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How To Design Update / Edit / Change Account Information Collaboration

Update Account Information
Collaboration is a complex design  for even experienced web developer to design.
Now, using myNet.OFFICE, not only you can create new collaboration, but also you can Do It Yourself.

Case Study
The business needs customers login to update their Account Information, Credit Card, Delivery Address, Billing Address.. Also, there are other data that also needed customer login to update their data. There is no in-house web developers. You contact them, they said few days could be week. Labour is also very expensive too.

The Problems
There is no in-house web developers  available. Contact them, they said will take few days. Charge high consulting fees.
There is no tool available. When design, they don't design a generic tool so that you can Do-It-By-Yourself. They design customized. Which means next time you need, you depend on them to re-design another interface.  

What do you do? Here is what you can do:

1) Forget about it. Give up. Nothing we can do about this. Out of our control. No update. Leave it. Negative!
2) Bring in Web Developers Consulting as full-time staff, who can do serious programs. They design customized things the way you want. Make sure they design tools so that in case they leave you can handle the site by yourself. Yes it is costly but it is a big ROI if compared with the budget you spend for real office. Positive.
3) Learn myNet.Office. Do it yourselves. Take control your website. Positive!

What is Update Account Information Member Collaboration ?

Update Account Information Collaboration is used for members login to update their information. The information could be: ADDRESS, TAXES, PHONE, ADDRESS BILL TO, CREDIT CARD NUMBER... Any information in table x_customer where stores customer's registration, you want customers to update. Or any information in any the table you create that contains customer information, you want customer to update. This is the most popular collaboration after Order History List.
To create this Member Collaboration there are 2 steps 1) Define Collaboration Components 2) Setup Collaboration.
Now, Let's Do It.

Define Its Member Collaboration Components

Member Collaboration Source Information - The Table

- It is
the table x_customer that stores all info about the new referral members. It could be any table. But in this case it is x_customer.
See table
 x_customer .

Member Collaboration Key
It is the field EMAIL of the login member who refers the new member. The table  x_customer has contained this field. Just make sure the table you edit contain field EMAIL of member. Because EMAIL on the Net is used as the USER ID for that member to login. It is like Member Key to distinguish between members John Smith and David Smith. It is different with Primary Key of the table that is used to distinguish between records.
- The only table you create that don't need Member Collaboration Key is when you use Task = Broadcast. For example, you create a table pub_promotion for all members login will see the same promotion: In December Shipping Is Free. In this case, you don't need EMAIL field in this table.

Member Collaboration Attributes
It is the fields or columns of table x_customer, the data you want members update their info.
You can change the fields Member Collaboration Attributes by editing table x_property that stores all property of this collaboration.

Member Collaboration Task
It is the Tasks = Edit or Update.
Every time, you want members to Update or Edit , such as: Edit Member Account Profile, Update Password, Edit Credit Card Number, Update Delivery Address, Update Billing Address....
Steps to Create Update Account Information Member Collaboration

To  create Add New Partner Collaboration, you need to do 2 things:

1) There is no need to Create a new Table because member account information is in the table x_customer. However, to make it more exciting, in this setup we will add an extra column name INTEREST_PRODUCTS_SERVICES. This field contains your company's products and services. Its data type is SET.
2) Create Add Collaboration. You use myNet.Office Member Collaboration Tool 

Let's Go to the Setup.
Add extra field INTEREST_PRODUCTS_SERVICES into table x_customer

You define data type = SET for INTEREST_PRODUCTS_SERVICES. It has value: 'Keyboards', 'Ebusiness Consulting', 'DELL XP-2190 Server' , 'myNetOffice', 'Hosting Services', 'Development Services', 'Compaq Notebook', 'Training Services'
To add an extra field or column in table x_customer is very simple. Open myNet.Dbase.-> In right side, select Action = ADD EXTRA COLUMN. Then follow its steps by steps.
You can also use database script ADD new field in a table = x_customer.
Alter table x_customer Add INTEREST_PRODUCTS_SERVICES Set
Create Update Account Member Collaboration
  1. From topmenu [Collaboration] -> [Create New Member Collaboration] -> A Window Gui pops up, in this screen, first, enter:
    1) Member Collaboration Tasks = Update Account Info. 2) Title = Member Update Your Account Information. 3) Select Member Collaboration Table = x_customer from the pull down list of all tables. 4) Description: Enter more details explain for member to understand what about.
    - You have seen this interface, so we don't need to display again.
  2. Next, click Next button in Step 1. You is prompted the screen interface of step 2. In this screen, you select one of the Member Collaboration Task = Edit. Click to next screen of final step 3.
    - You have seen this interface, so we don't need to display again.
  3. Finally, in step 3, you select fields for Member Collaboration Attribute and click arrow ( -> ) to put selected fields in the right column. Then click OK button. DONE! Congratulation, you have just created another difficult Member Collaboration-> Update Account Info in just 10 minutes.

    Picture: Final step, you choose fields you want member to update info for Member Collaboration Attribute.

It is DONE. CONGRATULATIONS!, you have just created a complex Update Account collaboration in just 2 steps.

The Result of Update Account Information Collaboration

myNet.Office Member Collaboration Tool
automatically generates this screen that has a Form that let members to update information.

Picture: This is [Update Account Info Screen]. Member logins click on left menu Update Account Info.


Other Applications of Edit/Update Collaboration

Depending on your creativity, You use EDIT/ UPDATE/ CHANGE Collaboration for :

EDIT or UPDATE Account, Addresses, Profile, Credit Card Info
EDIT or UPDATE or CHANGE Password, Email like DELL or FUTURE SHOP sites created.
Anything that has some thing to update or to change or to Edit information from a collaboration database source.

Design Edit/Update Account Information Collaboration is not easy even for web programming developer. However, as you see, you can design this kind of advanced collaboration for just 1 step. Done.
Everything is automatic. You don't need to design any screen.