- Working with Net.Office Cloud Enterprise Commerce designed simple for people with no web skills.

- Simple User Shopping Experience. Please answer 6 important questions:

Easy access to data & Data Analytics Is your Net Commerce website built-in Cloud Database access to Orders, Invoice, Customers, Products ...? Can it analyze data? Such as: What are your best sellers Products & Services?
How much did you pay for your E-commerce? The most important is - The Cost.
Create & Manage your E-commerce without help of Developers? Such as: Create new Product Catalog?
Scale up your Enterprise E-commerce to bigger scale for hundreds of thousands of people?
Cloud Print receipt: Can you E-commerce do this? Print receipt of orders online in pos printers of office desk & kitchen.
Simple & Easy E-commerce is about  for all kinds of businesses to sell & marketing, reach out to people in the Internet Age.

** NOTICE ** UI / UX / GUI / Screens have been improved, much different what you see in this article.

- How much do you charge if we need you to design a website like Net.Office: We will charge USD $ 50,000.
The current price for All-in-one Net.Office costs $999.0 - Net.Office Cloud Commerce in All-in-one Net.Office.


Loyal customers don't care where they buy your products and services, online or offline. Your business should make it easy for people to buy.

Why Office Cloud Commerce?

If you are in business, then you must have some Products and Services to sell.
Business can sell not only products but also sell services, any thing online.
myNet.Office Cloud Commerce is designed by simple, affordable, and Do-It-Yourself, no need web designer and web developer.

myNet.Office Cloud Commerce is Software as a Service (SaaS) designed using the new technology Cloud Computing.
Before, building an online Net Commerce cost tens of thousands. Now, Cloud Computing made software as a service affordable and powerful.

Why? Because the Cloud Computing commerce website gets the powerful resources, heavy duty web services, big networks, big servers from the Cloud Computing Hosting Data Center. Before Cloud Computing, building an online e-commerce, online store, you needed expensive hardware, server, network, and heavy duty back-end database licence software in order to provide good web services. Now you don't need that infrastructure because Cloud Computing Hosting Data Centre already had that infrastructure. Cloud Computing drove down the cost of network, hardware, software, licences, database, business commerce... That's why myNet.Office Cloud Commerce costs less.

"- The economics of cloud computing are driving down the cost structure of business so far and so fast that it’s scary.."  Google CIO Ben Fried says.
Read:  Google CIO Ben Fried Says Cloud Tipping Point Is At Hand.

** WHAT A HUGE LOST ** if businesses didn't take advantages of Cloud Computing!

myNet.Office Cloud Commerce has been used by home based businesses, small and mid sized businesses around the world.

- Build a big enterprise Relational Database (RDBMS) using Office Cloud Database. Click here

***** Is your Net Commerce website built-in a Cloud Database?

***** What customer said about using Office Cloud Commerce? Click here.

Can your business do this simple 101 Marketing Campaign. What is the campaign? - Answer: Click here.

Customer Shopping Experience

We will show you what happens, steps involved when a user shops at your site. And what happens to your databases after there was an user order check-out.
We design the ordering process as easy as possible so that non web skills like you can manage things easily.

- Wal-Mart order online and pickup. Mom and Pops businesses, small businesses should do the same thing big businesses doing.
- Do business in the Internet Age, we should be more creative & innovative in order to compete with big businesses.
- This idea is about:
Use Online Business reach out people anywhere, then bring them to your store.

• We use restaurant business as an example because it is simple. And if it can use this technology. Then any different type of  business can use this technology as well.

• See how Invoice, Customer, Order Detail database populated, and Shipping Fee, Taxes are calculated.

E-commerce should make
simple & easy for all kinds of businesses to operate & sell & marketing, and reach out to people.

Example of Office Cloud E-commerce Homepage.

- Net.Office E-commerce Homepage

Admin Login Net.Office Website

- From anywhere, Staff, Administrators, Employees login as Admin to use web services, such as: E-commerce, Pos, Database, Email Marketing ...
- Only you know where the URL of Admin Login page. Just like you login your Online Banking Account.
- In the system Admin Log will keep track & let you know Who, When, Date & Time, Location, I.P Address of that Staff login Net.Office website.
- It is a crime to hacking business website illegally, same as hacking to someone's business bank account.
- Usually, hackers don't care about your small business. Most hackers care are credit card number stored online.
- Big businesses do billions of dollars online. Small businesses should not worry about online business.


- Setup website = Open Space style = Use Setup Site Look & Feel tool to setup background Body & foreground Site same color.
- Use Album Manager to create Photo Album on the Top, and Banner on the Right. People mouse in can stop and click see one by one photo, and order.


- Product Catalog Display By Title.


Database Smart Form Submit

- You can design this form in 10  minutes. Customer data saved in database for sales & marketing. Customers want more, put in Description. Simple & Easy is our style.

- Shopping cart

- Checkout


- Net.Office Cloud Commerce has tool lets you setup:
Option, Add-on Prices.
- Mouse in photo resize photo bigger to its original size.
- Use Coupon bring people to website -> Then to your store.
- Just use Office Catalog to show your Products & Services is worth of money.

Product Add on Price Tool

- This is Net.Office Cloud Commerce Add-on Price Tool
for Japanese Soup in picture

Product Catalog Manager

- Product Catalog Manage
lets you manage a Group of Catalog, like Group = Special Soups display in picture. You can Edit, Delete, View, Add on Price (icon Plus), Add New Product in Catalog ...
- For example, a Catalog is Soup And Pho see Left Menu-> In this Catalog, you have many Groups, like ** Pho **, Japanese Noodle Soup, Special Soups ... In a group Catalog, like Special Soups, you have 7 ( can have hundreds of Products) Product Items, like Pho 88, ...


Net.Office Cloud Commerce Homepage


Net.Office E-commerce Catalog List By Description

- Net.Office E-commerce Catalog lists By Description. Customer just clicks on button [View By Description] when displaying By Title, and vs.


Search for Product Item by Title, by Description, by SKU

- Search for Product. It shows Promotion, Coupon


Net.Office E-commerce Catalog List By Title.

- Net.Office E-commerce Catalog list By Title. People can post Review

Catalog People Post Review. You control and manage the review to show or not to show using Review Manager


 Net.Office E-commerce Catalog list By Description

- Net.Office Commerce Shopping Cart - For all kinds of businesses

Checkout paid by Pay Pal

- Picture: Net.Office submit all register data at Check-out page, such as, Name, Address, Phone... to Pay Pal. Customer just needs to fill credit card number and click Pay button to pay.
=> Pay Pal takes care all money transaction SAFE & SECURE
. Peace of mind.
=> The website Sellers don't know the Buyers 's Credit card numbers. There are customers don't care, but there are customers don't like the website sellers know & keep their Credit card info & number.

Net.Office Commerce lets you setup different color, different Look & Feel for website

- Net.Office Ecommerce let you change any color for Background (light blue = red), Text (white = yellow), Background of website ( dark blue = white ) ...
- You can also control the size of website ...


- Net.Office Cloud Commerce Shopping Cart for all kinds of businesses.

Getting Started from: Steps 1 to Step 7 to Create website, E-commerce website

- Just follow from Step1 to Step 7, you will complete your website, e-commerce website. Usually, it takes 1 day.

Setup Website Look & Feel, color, size, font:

Net.Office lets you config your website different colors for Background, Font, Text ...

- Picture: Setup Site Look & Feel Tool. You also use it to insert keywords Search for SEO.

Net.Office Cloud Commerce Album Manager to Create Photo Album for website

- Lets you create Photo Album then insert in Home page, or any Webpage, in Product Catalog page. You can create Horizontal Album insert on Top or Vertical Album insert in right side website. See Homepage picture.
- You can create Album let people click and order.


Use myNet.Word and other tools to design web page Homepage, Albums

To design the Homepage -> Login back end website as admin -> Select myNet.Page -> Home Page -> Use myNet.Word to design Home page

Picture: How it looked when using myNet.Word to design the webpage Home page of myRestaurant.com.

HOW? Simple. You insert a table with 2 rows and 2 columns. Then type text, put pictures.

- Use myNet.Office Look and Feel Tool, to change color Background, Foreground, the page dimension, rounded corner.. of website.

