Working With Office Smart Form Builder to Collect Data ( old material )
In business, all about data. To collect all kinds of data online from Staff such as: Work Hours, kind of Work Service, Service Product Items, Date & Time ... ( replace paper with smart form, because when put data in database, you can Calculate data, Total Amount, Total Work Hours, Tax, Revenue, Date & Time, ( even Calculate Total, Calculate everything in WEEK, MONTH, YEAR. Can't do this with paper )  ..., Keep track data, Work Services, Search data, Employee SIN, Employee ID .... and Analyze data, such as: "- List & Calculate Total all Work Hours, Work Services, Customer Names, Product Item Service, Date & Time of Staff Helen Ng from Jan - April ".  
As well as collect data from Customers, such as: Contact Form, Support Form, business needs Smart Form.

Never lost data in database. But paper can lost. With paper, you can't do Calculation, Search, Keep Track, and even Analyze data.

In this tutorial, we show you to create Database Smart Form that can do:
1) Collect form data and insert in database. Then Calculate, Analyze form data using Net.Office Database.
2) After form submitted, it sent out Email Notification to all customers & staff & managers & boss.
NOTE: There are Business Process that Technology can do few seconds, while take human few hours even days back & forth.

For example, HOW LONG does it take you to calculate all these data, all date & time, week, month, year of 10 staff... on paper, white database can do in
1-Click in 20 seconds? As the result, loss data, loss customer, loss money , YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW YOU LOST, BECAUSE YOU LOST, YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW, because no one can remember all 15 passwords = only 15 data. In business, there are hundred of data produced every day, month, year, data of customers, products, employees .... - And also your data depends on other people. That's why you need to KEEP TRACK because other people also can made mistakes honestly.

- For example, we know small business from one specific industry has 10 staff who are working and get paid depend on the piece work (not on salary), the work hours, product service that staff provide to customers. The businesses owner collect data of each staff for Work Hours, Work Services they do, name of Customers, Tips ... every thing depends on written paper. Then the store owner used hand calculator to calculate and pay.

- People & Businesses think that Database just Store Data, but they don't know Database also Calculate simple & complex data, Process Data, Analyze simple & complex Data. This, even Java Developers can't write program to do these kinds of database works.
=> In last Blog in March/ 2015, we analyze the difference between Database & Enterprise Java. For example, we want to find:
1) Who is the customer with customer_id = 200 - 2) What are the orders bought by customer id = 200? Then we want to get data using example of Enterprise Java J2EE/ Java EE, and Modern Enterprise Java & Spring Frame work. You can see how much work, Enterprise Java Developers have to do in order answer and get these data. While, short database SQL can answer these questions easy. - Use database, you just need 1 line of code, for 2 question, you just need 2 lines of code. But use Enterprise Java, you may need hundred lines of java code to get these data.

=> Net.Office E-Business Management Database Applications, for example E-Business Application for Daycare Center, could take Java Developers thousands of lines of Java code. And maybe take year to finish an E-Business Application, even impossible to build because Time Consuming & Cost too much using Enterprise Java to build these E-Business Applications.

=> Use Net.Office, you can build & implement these E-Business Database Application Suite in few days, provided with Diagram Schema.
- Click photo see E-Business Suite.

- More efficient, save Time & Money (= takes few days to finish + few hundreds of dollars budget) using Net.Office than using Enterprise Java to build these E-business Suite.

In general, To collect right data that database can understand you need Smart Form. Otherwise, Garbage In. Garbage Out.

Use Smart Form Builder to design form, to upload files, pictures, to design data entry in order to collect data for web database table.

Use Smart Form solved many Email Problems:

- A lot of businesses have no database so they use email send & receive & store all kinds of data, documents, contact list.. like database. Email is not database.

- Use email documents not secure because email travelled in many different routes on the Internet, these documents will deposit at your host provider email server, and left copy of documents in many different other host servers.
=> Use Form, when people submit documents at your website, files will be safe upload directly from website Form & store docs, files in your website database. Thus files, documents will not in different servers like when send email through Internet.

- LOST CUSTOMER EMAIL IN JUNK MAIL: Customers contact you at website, and email. That email could be in your Inbox JUNK mails. Thus lost email if not check Junk mails.
- Use website Form, when people submit data & info at Form Contact Us your website, data, info will go directly from website Form & save in website database, not in JUNK email. Thus safe.

- When send email, email travelled in many different route, in different mail servers of Host Providers, and leave many copy of emails in many places.
- Use Office Smart Form submit data & information will travelled directly from user into website database. Thus no data & info of customers will be lost in JUNK mail like email. The Office Smart Form sends you email to inform there is customer just submitted Contact Us form.

=> When you design a smart form, you also design a database system.

** IMPORTANT** All files, data, database collecting from Smart form are stored on big Networks, big Servers at Cloud Computing Host Data Center, where there are IT people take care the maintenance, the viruses, the backup. Businesses have a piece of mind that their data, files are not stored on their local Network, local PCs harddrive that are vulnerable to viruses, hardware malfunction not working, stolen, broken...

Web Database Smart Form is very complex to design for even experience Web Developers.

So put yourself in this situation let's say your business, or your a company doesn't have web developers available. You need to collect all kind of data from customers, from suppliers, from warehouse, from in-house staffs... What can you do in efficient way to collect data?

Phone, Fax, Email, Paper... are not for collecting data. For sure, you will never ever design smart form without any web skills or even for the web developers.

But, now, there is solution. myNet.Office will help you design complex Smart Form  without any web skills.

Application for Smart form

Web Form is the most difficult web page to design. That's why you don't see a lot of web forms in website.

Contact Us Form - End of Day Report Form - Application Form - Employee Form - Message Center Form - Support Center Form - Contact Book Address Form - Business Card Form - Office Meeting Form - Survey Form - Register Form - Lead Generation Form - Sales Inquires Form - To-Do List Form - Online Petition Form - Contact Us Form - Customer Satisfaction Survey Form - Customer Service Form - Pricing Survey Form - Invitation Form - Tracking Form - Birthday Party Form - Guess Visitor Form - Recipe Form - Diet Log Form - Personal Diary Form - Warehouse Inventory Form - Event Planer Form - Dealer Registration Form - Supply Form - Parts Inventory Form - Seminar Form - Workshop Registration Form - Mailing List Form - Ask/Feedback Form - Upload Files and Photos Form - Upload Resume Form - Meeting Appointment Form - Transfer/Collect Money Form - Booking Reservation Form - Become A Partner Form - Sales Inquires Form -  Submit Rma Form - Referral Form - Account Information Form - Register Event Calendar Form - Member Register and Create Account Login Form - Scientific and Engineering Data Collection Form - Make A Donation Form - Online Sales Tickets Form - Processing Credit Car Payment Form...

If you collect a lot of data for big database that needs smart form with many fields, you should break that big database table into many smaller tables. Maximum fields a web database table can have is 64 fields. Maximum fields that a Smart Form Builder can have is 32 fields. That is very big form to enter data. The form my_support_center  in example has 7 column fields, such as: EMAIL, PHONE, COMPANY...

