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- Reopen economy. Spike in COVID-19 cases in many countries. - WHO (World Health Organization) revises in July 7, 2020, on COVID-19 is Air Transmission, Airborne, on Mask in June 1. Take a while for WHO to get it right the important of Wearing Mask & COVID-19 airborne. Which a Scientist Professor recommended back in April, May (see Blog April, May) that: "- COVID-19 can spread via micro droplets, tiny particle. Which can linger, stay aloft in the air, and can travel in space in the air, poor ventilation. You could breath in COVID-19. When people talk loudly, coughing, sneezing, laughing in crowded public gathering, bar, night club, restaurant, closed contacted, closed room space. Need wearing Mask. If known at early stage of pandemics, during virus peak lockdown in April, 2020 ". Just in July 11, NHK Japan:- WHO confirmed: - Aerosol spread possible -> Which means COVID-19 spread thru air, airborne. People breath in COVID-19. Click here (up: July 23, 2020)
- We Explain Why Toronto Home Sales plunge 54% but Home Price up in Blog June, 2020  (July, 2020) Click here.

- Intro the Author of Blog Click here - Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/daviddang/  -> I started career BIG 20 y ago as Professor, 50$/ hr, 100,000$ /year.
CEO of multi-billions corporations like: Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, Pay Pal, Tesla Elon Musk, Shopify Tobias Lütke, Apple Steve Jobs, Oracle Larry Ellison, Alibaba Jack Mar, Dell Michael Dell, Microsoft Bill Gates, Airbnb Brian Chesky, Whatsapp Jan Koum, Twitter Jack Patrick Dorsey, Amazon Jeff Bezos ... did not complete CS in University, or dropped out University's Computer Science.
But they know Coding by hobby, passion, self-learning or taking Programming courses to learn software languages like Java, Python, Scripts, Design Database very important. Only CEO Jeff Bezos graduated Computer Science in University. However, all of them had Start-up's Entrepreneur's Mindset & Spirit, hi-tech Passion, Innovation like I do. They build the best hi-tech software muti-billion company without Computer Science Degree. We need diverse Professor with real Experience, Entrepreneurs, Start up mindset. 

" - Few years ago, I was teaching and preparing materials, sitting in office with full of papers, reading materials, simple test, books. Now, new generation of Professors involve Start-ups, Entrepreneurship spirit -> Which will inspire students to create Start-ups, be Entrepreneurs. Very important. As we learn story of multi billion software company, it is is Start-up, Entrepreneur, Ideas, Innovation important. We need to change traditional mind set about software, technology. Computer Science is all about coding, different with Doctor, Nurse, Engineering ... CEO Mark Zuckerberg,Tobias  Lütke good coding since 16 years old. Study for working but not for a piece of paper."

NOTE:  In College, it considers Work Experience, teaching students to write Coding, Programming, Database, Mobile App, Gui Screen Interface, Build Software, App ... Not focus on Theory of Computer Science. That why you see a lot students in Computer Science University come to Colleges to learn Programming, Coding, Database, Mobile App, Design GUI Screen Interface.., not Theory, or drop out CS University, because Theory of Computer Science seldom applied in reality. That happens to CEO of muti-billions software corporations. In software business, good Coding, Programming, Database + Ideas + Innovation + Entrepreneur Mindset, Start-up is most important.
-> CEO Mark Zuckerberg dropped out Computer Science University, built Facebook, because he liked Social Media Connection and knew Coding.
In early days of Facebook after it started 2 years, with few software engineers, at that time big multi billions Yahoo wanted to buy Facebook 1 billion dollar, but rejected by Mark Zuckerberg. Microsoft invested hundreds of million dollars. They are big, ten of thousands of programmer employees, but could not build themselves a Social Media application. While a dropped out student could build.
-> CEO Shopify, an Immigrant Canadian Tobias Lütke, his bio, click here learned programming at grade 10, 11 high school only, no University, wanted to sell snowboard like small business, retailers. So he built Shopify, a Software, App for small business setup Store Front sell online
(like Office Product) including E-commerce, Cashier Register, Print Receipt. The main difference between Office and Shopify is that Office allows business modify its own Software while Shopify is like a framework, fix, can't chance. For example, Office like Have Own Home. Can chance what you want. And Shopify like Have Condos in Apartment, fix, can't chance. Only Shopify can change, add on features. Both software share the same application are: Business can setup Store Front, In Store Order, E-commerce, Cashier Register, Print Receipt, Pick-up, Delivery... Shopify now market value 175 Billions dollars, bigger than one of top 5 bank of Canada, CIBC Bank stock market value = 50 B. He had no CS Degree. But knows Programming. Oracle Larry Ellison, Alibaba Jack Mar, Apple Steve Jobs... A lot stories like Mark Zuckerberg, Tobias Lütke, they are good Coding + Innovation + Ideas + Entrepreneurship Spirit, Start-ups. Story from many Start-ups build muti billions software corporation without CS degree. There is an increasing of immigrants -> also increase diverse students 40% - 45%. However, diverse Professors around 10%, because not many diverse Professors. Need to attract more diverse Professors. Here is example of a diverse Professor' s Linked In (not me, the Author). Click here.

- Jack Ma is already quitting Alibaba to teach for a while. Before Alibaba, He was an English Teacher. He finished Bachelor of Art at Hang Zhou Normal University in 1998. He applied jobs but was rejected all, even for a restaurant server at KFC. Then he became English Teacher with salary less than 1$ / hr = 160$ /mo = 1920$ / year in 1998. While in 1998, my salary 50$ / hr =100,000$ / year. Jack Ma understood that he could not be rich when working for some one. So he started up a business, Alibaba. Be Entrepreneur. Now, rich, he went back teaching. - Why does he want to teach? - For the love of teaching, hobby. Do something you love.
- We tell you Story of Jack Ma, and many Millionaires, Billionaires hi tech software Entrepreneur, it is Entrepreneur spirit, Ideas, Innovation helped them to build billion company, and become rich.

