What can I do with my website with myNet.OFFICE 2012

Our Vision: Website is the Office. Website is the most important tool in the Office. Smart web is the next level.

Cloud Computing, Software as a Service (SaaS), changes website
: Website is portal software that provides services or Website as a Service (WaaS). Website has evolved from: "old colorful template, basic static info website." to: "new advanced, powerful, dynamic, and productive Cloud Computing software portal website.Cloud Computing also enables us to build low cost software. Smartweb, all-in-one costs 499$

NOTE: If you like nice template websites, go to Google and search for keywords: "Free Nice Template Websites" There are hundreds of thousands free nice template websites. Copy, modify and use.

Like it or not, things do change and evolve. Better, faster, more efficient.

Smart phone is not enough. In the new Net Economy, the Digital and Information Age, business also needs smartweb. While there are businesses invested tens of thousands, even millions for their websites to do business in the new Net Economy, in the Digital Age. However, there are millions businesses and organizations still don't have website, or have basic static info website, or do-nothing and unproductive website. There are millions and millions of websites still not yet leverage its full potential.

- We are the pioneers in smart web.
- Cloud Computing has changed website evolved from:"- old colorful template, static basic info website" to: "- new advanced, powerful, dynamic, and very productive software portal website."

- A day website doing nothing will cost business a lot of money and time.

- Smartweb, all-in-one costs 499$ +
One-on-one Training Services: How to Build and Maintain Yourself Smartweb.

What is Smartweb? Click here.

Email: info@NetthruOffice.com
Website is your own business, your office, your gateway to the powerful Net Economy.
90% of businesses, mom and pop shops agree that website is very important tool for business. And plan to upgrade soon **
In the challenging economy, in the new economy, it is the right thing to do

myNet.Office All In One Website: Web Editor myNet.Word, Website builder, E-Commerce myNet.Page, Web Database myNet.Dbase, Email Marketing eCampaigner, Member Collaboration, Smart Form, Blog, Product Catalog Tool, Automation... all integrated and collaborate into one centric and affordable system.

The Price? $499.0 all-in-one + Free One-on-one Training Services: How to Build and Maintain Yourself Smartweb.

Why affordable?
Because you do-it-yourself build and maintain. Take control your business.

Website evolution: From the beginning of WWW: Static Info Website -> CMS (Content Management System) & Smarter CMS Website -> Cloud Computing Website.

The evolution of mobile phone:
1 G mobile phone -> 2 and 3G mobile phone  -> 4 G smart phone.

1G mobile phone = Static Info Website

2G & 3G mobile phone = CMS website

4G - iPhone generation = Cloud Computing Website (WaaS)
Imagine how much changed since you use 4G smart phone, and how much lost you still use 1G mobile phone. Right?

 What is Smart web: is new advanced, powerful, dynamic, automotive, and productive Cloud Computing software portal website. It contains all-in-one the most popular online trends: Web Database, Web Collaboration, E-Commerce, Internet Marketing, Blog. It is called Smartweb because it is designed based on the philosophy that people are smart enough to build and maintain their website. They don't need web designer, web developer. And it costs less. The Price? $499.0 all-in-one + Free One-on-one Training Services: How to Build and Maintain Smartweb.

- Why Smartweb? If you can afford tens of thousands for web developers to design and maintain your website, then you can build the best website according to what you want. If you spend big money, but your website still doesn't have all features like myNet.Office, and still depend on Web Developers, so much time back and forth, more cost to maintain, then you should let go your Web Department. Good luck.
But if you have budget less than 499$ for a good website with advanced features. And you want your people build and maintain, not depending on the web designers. Then myNet.Office is for you. It costs less because you paid yourself for the design and maintain your website, not for web developers.
- If your website just are sitting and doing nothing, web designers are gone, and you want to do more online. Then you also need myNet.Office.

myNet.Office constantly evolves. It has these main built-in features:

myNet.Dbase, a Web Database (RDMS):
myNet.Dbase (Click and see picture) so that people, businesses can work, share, collaborate online databases, such as: Contact List, Sales database, Location Office Sales Revenue Database, Registered Member with Photos database, Customer database, Form Submitted database, Customer Support , Invoice database, Sales Contact Leads database, RMA, Product Listing database.. access wireless, anywhere, anytime from: Warehouse, at Home, in Office to different Locations, Countries.
- It runs and executes SQL, a powerful database scripting language. In reality, database is not alone but one database has data relates to another database. It is called Relational Database Management System (RDBMS). You can access data in multi related tables.
- myNet.Dbase can upload and store Photos, Videos inside its database. It lets you export data table to excel spread sheets.

- Use myNet.Dbase, no need for Software, Hardware server. No need for Network server, network accessories, cables. No need for user licences. Unlimited users. The Cloud Hosting Data Center, that hosts myNet.Office's smartweb, will take care of the IT infrastructure, the backup, maintenance, virus protection. This feature alone is worth of money.
- Learn SQL. Become myNet.Dbase Database Administrator:
 Google Search for words: Learn basic SQL.
- How to design RDBMS, link and access data from multi different database Tables. Please read: Multi Relational Database Tables (RDBMS)

- See ** Data Entry of myNet.Dbase  ** (Click on picture to enlarge)

 See: *** How to create a Webpage with menu, a Database, a Smart form with Email Notification, an Upload Files Form, Resume Database without database programming, no web skills in 15 minutes ***  

myNet.Office Cloud Commerce: built-in E-commerce tool so that business can sell their Products and Services online. Such as:
- Calculate Shipping, Taxes. Quick Order, Check out online.
- Paid by PayPal, Credit Card, Online Banking, Paid by Cash or Check, or Bill Me Later.
- Check-out to select Pickup or Delivery. Email Order Invoices to buying Users and Admin.
- Member Collaboration to login, check Order Invoice History, Order Status, Order Delivery.
- Customer Database, Invoice Database, Order Detail Database, Catalog Product

One store for every business.
We believe that you can help small business in many ways. Technology is one of them. We made E-Commerce simple and affordable for businesses:
- See:
** How myNet.OFFICE Cloud Commerce works - Customer Shopping Experience **  

Internet Marketing, Email Marketing, Product and Catalog Design, Blog Tools: so that people can use these tools for Internet Marketing. Tools like, Product Catalog Design Tool to create a nice professional Product and Service Catalog. myNet.Word to create  email News Letters for Email Marketing, webpages. Blog tool to create blog. In this example Email Marketing, we show you how all myNet.Office 's components, such as: myNet.Word, myNet.Dbase, working together.

- Use myNet.Office Email Marketing: 2 easy steps:
1) Use myNet.Dbase to create an email Contact List database for Email Marketing. See: The Email Contact List for Email Marketing created by myNet.Dbase . 
2) Use myNet.Word to create Email Marketing file = My Africa Vacation: myNet.Word to create Email Marketing My Africa Vacation file .  Finally, launch myNet.Office Email Marketing eCampaigner.
See result screen of email marketing My Africa Vacation = Email Marketing  - How to eCampaigner .

myNet.Explore (Click on picture to zoom) Make your website became a harddrive. Share, work and collaborate files, documents, spreadsheets in your website, online anywhere, anytime time. myNet.Explore helps you to navigate, upload, download files, view files, videos, photos. Create new folders, delete folders and files easily. Can download a file, a folder with files as zip file.

Social Collaboration Network: so that business, organization can Connect and Collaborate with only their own special interest People, Members, Customers. It is un-productive if businesses, organizations connect with people who are not their interest, and nothing to do with their business. More click here.

Smart form: is a form that people can do it yourself without any web skills and database programming skills. It has all basic and advanced form properties, like: Check boxes, Pull down list, Input box, Date and Time box, Text Area big box, Upload Input box. Anti spam enter secure code box. After people submit form, all data are inserted and stored in backend web database. An Email Notification send out the form content (like receive) to people submitted form, and admin website. Use Email Notification Tool you, the Admin, can set up the Staff of Sales or Support Department, the Boss, the Managers, the Customers, who can receive the email notification.

- See: *** How to create a Webpage with menu, a Database, a Smart form with Email Notification, an Upload Files Form, Resume Database without database programming, no web skills in 15 minutes ***  

Smartweb: Cost less is the key. Simple, Do-it-yourself Build and Maintain: There are other web technologies cost a lot of money, tens of thousands, and must depend on the developers to design and maintain. A grade 12 secretary can build and maintain Smartweb easily after going through 24 hr of 8 lessons. Smartweb costs a lot less than 499$ that because do-it-yourself build and maintain. And of course, Cloud Computing enables us to build low cost software.

You win: Any software, tools that help you, no web skills, can build, maintain, and do-it-yourself a high end e-commerce smartweb (not the static basic info website) for a budget *** 499$, and just 3 days or 24 hours. Total 8 classes. Each class is 3 hours *** Why cost less? Because you pay for your time do-it-yourself. You loose: Use any tools, software that required developers do it for you. Even that tool is free, but required people do and maintain it, so not free. Cost even more. 

For Web Designers and Web Developers, we are at your side. We know it is hard to build smartweb. That's why we build this software, the methodology, this technology to help you design fast, still meet your client's budget, and still give your clients the best value of your work. Would you be satisfied if you give your clients static basic do nothing websites, and tell your clients, small businesses, moms and pop's shops, who depend on your advices, that it is ok to have basic info website in the new Economy? We know that we can help businesses do more to leverage the power of the Internet.
Business Model. Our Smartweb Stores and Offices make us difference with other Internet Companies that provide online web development solutions. Because non-web skills Customers need one-on-one collaboration with the Developers in our Smart Web Stores and Offices. It is easy to understand.
NOTE: Like software project, building a smartweb is not as simple as creating a template website for static website, or creating a social media account. A lot of work. Building a Smartweb Project must be treated like a Software Engineering Project. The old web development, the developers are the builder. Take control. More their time, more cost. The new web development, the business clients are the builder. Take control. Paid their own time. Thus less cost.

In this figure
, myNet.Office Developer is one-on-one collaboration with clients. And the clients got their smartweb on a limited budget of 499$, and completed their smartweb quickly for only 24 hours. Take control. Save time and money. Both are the winners.

This is Smartweb Stores and Offices model we want to build in every big cities around the world where there are tens of thousands of small businesses, mom and pop's shops, specially home based businesses, entrepreneurs who are in need for an easy, quick, and affordable smartweb.

- Agile Development Methodology, One on one collaboration in Web Stores and Offices. Our model.

- The Clients completed their smartweb quick 24/hr 8 classes, on a limited budget 499.0$.

Contact us
- If you want to have Web Stores and Offices in your local area. Help your local community businesses.

Why smartweb? What is my website doing? Technology has changed so fast. Businesses and consumers converge, live in the online world. Businesses spend a lot of time and money for all kinds of online marketing. While there are other businesses use website to run multi millions businesses. Leverage the power of the Net. Increase revenue and productivity. But my website is still doing nothing for years. I don't know what to do with my website in the new Economy. I paid too much for a basic info website, for the design and the maintenance my business website, that has not many features. Where are the developers when in need and need right now? I lost control of my website. I can't maintain my website. I can't create more my website. I can't ask people do for free all the times. I can't do business with my website. I leave it. I ignore it. If it were true then you need smartweb.

Use myNet.Office All-In-One to Sell Products and Services, to Support people, Connect, Collaborate with Login Member Collaboration, Marketing, Build cost-effective and large scale SQL Relational Web Database, Smart Form, Email Marketing, Self Maintain, no web skills, no need Developer.

myNet.Office 2012 on iPad has more powerful features, much improvement for all kind of mobile business's needs, such as: Mobile Payment with myNet.Office Smart Form. It is easy and convenient to collect data, process payment, do-it-yourself. myNet.OFFICE 2012 on iPad has so many applications for businesses, moms and pops shops. It is on table, on desk, in pocket, in bag, in kitchen, in warehouse, in car...anywhere ready for service.

iPads, Tablets have more memory, bigger screen. Which is best device for processing heavy duty web database, Cloud Computing Web Application. A whole mobile office is on your hand anywhere.

myNet.OFFICE 2012, on Tables,
A whole new mobile Net Office in your hand.  
Use myNet.Office Member Collaboration. What is Member Collaboration?
To engage, collaborate tasks with members, with customers. Tasks like: Member Update / View  Account And Profile - Change Password - Tracking Order, Delivery - Order Status, Invoice List. - Making A Payment. - Member Pay Bill. - Member Update Account Balance. - Member Upload Files, Resumes, and Photos. - Member Download Files, Materials. - Member Ask Question / Get Feedback. - Member Get / Check Coupon and Promotion. - Member Make Donation. Member Draw / Win Contest. - Member Sign Up For Newsletter, White paper, Webminar. - Member Poll Product and Service - Member Add Extra Credit Card / Phone / Addresses. - Broadcast / Email Messages To All Members (Like Twitter). - Get Quotes. - Member Make Appointment. - Member Make Reservation. - Member File A Complain. - Member Service and Support. - Member Register For Events. - Member Post / Check Messages. - Member Update/List Work and Service Status (What happens to my service?). - Member Post Comments. - Member List / Make Donation. - Member Add Contacts / Exchange With Other Members. - Member Contribute/Donate/Pay Use Online Banking (No need Credit Card). - Member Upload, Share, View Files and Videos - Member Add Wish List ( What they want? What you can do?). - Member Add More Business Referrals, Partners. - Members Add / Introduce New Members ...
In general, any logistic tasks that you, businesses, organizations want members to do and collaborate, Social Collaboration Network can do and collaborate. "

The power of the Internet is Connect and Collaborate.
Social Media Network is about (leveraging) Connect. Social Media Network has leveraged and maximized the Net power of Connect. People just sitting at home can have and connect with thousands of friends from all over the world. As a result, Social Media Network like Facebook has connected billion of people around the world. Unbelievable the power of the Net.

- How could we leverage the other Net power - The Collaboration?
Leverage Social Collaboration Network to foster Knowledge, Productivity, Innovation, and Engagement. We call it: Social Collaboration Network.

What is Social Collaboration Network?
Is a Social Network where organizations, businesses Connect with people, their customers, members, and then Collaborate with them using Member Collaboration.
Social Collaboration Network is the solution for the huge gap in productivity and lack of online automation in businesses and organizations.
In Social Collaboration Network, members are collaborating with businesses, organizations for both benefits. In Social Media Network, there is no Collaboration Master. But in Social Collaboration Network, the Business, the organization is the Collaboration Master - the red one.

Each member has its own collaboration or shares the same collaboration, depending on the Business Collaboration Master.
Which means that member John Smith can get 5$ coupon. While other members will get different coupon or get nothing.
- Or John Smith is recommended Product A, Service A, while other members are recommended other Products and Services.
- Or every member, customer login as member can do different tasks depend on their data, their profile.

- What ever human can do and collaborate, the web can do and collaborate tens of thousands times more efficient and faster.

Member Collaboration in a Social Collaboration Network. The power of Collaboration. "- Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much."

The most important component of Social Collaboration Network is data, data, and data. People collaborate on data. In Social Collaboration Network, the company's database RDBMS is the main database source of all collaborations.

- There is a big difference between Social Media Network and Social Collaboration Network. Social Media Network is about social, relationship, connect. Social Collaboration Network is about collaboration, about data, tables, database, RDBMS. In Social Collaboration Network, people collaborate on data. .  

- In Social Collaboration Network, everywhere, Members are working for you, and for their own benefits. Each member can have his/her own collaboration, or share the same collaboration for all. Or he/she can get no collaboration, depending on the business, that is the Master of  Collaboration.

- A Social Collaboration Network will give businesses and organizations huge benefit, automation, build engaged relationship, and increase huge productivity. 

- Is it possible to build a Social Collaboration Network in Social Media Network? Possible. The power of the Internet is Connect and Collaborate. Social Media Network is already leveraged the power of Connect. It would be so powerful if Social Media Network leverages another power of the Net, the Collaboration.

- What Social Collaboration Network is doing for collaborating Business Enterprises with people, is what Social Media Network is doing for connecting people with people.

- It is just the beginning. The future of Social Collaboration Network will evolve to more complex and powerful. We may still not yet know and reach to that powerful collaborative level.
According to research, people engage more if they collaborate and do things together. Inclusive not exclusive. Social Collaboration Network gave business a tool to create opportunity, to make easy for members, customers to engage. Once you have the high engagement of members, staff, customers, the power of people's collaboration, you can do anything. You can turn into high level of marketing channel, and business collaboration. You will get help, feedback, and support. You will solve many problems. You can even make all Members become your Recruiters, your Supporters, your royalty political Members, your Advocates, your Partners, your Sales Representatives.

