The Power of the Net is Connect and Collaborate.

How To Design Members Create / Add Partners, Add Referrals, Add more Customers... Using Office Collaboration.

We are improving UI / UX / GUI in the new version.

Add Referrals is only one collaboration of many Net Collaborations that Office Collaboration can do.

=> Traditional referral is not working. That's why no referrals, less referrals, because when people refer you someone, it is only 40% of finishing the deal. Your Sales & Marketing people will have to take over the rest 60% of sales & marketing to make the referrals buy in your products & service. => You need Office Net Collaboration. It takes only 5 minutes to do 10 referrals. Don't believe? => We will show you how here.

- Why traditional referral failed? No referrals, less referrals.
- For example, David knows 10 friends and relatives that could need your products & services. David talked good things & mentioned and referred them your business. => Not enough. Sales is NOT that simple. - Moreover, few of referrals will not buy now, but will buy in future.- And few of them already customers of another business. - And few of them need more info....

- Thus to convince them, and make them become your real customers,
David knows that he has to do more talking, more back & forth with referrals, back & forth with you, follow up the referrals, time consuming, like a Sales & Marking Representative. => Busy life, time consuming, not his business, so he gave up.

As you see, David did tell his referrals about your business, and refer them to your business. But his referrals did not come to your business because traditional referral is not efficient, not effective, not working. => That's why no referrals, less referrals. In traditional referrals, when David gives up, as a result, * Not only your business has lost the contacts of valuable leads, but also you lost the opportunity to introduce yourself to referrals, to make first connection, to talk to his referrals, let them know you have better price & service, to expand your customer base, all for long term benefits.*

=> Why traditional referral failed? - Traditional referral is done in a small scale. David has to do 100% of sales & marketing work. - Time consuming, back & forth with referrals, back & forth with business. - Different referrals had different reasons. - The business doesn't have tool to collaborate with David. Let David do all the work. - David has no time, not his business. No mechanism to rewards the referrals. - CAN'T GET THE CONTACT LIST OF REFERRALS. => THAT'S WHY TRADITIONAL REFERRAL FAILED.

- Office Net Collaboration changed the way of Referrals. Take only 5 minutes.
- David
achieved task of referral not 1 but 10 people in only 5 minutes quick & fast, no need back & forth like traditional referrals. While traditional referral only refers people who may need product & service now. Using Office Net Collaboration, David referred all of them regardless, including people may need service & product now. People may need in future. People already  were customers of other businesses. People need more info... Then David put a small notes about their status.  => All he needs is login your Office Business website, and enter the names, contacts of 10 referrals. DONE. => David hands over the rest responsibility of sales & marketing to you.
=> Took David less than 5 minutes to enter the name of his referrals. He completed 40% of referral work. He gave you contacts of referrals = very important
.  =>  All you want is the Contact List of Referrals.

=> Now you have the contact of the referrals. => Now, Your Sales & Marketing people help David by taking over the rest 60% of sales & marketing work to make referrals become your real customers.

- What's next?  - You use:
- Office Collaboration
to create a collaboration called: Member Login Get Coupon/ Promotion/ Gift/ Reward to give David some rewards. => Use Office Email to notify David login to get rewards, Thank You notes. When David login your Office Business Website, he gets his gift, reward, discount service ... 
- Office Database keeps all contact list of referrals in database. Your Staff, Sales & Marketing people at home, from anywhere, anytime, login Office Business Website, then collaborate, work, make notes, update on Referrals Contact List database.
- You use
Office Email Marketing launch email eCampaign on contact list your promotion, coupon, discount ...

=> Office Collaboration made easy for David to do referrals, add more customers, help business grow.

- Office Collaboration

- Use the Net for getting referrals fast.

- Traditional referrals failed.  => Not efficient, not effective, not working.

Only the Net has the power to reach people big scale, anywhere, anytime, and gather people big crowd.

- Most small & medium businesses
hardly afford Sale Representative.

