Tax + other Work Expensive, such as, car Gas, car Insurance ...
=> Even minimum wage people work hard for it. No company, no organization pays you
36K / year after year doing nothing, go travel. Sales & Marketing Professionals rather want to get paid like this than on salary a lot of pressure to achieve sales target, and be laid off anytime if not meet the sales target of customers. Good Luck.

Choose Different Payment one customer at a time: Customers will pay $ 99 / month for 12 month only - No repeat year after year. Your commission will be 60% = $ 720 / customer. Customers can pay 1 time = $1050 / All-in-one Office Only 1.6% / Transaction Cost. Business saved huge money for monthly payment ( = $ 1000 / year ) and Transaction Cost ( 2.8 % ) by other POS companies.

Investors: Get involved. All we need is 699 customers / year -> Total Revenue = 699 x 99 x 12 = $ 840,000 / year

-> Our business  model called
Sharing Economy - Use the power of IoT (Internet of Thing) like Uber. But Uber drivers use their own car expensive, pay for gas, don't get paid year after year even no working. We want to bring All-in-one Offices in the world. Can't do it ourselves alone. See more detail.

- Make extra Fee:  for Training, Setup, One-on-One Service, Add-on Features.
For example, Cloud Vend Pos charge extra 19$ USD / month for just Phone Support, or else Email support only.
- Oracle charge 10000 $ for Oracle Training
. So Office Franchisee can charge extra fee. But negotiate with customers.
$69.0 is a fee for using software only. Unlimited registers.

Your Job Description: Most customers need Training & Support in the beginning. Of course, our developer with you during Training. After they know how, they would not bother, call you any more. You are free do anything you want. Work other full-time job. Customers see you by appointment or by phone. You are the boss. No one is watching. No better customer service than this.
-> Other companies
support by email only, customers wait for email support long time. Support by phone, one-on-one must pay. No such phone, one-one-one support, free training like you. That's why you can charge extra for these services.
- An Office Franchisee said :"- I love sales & marketing. But no opportunity, even MBA no better future. Globalization, Technology, Automation make even harder to look for jobs. Understand the reality, better prepare for the future. Most Sales & Marketing Jobs are commission based, must be 9-5, and no way get paid year after year generous, even not working like Office Franchisee. Only experienced pro Sales & Marketing Professionals get paid salary. I work survival job. Now, Office Franchisee gives me this opportunity to do what I love, get extra income, help family, help small business adapt innovation, and have experience. Freedom at 30s. "
- An Office Franchisee said :-  Even big IBM laid off its employees in recently, gave them only 1 month get paid severance package. No one pays year after year even no working, and high commission. Car sales executive, only sales commission, 9-5 regular hour, Get paid 150$ commission for car 30,000$. No such thing get paid year after year. They want to create jobs, opportunity for people.
NOTE: We could sell Office online price = 16.95$ / month, much cheaper
50% of current price. Or sell online 499$ / software, no monthly subscription. Or sell online 49.0$ / month for only a year. No repeat pay year after year. Transaction Cost still = 1.6%.
And still make profit. Because we don't have big expensive business operation cost. And we can deliver software on Cloud to any where in the world.
How We Deliver OFFICE on Cloud to anywhere?
From anywhere, any country in the world,
any customers, any Office Franchisee, like Tina from Asia, just sent us email or submit Register Form @ our website let us know their Domain Name, such as, tinarestaurant.com. - Jennifer from US sent us 20 domains of her clients.
-> Next, allow 24 hours, all Domains registered ready & active on Internet by Internet Registry Organization. At Head Office, we install their websites. 1 x Office website in 1 minute.
=> Finally,
Tina, Jennifer had all their All-in-one Office website to use in 24 hours. DONE!
-> Tina, Jennifer login
their website, access to Help, all Tutorials learn to build & manage & use website. ?For security, when Tina received email, in email we let her know the address (URL) to login her Office website as Admin + default User + Password. Change User + Pword anytime.
-> Their All-in-one Office website includes all: Office Database, Office Digital Menu, Office E-commerce, Office Pay...
For example, Tina Office Pay = tinarestaurant.com/pos/officepay -> Send this address to customers get paid.
-> What ever customer support will contact Jennifer. Jennifer then contacts us. We focus our best on R&D, Product Development.

- Goal 2007: - Let's increase sales target = 20% and efficiency.
Sell in store offline, online, mobile.

Tina doesn't have a hosting share account like share Apartment, on a big expensive Platform tradition POS. Cost a lot money to build & maintain big Platform. But Tina has a whole website like her own private House. More powerful because her own Tina Office website will have its own Web server, Database server like MySql, Oracle. Good for Enterprise, larger scale, multi stores.
-> While others build big Platform Apartment to host 10,000 customers, we build a house (website) to host 1 customer at 1 time when in need. => Almost businesses want to host their own separate website with others, live in their own house.

=> Investors: Get involved help us accelerate Business Development.

- An Office Franchisee said :-  It is hard to see small businesses, mom & pop stores paid high monthly fee like 80.0$ usd / month = 960$ usd / year after year + Other hidden Fees, extra Register.. +  High Transaction Fee like 2.8 %, at least 840$ / month if sold 1000$ / day. Small business can't afford this. While we have much better Price monthly fee = 69.0$ / month - Transaction Fee = 1.6% will help Small Businesses a lot.

- A potential Office Franchisee:"- I have full time job. I work my free time as Office Franchisee to make extra money. I also want to learn more about real Technology applied in Business that I didn't learned from school. Only Technology helps business grow fast through innovation. I call my job as Office Franchisee is Business Analyst and Industrial Digital Consultant, who help business grow in the next Fourth Industrial Digital Revolution.
- While we kept talking, lack of leadership, India country will become the next leader of Digital Revolution, the Fourth Industry. Their Investors, businesses big & small have used & applied Digital Innovation, invested in Internet Start-ups, created huge on demand Digital Revolution faster than any country in the world. Even small businesses, street vendors used Cloud, Mobile App for their business. Like China invested in Industrial Manufacture Revolution 20 years ago. Huge return today."
- An Office Franchisee said:- How about Mobile Order? - Customers anywhere use smart phone -> 1 Touch Order -> Pay -> Print receipt ->  GO - Skip Line UP/ Pickup/ Delivery/ Reservation. Estimated pickup times are shown in the app before customers confirm their orders, if customers not in store.
This make store mobile -> Increase more sales. Only we can do this technology even big business can't. We helped many stores increase sales 20%. For just a small price, a lot of stores world wide will be on mobile. "

Net.Office Plus to Customize for specific needs

Office Franchisee can charge 1x time fee that customers want to pay for: Consulting, Setup, Add-on Features, Training, other Services from A to z.
For example, if you charge
$ 2950 or $5000 / All-in-One Office system, and customers agree to pay => That's OK.  Thus, 10 customers pay customized $2950 # $ 30,000
 => It cost a lot of money & time & investment to build software. -> Your business pays few thousands for software customization is worth it of investment to Modernize your business .Your business pays few thousands for software customization is worth it of investment to Modernize your business .

Businesses leverage the power of Cloud, the Internet of Things

For example, Uber runs Tax business, having hundred of thousands of tax drivers in thousands of cities around the world working for Uber, and Uber without owing one taxi. While other tradition Taxi companies spend a lot of money for business operation, high labour cost, high taxi maintenance cost, slow, less efficient, less profits, very hard for them to compete with Uber.
Airbnb runs Hotel Business, having hundred of thousands like small hotels, rental rooms around the world, and Airbnb without owing a hotel, a rental room. They dominated their own industry. They surprised people never think such Cloud Business Model would exist: run taxi business without a taxi, run hotel, rental room without a hotel, rental room.

=> In order to take advantages, leverage huge resources in large scale, global, around the world, Uber, Airbnb needed funding, and lucky had investors back them.

In the beginning, a lot investors, analysts, people said business model no good:- Nobody wants to share, rent their Room to strangers, invite guests in their own home, in their own property for quick cash. No safety, and risky for their family. - OR, Nobody wants to use their own car, pay insurance, pay gas, drive car as Taxi driver ? ->
But, people do it, drive taxi, rent their home, because they need money, extra income, help their family, even for short time few months.

=> A Professor explained: "- Uber, Airbnb leveraged
the power of the Cloud Technology, the Internet of Things ( IoT ), and the power of Sharing Economy. You have labour + means. We have Technology, the brain => Mutual Benefit = Both make money. Mutual Collaboration = If you don't like it, don't do it. And Self-Managed. Self-Efficient = Work hard, Get more rewards. => Business big and small must know how to use the Internet of Things in order leverage their potential, scale up business bigger. Our limited mind can't understand it. We see the world in our small world. It happened in US, Silicon Valley, large scale Investors meet large scale developers."

- In any country, more than 90% of businesses are small business. Small businesses should use Technology, leverage the power of the Internet, the Cloud, expand business bigger in the Digital Economy. Doing business use Human back & forth is costly every day, not efficient, and will not scale business bigger to next level.


Customer Testimony

 - Tina D, small business owner.
"- For my business, we need Good Customer Database, so that we can find data for different business usage, for example, data for CRM ( Customer Relationship Management ), Email Marketing, Customer Buying Behaviour, Customer Order History, such as, -> Have detail DATA ( not summary or chart ) List of all orders from John Smith for Jan 2015 - Jan 2016...
OR ->
List top 10 best sellers, least sellers of Products & Services customers bought Jan, 2016 - April, 2016.
OR ->
Get list of customers not return store in last 6 months, then launch email marketing, promotion ...
OR ->
List all sold Products & Services, and show data of Invoice Orders, Sub_Total, Tax, Product Photo, Qty, Price, detail info of Shipping, Date & Time, even know Customer & detail Info (bought these products & services), Employee & detail Info (sold these products & services), Product Inventory, Supply products with its Contact Info, ... sold today, this week, from date to date...1-Click Get Data. So many data we need for our business so that we can track customers, employees, products & services, revenue... 85% of Businesses don't have GOOD CUSTOMER DATABASE, and don't make use of DATA. A big loss !

Good Story: increase revenue, efficient, save Time & Money
- Jenny D, coffee, food, bar, restaurant owner. - Latest Update -

" - We use Tablet Office Digital Menu for our restaurant.
- When customers come, our staff welcome, bring 1, 2 or 3 Tablet Office Digital Menu for customers just come. Customers take time to Look promotion -> Choose food items -> Print -> Eat food, Drink -> After finished, Pay Cash/ Debit/ Credit card at counter. Done! ( Or, Pay first -> Eat later ..)
When staff bring food to table, they get Office Digital Menu Tablet back for other customers, maybe leave 1, because customers don't need tablet menu while eating.
- We plan to buy each table a Tablet Office Digital Menu later.
- Office Digital Menu print 2 receipts, 1 for kitchen, and 1 for billing.
- On the receipt, everything is calculated,
no match price, no error, no back & forth.
- It saved Data in database for calculation, Data Analytics when needed.
- We also use Office Digital Menu for
order online. => Then Print receipt online orders to store Pos Printer.

NOTE: Computer Scientists see business differently. Because not only they know the Technology, its power, but also they know the Architect, Design, and is it possible to  Write code to build that. -> So that they work with business, apply, build Technology to Modernize business.
It is true most businesses run some kind of software, made by Computer Scientists, help manage their business efficient.
- Office Digital Menu Save $ 5000  / year for 2 x copy Paper Bill

- Tradition take order by paper bill. Take time, match price, no efficient

No one can remember thousand of prices S, M, L.. diff sizes, add-ons.
- Need: Go take orders at table + Match price + Time back & forth + Input data in system + Calculate = at least 2m / order = 120s, more times if order many items

- Office Digital Menu everything done electronically in 2s + accuracy 100%
This process = All customer time take orders, 0 staff time VS. tradition all staff time back & forth every day take orders.

-> Can you Take order this bill, when store very busy or not busy, and Calculate + Print receipt. Everything accurate, clear DONE in 10 sec?