- Use myNet.Office Album Manager Tool to create rotate Photo Albums the insert on the top page, and Banner on the right webpage. Photo Albums are built in Shopping cart. Allow people click on Album Photo and order. (See picture)

- Use myNet.Office Product Catalog Tool create a Product Catalog, like LUNCH AND DINNER, will also create a menu in the  Product Catalog Left  Menu Navigation. (See Homepage)

- When you create a webpage, like About Us, the Top Menu Navigation is automatic created for it. Menu nested sub-menu level 2. See picture menu = About Us

- You can also insert a Smart form, a Object Database Coupon List in this page.

- You can change different styles of Product Catalog Left Menu Navigation (12 styles), and Top Menu Navigation (10 styles).

The result myRestaurant.com Homepage with rotate Photo Album.

Example: The Restaurant - User visits the Home page from website MyRestaurant.com designed using myNet.Office

Picture: The Home page of myRestaurant.com created using myNet.Office editor tool myNet.Word.

User does a quick search and orders to find products they wants. Click to add Items into Shopping Cart.

Picture: Search products by different categories. Click on Title will jump to that product catalog. Click on picture on the right to see bigger picture.
They can search coupons, promotions... Click on [v] check box to add one or more items into shopping cart.

User can choose Orders from Product Catalog

myNet.Office Catalog has all features like [More], [File], [Coupon], [Video], [Feedback/Ask], [Review]...

Picture: This is Japanese Noodle Soup Product Catalog with 2 product items in the Catalog = SOUP & PHO having 2 categories = Japanese Noodle Soup and Pho.
Click on [ADD to CART] button to buy.

NOTE: The new design Product Catalog in myNet.OFFICE 2012 is much improved.

Product Catalog Features

• [More] = More information, description about this product.
• [File] = Picture, Word, Pdf files of this product.
• [Your Bid] = User can bid this item the price they want to pay.
• [Coupon] = If you have coupon discount for this item, it will show the coupon number and the discount. User uses it for shopping or bring in store.
• [Video] = Video, Media, You Tube file for this product.
• [Feedback/Ask] = Get free valuable consultation from customers. User's quick send email. User's email, message saved in database x_feedback_ask for product research.
• [Promotion] = for this product item.
• [Review] = Get free valuable customer's feedback. People post comments for this item. All comments saved in back-end database x_user_preview.

Picture: The Product Catalog [Review] screen. Where people, customers post their feedback / comments.

You can set, enable / disable these features by the tool used to create a product catalog.

myNet.Office Product Catalog Design Tool

Picture: myNet.Office Product Catalog Design Tool used to design product catalog.

The result of a product = Wendy Nails ... designed by myNet.Office Product Catalog Design Tool.

Another Product Catalog example: The Flower Shop

Picture: The Flower Shop

User can also choose to buy entertainment ticket online

2) Next, User adds product to the shopping cart

myNet.Office Shopping Cart lets user enter the Coupon number.

Picture: This is myNet.Office Shopping Cart

3) User click on button [Checkout>] to check-out

There is only one-step and one-check-out screen. User can enter up to 250 characters notes. For example, if you sell flowers, you can use this notes for customers.

Picture: myNet.Office One-Step One Check-out screen. Pay By is built in many different payment options. PP_Credit = Pay Pal. It has many different payment options.


• To customize what input field box you want to have. -> Open database Database x_shop_property (See if not clear click on the picture to zoom.) and select fields.
Example field: IS_PO_NUMBER = yes or no to have display this input box.
- Or to display the input [Delivery Tip] or not, you select the filed = IS_DELIVERY_TIP = yes or no in the database x_shop_property. (See)

• To customize [Pay By]: There are all different kinds of Payment Methods. You can also customize what Payment Methods you provide your Check-Out screen from x_shop_property.

• Payment Method: changes according to user selection. For example, if user select Pay By Credit then it will show boxes to enter Credit Card Name, Card Number, Card Expiration.. If you choose  not to use payment method, for example, Online Banking, open x_shop_property database -> Select field IS_ONLINE_BANKING = no
NOTE: - Online Banking is the payment method that lets customer paid no need credit card.

- Bill Me Later: Customer can pay later, such as after 30 days.

- Cash: Customer pays cash on the delivery or pickup.

- Get Quote, B2B Business: Customers select the product with Price = N/A ( =0) -> Check-out the order -> The Sales Rep received the quote email -> Do the quote -> Send email to the customers -> The customers login Member Home or My Account, select Order History -> Proceed the order if price ok. -> If not OK, the customers send email to the Sales Rep, continue negotiating the price. B2B customers use Get Quote all the time.

• To customize [In Local Delivery]: For local delivery based on Area Code, to provide the Area Code you want to delivery displayed in the box: [In Local Delivery]. You open database x_shop_property, enter the Area Code, like M2B 1A5, M3G 1A7, or P21900.. in the field = AREACODE_DELIVERY. It will check the AREA CODE DELIVERY to see if the customer order in that area code as well. It lets the customers know if they are not in that area.

• To customize [Shipping Priority] box: in order to provide the different type of Shipping Delivery you want to display in the box: [Shipping Priority]. You open x_shop_property database, enter the type of shipping you provide, like: Normal, Fast Delivery, Air Delivery... int the field = SHIPPING_PRIORITY.

• Last Order: The order last time this customer has ordered. In this case = null. New customer.

• It automatically creates new membership for new user after check-out. If it is returning user, from looking up email, it will ask this member login to checkout faster.

• It verifies and checks any missing required boxes if not enter.

• It verifies password manually.

Use Pay Pal for online business is easy, safe, and secure?

• Safe and secure: Pay Pal is very big, the biggest online payment, a multi-billions company, an eBay company, and used by eBay website. It handles millions and millions of online payments every day. Peace of mind for businesses and consumers know that Pay Pal take care all money transaction.

• Why?
- Is it safe and secure to let that small business and their staff know your credit card number and info that is saved in their computer system?
- VS. While Pay Pal's database and network system is powerful and hi-tech, with thousands of staff. Customers know that only Pay Pal know their credit card number. No one else, the business websites don't know customer's credit card info.

• Low user fee transaction: Compared to other online payment companies. Fraud insurance protection.

• Trust Issues: People may not trust to give their credit card number and info by phone. What if the staff or hackers steal credit card info.

- How Pay Pal works?

• Create Pay Pal account.
- Businesses create one or more Pay Pal account at Pay Pal website. It is free. Paid only there is a sales transaction. Any business, home based business, mom and pop's shop, no-registered business can create a Pay Pal account.

- Customers, the buyers, don't need to create account if they don't want. If they create Pay Pal account, next time to buy, they don't need to fill info like credit card number, address, phone ... again. Just login and paid. At the end of payment, Pay Pal will ask if customer want to create a Pay Pal account.

• Process online payment
- Customers made orders, bought products and services from a business website. When customers check-out and pay, the business website then transferred them to Pay Pal website for credit card payment. After customers paid at Pay Pal website, Pay Pal will withdraw money from from their credit card. If no money, transaction failed. If OK -> Pay Pal deposits money to the bank account of business owner's the website -> Pay Pal send email notification of invoice to both Business and Customer. DONE! The business owner didn't know your credit card number.

• Consumer Protection.
If the customers didn't receive any goods and services delivery from the website, the customers will file a complain with Pay Pal. Pay Pal had all info of that business account, such as: Address, Phone, Bank info...Pay Pal will launch the investigation. Pay Pal could refund for the customers because it has fraud protection.

4) User check-out click on [Continue Checkout Pay Pal] button, and transferred to Pay Pal secure payment website.

If user chooses other [Pay By] payment methods, like Pay By Cash, Credit Card, Bill Me Later... User sees button = [Complete Checkout]. It is finished.
But for Pay Pal payment method, user will see different button = [Continue Checkout PayPal] button. When click on it, user is transferred to Pay Pal website screen.


Picture: User is transferred to Pay Pal secure website screen where they will complete their payment.

• Look at the Pay Pal screen, we program to merge myNet.Office shopping cart to Pay Pal shopping cart. The logo is setup from database x_shop_property field = LOGO_URL.

• User just needs to click on Continue.

IMPORTANT: User doesn't have to login or sign in account with Pay Pal if they don't want to, or they forget their password.


Click Continue check-out at Pay Pal website - User asked to provide Credit Card information.

Again, we program to send user info like Name, Address, Phone... to Pay Pal website. At this screen, user only needs to enter their Credit Card information.

NOTE: Many websites can't build in Pay Pal as their payment methods because they don't know How-to program their Shopping Cart working with Pay Pal shopping cart.