- How BIG is your Dream? How BIG is your Canadian Dream? Click here. (Update: Jan, 2021)
Become A Millionaire. Can you dream BIG? - Click here.
(Update: Dec, 2020) -> "Explain why Toronto Home has paid already salary 150,000$ / year for 20 years" - Says A Scientist Professor -  " It doesn't matter How Much you Make. How Much you Have that counts". For Example, you made 50,000$ / year. But after spending, minus for Tax + Rent + Food + Car + Insurance, Phone, Living Expensive, Child Care, Travel, Debt... You Have 6000$ / year that counts. 6000$/year as example depends on each person spends. But you have to pay Tax, Rent, Food, Phone....
- Toronto Home Latest Summary Data for whole year 2020 in New Year Jan, 2021 - Click Here  
-> Update Summary Home Data 2020 in COVID-19 across Canada (Jan 20, 2021). Vote for The Winners based on Data not Mouth. Most Sales, Most Profit, Most Demand, A Million Dollar Home ...
- Invest Real Estate in Toronto Home Market for big profit. Don't love cheap. You Gain nothing. - Why? - A Millionaire Plan - Update Feb 12, 2021 . Click here.
- Toronto Home Market February 2021 - New Year 2021 Beginning Home Data of Jan 2021 - Click here  -> See Calculation. Click - Update Feb 28, 2021

What Office software can do but not other software?

1) Office can work on multi-Devices VS. Other only iPad

2) Cloud Print VS. Local App Print = Print closed range in store's Pos printer only. Can't print order online, ecommerce order.

3) Customer self-take orders when in-store VS. Other software Can't.

4) All-in-one Office, only one App one software: For both Staff & Customer used for: Mobile Order, Order in Store, Order outside Store, Order online, E-commerce, Casher & Print receipt, Pickup/ Delivery, Shortest Distance, Order & Sales Management VS. Other software used by almost 95% of small Businesses, Restaurants just A big dummy Computer Cash Register *Stand alone* for Cashier to Register Orders & Print Receipt. Done. Staff & Customer Can't Take Order. Can't Mobile Order. Can't Take order from Mobile. Can't Take Orders Online. Can't E-commerce. Can't Manage Pickup/ Delivery, Can't Manage Orders Management. This tradition Cashier during COVID-19 is a big failure.

One Office App runs on All 5 x Devices: 1) iPad  2) iPhone  - 3)Tablet  - 4) Android Phone like Samsung Galaxy 5) Windows Laptop.  => While 100 millions Company Vend iPad Pos & 90% iPad Pos on market run on 1) iPad only. As you see the cost to build 4 x extra App = cost support & maintain 4 x Apps = 4 x Cost Time & Money.

Do you know Office Order Management OOM:
Manage all Orders, pick-up / delivery. - Which order does not pick-up, not delivery yet, with a lot of orders hard to keep track. 1-click Map of delivery of that Order. Track & Measure shortest Distance Delivery of each Order closest distance in 10, 15, 20 orders on List from WHERE the driver's location. Save Time & Direction of Delivery. -> The shortest distance always changed and updating after each delivery and depend up-to-date location of driver. Human can't measure. Most Drivers can't find the shortest distance relying on their experience guessing when on the road. Very complicated software algorithm.
OOM Calculate
: Total Sales, Detail of Sales, Products, Detail of Order, Date & Time of Orders...  / day / week/ month. See top button [Office Slide Show]
- OOM can always fix error in Orders after taken. From OOM Action =  Edit, Print receipt, Email, OPay = Pay by Pay Pal (one click Office Pay send Pay Pal to email this customer)

NOTE: Vend is 100 millions dollars software company, few hundreds of software developers. So far, Investors invested 100 millions in Vend Internet Company. It received 20 millions USD from Peter Thiel’s Valar Ventures and Square Peg Capital. https://blog.vendhq.com/post/64901824985/vend-raises-20m-funding-round-co-led-peter-thiels-valar-ventures-square-peg-capital. Recently, Vend Pos also received many other funding: 9 millions, then 13 millions, 60 millions, and many other rounds. Investors invest in Software Company Vend Total value 100 millions. https://pitchbook.com/newsletter/vend-secures-9m-investment.

Contact Office:
We deliver Office software thru local Consultant world wide.
They are also professional software Developers. So that they can help you Modify, Technical Setup, Training. Contact your local Consultant.
Contact: netthruoffice @ gmail . com -> Must have Subject : Investor or Customer. All in-one Office for COVID-19.

Office helps businesses affected by COVID-19. Total value = 250,000$
We give away 100 Office software to businesses that are affected by COVID-19. Total value around 250,000$.
A business owner said: - COVID-19 affects alot on small businesses. Today, we need to be smarter :  "Smart business, Digital, fast & efficient, large scale, reach out customers every where online, in-store, mobile" in order to survival in new normal COVID-19 Social Distancing. Office helps us to manage smart business better online, in store, pick-up/ delivery, In store Order, Online Order, Cashier Register, Order Management, Mobile Order, E-commerce Order All-in-one Office System. Good bye Cashier Machine only doing Cash Register.