Benefits: - As a result:

Staff more productive. Business more efficient. No back & forth. Business operates more efficient. -> Save a lot Time & Money.
2) Good fast customer service
. - Customers complain services about: miss communication, ignorance, rudeness, no welcome, long waiting, back & forth. Servers complain about customers: rudeness, lousy.
3) Save Paper Bill more than 389$ / month 2 x
copy Paper Bill + tax = 5000$ / year paper bill. This money 5000$ saved we can buy at least 15 tablets + Pos printer.
4) Multi Receipts everything calculated, accuracy, clear print. DONE in few seconds electronically by computer. No human error, back & forth.
5) Data & Data Analytics
when needed. -> Get data of Total Sales, Tax, Revenues, Products, Customers, Inventory ... this week, month, from date to date, more advanced Data, Data Analytics than Pos system.
For example,
 => Listing ( = see List of all Orders and Products & Services, not Summary ) all Orders of Products & Services, and Summary: Total Sales Amount ( 5000$ sold today ), Total Cost ( 3500$ ), Total Profit  ( 1500$ ), Total Sales Qty ( 250 items ), Total Orders ( 120 ), Total Customers ( 100 ), Total Tax ( 500$ of 10% tax ) sold today, or this week, month, from Date to Date? 
=> List all Orders that had Product_ID = 3 = Heineken beerand Summary: Total Sales Amount ( 400$ sold today of Heineken beer  ), Total Cost ( 300$ cost of Heineken beer  ), Total Profit  ( 100$ ), Total In-Stock Qty ( 300 items in stock of  Heineken beer, Product_ID = 3 ), Total Sales Qty ( 200 sold of Heineken beer ), Total Tax ( 40$ for 10% Tax ) sold today, or this week, this month, from Date to Date? ". 
6) Order Online,
pick-up / delivery.
7) Order on the Go, Skip line up for busy people. -> Specially busy Office workers use their Smartphone. -> Order fast at Office Menu -> Pay ->
Then Cloud Print 2 x receipts from far away for kitchen prepare food + Bill -> Pickup fast. Good for office employees, busy people no time for line-up, waiting.
Revenue increases 15 % because Office Digital Menu helps Sales & Marketing, helps increase revenue, reach out more customers, sell more, words of mouth to thousands of customers in store every month, and Online Sales.
- Total Revenue = $ 400,000 / y. => 15% increase of Total Revenue = extra $ 60,000 / y.

This By Design by Net.Office, only Office Digital Menu can help.

- Online Sales pickup / delivery

-> Increase more revenue from 15% - 20%. This translate
$40000  -> $80,000 more revenue.

- Order fast on the Go
- Skip Line-up
order Office Menu fast.
-> People still line-up at coffee shop.
=> Good for busy people, office employee on the Go.
: Smartphone -> Order from Office Menu Fast Order -> Pay -> Cloud Print receipt from far distance -> Pickup.

- Receipt everything is calculated. Nice, clear. Give Coupon.
- Receipt should have Item ID

Millions of stores big, small, street corner, luxury, high class, common class of food services, coffees, nails & salons, restaurants in the world are moving slowly to Tablet Digital Menu.
---- The Future of Automation & Efficiency ----
While you run business in tradition, heavy cost, unprofitable, back & forth, not efficient. Hi-tech companies invested huge money in R&D in order to make business automation & efficiency.

- Robotic, AI
- Driverless Car no taxi driver like Uber
- Stores no Cashier like Store Amazon Go. Customers walk in Amazon GO store -> Pick up item -> Go. No Cashier. No Pos. ( Pos = old technology, cost, complexity ).

Amazon Go = 
Quick, no cashier, no long line-up. Save Time & Money. Low cost, convenient.

- Amazon GO store: Buy Pick-up item -> Just Walk Out. No Cashier. No Pos. Save Time & Money
Amazon GO is still in testing in Seattle. Amazon plan to open 2000 Amazon GO stores.
- The Amazon GO technology has benefit for few thousands Amazon GO stores. But the technology All-in-one Office has benefits for million stores around the world.

- Traditional Store: Pos complexity + Cashier + Long line up. Costly. Waste Time & Money

- Amazon GO Store: No cashier + No Pos. Fast. No long line-up. Save Time & Money
- All-in-one Office Digital Menu & Enterprise for store like Nails & Beauty, Salon, Coffee Shop, Restaurants no Waitress, no Server, no Cashier. Customers few swipes -> Food orders at Table. Eat -> Go. No Cashier. No Pos ( Pos = old technology, cost hardware + software, complexity, not important any more. No Cashier )
The future of Store:
No need Pos + no Cashier. - Old Technology. Costly.
Unnecessary. Waste of Time & Money.

 All-in-one is Data Automation, Database, Pos, E-commerce, Cloud Print. -> The winner is the first in the game. We will not say more here.

- When are you ready for this Technology? Take the lead or stay behind.
- When can we see happening at your local store ?

Grow business through innovation

To compete with foreign companies that produce goods at lower labour costs, and to produce more with less cost, Canadian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) need to improve their productivity. The fastest, most effective approach to competing successfully in this area is to adopt digital technology

What is good for business
-> More revenue ( a lot businesses contributed less tax -> Because less revenue -> Because run business not efficiently, no growth, no innovation.) -> Good for economy -> Good for country.

-> Modernizing business is Modernizing country.

Because good businesses will grow, create more jobs, hire a lot of people, produce more goods, more products & services -> More revenues. -> Good for the economy ( all is about economy )  -> Government collects most taxes as its revenue from businesses and their employees ( income tax ) in order to provide all kinds of services & pay benefits to citizens, like, security, social benefits, child benefits, education, health ...

- In any country, 95% of businesses are small & medium sized businesses. Which means few millions of small businesses. They create most jobs, employ most people.

=> Assume, if 1 small business creates just 1 job / year. This translates into million of job created, not in thousands. Huge number. => Easier said than done. But there is solution. => Grow Business through Innovation.

=> A true story a small business grow through Innovation, and hire at least 1 employee:
- A small business restaurant store runs business in tradition for 6 years, nothing new, nothing changed.
Then the business owner changed his mind after listening to advisor. This business used Technology, sell online,
expand business Sales & Marketing online.
The online business helps this small business reach out more customers, different kinds of customers, reach out more communities.
As a result, online business helps increase revenue to 15% - 20% = extra more $75000 - $100000 from previous revenue $500,000 to $575,000 -> $600,000. This small business then created an E-business office department, hired extra 1 employee, who is responsible for growing the new online business to 50%, and he also do delivery. In future, this business will expand and grow the new online business to
50% of total revenue = extra $250,000 ( = can hire at least 3 people ) even more, and hire driver, more people
- The business owner :"- We, small business ignored, behind technology & innovation, because we had problems of technical challenge. Thanks to the advisor who helped, supported us through difficult time, positive change in the right direction. Build it, people will come."  -> This is an example, a business use technology, grow through innovation. Different kinds of businesses may use different technology, like Cloud Computing Technology, innovation, and grow.

- So how can we help business grow and innovation? -> Not easy problem solving.

We can educate/ advise/ help/ support, design policy that give businesses incentives, give funding, reward business transparency, give tax return.. if they Modernize their businesses for their own benefits. Thus help/ support businesses grow and innovation -> When business grow, will create jobs.
-> Countries like South Korea, Japan, German, US, Canada, China .. is an example Grow Business through Innovation by using innovation, growing the new economy, and fostering growth.


- A luxury high-end store is using Table Digital Menu. Now affordable for any store.

- Office Digital Menu Sales & Marketing thousands customers in-store, online every month.

Customer: See promotion -> 1-Click order -> Print -> Pay.
Benefits: 1) Save business Time & Money. Good service.
2) - Save
5000$ / y  paper bill
3) Receipt calculated by computer. 4) Data
5) Order Online
6) Order on the Go
7) - Increase revenue, extra
$60,000 / year , online sales.

Only Net.Office can help.

- Customer ordered by herself using Office Digital Menu.
-> You don't see this even in big coffee store.

- This lady is ordering, looks for promo, likes Tablet.
-> Tablet Menu is seen even at a remote area store.

- Staff can take orders with tablet menu as well.

- Office Digital Menu @ Nails & Salon store.

Office Cloud Print is used for all kind of print to Pos Printer
-> Only Office Cloud Print can print far away distance.

- More than 100 years old Paper Menu.
-> The world is slowly moving away from Paper Menu.
-> Paper Menu = No help, no benefit for business
in new Economy.

The world moves slowly to Tablet Menu. Much better.

- The whole world is moving slowly to Tablet Digital Menu -> Luxury, high class stores are using Table Digital Menu -> Now it is affordable for any store.-> We are ready.

- The future of Store will not need Pos + Cashier. A whole thing is expensive and complexity, human mistakes.
- Unnecessary, inefficient when busy.

-> Cashier will do some other task more productive.

-> 90% customers don't check their bill, can't self-calculate when paid
For example, can you self-calculate this: 7.50 + 13% =?

-> A lot restaurants don't even give receipt to customers.

- If the cashier made error, enter wrong number, or don't press enter to save into system, both the customers & the boss don't know.



- INVEST & Modernize for long tern benefits.

Office slide show on Mobile
Apps run same on Tablet, iPad, Laptop

=> Mouse in photo stop - Mouse out slide.

=> Order ID 1074 has 2 x Items

1) Japan Udon Soup = 2 qty x 5$ = 10$  -9:40pm. Not inc tax=13%
2) Heineken Beer 2 qty x 2$ = 4$ - 9:40pm. Not inc tax=13%

- FU =
FullFill Order - UN = UnFulfill Order
- CASH =
Pay By CASH -  GIFT = Pay by Gift Card.
- CD_C = Pay by Credit Card - OFFI = OfficePay
- Total = 6 Orders. .
.. wait for loading ...
First third First Second Second third third third third First
=> Mouse Mouse IN stop slide. Mouse OUT slide

=> Never forget, lost Contacts your customers even last 5 years.
1-Touch, Get Contact of Customer, Staff.
 - Get all kinds of Data, Sales Data, Staff Data, Product Data, Customer Data, Order Data, Date & Time, Qty, Price, Sub_Total, Tax .. any Date,
quick Data snap shot any period, 5, 10 years... 1-Clicks.

Mobile Order on the GO: Open store every where. Reach out more customers. Generate 30% revenue for StarBucks.
A true story: Use Office, A small store 500K / year revenue -> Generate 150,000$ extra revenue -> Create 2 jobs. Hire extra 2 employees.

- Think out of the box. There are many ways to solve problems.

- Sales & Funnel Marketing also called: CRM = Customer Relationship Management. => Using Net.Office, you can build CRM Sales & Marketing Funnel. Track leads -> Prospects -> Customers from beginning to the ends of sales cycle.

- You have to have a lot of passion for what you are doing because it is so hard. If you don't, any rational person would give up.




=> People no web skills can build & maintain Net.Office by themselves.
- Net.Office Demo & Seminar & Training for people who need training. - Training from STEP 1 to STEP 6 in 5  days.

=> After finished Training, people will get Net.Office  Enterprise Business Application & all features they wanted. Also they can update & maintain themselves.

- Organize Net.Office Demo & Training.
- Consultants, Instructors have clients through their local Networks, Community. Most of them also have full-time Job.

- People pay for Training from STEP 1 to STEP 6 in 5 days. They also get Enterprise Business Website with all features in STEP 1 - STEP 6.

- All trainees need is a Laptop.

- Net.Office Seminar is comfortable at Home of Instructor or at Home of Client
=> Have Developer build E-commerce + Enterprise POS System could cost more than thousands. And you still depend on them to maintain.
Then Developer left, Website, E-commerce is inactive & useless. No one takes care.

 Office Cloud Database -> The advantage others don't have.
- Our advantage - The first photo database, a database can contain & display photo.

- Picture: Net.Office Cloud Database stores & displays & sees big unstructured data like photos, maps, videos, play videos in Database Table, as seen in this picture.
=> Because data are storing, loading & moving in cloud, not from network file servers, Net.Office Cloud Database stored pointer & used pointer for photos, videos, maps... for fast loading & moving data in cloud. It does not store big unstructured data in big heavy & slow BLOB files in database. Thus, rather move 1 GB = 1 billion bytes of a video file, from one location to another location in Cloud, Net.Office Database moved 150 bytes pointer of video file.
=> The pointer is only 150 bytes, much much less heavier than carrying & moving video file = 1 billion bytes.
NOTE: A database column NAME stored name = John Smith = 10 bytes.