Picture: User enters only Credit Card info at this Pay Pal website screen. Other information, like Name, Phone, Address.. are automatically filled by myNet.Office Shopping Cart.
It displays your Logo at the top make it more friendly.

- Even this user already had Pay Pal account. But he doesn't have to login to his Pay Pal account to pay.
Finally, User paid at Pay Pal Screen. Then click on button to return from Pay Pal website to your website - DONE!

IMPORTANT: At this screen, user needs to click on button [Please you must click here to return to our website]

Picture: Final payment Pay Pal screen. DONE!

- User don't have to create Pal Pal account. Pay Pal is secure online payment. If there is any thing wrong, the order will never go through. PAY PAL DONE!

- Pay Pal will send email to the buyers and the website sellers the invoice.
User returns to your website after click on Pay Pal Return to Website button.

Now, this user can login. Click on Member Collaboration [Order History] to see the invoice. Or click on [Order Tracing] to track where is the delivery will arrive.

Picture: The return to the myRestaurant.com website from Pay Pal website after complete payment at Pay Pa website.
This official invoice is sent to both User and in-house Staff

Picture: Use received this Invoice in his yahoo email. .

NOTE: You can change the Logos (default is ours), customize email Message, the Subject, the email To, From, CC, BCC.. in this email sent to user from database x_email_manager.
The Results - What happened after User has completed check-out an order?

• Pay Pal
deposits money into your Pay Pal account. You can download money anytime to your own bank account.

• Pay Pal
sent an invoice copy to both Sellers (You, the owner of website) and Buyers (Users).

• myNet.Office also sent an invoice to both Sellers (You, the website) and Buyers (Users). You setup in Email Manager, ETYPE = x_em_invoice for whom, your staff, will receive email.

• If user
is an exist user, myNet.Office Check-out screen will detect the email and inform user he/she should login with this email.

• myNet.Office
creates 2 Order Detail records for this invoice in database x_Orderdetails. One for each Product ordered in this invoice 169.
- See the result data of Order Detail of invoice 169 saved in Database x_orderdetail. Look at 2 records that have invoiceid = 169

Now, this user can login [Member Home]. Click on Member Collaboration [Order History] to see the invoice. Or click on [Order Tracing] to track when the delivery will arrive.

After ordered, what 's next? Member Logins his account [Member Home] to check his order, and Collaborate

The Sales Staff update with Customers what happens for their orders, such as: shipping, any problems, arrivals, messages...
The customers can send quick email, asks question their orders...It is a collaboration between Business and Customers.

Member email = daviddnct@yahoo.com logins his Account Member Home -> Click [Order History] or Order Status -> See all his order invoices. The latest order = 169.

NOTE: ORDER HISTORY same as ORDER STATUS. Which lists all invoices of customer. The new design of Order History in myNet.Office 2012 is much improved.

- See The giant online business Future Shop Login Member Collaboration www.futureshop.com. (very very big e-commerce site)
- See
The giant online business DELL Login Member Collaboration   www.Dell.com (very very big e-commerce site)
- See
See myNet.Office Login Member Collaboration

** See Working With Member Collaboration, a Social Collaboration Network
** See How to Create Member Collaboration Order Status History List.
** See How to Create Member Collaboration Member Add New Referrals.
Getting new business by referrals from customers. Done 15 min no web skill.
** See How to Create Member Collaboration Submit Smart Form Training Services, Upload Files.
** See How to Create Member Collaboration Login Update Account Info, such as: Name, Phone, Address, Password...

Picture: New improved Order History in myNet.Office 2012

- Order History (or Order Status) lets customers click icon ($) -> Pop up a Payment screen -> Select different payment like Pay Pal, or Credit card.. -> and pay.

The Payment screen in Order History.

Picture: Paid by Credit card number. Can use Pay Pal as well.
- It can check a valid credit card number or not.


• A Quote: The invoice #145 is a QUOTE. It happens when user buys product or service from your website that you put price=0. Button [Order?] shows up.
Click on [Order?], member orders this invoice. After ordered this quote, its STATUS is update= from quote to order. It becomes an official invoice. DONE!
• Member clicks Email icon
VIEW THIS PAGE to send email to Sales Person any time regarding to the order.

• It is scroll list, very fast. 10000 invoice records no problems because it displays 10 recs (default) a one time.

• Use field = SALES_NOTE in x_invoice database for your Sales Person to communicate with members. Update field SALESPERSON = name of Sales Staff for contact.

• Use Member Collaboration = List, Task = Order Tracking, database = x_invoice to let member track their shipping.

• You can add more fields in the invoice database x_invoice. Maximum is 64 fields. Then collaboration with members on these fields.
For example the add on field = SALES NOTE used by Sales Staff to communicate with customer.


• The SHIPPING_FEE = 0.07 for this invoice because you have setup the shipping cost Based On Percentage in database x_ship1_property, line 1 data for purchase in range from [0.0 - 1000]$ domestic, shipping fee is 2% the field =SHIPCOST_BYPERCENT_DOMESTIC. And in the database
x_shop_property you select the field CAL_SHIPPING_COST = Based On Percentage. Other choices are: [Based On Flat Rate, Based On Weigh]. Thus this Shipping Fees calculated as: 3.50 x 2% = 0.07.

• If you select filed =
CAL_SHIPPING_COST = Based On Flat Rate in database x_shop_property. Then this order shipping fee = 5.0$. Since the the order sub total is in range [0-1000] and domestic. It is flat rate means any order with sub total in this range is charged 5.0$ in table x_ship1_property, in the field = SHIPCOST_BYTOTAL_DOMESTIC

- If the order in the range = [1001 - Up] ->
Based On Flat Rate ->  SHIPCOST_BYTOTAL_DOMESTIC = 15.0$ for domestic, and 25.0$ =  SHIPCOST_BYTOTAL_INTERNATIONAL  for International. You can have many records of many different price range for shipping cost.


• The Total Taxes  = 0.18+ 0.28 = 0.46 for this invoice because you have setup 2 taxes for online order. They are: TAX1_GST_PERCENTAX= 0.05, and TAX2_PST_PERCENTAX= 0.08 in the database
x_shop_property. If you are in other countries, think it is TAX1, and TAX2.

Member login their account, communicate with the Sales Exec, and How B2B Quote Order works?

- The quote order
happens when there are some products the website seller doesn't list price on website. Also, the price is changed depend on the quantity of the order, depend on different customers, depend on shipping...The buyers want a quote for that product. It is B2B business customers.

- If your business doesn't provide Order by Quote, then take out Paid By Quote in Check-out screen. Config the setup from

- The buyers orders the items in shopping cart then check-out. But the user select Paid By = Quote.  (Not select Paid By = Pay Pal)
- Next, the website seller received the quote. Then calculate the price for the quote. Update the price details information. Send email quote to the buyers.
- The buyers then receive the reply email from the sellers for the quote of the product and service that the buyer wants to buy.
- If the price is ok. The buyers login their accounts. See the quote. Click on the button [Order?]. Then order the quote.

After ordered, the invoice quote updates the invoice status from QUOTE to ORDER. Now, this quote becomes a paid invoice.

NOTE: In B2B business,
distributors, suppliers don't list the price on their website publicly. Customer must order by quote. Then the distributors send the quote to their customers. myNet.Office Cloud Commerce allows the sellers have products with price listing, and product with no price listing.

Picture: Member click on button [Order?] to order the Quote. Or Member click on Email icon VIEW THIS PAGE to send quick email to Sales Rep's Black Berry.

Email invoice confirmation when member ordered the quote

Picture: Member ordered the Quote = 167. This email is the result of clicking on button [Order?] to send this email order confirmation to this member and staffs to confirm the order.

• There are 2 items for this invoice 167: 1) 2 x Music Ticket Saturday Night - Feb 15.  2) A Combo.
This Quote 167 updates its STATUS = order and become an official Invoice 167.

One Sales Manager has described myNet.Office:
"- It is unbelievable! myNet.Office helps me to collaborate with my Member Customers closely. All customer's emails sent to my Black Berry so quickly. I received customer's emails any where, any time 24/ 7 even out of my office. So that I respond to customer's sales, supports quicker, better service. It saves me a lot of time talking back and forth to customers who keeps calling for their orders, status, shipping, quotes. Now, website does something, and helps us a lot. It is like the middle man who not only works 24/7 but also helps connect me and customers efficiently and faster. It has changed our mind set the way we used to work. And how we use the technology to make our work, our live easier and more efficient and automation."