Social Collaboration Network can be used and applied in many different business areas, such as for: People collaborating with other people, Home based Businesses, Small, Mid and Big Businesses, Commerce Businesses, Telecommunication Businesses, Hi-tech Businesses, Financial Businesses, Schools, Political Party, Organizations, Government... Any system that needs the Collaboration with people, with customers, with members.

** To get members come back and collaborate more, Social Collaboration Network  should have a benefit / reward system, build royalty, like give them coupons, points, promotions, free stuffs, surprised gifts... Or ask for help. People like helping others. Social Collaboration Network should have Collaboration System Policies / Rules (of Businesses, Organizations, Schools..) that Members must accept if they want to join in the network, in the system. For example, members, customers must follow that company's Collaboration Policies in order to get better, faster, and more efficient 24/7 services. They also can opt out of system.

For example, Use A Restaurant, A Small Business for simple case study! The restaurant, the business Broadcasts (Member Collaboration Command = Broadcast / Email) a short message that: logon and get your coupon, or free gift. People, customers receive this broadcasting message in their email. They just click and logon the website in order to collaborate and to check if they have a free ticket, or a coupon, a discount dinner, or a free 2-for-1 gifts. That's how this Restaurant, this Small Business bring people back by creating a digital connection, a binding special relationship, an invitation driven to store, a collaboration between business and customers. A simple Customer Relationship Management.

Question Why: - Why my Company, my Business, my School, my Organization still doesn't have online Web Databases of members, of customers, of people for sharing and collaboration. And it still can't not Connect and Collaborate with people privately.

- Why I graduated from that School, I am a member of that Club, of that Organization, of that Association, of that Business, of that Corporation, of that Party. I want to collaborate more with their business, with other Members. But I still can't logon their Website or their Network in order to do a simple Member Collaboration Update/View My Profile, My Status? I feel disconnected with that Organizations, that School, that Party, that Business, and with their Members.

Can we build Social Collaboration Network? Who defined, architected, built it?
We are NOT Talking, Theorizing, Commenting, Chatting, and Doing nothing. We Proposed it. We Defined it. We Architected it.  We Invested in it. And We Built it.

The most important component of Social Collaboration Network is Data, the company's RDBMS database, the source of all collaborations.
It is called Member Collaboration Source.

Social Collaboration Network can be built as a small private Network that is used and served for that particular business, organization. Or it can be built as big public Network where businesses, organizations around the world come to register. We predict a lot of Social Collaboration Networks pop up in the next few years.

** Social Collaboration Network is the solution for the huge gap in productivity and online automation in Businesses, in Organizations. **

** What are the important components that make up Social Collaboration Network?
Social Collaboration Network is made up by important components like:
The Collaboration Source
or the embedded web database that contains and keeps the records, the Data of collaboration.
The Collaboration Tasks
are  the tasks, the commands, the instructions that members will do and collaborate. In order to meet with business and organization's needs, more Collaboration Tasks will be designed on demand.
The Collaboration Attribute
is the character, the definition of collaboration. It is scaleable, flexible, updatable, changeable. 

Collaboration Task Commands -> Defined by Collaboration Attributes -> Act on Collaboration Data that stored, kept records in Collaboration Source Database.

Who has the most benefits of Social Collaboration Network?
Organizations, Small, Medium and Big Businesses have the most benefits of Social Collaboration Network.  ** It is time businesses, organizations should invest in R&D to build such network for their benefits, and productivity.
Let's Invest -> R&D -> Build.

How important is Member Collaboration, and Social Collaboration Network?
It is very important for businesses. 80% of customers, members said they would use Social Network for services and other collaborations. Members are working for your business advantages. It will save business, organization tens of thousands of hours. Work flow and work process are more efficient, electronically faster with less resources.

Member Collaboration lets businesses collaborate and engage people, customers, members by doing tasks together. People love one-one-one services. But, in business, time is money. Businesses can't afford these VIP services for all people.

While small businesses, moms and pops shops spend almost their time, very busy all day, on the phone hours for one-on-one services, in person-to-person services, big corporations, banks can't. They build web based collaboration, online banking to serve thousands of people. While your business is closed, web collaboration is still served 24/7, anywhere, faster, convenient, efficient. When time and human resources are limited, business should pass some business tasks online as services.

Important: Member Collaboration should have
reward system so that people will collaborate more.
- See  Member Collaboration Add Other Referrals
See The giant online business Future Shop Login Member Collaboration www.futureshop.com.
- See
The giant online business DELL Login Member Collaboration  
- See
See myNet.Office Login Member Collaboration

** See Working With Member Collaboration, a Social Collaboration Network  
(See Member Collaboration of myNet.OFFICE )

** See How to Create Member Collaboration Order Status History List.
** See How to Create Member Collaboration Add Member Referrals.
** See How to Create Member Collaboration Submit Smart Form Training Services, Upload Files.
Or, Use Member Collaboration Upload Form -> To Create a Database of Resumes, Photos, and the Submit Form.

** See How to Create Member Collaboration Login Update Account Info, such as: Name, Phone, Address, Password...

What are the main differences myNet.Office and other web based software products?
The similarities, all software lets you build e-commerce sell products and services online, although each software has its own different ways of doing it, different design, and different look and feel. But the main differences are myNet.Office has built-in
Web Database, Login Member Collaboration, Smart Form, and Do-it-yourself, no web skills, no need developers, affordable price.

Cloud Database myNet.Dbase is a Multi Relational SQL Web Database. Multi Relational Tables means you create many database tables that have relationship each other. This allows you to build a large scale database with hundreds of related tables. SQL means it is build in SQL (Structure Query Languages understand by database), the ultimate power, used to run and operate database.

You can do ALMOST anything simple and complex database operations using SQL database scripting language.
 It is easy to learn and to use script than to learn and to use interface, going through many steps and many screens. For example, to List, or to Create a table, if using interface you must go through many screens, but using script is short and easy. To list every thing in a table ContactList, you run this SQL script in myNet.Dbase: Select * from ContactList.
- This script Creates a table Contact List with Name + Email using myNet.Dbase:
CREATE TABLE ContactList ( EMAIL varchar(50) , NAME varchar(40) ,PRIMARY KEY (email) );
- This script Adds more fields, like ADDRESS, PHONE,
in ContactList: Alter table ContactList Add ADDRESS varchar (200), Add Phone varchar (20), Add Contact_Date date The ContactList now is growing, having: NAME, EMAIL, ADDRESS, PHONE, Contact_Date.
- To Delete column Address:
Alter table ContactList Drop address. Script is not case sensitive.
- To Change the column name from Contact_Date = Date_of_Contact: 
Alter table ContactList Change Contact_Date Date_of_Contact  Date.
- To Move column name PHONE after ADDRESS: Alter table ContactList modify phone varchar (20) after address. When Change name or Move, data of that column stay the same, not lost.

Finally, enter data in Contact List. Congratulate. You just create this ContactList in 5 minutes.

** Filter data and Migrate Targeted List ** This feature is very popular in many expensive high-end campaign marketing software. For example, in your Contact List stores people who have different phone area code. Let's say you want to create a separate targeted database list to target people in Contact List who are living in phone area code=416 so that you launch a campaign to target these people or share this targeted list with other department. It is called Targeted Campaign Marketing.
Run this simple script to create a new targeted list database from the Contact List:

CREATE TABLE targeted_list
AS (SELECT id, name, email, phone, address
FROM ContactList
WHERE phone like '%416%' ) ;

- Imagine without this script, database system,
like CRM software, has to design many screens and interfaces in order to get targeted data and stored them in another container. In real world, there are much complex targeted data you need to capture and campaign that high-end database, marketing software won't be able to do. We can train Sales and Marketing to learn script much easier than to learn GUI interfaces.

Let's do just a little bit advanced database task:
Do the Compare 2 table 1 with table 2 for difference between rows. Such as which rows in table 1 do not have in table 2. Then display them. There is no GUI, window screens, user interface can be designed to do this. Only database script can do this task.

Select MFR_ID, manufacturer, part_number_and_desc, mfr_partnumber
FROM table1
(SELECT 1 FROM table2
WHERE table2.MFR_ID = table1.MFR_ID
AND table2.mfr_partnumber=table1.mfr_partnumber

This database Script will calculate: Total Sales, Total GST tax, Total PST tax, Total Customers ordered, Total Invoices sold, of a period 3 months from 1/August -> 30/Oct. They display them in order by Invoice Date.

SELECT invoices.Invoice_date as Invoice, count(invoiceid) as Total_invoice, count(customerid) as Total_cust, sum(invoices.sub_total) as Today_Sales, sum(invoices.pst_amt) as Pst, sum(invoices.gst_amt) as Gst from invoices where invoices.Invoice_date >= '2011-08-01' and invoices.Invoice_date <='2011-10-30' group by invoices.Invoice_id.
Example picture | or this.

This database Script will calculate and display everything like a Report of Today's Sales: Today sales, Total Tax1, Total Tax2, Who customers, The Person's Name, Company. Then display them in order by Invoice.
SELECT invoiceid, invoice_date, sum(sub_total) as today_sales, sum ( tax2_pas_amt), sum (tax1_gst_amt) as today_gst, customerid, name, Company from  x_invoice where invoice_date = curdate() Group by invoiceid
Report of today sales

This example just show you what database script can do. The the real word, there are much, much more complex database tasks that
there is no GUI screen interface can design to do this.
How do you write theses database script? GOOGLE !

A database software without built-in database script is not powerful database software system.

Even worse, a lot of businesses use spread sheet to replace database in order to store data.
Spreadsheet is not database. As a result, they spend more time to process data stored on many scatter non relational spreadsheets.

* NOTE **
: Database scripting language is fast, short, and easy to learn (grade 12 ok). If your company doesn't have any staff who can do this simple tasks, then train them.
Or get people can do the job.
- Without database script, you have to design software, go through many GUI, window screen steps.
- To understand just a bit more about web database: Please read this.

** myNet.Dbase is built-in right inside your website ** so that it can *integrate* easily with other tools. Without myNet.Dbase we can't design tools like Smart Form, Member Collaboration...You can email, store and display images, pictures in myNet.Dbase. This feature is rarely see in other web based software.

myNet.Office myNet.Dbase ** Why database? We live in the world governed by data?  
Business spends a lot of time to search and process data. As you see, organization, company and business are overloaded, flooded with Data. People spend almost their time to process data. Do we need a Data Scientist who can help to design system in order to process data faster and increase productivity? Yes-
So what is a Data Scientist? - The job of Data Scientist, not only, turns big data into big value, delivering products that delight users and insight that informs business decisions, but also, he/she can design an information system that organizes and processes data faster.. More, please Read ..

Question: Your organization has 10000 employees or more. Is it possible to build a database computer system for 10000 Users and Staff, who can use, share, collaborate data and information, can do online stuff, can access anywhere, at home, in office, any locations around the world, and all cost for 500$ + Cloud Hosting Package starting basic from 49$ / month?
NOTE: All costs for 500$, here means including the cost of buying hardware, network, the cost of buying software and licenses, the cost of I.T people for the maintenance services, back-up, virus protection...For 10000 users, you need a dedicated server Cloud Hosting Package starting from 49.0$/month. It is expensive than Website Hosting Package. The more you spend for hosting, the faster your site will be, just like your Internet use package.

- Outsourcing Infrastructure in order to reduce HUGE cost,
The answer: Depend on who you ask? So how to reduce such a HUGE cost? a little hint called: Outsourcing Infrastructures. Business can outsource anything. We give you the solution.

** The solution is Web Database not PC database:
like myNet.Office myNet.Dbase. It is all about Cloud Computing. Why? Because web database runs in the Cloud Data Hosting Center, therefore, web database uses the Data Center's big computer servers as its own servers. It uses the Internet, the mother of all networks, as its Network. Therefore, people can access to web database any where connected to the Internet. At Data Center, there are I.T people take care, back up, maintain 24/7. That's why Banks, businesses store data in clouds. Right?
Click & see Cloud Hosting Data Center Servers VS PCs View Quick Video of a typical Cloud Hosting Data Network Center.

** If use PC database, you need to buy expensive hardware PC server that can serve thousands of people use, expensive database server software, licences. You also need to setup an expensive big LAN (Local Area Network) of 10000 users, with network hubs, routers, cables wired all PC computers. Then you also need IT people to maintain, back up devices, tapes, virus protection. You must be in the company to access PC database. Sum all of PCs costs more than 6 figures + The cost of  I.T department to take care and maintain.

For mid sized or small businesses, web database is the most advantages and HUGE savings for all database solutions you need. More over, web database lets you do a lot online stuff that PC database can't because PC database is limited in the LAN (Local Area Network), which is protected as private network, thus not accessible from the Net, from outside.

For example, people can opt in/out of receiving your email, or submit online register form if your Contact List is in web database, but can't opt in/out or can't submit online form if your Contact List is in PC database. Still don't believe? Good luck and Thank you.
myNet.OFFICE Smart Form - Mobile Payment Ready . Imagine you are on location, anywhere, see customers. You process payment. All you need is an iPad or any Tablet, with our Process Payment Smart Form. Customers enter their credit card info -> Select payment by PC Online Banking, or by Credit Card or by Pay Pal. Bang! Money collected. Form data submitted is saved in database. Email Notification sent receipt out to staff and the customer who just submitted form.

Use myNet.Office Smart Form to capture good leads from people who are interested in products & services, or collect customer's data. Create all kinds of forms, like Upload Files, Resumes Forms, Register Membership Form, Customer Feedbacks Form, Contact Us Form, Appointment Form, Mobile Payment Form, Process Credit Card Payment Form...Easy to collect data with Smart Form on iPad.

myNet.Office Smart Form is a database and email notification form. Which means, after submit, data form saved in database. Email notification sent out to staff & customers. You can config Email Notification, such as: To whom can receive email, Email Logo, Email Subject, Email Message.. Smart Form is another special feature.

- myNet.Office 2012 on iPad, mobile payment smart form. Anywhere, enter and pay. Easy to collect data with Smart Form.
Doing business in the new Economy, in the Digital Age, in the Net Economy, in the Modern Age, Businesses need both Smart web and Smart phone. If you have smart phone then you can have smart web. Having Smart web costs less than having Smart phone. Use myNet.Office, business now can afford the best online business software, ecommerce software with a budget only few hundreds of dollars. It is a ROI.

The Cost Having myNet.Office costs very little budget if compared to other business costs, such as rent costs 3000$/month or more. myNet.Office costs 19.95$/month. IT COSTS NOTHING. It would be nice to have another location it costs less but it does help a lot. Certainly, an online location will helps bring more customers to the offline location.

Our big challenge is to design a software for non-web skill users to build and maintain high-end database websites. myNet.Office empowers the user's level to the developer's level. Now, people without any web skills, can build and maintain a powerful smart web that even developers can't.

Our Customers Smartweb has been used by mid-sized businesses, small businesses, companies with revenue from tens of thousands of dollars to tens of millions of dollars, moms and pops shops around the world.

It has been used by
Home based businesses, Entrepreneurs, Web Designers, Web Developers, Restaurants, Foods, Drinks, Flower shops, Manufacturing, Business Offices, Nails and Salons stores, Car and Body Shops, Schools, Organizations, Training centers, Real Estates, Music and Entertainments Tickets online...

In the difficult economy, more people run home based business, become entrepreneurs which create more opportunities for us.

Smartweb: Doing something is always better than doing nothing. Do-it-yourself. Take control. Save time and money.

Make your website from doing nothing into doing many useful, productive things with myNet.OFFICE. Increase your business's productivity & revenue with smart web.
In the challenging economy, not just opening store is good enough, small businesses should be more creative, innovative, find different ways to increase sales. Right? Online line business today is as much local as global. Open your store 24/7.

90% of businesses agree that website is very important tool for business. And the nice basic info web doesn't help them at all.

We grow step by step. Build one by one office at a time.
It is all about building business in the long term. It is not the rise short term hype then fall fast. Our current focus, we keep investing in R&D and Product Innovation to make product better. Add more useful and common sense features that help people solve their problems.

myNet.Office keeps evolving. Please come back. We will add more things you can do with myNet.OFFICE 2012.

- Shift mind-set on Innovation.

- Smart phone is not enough. In the new Net Economy, in the Digital and Information Age, businesses, organizations also need smartweb. .

- Build a big enterprise Relational Database using myNet.Office, myNet.Dbase (RDBMS). The cost is 0$.
So how do they build without any web skill and cost 0$ infrastructure. Cost 0$, no need to buy expensive database server software with expensive licences, and cost 0$ to buy expensive hardware PC computer servers, Network Servers?