Using myNet.Office Smart Form Builder, you can build the simple form like Contact Us form, and the most complex forms in 15 minutes without web program skills.
If you don't believe, ask your web developer build for you an Upload Resume Form with Email Notification, and a Resume Database System back-end to store data.
And see how long took them to do it.

=> See you can build your company a Resume Database System in 15 minutes with no web skills. Please Click here

Few Case Studies

NOTE: When you design a smart form, you also design a database system.

- A business needs
End of Day Office Report Form to collect all kind of data, in many business locations, such as: Location Total Sales, Location Total Taxes, Location Total Expense, Employee Tasks, Comments, Problems, Solutions... from all locations so that the headquarter keeps track what is going on each location.
All data stored in a centric
End of Day Office Report database. Took managers, employees only 5 minutes to fill the form. When all data deposited in database, you can calculate Total Sales. Total Taxes, Total Expense for all locations in a day, in any period...

- We need a
Resume Database System with email notification when people submit resume at website. All resumes stored in a centric Resume Database System so that all managers, hr people can share, search, look and select the right people any time, any where.
=> Since all resume files are stored at big Host Data Center, we don't worry about the loss of files, viruses like files in email stored on HR's PC computers.
=> Click here see you can build your company a resume database system in 15 minutes. Your web developer can't but you can.

- We need a
Member Register Form with Member Photos. All data stored in a centric Member Registered Database. Now, we and all members login website can connect and see other member's photos, profile. We also use this customer database for email marketing. Update customers, members our products and services.
Sadly and inefficiently
our organization, our school training business, our company still don't have a Customer Member database for so many years in business. Now, it is done easily using myNet.Office Smart Form Builder, 2 easy steps:
1) To create a Member Registration Form with Upload Photo. Create a database named: Member Registered Database. Then post the form on our website 
2) Send to all member's email the URL link to this form for them to fill the form, upload their photo.
After so many years it was not being done, now it took only 15 minutes. DONE!
** Congratulation! Now we have Customer Registered Member with Photos Database System, after so many years in business ** See picture below

- We need
Member Create Login Account Form for members login, fields like: FNAME, LNAME, EMAIL, PASSWORD, COUNTRY or what ever. After registration, this member can login their account Member Home using EMAIL and PASSWORD. In Member Home, they will fill the rest account information.

- We need a
Dealer Registration Form with email notification to sales staff's mobile phone, to people after people submitted the form. All data is stored in a centric Dealer Database System.

- We need a
Contact Us Form with email notification to sales staff's mobile phone, to people after people submitted the form. Data is stored in a centric Customer Leads Database System for Sales and Marketing People.

- We need a
Customer Satisfaction Survey Form. After customers submitted the form, email notification automatically sent to them A Thank You Notes. All data is stored in a centric Customer Satisfaction Survey database.
NOTE: Businesses should have this form at their website in order to improve customer service. Email directly to the Boss, Managers customer's feedback / complaint.

- We need a
Data Entry Customers, Leads Form. This form will not post on website. Employees access to this form from url link sent to their email. For example, Sales and Marketing Execs do this: "- Then enter customer lead 's Name, Phone, Email, Contact History, Office Notes... in this form." Customer data are stored in a centric Customers, Leads database. So that from any where, any time, the other Sales and Marketing Execs, the Managers, the Boss can always login to see and collaborate online customer's info.

- We need a
Make A Donation Form post at our website. People enter credit card number then donate at website or from email url link to the form.
This form includes field PASSWORD so that people can login their account with EMAIL + PASSWORD for Member Collaboration. Email notification sent to people as receipts. We also use myNet.Office Email Marketing eCampaigner to send the url link to this donation form to thousands of people in our database. People open email. Click on the url link to the form. And make donation. Form data is stored in a centric Donor List Database database for other marketing purposes.

- We need a
Processing Credit Card Payment Form for our customer's pay using their credit card.
This form includes field PASSWORD so that people can login their account with EMAIL + PASSWORD for Member Collaboration. We embed the url link to this form in email then send to customer's email. People open email -> Fill their info ->  Enter credit card number -> Then pay. Email notification sent to people as receipts. Customer data and info are saved in the Customer Payment Database System for Sales and Marketing.

- We need a form for
Online Sales Tickets Form, or, Register and Collect User Fee for Seminars, for Events Form.
This form includes field PASSWORD so that people can login their account with EMAIL + PASSWORD for Member Collaboration. 
We post this form on our website. We also embed the url link to this form in email send to customer's email. People open email or visit our website -> Fill info -> Choose Method of Payment either: 1) Use Credit card, just enter credit card number and paid. Or 2) Use Pay Pal, enter their credit card, paid at Pay Pal -> After submitted form and paid, email notification sent to people as receipts, invoice. Customer data and info are saved in the Customer Database System for Sales and Marketing.
Over the years, this golden database grows to thousands of customers
. We used this golden customer database for other marketing purposes. Next time, there is new show, new seminar, we will send email to inform customers in database. To send mass emails from any database, we use myNet.Office Email Marketing eCampaigner. People can always opt-in or out of receiving emails.

: Both Method of Payment required customers paid using their credit card. But:
1) Some customers don't care the business website collect and kept their credit card number and private info, will choose option 1) Paid by Credit card.
2) Some customers want Pay Pal safe and secure. They know only Pay Pal know their credit card and info, not the business website. Choose 2) Paid by Pay Pal. 
3) It is not easy to program form to support Pay Pal. myNet.Office Smart Form Builder programmed built-in to support Pay Pal.

The Benefits: It is efficiency, automation, and productive. Make easy for people to buy from any where, any time, mobile. Good service. No more on phone, back and forth. Fill the form and credit card number less than 1 minute. Money collected instantly. Reach people bigger, wider area. Increase more sales. Golden Customer Database for marketing and promotion. Save people's time, company's time, and staff's time.

Use smart form for this marketing campaign.

Go to your Sales and Marketing Department, ask them run this targeted campaign, regardless what tool they use. Include your email so that you can test.

"- The company wants to have all members, all customers, all people to register for an event on June 15. Events, such as: Charity Contribution Event, or Seminar Event, or Member Meeting Event, or Free Lunch and Music Event.. Data of people collected from all many database tables, such as: Customer database, Invoice database, Sales Leads database, Contact Us form database, Guess database, and from different form database....
The requirements:
1) Make sure that people register for the even must be living in phone area code, or in same city, for example, just to make sure these people are not living abroad.
) Fee must be collected in advance.
) When people open the form, they will see their data, such as: EMAIL, ADDRESS, NAME.. are populated in the form. No need to re-enter. All they need to do is to enter credit card number. Then submit.
) After people submitted, email notification sent out to members as receipt or invoice, and also sent to responsible staff , the managers, the boss of the company in order to let them know right away. Ofcouse, people can opt-in or opt-out.
Which will eliminate those people who are not interesting. Get rid of less qualified leads. "

Improve bottom line. Good luck.

Example of myNet.Office Email Marketing Tool
Email received by people .
Example, the result of Donation_Contribution_Db database table used for Donation Campaign: Donation and Contribution Database Used for Campaigner . (Click on picture to enlarge)

First, what is Web Database Smart Form?

Web Form is used to collect data from website. There are 2 different type of web form: Text Based Processing Form and Database Based Processing Form.