" - We've heard from a number of start-ups and tech firms that are unable to access support programs because they don't yet have revenue or are in the early stages of development and are particularly vulnerable to the impacts of COVID-19. Innovative, early-stage companies that are unable to access existing COVID-19 business support are now able to apply for funding under the National Research Council of Canada's Industrial Research Assistance Program. " This message from a MP (Member of Parliament Canada) we want to share with start-ups, early-stage companies.
- Canada opens to Canadian Scientists of all kinds of backgrounds, and provides them same access to equal opportunity, and their contribution to society.

- Office Mobile, Office Mobile Commerce Take order in store, out store, online & Cloud Print receipt

- Office Take Order use Tablet, iPad. -> Server need to clean carefully tablet's surface, whole Tablet. Clean every page of Menu, paper, after customer used for next one. Else not safe for both staff & customer. A lot Time. -> Phone better.

- New Reality Pickup & Delivery

- Office Mobile Order = Drive Thru
& Office Order Management
to order & Manage Orders. New reality Customers don't want in store, Social Distancing, which creates Smart Business -> All-in-One Office.


A big dummy Computer Cash Register *Stand alone* -> Can park into a Mobile Cashier smartphone

- [Office Slide Show]

-> Big Dumb & Useless
NOTE: Need smart Business, smart employees to adapt in COVID-19 time. Else  no profit, no safety.-> Only the smart business can survival

- All-in-one Office:
Mobile Order, Tablet & Mobile Cashier, E-Commerce, Office Card, Self-Order, Office Order Management, Cloud Print, Pickup/ Delivery, Shortest Distance, Multi-Devices

Update February, 2021- Data for Jan, 2021. The beginning of New Year 

A Scientist Professor explains
: Human is Greed and Fear. People focus on Gain. Ignore Lost (Debt). This called " Behaviours Economics ". They focus on each Detached Home Gain = 1.5 millions, not yet gain. Although they spend for Deposit = 300,000$ to Buy Home. They ignore Lost. Mortgage Debt = 2.5 millions dollars each Home. Take at least 30, 40 years pay off mortgage debt. They spend 300,000$ to buy a Detached Home 1.5 million dollars. But they already think they own 1.5 m Home, have 1.5 millions dollars, not yet gain.

People say " I buy Home. I have Home ...Of course you can buy home with small money 5% Deposit. A Home 500,000$, (in Florida, Ave Home $238,000, Texas $200,000) 5% Deposit = 25,000$, different with 20% Deposit = 100,000$ = A 20% Deposit can buy 4 x Homes with small 5% Deposit. But they don't talk the Deposit, how much? 5%, 10%, 20%, and the Mortgage Debt 30 y, 40 y " -> 1) Who Buy Home with small 5% Deposit? 2) 5% Deposit is it good choice, smart? 3) Why you buy home with 20% Deposit or more? 4) With 20% Deposit, why not buy 4 x homes with small 5% Deposit?  Click here

Data Intelligence vs. Emotional Intelligence ( Emotion doesn't mean "making decisions with love" ).
Emotional Intelligence
Making Decisions based on feeling (love, hate, jealousy, biased..), feel good, self satisfied, Human Behaviour. For example; People Buy 1-million Home they feel good like Millionaire. Thus they make decisions on feeling good, biased. Ignore Data. While Data Intelligence Making Decisions based on Data, Fact, Reality, good Love, no Biased. Scientist found that most people making decisions Emotional Intelligence are blind, easy failed, not success. Most people do illegal activities, bad things, stealing, break laws making decisions based emotion, Emotional Intelligence, self satisfied disregard reality, low level of Intelligence (because not use Brain), biased, bad Love.
For example; I Buy Home deposit 5% -> Get Home. They Buy Home deposit 25% -> -> Get home. (There are people Buy Home deposit 30%, 40% reduce to 15y, 10 y). The same. I am smarter than them ->  Emotional Intelligence. You self smart, low level of Intelligence. If so, all people I know Buy Home 5%.
Challenge your mind, smart or dumb, level of analytics or grade 5, Data Intelligence ? (Update March, 2021)

Dan bought a home 20 years when home so cheap. Now equity in his home about 1.5 millions dollars if selling the home.

1) Should he sell his home, and
Buy 5 x Detached Home, each valued 1.5 millions dollars, big Deposit 20% each = $300,000. But big mortgage Debt = 2.5 million dollars, including Interest Payment each home. May take 25 years pay off Debt. Like Credit Card. Borrow 10K but include Interest Payment could 4x times more = 40K Payment

2) Or should he keeps his home 1.5 millions dollars. No Debt. Enjoy life.

Question: Either 1) He keeps his 1.5 millions dollars Home. Or 2) Buy 5 x 1.5 millions dollars Detached Home each big Deposit 20%. A lot of Risks. List of Risk? What are the most Risks? What happens to Inflation? - For now, Interest Rate on historic low at 0.25% until 2024.

He can do this big game now. Buy 5 x Detached Home 1.5 m each, big 20% Deposit each. Which way 1) or 2) You will choose for benefit and less risky?

Dan played this big game before, because of his interest, like people interest in car, in food, in stock. He wants to challenge you, the intelligence.
What do you learn? Why not Buy Home with 5% Deposit. Why Buy Multi Homes 20 years ago was better, but now is not? Click here ( same click here from left side) - Why you work hard 10 years. Nothing. Why others work hard 20 years, become Millionaire? - No Home is Nothing. You should have knowledge to prevent big mistake. Get rich. Became Millionaire.

A person said
" - If I know more, like more about Investing in Property, big game, I would have Home, Condos early and rich. Plan early. Not wasting time & Wasting money & Not listen to wrong people. Now Nothing, work hard 10 y still nothing, a miserable loser. Regrettable. Professor D.D started live = 0, alone in big city, goes thru, lives thru experience, hard time. He understands people leave their home town to live alone in big city with big dream. He wants to help you.