- Referrals not only didn't cost Time & Money, but also are the most effective Sales & Marketing.

An indirect powerful Sales Force of People. We must leverage its potential. 

We give you the tool. We also give you the ideas. You leverage the Power of Net Collaboration.

- Use Office Collaboration,
it takes only 5 minutes to do referrals.

Doing Business in the Internet Age, in the new Digital World, we must be more creative & innovative. Only the Net has the power to help us reach people big scale, anywhere, anytime, and gather people big crowd. Your small & medium sized business doesn't have such power.  That's WHY we must leverage the power of the Net. The Net has played a very important role to grow business, and expand business.

What is Member Collaboration Add, Add New Partners, Add New Referrals, Add something...?

In Social Media, Members add Contacts, add Friends. Here, members add Partners, add Referrals. Add New Partner, New Referrals Collaboration is a tool for your customer, member, when they login your website as members, they can refer their friends, family, add new referrals, new partners for your business.

Add New Partners, New Referrals Collaboration
is a complex design for even experienced web developer to design.

Now, using OFFICE, not only you can create new collaboration, but also you can Do It Yourself in 20 minutes. No programming. Let not judging us yet. Let's see if we tell you the truth or not.  

Case Study

Specially for home based businesses, small and mid sized businesses, a matter of fact, more businesses are created by referrals, by people referring. Unlike other types of advertising, sales & marketing cost a lot of Time & Money, thousands, tens of thousands. Referrals not only didn't cost Time & Money, but also are the most effective sales & marketing. => Company needs a tool that lets customers, members add new partners to expand more businesses, using customers, people, family, relatives, friends as indirect powerful Sales Force of People, who are: family, relatives, partners, friends, customers, members, even strangers ...
There are customers don't refer, don't bother, this doesn't mean, they don't want. => Because you don't create a good condition. => And ** You don't have a tool ** for them to do referrals.
=> And you don't ask, don't collaborate with people, such as, let people know you need referrals, and reward them. For example, you say :"- If you refer someone, we will give you this free service, this discount 50%, and your referrals get this % discount as well. All you need to do is login our website, and enter the name of your referrals. Less than 5 minutes. Done." 

Business Referrals back in the old days...face to face, meeting, back & forth.... Referrals in tradition, back & forth, took long long time... a lot of phone calls, a lot of meetings, a lot of back & forth. Thus less referrals...inefficient.

=> Like back in the old days, to make friend, you have to do a lot of talking, phone, meetings, back & forth a lot of times... Thus people have less friends. People are shy to make friends. Impossible or take years to make 100 friends. Now thanks to Social Media Network, people sitting at home, no need to travel around the world, can have thousand of friends over the world... Technology has changed the way we connect, and open society.

=> Traditional referral is not working. That's why no referrals, because when people refer you someone, it is only 40% of finishing the deal. Your Sales & Marketing people will have to take over the rest 60% of sales & marketing to make the referrals buy in your products & services.

We used to meet customers and ask them help for referrals. But on the Net, there are tens of thousands customers, all over places. It is impossible to meet face-to-face all of them to ask for referrals. We don't even know their faces.

Let your members, customers do the referrals. Give them tool, make it easy for them to refer people. 
 This tool Office Collaboration gives customers a quick send email and add new members.
HOW? All the customers, members, people need to do referrals is : 1) Login your website. Fill names of their referrals, friends, family... Done. Less than 5 minutes. => Your Sales and Marketing people will take over the rest. Fast & simple & easy.
Without this tool, they must meet you ... back & forth you many times ... wasting time. Thus they will be less willingly do it for you. => You don't want people wasting their time to do sales & marketing for you. When people refer you someone, it is only 40% of finishing the deal. Your Sales & Marketing people will take over the rest 60% of sales & marketing to make the referrals buy in your products & services.