Text Based (HTML) Processing Form: The most common form, easy to design. Can be found in most websites, specially the static website. It is easy to design by using software like FrontPage, Dream weaver, simple HTML, Java Script...
Data collected as a text stored in a file or email
. There is no Database, no Email Notification used in Text Processing Form.
Data collection in Text Processing Form, for example, data of number (35, 23.50..), date (2008-12-25), data and time ( 2008-12-25 15:30) ...  are treated as text (words, or characters). This is dangerous because lack of data integrity. Database can't run or manipulate data correctly. If you don't have database or don't care then it is OK.
For example, Text Processing Form collects SUB_TOTAL as Text, not as DOUBLE number.
Problem: No back-end database store data for the form. No data integrity. Can't do the calculation. Can't analyse on data.

Database Based Processing Form: Is kind of form data with different data format, collected is saved in database...
Thus data collected must be MATCHED with its DATABASE DATA TYPE.
For example, data of number (35, 23.50..) collected as DOUBLE. Numbers like 25, 100, 2512.. must be collected as INTEGER, date (2008-12-25) as DATE, data and time ( 2008-12-25 15:30) as DATETIME, including other advanced data type like ENUM, SET, TEXT, BLOB...

For example, you design a form to collect employee's HOUR, WAGE_PER_HOUR, SALARY, thus SALARY = HOUR x WAGE_PER_HOUR. If you collect wrong data, you can't do the calculation of SALARY data. Using database programming script built-in myNet.Office, you can do simple and complex calculation data in database.

What is Office Web Database Smart Form? The condition, the property.

=> When you design a smart form, you also design a database system for smart form.

Office Smart Form Builder Tool: Lets you design smart from that has all these 8 characteristics.

1) Smart Form has back-end database and support different database Data Type. Including advanced data type like ENUM, SET, DATETIME, BLOB, DOUBLE

2) Smart Form automatically creates interface screen. No need to program the form screen GUI / UI.

3) Smart Form send email / Email Notification. After people submit form. You can setup Email Notification Manager so that form to send email to both people and in-house staff. Email Notification lets you totally control the Email Logo, Email Subject, Email Message, Email Who.. of the form email.

4) Smart Form can be accessed from URL link. Example, create a Url link to form, then send email this form link to people and in-house staff to fill. Even this form is private and not shown on website.

5) Smart Form customized selected table fields display on the form. You can select which fields from the database table of to be on the form.
For example, OFFICE_NOTE field in database, used by in-house staff, and you don't want people to see OFFICE_NOTES on entry form.

6) Smart Form can load and populate info in form from reading info in database.
For example, you create a Get Donation Form for an Get Donation campaign from a Donor database. When people open this form, this form will read that Donor's email, then populates the Donor's info in the form so that the Donor will not re-enter their info like Name, Address, Phone... again. The Donor just needs to enter credit card number. Then submit. This turned high user conversion rate to submit form.

7) Smart Form is scalable and easy Change, Maintain  Even after already created the form, you can always change, delete column, or add more column fields, like ADDRESS, PHONE .. in the table, and in the form without re-design the form. The existing database table, the data, the form, are not effect because of change. You can also change the order of the field. Such as, before the field = NAME is after the field = EMAIL. You can change the field NAME before the field EMAIL. Click see how.

8) Do-It-Yourself. No Web Programming Skills required. Any one without web skills can create a form.

Example screen of a smart form.

Use myNet.Office Smart From Builder to create this form. You can design this smart form with database, email notification in 15 minutes.

Picture: This is example of a smart form: Member Register Form. It has a scroll list to display form entries after people submitted.

- You use myNet.Office Smart Form Builder Tool to create a smart form then insert in any webpage.

Case Study
The Company spends too much time On Phone Support and other Inquiries for customers. Now, it wants to use web based support for Customers submit their questions, feedback... to reduce time for Phone Support. The Company needs a web based Take Message and Technical Support Center for supporting is products and services. The Company wants the Web Based Take Message and Support Center has the following ability: 

1) Web based database collects data from Form Support. So that form data collected is available in database for in-house staffs supporting, sharing and collaborating.

2) Form send email the form content to Black Berry email, to various in-house staffs, departments as soon as people submit form. The in-house staffs can see the question, inquiry in their email and reply. They don't need to login website if not in office.

3) In-house support Staffs can also send email from database By just click on that record of that question. They don't need to open Out Look email.

4) Can selected private fields used by in-house staffs that customers submit form can't see, like field OFFICE_NOTES. It is designed to keep track info and activity of in-house staff: Such as, Who answered that question? What time? Smart Form Builder maps only selected fields.

The Result

As a result, the Company not only saves a lot of time for on phone support. But also it has the database of all customers' Questions, Feedback/Asks, Sales Inquiries, Appointment and Reservation... for product research, sales leads, customer leads, appointments, reservation, and other purposes, sharing, calculating, and collaborating on data.

But, there is problem...

There is no in-house web developer Contact the Web Developers or Web Company they say will take time to build database, tools, then customize the form design..

The cost costs a lot. It easy to design the webpage than to design the database web form. Take web developer 3 days, 20.0$/hr. Thus cost: 3x8x20 = 480$. Just to design a database smart form with Email Notification. If you don't believe it, please test your web master.

So what can you do in order to design this web based Take Message and Support Center without any web skills?
Learn myNet.Office.  

Step by Step to design a Web Based Support Center using Office Smart Form Builder

In order to design this web based Message and Support Center, you need to do 3 main steps:

1) Design new database table to hold the form data.

2) Design a webpage + a Smart Form using myNet.Office Smart Form Builder. Then insert the form in the web page or create a private link email for this form.
NOTE: A private like email is: you make an URL like to this form in email. Then send to people. Then they click on the link to fill the form.

3) Setup Email Notification the content of the form, to send email to your staff, and the people fill the form, after people submitted the form.
To create a Cloud database table, you need to understand important Data Types of Office Cloud database

In order to design new table, you need to collect data. In order to collect data properly, you need to understand web database Data Type. This process called DATA COLLECTION.
In order to store data, the table needs to know what kind of data it stores for example, NAME, ADDRESS. Is it a Number, or a Date, or  Words, Characters, Text? This is called Data Type.
Here are most commonly used Data Type of Web Database that you need to understand.
(Words, String, characters up to maximum 250 characters)
Syntax = NAME varchar (50)
Used for people NAME, ADDRESS, EMAIL.. It represents for the data of text, words, characters.. that is not Number, nor Date...For example, EMAIL = = 14 characters.
(INTEGER number)
Age, Number of Employees= 20, Quantity = 15...
Syntax =  age int
Used for even Number that can't be divided into decimal.
For example, to collect data of how many employees of a company, you name COMPANY_SIZE is a Integer = 50. Not 50.5 employees. 
Float, Double
( Number of decimal)
Salary, Revenues, Sub_Total, Price = 9.98 Used for Decimal Number. Float or Double is the same but Double can hold bigger values.
- For example, syntax = price double -
Meeting_Date, Start_Date ...
Syntax = Start_Date date
Used for Date. For example, Meeting_Date = 2009-12-25
(yyyy-mm-dd hh:mm)
Appoitment_Date, Meeting_Date, Support_Time...
Syntax =  Support_Time  Datetime
Used for Datetime. For example, Meeting_Date = 2009-12-25 16:30 ( 4pm 30 min)
(Select 1 choice in many choices selection)
SUBJECT Enum ( 'Question', 'Feedback/Ask', 'Help', 'Others Interest' )
Syntax =  SUBJECT Enum ( 'Question', 'Feedback/Ask', 'Help', 'Others Interest' ),
When there are many options, but choose only one. myNet.Office Form Builder will create an option list interface for user to pickup one choice.
Example, Let users to select only one the SUBJECT_INTEREST from the pull down option list.
(Select many choices in many options selection)
LIST_PRODUCTS_SERVICES Set ( 'Cryptopology', 'Compaq Server XP 35', 'Perfect Mail', 'Cryptocard', 'Ebusiness Development Services',
'Online Consulting Services')
Syntax =
LIST_PRODUCTS_SERVICES Set ( 'Hosting Server', 'Note Book', 'Hardware Product', 'Software Product', 'E-Development Services',
'Consulting Services', 'Training Services', 'Sales Inquiries'),