Starting new year 2021 with OMG - Oh My God - Another big blow on record for Toronto Home Market. Jan 2021 month is also province Ontario and Toronto in State of Emergency and "Stay Home" order because of 2nd wave of COVID-19 more serious than 1st wave. COVID-19 doesn't affect Toronto Home Market.
1) => Ave Home Price in GTA up 10% = A Million Dollars for 1st time. Profit for GTA Detached Home = up around 300,000$ -> A lot millionaires created just 1 month.
And for the
1st time, they are pushing the Detached Home in GTA home price more than Semi-detached Home in the City of Toronto. Although Semi-Detached Home in new year 2021 up 21.5% Home Price a big up %. Last month Semi up 11.6%. This is like millions of Retail Investors are pushing the price of GameStop, AMC. A surprise!
But Detached Home in GTA still
far lower price compared to City of Toronto Detached Home. A temporary shift of people to GTA, suburban during COVID-19 away from City, ghost city. Not fun. They work from Home, or lost job in the City, now stay home more -> They are in Demand for bigger space, big back yard for Home -> Thus pushing the Demand for Home outside the City of Toronto
-> As a result, GTA higher Home Price.
But when COVID-19 over, the City back to normal, we will see the price drop, like GameStop. This like a comparison to "GameStop" stock, the little Retail Investors vs. the big Billionaires Hedge Fund Investment, the Establishment, the Suburban vs. the City, and the will of common people can push the Price up. Which creates a lot of Millionaires outside the City. Because usually, Millionaires created inside the City.
NOTE: The City of Toronto because of COVID-19, became ghost city like Detroit. But it has been build over 100 of years, can't change, Center of Financial Hub, Head Offices of big Banks, Stock Market, big Corporations, and center of Manufacture Hub. After COVID-19 over, back to normal, people from Suburban outside the City will come back to the City, back to the Office. The Home Price of the Suburban, GTA will drop significantly like GameStop. Cash out Home in GTA, Suburban. But you see, Detached Home and Semi-Detached Home in the City of Toronto do not drop the Price, but even higher than before. Detached Toronto for 1st time surpasses Vancouver Detached and the price at peak.
2) => And in City of Toronto big Up for Detached Home, Home Price up 16%, Home Sales Up 30.2%.
For 1st time, Detached Home in City of Toronto surpasses Price of Detached Home in Vancouver, although in the pass, the differences not much, even Van Detached Home Price up 10.8% compared to last year.
Also Detached Home City of Toronto  breaks record price at peak =
1.56 millions. Currently more than 1.56 m => Big winner new year 2021.
3) => Semi Detached Home in City of Toronto, Home Price up 21.5%, Home Sales up 84.1% on record for
1st time.
4) => Condos in City of Toronto Home Price down -8.5%, but Home Sales up 85.5%. Condos back.
5) => It could be a sign of beginning of Immigration pushing the demand for Home. Either Buy Home or Rent Home, or Both pushing the Demand. Not sure? But Monetary Policy record Low Interest rate until 2024 + Fiscal Policy Gov Benefit COVID-19 + Low Listing Supply, no one wants to sell their Home, for sure. Thus the combination of record low interest rate + cheap borrowing money + low supply + population increased by immigration is pushing the Demand higher
6) => The Ave Home Price = Ave All Properties = Ave of Detached + Semi Detached + Town Home + Condos. Condos sales back with 86%, a lot of Condos sales with lower down Price = -8.5%, will drive Ave Home Price down. More accuracy, focus on Ave Price of each type of property.

=> Down below in update Feb, how much Salary, Income you can afford to buy home in 51 US States.

Home Average Ave Home Price for Jan 2021 Last Month Dec, 2020 Last Year, Jan 2020 Profit compared to last year
City of Toronto Average Home Price
Toronto 9.6m = City of Toronto 3 m + GTA (District around Toronto) 6.5 m
- City of Toronto Population 3 m. Center of Financial Hub, Stock Market TSX, Big Banks, Gov Agencies. - City of Toronto is Capital of Ontario biggest Province. Its Municipalities: North York, Etobicoke, Downtown, East York. Toronto is multi-culture more than 100 nationalities & languages. Next year 2021, 401,000 Immigrants come to Canada, most of them will settle in Toronto. Hundreds of thousands people look for place to live, which pushes the Demand for Housing in Toronto. Click See Map.
$1,000,980 $1,000,500 Price last year Jan 2020

Profit = $120,087
More than average returns 65K -> 75K every year. 65K -> 75K equals to salary 150,000$ /y returns.
1 x Home = 150,000$ / year salary return
2 x Homes = 300,000$ / year salary return
3 x Homes = 450,000$ /year salary
  return "
For example; You make 50,000$ / year. But after spending, minus for Tax, Rent, Car, Insurance, Food, Debt, Restaurant, Travel, Misc Spending, Phone... you have 6000$/ year return (as example. maybe more). That counts 6000$ / year not 50,000$.
It doesn't matter How Much you
MAKE. How Much you HAVE that counts. Millionaires make big money by brain.
=> How long do you work hard to Have 100K?
- 10y, 15y, 20y, never?
Detached Home
A Home stand alone on street. Size, area same as Semi Detached. Not bigger. In Canada, people like privacy, stand alone. That's why expensive.
Detached: Click here
Price up 16%
Home Sales Up: 30.2%
Compared to last year Jan 2020
1st time over peak price 1.56m
1st time over Vancouver Detached
Last month Dec, 2020