- Use Office Collaboration getting referrals fast & easy. And it does not cost business a lot of Time & Money doing this.
=> Traditional referral is not working That's why no referrals, because when people refer you someone, it is only 40% of finishing the deal. Your Sales & Marketing people will take over the rest 60% of sales & marketing to make the referrals buy in your products & services. 
 => A powerful indirect Sales Force of People. We must leverage its potential.

A true story of a Business.
By nature,
good things come around, go around. People get helps by others, and want to help others, so that they can help their family, help their business, help contribute values to society.

=> Every one, at some times, got help from some ones
(= customers, members, friends, relatives, family, even strangers). We, businesses and people, all got help from some ones, from some where. - Today we help some ones. Tomorrow some other ones (maybe not from the ones we helped) help us. Many big businesses got help when they first started their business.

=> The reason we talk about help is that Referral is about help. Help is not always about the money. => That's why, a matter of fact, more businesses are created by referring. Referrals not only didn't cost Time & Money, but also are the most effective sales & marketing. 

=> A true story: A customer, one good day, she logged on Office website of a business. She entered 10 referral people to this business, including their phones, names, email, who are her friends, family, relatives. It took her only 5 minutes. It didn't cost her Time & Money, any things. Fast & simple & easy. Anyone can do like this. She didn't tell the business owner that she did the referrals. She knows the business owner will know from his Office site. A surprise for him. The business owner knew when he login his Office site.

- He login his Office site. Use Office Collaboration tool. => Then rewarded her and her referrals properly
=> Email notification sent out let her know the gift. => She logged in the business owner 's Office website, got her own the rewards, and thank you notes.

The process of referrals & rewards is made easy, simple, and done automatically by Office Collaboration Tool. Customers, people, friends, relatives of the business owner also log in his Office site,  give him so many referrals.
=> This business owner said:
People do referrals when they feel liked. You have to reward them properly."  Sometimes, you asked they did not do. They forget. They have busy life. 
=> So you have to make
doing referrals easy, convenient, comfortable, and anywhere, any time (when people feel liked at Home, in Party, at Work, on vacation.. at night, after closed business hours, weekend, week nights...) for people when they want to do referrals.

- For example, when people at the party, they know some one may need your products & services.. => They can log in your website, and post the name of referrals right away. They don't have to wait until meeting you, back & forth with you. Waste of time. Take a long time. Then they forget.

=> Time after time, this business's database of referrals has increased to thousand of contact referrals. And this doesn't cost the business a lot of time. Office Collaboration will take care referrals for him.

The Design problems - Website is static. Can't do business. Developer is gone or will change more money.

There is no in-house web developers  available. Contact them, they said will take a lot of time to design and code. Charge high consulting fees.

There is no tool available. When design, the web developers did not design a generic tool so that you can Do-It-By-Yourself. They design customized. Which means next time you need, you depend on them to re-design another interface.  

Not all web developers can do this. Or it will take a lot of time for them to build database, tools back end ... in order to support.

The benefits of Member Collaboration Add new Referrals, new Customers

- Give customers, members a tool to make referrals easy. With this tool, all they need to do is: Login your website -> Click on Member Add New Partners, Referrals. DONE!

- Multiply referrals. Customers refereed other customers, and other customers are referred by other customer, and multiply. Thus you have a powerful sales force of people. This number will multiply very quickly.

- Get help from members, customers. Customers always want to help your business success. They are your good sales representatives. Reward them.

- Grow Business Contact List very fast.

 => Traditional referral is not working. That's why no referral, because when people refer you someone, it is only 40% of finishing the deal. Your Sales & Marketing people will take over the rest 60% of sales & marketing to make the referrals buy in your products & services. That's why you need people login website, and enter the names, contacts in database system. Take people only 5 minutes to enter 10 names. So simple. => You don't want people wasting their time to do sales & marketing for you. Your Sales & Marketing people will take over the rest of sales & marketing.