This is data type used for when users can select many choices in a set of many options.  myNet.Office Form Builder will create many check boxes interface for user to check many choices.

Example, you have a LIST_PRODUCTS_SERVICES of many products and services you want users to select as many as they wanted by click on the check boxes [v]
(A text container up to 65K of characters )

Syntax = Office_Notes Text = can write 65000 chars in it. a lot of text. You can write a whole support, a whole customer history, customer profile in this column.
TEXT Used for when you want to hold up to 65 thousands characters ( more than 10 resumes). A lot of words. BLOB can hold GB of chars = Billions of chars.

Example, you have a field RESUME for users to paste and submit their resumes.
BLOB is similar to TEXT but case sensitive when searching. BLOB can hold GB of chars.

For example, use BLOB when you want to hold text that can see and search the different between John Smith and john smith. In TEXT John Smith and john smith is the same, no case sensitive. BLOB can hold GB of chars.

These are the web database most common used data type that you will use when creating a new table or new form. Most HTML form collects all data as words, or text, or string. It is dangerous because the integrity of data is lost. Here are the step by step to create this smart form.

Let's do it. The first step 1 of 3:

Create a database table in order to store form data submitted for the Support Center form

What is SQL? is Structured Query Language. It is used to communicate with database. It is a standard language for Relational Database Managements. Databases like ORACLE, MS SQL built in SQL.
- Learn SQL. Become myNet.Dbase Database Administrator:  Google Search for words: Learn basic SQL
SQL is, English-like language, easy to learn than learn database using interface like Ms ACCESS.
- Click here to learn SQL:

CREATE TABLE my_support_center (
ID int not null auto_increment primary key,
NAME varchar (50),
Email varchar (50),
Phone varchar (50),
Company varchar (50),
Submit_Date Datetime,
SUBJECT Enum ( 'Question', 'Feedback/Ask', 'Help', 'Others Interest' ),
LIST_PRODUCTS_SERVICES Set ( 'Hosting Server', 'Note Book', 'Hardware Product', 'Software Product', 'E-Development Services',
'Consulting Services', 'Training Services', 'Sales Inquiries'),
Description Text,
Name_Of_Support_Staff varchar(50),
Staff_Email varchar(50),
Staff_Phone      varchar(50),
Support_Time   Datetime,
Office_Notes Text
Syntax to create new table.
- my_support_center 
= Name of new database table
- ID int not null auto_increment primary key =
Name field = ID. Defined as Primary Key and integer number and auto increment.
- NAME varchar (50) :
NAME = name of the field. varchar = Data type of varchar - (50) = Size of this field can contains 50  characters for NAME of that person.
- Code is not case sensitive. NAME or Name or name the same. Spaces between words are not important.
- Table name should be small case.
- Copy and Paste the blue code in the [Code Area] of myNet.Dbase. The click [Submit SQL Code] button. It will create the table my_support_center.

- Code is not case sensitive. EMAIL or Email is same. Can't have space in name field, for example: STAFF EMAIL. Must be STAFF_EMAIL.

- You can also create new table using Create New Database Table Using Gui Template Tool. But use Code is faster.  It is like English-syntax language.

- This database my_support_center contains advanced Data Type like:

- SUBJECT  Data type = Enum Because Enum data type is used when there is a selection of one option in many options.

Because Set data type allows to select not on1 but many options. It is in the opposite with Enum.

- Submit_Date Data Type = Datetime
Because it is format: yyyy-mm-dd HH:MM
2009-12-28 15:35

- Office_Notes Data Type = Text  Because it can contains text up to 65000 characters.

NOTE: We encourage you to use easy-to-learn database script code not the interface because you will learn more about database. And it is very fast to create new database table.

** Click here To Learn Basic Database Programming Script 

Login website back end as Admin -> Select Net.Dbase.

Copy the blue CREATE TABLE ... database script. -> Paste in the Code Area -> Click [Submit SQL Code] button will create a new web database table my_support_center, with default a new empty record. Go ahead use myNet.Office Easy Data Entry to enter more data record.

Picture: my_support_center database table is created with an empty default record. Click on ID = 1 or icon Edit in ACTION column to input data.

Even after the table is created, you can always go back and change its field names, size, even data type. Maximum 64 fields for a table.
The button [Save As Query] lets you save all SQL commands, like a batch operation, so that you can run again. Don't need to re-enter the code.
Create New Table]
button: Use a template interface to create new table, not sql command.

CONGRATULATIONS! You just have created a Web Database Table with complex Data Type in 10 minutes.

Quick description of web database myNet.Dbase

-CLOSE/EXPANSE ADMIN AREA. = This icon les you open/close the top part Code Area. Thus when close, will give more space, more rows for the display of record list..

= If the table has many fields displaying, when clicking on this close icon, that table field, example COMPANY, will not display on screen. Click [Reset] button to redisplay this field.

- To Scroll, you can choose how many records, 5, 10 (default), 20, 50, 100, or all, to display on screen. Thus, it doesn't matter your database contains 100 records (row) or 100000 records, myNet.Dbase loads 10 record rows by default at a time. It is faster and more efficient. Other databases will load all. Thus it is slow. Reset lets you to redisplay all fields.

- To Sort, click on any field column header to sort data according to that field. For example, click on NAME or PHONE to sort table according to NAME or PHONE. The number displays under the field name is the size of that field (or column). ID, always in the first column, is the primary key. ASC sort direction ascending...

- To Add a new record for this table, click on button [Add New Entry] or click on the button [INSERT] of Data Entry form to insert new record.

- To Delete a record, click on icon Del in ACTION column. Or click on the button [DELETE] of Data Entry form.

- To Edit a record, click on icon [Edit] in ACTION column. Or click on the first field table key ID = 1. It will open a Data Entry form. Make changes. Click button [UPDATE] of Data Entry form to save the changes. (See Data Entry form)

- To Email, click on icon Email in ACTION column. It will pop up an email interface with default TO = email field of that database record.

<= See picture the Email tool in myNet.Dbase.

- To View VIEW THIS PAGE a complete all fields of a record of a database table like a report.