• The process of User Shopping Experience is very fast. If chosen other payment methods it will be faster. User feels more trusted, more secure to use their Credit Card at your website because they know Pal Pal who is responsible to process your Credit card, not any one else.

• We design database so simple that there are only 3 databases: Customer, Invoice, and Order Detail so that you can easily manage information because we design for non-web skills users. myNet.Office is design for all different kinds of businesses.

• We use the MyRestaurant.Com as an example because we want to show you that even a simple business not hi-tech like restaurant, still can use the technology.


An owner of a restaurant said after using Office Cloud Commerce
- The story of a small business changing for better

"- Our restaurant, like many other restaurants,
used to take order by Phone, by in house staff. The orders take a long time because, while on the phone, our staff have to help customers select the food from menu. Then take the customer's name, address... Then process credit card for payment... Sometimes, communicate back and forth with customers in order to make sure all the data is correct. This order processing is done by human took loooong time. Keep staff *very busy* with so many tasks. It is very slow, unproductive, time consuming, inefficient, noisy phone rings. Staff's mistakes, miscommunication happened all the time. Customers complained. Customers didn't want to give their credit card to our staff by phone. They didn't trust staff. Customers did not come back. As a result, the restaurant took few orders by phone, very slowly, couldn't reach more customers, and couldn't reach wider area, in different communities. Cost to hire phone operators. Staff 's working time is allocated inefficiently, waste of resource, back and forth, no automation.

Business as usual like this for many years. Never change anything. We are happy what we are doing. Staff go to work every day. Get busy. Get comfortable doing their job. That's all we need. Why change could make them uncomfortable, not happy, effect me, them, my job, their jobs? 

Even one staff admitted that: "- We want to do manually our ways so that keeping us busy. The managers are happy seeing we are busy. If we use technology, we will become less important, insignificant, even lost our job. We get used to our ways of doing our  jobs for so long. Can't change. There will be more challenging for us learning new technology. Who cares not our business."

We have seen in many businesses, in organizations when the employees didn't want to change, they will not follow the change. After changed, problems happened, they will blame on change. No one wants to be the pioneers of change! People don't like. Pioneers of change easily got blamed, got criticized, when things are not going well.
Then ...the old manager left. The company hired a new manager, very creative, talented, a bit of background and knowledge. She is like... TV Undercover Boss who spied on the company's operation, the employees, in order to improve business operations more efficient.

In a meeting, she declared:

- Change is not the problem but no change is the problem because change means Innovation. The staff who are not willing to change means they are not innovative.
Company needs innovative employees so that we can compete locally and globally. We have learned in business history so many big multi billions corporations could not compete with competitors, had fallen slowly and gradually, and eventually failed because lack of innovation.

- To make restaurants, businesses more efficient with myNet.Office.

- Kitchen Nightmare, to make restaurant more efficient with chef Ramsey.

Business unusual. Like it or not, she went ahead to implement a new online order system called Office Cloud Commerce.
- At first, she wanted developers but too expensive to build and maintain. So she choose
Office Cloud Commerce because she likes: take control, do-it-yourself, integrated, simple and very affordable.

- She learned Office Cloud Commerce from an e-commerce course in college.
This course costs $850 but worth the money. ROI.

NOTE: This course is taught by a college instructor, also Chief Technology Officer, who wrote code and designed this software. Got into the hands-on for 3 days 8 hours/day. Interesting! To build and maintain a professional Cloud Commerce is not as easy as using social media. You need to learn.

Online marketing: She also opened few Social Media accounts, Twitter account to connect with people, more online presence. She also had web developer design SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

As a result:

The Orders:
Have increased tens times, faster service, more efficient because the time we used to spend taking order,
now the customers do it themselves. The customers search, select foods, fill name, address, other info, and paid online. The order email is sent to our sales department, to our staff, to our kitchen. Informed every one when there is an order. We just prepare foods and delivery or customers pick-up. It works like an assembly line. So efficient!

The Sales:
Is increasing. More people use the online order. We take order, reservation 24/ 7/ 365, and we reach more customers, expand in more communities, expand bigger any where offices, expand bigger area. People buy online more using Pay Pal. Before, order by phone, people didn't like to give their credit card info. They felt unsecured, not sure about how our staff are handling their credit card. Hackers? Use Pay Pal, they are in peace.

: ***T
here are big restaurants with multiple locations, and they have online order system. We have only 1 restaurant location, and we don't have. Why work for the big but not for the small? => The old manager said not working for us because the Bigs had the resources, talented people. But the Smalls didn't. He may be right. But I think all about the mind-set differently. He worked more than 30 years in restaurant business. His mind-set is all about the 30 years old traditional restaurant business philosophy. He doesn't care nor learned nor understand nor like the technology, the Internet that has changed so much the way we work. He got wrong advices from other web designers.

NOTE: With
myNet.Office Cloud Social Commerce, you don't need that much resources, and designed simple. The operating cost for myNet.Office Cloud Commerce is $49 / month.  What a huge lost that businesses didn't take advantages of cloud commerce.

The Inbound Marketing:
More people now know our restaurant from our ordering website. Before we had a static info website. People looked and not coming back. What for? But since we have the online ordering website, people keep coming back, and checking website
for coupons, for weekly deals, for blog, for ordering.

* So our website from doing nothing, now by using myNet.Office, not only it is a selling tool, but also a customer service and collaboration tool, and a marketing tool helping our business increase revenue and productivity. It is built-in a web database helps business, staff, customers share and collaborate data anywhere, any offices, any time * 

When customers ordered online, their information is saved in a customer database in myNet.Office.
Our customer database is growing to thousands of customer contacts over the years. The restaurant then made use this golden data of true customers. Why golden? Sales and Marketing people love this golden clean database because it has data of true customers. Not the database of funnelling leads, they work very hard, make-up over their their website form in order to capture 100 leads in order to have only 1 true customer. From the golden database, we then nurture, use for different marketing purposes..
- What a regret that we have wasted many years, business as usual, not implementing the Net Commerce, the online order system earlier.
- What a regret after so many years in business, we didn't even have a customer database so that we could keep contacts with customers. As soon as customer walked out the door, the relationship ended. We must do more than just: People need they come. They don't need they don't come.
- We should get contacts of people, of customers. Just ask their NAME + EMAIL good enough. Store in database. When they walked in / out our store.
- The old manager had mindset us differently!

... Humm...
Every time I eat in a restaurant, I keep thinking how could I help them leverage their potential in the new economy, and grow...and grow. Technology is all about helping people help their business. Even the traditional and simple minded farmers learned how to apply technology in their farm. Run their farm more efficient. As a result, they increased huge productivity and mass production. Using technology revolutionized & industrialized the whole farming industry compared to decades ago that they were farming in the traditional way. => We all should learn from the farmers.

4) The professional Product Catalog:
We use
myNet.Office Product Catalog Design Tool to create processional looks for our products and services. This tool is very important. We use feature *Showcase to create more content, upload more photos for each product. Each product, people can get coupon. See promotion. Post review. Email referrals to their friends.
- We use this tool to create
What is News
- We use this tool to create a promotion product catalog
What is special this week, or This month special

5) The weekly Coupons, special Deals, products Promotion:
- We use
myNet.Dbase to create a Coupon and Special Promotion Deals List, then insert in our Homepage, landing page. (See below picture)
- We use
myNet.Office Photo Album Manager Tool to create special product promotion, good deals then insert in Homepage. People can click on the album photo to order. (See below picture)
- We use
myNet.Office Product Catalog Design Tool to create Weekly Special Promotion Deals Product Catalog, and then insert in first Homepage. We also use the product catalog design tool to create Charity, Contribution, Donation Product Catalog then insert in a donation page, Homepage. (See below picture)
Click here see example picture:
A typical myNet.Office 2012 front-end look-and-feel Webpage (Click on picture to enlarge)

NOTE: myNet.Office has special feature that allows you to insert Database List, Product Catalog, Photo Album in any webpage.

6) The Form:
We use
myNet.Office Smart Form Builder Tool to create many smart forms, such as Contact Us form, Sales Inquiries form, Help and Support form, Customer Comment and Feedback form, Member Register form, Seat Reservation form... Email notify our managers, staff's mobile phone, and customers when people submit form. We ask staff to input name and emails of people, customers in database. We encourage people, customers do the reservation online so that we have them in our customer leads database for future update, gifts, coupon, promotion, and marketing.