You just need to get the names, contacts, phone, email of referrals in database system in order to nurture referrals. => That's why Office Collaboration by design also keeps Notes, Date & Time, History, Names + Contacts + Phones, Emails in its database system.

Use Office Database, you, staff can expand your Contact Referrals Database by adding more fields in database, such as: Notes, History, Address of Referral, Referral Profile, Names of Sales Person who take care this referral, Update Referral Status...

: For Developers, for big businesses, big organizations, You can expand, scale big this Database System by creating, adding more database Tables having Relationship like seen in the Diagram, Schema. And we already show you HOW-TO BUILD ENTERPRISE RELATIONSHIP DATABASE WITH MANY RELATIONSHIP TABLES here. Make it become a powerful Database Lead Generators Referrals System = Big Scale Enterprise Database System connecting to Customers Database System, Invoice Database System, E-Campaign Sales & Marketing Database System.
For most small & medium size businesses, people no web skill,
1 database Table is GOOD ENOUGH, like in this example. Just add extra fields in the table even after the table was created, like In-house Notes, Address, Name of Sales & Marketing who take care of this referral.  GOOD ENOUGH. ** We don't want to make it complexity.  **
The Sales & Marketing people will take over the rest sales & marketing, and take notes, remember, use, share, collaborate the contact, and sales & marketing for the long term benefits.
- For example, take people, business a lot of time to find the contact, the phone, email of a customer. => Train staff use database.
=> Most businesses do business without Customer Database, a database system, like Office Database. This is problem. => Train staff use database. 
=> Ask: - Can you remember 10 customers phone number, email? CAN YOU? => Train staff use database.

** Member Collaboration Add New Referrals will grow your membership, your customers, your Business Contact List very quickly. Since the contact list is in the centralized Office Cloud Database, your staffs, from anywhere, any cities, any countries, can share, collaborate, contact people in contact list.

=> Can Office Collaboration help business get a lot of deals fast like the business in the story?

-  We give you the tool, Office Collaboration. => Up to you leverage its potential, the power of collaboration. Office Collaboration is Local Social Collaboration Network. Most referrals, clients, customers of mom & pop stores, small and mid sized businesses are in local.

** IMPORTANT ** Add Referrals is only one collaboration of many Net Collaborations that Office Collaboration can do.
Referrals not only didn't cost Time & Money, but also are the most effective Sales & Marketing.

- The indirect powerful Sales Force of People.
- Getting referrals fast, less time.  
- We give you the tool. You leverage
the power of Member Collaboration.

=> Talking, shaking hands are not enough, not effective, not efficient. From ear through another ear, people forget! Busy life.

=> Get contact info, Names, Phones, Emails in Lead Generators Database System for Sales & Marketing, for long term benefits, for nurturing.

=> You don't want people wasting their time to do sales & marketing for you. Your Sales & Marketing people will take over the rest of sales & marketing.


To make Member Referrals more effective & happy, you should reward members, customers who refer other people to you. Use Office Collaboration to make a Collaboration = Give Coupon / Promotion / Points / Gifts Reward Customer. When login, they will get coupon, free services, promotion. Each person will have different gifs, coupon, promotion, or free of service designed for them ... This also attracts more people, more customers logon your website and get coupons, promotion...

*** VERY IMPORTANT ***  People, customers, members ... who refer their family, friends ... to you, although they don't want any return gifts, money, coupon, FREE STUFFS ... from you... But you should give them something to show your thank you & appreciation for their referrals. => We human nature like gifts, coupon, free stuffs ....
=> If some one help you then you should return your appreciation back. Only website like Office Collaboration can do this work for you. Because it is hard for the people who refer someone to your business say this: "- Oh, I just referred you my friends, can you give me something? " Moreover, a lot of business owners are shy to ask for referrals. => That's why your business need Office Collaboration like middle man do this kind of work for you.
- Office Collaboration as a middle man of Referrals between Business and Customers, Members, Partners.