- To Customize the View of table: myNet.Dbase lets you View a certain fields when table is displaying. To customize the view of fields:
From main menu: Net.DBase -> View -> An Gui Interface pops up lets you select fields of that table to view on screen.
Next time, when you load that table, it will display fields or columns may interest you. Not all.
For example, Invoice database, each record has about 52 fields, like INVOICEID, INVOICE_DATE, NAME, ADDRESS... The table my_support_center has 14 columns per record row. To select only 20 fields to view of Invoice table, you use [View] sub-menu of Administration menu. Thus, when you open Invoice database, it displays only 20 fields. If you don't use [View] it will display all 56 fields, too long for a row to display on computer screen. You can always see all table's fields by click on icon [View] in ACTION column.

At the right side:

- Table: -> To Open a table, you can use a database script. Or select from the right side pull down list of all database tables you created. At Table:

- Action:
To run database administration using step by step. Most actions, like Change Name of a column field,  you will get the same results using database script faster.

- The Quick Search box: To Search, enter the name in the search box, example, John Smith, or email = Then select search category = NAME or EMAIL to search that record. You can always use SQL query SELECT to search complex data in order to satisfy the requirement.
For example, to search all people in area code = 416. Enter this SQL command in the Code Area box, then click button [Submit SQL Code] will list all.
Select * from my_support_center where phone like '%416%'

Few Simple Database Administration using database script SQL

To add extra column field
in this table, for example the field OFFICE_NOTES with data type = Text after the exiting column SUPPORT_TIME, run this blue database script in Code Area. Then click on button [Submit SQL Code].
ALTER TABLE my_support_center ADD Office_Notes text  AFTER  SUPPORT_TIME;
NOTE The blue code is case is not sensitive. Spaces between words are not important.

To add extra column field in this table, for example the field COMPANY_SIZE an integer after the exits column COMPANY, run this blue database script code in Code Area.
ALTER TABLE my_support_center ADD Company_Size int default 0 AFTER Company;
NOTE int default 0 =  tell database this field is an Integer and has the default = 0 (or 3 or 5..)

Or to add a field ALREADY_MEMBER of Enum type, value = "yes, no, will register", after column SUBJECT. Default value is the first value = yes
You enter the blue database script, one at a time, in the Code Area. Then click [Submit SQL Code]. Case is not sensitive.
ALTER TABLE my_support_center  ADD ALREADY_MEMBER enum ( 'yes', 'no', 'will register' ) default 'no' AFTER Subject

To Change a column name of a database table, for example change name Already_Member to become new name = Is_Aready_Member with new values
my_support_center  Change Already_Member  Is_Already_Member  enum ( 'yes1', 'no1', 'will1' )

To Change a column name, data type, and value of a database table. For example change name Already_Member to become new name = Is_A_Member. Change data type from Enum = to select 1 option into Set = to select many options, and new values.
ALTER TABLE  my_support_center
 Change Already_Member  Is_A_Member  set ( 'Gold', 'Silver', 'Brown' , 'Free')

To Delete a column
of a database table:
alter table
my_support_center  drop column ALREADY_MEMBER ;

** Click here To Learn Basic Database Programming Script 
** You can build a whole complex big database with many related tables using Database Relationship Methodology. It is linking tables using Primary Key. Then use database script SQL to search for data in multi-related tables.

myNet.Dbase Easy Data Entry to input data

To Edit/Update data, click on the record ID  number =2 or click the EDIT icon in ACTION column. Change data. Then click UPDATE button.
To insert new record, click INSERT button.

The next step 2 of 3:


The built in web editor - myNet.Word to design web page.

Picture: myNet.Office myNet.Word -
The built in web editor is used to create web pages, web content with more 70 icon editor functions.

Login in your myNet.Office website as Admin. You will see this back end software application.
  1. First, Design web page named Support Center display on website for people to submit.

    - From [Net.Page] -> [New Page] -> Enter at top left corner box [Fname] = Support Center -> Click to select Menu Navigation for this page = Sub Menu (the round button) -> From the pull down list of all web pages, select the web page Become a partner so that this web page Support Center becomes its sub menu.

    - In the editor area, type text, design the content of the web page Support Center. -> Click on [Save] button to save. Click on [View] to view this page in real time. (See picture) Now, you have just created a Support Center page under the main menu webpage Become a partner.

    NOTE: If you select webpage Support Center as Main Menu, then it displays the top menu like Home main menu. You can have sub-menu level 2 or sub-menu of of sub-menu. In this example, Support Center is sub-menu level 1 because Become a partner is main menu. Use Page Manager to insert icon in the menu.

  2. Next, Insert Smart Form Builder in Step 1.
    From main menu [Insert] -> Select submenu [Smart Web Database Form Builder] will pops up an window interface (GUI). You fill these information:
    - At 1) FORM TASK = Support_Center. Which is the Task of this form used as Name for this form.
    - At 2) FORM FORMAT = Table Format Form. It is the form format display. There are 2 formats: Table format and Blue Round Corner Format also called Nifty.
    - At 3) FORM TABLE = my_support_center. It is the database table that contains the data submitted by the form.
    - At 4) Select Webpage = Support center. It is the webpage you just created and save in step 1. You can select any webpage. It you don't select, then it assumes that you create a Private Link Form. People access to Form from its link in email.
    - At 5) Check box [v] = Do You Want to Receive Email.. So that Smart Form will send the content of the form to people you set up in Email Manager.  
    Click [Next>] button.
  3. In Step 2 of 2 - Insert Smart Form Builder
    You click to select fields of table my_support_center in the left column. Then click [->] arrow to move these selected fields into the right column. Do not remove the pre-selected fields ID (table primary key), and EMAIL. Then click [OK] button.

    Picture: Step 2 of 2 SMART FORM BUILDER to select fields for the form.

    Note: we do not select NAME, or OFFICE_NOTES field for the form. That's why you don't see it created in this Support Center form.
    - After form submitted, fields that are not selected for form will have values blank. You have to open that table to enter data for empty fields.
    - The order of the fields you select will become the order of the form field. The primary key field ID Integer type will not display in the form because ID is a table key, auto increasing to 1 when adding a new record in the table. People don't need to enter anything in that field. Form is starting from EMAIL field.

CONGRATULATIONS Sir/Madam! You have just created a Smart Form with complex data type in just 15 minutes with no programming.

NOTE: Ask your web developers see if they can do it in 15 minutes.


The result of the Smart Form you have just created in 15 minutes.

This is the result of the web page Support Center that has the form My Support Center created by Smart Form Builder. It is a sub-menu Support Center of Become a partner main menu.
CREATE TABLE my_support_center (
ID int not null auto_increment primary key,
NAME varchar (50),
Email varchar (50),
Phone varchar (50),
Company varchar (50),
Submit_Date Datetime,
SUBJECT Enum ( 'Question', 'Feedback/Ask', 'Help', 'Others Interest' ),
LIST_PRODUCTS_SERVICES Set ( 'Hosting Server', 'Note Book', 'Hardware Product', 'Software Product', 'E-Development Services', 'Consulting Services', 'Training Services', 'Sales Inquiries'),
Description Text,
Name_Of_Support_Staff varchar(50),
Staff_Email varchar(50),
Staff_Phone      varchar(50),
Support_Time   Datetime,
Office_Notes Text

The SQL code Create Table for this form.
Data collected from this form saved in this table.
- This Smart Database Form automatically created by mapping in this table. You don't need to do web design for this form.