7) The Blog:
we use
myNet.Office Blog Manager Tool to create interesting blogs, articles, our stories about our foods, our menus, our experiences... See the result of  My Blog created by myNet.Office 2012

8) The Customer Service, Member Collaboration:
e use myNet.Office Web Collaboration Tool in order to connect and collaborate with customers, to provide better customer service and support for customers, for members. Customers, Members login to: Check Order delivery. Check Invoice Order History and Status. Members login to buy and check-out quickly, no need to re-enter info again when check-out. Update account info, password. Update/ Add extra credit card info. 

More with myNet.Office Collaboration Tool? ... Tracking Order, Delivery - Order Status, Invoice List. - Making A Payment. - Member Pay Bill. - Member Update Account Balance. - Member Upload Files, Resumes, and Photos. - Member Download Files, Materials. - Member Ask Question / Get Feedback. - Member Get / Check Coupon and Promotion. - Member Make Donation. Member Draw / Win Contest. - Member Sign Up For Newsletter, White paper, Webminar. - Member Poll Product and Service - Broadcast / Email Messages To All Members (Like Twitter). - Get Quotes. - Member Make Appointment. - Member Make Reservation. - Member File A Complain. - Member Service and Support. - Member Register For Events. - Member Post / Check Messages. - Member Update/List Work and Service Status (What happens to my service?). - Member Post Comments. - Member List / Make Donation. - Member Add Contacts / Exchange With Other Members. - Member Contribute/Donate/Pay Use Online Banking (No need Credit Card). - Member Upload, Share, View Files and Videos - Member Add Wish List ( What they want? What you can do?). - Member Add More Business Referrals, Partners. - Members Add / Introduce New Members ... Use your creativity.

Yes, you can create easily Customer Service Member Collaboration using
myNet.Office Collaboration Tool.

** See Working With Member Collaboration, a Social Collaboration Network
** See How to Create Member Collaboration Order Status History List.
** See How to Create Member Collaboration Member Add Referrals.
Getting new Referrals, new customers..
** See How to Create Member Collaboration Submit Smart Form Training Services, Upload Files.
** See How to Create Member Collaboration Login Update Account Info, such as: Name, Phone, Address, Password...

9) The Business Intelligence, Business Database, Digital Data Marketing:
Create Business Database. Use myNet.Dbase . to create many different database tables. Then share and collaborate databases every where, any where. Databases such as: Lead Opportunities List, Customer Contact Lists, Employees, Supports database, Sales Leads, Supply database, Ware House database, Promotion database, Product database.....

myNet.Dbase . Analyzed database data -> Captured data -> Segmented group data -> Move data, Mining.
In business, data is money. Data is every thing. When data got bigger, you need to do something. Data allows business to Forecast, Inventory, improve Customer Service, improve Quality of product and services, Making Business Decision, Efficiency, CRM, Customer Profile, Customer Retention, Cross/Up Selling...These improve the bottom line. A short SQL command input in myNet.Dbase did the job easily and very quickly. Such as:
- What food items people like ordering the most ? If they like this item, can we offer them related item? (for Cross/Up Selling)
- Who are online customers, and their demographics (group, location, community)? How much people used to spend online? (
for Customer's Profile)
- Who are customers that didn't come back in the last few months so that we will target and give them coupons, discount price, promotion in order to bring them back?
(for CRM)
- Who are repeated VIP customers? Create a points system reward repeated customers. Offer them something. (
for Customer Retention)
- What are the most return items? Understand customer's feedback about food, services. On the order check-out screen, we have a NOTE input box asked people feedback/ comments? (
for Improving Customer Service, for Improving Quality's Products and Services)

=> We use short SQL command to generate quick report, you can get different kinds of reports of all data and information about everything, such as: Calculate Taxes, Total Sales in a day, in a week, any period, Total Shipping, Total Delivery Tips, Total Sales Invoice, Customer Info...
And then myNet.Dbase lets you export reports, export database, export query data to Excel spread sheets for other purposes, like print, graph, email...

=> In
myNet.Dbase has a feature called: [Save As Query] so that we can save all SQL commands like this one, in database table. Like a batch operation, for later use, run  repeatedly. Send support email, they send you SQL tasks. We accumulated so many SQL tasks and save them in Save As Query table. Just open this table. Click and Run the task.

- For example, this short SQL command Create Table ... below will do: 1) Create a new database table called: Vip_Customers 2) Copy all customers, who spent for more than 100$ on food, their ID, Name, Email, Phone, Address, Subtotal from x_Customer, the customers order database, then put in the new database table Vip_Customers. So that we email, give them coupon, points, promotion.

Create Table Vip_Customers as (Select Id, Name, Email, Phone, Address, Sub_Total from x_customer Where Sub_Total >= 100 )

=> You see. It is so clean, so quick and so fast, no need many steps confusion GUI interfaces, no screens, in order to calculate data, move data, mining data around using just one quick clean short SQL input in
myNet.Dbase. DONE! No need expensive CRM software here.

This database Script will calculate and display everything like a Report of Today's Sales: Today sales, Total Tax1, Total Tax2, Who customers, The Person's Name, Company. Then display them in order by Invoice.
SELECT invoiceid, invoice_date, sum(sub_total) as today_sales, sum ( tax2_pas_amt), sum (tax1_gst_amt) as today_gst, customerid, name, Company from x_invoice where invoice_date = curdate() Group by invoiceid

Report of daily sales OR: Report of Calculate Total Sales, Tax Of Any Given Date

What is SQL? What is SQL? is Structured Query Language, Database Programming. It is used to communicate with database. It is a standard language for Relational Database Managements (RDBMS). SQL is the ultimate power for database software because SQL database programming can do from simple tasks to complex database tasks that no step-by-step GUI, Windows interface screen can do. Databases like ORACLE, MS SQL built in SQL.
- Learn SQL. Become myNet.Dbase Database Administrator:  Google Search for words: Learn basic SQL
SQL is, English-like language, easy to learn than learn database using interface.
- Click here to learn SQL: http://www.w3schools.com/sql/sql_create_table.asp

=> Let's do this data mining, and launch a campaign task that
big businesses, organizations do every day.
We have done in 20 minutes without help from developer or computer scientist. This is the campaign:

1) Create a new VIP people database. Selecting people who satisfy all VIP conditions from a master Customer database, from Leads database, and from a master Donor database, from at least 5 multi tables, and mining (copying) the data, put that data in this separate VIP database. Then export all data to Excel spread sheet for other uses like print, graph, email. 2) Then launch a campaign of: send coupon, promotion, or fund raising, fill a form, or get donation, or thank you notes to all VIPs in VIP database.

NOTE *: Easy said than done. What ever tools, what ever methods your staff are using.
Let's do the test. Let's complete the above campaign task in 20 minutes.

- To launch this campaign, We need myNet.Office's
4 integrated tools working together: 1)
myNet.Dbase for all data mining and data intelligence. 2) myNet.Office Smart Form Builder to create smart form, such as: Register Form, Donation Form, Processing Credit Card Payment Form.. All smart forms have email notification built-in so that we know who submitted right away 3) myNet.Word creates nice and professional email news letter. 4) myNet.Office eCampaigner tool looks up in any database table and send email marketing. People can opt-in and opt-out.

Here is why campaign done in 20 minutes without help from developer or computer scientist?

- Preparing the campaign email list is the most time consuming and challenging when launch a campaign. We use myNet.Dbase run quick short clean SQL for mining data from different tables, based on specific requirements, into a new created database table. This task took 5 minutes.
Why? This is the most time consuming task because you have to search data, select and mining data not from a manual building list, or from one database but from many database sources all in one centric location. myNet.Dbase is not a building list. myNet.Dbase allows you use complex SQL commands to search, select, and then mining data in different tables instantly.
- We use myNet.Office Smart Form Builder to create smart form, such as: Register Form, Donation Form...This task took 10 minutes.
- We use myNet.Word to create a simple but professional letter notes. No need colorful photos, pictures because email may blocks pictures. Embedded in email the url link to the smart form. This task took 5 minutes.
- DONE in 20 minutes. One click, email to thousands of recipients in database.
Example of myNet.Office's Email received by people .