Applications of Member Collaboration Add

Depending on your creativity, Use ADD COLLABORATION to design:

ADD EXTRA ADDRESSES, SHIPPING ADDRESS, members login your website to add extra Shipping Address. Like DELL or FUTURE SHOP site.


ADD YOUR WISH LIST, members, customers login and add their wish lists, like DELL and FUTUSHOP.

ADD REFERRALS, ADD PARTNERS, ADD CONTACTS.., members login website add new contacts, refer more people for your business.

We will show you how to create this Member Collaboration step by step. 

Now, Let's Do It.

Define Member Collaboration Components. We need 3 components: Database Source, Attribute, and Task.

1)  Member Collaboration Source Information -> Create new database table.

It is the database table in order to store information of collaboration, which is member's referrals. Must create a new database table named: x_member_add_partners (any name ok). - Next, do the data collection. You must define the table structure, table fields, the table key. And the table must have the EMAIL field that is used as   Member Collaboration Key.

ee: *** How to create a Webpage with dynamic Menu, a Web Database of My_Support_Center, a Smart Form with Email Notification, an Upload Files Form, Resume Database without database programming, no web skills, all in 15 minutes ***  

Fields or Member Collaboration Attributes: with ( * ) is required. Other fields are not important, you may remove or change or add extra fields

Table Fields or Columns Data Type Description
*** ID int not null auto_increment primary key - Since you don't know what primary key used for this table, just use key name = ID and Data type = int not null auto_increment is ok. Which means that every time a member add a new member, the row record will auto increase to 1.
- This ID is used as table's Primary Key.
*** EMAIL varchar(50)
Used for Member Collaboration Key. Must use name EMAIL
- Is the Customer EMAIL of the customer or member who refer this new member. The reason you use the EMAIL because EMAIL is used as Member Collaboration Key. Thus knowing their EMAIL, you can find out every thing about that customer.
- This EMAIL is used as Member Collaboration Key. Because member used EMAIL to login your website.
PARTNER_FIRSTNAME varchar(20) - First Name of the new referral member has 20 characters long.
PARTNER_LASTNAME varchar(20) - Last Name of the new referral member has 20 characters long.
PARTNER_EMAIL varchar(40) - Email of the new referral member has 40 characters long. You need the email so that you can contact this member.
PARTNER_PHONE varchar(30) - Phone of the new referral member has 20 characters long. You need the phone so that you can contact this member.
PARTNER_COMPANY varchar(30) - Company of the new referral member has 20 characters long.
SIGNUP_DATE Date - The Date that of this new referral member is referred to you. The exist member who refers this new member must input the data.
SUBJECT_INTEREST varchar(200) - The exist member, who refers this new member, enters few notes to explain why this new member is interested in your products or services. It has 200 characters long. Such as, "- John Smith is interested in this service ABC from your company.."
INTEREST_PRODUCTS_SERVICES Set ( 'Cryptopology', 'Hosting Server XP 35', 'Solidus Keyboard', 'Dell Notebook', 'Software Product', 'Ebusiness Services',
'Consulting Services', 'Training Services', 'Onsite Services'),
- It is the SET of your products and services that the referral partners like to know. For example, John Smith is the existing member, he knows George may be interest in become a partner. John adds George as partner and also select one or many your products and services
NOTES  varchar (200) Extra notes from the existing member John about George a new partner.
OFFICE_NOTES Text - For office used only. A history of follow up this new referral member is update by you in-house staffs. It is office used only. Since it is Text, it can hold up to more than 60000 characters.
NOTE You do not show or include this field as Member Collaboration Attributes in the form for member to enter.

You can always delete or add more fields. Make sure fields with ( *** ) are not removed or must have.

Next, define the Member Collaboration Attribute, which is the fields of this table. In general, what do you need to collect information about new referral members.

2) Member Collaboration Attributes - The columns of the fields of the database source.
It is the fields or columns of x_member_add_partners, the data you need to collect information of new referral members.. Such as: PARTNER_FIRSTNAME, PARTNER_LASTNAME... You may not need all the fields in the database table.