A picture is worth a thousand words for database. => Imagine the Internet can display only Text, but no Photos, no Videos, no Maps?
=> Databases today can display only Text & Number, but can't display photos, videos, maps, as seen in the above picture.

So many applications require or need to have database embedded with Photos & Videos, Maps, and Play Videos in database.
In the beginning, the Internet could display only static Text, no Photos, no Videos, no Maps. And then, the Internet can display photos, videos, maps.. As a result, some many applications were born, such as: Social Media, You Tube, Music, Movies, GPS Map ...
Simple Use Cases: - Organization has database of HR Human Recourses. Hospital has a database of Patients. School has Student database. Company has database of Products. => But most of databases can store only string or words, but no video, no photo attached. Thus people can only see the name of employee, name of patient. But people can't see photo of John Smith, can't see photo of his Managers, his Team members... Student database can't see face of students, their class mates, their teacher's photos... Can't see photo of patients & digital photos of patients like X-Rays ... Can't see photos of Products, can't play a video of Product demo in database. A picture is worth a thousand words. A picture adds a thousand words to database .

- Harish K, Data Scientist. - Design and Build NexGen Big Data and Analytics Solutions: "- If you take a look at Enterprise Information Systems that are currently in use, you will notice that they are very restrictive in nature in the sense that it is quite difficult to handle data types other than text or numbers. Moreover, text and numbers are handled using pre-defined (text and numbers) fields only in the database. It is extremely difficult to store/retrieve files of other data type like image or sound (videos). This can be attributed to the fact that although we have seen changes in computing power, storage capacity and network speed/reach, the underlying database technology hasnít changed much in past two decades."
- The problem of Database is hard to use because no GUI/UI/UX (= like windows) interface, no pop-up windows, no menu, not friendly user like software. Click See example GUI Database and other Databases.

Net.Office Database built-in GUI/ UI, popup windows, menu. Net.Office Database made database user friendly like Software Application. Any one can INSERT, DELETE, UPDATE, ADD data in database from pop up windows. User can EMAIL customers, CALENDAR, APPOINTMENT, UPLOAD files, photos, picture, documents.
Example, Photos Documents Database: - You have database Employees (- Or Database of Students, Real Estates...) You create another database called: Employees_Doccuments. Then upload files, photos from laptop & store Resumes, CVs, Contracts.. in database. Now you can join, find all documents relating to the Employees. Also see photos of employees, or Students, Home Real Estates... One click see documents

=> You can't do this Photo Document Database
use other databases, because other databases didn't not let you to upload files, photos, documents in its database. You can do Email Electronic Invoice to customer in database. Pay use Credit Card, Pay Pal. Other databases don't do this ACTION. =>
See example of GUI database and other databases.

Net.Office E-Business System

- Cloud big servers of Cloud Data Center to run Cloud Database & Cloud Software.

- Net.Office Cloud Database runs in Cloud Data Center.
- No need a lot of servers, network, hardware, backup, maintenance ..

- Problems solving is the most important skill,
you don't see often in HR, Jobs application's requirement.

=> For example, Elon Musk who didn't have Aerospace Engineer degree, space experience, nor Car Engineer degree & car experience. As CTO (Chief Technology), he build SPACE - X, does contracts for NASA, and as Chief Product Architect, he built Electronic car Tesla. => Because he knew to hire the best people working for him. And he is good at problems solving. By problems solving with smart people every day, he learned, and helped them solve problems.

=> Every day, at work, in office, people spend their time in order to try to solve problems. Because every problem is different, and there are many ways to solve problem.

- Problem Solving: School Test for kids.

- Problem Solving

- Problem Solving

- Problem Solving.

- Problem Solving

- Start-ups work very hard, Invested a lot of Time & Money, in debt.
=> We should encourage & support & help innovators, their innovation & invention for their hard work, risk-taking
. => Work together, and Help each other, then we can do anything.

- Problem Solving.

=> An Engineer tried to help the Workers : - Improve hard work & make life easier !

=> Thus if you have the right Database Developer, who design the right Database Enterprise Architecture, the right Database Table Relationship, and write the right code SQL database programming, then result of data is the same for your Database Application, whether you use Oracle or use Net.Office Cloud Database.

=> However, Net.Office Cloud Database is much much easier  to use, manage, and maintain by design because of GUI/ UI/ UX/ Windows screen interface, and in Cloud, thus no need of back up, maintenance like other Databases. => And also other differences are: Net.Office Cloud E-Business can embed Photos, Pictures, Documents in its database.

=> Or, if you have Oracle database, but you don't have right Database Developer, then your Database Application, the result of data is still wrong. If you are not good driver, even very powerful half million dollars car doesn't help, more dangerous to drive.

NOTE: All the database examples in this website, the Architecture & Design, the Table Relationship, the Database Normalization, the Diagram Schema, the SQL database programming are the same, whether you use Ms SQL Server, or Oracle, or Net.Office Cloud Database.


=> We show you HOW TO BUILD ENTERPRISE DATABASE MANAGEMENT SYSTEM here came from our Oracle Database Developer.

He is Java / Oracle Database Application Developer, and Java Software Developer, specialized in both Software Architect & Design and Database Architect & Design.
- He is also Database & Software Instructor.

=> He
summarized, made it simple, direct into hands-on & build DBMS = Database Management System, passed un- necessary theory, used practical & easy examples. He used examples of Data Sheet Table for easy to verify data, track dada, and see result of data, easy to see the Relationship of Data, and the Relationship between Tables, so that for people with completed grade 12 level could understand & do it easily.

- Benefits? => You will know how a Database Management System like Oracle is built & implemented.
=> You also understand how
agencies, banks, companies, businesses, retail stores, online E-Commerce, big businesses organize, store, process, and analyze data.
=> This gives you ability
DOCAN = Design data, Organize data, Collect data, Analyze data, Normalize Data.

- He also gave you
100 Database Diagram Schema, practical applications, work case studies. - No where does this. - Students choose a work case study, such as: Track Customer Order System, or, Ticket Master System, or, College Teachers, Students, Classes Management System, or, Medical Center Management System, or, Business Warehouse Management System, or, Invoice Management System. Learning Schema, SQL is not enough. The Instructor will help step by step to implement complete DBMS system.

=> The Database Schema or Diagram in this website are used for
Oracle, Ms SQL Server, Net.Office Cloud Database.

- Any one complete grade 12 can learn and build DBMS Business Application.

- There is huge Home Based Business increased. We had a lot of moms home based small business build Invoice Management System to manage her Invoice, Orders..

- Then
Build & Manage her Website, E-commerce business, online Store, sales & marketing, show Products & Services her home based business.

NOTE: Oracle database and Ms SQL Database are the number 1 & number 2 respectively best seller database in Billions of dollar, more than SAP database, any other databases in the world.

1) - The most important thing when build DBMS is understanding the RELATIONSHIP, because Database is all about RELATIONSHIP, that's why called: RELATIONAL DATABASE. There are only 3 RELATIONSHIP in database: 1-to-One, 1-to-Many, and Many-to-Many.

2) - For the Database Normalization, if you can't do Third Normal Form ( 3 NF = best efficient ) , then Second Normal Form (2 NF) is OK.
- Definition of Database Normalization: Normalization is the process of organizing data in a database. This includes creating tables and establishing relationships between those tables according to rules designed both to protect the data and to make the database more flexible & efficient by eliminating redundancy and inconsistent dependency.
For example, Your company needs a DBMS = Database Management System. You begin to exam, interview staff, ask questions, and process collecting data & extracting data from invoice, data from reports, data from excel spreadsheet, data from Sales & Marketing, data from warehouse... And then Create its Database Relationships, Database Schema, is called: Database Normalization.

Click Left Menu: Case Study: Build Database Begins with Company Invoice.
We show you STEP-by-STEP to design Database System.

IN SUMMARIZE, Build DBMS can summarize in 4 steps: 
Collect Data => Normalization Data => Design Schema => Write SQL Program.

- STEP 1)
At the beginning: Gather data, collect data by looking at company INVOICE paper, INVOICE excel, other reports, company documents, Inventory, working with other staff, other departments to understand data, to analyze data... if you can.

- STEP 2)
Normalize Data. See we normalize the Invoice Excel, go through: - First Normal Form ( 1st NF) -> Second Normal Form ( 2nd NF) -> Third Normal Form ( 3rd NF)
- For example, Click Left Menu
: See Database Normalization: Case Study: Build Database Begins with Company Invoice.

- STEP 3) Design Database Schema: After Normalize and Database Design in STEP 2 is
efficient at Third Normal Form. Now begin design Schema (=Diagram). Can draw on paper.

- STEP 4)
Write SQL Database Programming to get data what you want. => Create Tables, Input Data, using SQL programming ... includes in STEP 4.
=> For example: "- Who are our top 10 VIP customers, and Products (= Items) & Services they bought last year? "

NOTE: Data Warehouse, BI ( Business Intelligence = Smart Business ) on DBMS (= Database Management System) may need to DE-NORMALIZE Database Relationship to Second Normal Form ( = 2nd F).
=> One major difference between the types of system is that Data Warehouses, BI
are not usually in third normal form (3NF), a type of data normalization common in OLTP (=Online Transaction Processing) environments.

=> Big companies still need EDBMS (= Enterprise Database Management System) for daily Business Operation, Business Processing
. => They use Data Warehouse, BI to analyze data on
massive scale data with hundreds of millions of records of data.

- In order to analyze data, Developers do ETL (= Extract Transform Load) data from EDBMS (Enterprise Database Management System) in schema, like: STAR or SNOWFLAKE.

- IMPORTANT NOTE: - For Users, you don't need to know database schema, START or SNOWFLAKE schema. It is like driving the car, you just need to learn driving instructions.

Here is the answer from ORACLE in quote: " - Using this warehouse, you can answer questions like: "- Who was our best customer for this item last year?" This ability to define a data warehouse by subject matter, sales in this case, makes the data warehouse subject oriented."



Office Database not just a database .

Picture: Net.Office Database for Social  - Click see bigger.
Use Net.Office, in their office, the Boss, the Management, VPs know every thing in just 1-Click.
- They access E-Invoice & Order Management Menu, 1-Click, they know - How many orders online, in store, in each location, Total Sales, Tax, Revenue, Products & Services sold, Quantity, Customers .. today, any date ... so on. 
-> They access E-Customer Management Menu, 1-Click, they know How are new Customers, return Customers - Top 10 VIP Customers - Who Customers not return store in 6 months ... so on. 
-> They access E-Commerce Menu, 1-Click, they know How many online orders today - Total Sales, Revenue, Best sellers online ...today, any date.. so on. 
-> They access to Sales & Marketing Management, 1-Click, they know How many orders Sales Rep John Smith has sold, total sales in today, between date, products & services sold, who are his customers today, any date? - Who are the best sales person, all kinds of Sales Data today, this week, this month, any between date ... so on
-> They access Human Resources, 1-Click, they know everything about their employees, their photos, their department, their resume, their managers, their projects, their Social Media ...
-> They access to Pos Management Menu, 1-Click, they How many in-store orders from their stores in different locations. - Best seller Store, least seller Store, Total Sales, Tax, Revenue each store, total stores. - Who cashier staff on shift in that store.. Today instantly, any date, so on ...
-> They access to Shipping and Delivery, 1-Click, they know What are the orders will delivery today, next 2 days, who customers, address, who drivers .. so on ...
-> They access to Inventory and Product Menu, they know How many products in stock, on order .. so on ...

- With little help from Net.Office -> The Boss, the Management know everything.

- The Boss always requests more small Apps in need from Net.Office

All-in-one Net.Office = Data Analytics + Office Database + Office Pos + Office Pay + Office Cloud Print + Office Digital Menu + Office Cloud E-commerce + Office E-Business Apps.