=> See the latest current update in Nov / 2012
 Click here

- See a business, a store uses myNet.Office to run their business more efficient, increase more Sales, better Marketing, and better customer Service. So how they do Sales, Marketing, Customer Service using myNet.Office? Click here

Click: *** How to create a Webpage with dynamic Menu, a Web Database of My_Support_Center, a Smart Form with Email Notification, an Upload Files Form, Resume Database without database programming, no web skills, all in 15 minutes ***  

- The power of the Net is Connect and Collaborate.
Social Media Network is about Connect. What next after Connection is Collaboration. Social Collaboration Network.
See myNet.OFFICE Member Collaboration, and the Member Collaboration of the biggest online business DELL and FUTURE SHOP. See Member Collaboration. Click here  

- myNet.Office Web Collaboration
to grow contacts, referrals List. Business referrals back in the old days took long time, we used to meet customers and ask them help for referrals. But on the Net, there are tens of thousands customers, all over places. It is impossible to meet face-to-face all of them. We don't even know their faces. Some times, not asking them, just give them a tool, and let the customers do the referrals by themselves.** See How to Create Web Collaboration Member Add New Referrals in 15 min  

All Websites Have Menu Navigation
But, most websites have static menus, manually code Java script by web developers. No database! Hard to change, update menu when needed. Solution: myNet.Office Menu Navigation is dynamic database menus. It creates menu automatically and saved menu in database. Thus, easy to create, change, update menus. No need programming. No need developers. See How:
Working with myNet.Office Dynamic Database Menu Navigation.

See you can build your company a Resume Database System in 15 minutes with no web skills. Click here

Cloud Computing will drive down the cost of network, hardware, software, licences, database, business commerce... As we explained in cloud web database myNet.Dbase, cloud business commerce myNet.Office Cloud Commerce. Google CIO Ben Fried says.  "- The economics of cloud computing are driving down the cost structure of business so far and so fast that it’s scary.."
Read: Google CIO Ben Fried Says Cloud Tipping Point Is At Hand.

Build a store for 499$. myNet.OFFICE Cloud  Commerce helps home based businesses, small businesses, who can't afford big money for e-commerce, build extra store. Help their business increase more sales, better marketing, better customer service. One store for every business. 
- We believe that you can help small business in many ways. Technology is one of them. A lot of small businesses don't know how to apply the technology. We need to explain and educate. We made E-Commerce simple and affordable for businesses: Working with myNet.OFFICE Cloud Commerce   

- Facebook bought a Start-up Internet company Instagram that has no revenue, no sales, for 1B.
This company has no revenue but it has the technology. All money it has is from Investors for them to develop the product.
Is it exaggerate?
Is it Social Media hype bubble time like DOT.com companies that had no revenue but worth tens of millions we had seen before? Absolutely NOT.
- Nothing surprise! A Start-up Company, a Technology Product can worth millions, no need for revenue justified.
Risk is part of business
Mark Zuckerberg said: - The biggest risk is not taking any risk…In a world that changing really quickly, the only strategy that is guaranteed to fail is not taking risks.

- Technology, Product Innovation is not enough. We need a bottom-up innovation.
Innovation must have a whole bottom up support innovation, such as: Environment, Businesses, Employees, Staff, Management, VC, Communities (like Silicon Valley), mind-set, and culture that support and embrace Innovation - A culture of innovation.

While a lot restaurant managers, think online restaurant is not possible, not traditional. These 2  entrepreneurs, no restaurant experience, are building a $84 millions Online Restaurant and expand in 300 cities. When you are inside the box, you can't see outside the box. Why? Because you are trapped inside the box.
This story is a small business in a garage to a big business. We deeply admire these start-up innovative entrepreneurs who think big and expand business in 300 cities. We also respectably and deeply admire those VCs and Investors who are risk taking to invest $84 millions in their start-up.
=> This is kind of story we should celebrate and talk about in order to inspire new kind of start-up Entrepreneurs and VCs and Investors.
Here is the story: Matt Maloney and Mike Evans founded an online restaurant delivery service, in Chicago in 2004. Since then, they've raised $84 million in venture financing and expanded into 300 cities. http://www.inc.com/scotty-cadenhead-and-malachi-leopold/how-software-engineers-matt-maloney-mike-evans-built-grubhub.html?nav=vid

myNet.OFFICE embedding Database Object. A whole new level.
Embedding Video Objects in website has revolutionized the web. Made the web rich video content. myNet.OFFICE lets you insert, embed Database Objects in website is a whole new level.
- The Benefits of embedding Database Object:
Make the web rich digital data content, rich media content, easy to delivery, carry data, share and collaborate data across the web.
Help people present, organize data orderly in database way. And store, and share data and information, content better, richer, and efficient on the web
Data dynamic, instant update, fresh. When you update the backend database, the front-end embedding Database Object is also fresh auto-update. Data easily scalable by adding more fields (columns).
It is easy to learn, easy to use.. Such as, no need to understand XML, web programming. No brainier. RIGHT?

=> Think this way. Database is like a big warehouse housing all content, data, information, music, photos, videos. If you can embed that warehouse in website, and deliver that *warehouse of everything* across the web that would be powerful. People can search, share, update, collaborate... that big warehouse of data and information, rich data, rich content. See
myNet.Dbase can store Photos, Videos (Click on picture enlarge)

What is a Database Object?
- Database is like a big warehouse of all content, data, videos, photos, music, information that businesses store. A warehouse of everything. A database object is a big data object, a big content object. Because Database Object is truly a database that is used to store a lot of different kind of data, information.
NOTE: Video
is also data because video can be stored in database. See
myNet.Dbase stores Photos, Videos (Click on picture enlarge).
For example, a My Photo is just a picture of me. Then no other info, no data associated with it, just a dumb nice photo picture.
But, if My Photo is a Database Object; Which means that, in this My Photo object, it contains a lot of rows, or records, of my photos, could be 10 photo pictures, or more. Each row, or each record, of my photo contains a lot of data and info (fields or columns of database) associated with the photo picture, such as: PHOTO_NAME, PHOTO_PICTURE, PHOTO_VIDEO, PHOTO_DATE_TIME,  PHOTO_LOCATION, WHO_TAKE_PHOTO, ACTION... In general, a Database Object of My Photo contains a lot info about my photos than just 1 photo picture. It is a big data, big content of My Photo.
Another example,
A Database Object Coupon List. See picture: 
Embedding Coupon List in webpage.
This Database Object contains 3 coupons. Each coupon has data and info like: ID ( coupon ID), IMAGE (coupon image), ITEM_DESCRIPTION (coupon description), PRICE, QUANTITY, POST_DATE (coupon date), and ACTION (User's action = Order, Social Media, Email...)
** Thus, when you embed a Database Object, you embed a whole warehouse big data, big content that carry all kind of data and information, a lot more than just a picture, a video. People can also act on the data (User Action).

- What Is USER ACTION in Object Database?
s that users, people can collaborate, interact with Object Database using Action = Order, Search, Delete, Insert, Edit / Update, Email, Social Media, Upload, Download. User Action depends on the assignment of the Admin. For example in the Object Database Coupon List (see picture), User Action = Order, Social Media, Email, Search.
- See picture:
Embedding Coupon List in webpage.
- Another example, you embed the Membership Register Database List on your website. Then you assign User Action = Order, Insert, Upload, Search. So that people can Insert (submit) their profile, Upload their photo, and Pay (Order) their registration fee. User Action = Search is always enable by default in any Embedding Object Database. And thus, the List keeps growing because users generate the list content. 

** Question Embedding Database Object Organizations, Businesses store and process their data, information in database. You want to display A fresh weekly Promotion Catalog Products Database List, A weekly Coupon Database List, or a Job Listing Catalog, a House Listing Catalog, or a Products and Services Catalog with embedding pictures, videos... on your website so that people can see, Search, Email, Order, Social Media (called User's Action). You also want to be able to Maintain, Add / Insert more items into list, Delete, Edit items, Update price, Update date... What should you do? You don't have web department. Or your developers can't do this. Or take them so long to code. Or cost too much to design and maintain, update.
- Answer
: Will show How-to do this this embedding Database Object later.

**A picture is worth a thousand words **  
A typical myNet.Office 2012 front-end look-and-feel webpage   (Click on, see picture). You can design this website without web skills. You can build and maintain a myNet.Office's smartweb for 499$.
- Any website that has less features, basic info, do-nothing, can't do-it-yourself, can't maintain yourself, and cost more than 499$ is too much.

When design webpage, usually, you use or insert or embed the common "Objects" like Text, Pictures, Videos. These objects made up the webpage. With myNet.Office 2012, not only you can insert common objects like Text, Video.. But also you can Insert in webpage extra other "Objects", like: A Database Scroll List, A Photo Album, A Database Smart Form, Different Styles Menu Navigations, A Product Catalog, to make webpage rich data, rich objects, rich functionality.

Embedded Video Objects has revolutionized the web. Made the web rich video content. Now embedding Database Objects is important. Make the web rich data, rich content, easy to deliver data, carry data, share data. It also makes data easier to collaborate online.

- Example, you use Web Database to create a Table List object = Product Coupon Table List (See picture). Use Product Catalog Design Tool to create a product catalog = Charity, Contribution, Donation. (See picture). Then use Smart Form Builder tool to create an object = Member Register Form (see picture). Use Album Manager to create an Album Photo object (see picture). Then you insert these objects in any webpages, different pages, many times.

myNet.Word (Click and see picture) has more than 70 edit functions: Table, Fonts, Colors, Insert Photos, Videos.. It is used to create webpage, Blog, Email Marketing.

myNet.Dbase (Click and see picture) A Built-in Cloud Computing Relational Web Database (RDBMS). Dynamic website VS. Static Website. Database empowered dynamic website. Right? Good for small & medium sized businesses. More: Click here  See ** Data Entry of myNet.Dbase ** (Click on picture to enlarge)

- myNet.Dbase is in Cloud, Mobile, Anywhere: Create hundreds of database tables. Then share, connect and collaborate database, tables, any where, any locations, wireless, not network, no cable, any countries, in Office, at Home, in Warehouse.
- Cost effective 0$. No expensive Hardware, Software. No complex IT Infrastructure: Because it runs in Cloud Data Center, there is no need for network cables, wireless, no PC Server, no licences, un limited users. Everything: Hardware, Software, IT Backup, Virus Protection, Maintain, is outsourcing to Cloud Hosting Data Center.
- Simple but Powerful: myNet.Dbase runs SQL database scripting programming used in ORACLE, DB2, SQL Server... Create Table and Input data in 5 min. No complex GUI, no step by step screens.
- Usage, Skill: All you need is learn this SQL tutorial in 8 hours, and become a good Database Administrator. No need for expensive Database Courses, or hire Database Administrator: Google Search for words: Learn basic SQL
- RDBMS is Relational Database Management System- How to create:
Multi Relational Database Tables (RDBMS)
- SQL Scripting Language is very powerful. It does simple and complex database tasks that no GUI, no Interface, no Screen can never designed in order to do these database tasks. After understanding basic, when you need a SQL command syntax, just Google. Thousands of SQL script examples online!

myNet.Office Member Collaboration Info: Click here

- See: *** How to myNet.OFFICE e-Commerce - User Shopping Experience ***  

- To create a Blog, 1) Use myNet.Word to create a Blog . 2) Next, use Blog Manager to manage Blog Update STATUS from  Pending = Active. That's is it. You have a Blog. ** See the result of  My Blog created by myNet.Office 2012
- Use
 myNet.Office Album Manager Tool to create flashy Album that can sell.
- Use
 myNet.Office Product Catalog Design Tool to create professional beautiful Product Catalog -> See Result of a Product Catalog screen Click mouse on the picture to enlarge.

** myNet.Explore helps you to navigate, upload, download files, view files, videos, photos. Create new folders, delete folders and files easily. Can download a file, a folder with files as zip file. Share and collaborate files, documents, spreadsheets in your website on the Net

Use myNet.Office Email Marketing: 2 easy steps:
1) Use myNet.Dbase to create a email Contact List database for Email Marketing.
Web Database to create email Contact List for Email Marketing . 
2) Use myNet.Word to create Email Marketing file = My Africa Vacation:
myNet.Word to create Email Marketing My Africa Vacation file . Finally, launch myNet.Office Email Marketing eCampaigner.
See result screen of email marketing My Africa Vacation =
Email Marketing - How to eCampaigner .

A picture is worth a thousand words. (Cont)
Database is the most important component of website.
Right? See in the picture How myNet.Dbase stores Blog Content (Click mouse on picture to enlarge). And also see how other databases store this Blog. And why myNet.Dbase can store and display photos, video while other database can't. Can you see the difference!  myNet.Dbase built-in the website is a unique feature that makes myNet.Office different with other software tools.
See ** Data Entry of myNet.Dbase ** (Click on picture to enlarge)

New Design of a typical myNet.Office 2012 front-end look-and-feel Webpage
See embedded smart form, object database embedded.
Click on pic to expand. myNet.Word
It allows you create flashing Album, Banner using
 myNet.Office Album Manager Tool , and Product Catalog using myNet.Office Product Catalog Tool. And create a Smart Form using myNet.Office Smart Form Tool. And create database using myNet.Dbase. Then insert database, Album, Banner, Product Catalog, Smart Form in any webpage. This means that any webpage, for example, a static Contact Us page is embedded with a Smart Form Contact Us, and a Product Catalog, and a database Coupon List, and a click-and-order  Album. The Contact Us page now becomes a call-to-action order page with Product Catalog, with Albums, Banner, a display database list page (or datapage). People click on Banner, Album, Product, Order or Post to their Social Media. Use Coupon bring traffic to website, people to store.
Every website look and feel is different. But websites have common objects embedded like Text, Pictures, Videos. For example, this webpage is embedded with Text and Pictures only. myNet.Office 2012 Webpage in picture is embedded with Album, Banner, Product Catalog, Videos, Pictures, Smart Form, Database 
*** On the Net, Data is very important and powerful. The future web will evolve from static Information -> dynamic Data, and thus must have database embedded. How can we bring data from back end database to front end webpage? There are so many applications for embedded object database in website ***
Let's call a database table is a List, or like an Excel spread sheet List for easy to understand. For example, back end, you have database of Engineering Data List, Coupon List, Promotion List, Product List, Calendar Events List, Schedule and Appointment List, Membership with photo List, Guess List, Real estate House w/photo Listing, Photo Album List, Contact w/photo List, Donor w/photo List, even a Content page List with photos, videos, or any database. You want to display Donor List in front webpage for people see. To do this, you need web developer write code to read Contact List and display on webpage. Even so, their list is static list, not scroll. List all records. Can't search. Now, with myNet.Office, you can do to display database on webpage with no program skills. Specially, people can *Scroll* list, Search. Another easy way to understand this, Ms Word lets you embedded object Excel list in Word document.

- Your company needs a database of resumes with job applicant's photos for HR searching, sharing and collaborating. Thus, you will create a Resume database + a Form that people can upload their Resumes and Photos. Can you do it without any web skills and in 15 minuets? Yes. Use Member Collaboration Upload Form. How? Click here ** If you can't. You don't use the right tool. You need myNet.Office ** This resume system works like Google's resume system.

Why Virtual Stores work in South Korea but not working here?
For example,
Look at Virtual Stores in South Korea in the video? We need a mindset culture Innovation. See online store: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nJVoYsBym88&feature=youtu.be
- The Result of Virtual Store? Sorry! Not only sorry for consumers who waste a whole precious weekend to shop rather than to relax. But also sorry for the store owners who spend so much money, tens of thousands, to build and maintain their store, staff, rent, utility. Cost too much! That money should be better used for free delivery.
- Can we compete with Virtual Stores?
Virtual Store is so efficient, less cost, save so much Time and Money for every one.
Virtual Stores here are working step by step! Our technology helps small businesses, mom and pop shops build and maintain Virtual Stores, less cost and as efficient as South Korea Virtual Stores. TESCO 's Management is innovate. They adapt new thing. The only not working here is the mind-set already popping up, saying not working here. And also is not working here because there are other technologies but they are  so expensive and so complex required developers to build and maintain for small businesses. Small business is the foundation of the economy. Small businesses, mom and pop stores are innovate and hard-working. They need help.

We need more Tech Evangelists. They try to build bottom-up innovation. ** A lot of dedicate Tech Evangelists, they are not just talking, but also investing, building and designing the technology, but they don't have adequate resources. We also need to shift mind-set, ready to change and to adapt the new way more efficient. The Insanity: "- Doing the same thing over again and expect different result" - Albert Einstein.
: We are not telling any one to close their stores and use myNet.Office to build Virtual Store, Virtual Office. We are telling to open extra online Virtual Store, like TESCO. It also helps the offline store. Make website from doing nothing to doing something. Make it a tool that helps increase sales and productivity. Let's build it a pop up virtual store.
Our message
: Small businesses like simple and do-it-yourself. Right? We are not talking about building complex Virtual Stores like South Korea. Just build the simple and efficient Virtual Stores Let the store come to people. Let people come to the store. Give people choices. You can increase more stores and become No.1 without opening many stores.