Price last year Jan 2020

$ 1,369,848

Profit  =  $211,552
-> For Detached Home, 3x more than Ave return 65K -> 75K every year
Before COVID-19, In Feb, 2020 Detached Home = 1.48 millions.
Post Lock Down COVID-19
, In June, 2020, Detached = 1.52 million dollars.
At peak, Detached Home in Toronto = 1.56 millions dollars
Semi-Detached Home
2 Home attached, not separated on street. Size, area same Detached home. Every day, easy go to work & back home. Your car is in front of the house.
Price up 21.5%
Home Sales Up: 84.1%
Compared to last year  Jan 2020
Last month Dec, 2020
 Price last year Jan 2020

Profit = $200,748
-> For Semi Detached Home, 3x more than Ave return 65K -> 75K every year

Pre COVID-19, In Feb, 2020 Semi-Detached Home = 1.20 millions.
Post Lock Down COVID-19
, In June, 2020, Semi = 1.29 million dollars.
At peak, Semi Detached  = 1.33 millions
Town Home
Town Home is not on the street like Detached, Semi Detached.
A Community, Village of Home, a lot of them, hundreds, thousand built close together. Some Communities of Home include sharing swimming poor, school, gym ..like a Village. 
Price Up
Home Sales Up: 46.3%
Last month Dec, 2020
Price last year Jan 2020
Profit = $32,122
Pre COVID-19, In Feb, 2020 Condos = 846,465$
Post Lock Down COVID-19, In June, 2020, Town home = 853,339$.
Apartment, including sharing swimming pool, gym ...
Price Up - 8.0%
Home Sales: 85.5%
Last month Dec, 2020
Price last year Jan 2020

Profit =  -$54,296
*Only Negative Profit
Pre COVID-19, In Feb, 2020 Condos = 722,675$
Post COVID-19, In June, 2020, Condos = 672,465$.
Average Home Price
GTA = Greater Toronto Area. Suburban Districts outside of City of Toronto. Population 6.5m.
: Mississauga, Vaughn, Markham, Brampton ... Click See Map.

Home Price up: 10%
Home Sales up: 52%

1st time, 1-Million Dollars
Last month Dec, 2020
Price last year Jan 2020

Profit = $95,308
Compare to last year
GTA Region's Ave Home Price by Region:
GTA is big, 6.5m population. It divided few regions:
Durham Region:754,893$
York Region:1,001,800$
Halton Region:929,000$
Peel Region:894,188$
GTA Detached Home $1,308,393
Price Up
Home Sales Up:
Last month Dec, 2020
Price last year Jan 2020

Profit =  $351,106
Data Compare to last year Jan 2020


5 biggest Canadian City's Data released in Feb, 2021 for Home Data Jan, 2021
Ave Home Price across Canada is 470,000$ if including Toronto & Vancouver = 607,280$.
Home Price and Home Sales up across Canada, not just Toronto.
By percentage %, GTA Detached Home Price up most 36.6%. Home Sales Detached Vancouver up 68.6%. Price still not expensive.

5 biggest Canadian City Data for Home Price Jan, 2021 Last month Dec, 2020 Price Last Year Jan, 2020
800,000 population, Tourism, Film Industry. Province BC. -> Rank #4 Ave Home Price in the world
1) Hong Kong 2) Singapore 3) Shanghais 4) Vancouver & Toronto 5) Shenzhen 6) Los Angeles 7) New York  8) London  9) Beijing 10) Paris -> by CNBC -These Cities' Price down in COVID-19. But not Toronto up significantly.
-  Ave Home Price =  $1,056,600
- Price Up: 5.5% - Sales up: 52.1%.  
Detached = $1,576,800.
- Price up
10.2%, Sales up: 68.6%
- Townhouse  $815,800
- Price +4.9%- Sales:+42.8%
- Condo  $680,800 Price +4.3% Sales:+46.8%
=> Comp Last year Jan 2020.
Ave Price = $1,047,400
Town Home:
- Ave Home = $1,008,700
- Detached Home = $1,431,200
- Townhouse  $782,500
- Condo  $663,200
Montreal. City of Province Quebec
2nd biggest City Canada after Toronto 1.75 millions population, Montreal University, McGill University.
Ave Home Price $426,500  
$430,000 Price: 17.8% Sales: 33.7%
 = $322,000  Price: 14% Sales: 20%
  - Detached Home = $353,000
- Condo  $275,000
1,000,000 population or 1m, Capital Canada.

Ottawa Capital is civilized, quiet, good place to live, less crowded, less all kinds of people like Toronto, mostly white color Employees working for Government Offices. 

- Affordable Home and Rental. A Semi Detached Home in Toronto can buy 2 x Detached Ottawa
- Ave Home Price = $587,892 Price up 11% - Home Sales up 24% Comp Last year 2019
- Ave Detached Home =
$677,197 Price up 31.2% Sales up: 20.8%
- Ave Condo
$380,336 Price up 12.5%, Sales up: 30.6%
This Detached Home in Ottawa 4 bed-rooms 529,500$ -> Click see bigger photo
City Calgary.
Province Alberta

1.26 millions population, Canada Center Oil Producers.
Compared to last year Jan, 2020.
Ave Home =
$424,000 Price  +1.9%
Home Sales up 40.6%
Detached = $492,900 up 2.9% Y/Y
Semi = $391,300 down 1.3% Y/Y
Town Home
= $280,900 up 0.5%
Condos (Apt)
= $245,100 down -0.4%
Last Month Dec 2020
Ave Home =
= $490,500
Semi = $393,300
Town =$280,500
Condos = $243,600
Kitchener- Waterloo
234,000 population, Hi-tech, Start-up, Canada Silicon Valley, Waterloo Univ, Head Office of Black Berry, Nortel, Head Office of Google Canada ...