- Investors & Customers Contact: - Email both: netthruoffice@gmail.com ,  ddanpros@hotmail.com - Subject: all-in-one. - or - Office Franchisee  - See in LinkedIn.
- Customization: We can customize Office fit your needs

Net.Office for Data and Data Analytics

=>Taking care of business:
- Are you too busy to keep tracking numbers? -> Waste of Time & Money. No time grow business.

1) - Use Net.Office, by design can be used for all kinds of businesses,
in order to take data from paper invoice, or create data digital invoice fast like taking orders. Then invoice data saved directly in Net.Office Database.

2) - Then use Net.Office Database for Data Analytics. Now you can satisfy, answer your Boss 's the list of data on demand ( see Blog Oct, Nov / 2015 ).

NOTE: Your staff spent few extra seconds to get gold data from your Invoice will save business a lot of Time & Money & headache, back & forth. - Net.Office also helps get data from invoice, and build up Good Customer Database for CRM...
=> Your business still uses Invoice paper. Your business still runs the same. Nothing is changed the way you used to do business..

=> Around the world, there are millions of restaurants, businesses run business use only paper receipt, paper invoice, or even have no Pos. There are businesses that don't use Pos.

=> Just use Net.Office as extra tool independently for getting Data and Data Analytics to dig gold mine data from paper invoices that are ignored, and get all kinds of Data and Analytics from Net.Office for 69.0$ / months.
No need to buy extra hardware.
Use your own iPad, tablet, laptop. No Transaction fee, Hidden fee, Add-on fee, User fee, Licence fee. Just use for getting data. - Good return on investment.

=> Every one sees Invoice. Every business has Invoice. Invoice is a cheque that customers write to company. In business, you must know well Customer & Invoice, which are most important data because without Customer & Invoice, without business. Bring Invoice to your Managers.
Ask ->
- What do you understand from this Invoice ? -> Can you get data, and answer few questions from the Boss's Data List in Nov, 2015 Blog above ? -> What methodology? -> What tool? Such as: No Tool, Guessing Tool ( like use Invoice paper - see left photo ), Software, Spread sheet, or Database ( complex & powerful Analytics )  -> Provide solution. 
-> As an example - see left menu this website. Case Study: How to Build Invoice Database. - How we can get data & analyze data from Invoice ).


- Invoice is real time Data, most recent Data, most important Data. - For example, SMBs may need to know - What are top 10, 20 Product Items & Services, and its Total Qty, its Total Sales of each top 10, 20 Product Items, sold in last month, 3, 6 months or in a year. - OR - Get data of Products & Services of customer John Smith bought from date to date?
Some businesses said just get this data, and Good Customer Database are worth of money.

NOTE: Customer is the most important for business. A lot of businesses don't even have Customer Database, or have a no-good Customer database that contains only contact info: Name, Address, Phone ... You can't find data, good customer insights, can't CRM with no-good Customer Database. - For example, you can't find: - Who are customers do not back in store in last 6 months ? used no-good Customer database.

Big businesses, medium & small businesses, all have paper invoices that have a lot of golden data. But nobody knows how to use them for their own benefits.

What a lost for business Can't Get Data from Invoice. - A lost for business no Good Customer Database. - A lost for business manage but no data. Can't Measure.

Use Net.Office in Summary few secs:
- Use Net.Office for Data in simple ABC means: - A = Analytic Data. B = Business Operation efficiently. C = CRM ( Customer Retaliationship Management ), Good Customer Database. How?
When you take Order, or get data Invoice  using Net.Office Pos, that means you use Net.Office for Data in ABC.
-> After ABC for Data, use Net.Office for E-Commerce online business
-> Use Net.Office for Cloud Print. Print anywhere, any location.
-> Use Net.Office for Pos (Point of Sales)
-> Use Net.Office for Digital Menu
Use Net.Office for Database, Customer Database, Product Database, Supply database, Contact Database, HR Database, Photo & Document Database, All kinds of Databases, Build Your Own Relationship Database with photos, documents ...
Use Net.Office for E-Business Management Apps ...
-> Use Net.Office for Email Marketing, Database Smart Form, Donation, Registration, Feedback, E-Payment Pay Pal / Credit Card, Product Catalog Design, Email Receipt ( invoice) & Print Receipt, Sales & Marketing & Promotion  ...

All-in-one Office is Cloud software (SaaS), by Vision, by Design for Small Business & Enterprise Business. All-in-one Office helps businesses run & manage business from Net.Office Pos, Net.Office Digital Menu used at Front-end office to Net.Office Database, Data Analytics used at Back-end office, from Net.Office E-commerce Online business to Net.Office Digital Menu in store, from Net.Office E-Business App for Supply Chain, Sales & Marketing, Accounting & Finance, to Order & Invoice Management, Product & Inventory Management, Customer Management, CRM, HR Management, from Sales & Marketing Department, Customer Service Department, Accounting Department to get data, to HR Department to get data, from Day Care Center, Medical Center, Dealer ship to Restaurant, Flower shop, Nails & Salon, Retails, Mom & Pop Store, Supper Market, to office Business, from Local to Global. All-in-on Office is simple, easy, affordable. All-in-One Office is  69.0 $ usd dollar  / month

Investor Relations

- We all help others, and get help from others. A lot big businesses got helps when their start-ups were small.

What do we need ?
We are in need resources.
We open to big and small Investors, all kinds of Investors: VCs, Individuals, Business, Corporations, Organizations.
- You have resource. We have product. We can make a difference. We will work very hard for return on your investment.


January, 2017

- Even at bottom, we still survival because less expensive cost.
We still will be in business the next 20 years.
We sell, deliver software on Cloud to customers anywhere in the world.
Click see how

- What ever investment you can contribute as share holders. -> Contribute on early days more important.
See Contact Email. OR no email. Any time. -> We send you Office Pay address =  Done!
- You can use Laptop, Tablet, smart phone, Debit/ Credit card
- After made investment, we have your info. - If successful, both get email from Pay Pal.

Investors: Get involved to accelerate Business Development. We want to bring All-in-one Offices around the world. This, can't do it ourselves alone.
You, your children keep working hard 25 - 30 years in middle class ? -> Let us work hard for you. The future is less opportunity, more debt. Stock market can be crashed any time. -> But invest even few thousands in our start-up will get you rich very quick. And become a part of company if you wish. Or keep working hard 35 years. Your choice. Gook luck. The early investors invested 5000$ in Facebook now all became billionaires, millionaires.

Office Franchisee - Choose different Payment one customer at a time: Customers will pay $ 99 / month for 12 month only - No repeat month after month. Your commission 60% = $ 720 usd / customer.
- OR -
Customers can pay 1 time = $ 1185 / All-in-one Office. No repeat payment monthly a lot customers don't like this repeat payment - 1.6% CAD ( apx 1.05 % USD ) / Card swipe Transaction most fee cost.
Businesses save huge money from other POS companies on repeat monthly payment - All pricing in $USD - At least $89 / month usd - 1080 $ usd / year - repeat year after year -
Not include: extra Tablet fee ( For example, Staff, Customers use extra Tablets take order must pay extra fee.. ), extra Feature, Package fee ( else can't print receipt POS Printer. Email only + Can't have other important Features needed.. ), other add-on hidden fee + Hardware cost. And Transaction Cost, Create Card Rates fee / swipe 2.6 - 2.9 % $ USD  is most fee cost.
-> Customers tired of
all kinds of fees withdraw bank account every month.
=> To get paid, @Home send Office Pay. Done! -> Office Pay tracks who pay not pay, DateTime, Amount ...
See how we deliver software to you anywhere. Click

Investors: Get involved. Jump in. Help us Modernize store of the future. All we need is 699 customers / year -> Total Revenue = 699 x $ $99 x 12 = $ 840,000 usd / year ( 1.12 million CAD ) . Let us know How much % of our company if you invest your money. We need only few Investors. The early Investors will get better deals. You could become CEO, VP of company. We just focus on R&D.

US & Canada is huge rich market with 35 millions small businesses, mom & pop stores, home based businesses. Huge market for Internet Companies have different customers with different choices, to exploit huge market. Just 0.5 % of this US & Canada market translate into billions of dollars market value. But we also want to go global easier with such a best price no one can beat. Some Global Market, we have special low price to help less rich capital small businesses in Non-Industrialize Countries.
 => Having less operating cost and business expensive, efficiency, we can offer best price that other companies can't do because
they have a lot cost to produce Software Product too high after paid for Software Developers, R&D, Employees, Sales & Marketing, Support, Hosting Network Platform, Office Building .. As a result, they lost profit.

- Businesses need our software All-in-one Office for: - Increase sales, one Store not enough, Mobile, Online + Run efficiency + Cut cost + Modernize & Innovate business + Cheapest Price.
=> Only we can offer this.

- Contact: Email both: netthruoffice@gmail.com ,  ddanpros@hotmail.com
 - Subject: all-in-one. - or - Office Franchisee

- Social Media: See you LinkedIn - Hopefully, one day we meet in person.

=> Office Order Management on mobile. Touch order # 1054 see detail of that order.

=> See View from tablet      View from Laptop

- Mobile Management & Tracking every order in Store, Online, Off line, Pick-up/ Delivery, Order-by-Phone, and detail each order 1-touch. Anywhere, at Home, in Office, on Vacation...

         Slide - Mouse in cease photo

First Second third third
                         Mouse in cease slide. Mouse out slide again

Office Order Management
on mobile. View Today Summary Sales Data.
=> See View from Laptop

- To get these data, we have to loop through data of at least 3 tables, then sum, then group data, then compare data.
- Give Coupon Print on Receipt bring customers back store, better than Discount.

=> You hired staff Jenny -> You want to know:
- How much she sold Products or served Services today - Like How much she generated revenue for company Today, this Week, Month, any Date? - If she get paid by commission, then How much she made Today, this Week, this Month, any Date?
- What are Products & Services she sold - or - Who are her customers Today, this Week, this Month, any Date - See photos?

- More and more ..Then you open Office Database.

Update: January 2017.

- Vend
global company invests a lot money in R&D. Its system runs on iPad, iPhone only. Can't run Vend POS on Tablet Windows & Tablet Android like Samsung, smart phone Android like Samsung -> Thus lost half of mobile customers use Android Tablet + Smart phone Samsung, and Windows platform like Windows Tablet. This problem applied for all tradition POS companies. Not just Vend - That's why called iPad POS -> Almost POS companies are iPad POS. Which means their product work on iPad & iPhone only.

- While Office Digital Menu, as you see that it runs on
all-devices Tablet, and smart phone Android like Samsung, iPad, iPhone -> You see below pic Staff, Customers use smart phone run Office Digital Menu as POS mobile not only Staff take order like POS, but also Customers buy order. -> Print receipt.

-> So think Mobile think All-in-one Office all-devices + Print receipt on Cloud.

=> Vend Pos, Office is Cloud Technology.
But why All-in-one Office runs all devices while Vend runs only on iPad, iPhone? -> What means for customers?

- Why Vend a global company can't develop product working with all devices to gain full market, not just 1/2, so that their customers use their product have access full-market, not just 1/2 ?
You sell products on mobile.
- Would you use product tool that offers access to only 1/2 mobile customers like only iPhone, iPad, or only Android like Samsung Tablet, and Phone, or only Windows Laptop, Tablet and Phone?
- OR - You want to use a product Tool that run all-devices Laptop, Tablet & Smartphone of Apple, Android, Windows ?

NOTE: Small businesses think Pos System work all devices. Their customers don't tell them when they can use their product to run with other devices.-> Lost customers.

Mobile Smart Phone App

- What you see this picture captured screen on smart phone clear & sharp exactly see on your smart phone.
the left Group Menu, swipe content Menu left, right, bottom up.
One touch order -> Print receipt. Done.
- Customers anywhere use smart phone -> 1 Touch Order -> Pay -> Print receipt ->  GO - Skip Line UP/ Pickup/ Delivery/ Reservation. If customers are not in store, estimated pickup times are shown in the app before customers confirm their orders.