QUESTION: We have 1 store. Our small business stays the same, with less than 10 employees, and just 1 store for 8 years. Business as usual likes this for 8 years. Time is changing. Our competitors, new kids on the blocks, with new ideas, new technology, more efficient, are moving in, expanding many stores, reaching consumers wider area. Plus the economy is slow. Sales is not good. It puts pressure on us to think big, new ideas, expand, and generate more sales. Competitors inspired us more innovative, working harder and smarter. We need to think out of the box. Business billionaire, Richard Branson said: Screw business as usual! How can We expand our business, increase more sales, reach consumer easily in larger area, and compete with competitors giving that we don't have recourses to build many stores? Answer: After 8 years with one store, the only way for this small business to begin next big step to generate more sales, and to compete with the new competitors more advanced and efficient is open a Virtual Store. TESCO, the global giant multi billions retail store, comes up with the crazy ideal Virtual Store because it has resources and talented people. Small business can build Virtual Store as well. There is technology that will help small all business build and maintain Virtual Store easy and less cost. The challenge here is will they want to try new things? Do new things?

My company has different locations and offices.
Before we had a Database of 500 Products running on a PC server. To access, we must be in the office. We could not share, collaborate this PC Product database with other distant locations and offices. Now, our business is growing. We have many offices. We want to create
A centralized Database of 1000 Products contains these info: Product Pictures, Price, Suppliers, Descriptions, Activities, History, Feedback... then share, collaborate, update pricing, feedback.. with staff, employees from other locations. Without a centralized Product database, staffs, employees from different offices will have hard time to manage the data, communication back and forth, waste a lot of time. How can we do-it-yourself build this database easy and affordable, no costly user licenses and infrastructure? Answer: The require List:
- You need a Web Database so that people can access anywhere. - And database can upload and store pictures, videos. - And database must be able customized, scaleable and flexible, easily Add more columns or fields. Change column Name. Move data around when needed. - And database easily Search, easy Data Entry, Sorting by column.- And database must be able to send mass Email. - And database can Run database script SQL so that you can do a complex or a simple search like search for all people who are female, between 35 and 55 years old, and bought more than 5000$. Then launch a promotion campaign to target this group. - And database can export the query data as a spread sheet Excel file. - And a database that can quickly Calculate and Display the Total Sales, Total Tax, Total Inventory, Total Order..
- And no costly monthly user licences and expensive infrastructure to maintain?

- On the Net, Data is very powerful. Business, Company, Organization, People... Every thing is governed by Data. Data can be stored, indexed, organized, search, shared, update, processed, interact, collaborate, modelling and displaying. Database store and process data -> Use List to model data, all kinds of data. For example, a Coupon List, a Product List, a Donor List.. To build Lists, use database - myNet.Dbase. Use myNet.Dbase to design all kinds of simple and complex database lists then embedded in website. myNet.Office 2012 brings back-end database in front-end dynamic list.   

You know Coupon is so powerful. Coupon websites like Groupon.com, Living Social.. sell millions of coupons, drive millions of customers to local businesses. Certainty, the online location will help bring more customers to the offline location. QUESTION:  Your website does nothing for so long. You got to do something. Now, you want to promote a weekly Coupon List, give discount, promotion, display at Home page, Contact Us, Landing page or any webpage of your website. Also update the coupon list, change price easily. How could you do without developer?
: To create a Coupon List, 1) First you need a website that has built-in web database like myNet.Dbase. And the database must be able to store and display pictures, videos. 2) Create a database table Coupon List. Then enter data and upload photos in. 3) Finally, you insert this Coupon List in a webpage, a landing page, in a home page of your website.
See The Coupon List database (click mouse on picture to enlarge)

- BLOG and COUPON are the most powerful website tools used to increase website traffic, bring people to store. Which one is better Blog or Coupon? Short answer. Blog? Not really. Blog brings traffic to website but doesn't bring people to store. Also people are busy with many Social Media, TV. When you write Blog make sure it short, direct. Coupon? Yes. The best tool brings people to both website and store. Also Coupon is easy to create than to write Blog. Blog doesn't give money. Coupon does. That's why daily deals websites like Groupon.com sells hundreds of millions of Coupons of SMBs, and brings millions of people to their stores. Common sense -The people who read Blog doesn't mean they want to buy. Fan doesn't mean to buy. But the people who get Coupon does mean they want to buy. People buy because they need. Better, use both. myNet.Office has tools Blog and Coupon.

- Every website has different look & feel, colors. Depend on how you see,
but usually embeds common objects like Text, Picture, Video. myNet.Office 2012 embeds Database Object. Make website from static to dynamic

- Smartweb Stores and Offices make us difference with other Internet Companies that provide online web development solutions. Because non-web skills Clients need one-on-one collaboration with the Developers. Easy to understand. Right?
Why Smart Web Stores and Offices are good solutions for High-end Web Development Project? Building a smartweb project (not static website) is like building a software engineering project. The old web development, businesses let developers build and maintain. The more time developers spend, the more cost people will pay.
In the new web development, the business clients will get more involved and take control their web project. To achieve this, we use a new philosophy of web development called: Agile Project Development Methodology. WHAT?..
Click here.

Yes, Net Economy and online business are very important for business. Can I build, maintain e-commerce smartweb for 499$? Very difficult. Even design a static website cost more than 500$. And the web developer must finish your online business in 3 days so that his company can make profit. But there is solution. Solution: 1) You must get a software, like myNet.OFFICE, that helps you build and maintain  2) You must do-it-yourself. Paid your time.** If you have no time but depend on others, then you better have static website.

- If I have no time to learn? Then you need developer. Be prepared for a budget at least 3000$ to build smartweb. It is NOT including the maintenance cost. If you don't have time, and don't want to spend? Your company better have static website, because, statistically, most businesses that depend on other people to maintain, will have their website do nothing.

- QUESTION for THE COST? If I finish an online business smartweb for 1 month, how much do I lost? You just lost approximately 4000$. WHAT? Answer: Sorry! If you use myNet.Office help just 1 client in 24hr, or 3 days, or 8 classes of 3hrs. And get paid 499$. Thus you make 20$/hr. Right? If you train 2 clients in the same time, you make 40$/hr. Thus if clients want to pay only 500$ / high-end smart web (not static website), and you finish their web project in 30 days. You lost approximately 4000$. We just use simple math to prove. Educate your clients! Don't waste your time.

WE ARE DEVELOPERS. It doesn't matter you are the developers working for big Public Companies, for big Banks, for Google, Facebook, Microsoft... building the next Big Net Infrastructure. OR, you start-up an Internet Company in basement, like Google, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo, HP, Apple... OR, you work to help small businesses, the experience and the contribution are the same.
From working with small businesses, moms and pops shops, leaving the office and down on the street,
like the undercover Bosses, the undercover Developers have the opportunities to put yourself in someone else's shoes, to work side-by-side, to understand the non-tech people. What they need. How they interact with technology. This helps a lot for the software design. We are software developers. We help each other. That's why we build myNet.Office to help you keep your rate, and still meet your client budget. Good luck.

- How can I compete with the low rate Developers? By working smarter.  Yes, not only you can beat the low rate competitors, but also still reduce cost 3 times less than the low cost competitors, for your clients, by working more productive and smarter. NO WAY. WHAT? HOW? Do the math. The low rate 10$/hr developers do things manually, design manually, no automation, will complete the online business in 1 month or 160 hours. Because they design manually, thus more times consuming, working hard more hours for them and their clients. Thus, they have no choice but to charge client at least 1600$ or more. Thus, they made 10$/hr even less. But you work smarter and productive, using tool like myNet.Office, finish in 24 hours. Although, you change your clients 3 times less, only 500$.

You run an online business. If you keep depending on others to build and maintain. If you can't do-it-yourself. You lost. You lost control, time and money. Solution: You need software, tools that could help you BUILD and MAINTAIN high end e-commerce in just 3 days or 24 hours, with a budget of 499$. Still don't believe? We wish you find people who can do cheaper for same features like myNet.Office. Again, not the static website. Good luck!

- Keep the right contacts. Target the right people. Big business has big database CRM of their customers. A lot of small businesses, moms and pops stores spent a lot of time tracking, keeping contacts people from websites, online contacts.. But.. What about the Offline Contacts that they know, they see? Regrettably, 80% of small businesses, mom and pops shops do not have a simple Contact Lists of customers. Let hundred of people, customers buy or not buy, coming in and out their business, stores everyday, without a simple Contact List of people's Name and Email. This golden Contact List will grow, faster than the online contacts, to thousands of good leads, W.O.M, referrals. But no one talks about keeping these real social contacts. Kind of people you need to keep contact. Solution: Use myNet.Office myNet.Dbase creates a simple Contact List, or a large scale relational web database in order to keep tracking and connecting people offline. Then share, marketing, connect, collaborate web database with staff, at home, in warehouse, in the office, in hotel, any where in the world. NOTE: You don't need expensive CRM good for big businesses. Which costs a lot of money, user licenses, and hard to maintain.

Keep the right Contacts. Target the right people. (cont).
Nails and Salons store, Car Garage business, Offices, Restaurant, Online Tickets, Store, Charity Organization, Religious Organization, Organization, School.. use myNet.Office to build a Contact List of thousands of people.

Keep the right Contacts. Target the right people. (cont).
Think your store is like your website. If you spend a lot of time to track people on your website then you should spend even more time tracking people in/out of your store. Solution: For small businesses, mom and pop's shop, use myNet.Dbase to build simple Contact List beginning with Name + Email. Then use myNet.Office Tweet Email short messages, keep contact with people in Contact List.
Quick Sign On them as Member of your website for Member Collaboration? Use myNet.Office Quick Sign On Member tool, send them email. They click on email link, will automatically sign in and login them in as members. No need to fill long form Member Register Form. When they sign in as Member, they can change password, fill more info at Member Collaboration = Update Your Account Info.

QUESTION: Simple Contact and Marketing
How can you keep contacts  regularly, efficiently, and targeted with people, customers in order to inform new products and services, new coupons, promotions, or fill register form of an event, view video, or a Call to Action click a link to buy..? Solution: you needs 2 things: 1) You need something can hold data and info of people. And can do online stuffs, like: email, opt in, opt out, fill online register form, or click a link to order...A Web Database like myNet.Dbase? Right. Not a PC database, because PC database doesn't connect online thus can't do online stuff. Next, 2) You need something powerful communicate fast: Phone or Email. Is it Phone? Not really, take long time to call 500 people. Email? Right! Use myNet.Office Tweet Message tool email short messages, like friendly conversation. Email embedded link to register form, video, or link to order. People can opt in/out receiving message. Use myNet.Office eCampaign to send News Letter. To create News Letters with videos embedded, use myNet.Word

"Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much." - Helen Keller. ** Use myNet.Office Member Collaboration Tool* Number 42) 43) 44) Click see here.

People don't care where they buy: offline, online, on location. All they care is if they can SAVE some money in tough time. Who doesn't like to save a few bugs? That's why people look for best local daily deals in Groupon, Yelp, Living Social websites. Right? They even travel, drive hundred miles through borders US/CANADA to look for best deals, in order to save some money. Small businesses, moms and pops shops should use website as a new channel to sell products and services, offer coupons, promote best daily deals, drive people to stores, increase more sales. Push your sales team work harder.

QUESTION: If you sell product item, like Ice Cream, in store. And do a promotion 10% discount for that Ice Cream at your website. Where will people buy? Ofcouse, people buy the 10% discount Ice Cream at your website, then come to your store pickup. No delivery. What does it tell you? It tells you that people don't care where they buy if they can save some money in tough time. Certainty, the online location will help bring more customers to the offline location. Right?

Can you organize this campaign in 1 hour, like get sales, get register, sell tickets, do coupon promotion, promote daily deals, get donation, and get the money right away...of 10000 people or more? Must be Quick and Cost less, less human resources to do this? You need: 
1) myNet.Dbase to create a Contact List with Name + Email. Add more info later. Build up the list grew gradually. myNet.Dbase is built in database script so that you can query search targeted list for targeted campaign. For example, you run a query search all people in Contact List who have not contributed money in the last 3 months. Then launch a campaign to ask them for donation.
2) You need Smart Form Builder to create Register Form, Donation Form with Credit Card fields info that can process online payment.
3) Use myNet.Office Tweet to send short message, embedded link to the register form. Then email all people in Contact List or any table with Email field. People open short email. Click on the link to register, enter their credit card info, and pay. Off course, people can opt in/out. Which makes the Contact List more efficient.
To target the list, you can run a Query Search on the Contact List, such as: Search for all people, who are living in a State, and Not contribute donation in the last 3 months. Then launch eCampaign to these targeted list of these people. You can check how many time they clicks and not contribute. Opt in or opt out.
As a result, business already collected all the money, and know how many real attendants. People like short, straight and direct. If people are not interested, Phone or Email makes no difference. For example, Groupon sells hundreds of millions products and services to millions of people, using just email. If you have loyal based members, they will support, either Email or Phone. No difference.
Do you know that call 10000 people will take more than 6 months. Repeat the 2nd tour of calling is another 6 months. Email takes 15 minutes.
** If you want to rise big money
, then this is the new way, not the old wayPresident Obama, Political Parties.. have risen big money, tens of millions of donation online way.

- Which communication, Phone or Email, is productive ? see

- Use myNet.Office eCampaign to send News Letter. To create a pro nice News Letters, with embedded videos, use myNet.Word Click mouse on picture to enlarge image.

myNet.Office Smart Form to create database smart forms with email notification, like a form can processing Credit Card, or Pay Pal payment, Upload Files, Resumes form, Feedback, Support, Register Membership form.. in 5 minutes with no web skills. Database and Email Notification form means after form submitted, form data saved in database. Email notify for all staff and the people submit form. Use Smart Form to capture good leads, collect data.

- A lot of small businesses, moms and pops shops don't know what to do with Social Media. Businesses should leverage the power of Social Media.

- Cloud Computing - Software as a Service (SaaS)
While many executives see cloud computing as important to their company’s success, there is still much confusion about the concept. 62 % of business executives and 23 % of IT executives admit to being confused by the concept.
What are the benefits of having website? Doing something is always better than doing nothing.
If you use website just to display information, and leave it alone. No one takes care of it. People have no time to come back and read the same content second time. Then your website doesn't help you any thing. Make website become a tool to do business. Make it more productive. Make it generate revenue. Website is your business's gateway to the growing powerful Net Economy. Website is the most important tool in the office. Website is the office.

Case Study

Groupon.com, 9B Internet company, helps local small businesses, local moms and pops shops sell their products and services, everything online. It sells things that people think not good to sell online, such as: sushi, foods, restaurants, cakes, drinks, spa, salons, nails services, house cleaning, yoga, fitness, tickets, flowers... **This proves that the new way of doing business online in the new Economy WORKS. People shift mind-set and are ready to buy best deals, discount product and service online. Then go to local store to get it. Website is the best way, the only tool that you let people know you have best daily deals, marketing them, promote them, and sell them.**
Consumer is SMART.
People don't care where they buy: offline, in location, or online
. Right? All they care is if they can SAVE some money in the tough time. They even drive hundreds miles through US/CANADA border to buy things in order to save some money.
The problems
here are that a business can get Groupon sold their products and services may be 1 or 2 times a year. Also, use Groupon will cut deep in profits because of deep discount, and high commission fees paid for Groupon. And also, consumers are smart. After they got the good deals, deep discount from that business sold on Groupon, they will not come back if that business sells back to normal price. Because why should they, since last time they got this deal cheap. Right?
What should small businesses and moms and pops do in the new and challenging Economy?
Regrettably, most small businesses, moms and pops that use Groupon services don't have website that helps them sell their products and services. What they should do is to re-build their website so that their website can sell and service products and services online. LIKE ADD ON ANOTHER SALES CHANNEL. This doesn't change the way they used to sell. In the challenging economy, not just opening store is good enough, small businesses, moms and pops should be more creative, innovative, find different ways to increase sell. When you build people will come.
Online line business today is as much local as global. Open your store online 24/7. Use different ways to increase more sales.
If the online business costs a lot of headaches & money to build, maintain, then use myNet.Office. Do-it-yourself. Take control. Save time and money. Having myNet.Office costs very little budget if compared to other business costs, such as rent, utilities.
For example, if rent costs 3000$/month, and myNet.Office costs 19.95$/month. IT COSTS NOTHING.
It does help a lot.