3) Member Collaboration Task = ADD / CREATE / NEW (same task)
Every time, you want members to add some thing, such as: Member Add New Address, Member Add New Credit Car Number (like in DELL, FUTUSHOP), Member Add New Member. Then Member Collaboration Task or Command = ADD is applied. You will select the Add task when you setup collaboration.

- In collaboration, EMAIL is the Member Collaboration Key.
It is the field EMAIL of the login member who refers the new member. Just make sure the table you create contain field EMAIL of member.
Because EMAIL on the Net is used as the USER ID for that member to login. It is like Member Key to distinguish between members John Smith and David Smith. It is different with Primary Key of the table that is used to distinguish between records.

you have collected all info needed to design this Member Collaboration Add New Partners, New Referrals.

Let's do it.

Let's create the table = x_member_add_partners 

To create A Table named x_member_add_partners  to hold data, you must know basic SQL database command.

What is SQL? is Structured Query Language. It is used to communicate with database. It is a standard language for Relational Database Managements. Databases like ORACLE, MS SQL built in SQL. Learn SQL. Become myNet.Dbase Database Administrator:  Google Search for words: Learn basic SQL
SQL is, English-like language, easy to learn than learn database using interface like Ms ACCESS.
- Click here to learn SQL:

CREATE TABLE x_member_add_partners (
ID int not null auto_increment primary key,
email varchar(50),
Partner_FIRSTNAME varchar(20),
PARTNER_EMAIL varchar(40),
PARTNER_PHONE varchar (25),
PARTNER_COMPANY varchar (30)
INTEREST_PRODUCTS_SERVICES Set ( 'Cryptopology', 'Hosting Server XP 35', 'Solidus Keyboard',' Dell Notebook', 'Software Product', 'Ebusiness Services', 'Training Services', 'Consulting Services', 'Onsite Services'),
Notes varchar (200),

- Code is not case sensitive. SIGNUP_DATE or SIGNUP_DATE is same.

To create this database table, you must do:

- Login your Office website back end as Admin -> On the top menu, click Net.Dbase.

Copy and Paste the blue code in the [Code Area] in myNet.Dbase. Click [Submit SQL Code] button. It created the x_member_add_partners.
See picture.

Congratulation! you have just created a database table = x_member_add_partners in just 5 minutes.

Now, the table x_member_add_partners is create.

Go to next steps to create Member Collaboration Member Add New Partner.

Create Add New Partner Member Collaboration
  1. From topmenu [Collaboration] -> [Create New Member Collaboration] sub menu -> A Window Gui pops up, in this screen, first, enter:

    1) Member Collaboration Tasks = Add New Partner. 2) Title = Member Add New Partner. 3) Select Member Collaboration Table = x_member_add_partners, from the pull down list of all tables. 4) Description: Enter more details explain for member to understand what about.

  2. Next, click Next button in Step 1. You is prompted the screen interface of step 2. In this screen, you select one of the Member Collaboration Task = List. Click to next screen of final step 3.

  3. Finally, in step 3, you select fields for Member Collaboration Attribute and click arrow ( -> ) to put selected fields in the right column. Then click OK button. DONE! Congratulation, you have just created another difficult Member Collaboration Add New Partner in just 10 minutes.

    Picture: Final step 3 of collaboration to assign fields for Member Collaboration Attributes.
    You can edit, delete, or modify these fields from table x_property used to store these collaboration property.

Congratulation! You have just created a complex Member Add New Partners collaboration in just 10 minutes. DONE!


The Result of Member Collaboration Add New Partners, New Referrals

When customers, members login your Office website, they will see the collaboration from the Left Menu.

Office Member Collaboration Tool
automatically generates this screen that has a Form that let members ADD new partners. A List always comes with Member Collaboration ADD in order to list data after added new Partner.