Quick: -> Touch on left Icon [Bun and Soup] List all Items this Category -> Touch [Option & Promotion] of Item 451 popup a List = Additional Options of Item ID 451.
Option = Size, Color, Attribute, Gender ..
= Up/ Cross Selling, Promotion, Discount, Buy bundle, package with other Items.-> Marketing & Flexible & Create new bundle, package Product.-> More Sales -> Only Office has Tool let you create this Sales & Marketing.
-> Touch select
sub-Item 289 -> Pop in Data of sub-item 289 Automatic Change Price in
[Price Box] = 5.0 to replace previous default  [Price Box] Regular size = 6.0 + And Change [Title Box] under pic = Japanese Ramen Noodle Soup, small size replace previous Title. Now Data of sub-item 289 is ready submit to Shopping Cart. -> Touch [+] inc Qty =2
-> Finally, Touch [Buy Now] Order.
DONE. Cloud Print receipts. All popup [Option & Promotion] closed.
If tracking Employee: Touch pull down list [Select Employees] for Service if applied like Nails & Beauty Salon Stores. Which helps store Tracking Data Employees & Product & Service, week, month. Calculate Total Sales each Employee, Hours, Payroll.. i.e. = List all Products & Services that Tina has sold or done Services Today, this Week, from January to March, include her Total Sales, Date & Time, Qty, Inv #. - Store used to write on paper bill, note book, and hand Calculate = Error + Time. Can zoom screen IN /OUT.

Have You Seen this Technology in any Store, even at StarBucks, McDonald yet?
We used Technology Client Architecture Dynamic JS Scripting Database Connection ( Angular.JS, Node.JS, Ajax, React.js, jQuery..). and Server Side MVC Framework Architecture, Fast & Large Scale. Which send embedded data to Client Front-ends. We can have both Front-end Framework and Back-end Server side Framework working together.

- Modern Enterprise Java Architecture MVC 3-Tiers Architecture.
It is not scripting language. It has 2 Controllers - Front End Controller and Back-end Controller.

=> The Bank is updating & using Enterprise Java
Framework MVC 3-Tiers Architecture.
JSP = Java Server Page is database dynamic scripting language like PHP, Python, VB ..., in this Architecture, doesn't go straight, nor embed Java Object heavy lifting connect database to get data - A web page - the VIEW - connect directly to database get data, and back & forth, is of course does more heavy lifting than a webpage just display data. Then multiply X thousands people open this webpage = The VIEW. Although JSP could. JSP is used in this model simple role as VIEW, like a HTML page very light, to display or renderer data only.
- You can see this 3-Tier Architect
is hard because it goes around 5 different roads, not bi-directional direct road.

=> Developers have different way to design their software application. => For this Enterprise Java Framework, you have to architect, design, and write code this Framework to understand. Specially for developers who used to write code in scripting language.

-> Office Digital Menu can open 100 item's popup of [Option & Promotion] at the same time to see before order. Screen stand still when open popup. Not Refresh site. Website not moved.
When you swipe screen left, right, bottom-up, popup still open. All Popup will close when you order [Buy Now] or  [Refresh] website or click [Reset] button. See pic popup of item 451.
- Customers Buy Food, Tickets at Home, in Office, in Store -> Then Office Cloud Print 2 x Receipts ( or more ) at Reception Desk for Customer receipt or Billing, for Kitchen's Store prepare food.

A Story: A store's Innovation.
Big Stand Order Machine Digital Menu inside McDonald Store -> No need through Cashier Pos. No E-commerce. An Innovation at McDonald's
- It is Big.

-> Small business can't afford big Digital Menu Machine 50,000$, but they can use Office Digital Menu for Tablet, Smartphone, and including Online Web Digital Menu, All-in-One, much better, low cost, convenient for customers. No Cashier Pos, no E-Commerce.

We play, we watch customers place orders back & forth. Can't swipe Catalog Food Item Menu left, right. We like Left Icon Navigation scroll similar to our design.

To Buy @ McDonalds:  Scroll & Touch a Left Icon Navigation like icon [McCoffee] buy coffee -> List all coffees in Category -> Touch on coffee item -> Select size... Many screens back & forth. -> Add to Shopping Cart always at bottom. -> Add Quantity  -> Paid -> Print receipt in store.

=> We like McDonalds's Design, looks simple, nothing complicated. But few things:
-You can't swipe screen left, right, bottom-up
. Thus limited space display limited food items. -> Because limited screen space, so jump back & forth many screens. No popup.
Its Digital Menu has no Up/ Cross Selling, Promotion, Bungle, Package Items.
For example, Office Digital Menu can display hundred different Coffee Items in one-screen smart phone, Tablet. You just swipe screen left, right. bottom-up for more items.
- Office Digital Menu - One Item has Promo, differ Combination, Up/Cross Sell, Bundle, Package other Items. See pic.

Digital Menu Order only in store, long line-up, congestion, crowded at big Stand Digital Menu Machine. This Digital Menu Machine helps increase store's productivity 45%.

The challenge for big McDonald and big, small stores
You can't order outside store, in parking, remote. Can't use smart phone order inside & outside store, mobile on the GO, and Pickup.
It is hard to design on small screen like smart phone. McDonald has big resources, but can it have talents get it done.

Order -> Print receipt.

=> Our Design everything happened only in one-screen. No back & forth. Popup [Option & Promotion] is open at the Item, not in the middle screen, so that customers can have many pop-ups open, see each Item's [Option & Promotion]. Shopping Cart always at the top, staff, customers can keep track items. => No back & forth many screens like E-commerce website
=> Our Design
helps bundle, package food items, seen a lot at McDonald, into one bundle Product, one Menu, easy 1 touch order.

Few Notes: As scientist, our job is do research, freedom of research, then inform & share knowledge & improve. People make their own smart decision based on Data. Technology keeps changing. Open mind to different Technologies, different Possibilities, different Solutions.

A Story: Professor today reality

There are Professors part of their jobs is doing Research, 70% of their time, not just teaching - a small part. -> Matter of fact, there are Professors just do Research, as a Research Scientist. Professors will lost skills, out-dated if just teaching. -> Professors doing Research go beyond conventional and traditional knowledge & wisdom, out of the box. Not surprise if they "- .. put forward controversial and unpopular opinions, whether or not, theses are deemed offensive. "  

=> How you became Professor?
- When you are hired officially by a large registered Higher Academics Institutions, College or University ( not a small institution ) to teach. On the contract paper, the Institution puts your title as: Associate Professor, or Part Time Professor, Full time Professor, Adjunct Professor... That you became Professor. It is not you self-proclaimed as Professor, or on social media.
- Some Professors started teaching at 20s.

- A lot academic scientists although had higher degree, teaching at small school Institutions, or a lot experienced scientists, but not hired to teach at large Academic Institution, College or University, so they are not Professor. -> To become a Professor, the first step is get into the door. - Like you graduated Engineer degree. But you are not an official engineer yet, until a big company hired you working as an engineer.

- There are all kinds of Professors with different backgrounds, who do: - Theoretical Research, Medical Lab Research, Business Applied Research, Computer Science Theory & Algorithm Research, Software As A Service Cloud Collaboration Research, Cloud Computing Research, Data Science & Database Application Research ... A broad range Research across the board, not just pure Theory Research.
-> More Schools likely hired Professors with more Applied Research than Theoretical Research.
-> Not all Professors do
Theoretical Research.
There are Professors good on writing school paper, school test, but no good on writing code, designing business software.

- Most Professors, today reality, teach part time few hours, free lancer, seasoned, no benefit income security, not enough to make ends meet. -> Unlike full-time faculty staff regular pay cheque. A full-time Professor usually teaches at least 15 hours / week.. So not-full time Professors have to find work, do consulting extra outside. Professors are free to express their ideas, technology, innovation, opinions outside of class room.

For example, A Professor can express ideas that this technology is out-dated and need up-to-date, Modernize new technology.


- Should open for more Minority Professors in school. -> Less than 9% are Minority Professors, while increasingly class room more diversity.
- A Professor could be outdated if keep teaching the same stuff repeating years after years, while technology keeps changing so fast. PHP, Python became most popular scripting programming languages for computer science students. Then Java Jsp, Servlet, Model 2 Architecture, was taught at senior year. A Professor who taught these technologies 18 years ago said :- Still popular today. People may not know, even students don't understand Software Architecture they are learning. -> Software Designers design software based on Software Architecture.

For example,
a software engineer Design & Write code for User Login a system, only a small task in thousands of tasks in large software system. He/ she open User database -> Read User data like User Id & Password -> Validation User & Password enter if match User data of User Id & Password in User database -> Then allow that user get in system. Else reject that User.
=> There are 5 different ways to write this User Login task depend on Software Architecture. Such as,
- Design & Write code User Login Direct like in Model 1 Architecture. 2) - Design User Login with Java Object in Model 1. 3) - Design User  Login in Model 2 Architecture 4) - Design User Login in 3-Tier Architecture. 5) - Design User Login uses Web Services.
Each write completely different code depend on Software Architecture. The easiest way, most students doing now, is use a scripting language like Php, Python, Jsp directly ( Oldest Model 1 Architecture ) connect to database and validate User Login, like first Model 1 Architecture without Java Object Oriented Programming.

-> Free lance, part-time Professors, who are not on regular salary, tend more up-to-date Technology, don't mind to discipline class disruption, bad students, and give no good students low mark, and give good students more extra marks. Students have their right. Professors also have their right.


First Second third third
- Take Leadership. Take Action.
- You can Do it. We can Build it.

- Other businesses, companies invested huge huge resources in millions in R&D.
- We are new Start-up. It takes a while to build a company. The more resources we have, the more
values added, and more powerful product we build.

- In a Digital Industrial Transformation for smarter, faster, better business, there are huge demands for Pos, E-commerce, Online Business, Virtual Pos, Virtual Payment .. from small businesses around the world to run their business faster, smarter, better. No matter your business, Modernize and adapt online, cloud to survival.

Invest in Net.Office is to create job, and create benefit for business.
Every 49 customers, it will create a good pay and steady job. How? Click see.

lick here Contact Us

- Example, Office Database, one short 7 lines JOIN SQL Program => Will Get a lot of DATA in 1 screen. - DATA of Customers, Products, Quick Inventory, Shipping, Orders, Suppliers, Employees .... and PHOTO. -> Click on photo see big photo
- SQL = Structure Query Language used for Database Programming. For example, this short 3-words SQL program list all customers, and their Fname, Lname, Company, Title, Phone, Mobile, Email, Address, City, Country ... from Customers database = SELECT * FROM Customers = 3 words. => Built-in SQL Get Data, Data Analytics only in All-in-One Office.


One touch icon [ N ] to Open App Order on Smartphone or Tablet.


- Small Businesses are diverse, in any country, there are more than 90% or millions of small businesses, mom & pop stores, such as: retails ( the majority is White ), restaurants ( the majority is Asian ), nails & salon businesses ( the majority is Vietnamese across US & Canada ), miscellaneous small businesses ( a lot South Asia ), self-employ businesses, home based businesses ( a lot Immigrants ), entrepreneurs, mom & pop stores, diverse world wide small businesses. Thus, we need to diversify for our benefits, scale, and grow.

NOTE: E-commerce, Pos, Data, Cloud Payment, Cloud Software as a Service (SaaS) for small & medium sized businesses is big. Some Internet companies, had two hundred of thousands of customers, and valued at multi billions of dollars.

- There is a good Unicorn Internet company provides just e-commerce, pos, more than 500 employees, had
less than 1% of all 35 millions of small businesses in US & CANADA used its product - Not including global, its market valued at 2 billons of dollars.  

- Touch order -> Print receipt. Done.
Order less than 1 minute
. Better than line-up waiting for service Cashier Pos.

McDonald Digital Menu looks simple not complicated. But easy said than done. This kind of Technology is not easy to build, because we built it we know. Big businesses like McDonald have resources & talents can build. Don't see at small business stores. That's why we build Office Digital Menu.

-> Challenge for McDonald is:
Can't order using Mobile Smartphone in store, out side store, remote, on the GO. Then Cloud Print receipt. While Office Digital Menu can.