-Wish you every success in your business. Click Contact Us

If your smart web saves just for you 2 hours / day. This translates 2x5 = 10 hours/week = 40 hours/month = 480 hrs/year =
3 working months.
Which means, without smart technologies, you have been working hard 3 months for nothing, or you have been wasting 3 months / year by doing human manual work without automation. If you use smart technologies, you would have been more productive in that 3 months. Use this result and multiply each person in whole company. Then do the math see how much time and money and resources the businesses, the companies, the organizations have been wasted if not working smarter.

Working smarter means more productive It means, if using technology, smart devices, we completed the jobs faster, more efficient, more productive.
What ever human can do, the technology, the web can do more faster, more efficient, more productive, smarter. People in the office spend more time for searching, finding, processing data and information. Technology helps process data and information thousands times faster. Work smarter doesn't mean don't work hard, but it means more productive.

- For example, a company uses their website web based as service (WAS) in order to serve ten of thousands customers around the word. While another company uses hundred of employees, human based as service (HAS), working very hard in order to serve thousands of customers around the world.

Improve Productivity It means, using technologies, finding ways to work better, smarter, more efficiently, processing information faster, automation, using resources and labour smarter — to get more “output” from the resources we use as “inputs” - or get better output - or get the same output - by using fewer resources. Human working harder doesn't mean improving productivity because the automation, the machine, the computer, the Net can do thousands times faster, cheaper. 

- For example, we have seen staff spent few days in order to search and connect all data from engineering design, from production line... And they keep doing it for years. These human manual time consuming tasks are replaced by a Database Management System that can search, process, and connect all these information available in few minutes. Do the math. How much times and money that the company has saved if using the Database Management System. Now, the staff has reduced time to complete the tasks from few days to few minutes so that she can work other tasks. She has improved productivity significantly. As a result, it is good for her and also good for the company.

How do you make money with myNet.Office?

People don't care if you use myNet.Office or what kind of software tool to build their websites. All they care is a website that they can do more online for their business, and leverage the power of the Net. Use myNet.Office to build online stores, e-commerce database websites, high-end smart webs in 3 weeks or 120 hours including training for customers. You charge your clients based on your consulting fee = 20 $/hour or whatever. Thus the total cost of an e-commerce database smart website is: 120 x 20 = 2400.0$. Or whatever good deal you want to give for your clients.

- We are working with partners around the world to create global *Smart Web Stores* offices. Where local businesses drop in, learn, build, maintain smart web for 499$. Smartweb costs less because do-it-yourself. Contact us: info@NetthruOffice.com  if you want to open one. You can run Smart Web Store at home, in store, in class, in office. * Example, you run a Smart Web Store at Home to train even 1 person in 24 hr to build smartweb for 499$. That is making *20.0$ /hr*. Train 2, double 40$/hr.

What do I really need from website? My website is doing nothing because it has nothing for me to do.
Almost businesses have websites. There are approximately 182 million websites around the world, and growing. The old, traditional website is used just to display information. It is called static website. All static do-nothing websites will be extinct soon, and replaced by more productive smart webs. What are the benefits of having website if you can't do simple things like updating or creating new webpage and menu navigation. Can't create product catalog. Can't create database. Can't do-it-yourself maintain?

In a recent survey thousands of small and mid sized businesses in US, the study reveals that businesses begin shifting their basic information websites to more advanced corporate smart websites, web based services in the next 18 - 36 months, with similar results in globally. Finally, businesses have recognized the use of advanced smart web for services, e-commerce, connect and collaborate with people. What ever human can do, the web can do tens of thousands of times more faster, more efficient, more productive, smarter.

More simple things I can do with my website with myNet.OFFICE 2012

- Unfortunately on the Net, there is no paper. It is only data.
Business spend a lot of time to search and process data. Use myNet.Dbase, a Relational Database Management System (RDBMS), will help improve productivity, reduce cost.

- Which communication tool, Phone or Email, is efficient?
Of course, phone is bothering, interrupted, and invasive, and noisy. If you keep calling people to sell or to promote things they don't want, they get mad. To phone 10000 people, on average, if each phone call takes 6 minutes because you ask their info, names, address, credit card number...
Thus, Total Time = 10000 people x 6 minutes = 60000 minutes = 1000 hours = 25 weeks or 6 months + 1 week. Giving 1 week = 40 working hours.
Then repeat a second tour of calling...It is 6 months time consuming again. With call, when a person said NO, you don't call again. With email, you can repeat over again until that person opts out of receiving.

Using email, it takes 15 minutes to broadcast message to 10000 or more. Embedded in email with broadcasting videos. People will enter credit card, fill info by themselves. It is people's time not your time. Right? Use Email to promote is much less invasive, and quiet. People can always opt in or opt out to receive email if they don't like. Email also has advantage that even if people don't open your email, they always see the SUBJECT line of your email. And that is good enough for a short promotion in your subject email, such as: ** Get 20% off for any nail services this week at 123 Nails. **  OR ** Please donate this charity for good cause. God bless you. Thank You. **  That's why Groupon, and almost Internet companies, use Email as their main communication tool. And people buy things from email.
 If people don't interest, Phone or Email will make no difference. If you have loyal based members, they will support you either Email or Phone. How about use both.

Why Smart web Stores and Offices? Agile Project Development Methodology for Web Development
Building a smart website project is like building a software project. We use a new software development methodology called Agile Software Development Methodology, used by big software company, used for smart web development project. Agile Software Development is based on a philosophy that believes that, by working closely one-on-one collaboration between the designers and the clients, will get feedback, changes made right away, quick adaptability, flexibility. Reduce time back and forth, reduce cost. Its methodology is: Collaboration-> Design ->  Feedbacks -> Changes -> Iteration -> Delivery -> Maintenance.

- A contradict of Agile Software Development is called Water Fall Project Development. Its philosophy is in any project, first of all, must follow procedures, follow these steps: Analyst -> Design -> Implementation -> Verification -> Delivery -> Maintenance. This methodology will take long time and costly, back and forth with clients. In Water Fall Development, clients are kept away, not actively get involved in projects. And the designers wait for approval of each stage. The collaboration between the designers and the clients are rarely, not one-on-one, not face to face communication. Mostly, the collaboration between clients and developers is based on phone, short meetings, short visits, on contract, on a lot of documentation, on following procedures, or after the project is done or delivered. When needed changes, the designers have to follow the water fall steps over again. Wait for approvals of each stage again. Not adaptable and not flexible. Time consuming and costly. Not efficient. This project development has been used by many old schools of web project development.

Smart web Stores and Offices are good collaboration environment for Agile Software Project Development. It focuses on one-on-one, face-to-face collaboration with clients in the same rooms. Then get feedbacks, answer questions, clear confusion, changes can be made right away. Clients have opportunities one-on-one with the developers while in the office, specially for clients with no web skills. Good for Do-it-yourself.

If Without Smart web Stores and Office? For example, Online Web Development, customers will be very frustrated of waiting for support back and forth. But, no developers are here for helps. Back and forth support will take a long time. Even just need a simple answer for a simple question to clear confusion. Thus, the non web skills Users will give up easily. This kind of web development will cost the Company and the Users even more for their time and money. The Customers, the Users have no choice but depend on other people do and maintain it for them. Thus cost them a lot of time and money. Or just give up their web development project. And back to their static websites. Without one-on-one collaboration, it is hard Do-it-yourself.

If you are web developer, web designer, web master, please choose myNet.Office for your customers and train them. Cut down your development time.
It is also feeling good that you gave a good value website for your customers so that they can do more with their website. Therefore, they don't lost their trust, their investment on you.

If you are a customer who is going to build a website, please fairly compare feature by feature your website with myNet.Office. Do you pay too much but have less features? Is it ROI ?
Please, do not see website by just looking at the front end, the colour, the look and feel, the template of website. It is accountable for only 10% of time and resources when building a website. Do not spend too much time on designing it. Quicker, you can buy a professional, colorful and beautiful look and feel template static website for less than 100.0$. Click here. OR: Download FREE colorful and beautiful template website. Then let your web designer do all the edit and modify all content of webpages. There are tens of thousands of professional template websites online. You can even get free the colorful and beautiful template website. People have different ways for their website's look and feel. That's why no website looks the same. What colors, look and fee that you want for your website doesn't mean other people like the same.

What main features should you compare? If your website Can't Sell products and services online. Can't Web Service. Can't Web Support. Can't Online Marketing. Can't Member Login. Can't Admin. Can't Connect. Can't Member Collaboration. Can't Web Database. Can't CRM (Database Customer Relationship Management). Can't Web Edit. Can't CMS (Content Management System). Can't Create New Webpage with Menu Navigation. Can't Create Product Catalog. Can't eCampaigner Email Marketing. Can't Task Calendar. Can't Blog. Can't Database Smart Form. Can't e-Commerce Shopping Cart. Can't Take Order Online. Can't Get Quote. Can't eBilling Invoice Online. Can't Update. Can't Change. Can't Maintain because of no tools.
Can't Do Business. Upgrade!  See myNet.Office All Menus (Click on picture to zoom)

In the new powerful Net Economy, in the new Digital Economy, in the knowledge based Economy, in the new revolution of Web 2.0, networking social media, in the new connected, collaborate, and fast changing electronic automated business world, you need to upgrade your static website from doing nothing to doing some thing.

** So, from a website that is doing nothing to a website that is doing the top 10 basic needs of the smart web, is it true? Yes, it is true. Although having limited recourses, we continue investing and working on R&D to make sure myNet.Office satisfy all the top 10 basic needs for the next generation of smart web.

Why do people need high-end smart web?
Ask: Why do people need smart phone? Why do people need upgrade Windows, computers, software? Why do people need high-end cars, luxury clothes? Why do people need powerful smart tools at work? Why you just need 10K used car, good enough driving to work, but there are others driving 100K cars to work? Why do people need high-end products, high-end brands?
Because people need more, demand more, ask more for their uses, for their products, for their ROI (Return On Investment). It is human evolution. It makes us smarter. Right?

People need smart web because website is the most important tool in the office. Smart web is like mobile office smart phone. Smart web works like a Net Office. It has more features, more productivity, more benefits, more power that people can do at work, for their business. Why less? It is not productive, not pleasure to see website doing nothing.
People are upgrading their website to smart web sooner than later. A day website does nothing will cost business a lot more than you think. 

In general, because in the new Net Economy, in the new Digital Economy, in the new fast changing world, to compete, to grow, you need to leverage the powerful and growing Net Economy. You need to catch up with the new Net Generation. You need smart web, smart phone.  

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) If you are in business you must have customers. Customers come and go. Next days, they come to your competitors. To keep relationship with them, bring them back to your business, you need some Customer Relationship Management, such as: to give them coupon, discount something, some PRs, some customer cares. You need to stay connected with customers. If 2 months later they don't come back, you send them an email, give them some discount, coupon, thank you notes, or some regularly PR to inform them new services, new products to bring them back to store.

People don't care. Customers don't care. If they save some money they will come. That in business, it is called CRM or Customer Relationship Management. CRM applies for all kinds of businesses, big and small, simple and complex. Even Big businesses have a whole department, and technology for CRM. A lot small businesses run business for decades, have thousands customers in and out store, and they don't even have a website, a database system to keep track, stay connected with customers.
There is manual inside the system at [Help] menu helps you to do.

We recommend you to read this tutorial:

Here is what you can do with your website, with myNet.Office:

  1. You can build and maintain yourself, without web programming skills, a smart web, an online business, online store, online office, e-commerce website. Ref: See sample websites.
    See myNet.Office All Menus  This is the old version of myNet.Office 2009.
  2. To deploy myNet.Office, you can keep your existing website. Have a second domain name website. Make a link from your old website to new myNet.Office website where you build your high end smart web. If it is static website, gradually move one page by page to new smart web. Point the old domain DNS (Domain Name System) name to  new myNet.Office website. It costs 9.0$ to change DNS. We can move your old static website to new smart web. From anywhere around the world, just send us your website address URL, we let you know how much service fee to more your static website. Finally, get rid the old unproductive website. THERE IS NO DOWNLOAD, NO INSTALLATION. JUST LOGIN YOUR OWN DOMAIN WEBSITE AND BUILD.
  3. Display Information. We build a web editor, myNet.Word so that you can create new webpages to display information. See more  ** HOW TO USE myNet.Word.
    Every time you create a new webpage, it will create a top menu or sub-menu navigations automatically depending on your choice. For example, when you create a webpage Product and Service, or webpage Our Location, you select main menu for Product and Service page, and you select level-2 sub-menu of Home -> Contact -> Our Location for the webpage Our Location. Go ahead to create 100 new webpages and its menu navigation without any programming.
  4. Use myNet.Word, you can create News Letters, Flyers, Brochures, Coupon then use eCampaigner, Advanced Send Emails to send to customers for marketing.
  5. ** Built-in CMS or Content Management System **. CMS means that when you create your webpage like About Us, your website content, using built-in web editor like myNet.Word, the webpages are stored in a database not in files. For website has no CMS,  web designer uses software tool like Dream weaver, Front page, Adobe to create a webpage like AboutUs. It is a  file stored on the server not in database. Use CMS, you can retrieve that webpage in the web editor like myNet.Word for update, modify by yourself. Thereby it is keeping web site continually fresh! With CMS, you’ll never have to create a list of all the things you want changed, contact your webmaster, pay them to do it for you like webpages designed using web design software. Thus, a website is built-in CMS if it has the web editor like myNet.Word, and the database used to save webpages. A good CMS system will let you create new webpage, and it auto generates a menu navigation for that webpage as well. It makes no sense if you can create a new webpage like About Us, but can't create its menu navigation. If you can't create, update your website then it is time you should look for CMS built-in website. See ** HOW TO USE myNet.Word.
  6. You can insert Tables, Rows, Columns into webpages. You completely control Table, Column, Row Properties, text, color inside the table. For example, Table Property lets you select the color background, move the table content: text, images horizontally left, center, or right,  vertically up or bottom, Cell Padding, Spacing, Border, Background, Foreground colors.. NOTE: In webpage design, Table is used to divide the webpage content into many small even section. In each Table, you put text, images, color it background... In Table has Row, Column. You can insert small table in big table.  See a A Table Property
  7. You can Delete Tables, Rows, Columns of webpage. You can move images, pictures any where on the webpage.
  8. You can insert Images, Maps, Videos, Website Link, Flash, Images, Change Text colors, Font sizes and styles...in webpage. It auto generates HTML codes for  new webpage.
  9. Right Click in myNet.Word, you can quickly do all its edit functions. Such as, high light the text -> Right click -> Popup menu selection -> Bold.
  10. Menu Navigation - You can select different styles of menu navigation. You can rename the topmenu name of  webpage. Move menu around. Such as : rename top menu Product and Service to Our Products and Services. Move position between menus and between sub-menus. For example, move topmenu Product and Service from position 4, (menu Home = 1), to after Investor Relations menu ( pos= 5). Or move sub-menu Contact of Home main menu, from pos= 2 (after About Us) to pos= 4 (after Franchise). You can Insert an icon in menu name. Tool: [Page Manger] See demo myFlowers.com.
  11. You can create webpage that has Topmenu with level 2 sub-menu. Which means, you can create a sub-menu of another sub-menu. Such as, Home -> Contact -> Our Location. Where Our Location is the level 2 sub-menu. Home is the main menu. Contact is level 1 sub-menu of Home. There are different styles of Topmenu you can select for your website.
  12. Use [Page Manger] , you can Load and Edit the webpage content in myNet.Word. You can change the menu name (also the page name) from Contact Us to Contact, menu position, and menu group. Page Manage also lets you insert a menu icon into the Topmenu. For example, use Page Manager to load webpage Product and Service into web editor myNet.Word. Then edit, change the content, text of this webpage. You can also Delete this webpage Product and Service. You can also insert different style of Left menu Navigation in each webpage.
  13. Use tool: Product Catalog Design tool , you can create (add) new product catalog, for example Black Bean Sauce Squid & Steam Rice, with left menu navigations automatically created with products. • Go ahead to create 100 product catalog. See a sample of Product Catalog .
  14. Use [Shopping Cart] -> [Create Create/Add New Catalog], you can create a new Group catalog of products, such as, Lunch and Dinner. Use [Shopping Cart] -> [Create Create/Add New Categories] to create the categories = Lunch Special, ** Combo Special ** of catalog Lunch and Dinner..
  15. Use [Catalog Manager] tool, you can Edit, Update, the product Description, Title, Picture, Price, Quantity.. of the product catalog. You can add pictures, videos to display in product description. You can setup to display the first product first (ASC), or the recently added product display first (DESC).
  16. You can add on extra features Product Catalog for customers input ideas, feed back, review product, like [Ask/Feedback], [Preview] features. See Sample of Product Catalog .
  17. You can setup a private product catalog for member login access only. People can't see private products from website. Only members login see and order.
  18. You can create your product bid sales, feature like [Your Bid]. How much people want to pay for this product. See sample of Product Catalog.
  19. You can create coupon for your product. Drive Customers with coupon to your store, feature like [Coupon].
  20. You can create a Product Item with different Pricing for different sizes, different styles. For example, Chicken Soup with different prices for different sizes.
  21. Use [Product Menu Manager] tool, You can re-name the product catalog names in the Left Product Menu, such as, Lunch and Dinner,  Flowers, Gourmet, Plant.., sub-product category names, such as, May Special, Roses, Gracious Gourmet. Move up or down its menu position. Delete a product catalog menu, such as Gourmet and its categories.
  22. ** myNet.Dbase ** is a web database, a very important component for your website. A new generation of database that will not be on PC but on the web. myNet.Dbase is built in right inside your website. A lot of websites don't have web database built-in the website like myNet.Dbase. Or the website database is hidden some where on the web host company's server. Therefore, it is hard to create new database table, open tables, hard to create database smart form, hard to access data... *** NOTE ***: myNet.Dbase can store picture, HTML format in its database. You rarely see that feature in other databases.