NOTE: If this campaign was already setup, not first time, then it should take only 5  minutes to launch this campaign.

If you want to do this campaign in traditional way, like calling 10,000 people for contribution. On average, each call took 6 minutes / person because your staff will spend time for tasks, such as: dialling number + greeting + conversation back and forth ... finally getting and processing credit card number. Thus Total time to launch a campaign by phone 10000 people is:
Total time = (10000 x 6 minutes) / 60 (hour) / 160 hr (month) = 6.25 months to complete this campaign or 60,000 minutes VS. 20 minutes time of the electronic campaign. This doesn't mean the traditional campaign by calling is useless. Sometimes you must use both methods. But we just give you an idea that we are living in the electronic age. So fast so quick. Right?

From this campaign, we see that there is a big need for a built-in web database in businesses and in organizations.
Why web database?
Because only web database, people can submit form, register online. People, staff can work, share, and collaborate database anywhere, any time. Database on PC will not work with submit form, with online stuff. Email marketing is working with web database only. People can opt-in and opt-out.

Launch campaign in 30 minutes. Test the Team and the Tool? And let's do it without help from developer or computer scientist.

Go to your Sales and Marketing Department, Campaign Team, ask them run these campaigns. Regardless what tools, what technologies, what methods they use, in 30 minutes. Here are few campaign examples:

1) The boss wants to launch
An Update On Products and Services, and New Promotion Campaign to all customers.
"- Customers must be in the last 5 years. Let them know new services, update pricing, new products  just launched. Give them some free services, free promotion, or what ever. Not all customers in database will receive the same update or promotion. For effective campaign, the campaign must select different groups of customer being targeted for different promotion or update. Thus must segment database in many different Lists of groups.
For example, your company sells 3 different products A, B, C, and provides 3 different services X, Y, Z. Thus you must segment your database in different 6 segment Lists in order to target 6 different groups of customer. "
 Some big businesses may have hundreds of different products and services. This is the most challenging of electronic campaign. However, with myNet.Dbase, a simple SQL database command will do the tasks easily. For example, to find and list all customers who bought Product A, you run this database command.

Select * from database where ProductID like '%Product A%'

2) The boss wants to launch
A Donation Contribution Campaign to the members, who didn't contribute in the last 3 years or only 1 time, and who must satisfy these conditions:
"- Must be already a member at least 3 years, and donate less than 1, and from 35 - 55, and must live in this City.. And must search through 5 different database sources to get data. The donation form must auto re-load member's info from database, like Phone, Address... into the form, so that members only need to enter credit card and donate. This helps the conversions rate a lot."

3) Another campaign example, your boss asked you launch a CRM on
customer retention:
"- Launch
A Customer Retention, Thank You Campaign to send coupon, or gift, or promotion for all customers who bough over 500$ in Invoice database (only one source). The value of promotion must automatically calculate based on 10% of customer's Total Purchase. Don't manually calculate will take a long time. Let the database do the math."
Thus if John Smith bought 5 invoices total = 850$ he will get 8.5$ coupon, or 8.50$ gift delivered to his email.

4) Another campaign example, your boss asked you launch a CRM
on bringing customers back:
"- Launch
A Bringing Customer Back Store Campaign to send coupon, or gift, or promotion for all customers who have not come to our store, not contacted us for over 6 months already. To calculate how long, in Invoice database, read the field = LST_DATE_PAID (last date ordered), then minus with Current Date, will tell you how long the customers had not ordered since the last order. Let them fill a Feedback / Wish List form. The form ask: Why not ordering from us because of Price, or Customer Service, or Product Quality? Fill in comment box. What can we do for you? Customer wish list? "

5) The boss wants to launch
A Customer's Happy Birthday Campaign for building customer royalty.
"- Search through Customer database, compare the customer's Day of Birth with Today date. If matched, send them gift, birthday notes..."

6) The boss wants to launch
A Cross / Up Selling Promotion Campaign to targeted customers.
"-  Search through database to find and target customers who already bought  products A or services A. Because the company have new Products B or Services B relating to Products and Services A that may be interested by these customers, because price is cheaper, because new upgrade, new models just coming, because on promotion for these products... "
For example, the company wants to sell next Next Year Travel To Mexico 399$ Package for customers who already bought Last Year Travel To Mexico 499$ Package. Because price is cheaper on promotion. Or target customers who bought iPhones may want to buy iPhone's Cover, iPhone's Cleaning, iPhone's Accessories, or any add-on products that customers may need for their iPhones.

How to search, list customers for Cross / Up Selling Campaign in myNet.Office Cloud Commerce?
Need to search in 2 table: Order Detail and Invoice.
- If you look at
x_orderdetail, it contains all Product Items customer's have ordered. It has the Relationship with the Invoice database table. In Order Detail database, you don't know Who Are The Customers that bought that product item like Beef Brisket with Fresh Rice Noodle Soup? Right? But you know the Invoice Id number = 169. So to find out Who, in the Order Detail database, contained the INVOICEID cross reference the Invoice database. And the Invoice database contains the Name, Phone, Email, Address... a lot of customer's info. Thus run SQL query database script to search cross-reference for these 2 tables, you can easily to list the customer's Name, Email, Phone...who bought the Product Item = Japanese Soy Crap Vermicelli Noodle Soup in Invoice = 169, or who bought the Product Item = Saturday Night Feb 15 ticket in Invoice = 167 by referring to the Invoice Id 167, 169 in the Invoice database.

=> Let's launch a
Cross / Up Selling Campaign selling tickets for the show Saturday Nigh Fever April 10 for people who already bought tickets for the show Saturday Night Feb 15. To search for Cross / Up Selling Campaign in myNet.Office Cloud Commerce who have bought tickets for the show = Saturday Night Feb 15, you run this database command:

SELECT x_invoice.invoiceid, x_invoice.Name, x_invoice.Email, x_invoice.phone, x_orderdetail.ProductId, x_orderdetail.UnitPrice, x_orderdetail.quantity
FROM x_invoice
INNER JOIN x_orderdetail
ON x_invoice.invoiceId=x_orderdetail.InvoiceId
AND x_orderdetail.productid like '%Saturday - Night - Feb 15%'
ORDER BY x_invoice.invoiceid

=> See the result of the segment List targeted people who bought Tickets in  
Saturday - Night - Feb 15 . (click on picture to enlarge)

Cross / Up Selling is an important feature of  myNet.Office Cloud Commerce, you can run this database command.
Or you can do this: From topmenu = E-Commerce -> Select sub-menu Cross / Up Selling List -> you enter the Product Id, like, Saturday - Night - Feb 1 in an input box. Then it will give you a list of all customers who had bought this product. No need to run this database command.

In other commerce software, it is very hard to search, to get the list for
Cross / Up Selling, required many steps, many screens.
In myNet.Office Cloud Commerce all you need to do is run the above short database script command, you will get the targeted List of all people who bought tickets for the show Saturday Night Feb 15. And then launch a campaign for next show. For Cross / Up Selling other Product, like food = Combo 1, you just need to change  the Product Id = Saturday - Night - Feb 15 , for example = like ' % Combo 1 %'

B) How to search, list customers for Cross / Up Selling Campaign in myNet.Office Smart Form Builder?
The process of selling using smart form is very much simpler than the e-commerce because it doesn't use Shopping Cart and Check-out like the ordering in e-commerce. People just fill the form then pay.
If you sell tickets, or any products and services using myNet.Office Smart Form Builder not myNet.Office Cloud Commerce, then Cross / Up Selling Campaign is much easier and simplify because all customers info in one database table, not 2 separate tables like Order Detail and Invoice in e-commerce.
Please read
: *** Working with myNet.Office Smart Form Builder in 15 minutes ***  See you can sell without shopping cart and check-out.

=> Cross / Up Selling Campaign is effective campaign. We know businesses used this Cross / Up Selling Campaign, have registered in advance, and sold to more than 40% of the targeted customers, who wanted to buy similar Products and Services they bought before. These customers also refer more their friends, relatives, words of mouth....
To run these campaigns, the Management, the Boss don't care, don't want to hear this: 

1) "- Sorry, we didn't have Customer database, Contact database, and other database yet! We run business with no database!"
Help: - Oh my Gosh! But not too late. In business, data is everything, data is money.
Can't imagine that in modern Age, any business, organization run without data, without database. Time to create databases. Begin to grow simple Contact List. From now on, keep people contacts online and offline in web database. For offline, when customers come in store, buy or not buy, ask their permission if you can keep their Name + Email so that you could surprise them coupon, promotion, or update them new product and services that may interest them. Find ways to export your PC database to Excel. myNet.Dbase imports 10000 rows Excel in its table in 1 minute. Thank You!