Ave Home $695,582  Price up 23.9% - Sales up: 28%.
Detached =
$853,490 Price up 27.3%
Semi = $626,512 Price up 29.3%
Town Home = $468,891 Price +14.6%
Condo =
$566,345 Price up 29%
Last month Dec  2020
Ave =
- Detached =
- Semi = $520,703
- Town  = $468,891
- Condo = $391,698
Province's Ave Home Price
Quebec =  $340,200
Newfoundland & Labrador =   $281,900
Saskatchewan = $283,371
Winnipeg =
Halifax = $393,461
Alberta = $405,500

The most important question in Property investment for the Buyers, the Sellers, the Builders, the Investors is: the Income or Salary of the Buyers that can afford this Home, this Condos, this Town home with this price.
If you build town home, condos, home for people in that area, that location, but the customers don't have enough income, salary to buy  -> Then it is very hard for you to sell.
For example, a condos 615,805$ you need a customer with salary 124,335$. And a home 1,039,438$ need salary 178,499$. With this customer's Income, then you subtract for Income Tax, Living Expensive, Personal Loan, Debt -> Then see if customer have enough money to pay for mortgage loan every month.

The Buyer looks at yourselves, how much your worth, your net worth, your salary in odder to afford this Home?
Do your customers have such salary in order to afford this price? -> In Toronto, Vancouver. Yes. -> Look at GDP per Capital: Canada = 46,000 USD, same with German only after US

A Big Bank said that " Canadian House Prices Now 46% Higher Than U.S."

Salary needed to afford a home in US American Latest 2021. Include: Home Price, Property Tax, Monthly Income ... A lot Data

For example; Live in Florida, Home Price = $238,600. You, or a Couple, need Salary = 62,772$, Down Payment or Deposit 20%  =  47,720$ ( in US, you can Deposit 10 % = 23,860$. Not much compared to Toronto ), your monthly Mortgage = 12,900$ (cheap mortgage)  or every month you pay = 1075$ / month. In 30 years working hard, you have Home and pay off  $238,600.
A Story. A lives in Montreal, and B lives in Toronto. Both had Home. After 20 years working hard. A has asset around 450,000$. B became Millionaire with asset = 1.5 million dollars. Because Home in Toronto home price increased faster than Montreal. That's why a lot people became Millionaire because they choose the right place, Location Toronto #1 or Vancouver #1.
Florida is not good return ROI Profit than Montreal.
Even you live Florida 30 years, the Return on Investment your Home still around is 238,600.
NOTE: Buy a Home in Florida is cheap. You need 23,860$ for 10% Deposit then you have a home. In Florida, A Factory's Salary can afford. New York is New York State not New York City

Salary needed to afford a home in Canada from National Bank Latest 2021. Toronto Property Investment is game for big men (elite). Toronto has a lot of big men (elite).

What is "elite"? In political and sociological theory, the elite (French élite, from Latin eligere, to select or to sort out) are a small group of powerful people who hold a disproportionate amount of wealth, educated, political power Politician, or Millionaires, or high skill, like Scientist, Professor, Doctor.. in a society. Defined by the Cambridge Dictionary, the "elite" are "those people or organizations that are considered the best or most powerful compared to others of a similar type.".

Is it only the "Elite Toronto" can afford Home in Toronto? 
A Scientist Professor, who 20 year ago, his salary 50$ / hr, 100,000$ / year = Salary 300,000$ today,
" 20 years ago, an immigrant couple working in factory with minimum wage 5$ / hr, 9600$ / year x 2 = 19,200$ / year, could afford Home. But now, only "Elite Toronto" with salary 178,499$ can afford Home. But with that big salary, they have to work 24 years in order to save for Deposit to Buy Home. Is it Home Price Vancouver, Toronto high?
-> Depend. If you look at the Home Sales of 1-Millions dollars Home, in Vancouver Detached up 68.6%. In City of Toronto, Detached up 30%, Semi up 84.1%. In GTA Detached up 35.4%. Very hot Demand even on Record. For common people very high. But for Elite Toronto, not very high -> You need both side View. "
NOTE: All Data we got from big Bank, Official Data. We don't self create Data. No mouth Data.

Elite Toronto, who had experience wealth, and salary, and educated high paid career, includes diverse people with different backgrounds. The number of Millionaires in Toronto is more than the number of Millionaires in Singapore, the richest country in Asia.

In Toronto, to afford for Condos you need Salary 124,335$, for House (non condos) you need Salary or Income = 178,499$.
If you save 10% of your Income or Salary. But what Salary or Income. How big?  -> They refer Salary or Income 124,355$ for Condos, and 178,499$ for Home. With this Income, you need work hard for Condos take 5 years, for Home take
24 years of SAVING of Salary 178,499$ in order to afford Home in Toronto. The Report from National Bank came out few month ago. But just recent months, Housing Market in Toronto jumps same as Vancouver. Even higher. In Vancouver, need Salary 230,488$ and 34 years of Saving. In order words, to Buy a Home in Toronto, you need Salary 178,499$ -> Save 10% of 178,499$ for 24 years . See Calculation. Click here .
For example;
At 30 years old, you are Professor, Salary 178,499$ / years (big Salary, Ave Professor 105,000$) -> Take you 24 years for SAVING. At 54 years old you can afford for Home in Toronto.
This Data from the big Bank. No blah blah mouth data. Which means if you don't have such Salary or Income, the Lenders, the Banks will not let you borrow money.
Save 10% of Net Income after Income Tax + Misc Deductable like CPP, EI (not Gross Income). Salary 178,499 $ Gross Income is big Income -> Big Tax at least 30%. And Living Expensive
-> The Bank refers the Condos Price:
615,805$, Non-Condos (Home) = 1,039,438 $

A person said: In the past 20 years, every day 9am - 5pm, I work for Home. People no home, they are happy. Home is a motivation pushing me work harder. Home is taken care first before food, any thing, even hungry. In hardship I found happy an achievement of a dream

This could shock a lot of people, a lot couples, their "Dream Home". This could break up Relationship.
We speak Data.
Do not afraid of Data. Let Data tell the truth, good for you to understand making good decision than give you honey. No mouth Data. No bad mouth.