    Using myNet.Dbase, you can create new web database, such as Contact List, Supply, Customers, Employees....Then enter data. myNet.Dbase is built-in powerful database script language SQL that gives myNet.Dbase the ultimate power because you can do almost anything basic and advanced with database programming language. You can Search, Update, Edit, Delete, Insert records, Enter data using simple Gui interface. You can also send electronic invoice, send email from myNet.Dbase. Use myNet.Dbase, you can build simple database structure of many stand-lone database tables, or build complex database structure of many related tables using database relationship to link them together.
    See ** Data Entry of myNet.Dbase ** (Click on picture to enlarge)

    We are living the the world governed, controlled by data and information.
    Database is the most important software tool for businesses, companies, and organizations. Doing business big or small, you need database because human can't remember, process, share and collaborate all data and information quickly and accurately. Most small businesses don't have database, and their websites don't have database as well. They spend a lot of time to process data and information. They use paper, note book as the way to store data and information. The reason is that, for most small businesses, it is not affordable, not easy to setup a database server. Even to setup a small and simple database server for 5 staff in a small office to work, share and collaborate is expensive and complex. First, you need to  setup a local network (LAN) to link all computers in the office to run database because if database is setup on a stand alone PC no networking, then only that person's PC use the database. Next, you need to buy a PC and a database software with limited 5 user licenses. Next, setup a database server in the local network. Then you need to setup users access database. You need IT people to backup database, to monitor viruses, to maintain. To setup a database server for company that has a lot of staff, many offices far away or around the world;  even more complex, cost a lot of money. That's why we build web database like myNet.Dbase to make database simple and affordable. You don't need network, hardware server, database server software, user licence, IT people. All you need is a website that is built in web database like myNet.Office.

    myNet.Dbase, web database: Access, share, work and collaborate database any where, any time, unlimited license users Unlike fixed PC database, you have to be in your office to use the database. You can't access PC database from any where. Use web databases, you can work, share with staff, people any where, different office locations, around the world, any time. Your staff from anywhere, just login your website and use the web database. Think fixed PC database like desktop Outlook email VS. web database like web based Hotmail, Yahoo. Unlike PC database can be access, used by limited licence users. But web database, because on the web, it is not limited by license users. It can be access through the Internet protocol.

    Web database: Data is safe and secure well-managed, backup and maintain 24/7 monitoring by big Data Network Center. VS. Database in PCs is not well managed by pro, not 24/7 monitoring, not back-up regularly, easily infected by viruses. A lot small businesses don't know how or can't afford IT people to backup, maintain their database in local network. Have you ever seen websites be infected by virus? No. But you have seen PCs be infected by virus all the time. Every one, every business had that experience at least one. PC is not powerful, not secure, vulnerable defect, hardware mall function, viruses. A lot of businesses don't know much about ISP Data Network Center. It is bigger than your IT Dept. See how Data Network Center works so that you understand data is much much safer and secure in Data Network Center. View Quick Video of a typical Cloud Hosting Data Network Center.

    myNet.Dbase, web database: Centralized data and information. Update instantly available. For example, an organization or a company has many distant locations, departments. Each location or department has its own PC database in their own local network.

    myNet.Dbase, web database: Cost effective to use and to maintain. There is no need for expensive IT hardware, network infrastructure, software, user licence, and in-house IT people to backup and to maintain like databases in computer or in local network. ISP Hosting Data Network Center has IT people to take care and monitor 24/7 your data.

    myNet.Dbase: Easy to use, to setup. All about Cloud Computing. No needs for hardware, software, boxes, network, routers, IT, DBA people to setup like database in PCs.
    For example, your company needs a database for 100 or more can work and share. Using PC database, you need IT specialists to do it. First,  they setup a local network (LAN) to link all staff's computers in the office so that staff can share database. Then buy a computer and a database software with 100 user licences used as database server. Then build, install the database software. Then config network and install and setup the database server in the local network. Then install backup tapes devices, virus software protection... If your company has multi-offices, to setup a network and database that all staffs, all offices share, work, collaborate database, is even much more difficult, complex, and cost more.  Imagine if your company want to build a database for 100000 users!
    But, using web database like myNet.Dbase, all you need is a website that is built-in web database like myNet.Office. You don't need any IT specialists to setup. Because web database uses Internet protocol, which allows unlimited users, therefore, you don't need to buy 100 or 100000 user licences database software. You don't need network, hardware for database server. All 100 or thousands staff, all offices, all locations, departments around the word, just login your own website as admin. Then work, use, share, collaborate web database. Your cost is a small monthly fee paid for hosting your website.
    Use myNet.Dbase,
    to create new web database table, you can use either Create New Database Table Tool , or use Create new database table script. ** Click here to learn more about web database myNet.Dbase. Learn more about simple database script: INTRODUCTION TO DATABASE SCRIPT SQL. ** We design myNet.Dbase very simple to learn and to use. Go ahead to create 100 web databases for 10000 staff members used. **
    In general, if business needs people to work, to share, to centralize, to collaborate data and information in database in any where, around the world, out side the physical limit of computers or local network in the office,  any time, unlimited users, no needs for hardware, software, network, then you need web database. Doing business online, you need web database. All you need is a website built-in web database like myNet.Office, and internet connection in order to login your website and use the web database. Of course, big businesses have resources to use powerful database like ORACLE database for powerful heavy-duty database tasks. But for small and medium sized businesses, you don't need to use heavy-duty tank for nails database solutions.
    Here is the challenge for your IT department: Given them a budget 500$. Ask them to build a database for 10000 staff members to use. Not yet, the database must have the ability for staff members to work, share, collaborate anywhere, anytime. *** Using PC database, imagine the cost for the software, the license, the hardware, the network, the setup complexity, the backup, the maintenance, and the cost of hiring IT, DBA people if your company want to setup a database for 50000 staff employees to use. *** Using web database, your cost is a small monthly payment for the hosting your website, such as 19.0$/month.
    *** Why web database can serve tens of thousands of people? Exaggerate? No ! The answer is in website. If website can serve thousands of people, so does web database, because web database and website use Internet protocol, leverage the power of the Net. And the power of the Net is the ability to connect and collaborate tens of thousands of people anywhere, anytime. See  Database Design For Computer Scientist
    *** Why not making your website from doing nothing to having a powerful web database? Just using myNet.Office as your web database is a Return On Investment.
  23. *** Cloud Computing - The beginning of a new Internet evolution - A Case Study *** We see the future of data and database are in Cloud Computing in 24/7 monitoring well-managed Data Network Center. For example, data from the banks, financial institutions, the most innovation sector, are already stored in Data Network Center that can be accessible through the web. It is cost effective, safe, secure, anywhere, anytime, unlimited.
  24. You can Update, Change, Add, Delete, View records in myNet.Dbase. Built-in smart database Data Entry , make it easy to enter different kinds of simple and complex formats of data, such as DATETIME, LIST (or SET), ENUM, BLOG, TEXT. For example, when the  Data Entry encounters DATETIME format data, it automatically create a Date Calendar box. See ** Data Entry for different Data type **. You can have Data Entry format in 1 or 2 columns.
  25. You can Add more columns like NAME, ADDRESS, PHONE in database table, maximum 64 columns per table.. to an exist database table. You can Change column name, Delete column of a table. You can use database script, or use interface by select myNet.Dbase -> [Column Factories]. This short database script will add a column name EMAIL with length = 50 characters into database table named = contacts: ALTER TABLE contacts ADD email VARCHAR(50)
  26. You can Send email, Send Invoice from a database record. Select number of records to scroll the record listing.
  27. Use [View] in myNet.Dbase, you can create a view of selected columns of a table. Thus scroll records faster. For example, database table x_invoice has total 52 columns, such as, EMAIL, SUB_TOTAL, INVOICEID... It displays long and loads slow because it has to load all 52 fields when listing records. Select View to display only columns you want to view.
  28. You can create complex Relational Web Database or relationship database. Which is: many database tables are related each other by database keys.
  29. You can run complex powerful database programming script (SQL) in order to search for complex data and information across tables and multi relationship tables. Get the ultimate power of database programming script (SQL) built-in myNet.Dbase. Learn more: INTRODUCTION TO DATABASE SCRIPT SQL.
  30. Use [Smart Forms] tool, you can create simple or complex web database form without knowing web database programming. After people submitted form, smart form save form data in database, and sent email form data to both the person who submitted form and your staffs. You can setup Email Notification send email form data to mobile phones of your staff after customers submitted forms. You can modify, change the form fields, not fixed. Form is secured with entry of security code required to prevent hacker or spam. See Smart Form like Feed back.
    See Support Center Smart Form Sample of Email of the content of Smart Form Each smart form has its own setup Email Notification. NOTE: Email Notification lets you setup Email Subject, To list, CC, BCC list, Email Logo, Email append message, Option for people submit form will receive email or not.
  31. Use [Smart Forms] tool to create a Private Form, not the form posted on website. Send the form link to selected customers, staff's email to fill info.
    Case Study: You want all your suppliers, dealers to update information. You create a database named Db_DealerInfo. Next, you use Smart Form tool to create a form data entry for this database. You use Advanced Send Email to look up selected emails in database. Then send out the form link to all selected dealer's emails in the database. They open email. Click on the form link to open the form -> Fill the info -> Submit.  Data collected from this form is saved in database Db_DealerInfo. Do the same thing for your staff. For example, you create a database Db_Staff_Work_Report -> Create a private form send to all staff's email in Employee database for them to submit requested info. Data is saved in Db_Staff_Work_Report for the Management to review any where, any time. The same idea, use Smart Form for Satff_Meeting_Report, Staff_Performance_Report..The best efficient here is everything, information is in database. Good for business to collect data from staffs, people in multi locations, in different places. Avoid paper work. Avoid using email even sending messages. Instead, use form posting messages. Every thing you send email is used as records.
  32. Use Smart Form to create form application: Application Form, Employee Form, Message Center Form, Support Center Form, Book Address Form, Business Card Form, Office Meeting Form, Survey Form, Register Form, Sales Lead Generation Form, To-Do List Form, Online Petition Form, Contact Form, Customer Satisfaction Form, Customer Service Form, Pricing Survey Form, Invitation Form, Tracking Form, Birthday Party Form, Recipe Form, Diet Log Form, Personal Diary Form, Ware House Inventory Form, Event Planer Form, Dealer Registration Form, Supply Form, Parts Inventory Form, Seminar Form, Workshop Registration Form, News Letter Mailing List Form, Ask/Feedback Form, Upload Files Form, Resume Form, Meeting Appointment Form, Booking Reservation Form, Work Data Collection Form, Transfer/Collect Money Form, Become A Partner Form, Sales Inquires Form, Rma Form, Data Entry Form. See HOW TO CREATE A SMART FORM WITH NO WEB SKILLS TUTORIAL IN 15 MINUTES 
  33. ** myNet.Explore (Click on picture to zoom) helps you to navigate, upload, download files, view files, videos, photos. Create new folders, delete folders and files easily. Can download a file, a folder with files as zip file. Share and collaborate files, documents, spreadsheets in your website on the Net.
    Case Study: Login as Admin to your company website -> Use myNet.Explore to create a folder = pub_shared_doccuments on your website -> Upload files, docs, photos, videos, spreadsheets so that staff from different departments from any locations or around the world, any where, any time can work, share, view and collaborate files.
    Download, Upload files to the website, download files from the website into PCs.
    Work, Share, Collaborate, Print documents online One click on Ms Word files or Spreadsheets, PowerPoint stored in your website, myNet.Explore launches Ms Word, or Ms Excel or Ms Powerpoint on your PC to open files. Avoid sending email attachment with big files, multi-files because your email including company sensitive documents will travel many places, will be stored in many strange email servers, ISP servers as copy, and stayed there for many years.
    Working is not limited in the office You can work anywhere, anytime. Upload in the website so that every one can access, available when they need them. Staff now can access, work, share, and collaborate documents in hotel, meetings, onsite, convention, anywhere, multi-locations, around the world. They are not limited or don't have to be in the office local network in order to work, to access files. All they need is a laptop or net book and internet connection in order to login company website.
  34. Email Marketing - In the office, people use more emails than other communications. Launch [eCampaigner Manager] powerful email marketing tool. Sample eCampaigner .
    Case Study: Use myNet.Word to create nice flyers, brochures, news letters saved in File Manager -> Use myNet.Dbase to create Contact List -> Create an eCampaigner to look up all emails in Contact List -> Then send email news letter to every one. No one can see other people 's emails. It is powerful tools for marketing. Inform your customers new promotions...People can choose to opt in or opt out of campaign. Inform and keep contact with people, customers.
  35. [Re-launch eCampaigner], each eCampaigner has a distinct name, for example: Product and Service Promotion in December, May Special News Letter... Use [Re-launch eCampaigner] to re-launch that eCampaigner without repeating many steps. Just select that email campaign name and launch.
  36. Use [Advanced Send Email] , you can select people's emails in database table, and send flyers to selected emails. Unlike eCampaigner sends all emails to all people in database.
    Case Study: You create a database Sales Contact List -> Search online business directory, GOOGLE,  www.Yellowpages.com, other local community business directory sources in order to get business information, including Email, Phone, Address. Then enter information in database Sales Contact List -> Launch marketing campaign using Advanced Send Email, or eCampaigner -> Follow up.  
  37. Use Tool  Send Email in myNet.Word , this icon, in myNet.Word to send all emails in TO List. It is an option to save or not all email in TO list in a database for re-email.  Use Advance Send Email to send email to selected people in a database. No one can see other people email in TO list.
    Case Study: You collect 100 emails of interested businesses from online business directory like www.Yellowpages.com -> Use myNet.Word to create a flyer named Special Promotion -> Click on email icon in myNet.Word to open the Email Program ->  Put  all business's emails in the TO list box. In FROM box, put your email or any your from emails. Enter Subject in Subject box -> Select the table, in this case named = _contact,  you want to save all these emails after sent (option not a must). One click, you send the flyer Special Promotion to all emails in TO list, and save all emails in the database. These emails later can be used by eCampaigner or by Advanced Send Email for marketing purposes.
  38. You can create a customer Register webpage, Mailing List webpage, Member Login so that members can login their Member Home account.
  39. ** Use Member Home   or Member's My Account page, (Click on the picture to zoom out) to Connect and Collaborate with Members. People coming in your business, your office, your store are potential leads, customers. Ask them just Name + Email. You sign them as your members in order to connect them. Give people surprised gifs, promotion. Twitter instantly update short messages (max 200 chars) to all members. Your twittering short messages are sent to all member's mobile phone, their email. Imagine if you want to inform a new product, new events to your hundreds of customers. It will take you weeks to call all of them.
  40.  ** Quick Sign in a new member by yourself This will increase your membership fast. A business using this tool has signed in hundred of new members within a month. All you need is people 's Name + Email. People come in your store, your office.
    Case Study: People you met on the street, your business cards, your friends, family...ask them just their Name + Email. You don't wait for them to register because most of them will delay or not willing to fill many things on registration form on your website . You register them to become a member by yourself. Use this tool, after you submit, it will automatically create an account for this person in the customer database = x_customer. It also sends an email to invite them login your website. The email includes their User ID and Password to login. In Member Home, they can update their account, change password any time. Now, they become your members. You now get connected with them, send messages, coupon, product... whatever. In general, don't wait for people to register, you do it for them. Invite them in. It works like social networking sites. All they need to do is click and login.
  41. *** myNet.Office Quick Twitter Broadcasting Short Messages   (See picture), maximum 199 characters, to all registered members of your website or in any database that has EMAIL. Your members are your followers.
    For example, you have 5000 member customers at your website or in your database Contact. You want to broadcast a tweet message that you Have a new event coming in March 15. Please register now ,OR, Remind you bring your car for change oil filter this week... Or your business is a Restaurant & Bar, or a Video Store, or a Salon Nails Store, a Flower shop, an Office.. You use myNet.Office tweet email messages like new product, new coupon, new event, new promotion to your contacts in Contact database. People receive your tweets message in their emails. And also, when login their Member Home at your website, they will see your tweet message. (See Member Home). See They receive this short message sent to their emails . They can opt in or opt out to receive message. You  send tweets message to the EMAIL of any table Contact List.

