Website is the most important tool in the Office. Website is the Office.
Cloud Computing, Software as a Service (SaaS), changes the way we see website: Website is software that provides services.
Make the basic info static website from doing nothing in doing many useful, productive things with myNet.OFFICE.
Smart phone is not enough. Doing business in the Digital Age, in the Net Economy, Businesses need smartweb as well.
If you have smart phone, then you can afford smartweb.
myNet.OFFICE All-In-One Office solutions for all kinds of Businesses for all kinds of Departments to sell Products and provide Services online, Login Member Collaboration, Cloud Web Database, Data Analytics, Smart Form, CRM, Marketing, Email Marketing, Connect, Collaborate with people.
Do-it-yourself and self-maintain with no web skills, no need developer.

- myNet.OFFICE, all-in-One Office Solutions for all kinds of Businesses for all kinds of Departments for all kinds of Applications.

- Using myNet.Office, Cloud Office myNet.Dbase, business, company can build many software applications for all kinds of departments: HR, SALES, FINANCE, ACCOUNTING, MARKETING, SERVICE, CUSTOMER SUPPORT, CRM,  MANUFACTURING, SUPPLY CHAIN, PROCUREMENT, EMAIL MARKETING SYSTEM, ENTERPRISE ECOMMERCE..
See Use Case: EDBMS Use Case Study

- All-in-One Office Solutions for all kinds of businesses for all kinds of Departments for all kinds of Applications.
myNet.Office is not only the high-end E-Commerce Ecosystem, but is also the Enterprise Database Management Information System, Cloud Database Application Software as a Service website.

Our Vision for Office: myNet.Office is an ecosystem all-in-one Office solutions for all kinds of Applications for all kinds of Businesses for all kinds of Departments.

=> Using myNet.Office, not only you can build the high-end E-Commerce System, but also you can build the Enterprise Database Management Information System, Cloud Business Database Application Software as a Service website. An Ecosystem all-in-one Office solutions for all kinds of Businesses for all kinds of Departments.

 myNet.OFFICE 2012
All-in-One Office Solutions

Things changed so fast. We can't afford to stay the same. DID YOU?
myNet.OFFICE constantly updated, improved, and designed in R&D using the latest high-end Cloud Web Technologies, new UI (User Interface) Technologies.

Website is the office. Do it yourself. Take control. Save time and money.

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What can I do with myNet.OFFICE


- Keep learning.
- Keep improving.
- Keep changing.
- Keep innovate.
- Keep collaborating.

- Web Development costs a lot of Time and Money. The more time spent, the more development cost increased.
Question: Is there any software, tool that helps you BUILD & MAINTAIN quickly powerful E-commerce, online Business, cloud Database Application with many features in 5 days?
Dateline: 40 hours or 5 working days.
=> Because that much for the Budget, Clients paid. If you delivered late 5 days, you lost: 1000$. A month late? Your lost = 4000$.  So what software? Good luck.
=> myNet.Office, myNet.Dbase  - All-in-one Office solutions for Company local and global Offices and Departments.
=> We have the design for you. See: Database Management Information System, Database Application System, RDBMS Case Study

=> Can you trust a Database Architect to design Database Management Information System (RDBMS) or Database Software Application (DSA), or Management Information System (MIS), but who didn't understand, and can't design the database schema???  It is like you talk to the (wrong) Architect, who said can build the building, but can't draw the architecture blue print of the building. Even worst, did not understand the drawing architecture of the building

- Using myNet.Office, you could build a high end pro E-Commerce website, a high-end cloud Database Business Application in 5 days.
You run online business. Keep depending on people to build & maintain. Can't do-it-yourself. You lost control of your business, your data, back and forth with developers, waste of time and money. When you can't afford to pay any more. Developers left the office. No tools for you to maintain. Your online business is useless, dead. Good luck.
=> That's why a lot of businesses can't build their E-Commerce. Can't sell online. Can't build Database Application. Keep depending on others.

Picture: Cloud myNet.Dbase to build E-Commerce database, and RDBMS database back end. We used the latest new UIs (User Interface), new Cloud Web Technologies.

What are main features in myNet.Office All-in-One Office Solution? Do-it-yourself:

1) E-Commerce: You think E-commerce is just a website sell online, Shopping Cart. Done. We wish! You need good database backend like myNet.Dbase in order to do: Order Management, Customer Management, Invoice Management, Data Analytics, Data Management. Calculate: Orders, Invoices, Total_Sales, Taxes, Shipping..
Did your E-Commerce website has databases for: Customers, Invoices, Products, Orders, Order Detail, Suppliers, Employees... ?

2) Member Collaboration: Members, Customers Login and Collaborate: Order History - Member Login Pay Invoice - Member Update Account Info - Member Add New Credit Card, new Shipping Address - Member Check Coupons, Promotions - Member Track Shipping, Orders - Member Refer New Friends - Member Submit Register Form, Donation Form - Member Customer Feedback - Member Customer Product RMA and Support...

3) Email Marketing, eCampaigner: Send email, launch eCampaign to Members, Customers in Customers database, Contact List... eCampaign Up / Cross Selling...You can track if customers, members open email or not.

4) myNet.Office Other Tools: Editor myNet.Word, Shopping Cart Tool, Product Catalog Design Tool, Blog Design Tool, Album Design Tool, Smart Form Builder Tool, Email Notification Tool.
Ask: - Can I Create a new Product Catalog by myself? - Can I Update Unit Price, Upload Product Photos for my Product Catalog? - Can I Create and Setup online payment: Paid By PayPal, Paid By Credit Card, Paid By Check, Paid By Cash for Customers? - Can I Create a webpage Products, Update a webpage by myself? - Can I Create a webpage Contact Us with menu navigation automatically created for Contact Us page? - Can I Create a database form Customer Feedback, Member Registration Form, Make Appointment form by myself? - Can I Setup an Email Notification with company Logo, Messages sent out to customers and Staff after they check-out or submit form? - Can I Create a Photo Album at my Homepage? - Can I Create PR, What Is News for my website? - Can I Create a Blog, Update Blog at my website? ... The list Ask Questions keeps going...

5) Order By Phone, Pickup Order, In-house Order: Use the same database. Enter orders same database for easy to Maintain: Orders, Order Delivery, Products Inventory...

6) Affordable Cost: myNet.Office is affordable, do-it-yourself, self-maintain, no web skills (Grade 12). Fast Web Development Time, site is finished in 5 days / 40 hours.

Enterprise Database Management Systems for different business needs. Such as:
Video Rent Store, Business Database Application - Employee Time Sheet System - Customers Sales and Leads Management System - Track Customer Order Software System - Warehouse and Parts Distribution Systems - Business Document Management System - Customer Relationship Management System (CRM) - Manufacture's Product Problems and Issues Tracking Software System - Parts Order, Items & Inventory Control System - Project Management System - Consulting, Clients, Projects, Resources Software System - Agent, Customers, Leads, Activities System - Micro Supply Chain Management System...
Database Management System Case Study: RDBMS Case Study

myNet.Office is the high-end E-Commerce Ecosystem, the Enterprise Database Management Information System website. All-in-One office solutions.

Picture: A typical high-end E-Commerce with RDBMS database back-end  build by myNet.Office