Home is the biggest asset. 90% Asset is Home. No Home is Nothing. Working hard after 20 years, Rich or Poor depend on Home.  Pay Home first (1st) before any thing, even eat instant noodle everyday, even hungry, even in debt. Home is piggy bank to create Millionaire.
For those people already had Home in Toronto, don't cash out for small Profit.
Keep it for a long time like 20 years.

If you think Home did not
affect Relationship, think again. Don't be naive, dumb. We already saw happening:

1) One of Partner lied that had Home, but actually Rent.   See Calculation. Click here . (update 27/ 02/ 2021)
Ask: What were you doing 20 years ago when Home so cheap? -> What you are doing now needs salary 178,499$ for non-condos (Home) and 24 years saving. Today, Ave salary's Professor 120,000$, Ave Doctor = 100,000$ will not qualify for Home in Toronto. Based on Data from the big Bank.

NOTE: According to big National Bank of Canada, in Toronto, you need Income or Salary $124,335 for Condos with Price = 615,805$, and $178,499 for Non-Condos (Home) with Price = 1,039,438$. Take 51 months or 5 years to Save Deposit or Down Payment for Condos, and 289 months or 24 years Saving Deposit or Down Payment for Non-Condos (Home).
Use this Data. The Bank with hundred of thousands customers knows better than anyone. No listening to big mouth Data = big cheese mouse trapped.
A Story: By Toronto Star in our Dec Blog - A Professor who is in 40s old 'Millennial'. His Income or Salary 105,000$. He doesn't have enough conditions to qualify for a Home in Toronto. Because he wants to Buy Home when Ave Home Price = 1-Millions dollars Home. May be take him at least 12 years SAVING for Deposit. Home already triple. So he was late. While another Professor started career early when home is so cheap, Ave = $217,000. He could Buy Home in 4 months. Use this Story then measure other people with different Professionals in society.
-> That is why ask:  1) What were you doing 20 years ago? 2)  Where did you live? -> Make a big difference. What are you doing now needs salary 178,499$ to buy non-condos (Home)
Professor David. D Click see his [ Cheque ] 20 year ago, 50$ /h, 100,000$ / year.

2) One Partner complains that when see other people, their friends have Home, but they don't. Eventually relationship is broken.
The main reason why people buy home, because they are jealous with other people, friends, neighbours, relatives who have home. And they do not. Thus motivate them work harder. When you live in society like Toronto, when Home is 1-millions dollars Home, like others drive Lamborghini, and you not. You feel big shame. You are homeless, a miserable loser.
=> That's why, Play with Rich. Associate with Rich. Surround with Rich. Live with Rich  -> You became Rich.
=> In developing countries like Thai Land, Malaysia, Taiwan, South Korean ... the gap between Rich and Poor even bigger. The treatment between Rich and Poor is big difference in society. Unlike developed countries, like Canada, still humanity, good benefits, free education, free health care, Child Benefit. Canada take care of poor people, people disadvantage, bottom, vulnerable even better. Look at COVID-19 benefit, a family with 2 children, lost job gets: 2000$ x 2 + CB 850$ x 2 (until children 17) = 5700 $ / month for a year of benefit.
Before COVID-19,
a middle class with home, car, pay a lot of taxes. When lost job, lost income use Credit Card very high Interest Rate, borrow cash to live, pay for living expensive. But a poor family, a poor person, no home, can apply for welfare, social assistance, food stamp, free medicine, housing subside, affordable housing, all kinds of benefits. Canada is considering (not yet) Universal Income Benefit for the poor, will get 1700$ / month. Some people say joking " Either you Rich or you Poor. Don't be a Middle Man ". Some people take advantage of system. They work for cash, pay cash, undertable, and get benefit. No pay taxes. Can't  buy home if working for cash, like no income. - The only benefit is Child Benefit for Rich or Poor, get same money. Unlike US 330 millions population, Canada is 2nd largest country in the word after Russell, large land, rich natural resources, but small population, 37,8 millions.

They will do anything for Home. Above a man said, every day he goes to work for home. Home is first priority need to take care first, pay for Home first, even no food, stay hungry, in big debt.  Else the Bank will take Home away -> You became a big miserable loser. Most broken marriage because of losing Home.

4) Very hard to have girlfriend if you have nothing, no condos, no home.
Every one has car, used car few thousands dollars. No Home is viewed as miserable losers, homeless, bottom.
A man said. The first 2 years is Honey
(love). The next 20 years is Money (responsibility, living expensive, car, home, travel, business, cloths, beauty, children...). No Money. No Honey.

5) The boy friend, husband just RENT. He works low wage restaurant, factory. Can't afford Home. Then the girl friend knows. Too late -> As a result, she works in same factory help pay Home debt 30 years. Very common. US, Canada education is #1. Check background LinkedIn.
A Story
: We know this couple personally. The boy friend married the girl friend from another country. He said have nice home, with photos. But he works in factory low wage, hardly buy home. The girl friend did not know he works low wage in factory, and did not know about Home in Canada. When she came to Canada. Then she knows her boy friend working low wage factory, no University degree. And he rent a 2nd floor. Then he referred girl friend working in same factory, same place he is working. The girl in her home country, never experience working in factory, now, no choice but following him working in factory. Because she no English, no education in Canada, hard for her to get job. So working in factory is only choice for her or make Nails. No other choice.
=> Every day, 8am - 5pm, the couple drives to work same factory in same car
The girl did not like working in factory, but no choice, can't not come back. In need of money. Low Income, can't stay home. Too late. This very common happens.