    ** myNet.Office Quick Tweet Message Concept **
    works like GROUPON.COM, an Internet company. It sends best deal, coupon to EMAIL in Contact database of people who register  just NAME and EMAIL at GROUPON website.
    And myNet.Office Quick Tweet Message also works like Twitter. It sends short tweet messages, 199 characters, to people in Contact web database.

    ** myNet.Office's tweet is Twitter Solution **  for businesses that want to keep in touch regularly with their customers, their contacts, but don't want or can't bring or don't like to expose their customers into social media. And it is FREE.

    ** To use myNet.Office Quick Tweet Message ** You need a myNet.Dbase to create a Contact database. It must be a web database (not in PC) so that people can opt-in and opt-out, and do online stuff. Then use myNet.Office Quick Tweet MessageYou can build a simple Contact List using myNet.Dbase in 5 minutes. All you need is NAME, EMAIL. You can always add more columns such as PHONE, ADDRESS later when needed.

    ** CRM, Database Marketing 101 ** How to grow the business database of Contacts? Simple, ask people come in your store, your business, your office just their NAME, EMAIL, even they don't buy. Add Emails from your business cards as well. So that you give them discount, coupon, or update them new products and services, new events. All is for their benefits. This Contact database of leads will grow to thousands quickly over time. It will grow faster than your contacts in social media. These local contacts are also targeted and valuable.

    What is CRM? Customer Relationship Management Customers come and go. Next day, they come to your competitors. To keep relationship, bring them back to your business, you need some CRM, such as: some PRs, some marketing, some customer cares. You need to stay connected with customers. If a month later they don't come back, you send them email, give them some discount, coupon, thank you notes, or some regular PR to inform them new services, new products to bring them back to store. CRM is Database Marketing. Big businesses have a whole CRM Marketing Dep. Most small businesses don't even have a simple Contact database. Regrettably, they let people coming in and out their business without contacts. You can build a simple Contact List using myNet.Dbase in 5 minutes. All you need is NAME, EMAIL.

    ** Database Marketing is powerful **
    GROUPON.COM , 6B Internet Company. It uses kind of Database Marketing, send Email from Contact database. Drive local people to local businesses to local stores. GROUPON doesn't help you send your best deals, coupon to their members in Contact database every day. And GROUPON will not broadcast your message like, having new event this week. And it costs you a lot, cuts in your profits in order to use Groupon. You help yourself. It is what we show people to do.

    NOTE: All we do here is try TO HELP businesses, special small businesses, moms and pops shops, in a difficult, competitive, and fast changing economy, be more productive, creative, and innovative. Thank you!
  42. *** Use Member Collaboration Tool   *** The power of the Net is Connect and Collaborate. Example, Social Media is about Connect.
    What is myNet.Office Member Collaboration?
    Is the tasks that you connect and collaborate with people, members, contacts, customers when they login [Member Home] at your website.
    myNet.Office has 9 different Member Collaboration Tasks: BROADCAST, LIST, VIEW, ADD, UPDATE or EDIT, DELETE, UPLOAD, FORM, TRACK. Each Member Collaboration Task is a task for member login to do something.
    To create a Member Collaboration, you need 2 things: A Web Database or Member Collaboration Source, and a Member Collaboration Task.
    1) To create a web database table, or Member Collaboration Source, that is used to hold Member Collaboration Data, you use: myNet.Office's myNet.Dbase. 
    You also select fields or columns of this web database, such as: FNAME, LNAME, ADDRESS, PHONE...These selected fields are called: Member Collaboration Attribute. See Member Collaboration = Member Edit My Account example below.
    2) To create a Task for member login to collaborate. It is called: Member Collaboration Task. To create Member Collaboration Task, you use: myNet.Office's Member Collaboration Tool.
    After having created a Member Collaboration, Member Login your website will see the collaboration, they collaborate with you.
    ** For example, see myNet.Office Member Collaboration  Member Home  .  Also see the giant online retail FutureShop.com's  Member Collaboration's Member Home  
  43. What do you see the similarities between Future Shop Member Collaboration and myNet.Office Member Collaboration? Futushop's Order Status = myNet.Office's Order List History, Futushop's Edit Account Information = myNet.Office's Member Edit My Account. Futushop's Edit Shipping Information= myNet.Office's Edit My Shipping Information, Futushop's Edit Credit card Information = myNet.Office's Edit Credit card Information. Futushop's Change Password = myNet.Office's Change your Password. Futushop's View Wish list = myNet.Office's View Wish List. Futushop's Gift Card Balance Lookup = myNet.Office's List Your Coupons, Gifts...
    Future Shop uses Member Collaboration Tasks = UPDATE or EDIT, LIST, VIEW. myNet.Office uses 9 different Member Collaboration Tasks.

    NOTE: Future Shop Member Collaborations are designed and programmed by high-end experienced Future shop 's Software Developers. But, using myNet.Office's Member Collaboration, you can create all Future Shop Member Collaborations easily without any web skills. See myNet.Office's Member Collaboration  Member Home  .   See the giant online retail FutureShop.com and its Member Collaboration's Member Home  
    QUESTION? Do you know how much does it cost Future Shop to build and maintain their e-commerce site? IN MILLIONS. Small businesses, Moms and Pops, now, with myNet.Office, you can afford the best e-commerce site with a small budget of few hundreds dollars.
  44. *** How does myNet.Office Member Collaboration work? *** Like these examples...
    1. Use Member Collaboration Add. If you want members login to ADD something, then you create a Member Collaboration Add. For example, you want them to ADD. Such as: Add new credit card number. Add extra contact address. Add new referrals. Add registers for an event, for a seminar, for a meeting. Add to become our Partner...What ever they add will be stored in the database table. See [1]  Members Add other Referrals
      Another example, to create Member Collaboration = Add new credit card, you will do 2 steps: 1) You create a web database called: cust_extra_creditcard, that has fields like: NAME, EMAIL, EXTRA_CREDIT_CARD...2) You use Member Collaboration Tool to create a Member Collaboration Add. That is it. When customers, members login your Member Home website, they will collaborate on this task of adding new credit card.
    2. Use Member Collaboration Update/Edit. If you want members login to UPDATE or EDIT something. Such as: Update your Account. Change your Password, Edit Shipping Information, Edit Credit card Information...See Member Edit My Account To create this collaboration you will do:
      1) You select the Member Collaboration Source is the Customer database table is: x_customer. Then you select table fields of table x_customer that you want people to edit, in this case: FNAME, LNAME, PHONE, COMPANY, CELL PHONE, ADDRESS, ADDRESS_BILLTO, TITLE, MEMBERSHIP. These fields are called: Member Collaboration Attribute.
       2) You use Member Collaboration Tool to create a collaboration task = UPDATE/EDIT.
    3. Use Member Collaboration Track. If you want members login to TRACK something. Such as: Order Tracking. Track your Delivery. Track your Invoice. Track your RMA. Track your Work Status.
    4. Use Member Collaboration List. If you want members login to LIST something. Such as: List Order History. See  Order History List . List your Coupons, Gifts.  List all your RMA. List your special Promotion. See  Member List Special Promotion . *** IMPORTANT NOTE ***: myNet.Dbase can store picture, HTML format in its database. You rarely see that feature in other databases.
    5. Use Member Collaboration View. If you want members login to VIEW something. Such as: Member View Datasheet. Member View your Account Profile. View Wish List. Member View your Account Balance...
    6. Use Member Collaboration Upload. If you want members login to UPLOAD something. Such as: Members Upload Files. Members Upload Resume . Member Upload Music, Photos...
      For example, to create a Member Collaboration Upload Resumes and Photos, first, you use myNet.Dbase to create a resume web database table called: my_upload_files -> Next, you use Member Collaboration Tool to create a Member Collaboration Upload. Result: When members login your website, they will see a task = Member Collaboration Upload Resume in Member Home. After they upload, resume files are store in website folder, and data, such as their Name, Phone, Address, Files name are saved in database table my_upload_files.  See ** Member Collaboration Upload Resumes, Photos, and Files and its database.
    7. Use Member Collaboration Form. Work like SMART FORM. If you want members login to SUBMIT FORM something. Such as: Member Submit Product Support Form. Member Submit Dealer Application Form. Member Product and Service Feedback Form. Member Register Seminar, Training Form. Member Satisfaction Form. For example, to create Member Product and Service Feedback Form, first, you use myNet.Dbase to create a database table named Db_Customer_Product_Feedback -> Next, use myNet.Office Member Collaboration Tool to create a Member Collaboration Form, select task = FORM. Done. When members login your website, they will see a task = Member Product and Service Feedback, they fill this form. Feedback data collected are saved in database table Db_Customer_Product_Feedback.
    8. **The School **  is example of collaboration. The school has 1000 students, or a business with 1000 customers, you create a database of 1000 students, like customer database. Students and parents, customers login as members at the website. School teachers, and staffs update status of each students about their academics, school activities, status regularly...The parents and the students login and view, track their school activities, collaborate with schools on regular basics, not one semester. Add feedbacks. Broadcast messages. This way, the parents can follow up their children academics, and school activities regularly. It creates a collaboration environment between school and parents, between business and customers. Regrettably a lot of school's websites are static, doing nothing. Can't connect, can't collaborate.
    9. ** The Doctor Office ** is another example of collaboration. You go to doctor office. Your doctor finds your file in papers, look in papers, write on papers. When you move from doctor to another doctor or to hospital, or you did a lab test at another medical office, your test data result are also on paper. Almost data and info of the patients are saved on the paper format, not computer data format. Of course, moving data on paper is very hard and very slowly if compared to moving electronic data on the Net, millions times faster and easier. Now, with electronic health records system online, your doctor can pull your electronic files quickly, access your lab test data result quickly any where, any time. Your doctor now can share, connect and collaborate your health information, lab test data with many other doctors, hospitals any where, any time. Treatment is better because of collaborations and feedbacks. Your health data and information are integrated and centralized, not scattered in different places. Doctors, hospitals diagnose and treat the disease quickly. That's why businesses and governments spend billions to build an electronic health system, to improve productivity.
    10. Use myNet.Office to collaborate with people in Member Home. Your members login their account in Member Home, they can upload their picture. They can post messages to you used [The Wall].
    1. Members Login, Search products, Buy or  Get Quote. See Tech Data.
    2. Members login tracking Order Status, Order Tracking, Sales Status, Rma Status, Shipping Status...You don't need answer phone about their status all the time.
    3. Each member logins, checks each own promotion, coupon. Different member has different coupon, promotion.
    4. ** Member Collaboration Add ** To create Members refer another members for your business **. Referrals are the most important marketing using word of mouth. It will multiply membership quickly. That's why we design 2 tools, make it easy for referrals. You use Member Collaboration Tool to create a Task = Add New Partner. Members login Member Home -> Click on this task link -> Fill the form. See [1]  Members refer other Partners This tool is quick, direct, simple to add referrals.  The same concept Add New Referrals, use Member Collaboration Add, with task = ADD, you create new Member Collaboration for: Add People To Register New Event, Add People to Register a Meeting, Members Add extra Credit Cars, Members Add extra Addresses, Member Add extra Members...
    5. Members Invite friends in your business using another Invite tool in Member Home. This tool invite by sending email to get acceptance from that person first. [2]  Members invite, refer other Partners .
    6. ** Member Dan logins, sees all his invoices in look and feel  Order History List Click on each invoice see order detail, Price, Quantity, Sub Total, Tax. You can always change the columns fields, such as NAME, SALES NOTE... displaying on the list.
    7. ** Members Pay Outstanding Invoices. It lists all invoices with PAY_STATUS = unpaid. For example, you use eBilling to make an invoice sent to customer. Or customers buy from website, when check-out select Paid_By = Bill Me Later. These invoices are  unpaid invoices. After paid, it updates PAY_STATUS=paid. PAY_STATUS is a field in x_Invoice database. You can change or re-set its value.  Members pay outstanding invoice
    8. Members pay online, make a donation, a contribution... using the Invoice Payment Template People can select Pay By = Credit Card, Check, Cash, PC Banking, Pay Pal. Invoice Payment Template will look into different database sources to gather information about the invoice.
    9. Members login can shop products and services exclusively privately for member only. They order products and check out quickly without re-filling info. People not members can't see and buy these products.
    10. Members check Order History of invoices. ... Order History List
    11. Order Tracking, Update Working Status Tracking, Shipping Tracking, Update Service Status Tracking - Used for customers to track their order shipping, order status, work service status, Support...What ever information, status you want customers know regarding to their products and services you are working on. Avoid costly person-to-person service even big business can't afford.
      Case Study: You have Car Auto Service, Computer Service shop, Repair Service Center, Distributors... any business that provides products and services to customers. You update the working history of that invoice, that service for your customers. Such as: When will this order arrive? What are you doing about this repair service of this invoice? What are problems facing? When will be done? What has been done? The member customer logins -> Enter the invoice tracking number -> See all the info you update for customers, from shipping to repair, service status and other service and support related issues. Thus you don't have to spend time to answer people's call about their service, their order...How does it work? In the database Invoice, there is a field = HISTORY ( or ORDER_INFO)  can contain 64 thousands characters. You then update all status about this invoice in this field. Using Member Collaboration tool, you create a Track task in Invoice database  -> Next, you select  the field HISTORY, plus many other fields of the invoice table you want customer view as well. If necessary, you can add more fields. Customers tracking this invoice by entering its invoice number and view the history and other details about this invoice. You can create a different database other than invoice database. In general, different business has different way of doing business. However, you must be creative to apply in your business to fit your needs.
    12. Members login their Member Home and pay for that invoice online by Credit Card, Pay Pal, Online Banking, Cash, Check. See Order History List 
    13. Members login their Member Home, upload files, documents, pictures, spreadsheets...on your website.
    14. You can create all kinds of business smart forms for members login to fill.
    15. See an example use myNet.Office to create a Member Collaboration created for member to view their profile.
  45. There is a [Referral Social Networking] tool is built in Member Home. It allows members to refer another member for your business. Thus increase more customers for your business.
  46. You can create a webpage Files, for example Christmas Promotion Letter, then save it in tool: File System Manager . Later, you send email or eCampaigner using that file. Or you can save that webpage file as a new webpage. There are many nice template letters, webpages save in File Manager you can use for flyers, news letters.
  47. You can create a Blog   in your webpage. Then use the built-in myNet.Word to create new Blog page. See A sample Blog of designed by the Blog Design Tool Business uses Blog as a powerful marketing tool.
  48. Use [Site Property Manager] to insert Logo for website. Select different Topmenu navigation for website.
  49. You can setup different rate of shipping charge for local and international.
  50. You can setup tax rate like PST, GST, HST.
  51. Use [Setup Site Look and Feel Manager],  you can setup the website Look and Feel using tool: Setup Site Look and Feel , background, foreground color, rounded corner, display left or center. See sample site.
  52. Album You can create an Album for your website use tool: [Web Photo Album].  You can create many albums, and insert in any webpages. See myFlowers.com  website album displayed at Home page.
  53. You can create an Admin Login webpage for staff login back end myNet.Office. Create a Member Login webpage for members, customers login Member Home.
  54. Use [Account Admin Manager], you add your staff Admin Account, give them UserID + Password + Access Level, to login as admin website. Setup Admin Account Login
  55. Use [Site Security System Manager],  You can assign access permission for Admin Staff, who can access to what features of website. For example, you can setup not to allow staff John Smith to access to open menu [myNet.Dbase], or [Delete Site] menu feature.
  56. Built-in ** Site Security ** feature , you can know who is Admin Staff or Intruders login to website, their login ID Username, date and time, their IP Address, from what location... All login info is saved in login database until you delete.
  57. Use [Task/Calendar], you work and collaborate with your staff. Assign Tasks, schedule tasks for each staff. When login each staff will see their own tasks, schedules, goals.
  58. Use [Task/Calendar], you create your own To Do List. Each staff has their own To-Do list. You can check what tasks have been done, haft done, results of each staffs.
  59. You can create a Search page to search product in different categories, like Product Title, Description. Or search for all Coupons... See Demo website.
  60. You can create a Forum webpage. Forum is like your own online Community. It is used for product support, customer feed back, ask, help. See Demo website.
  61. You can Upload/Download files, pictures, videos... from your PC to website, or from website to PCs using [myNet.Explore], or [FTP Upload/ Download Files] tools. You can also create new folders on your website using these tools.
  62. You can create Member Collaboration Tasks like: Update Your Account, Add Extra Addresses, Add Extra Credit Card, Change Your Password, Fill Application Form, Customer Satisfaction Form, Customer Service Form, Pricing Survey Form, Invitation Form, Register This Event, Pay The Invoice... using tool: [Member Collaboration Manager] menus. The [Collaboration Manager] tool lets you change tasks, name, database table, column fields...
  63. *** [eBilling System] *** - Doing business on-line or off-line, you need a tool to help you bill invoice more efficient. Many businesses said that getting paid is a main challenging. Electronic invoice billing or eBilling is faster, re-billing, tracking invoices better, more efficient. As businesses have shifted from traditional billing to electronic billing. No more waiting for checks coming, or calling, reminding, or visiting customers in order to get paid. Send client an e-invoice and get paid.
    HOW? Customer can pay for an electronic invoice by: Check, Cash, Online Banking, Credit Card, Pay Pal. Using [eBilling System] tool, you can take order online by phone, or send an electronic invoice to customer to pay later. For example, people call you to place an order by phone. You open eBilling. Create an order invoice. If customers pay right away giving their credit card by phone then you have completed the order. You can also use eBilling if the customers pay later because a lot people don't want to give credit card number by phone. Or if you are a consultant, a charity organization, a freelancer, after finishing the work, you send customer an e-invoice. From eBilling, you create an e-invoice, and send it to customer's email. Customers open email, click on the link invoice, and pay. See Customer opens email and pays . Or customers can login your website to pay anytime in Order History List. This e-invoice and the customer info are saved in database for record. eBilling also automatically creates a member Account for that customer +  the login info = email + password included in customer's email. The login Email + Password for that customer are collected from eBilling interface. So that they can login their account in Member Home to view their payment invoice in Order List. eBilling verifies credit card numbers to make sure valid numbers. When the customer clicks on the email payment link = Click here to pay for this invoice, eBilling will keep tracking the counter of the click so that you know if the customers open email and click or not on the payment link, how many times they click but not pay. Then saves the sum counter in the invoice field CLICK_VIEW_TIME. See CLICK_VIEW_TIME = 3  in this sample An Invoice in Invoice Database You can always re-load the exist customer account into eBilling when creating a new the invoice so that you don't have to re-enter all info of that customer. If the customer hasn't pay yet, you can re-send that invoice from the database invoice. See: Send electronic invoice from database  ** Just using eBilling is your Return On Investment.
  64. Use [eBilling] to bill customers based on monthly membership subscription fee. For example, you have online business to provide services for registered members. You charge them monthly membership fee. [eBilling] will keep track the Invoice Create Date, Invoice Pay Date, Invoice Due Date, Invoice Next Date, and other billing information so that you know when the customer will repeat the next payment. eBilling System is integrated with myNet.Dbase, Customer, Invoice database, with e-commerce, and other tools in myNet.Office. So that you have your data, invoice, everything is in merging and integrating at your website, not at someone's else website.
  65. Use [eBilling] to create an electronic invoice, send to customer's email. The eBilling email has user + password so that customers can login your website and pay. If that customer didn't pay yet, you use eBilling to reload that old outstanding invoice and send to customers until they pay.
    For example, you have customer who owed you money. Or you send members an invoice, or a donation, or a contribution... You use eBilling to create an electronic invoice, sent to that person's email. That person can pay by 2 different ways: 1) Open email and pay. Or, 2) Login your website, select Order History List and pay. Because when you create an invoice, eBilling also creates login ID of  User + Password for that person automatically. The eBilling invoice is saved in Invoice database.
  66. Use eBilling, you can send an electronic unpaid invoice from database. An unpaid invoice happens when you let customers buy first and Bill Me Later. When they order products and services at your website, and when check-out, they select payment Pay By= Bill Me Later. Or after having completed a job for client, you use eBilling to make an new e- invoice, and send to customer. That invoice is has STATUS= UNPAID until customers have paid. The invoice is saved in Invoice database = x_Invoice. To remind customer pay for this invoice, you open table x_invoice -> Click on eBilling email icon -> It pops up an email invoice template -> Click button [Send Email This Invoice]  -> Customer opens email and pay. This can repeat until client pay. See: Send electronic invoice using eBilling from Invoice database
  67. ** Get Quote System **  automated online. Customers select product without price (price N/A) at the your website. Add to shopping cart. Check out. You Sales Staff login website. Select tool: [Get Quote Invoice Manager] -> Load the quote ID -> Do the quote including shipping charge. Send to customers. Customer opens email to see the quote. Agree the price. They login their member home. Order that quote online. The Sales Staff can re-quote many times the same quote, and email to customers until customers buy.  Get Quote is used by B2B business, Distributors, Suppliers. Businesses don't want to publish price, or price and shipping N/A.
  68. All important databases, like Customer, Invoice, Order Detail databases are pre-built. You don't need to create them. All customers register, information saved in database Customer. All order invoice information saved in database Invoice. All order details, such as: Quantity, Description, Price, Product Id saved in database Order Detail. You can always Add more columns for the databases (expand database) if your business needs. For example, later, you may need an extra column CREDIT CARD NUMBER, or NOTIFY MESSAGE, or BILLING ADDRESS, for customer database, you can add on maximum 64 columns per table. Remember business always changes. Database must be flexible and scaleable. See sample An Invoice in Invoice Database
    For example, this short database script will add a column name BILLING ADDRESS with length = 250 characters long, into database customer named = x_customer: ALTER TABLE x_customer ADD Billing_Address Varchar (250). That's it. Simple.
  69. Use [myNet.Dbase] to open, admin all databases in myNet.Office. You can change, update, delete, search data in these databases. You can run a database short syntax (SQL) to look for all Total Sales, Total Taxes, Total GST, PST, Total Invoice Sales, Total Shipping Fees, Total Delivery Fees. Company Name, Phone, Address, Invoice ID, Customer ID... such as, from period months: January 1/ 2009 to April 1/ 2009 or what ever time is.
  70. Use [Sales Invoice Manager], you can run all reports about Total Taxes collected, Total Shipping Fees, Total Delivery Tips collected online, Total Sales, Company Name in a period of From time, To time, Monthly, or the Report of  End of the Day Sales ....
    NOTE: Or you can run SQL database programming script built-in myNet.Dbase in order to get the same results. Get more complex sales reports using SQL.
  71. Use [myNet.Dbase] for Business Intelligence. You can search all kinds of data and information, or run the reports, such as:
    1. Who are the customers bought your products and services the most?  How much they spend? What kinds of products and services they buy?
    2. What is the total of Delivery Tip? Who are the drivers?
    3. How much Sub Total, Total GST, PST, Taxes collected at the end of the business day, from this month to that month, a whole year...
    4. What invoices have not paid yet? Who are they? How much they owe? Account balance?
    5. In database Invoice, and Customer, we create a column field = HISTORY. You can enter all extra kinds of information, data about this customer, this invoice. This field can contain 64 thousands characters or equals to 1 thousand pages of information you can enter.
    6. This database Script looks up the Invoice database = x_invoice, and displays a detail report of Member Dave. Such as, how many invoices he bought so far ( = 13)? How much total he spent ( = 1083.31$)? The minimum invoice he spent  = 1.50$,  and he spent a maximum invoice  = 411.35$.  Who is his Sales Rep? What is his PST exemption number? Customer ID? The total GST collected from his purchase so far =54.18 $.
      SELECT customerid, company, count(invoiceid), saleperson, phone, sum(sub_total), min(sub_total), max(sub_total), sum(tax1_gst_amt), sum(tax2_pst_amt), tax2_pst_exempt from x_invoice where customerid = '93' group by customerid
      See The detail Report about a member has Customer ID = 93
    7. This short database script lists all invoices with INVOICEID, SUB_TOTAL, TAXES... for today sales. There are total 4 invoices sold today date = 2009-11-24:
      SELECT invoiceid,  invoice_date, sum(sub_total) as today_sales, sum(tax2_pst_amt) as today_pst, sum(tax1_gst_amt) as today_gst, customerid, name, Company from x_invoice where invoice_date = curdate() group by invoiceid. 
      See the result of : The Report of Listing all sales invoices today 2009-11-24  
    8. This short database script will run the Report of End of the Day, the sum of all invoices of the SUB_TOTAL, TAXES collected... of today date = 2009-11-24.  
      SELECT invoice_date, sum(sub_total) as today_total_sales, sum(tax2_pst_amt) as today_total_pst, sum(tax1_gst_amt) as today_total_gst from x_invoice where invoice_date = '2009-11-24' group by invoice_date.
      See the result of : The Report of total Sales, total Pst, total Gst collected of today sales 2009-11-24   