Picture: From the menu [Become a partner] -> Select sub-menu [Support Center] ->  Automatically generated this smart form My Support Center.  

- This is the blue table form format.
- The field SUBMIT DATE is input with default = that current Datetime. The SUBJECT enum field becomes a option pull down list to select only 1 choice.
- The field LIST_PRODUCTS_SERVICES is SET data type becomes a set of check boxes that allows users to select many choices.
- The field SECURE POST is not a database field. It is auto generated by smart form for security of posting.
- There other fields of database my_support_center are not shown, such as NAME field, because they are fields used by in-house office staff, not selected used by form.

Picture: Select another Form Format theme = This is the Blue Round Corner Nifty Format (or Nifty format).

CREATE TABLE my_support_center (
ID int not null auto_increment primary key,
NAME varchar (50),
Email varchar (50),
Phone varchar (50),
Company varchar (50),
Submit_Date Datetime,
SUBJECT Enum ( 'Question', 'Feedback/Ask', 'Help', 'Others Interest' ),
LIST_PRODUCTS_SERVICES Set ( 'Hosting Server', 'Note Book', 'Hardware Product', 'Software Product', 'E-Development Services', 'Consulting Services', 'Training Services', 'Sales Inquiries'),
Description Text,
Name_Of_Support_Staff varchar(50),
Staff_Email varchar(50),
Staff_Phone      varchar(50),
Support_Time   Datetime,
Office_Notes Text

SQL code Create Table for this form. Other table fields not selected for Form, like OFFICE_NOTES, because used for in-house staff. Form Data collected saved in this table.

- This Smart Database Form automatically created by mapping in this table. You don't need to do web design for this form. Without Net.Office Database Smart Form Builder, to design Database Smart Form, you need web developer. => Cost a round $300 to design this Support Center Form. => Because the developer need: 1) To write Java Database Code JDBC (Java Database Connectivity) to collect data and insert in database. -> 2) The Developer write Java Email program in order to send email to Staff & Customers after form submitted. - Sound simple but not simple.

- Use
Net.Office Database Smart Form Builder, you can Design Database Smart Form without web skills to do: 1) Collect form data & Put in database. 2) Send Email Notification to customer & as many staff including BOSS, after form is submitted. See picture in Tutorial.

Note: In this form, you may design 2 columns PHOTO fields for customer upload their Photo ( every one knows to take photo from smart form ), and for Support Staff upload their Photo in table my_support_center.

- You can design 100 Smart Database Forms like this Support Center Form without cost anything using Net.Office Database Smart Form.

Picture: Select another Form Format theme = This is the Look and Feel Form Format. Form takes the look and feel of website.

- Choose 1 of 3 form formats . After submit, button Submit = disabled.

- Use myNet.Office Look and Feel Tool to customize the background, foreground color (red, white), the width size of site = 980 px, site direction (center or left), the rounded corner...

- All checkboxes auto created you don't need to design any interface.

Picture: Data collected from this form is saved in this database table = my_support_center.

- The input data above is record ID=2. The SET selection of LIST_PRODUCTS_SERVICES is contains all information check box choices
- The in-house fields NAME_OF_SUPPORT_STAFF, OFFICE_NOTES ...: are not selected so people don't see in submit form.
- These fields are used only by in-house staff to enter data. We call these fields are in-house fields.

NOTE: In this example, the field NAME = Nick M, Dan Smith, are manually entered data from data entry, not collect from the form.
Of course, when you build this form, you should select field NAME to be on the form.

This is the database Data Entry
used to input more data in other fields that are not selected for the form, like STAFF_EMAIL, STAFF_PHONE...
Just click on the record ID =2 to open this data entry or click on the icon = note.

Picture: To Edit or Update the record ID=2. Just click on first row ID=2 will open this Data Entry.
- You see that the SET field LIST_PRODUCTS_SERVICES re-construct and automatically checked all correct boxes correspondent to the previous selection.
- You modify the record, re-check the boxes will update new value.
- This is 1-Column format more Vertical. Click on [FORMAT] button to select 2 columns format more Horizontal.

Design an Url link to smart form embedding in email

Design a Smart Form, like Event Registration Form, embedding the URL link to this form in email, send to people. People open email. Click on a link to open form.
This form can be posting or even not posting at your website.

Here is you can do:

1) Open Smart Form Builder from [Insert] menu -> Follow its steps but DO NOT SELECT THE WEB PAGE to insert. Just create its Name Task and other steps.

2) Send Email this Url link   =

Task Name = 1 word. If you separate name like Form Support Center  it will automatically replace space with underline dash = Form_Support_Center.

For Round Corner Blue Form Format Url Link =

For new form, just change the Domain name, the Table Name and Task Name.

The final step 3 of 3: This is optional step.
Final step is  * option * -  Set up Email Notification sent out to staff, to people after they submitted the form

Use Email Notification in order to customize email: Logo, Subject, To, From, Email Message..., and how email sent out to customers, staff after form was submitted.

myNet.Office Smart Form Builder will automatically create a record with ETYPE = Support_Center, which is the name of Form Task, in table x_email_property used for Email Notification. The default is not send email after users submit the form. In order to let this form send email then you need to setup.

From myNet.Dbase -> Open Email Manager database = x_email_property then use search for record ETYPE=support_center -> Edit data record field ETYPE: = Support_Center.

Picture: Open table x_email_property -> Setup Email Notification for this form

Each smart form has its own Email Notification setup. Now, do the data entry email notification for this form.

ETYPE: = Support_Center, default, which is the Form Task, not the database name, is automatically created when inserting smart form at Insert menu. No enter.

EFROM: Like the From Email, when people receive email will see from where. In this Example, enter =  

EFROM_AUTH_PW: Your email password of the EFROM email. The password of for example,  enter = bam2189
- NOTE: Setup Email Password from web Hosting Control Panel. Ask your web master do for you.

ETO: Like the Email To, email addresses of your in-house staffs who will receive the emails. As many email addresses as you want. Separated by comma. Example:,, ...In this example, enter =

ECC : Like your CC = Carbon Copy - The emails addresses of people, likely, in-houses staffs will receive this email notification.

EBCC : Like your email BCC - The emails addresses of people, likely, your Boss, Managers will receive email notification. Unlike ECC emails, BCC emails no one will see their email addresses. In this example,  enter =,,
NOTE: Put many emails, Black Berry emails of support staffs. Thus your in-house staffs will receive emails 24/7, forward to email every where they are, at home, in office, in Black Berry. When you put emails in EBCC, customers will not see the emails. But customers can see ETO, ECC emails.