-> In business Time, Money, and Efficiency.

-> Big Businesses always innovate.
But small businesses always lag far behind,
traditional mindset, small scale, too much cost, unprofitable, slow, inefficient.

- Crowded Amazon GO Store in Seattle. No Cashier-Pos. - Customers like it. Pick-up and Just Walk Out.


No software sys. Hard to grow bus. -> Better get Data in order soon. Deal with Tax needs Data.
-> Accountant :- In business is Data Transparency + Clear receipt or invoice. Peace of mind. Known is better. 

=> See View from Laptop

- Buy Gift Card online 20$, 30$, 40$, 50$ ... anytime, easy.

- Paid by Gift Card -> Just Walk Out. Fastest. Simple solution.

- When not in store, select Office Pay -> Popup Office Pay right away -> Select pay thru Pay Pal or Pay Direct. DONE! ( see Office Pay demo )


Modern Enterprise Java 3-Tier Architecture

Model 1 Architecture: 20 years old Architecture.
JSP scripting language connect to database Get Data,  back & forth, either embedding Database Programming code directly, or embedding Java Bean Object Database Programming. Most Scripting Language like PHP, Python work the same. => This put a lot pressure on JSP the webpage also the VIEW -> That's why you see in Model 2, will change this Architecture by adding Controller -> Create new Java Servlet Programming.
- In 3-Tier MVC ( Model - View - Control ) Architecture, JSP is used as VIEW only. No embedding code connect to Database, no Java Bean Object embedded connect Database as well. Only Data embedded. => For developer PHP, JSP, Python ... this is a total 100% change the way they write their program. Like from speaking English -> Japanese.

Model 2 Architecture: 18 years old Architecture.

But better than Model 1. In this architecture, Servlet is used as Controller to direct traffic, and relieve pressure on JSP webpage = the VIEW in Model 1 Architecture. Which means that JSP - the webpage or the VIEW, now doesn't have to connect to database back & forth to get data like Model 1 Architecture. ->  An improvement of Model 1 Architecture.
For example,
whatever users request, like, www.mycomp.com/login will not go direct in JSP page that connects to Database like Model 1. But this user request goes to Servlet Controller direct traffic as Head Commander.
-> Then Servlet instantiate (created) Java Object Bean connect database, pass to JSP response to users VIEW.
High Level Modern Enterprise Java 3-Tier Architecture, don't use Servlet (= obsolete) as Controller, but used its own better Controller, and the VIEW JSP only for Display or Render Data. => A huge improvement of Model 2 Architecture used Servlet as Controller.
Modern Enterprise Java has a whole Framework, not just only JSP, Servlet + No Framework -> Write your own Tool = Waste Time & Money, that includes many platforms for Cloud Cyber Security, for Database Connectivity, Database Connection Pool, MVC, Mobile, Web Services ... that used for Enterprise Application Development. => Save huge Time & Money for Software Development. Servlet by design 20 years ago for small scale Web App only.

- This JSP Java Server Page -
Created 1998 by Sun to compete with Php, Python, Asp - All are scripting languages - Java Servlet not Scripting Language - Jsp, Servlet are 20 years old Java Technologies & Architecture in Model 1, Model 2.
-> Today Java has new
Modern Enterprise Java & Framework by design opt for Cloud.

Schools: - Jsp (1998) + Servlet Architecture Model 2, and PHP (1994), Python (1989) are still popular teaching in College for Computer Science students today.
-> Even College Student Graduate Technology Program, 1 year Program, for who already graduated from College, continue 4th year College Graduate still learn Java JSP & Java Servlet Model 2 Architecture as main Tool & Architecture Software Development after almost 20 years.  -> Problem not from school. But from not only Teaching not up-to-date, old Technologies, but also depend on experience of Faculty Staff, who want to teach old stuff or new stuff.
- Model 1, Model 2 technologies used to build Web Application were created long time ago before Cloud born.

=> However, some Colleges begin to update and Modernize curriculums to adapt fast changing in Technologies & Cloud -
A positive direction.

NOTE: we don't bias against any languages. Even we point out some old Java Technologies that are old Technology, not good for Web App, Cloud App.

So what Technologies we should use to build Web Application, Cloud App?

- Choose either
Java Technologies - OR - Non Java technologies, like Php, Python, which is easier than Java ... Your choice.
If choose JAVA
Then chose the top end High Level Modern Enterprise Java.
=> You can also build your Applications on different Environments & different Technologies.
- For example, your big Project divided into many App1. App2, App3 .. You build App1 on PHP, App2, App3 built on Enterprise Java.
App1, App2, App3...
share data, collaborate, work the same back-end database.

-  Model 1 Architecture use JSP + Java Bean Object Oriented better. Even JSP stand alone in Model 1 Architecture, is as good as PHP, Python, any scripting languages. People don't use Java because it is hard, and Java has many Java technologies, not just 1 like Php, Python.

- Should we change this Architecture to 3-Tier Architecture. Change is hard after already built.
-> Depend on who you talk? ->
You can't understand this issue by just reading.

Model 1 Architecture using scripting languages like JSP is like spaghetti code, not strong. Your App your money, you can build anything you want.
3-Tier Architecture has Framework lets Cloud Apps build on strong Foundation.

- The Boss, Management, Customers, Stakeholders, Investors, who are not Computer Scientist, not software designers write code, think software was made the same. It is not the same -  Like saying, all cars made the same, drive me from A -> B the same.
=> So they listen and trust scientists, advisers, who have different ideas, and advices. -> Even Software Developers don't know what they are doing. They write code, but don't know architect. It is like build Office Building without Architect.

The cost to produce software.
-> If we design All-in-one Office this way like Model 1, 2 Architecture, we have to improve performance, boost Network hosting Web Server, add more computing power Hardware, add more Heap (Ram) / website to be able to run A whole Cloud Software App SaaS All-in-one Office, and many its components like Office Database, Office Digital Menu.. -> Thus will costs us extra $5 / Office website ( a lot) -> Our Price will be $ 45 / month/ Cloud Office website / customer, not $ 69.0 / month

-> This doesn't help people from thinking out of the box, innovating, and creativity.

=> Businesses, companies, organizations begin to Modernize and build their Cloud Software on new Modern Enterprise Technology. Schools take the Lead in producing the next good Software Engineers, who have skills in need, so that they can help company, business leverage the power of Cloud Computing in new Digital Economy.

Update: Feb, 2017

- Undercover Boss - Supper Bosses

A TV show true story, true bosses about super bosses of big companies, who leave head office, pretend to be an employee, work along side with employees
1) -> So that the Boss can understand their hardship, difficulty, challenges.
2) -> So that the Boss can listen to their employee' s ideas how to improve process more efficiency.
3) -> So that the Boss could help their employees by improving their working environment, help employee's difficulty & challenges, and also improve their company more efficiency.
4) -> And then promote, reward best employees, and nurture talents.

- It is an honour and pleasure to work for super bosses.

- According to recent statistics:
Only 30% of employees engage. 70% of employees just go to work -> Finish the job -> Go home -> Pickup the pay cheque. No ideas.


Data, Data Analytics is the New Business in Digital Economy. That's why experience Managers choose All-in-One Office.

=> When comes to Data, Data Analytics, All-in-One Office can Track Data, Get Data, Analyze Data, Database Programming SQL Queries in real time, flexible, powerful, add-on SQL Queries Get Data when needed what ever Data, simple Data, complex Data like Net.Office, Office Digital Menu ... Because of Office Database built-in. Other Systems don't have like Office Database.
When business in need whatever Data, simple & complex, we just send you a small code of SQL. Then you can install in Office Database to get such data easily.
For example,
"- Get all customers, their Name, Email, Phone... who did service Manicure or Pedicure did not come back in store 4 months."  -> For other systems, this kind of Data is hard to get.
For example, See the Boss's Listing of Data on Demand.

Answer GET few DATA?
-What are the worst sellers, best sellers of products & services this week, this month, from Data to Date?
How many Total Qty, Total Sales of
Heineken beer, or any beer, or Cappuccino cups of coffee, or how many Chicken Soup Large Size, or Red T-Shirt sold this week, this month ...?
List History of all Customer Invoices & Orders, Products & Services? 
-> List all Services ( such as, Manicure, Pedicure ..), Service Hours that employee Jennifer has done this week, this month? Or, in January of last year, so that you
can pay her correctly? 
- The old fashion, Owner write
Staff's Services, Hours on note book. Staff also write their Services, Hours on papers -> Human calculation both Staff, Owner -> And matching data of Staff / Owner for pay -> A lot of hours, a lot of mistakes. Can't check back 3 months later. Not 1-Click Get Data & Calculate for any Date.
We track Employees on Menu.
- For example, Customers, or Owner of Nails & Beauty Salon use Office select employee to do service -> Take order.

Get a List of Customers who have appointment tomorrow, next 3 days ...
-> Get the list of customers,
who bought Product A, now there are new, similar, better updated version Product A (= Up Selling), or new Accessories, Extra Items, Add-ons of Product A (= Cross Selling), then Do Product Promotion to the List of targeted customers.
-> Get List of Students take Java course. Now there is new course Enterprise Java may interest them.
For example, if you had 100 students took Java -> This data will generate at least 50% of extra revenue for your businesses, or 50 students will interest in Enterprise Java, from 100 students who already took Java course.

- We can keep on and on.... YOU NEVER GET THESE DATA USING OTHER SYSTEMS. A lot of businesses DON'T HAVE GOOD CUSTOMERS DATABASE, DON'T HAVE DATA, DATA ANALYTICS = A big lost for their business.
=> On average, after 3 years, a small business can have at least
7000 customers in database
Unfortunately, a lot of businesses, either they DON'T HAVE Customer Database, or NO GOOD, JUNK Customer Database. that CAN NOT be used for Data, Data Analytics.

- Office Database new first kind of database can store & display Photos. -> Click at Home top left side navigation.
- Need Data on demand -> We send you short SQL Program -> You Install a short powerful SQL program's code in Office Database to get whatever simple & complex Data = Only in Office.

- Built-in Office Database helps
Get Data, Analyze Data easily, convenient, quick access Data... is the most powerful tool never find in other system.

- Data, Data Analytics is the job of Database using
SQL Database Programming. Other software system did not had this powerful tool Get Data. - See in picture.

=> Office Cloud Commerce: Working with Office Cloud Commerce

Office Database E-Business Apps for Enterprise Management Information System

What is Management Information System ( Database E-Business Apps ) and How To Build It.

- Update August / 2016

- Make it simple. Management Information System is A Database Management System, or easy to understand A Database E-Business (Cloud) Application.

We live in the world, businesses that are governed, managed by Data & Information.
Information = collection of a lot data ( building block of information ) that is processing to reveal the meaning of data. Data is raw fact, the number, the value.
- For example, Customer Address = 123 Main street, Total Sales = 250 is Data.-> Information = Address + Name + Email + Phone + Other related customer Data -> Processing data lets you know information of customer.
- For example,
What is contact of John Smith? - How much John Smith has bought? -What Products & Services he bought (liked) the most ? - What Products & Services customers like most, including each Product's Total Sales, Tax, Total Qty, this week, this month, from Date to Date ?

Your business has data of Employees, Products, Customers ... You used to write the data like customer address, phone, email, name ...  in a notebook, paper, or in a file, even in a spreadsheet, in software. But store data in a file, a notebook, a paper, not in a database system, is very difficult to get data, analyze data. You lost data. - So you then use a database like Office database to store data. To summarise:
- Create a Database Diagram like blueprint of these tables. Like building office building needs architect drawing.
2) - Then create Table Employee, table Customer, table Product.. saved data for Employees, Customers, Products .
- Then create the Database Relationship of these Table Product, table Customer, table Employees
- Then use SQL
Structure Query Language used for Database Programming to program to get data.
- Data collected from POS, Digital Menu, E-Commerce will fetch into integrated Office E-Business Management System.
- To get data for Inventory
, you build Inventory Management System based on database diagram. You can see photos of products if using Office E-Business Apps.