      You can also extend the time period:
      SELECT invoice_date, sum(sub_total) as today_total_sales, sum(tax2_pst_amt) as today_total_pst, sum(tax1_gst_amt) as today_total_gst from x_invoice where invoice_date >= '2009-8-24'  and invoice_date <= '2009-11-24'  group by invoice_date.

      NOTE: The powerful database script built in myNet.Dbase helps you to get all kinds of data , run all kinds of simple and complex reports for your daily business. Without database script, you have to design all kinds of interfaces, screens in order to get data, reports you want.
    9. The more you input data and information, you can get and process all data easily.
    10. You can send eBilling electronic unpaid invoice from database. You open table invoice -> Send electronic invoice using eBilling in database   
  72. Shopping card is built in different payment options, such as pay by: Credit Card, Cash, Check, Pay Pal, Bill Me Later, Get Quote... Specially, Shopping cart built-in Online PC Banking. This payment method helps reduce huge amount of transaction fees, charged by credit card company. For example, Customer ordered  1000$ at your website. If customer paid using their credit card, it costs you: 1000 x 2.5% = 25$. But if customer paid by using Online PC Banking, it costs your business 1.50$. That's it. A HUGE SAVING!
  73. Every time people buy and check out at the website, they are automatically registered as member and can login their Member Home to check their orders status right away. When the shipping will arrive. Email of Invoice is sent to customers when they ordered online.
  74. Use [Email Notification System Manager] tool built-in feature, you can setup what Email Message, Email Logo look like when customers receive an email Invoice, or email of submit form, or email of register, or email of forget password...In order word, every time people do something at your website, such as:  register account, or buy and check-out order invoice, or place of a quote, or of submit a form, or request an email sent forget password... there is an email sent to them. Each email is setup with different message using Email Notification tool.
  75. [Forget Your Password], a useful feature, send customer's password  to their email if they forget. See demo site.
  76. Virtual Sites You can create at least 50 different websites, called Virtual Sites, on the same domain. For example, there are 4 different demo websites, myFlower.com, myRestaurant.com, myTech.com, myRealestate.com are created on one domain website.
  77. Export database tables, such as Contact List, to Text files or Spread Sheet Excel files.
  78. Import from Text files into a database table.
  79. Members login Member Home, and pay invoice online. They can select payment by Check, Credit Card, Pay Pal, Debit Card (PC Banking), Cash. See  Member Order History List
  80. Members login check promotion, coupon, their status.
  81. Use [Member Collaboration Manager] tool to connect and collaborate with people. See example a Member Collaboration created for member to view their profile.
  82. myNet.Office is built for flexible and scaleable, easy to change, easy to expand, easy to maintain, easy to do-it-yourself when needed, specially scaleable database.
  83. *** This is a big mistake and headache specially for small business ***Not asking the developers to build tools for later maintenance. The developers will build what you want. But they don't build tools for you to maintain, do it yourself, when you needed if you don't ask them. Because it will take more time to build tools. It is harder to build tools. For example, it is easy for the developers to design a database smart form, but it is harder for them to design a tool for you without web skills to design a database smart form. Businesses know their business but they are not software engineer. Few months later, when the people, customers are in use of the website, they realized the website needed change and modification. It is too late because the developer already built fixed. The webpages, menu navigations are fixed. The Product Catalog are fixed. The business functionalities are fixed. The database is fixed. Some developers charge a lot  to modify. Big business has in-house web development. Small business can't afford that. That's why  businesses let their websites unchanged, and ignore it because nothing and no tools they can do after the developers left the office.

Ask: What can I do with my current website?
For your own benefits, ask your web developers show all tools and features.
Then compare your website's features with myNet.OFFICE features. You can do more things....with myNet.Office...We can't list all.

Constructive discussion is better than no discussion. Having idea is always better than no idea. Always learning and improving will make a difference. Knowledge helps. Ignorance doesn't help.
We wish you all the success. Thank you!


Our Slogan: Doing something is always better than doing nothing!

Why Smart web Stores and Offices? Building smart project is like building software project. In our Smartweb stores, we use new methodology of software development called Agile Software Methodology, used by big software company, for building smartweb. Agile Software Development is based on a philosophy that believes by working closely one-on-one collaboration between the designers and the clients, will get feedback right away, reduce time back and forth, thus reduce and cost. It methodology is: Collaboration-> Design ->  Feedback -> Delivery. 
A contradict of Agile Software Development is called Water Fall Software Development. Its philosophy is, in any software project, must follow these steps: Requirements -> Design -> Implementation -> Verification -> Maintenance. This methodology will take long time and costly, back and forth with clients. There is no closed one-on-one collaboration between the Designers and the Clients.

Smart web Stores and Offices are good one-on-one collaboration environment between the Developers and the Clients, specially with no web skills. Thus reduce time and cost for both the company and the customers. Smart Web Stores and Offices will reduce cost to have I.T support people. Reduce cost to build IT infrastructure, support Call Center. Reduce times for customer supports. Provide good service, good environment for non-web skills Users to learn. Smart Web Stores and Offices also help generate more revenue from training, an important source of revenue. People rather pay a small fee, learn to do-it-themselves, maintain, take control their business than to pay a huge fee for the developers do it, control and maintain for them. And then leave it.
Smart Web Stores and Offices also helps the Customers, the Users, who have no web skills, who don't know what to do, have the opportunities one-one-one collaboration with the Developers. Thus they can Do-it-yourself. Thus, they will not wait for long time support back and forth. Thus, they will not give up easily, or pay for developers do for them. Thus waste their time and money.

In this figure, a model of Smart Web Stores and Offices, the myNet.Office Developer got paid for 60$/hour, as much as the College Professor. And the clients got their smartweb for 499$ and complete their website for only 24 hours. Both are the winners. This is our model. This is what we want to build around the world.

That's why our Smartweb Stores and Offices make us difference with other Internet Companies that provide online web development solutions.

About Net Thru, is a global leading Internet software company and service provider to small and medium sized businesses worldwide. We are the pioneers in smart web. Smartweb is Cloud Software as a Service portal website, a cloud website. A day website is doing nothing will cost business a lot of time and money. Our Cloud Computing Software as a Service (SaaS) product lines: myNet.Office Cloud Commerce, myNet.Office Smart Form Builder, Cloud web database myNet.Dbase, myNet.Word, myNet.Page, myNet.Office Web Collaboration, myNet.Office Email Marketing ... all integrated All-in-one myNet.Office. myNet.Office helps businesses, people, with no web skills, build and maintain themselves their productive SaaS cloud website. myNet.Office is simple and affordable.

Our leading software product, myNet.Office helps people, without any web skills, build high-end, productive smart websites, online stores, online businesses in a short time, on a limited budget. We are working with partners around the world to create global *Smart Web Stores* offices, where local businesses drop in, learn, build, maintain, *save money*, *take control* smart web, in short time.
Get training 24 hours for 499.0$ / smart web

Customer: myNet.Office has been used by mid sized and small sized businesses, moms and pops`s shops, companies with revenue from tens of thousands to tens of millions dollars around the world. 

Contact us: info@NetthruOffice.com

Career: We are looking for a few talented myNet.Office developers. We require a minimum requirement of a university degree.

Investors: After a lot investments in R&D, we need investments in Business Development. We need more people. We need Sales and Marketing people, more Developers. We are looking for a few VCs, Companies, Businesses, Investors who can help us to the next level.
We are looking to opening many Smart Web Store Offices around the world, a unique kind of store in the world. Like Smart phone model, Apple smart phone stores, revenue comes from Web Stores +monthly host fee. The smart web store is less expensive, less complicated, less cost, less risk, less infrastructure, easy to operate than the smart phone store, and high profit margin return, approximately 90%, after 10% of fixed cost.