ESUBJECT: The email subject. In this Example, enter = ** Support Center **

ELOGO: the Url link picture of your Logos in HTML code. In this Example this link to the logo picture.
This is the  HTML blue code for your Logo. In this example,  enter =
<TABLE cellSpacing=3 cellPadding=3 width=50% border=0>
<TD><font color=blue><B>NetOffice, Inc. </B></font>
<BR><A  href= target=_blank><IMG src= border=0></A>
<BR><IMG height=85 src= width=80></TD>

*** If you don't know to to write HTML code for your logo, use myNet.Word to create the HTML code for your Logo file
First, Open myNet.Word to insert the picture of your Logo -> Click on this icon Code Generator in myNet.Word, you will see its HTML code generated for the Logo like the blue HTML code above. -> Then Copy the generated code and Paste in ELOGO area.

EMESSAGE : The content of email. You can use myNet.Word to create a beautiful content email. Then save in EMESSAGE. No more plain text.
In this Example, enter = *** Message sent from Support Center ***

STATUS : Two values = No Send or Yes Send. To send this email or not. The default is: No Send. Which means after this form is submitted, no email send to any staff, any customer. In this Example, enter select = Yes Send

MEMBER_RECEIVE: Values is: yes or no, for this member person to receive email from the form after submitted form. The default is no.

In this Example select = yes. How does the form know the email of people submit the form in order to send email?
- It looks up the field = EMAIL on the form where the member filled email. And the form sends to this email. So make sure you create a form must contain email.
- Or, if this is an exist member, it will send to the email login of this member.
- The content of the form data is also the content of email.

After setup, the form now is able to send email every time people submit the form.

Configure table x_email_property for all Email Notification

Picture: Table x_email_property is where you setup Email Notification for Smart Form and other send out Email.

You will not see ETYPE = Support_Center in this table.
For example, ETYPE= x_em_invoice is Email Notification setup when there is an order check-out and an invoice is sent to customer's email.
Each smart form has its own customized Email Notification.

Net.Office Database Smart Form send Email content of the form to that person, and in house staff after form was submitted

Picture: This is the email of the form content, like a receipt, was sent to both in-house staffs and customer after the customer submitted the form.

- Email of customer=

- Email of in-house staff specified in ETO = If put this email in EBCC will not show email. Thus customer will not see this staff's email.

- There are many in-house staffs' emails who also receive this email but you don't see displayed here because their emails are in BCC.

- Because in Smart Form Builder, at STEP 1 OF 2,  you select check box [v] to receive email. This is mail is setup in Email Manager = table x_email_manager

Maintain, Modify, Update, Change the property of Smart Form

It is very simple. Since the form is controlled by its database table.

You Add more fields in the table my_support_center to expand the forms. Or Delete the fields of that form will change the form interface.

The property of the form is in table x_property. Where you Change/Edit/Delete what fields is selected for form. You don't have to go over the Steps setup again.

For example, you want to add extra field = NAME  and ADDRESS in the form my_support_center.

Table: x_property used to save all properties of this smart form with PROPERTY TASK= Support_Center. No need to re-build, re-design this form again.

- Add ADDRESS in table: Login as Admin your website. Select myNet.Dbase -> Open table my_support_center. Run this script to add ADDRESS after COMPANY
ALTER TABLE my_support_center ADD ADDRESS varchar (250)  after company

- Open this table x_property -> Edit record has PROPERTY TASK= Support_Center -> Change its fields from PROPERTY will change the order of field on form.
Add NAME in this form after EMAIL.. just edit = id-email-name-phone-address-company ... fields separated by a dash = - . Now this form will add NAME column after EMAIL, and ADDRESS after PHONE. You can put the order of the fields in different position to appear on form by changing the order of field, such as: put id-name-email-phone.. will put NAME before EMAIL on the form.

- The DESCRIPTION field is used for Private Url Link Form to describe about the form, what for, when you send email form link. People open email -> Click on the form link -> It pops up the form to enter data.
*** Quick design a smart form to upload files, design resume database in 2 steps in 15 minutes with no web programming skills. After people submitted their resume, every HR Staff will receive Email Notification resume submitted.

To design a resume database, avoid having so many fields on the form for people to fill. Avoid storing all info of resume, cover letter in database.
It will make resume database fat, slow because it contains too much information. Store resume, cover letter as files that people submit from the form in your website's hard drive. Like the design of this form here is easy to retrieve, view, share, download resumes to local hard drive.

To design an upload files database smart form that is satisfied all conditions here is not easy even for web developers. But with no web skills, you can do in 2 steps.

We will go through very fast in 2 steps. We will not repeat the whole process of creating a smart form again.

Step1: To create a database table in order to store submitted data from this Upload Files and Resume Form.
CREATE TABLE my_upload_resume_files (
UID int not null auto_increment primary key,
FIRST_NAME varchar(20),
LAST_NAME varchar(20),
Title varchar(20),
Email varchar(50),
PHONE varchar(25),
Job_Apply varchar(40),
COMPANY varchar(30),
Upload_resume varchar(50),
UPLOAD_PHOTO varchar(50),
UPLOAD_DOC varchar(50),
UPLOAD_EXCEL varchar(50),
SUBJECT Enum ( 'Product Development', 'Services', 'Help And Inquires', 'Others Interest' )

- NOTE: You can scale, add more fields, like COUNTRY, CITY, EDUCATION... later in this table, no effect data, structure of the existing database table.

- Copy and Paste the create database table blue script code in the Code Area. Then click on button [Submit SQL Code].

- A new database table = my_upload_resume_files is created with a default an empty record.

Picture: A new database table = my_upload_resume_files is created. It is used to store submitted data from this Upload Files and Resume Form.

Next, Step2 = To create a webpage, and insert the form in this page:

- From [Net.Page] -> Select New Page -> Create the webpage with menu navigation named = Upload files as a sub-menu of main menu = Jobs and Supports.

- Then Save this webpage first before inserting the smart form builder tool.

- Next, from [ INSERT ] main menu tool, select tool = Smart Web Database Form Builder -> Then follow its instruction to create this form.

Picture: Use myNet.Word to create a webpage. Then use Smart Form Builder to select what fields will be on the form. The field OFFICE_NOTES is not selected.

NOTE: The primary key of the database table = UID is pre-selected.
- The order of fields display on form depending on the order you select. In this care First Name is the first order. You can select Email field to display first on the form.

CONGRATULATION! You have just created this smart form Upload files and Resume just 2 STEPS in 15 minutes.

The result of the Upload files form as seen on your website.

Picture: The screen of this upload files form on your website. You can create as many as 32 form fields, and 20 upload file buttons in a form.

- After submitted this form, the Job Applicant will receive an email notification thank you and acknowledged his/her resume..

- This form format is the look and feel form format with the background color of website. It is different with the blue table form format, and blue nifty corner form format you see before. Smart Form Builder Tool lets you choose different form format.

What happens after people submitted files using this form?

All files, pictures uploaded, are saved and safe in your website server folder at the Cloud Hosting Data Center where IT people backup and maintenance 24/7. So much safer than to store resume files in email in your local PC computer.

Picture: After Dan Smith submitted this form, this is the second record that was created in resume database.

Few Collaborations you would do on the resume database

=> View, Copy, Share, Collaborate Resume not just HR, with Managers, Staff. Work from any where, any time.
Login as Admin to the back-end your website. Open this table = my_upload_resume_files, click on files, will open file using Ms Office in your laptop.
You can Save As doc resumes in your local laptop. Click on picture to see photo candidates. The database has the names of upload files. The upload DOC resume files, or PDF files are stored in website folder.
Use myNet.Explore to open files and work, print, download, upload, collaborate wherever you go, in meeting, hotel, convention, at home...