- You can build Child Care/ Day Care Management System - Medical Center Management System - School Management System - Inventory Management System - Customer Order Management System - Sales & Marketing Management System - HR Management System - Video Rental Store Management System -   Husbands & Wives Management System.. then see photos of students, patients, customers, products ... Only Office Database, Office E-business Apps. -> For medium & small businesses, Office Cloud Database is simple, easy, good enough. No expensive, complex like Oracle, Ms SQL, IBM DB2 database.

Office Database is first database can store & process photos.
So that you can easily recognize Products, Food Items, Customers, Employees, Maps, People ... 1 picture = thousands words.

This process is Management Information System. Management Information System
is not software because it is used for Data, Data Analytics. Management Information System is built by a professional Database Developer, Data Scientist, possibly by a Software Developer, a Business Analyst, different Professional Analyst, if willing to learn. Which give some ideas, some backgrounds, when you build Management Information System for your business, your company, your organization.-> We teach you How To Use Office Database Build simple Husbands & Wives Management Information System (DBMS) in this website. See Get Started left menu.

The need of efficiency for System Integration vs. Software Silos, Stand-alone:
- For example, you use All-in-one Net.Office to build many different
Management Information Systems, like Inventory System, Customer Order Management System, Video Rental Store Management System, Day Care / Child Care Management System, Sales & Marketing Management System ... in one System All-in-One Office. Thus easy to share Data, collaborate between many Systems.
For example, a Customer Table stored Customer Data input from POS, Online Business, from Data Entry, from Website Form, from other sources. In Customer Table should have a field of data source like customers from POS, from Online Sales .... It shared Customer data with Inventory System, Invoice Management System, Sales & Marketing Management System, Customer Service & Support Management System, Day Care System, Manufacture System, POS System ... All Systems used same Customer Data -> Easy manage, collaborate one copy of Customer data ( = Data Consistency ).

While, software is silos, independent, not integrated. For example, you run Inventory Software, Invoice Software, Child Care Software...each software silos, stand-alone itself, Can't share data each other. Business runs many stand alone software, not integrate, not communicate, share data each others = Big problems. Hard to manage.
=> Thus,
Data, Data Analytics, Build & Integration of many Systems, Share Data are the advantage of All-in-One Office. You can't have do these in software. Need to buy different software for different uses. => That's why big companies, banks used big database like Oracle to manage their Data & Information, not software.

=> For Businesses, Organization, it is impossible to manage Data & Information using software.
You need Back Office Management System All-in-One Net.Office, including Office Database, Office Pos, Office E-commerce, Office Pay, Office Digital Menu ...
Database Management Information System Software
- Build many Management Systems integrated in All-in-One Office, like, Finance, Child Care, Day Care System, Inventory System, Customer System, Invoice System ... - Buy different software, services from different vendors to do specific task.
- Information centralized. Shared Data. Easy to collaborate. Easy to Manage - Information silos. Each software runs itself.  Can't shared data. Hard to Manage
- Data consistency, Integrity, such as, 1 copy of Customer Data. For example, Pos, E-commerce, Inventory System ... has the same Customer Table. - Data inconsistency and Redundancy, different copy of Customer Data in different software system.
- Integration, share data, read data, communicate each other system. - For example, Data of Customer Table is sharing its data for all Systems in same Database System, like: Inventory System, Order Management System, Pos, E-commerce ... Thus, when update Customer Data in Customer Table, all systems got the latest update of customer data. - No Integration. No share data. No communicate each other software.

- Update Customer Data in different copy in different software system
- Expand, scale database, more data on demand = Add more column ( field )  Data ( like Customer_Note field to store notes about customer ) when in need, more Tables, more Relationships.
-> 1000 SQL small programs ( few lines code) = 1000 features = 1000 ways of Get Data, Whatever Data.
- Use Office Database, when need new Data -> We send you a small SQL Program -> You Install in left side Database Menu -> 1-Click Get Data
- The banks run complex multi billions business using database like Oracle. Can't do this using software.
- Limited scale, less complex business logics. Can't customize software, add extra Data. All you get.
Can't use software to run large scale, complex business logics like the banks.

- JOIN data see holistic View, like JOIN Customer data with Product data, Order Data ... - Can't JOIN data
- Complex Business Logics ... - Less complex, simple business logics.
- Table + Relationship + SQL.
=> All-in-One Office has Table + Relationship + SQL = Three pillars of Relational Database.

NOTE: Relational Database
= All about Relationship -> That's why called Relational Database.

- Office Database, Intuit Quick Base,
top big 3 databases: Oracle, Ms SQL Database, IBM DB2.. are Relational Database.
- The text book is referral to: (Relational) Database Systems
Make it easy & short, people use name: Relational Database = Database.

- Table = where Data stored.

- Relationship = relational model, Diagram

- SQL= Process Data = Get Data, Analyze Data, Query / Search Data ...

- SQL, by design, is used for Relational Database only.
 ( Structured Query Language Database Programming )
- E.F Codd, a Computer Scientist at IBM first used: Math Relational Algebra providing a theoretical foundation -> Relational Model -> Relational Database.
is first main frame Relational Database from IBM. - SQL is by design built on Relational Algebra


 => No power of SQL Database Programming. No Table. No Relationship

NOTE: - Only Relational Database used: SQL, Table, Relationship. - Only 3 Relationship = 1-to-One, 1-to-Many, Many-to-Many.

It is ok for a Table stand alone, no Relationship. -> But a stand alone table is no good data, like A stand alone no good Customer Table ( = no Data Analytics, no values, no good data, dumb data ) and A Good Customer Table that has Relationship with other Tables. -> We already explain what Data & Data Analytics you can get from stand-alone Customer Table ( = no value, 1 view ) , and Good Relationship Customer Table ( = a lot of values, data is gold, $$$$  ).

Relationship = Multi dimension ( multi D ) Data, holistic View VS. 1- Dimension (1D ) Data, 1-View
-> Now you understand why We Need Relationship.

-> For business, like drive car, you don't need to know Car Design. You just need to Get Data. Just 1-Click Get Data, what ever data you need.

NOTE: ** Business ran by Managers. The Boss, the Management don't know, depend on Managers to run business. ** -> Technology is changing so fast. We are now living in the world of Digital Industrial, Internet of Things. If Managers don't like Technology, don't want to learn, update their skills, limited knowledge of Technology ... Then their business, their company will not run efficiently, lost data, waste time & money back & forth, lost comparative edge.
=> Manage Without Data is Manage Blind = Not enough knowledge to make right decision, limited knowledge for problems solving.
like => As a result
, company will not leverage all its potential, scale, growth, hard to Modernize, lost competitiveness, lost comparativeness in the Digital Economy, the Internet of Things. => On the other hand, the talent Managers open mind to all possibility. They will improve their company's Products & Services, innovate their company to the next level.

NOTE: The text book show you how to build Database System or Management Information System used in College & University name: Database Systems - Design, Implementation, and Management.
Authors: Coronel, Morris, Rob. -> This text book used by Professors teach Database System Design & Information Management.
It is applied for Office Cloud Database, for big Three databases, billions in sales, like, Build Oracle Management Information System, MS SQL Server Management System, IBM DB2 Management System.

=> The Computer Scientist who built Office Database teaching this course Database System Design, Implementation & Management.
It already takes many years of hard work R&D, he wishes having more resources to improve, Modernize Office Database, just like other databases always keep improving, Modernizing better.

- Office Database is new easy & simple way of Design & Implement & Manage Data and Information.

=> For example, a School has 3000 students, a Day Care / Child Care Center has 1000 children. A Company 50 employees, has 10000 Products.
- They use Office Database to create Tables, online E-Business Applications ( Management Information System),
insert Photos of students, customers, products & services...
- They need 1 staff responsible for
Input Data Entry.
- There are 19 staff in Main Office including: CEO, Managers, Admin Staff allow to login & use database, 1-Click Get Data.
=> Not all staff are allowed to login & use Office Database.
Thus in Total = 20 staff users use Office Database. NOT MUCH.

- This text book used for teaching in College / University: - Database Systems, Design, Implementation, Management.

This principal used to design Database Management System Applications for Oracle, MS SQL, IBM DB2, Office Database

- Einstein's success is: - Your work making a change, making a difference had more values than money.
=> Read this College/ University text book Information Design & Management -> Understand the theory, principle, but you will not know How To Build It.

-> See Get Started from left menu show How To Build Management System, start from simple system to build Husbands & Wives Management System.

=> Simple Test:
- Ask explain the relationship of Customers & Rental Videos (= Many-to-Many? or, 1-to-Many ) - Write Code?
-OR; - What is the Relationship between Customers & Orders? - Write Code? -> Then you know or not.

=> Important Note: Make it easy, Office Database has Manage Database Relationship Tool helps you create Code to setup Relationship, Break Relationship between Tables. See left menu: Relationship Manager Tool.

Good luck.

- Easier said than Done! -> Let's Build It.


=> We built Office Database based on this principal of Database System Design & Information Management. It is for large scale Management System, a little bit difference with other Database Applications for small scale User Database Application, like Intuit Quick Base.

Office Database required level of to know SQL Database Programming & Database Design & Diagram to build. But compared to other databases, Office Database is friendly user, GUI / Windows Interface, friendly user Input Data Entry, easy Database Menu, easy Install SQL Program ...
intuit Quick Base required User Level to build, use database Template ( like Diagram of Office Database), no need SQL, Database Diagram.
Therefore, we write a whole manual to explain step-by-step hands-on How To Build Larger Scale Database System. See Left Side Menu in this website -> Get Started
-> For business, like drive car, you don't need to know Car Design. You just 1-Click Get Data.

- We have 100 Office Database E-Business App Templates ( E-Business App is Database Management Information System ( MIS ). We made easy to understand, friendly ).

If Business needs Database Application and no Database Developer. -> Where ever you are in the world: 1) We design Database E-Business Application ( or MIS Database Application ) whatever type of your business, like Child Care / Day Care, School, Inventory, Car Dealership ... 2) We send you small SQL program ( few lines of code ) to get whatever data. 50 small SQL Programs are good enough to get all kinds of data.
You just need 1-Click Get Data.

Use Ms SQL Server, Oracle even more complex, good for big businesses can afford. Need a lot of in-house Database Developers, DBA ( Database Admin ) run & maintain database. Cost a lot of money.

Use Office Database, E-Business Apps ( MIS)
- A School has 3000 students use Office Database to store students info. -> So can see photos
- A Day Care / Child Care Center
has 1000 children use Office Database to store students info. See photos.
- A Home based Business
with 5 employees. A Moms & Pop Store, A Video Rental Store with 10 employees.
- A small business
Company with  50 employees, has 10000 Products = 10000 rows (record). => Office Database Table can store millions of records. So 10000 records of product is small.
=> Database storage like hard drive, you can put as many data, records as you want.
-> So 3000 or 30000 or 30000 students, 10000 data of products or 100000 products, just data in table. Like you download 1000 or 100000 songs on your computer hard drive. No effect your computer.
=> But the number of users are using database, do a lot of activities on database. Such as, this user Search Data. That user Update / Insert data... will effect database, put a lot of pressure on database.
- Where are Data stored? -> Data like NAME = John Smith, Total Sales = 200 are stored in a column of row (record) of a Table. You can Insert 100 rows, 100000 rows of data in a Table. A Table can store million rows.

For example, this table Employees has 4 columns, 1 .. 10000 rows or 10000 records of data. Office Database lets you Add more columns in table, like, Add EMAIL, ADDRESS... even after Table already created like this table.