2) "- Sorry, we store info on PC Software, PC Applications. We had databases on PC not on Online Web Database. Can't do online stuff. Can't share, work, collaborate database any where online. And sadly, our website didn't build in web database."
Help: - Any info you store on PC, including PC Spread Sheet, PC Application Software, PC database, Contact List in Out Look mail, will not let you do online stuff, will not work with smart form because your PCs, Laptops, or LANs are not BIG cloud web host servers, not in the Cloud, not enough power to act as cloud host servers, like the Big Cloud Web Host Data Center. People can't opt-in / opt-out. People outside, online can't change their Phone, Address, update data stored in your in-house spreadsheets, outlook contact list, databases on PC, on LANs. With PC Databases, you can't share, work, and collaborate databases with people any where, any offices, any locations. Can't do electronic campaign. Time to create web databases. Thank You!

3) "- Sorry, we didn't have such technology or resources or talent people to do these campaign tasks."
- Help: - Hire talent people. Thank You!

4) "- Yes, we did this kind of campaign using different technologies, methodologies,
but it took longer, required IT, and used more resources more money."
- Help: -  Thank You!

5) "- Yes, we did this kind of campaign, but we depend on other Internet company to do campaign for us. Our website didn't build in technology to do this kind of complex electronic campaign. "
- Help: -  Most common.
Should do campaign at your website where it integrated with all databases sources, and smart form in your website for easy to manage. Otherwise, you will have problems mining data from databases in your website to another Internet Company's website. Data scattered every where in different websites, different places. Thus, your *data every where* not synchronized, not instantly updated, not centric, hard to control, hard to manage! This take long time to build targeted Lists, segment Lists. Take long time, more resources. Cost more money. Not effective campaign. That's why we launch campaign at our website in 30 minutes.  Thank You!

6) "- Sorry, we are big organization, we didn't do such complex campaigns like these before."
- Help: - 
Let do the campaign test first. If your Team can't do. Thank You!

7) "- Sorry, we use different communication."
- Help: - There will be NO OTHER WAY EXCEPT EMAIL COMMUNICATION that allows you, in short time, to communicate efficient,
targeted right in your own customers, and do online stuff, like email. Please tell us : What kind of communication you use that can invite and target directly 10000 your own customers, and not targeted strangers every where, every body, in just 30 minutes and cost less. And let them fill the form and then pay online. For sure, these customers have received at least 1 email from your organization. Customers knew who you are. They used your products and services. Your staff communicated with these customers using email every day. So what is the different if email 1 or 10000 people at a time?  Thank You!

8) "- Sorry, the method we do is call 10000 people."
- Help: - Wow! Take long time. Take months. You had only 30 min.. And also people can't submit Form from phone call.
You communicate with people using email every day. RIGHT? Now, you communicate not 1 but with 10000 people. Use the same email communication. So what is the difference! Thank You!

9) "- Yes, we did electronic campaigns from data entry manually Building Lists not from multi databases like myNet.Dbase. Therefore, we can't search, select, mining data from multi databases using complex SQL database script. Too complex to create segment Lists, targeted Lists required by your campaigns. And we used simple HTML, static Form."
- Help: - Can't compare Email List Builder with
myNet.Dbase . Can't compare simple HTML static Form with myNet.Office Database Smart Form. Thank You!

What is SQL? What is SQL?
is Structured Query Language, Database Programming. It is used to communicate with database. It is a standard language for Relational Database Managements (RDBMS). SQL is the ultimate power for database software because SQL database programming can do from simple tasks to complex database tasks that no step-by-step GUI, Windows interface screen can do. Databases like ORACLE, MS SQL built in SQL.
- Learn SQL. Become myNet.Dbase Database Administrator:  Google Search for words: Learn basic SQL
SQL is, English-like language, easy to learn than learn database using interface.
- Click here to learn SQL: http://www.w3schools.com/sql/sql_create_table.asp

10) "- Sorry, let's us call web developers to program this campaign! Too complex for us! "
Help: - Will cost more money for every campaign. Take long time. Thank You!

11) "- Sorry, we are very busy. Don't need campaign. We don't need CRM."
Help: - It is good to know your business, your staff are busy. Use Technology helped reduce manual work for your staff, do thing smarter, faster, and increase productivity. Time is money. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) is all about customer service, customer care, and customer relationship. Good excuse for doing nothing, and taking no action. Listen to the Management, the Boss said. Try different ways. Improve bottom line in difficult economy. We just try to help. Thank You!

12) "- Sorry, we don't keep contacts of customer.
People need they come. They don't need, don't come. We are small business. We don't run like big business. We don't care! "
Help: - Good excuse for doing nothing, and taking no action. It is not about care or don't care. It is all about service. Your company spent a lot marketing money and time to get customers. You should have CRM (Customer Relationship Management) strategy for nurturing the relationship, for bringing customer back to store, for customer retention, for customer referrals, for continuing cross/up selling...Listen to the Management, the Boss said. Try different ways. Improve bottom line in difficult economy. We just try to help. Thank You!

13) "- Sorry, the Manager doesn't know, doesn't care. So, we don't care! "
Help: - It is your job as Sales and Marketing Execs, as Campaign Managers. You should take action, not waiting for any one. Thank You!

14) "- Sorry, we don't need marketing, CRM. We keep lowering the price. People will come. " 
Help: - Use promotion, coupon 5$ off, 2 for 1, or gift certificates...much better than lowering the price without profits that eventually will drive every one out of business. Thank You!

15) "- Sorry, our website is static basic info website. No web database, no smart form built-in! Can't do campaign."
Help:- Most Common! Web database and Smart Form are very important components of electronic campaign. So sorry to know your website is doing nothing while the world has changed so fast. Smart phone is not enough, in the new economy, business also needs smart web.
A day website doing nothing will cost business a lot of money. Need to upgrade do nothing website to myNet.Office website. Who are your web designers, web developers? Thank You!

16 "- Sorry, we paid tens of thousands for the design of our website. But it didn't have advanced features like myNet.Office. No built-in Cloud Web Database. We can't do and maintain ourselves our website. We need to contact developers to design more features. Cost more money."
- Help: -
Very most common. It is ok to pay a lot of money for the design of website the way you want. But not ok if your website didn't have powerful features, and do-it-yourself to maintain your website. The web company will not design website that people no web skills can do-it-themselves. Why? 1) Very hard to design tools for non web skills do-it-themselves. 2) The web company will make more money from businesses that continue depending on them for future maintain and modification of website. That's why a lot of business websites left alone, no one cares because the developers left the office, or could not afford to pay more fee for developers to maintain. Thank You!

17) "- Sorry, hi hi hi..."
- Help: - It is OK. Love your smile. Thank You!

Make the Management, the Boss happy. Let's do this campaign:

"- The company wants to have all members, all customers, all people to register for an event on May. Events, such as: Raising Fund, Charity Contribution Event, or Register For Seminar, For Any Event, or Sales Ticket For Music Event..

Campaign must satisfy the main requirements:
1) Data of people must be collected from all many database tables, such as: Customer database, Invoice database, Sales Leads database, Contact Us form database, Guess database, and from other databases. Guess database is database stored leads, contacts of people collecting from online website and from offline people coming to store. Then store these people info collecting from multi database sources in a separate database. This is most time consuming.

2) Make sure that people register for the even must be living in phone area code, or in same city.

3) Launch this campaign with less resource as much as possible. No need web developers, no need IT people to prepare the campaign.

4) Fee must be collected in advance.

5) The smart form must be able to load people's info in database. And then populate their info like Name, Phone, Address...in the form so that people will not re-enter again. This made user's conversion rate very high to submit form. Example, when people open the Donation Form, they will see all their info already populated (fill) in the form. All they need is enter credit card number. Then submit.
NOTE: This form auto load info feature is built-in from myNet.Office Smart Form Builder Tool.