Picture: When Customers, Members login your website will see this [Add New Partner Screen] Office Member Collaboration Tool.

- Member with email= logins and click on left menu Add New Partner.
He enters data, fills the form. Then clicks on [Submit] button. The new partner = Robert is added in the list right away.
- The List is maintained by the member
. He can edit, send email or delete this Robert partner.

List Action: Edit
, Email , Delete , Sort , Not Display That Column

A different Look and Feel of Member Collaboration Add New Referrals New Partners

A different Look and Feel of Member Collaboration Add New Referrals New Partners

- Members: in this picture, Login his account, see Member Home,
can Edit the list, and Email people he referred. So far, he referred 3 his friends.
- Admin: Login back end website, open the database table = x_member_add_partners will see all referrals.
- Larry M, Hello Pan, John Smith
all referred by member ddanprops @

=> In this example, we just make it simple. You can make it more details by adding more Collaboration Attributes
(Fields, like PARTNER_PHONE, SIGNUP_DATE ...) in Collaboration Source (= Database Tables)

Analyze the Member Collaboration ADD result screen

Looking at the screen, you can see:

- The Member Collaboration Task =
Add New Partner is created as a menu item in the left menu.

- The Title = Member Add New Partner displays as title on the top new [Member Home]

- The Description =
If you know any people ... displays under next line.

The Member Collaboration Attributes like ID, EMAIL, selected, are used to generated the form. ID = the Primary Key of the table, and the member email = used as the Member Collaboration Key these two keys can't be changed or modified. Fields are required. Enter x if N/A. After submit, data is inserted in table x_member_add_partners.
- When ever you use Add Collaboration, it will create a FORM + a LIST.

- The FORM is created by auto generated by Member Collaboration Tool by looking up the Member Collaborate Attribute fields.

- The LIST is used to display right away all partners of this member when ever this member adds a new partner. This LIST is different from the List of Member Collaborate Task = LIST. In column [Action] of this LIST has 3 icons commands.

Picture: After ADD, a record of new Partner is saved in table x_member_add_partners. If Admin wants to contact Mr. Robert, he clicks on icon email.
The Action command in the List of Member Collaboration List

The List Edit 
When the member want to edit or change information about Partner Email, Partner Phone.. of its partner Robert H, he/she clicks on ID = 2 row. It will open an edit interface. So that this member can change the info.

Picture: When Members click on Edit icon
from the LIST will show this Edit screen that allows member to modify the info of Partners.
The check boxes are auto checked
for the previous selections. Member updates info, re-check check boxes. Then click [UPDATE] button. Click [<Back] button to go back previous main screen.

The List Email

Click on the Action =  Email icon  from the List will pop up this quick Email screen that lets this member sends a quick message to his partner after he added him as Become A Partner in list.

The List Delete 
The Action Delete is used by the member to delete item from the list.
For example, let's say the member sent email to the partner Robert, informed him he is added become a partner. But he doesn't like. Then this member can delete him from the list. When click on Delete, it asks again to make sure to you want to delete. Then it deletes that item.
NOTE: You may add an extra filed named STATUS = ENUM of ( "accepted", "not sure", "no thanks") in this table. Just in case the partner Roberts answers not sure.

Design Add Collaboration is not easy even for web programming developer. However, you can design this advanced collaboration for just 2 steps:
1) Create a new table = x_member_add_partners.
2) Use Member Collaboration Tool. -> Follow 3 steps to create a new collaboration. Done. No web programming.

How To Apply Add Collaboration to create more applications, for example: Add New Shipping Addresses, Add New Credit Cards, Add New Items, Add New Partners and Referrals, Add Your Wish List...In Social Network Sites use Add Collaboration widely, for example, members Add New Connections, Add New Partners...

Member Collaboration Add New Referrals will grow your membership, customers, your Contact List very quickly. Since the contact list is in the database, your staffs can share, collaborate, contact them.

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