Not the amount of Data, number of rows (=record) put in table, but number of users using database will effect the performance of database. Thus Insert 100, 1000 students, products in table same as 10000, 100000 students, products in table.
1 ... ( add more rows) John Smith 200 ( is data ) 12345
10000 Peter K 300 416-222-3333

- School, Organization, Business, Company, they use Office Database to create Tables, online E-Business Applications ( Management Information System), insert Photos of students, customers, products & services ..... Like Build Husbands & Wives Management Information System, Build My Company Restaurant Management Information System ( see left menu )
=> They just need 1 staff responsible for
Input Data Entry. Write SQL. Install SQL Program. Take care database..
Input Data, Data Entry: -1) In-house Staff input data.
Use Office Smart Form Builder to create web form at website for students, customers, employees, warehouse staff, onsite staff ... to enter data, upload Photos.
Import Data from spread sheet.
4) Input Data also from
Pos, E-commerce, Office Pay, Digital Menu when customers order, staff take orders.
=> 19 staff in Main Office include: CEO, Managers, Admin Staff allow to login & use database,
1-Click Get Data.
=> Not all staff are allowed to login & use Office Database, access information.
=> Thus in Total = 20 staff users use Office Database. NOT MUCH.

=> Your business is not the Banks, Financial Institutions, Big Companies with ten of thousands of staff, employees, customers use database. => They need Oracle.

Office Database has integrated with: E-Business Apps, Pos, E-commerce, Digital Menu, Office Pay, while other databases had not, only database => This is the advantage.

=> You are Inventory Manager, then you should know this below the Architecture Diagram of Inventory Management System. You don't have to design Inventory Management System, leave it for Computer Scientist to design. But give you some ideas: - What Data You Need for your Inventory ? - The Relationship between Data in need in order to Manage Your Inventory. - What Data needed when problems, for Problem Solving. => If you don't understand this Inventory Architecture Diagram, then you don't have enough knowledge for Inventory Manager.

- Use E-Business Apps to build advanced & powerful Back Office Inventory Control Management System. -> Click photo see bigger.
We wish business simple like just have Pos, but it is not. Business spent more time & money to build their Back Office Management System.
- Medium & Small Business doesn't need complex & expensive Management System like Oracle Management System. We can build this Back Office Inventory Control Management System into POS system for extra cost.

- Use E-Business Apps to build Customers, Orders, Invoice Management System
Click photo see bigger.
=> We wish business simple like just have Pos, but is is not. We can build this Customers, Orders, Invoice Management System into POS system for extra cost

=> Office E-Business Management System is the fist system you can see photo of products, customers, employees, managers, suppliers .. in its system. You will never see photos like this in any other system, even in Oracle Management System, or Ms SQL Server Management System.


About Us:
Net.Office is the leading Cloud software as a service (SaaS). Our product lines All-in-One Office including: Data & Data Analytics, Office Cloud Database, Office E-Business Apps, Office Cloud Commerce, Office Pay, Office Cloud Print, Office Pos, Office Digital Menu will help all sized Businesses, SMEs, Small businesses, Home based business, Entrepreneurs, Mom and Pop shops use Technology, leverage their potentials, run their business efficiently, scale, grow business through innovation, and expand their business in the Digital Economy, in the Internet of Things.

Please send to private email: ddanpros @ hotmail. com - and: netthruoffice @ gmail com
: Let's talk.
Or: Connect us from social media LinkedIn


Enterprise Java & Modern Enterprise, Java Framework is the Technology
we use to build All-in-one Office
The main Technology we build All-in-one Office is called Enterprise Java Modern Enterprise Java Framework.

An Enterprise Java Developer went for an interview at a Bank for senior consultant position: Enterprise Java Modern Enterprise Java Framework Architect & Developer.
He said: "- Enterprise Java with Modern Enterprise Java, Java Framework Technology is used by the banks to build new Banking Systems, and Modernize Banking Systems."

We want to share with Businesses, Investors, and Developers so that you choose right software, right tool, right direction to the next 20 years, and save Time & Money for Web Application, Cloud Computing Software Development.

- The Banks used Enterprise Java & Modern Enterprise Java Framework to build its large scale banking applications.

To build a Web Application, Cloud Application, you have 2 choices: Non-Java Technology, and Java Technology. As we described in other Blogs, this Enterprise Java with Modern Enterprise Java Framework Technology is high-end level of Java Technology.
This technology is good for Cloud Computing Software Development, for enterprise, large scale, robust, tens of millions of users, Cloud Web Application.


It is very hard to Design same look & feel, fit in smart phone. =>

- Multi Tasks Office Digital Menu view from laptop - Click pic see bigger

Net.Office Cloud Commerce Business Online

- Net.Office Cloud Commerce Business Online Homepage. Click photo see bigger

- Net.Office Homepage

- Click on photo see bigger
- Net.Office Cloud Commerce Product Catalog View by Title.

=> Use Album Manager tool to create promotion album. Then insert album in selected Product Catalog Jabra Wireless. People click photo to order.

- Click on photo see bigger


- Net.Office Cloud Commerce Shopping Cart - Click on photo see bigger
- For all kinds of businesses: Restaurant, Flower, Music-Entertainment Sell Tickets, Nails & Salon, Electronics, Hi-Tech, Charity Donation Organization ....

- Net.Office Cloud Commerce Check-out checkout use Pay Pal - Click photo see bigger
- Net.Office Cloud Commerce Look & Feel Tool lets you change website Look & Feel, such as:
Website Background color ( light blue = red or any color, or a wallpaper ), or Site Background color ( dark blue = green), or Text Color ( white = black) ... You can change & select different Top Menu Navigation, Left Menu Navigation ...

- Net.Office Cloud Commerce automatically loads all customer registration data, such as: Name, Address, Phone, Email .. +  Items sold to Pay Pal Shopping Cart. -> Customer just enters credit card and pay.
- Customers don't need PayPal account, or setup Pay Pal account or Login PayPal, forget password.

- Pay Pal takes care all money transactions safe & secure.  No worries. Sell all over the world.
=> If used Pay Pal like above,
website Seller don't keep, don't know customer credit card number. There are customers don't care. But there are customers don't want website Sellers ( of usually Home Business, Small Business, Start-up business ) know & keep their Credit Card number. Thus sell less.
- We program Net.Office Cloud Commerce do that. Made simple & easy for Sellers & Buyers.

- In Feb, 2018

For people who work hard, saving for a home to live,
price up or down is not matter, not concerned, because whatever they still have a home of their own to live. 
In Investment stock or property, best strategy is "
Buy-and-Hold". A Home to Live is the best Return is "Buy-and-Hold".

90% people buy a home because these benefits:

Good place to live and raise family in their own home.

People work hard a whole life for a home. People start up life with 0.0$. A man make ends meet in big city, said:- It is tough, challenging, doesn't matter who you are: Scientist, Factory worker, small Business Owner ... It is hardwork, hard ship, responsibility. Life is ups/ downs. Bad things can happen to good people. In industrialized countries, people go anywhere, try to make a living, work hard a whole life for home to live.

3) Home like piggy bank
pushing you to Save money every month. Pay home first before food and fun. Otherwise people will spend all.

Save rent. 3-bed rooms in big city, rent 5 years could cost 180,000$. Population in big city keeps growing -> So does Rent.

Own a home, a dream for people who are keep working hard, saving, pay bills, pay tax, all their life => Having something reward.

Home price goes up in long run in big city, because: 1- Immigration. 2- Population grows -> Demand for shelters increase -> Rent also increase thus affect home price. 3- Inflation adjusted: Big Mac 15 years ago 2.50$, today 6$. 4- Wage increase. Economy is booming - 55% are First Time Home Buyers high income buy home in Toronto. 5- Home Inventory low, supply & demand. 6- Stock market high risk. A crash has nothing left, but a home to live is best return, whatever market ups/ downs. Home price high depends on location, where you live, like big city different with small town, rural, supply & demand. Today, people buy less expensive home (less than 1 millions dollars) to live with low property tax, less mortgage payment, and townhouse, condos. That's why we see a bit increase in price of in these types of property. The average price of a townhouse in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) at $629,507, while the average condo price was $523,041.

Salary helps you pay living expensive, leisure. Home helps your wealth grow.

Stock crashed nothing left. A home to live is the best return, whatever market ups/ downs.

- In Jan, 2018

-> This is the latest update from TREB = Toronto Real Estate Board: average Home Price is expecting flat in 2018.
-> Just recently, Toronto
the only city in Canada ( like Vancouver, Ottawa, Kitchener-Waterloo, Calgary, Montreal, Quebec ... ) on the list of few cities in US & Canada is chosen by Amazon to be its 2nd Head quarter after its 1st Headquarter in Seattle. Toronto, the biggest city in Canada, has the 3rd largest population, big financial hub, banks, after New York city. If Toronto is selected, tens of thousands high paid hi-tech jobs will be created. More medium & big hi-tech companies move in Toronto. Toronto becomes a major hi-tech hub in US & Canada. The Home Price in Toronto could be higher on demand.

- In Nov, 2017

Ave Home in Toronto including all types of Properties:
Home, Town House, and Condos,  Ave approximately = 789,104$, a small increase, stable, not too hot, not too cold, after good increase 6% last month.
=> On average Home return
8% - 10% / year. Royal LePage CEO Phil Soper said:" In fact, some corners of the Toronto GTA market are showing a return to the bidding wars that were commonplace only last spring ... The tail end or bottom of a market correctionHome or Stock when see big jump, high expectation, greed & fear, then should be worry not happy.
If not include Condos, Town House, ave Home Price in Toronto is much higher. The average price of a
townhouse in the GTA (Greater Toronto Area) at $629,507, while the average condo price was $523,041 a small up. Town House like Condos you also pay Property Tax, Town House Maintenance Fee (300$ - 400$ / mo), only Home is not.

NOTE: - Canada Government Increase Immigration: From ave 250,000 -> ave 320,000 / year, 70% from Asia. 60% are Economic Immigrants, the majority of them settle in Vancouver, Toronto, 25% Unification, 15% Refugees or 45000 refugees, by relative to population 36 millions, better number than US with 323 millions population accepted 100,000 refugees / year. In 2017 US declined to 50,000 refugees. Immigration will create more Housing Demand. People work hard for a Home to Live, big responsibility as Middle Class Home Owner.

Oct, 2017 -  Ave Home in Toronto including all types of Properties:
Home, Town House, and Condos in Sep/ 2017,  Ave = 775,546$, up 6.0% from August, 2017 ave = 732,000$. If not include Condos, Town House, ave Home Price in Toronto is much higher. Ave Condos Price in Toronto now is from 450,000$ -> 500,000$. Ave Town House = 610,000$. This 6% up is first time, after many months down, since peak in April, 2017, by Toronto Real Estate Board reported on Oct, 2017. Condos, Home under millions dollars up. People buy home to live or rental Investment, they refer home under millions for less mortgage, less property tax, less risk.

- In March - April, 2017, Home Price up
33% compared last year (not last month)  in March, 2016 ave = 670,000$, push ave Home Price = 919,000$,  like stock surge. Toronto Home Price consistently growth, ups/ downs in range Ave = 750,000 $ - 850,000$ reflects true value  2017.

NOTE: ->
Some Analysts from Banks, Financial Institutions, only look at one month March - April, then Analyze negative about Toronto Home Price. Scare people off Toronto Housing Market. Even use Data, different Analysts analyze differently. Computer Scientist analyze Data, see differently. We experience in Data CANDO = Collect, Analyze, Normalize, Design, Organize Data.

In Sep, 2017, Toronto Home Price up 6% for a month is a good rebound. The recent cooling Home Price is good, just temporally slow down a bit, adjusting to normal, after too much accelerate. But Toronto Home Price will not up 6% every month, if so, one year will be 72%, nearly double price of home in one year. Not possible. So there will be some months up few %, some months down few % is normal. Don't buy home look at price every month. On average, Home Price returns 10% / year. Say ave Home in Toronto is 750,000$, in next 5 years, Toronto Home Price will approximately from 1.1 millions -> 1.2 millions.

-> What are differences between Toronto, Vancouver, and major US Cities? - Toronto GDP = 350 Billions, near 7 millions, 10 x bigger than Vancouver population, 3rd largest city in North America US & Canada. While Vancouver 110 Billions GDP, 650,000 population. Click & see: Salary needed to buy Home in 19 big US Cities. According to Department Home and Support Housing, New York city ave Home price = 420,000$, Chicago = 217,000 $, Washington = 414,000$,  Las Vegas = 250,000$, Los Angeles = 513,000$,