6) After people submitted the form, Email Notification (Auto Responder) sent out to members as receipt or invoice, and also sent to responsible staff, the managers of the company in order to let them know right away. Ofcouse, people can change email, opt-in or opt-out email. Which got rid of unqualified leads out of database. How to Email Notification, p
lease read: Working with myNet.Office Smart Form Builder in 15 minutes

7) The Management  also wanted to re-launch
a second round, third round.. campaign targeted people in database, who have not contributed yet and not opt-out.
NOTE: What you do is to run this simple SQL database script to search database Donation_Contribution_Db who still optin='yes' + contribution amount =0. The query script= Select * from Donation_Contribution_Db where amount = 0.0 and optin ='yes'
myNet.Office eCampaigner  will search for people and launch campaign on based this condition.
See:  The Donation and Contribution Database Used for eCampaigner . (Click on picture to enlarge)
Look in this database, Peter H  ID=4, Tester ID=6, will be the targeted people because they still opt-in='yes', but not yet contributed, amount = 0.0

8) Measure campaign success, like: - How many times people click to open the form? - When last time they clicked, who are they? - Who opt out email? Who opened the form but not contribute? - Who never view the form (
EMAIL_CLICK_VIEW_COUNTER=0) ? - Who had contributed. How much? Total Contribution? What group, population, city, demographic... contributed the most? Sort the database List from who contributed the most to the least in DESC order or ASC list order? 

9) Finally, launch a campaign Thank You VIP Donors who have contributed more than $ 100.
Run the query script= Select * from Donation_Contribution_Db where amount >= 100.0 -> Then Launch myNet.Office eCampaigner.

10) After campaign, already registered member data must be stored in a new table called: Member Registered Event database for nurturing. These people are no more leads already as customers.

See example, the result of Donation_Contribution_Db database table used for myNet.Office eCampaigner: The Result of Donation and Contribution Database Used for eCampaigner . (Click on picture to enlarge)

=> Cross / Up Selling Campaign. See example the result of a segment List, search in multi tables, targeted people: Segment List of people who bought tickets show Saturday - Night - Feb 15 . (click on picture to enlarge) in order to invite them to register and buy tickets for the next show  Saturday Nigh Fever April 10.

Example of myNet.Office's Email Marketing 30% Off received by people . Another example: Email Marketing - My Africa Vacation

*** Launch this campaign. Improve bottom line. Good luck. Thank You ***

In general, to launch complex campaigns, myNet.Office uses 4 tools: myNet.Office eCampaigner, myNet.Word, myNet.Dbase and myNet.Office Smart Form Builder.
- myNet.Dbase is used to build the smart Lists, segment Lists, targeted Lists, based on the complex query. It is also used for mining data, search, select data from multi database sources.
- myNet.Office eCampaigner
is used to launch electronic campaign, send email from what ever segment Lists, targeted Lists, database Tables from myNet.Dbase.
- myNet.Word  is used to create professional News Letter, Html Email.
- myNet.Office Smart Form Builder
is used to create the complex and smart forms (not cut and past HTML Contact Us simple form). Please read
: *** Working with myNet.Office Smart Form Builder in 15 minutes ***

We are not professional Sales and Marketing, Campaign Manager, but we can do these campaigns for 30 minutes. Because we use the right tool.

10) The Email Marketing:
myNet.Office eCampaigner
Tool integrated and working with myNet.Dbase, and myNet.Office Smart Form Builder helps our marketing department, from looking up in any database table, then sent out email coupons, promotion, reward points, special events. Call in Action. Invite them, drive them to stores... This is called Customer Relationship Management (CRM). Even big businesses have a whole big CRM department. It creates a binding relationship between customers and businesses. myNet.Office eCampaigner Tool allows people to opt-in or opt-out of receiving email. This helps eliminate unqualified leads out of database.

Example of myNet.Office's eCampaigner Flower 30% off received by people . Another example: Email Marketing - My Africa Vacation
See example a database table used myNet.Office eCampaigner: The Donation and Contribution Database Used for eCampaigner  . 

11) Do it yourself:
This is may be the best feature we have using myNet.Office Cloud Commerce.
There are other commerce software but designed hard to use, *not built-in database*, not integrated, required developers build and maintain, and very expensive. However, with myNet.Office, we create, change, update, do what ever we need. No need developers when we are in need of creating or updating some thing.

A lot of websites were sadly abandoned, ignored because the site didn't have proper tool, can't maintain, the developers had left the office. This is our business. We take it seriously. We take control our business.

- We can't list more other things we can do with myNet.Office here...Sorry.

Doing business in the new economy, we can't afford letting our website doing nothing. A day website is doing nothing will cost business a lot of time and money. Website is the best business tool that big businesses have used to leverage the Net to the maximum.

Thank you!
myNet.Office has shifted our mind-set in positive way. It helped our business not only work more efficient, increase productivity, better customer service, efficient marketing, but also increase more sales, 30% more of revenue. myNet.Office doesn't require IT, web developer, no need expensive equipment, hardware, software. No brainier.

This technology can apply in any different types of businesses big businesses, small businesses, home based businesses, mom and pop's stores.

In any country, more than 90% businesses are small businesses, home based businesses, mom and pop shops. There are only few hundreds of big businesses but there are millions and millions of small businesses. We don't hear a lot stories of small businesses in the news. Small businesses are the engine, the job creator of the economy. Small business grows the economy grows. Helping small businesses is part of fixing the economy. You can help small businesses in many ways,
in action not just talking. Technology is one of them. Small businesses are so behind in applying the technology. Hope that after reading this, will change a lot of small businesses, for their own interests and benefits, about doing business in the new Economy, in the new Digital and Information Age.

Use the technology, leverage the Net will help business a lot. RIGHT? THANK YOU."

see: *** How to create a Webpage with dynamic Menu, a Web Database of My_Support_Center, a Smart Form with Email Notification, an Upload Files Form, Resume Database without database programming, no web skills, all in 15 minutes ***  

Click see: Working with myNet.Office Dynamic Database Menu Navigation.

Click here see example: A typical myNet.Office 2012 front-end look-and-feel Webpage

** See getting Business Referrals: How to Create Member Collaboration Member Add Referrals.

- Build a big enterprise Relational Database  (RDBMS) using myNet.Dbase.  Click here

Click here see: myNet.Dbase (Click and see picture) | Click here see: myNet.Word (Click and see picture)

Click see: *** How to create a Webpage with dynamic Menu, a Web Database of My_Support_Center, a Smart Form with Email Notification, an Upload Files Form, Resume Database without database programming, no web skills, all in 15 minutes ***  

Click see: Working with myNet.Office Dynamic Database Menu Navigation.

1) See example, How to use myNet.Office Member Collaboration to Create Member Collaboration Data Entry Form for your EDBMS. 
2) See How to Create Member Collaboration Login Update Account Info, such as: Name, Phone, Address, Password...

3) See myNet.Office Login Member Collaboration Home Account
4) ** See Working With Member Collaboration, a Social Collaboration Network
5) ** See How to Create Member Collaboration Order Status History List.
6) ** See How to Create Member Collaboration Form.
7) ** See How to Create Member Collaboration Member Add Referrals.
Getting new Referrals, new customers..
8) ** See How to Create Member Collaboration Submit Smart Form Training Services, Upload Files.
9) ** See How to Create Member Collaboration Login Update Account Info, such as: Name, Phone, Address, Password..
10) ** See getting Business Referrals: How to Create Member Collaboration Member Add Referrals.


While a lot restaurant managers, think online restaurant is not possible, not traditional. These 2 entrepreneurs, no restaurant experience, are building a $84 millions Online Restaurant. It is about Innovation.

We admire these start-up innovative entrepreneurs who think big and expand business in 300 cities. We also admire those VCs and Investors who are risk taking to invest $84 millions in their start-up.

=> This is kind of story we should celebrate and talk about in order to inspire new kind of start-up Entrepreneurs and VCs and Investors. These are the people, their risk taking and innovation will bring the economy back on track.
The story: Matt Maloney and Mike Evans founded an online restaurant delivery service, in Chicago in 2004. Since then, they've raised $84 million in venture financing and expanded into 300 cities.

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4) We also need to invest in off-line Offices. Technical Challenge is the No # 1 reason WHY businesses don't invest and use Technology for their business. There are always customers, businesses need onsite help and training to use technology because they don't have time learn by themselves, and they want to get done fast. And when they need help, they will have consultants by side to help, not waiting days back & forth for that question like other Internet company. Any country in the world has at least 5 big cities. Each big city has at least tens of thousands of mom & pop stores, small & medium sized businesses. We want to open offline offices in these big cities around the world.

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