=> Send the Url link to this resume form to people's email so that they click on the email link open this form, submit their resume in resume database.
Url link   =
Where: tb= table = my_upload_resume_files - AND - task=Form Task Name = upload_resume - AND - mycompany = domain main your company website.
The final email link to the form is:
<a target="_blank" href=""> Click here to submit your resume</a>

=> Communicate with Staff. Schedule interview - Use the icon Email Tool
Click on icon email tool in ACTION column myNet.Dbase to email that candidate person, or a staff a quick note. (see picture) =>

For example, in this email, the HR staff, Tomy, email = send an email interview to the job applicant, David, email =

And he also informed other 2 interview Managers, dan1_staff_interview, dan2_staff_interview, and the boss Ken, and the manager Peter

Picture: the Email Tool screen when click icon in myNet.Dbase

=> Simple and Complex Search on Resume Database
To find all resumes where the JOB APPLY = Manager ( any job apply that has words like manager) in Jan and May, you run this database script:
Select * from my_upload_resume_files where JOB_APPLY like ' %Manager% ' where Submit_Date >= '2012-01-01' and  Submit_Date <= '2012-05-30'

- To find all resumes where the person, Last name = Smith, you run this database script:
Select * from my_upload_resume_files where Last_Name = 'Smith'

=> Input detail profile history of person use big text field = OFFICE_NOTES. Then search.. 
Edit / Input notes in field = OFFICE_NOTES, that can contain 64 thousands characters = hundred of pages of notes, for other managers, hr staff in order to inform, to keep track about history of this person. ** You can also do a screen, a search to find people based on the note text in field OFFICE_NOTES.

For example, you want to find all candidates that had the word = hired  or word like rejected , or use wild card, or even combined words like hired march (all job candidates hired in March) in OFFICE_NOTES. To find all candidates were hired in March, you do this query:
Select * from my_upload_resume_files where OFFICE_NOTES like '%hired march%'

=> Sorting column  Click on any column heading, example SUBMIT_DATE  to sort ASC or DESC the latest submit date of  resumes.

=> Data mining Such as, mining interested candidate's resumes, or new hiring.. to different tables.
For example, this script will create a new database table = New_Interested _Resume of all job candidates. This new table has all fields exactly like the master table my_upload_resume_files. This new table is used to store all job candidates who will be consider to be hiring in the future. Because they are marked, noted in OFFICE_NOTES ="consider hiring" in the master database = my_upload_resume_files.  

Create Table New_Interested _Resume as (Select *  from my_upload_resume_files Where OFFICE_NOTES like '%consider hiring%'  )

NOTE: Email is not database. Use email to store resume, file, picture... is not good. Because Email is not safe, easy hacked, spy ware, viruses. Use form to submit files instead of email files. You can't share, search, and collaborate resume with other staff if storing resume in  email.

- If you need your members to upload important files, use Member Collaboration to create a Member Task = Upload form like this form. Members login your website to upload files.

Step 3) ** Option *** Setup Email Notification for this Upload Resume form

Let you setup email notification for this form, for example: Who your staff's email will receive email notification when people submit this form...You put their emails in ECC, EBCC columns.

Open database table = x_email_property of Email Manager. Select the record  ETYPE = upload_resume. This record is created by Smart Form Builder when you use it to create this form. Every form has its own different record. You just need to fill info for Email Notification.

Picture: Smart Form Builder automatically created this default empty record, ETYPE = upload_resume. It is the name of FORM TASK, created when you use Smart Form Builder to create this form. Each form has its own ETYPE record.

The Form Task Name = ETYPE = upload_resume, you named when you used the Smart Form Builder tool.
- If you don't setup, it is ok, but no email is sent out after people submitted this form.

Picture: Fill all info of Email Notification for this form: EFROM_AUTH_PW, EFROM, ELOGO...
That is it for the setup Email Notification for this form.

Use Member Collaboration to create Smart Form for Members Login their account or Member Home to submit files.

If you want to collect data from private members who will submit form from login your website. Use Member Collaboration to create a member task to upload files. Member logins your website in their  MEMBER HOME to submit data, upload files...

Create Url link to the form and send email the Url link form to member or staff to submit data.

You can also collect data, files by creating an Url link and then send email to members or staff to fill the form. They click on the link that pops up a form.


You need smart form to collect data. Web Database Form is the most difficult and technical challenging webpage to design when building website. However, to design a tool for non web skill users, who can use it to design a database smart form, is even hundred times harder than to design a smart form.

Smart form has database container, customized selected fields, email notification, and automatically generated interface. You don't need any programming to design smart form. Smart Form has maximum 32 column fields to collect data. If you collect data more than that, break into smaller tables, smaller forms.

Use Smart Form + Email Campaign to send email the URL link to the form. Even if this form is not post on website. People, staff access to the form by clicking on the email link.
For example, you want to survey 500 customers. Create an eCampaigner -> Send them email that has the link to the Customer Survey Form. Customers click on the link to open the form to submit info.

Garbage In, Garbage Out. You need to collect DATA properly to match with database data type. To design the smart form that can collect the correct data type is not easy even for web developers. Data Type like Datetime, Enum, Double, Set is not easy to code and put in database.
For example, your company collected hundred of messages in Jan, you want to find all messages that have the Submit_Date in Jan of 2010. You run this database script:
SELECT *  from my_support_center where Submit_Date >= "2010-01-01" and Submit_Date <= "2010-01-30"

Here is another simple example. Let's say you design a form to collect the Sub_Total, Tax1, Tax2 of each day's sales. So you collect data as double not as text.
To sum total of Sub_Total sales, and tax collected Tax1, Tax2 of all sales in Jan/2010, you run this script:
SELECT sum(sub_total), sum(tax1), sum(tax2) from sales_collection where Sales_Date >= "2010-01-01" and Sales_Date <= "2010-01-30"

Where Sales_Collection is the form database table like my_support_center, Sub_Total, Tax1, Tax2, Sales_Date is the fields.
Invoice_Id Sub_Total Tax1 Tax2 Sales_Date
2950 1250.0 62.5 100 2010-01-5
2951 1000.0 50 80 2010-01-13
2952 3000.0 150 240 2010-01-22

Table Sales_Collection given percentage of Tax1= 0.05 and percentage of Tax2= 0.08 of Sub_Total sales.
You can add more fields like Invoice_Id, Sales_Rep, Company_Name, Phone, Email... in to this form table. In this example, we just want to make it simple.

Without myNet.Office, without web skills, even if you are web designer, YOU WILL NEVER BE ABLE TO DESIGN SMART FORM.
Now, with myNet.Office you can do it with only 3 Steps. We hope after reading this tutorial, you understand more about data type, database, form...
What do we use website smart form for? To collect right data. myNet.Office Smart Form Builder lets people to build smart form without any web skills.

Make your business productive with Smart form.

Before hiring web developers for your corporate website, do a simple but practical test that if they could architect and design the Smart form and database that satisfied all the conditions, like the Resume Database System above, in 15 minutes, regardless what technologies, what tools they used.

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