NOTE: Most immigrants first job is working in factory. Go back to Canadian school and Canadian University to become Engineer, Scientist with Canadian Degree very very hard. Also take a long time, while you need money to make ends meet right away. Can't wait few years in school, and cost money for education. The girl should check social media LinkedIn if he has LinkedIn Account. Now in Toronto, even Professor, salary 170,000$ to Buy Home, take 24 years of Saving. This couple is working factory with minimum salary to Buy Home. How long? 

A Story: Live in US for 15 years asset = 50,000$. Because home is cheap + high Living Expensive. Blah blah big mouth data.
I have a friend in US
just bought home few years ago. He came US 15 years ago in 2006. Take him 10 years working low wage to save 25,000$ for 10% Deposit Home 250,000$. So he just Buy Home only 5 years, a home value 250,000$, with 10% Deposit = 25,000$, and Mortgage 30 years pay off home. Some Deposit 5% = 12,500$. Then he blah blah big mouth data that he had "big nice home, good  salary" ..  His girl friend does not know about home. But actually his asset only 25,000$ after working low wage saving for 10 years. Home still 25 years to pay off. Now the girl has to work very hard at least 25 years, to pay off the Home 250,000$. She is sharing with him a heavy burden for 25 years to pay of the Home debt 250,000$. No choice.
After few years they separated. She got 
25,000$ because his Total Asset = 50,000$, home still not pay off yet, only bough 5 years, not much equity in home. He spent first 10 years working in US to save 25,000$. And not A million Dollars Home. She got lucky get 1/2 the asset by the Court. He bough the house first. Not both Buy Home at the beginning from scratch.
NOTE: In Canada, US developed countries, you need good education to have good pay salary. It doesn't have bribery money, corruption money, stealing, illegal activities. Strict law.

7) A Story: In 1983, 38 years ago, a couple in Toronto both worked in factory started minimum wage 5$/hr = 9600$ / year. Took 15 years saving 25,000$ to Buy Home in Toronto 1998 with Ave Home Price = 217,000$. Today, 1-millions dollars Home, this couple needs salary 178,499$.
A young couple in 20 came to Canada, Toronto in 1983, 38 years ago. Back then, a lot immigrants increased their age so that they could come to Canada sooner to work, to make ends meet. They started career working in Factory 5$ / hour, Gross 800$ / month. After Income Tax + Misc Deductible, like CPP (Pension), EI (Unemployment Insurance) = Net 680$ / month, not including other living expensive, car, rent, insurance, grocery, travel, restaurant, drink, misc spending ... Both had car go to work, added on more expensive, like Car Loan, Car Insurance, Gas, Car Maintenance. Winter snow in Canada could not take Bus to work. Late work. After 15 years, both Saving 25,000$ for a Deposit to buy home 1998, in Toronto. 20 years ago, 25,000$ = 75,000$ today money. Big money. A Professor started career in 1998, salary 50$ / hour, 100,000$ / year. In 4 months, the Professor made $25,000, same money = The couple working in factory saving $25,000 for 15 years. If lucky work for big multi billions company, it raised minimum wage. Take 12 years salary of a worker = an Engineer entry level just get started.
For example,
20 years ago, a minimum wage worker started 5$ / hour. An Engineer entry level started 13$ / hour. After 12 years the worker may jump to 13 $ / hour if working for big corporation. After 20 years, today minimum wage 14$ / hr because Government raised minimum wage gradually.
Professor David. D Click see his [ Cheque ] 20 year ago, 50$ /h, 100,000$ / year. He says: " I started live = 0, at 18 years old, 30 years in Toronto, 7 years after the couple. I worked all kinds of jobs, started with factory with minimum wage 5.5$ / hours. Then I back to school, to University. Then I started career in 1998 as Professor 50$ / hr = 100,000$ / year. I also worked as Engineer, Scientist ..So I know all kinds of salary from Factory -> Engineer -> Scientist -> Professor. I still continue next 20 years contributing to society."

8) A Story: Buy 1-millions dollars Home (Detached 1,58m, Semi 1.2m), with 10% Deposit = 100,000$. Salary 200,000$ required big challenging.
You can get a 5 years Fixed mortgage rate = 1.7 % (big Bank more expensive 5 years Fixed 2% than small Lender. But small Lender easy out of business). Monthly mortgage payment = 3700$ / mo. Salary or Income require = 200,000$ (required, big obstacle). If you increase Deposit from 10% (10% need mortgage insurance) to 20%. Then Salary or Income will drop from 200,000$ to 180,000$. If you can prove the Home you buy can bring rental income (they will come your home to check. Usually old home already built Rental Income for Rent, separate exit entrance door) then Rental Income can be used as Income. For example, your Rental Income = 2000 $ / month = 24,000$ / year. Then the Income or Salary 200,000$ with 10% Deposit will be reduced to around 170,000$. The number can vary, change but give you an idea.

) A Story: About Home Ownership & Mortgage Debt. Buy Home in 2006, 30 years amortization, only 1/2 road, 3000$ / mo, Mortgage Debt = 540,000$
Calculation Mortgage Debt: Most people buy home 30 years to pay off. If you buy home 15 years ago in 2006, monthly payment: 3000$. Mortgage Debt = 3000$ x 12m x 15y = 540,000$
People buy a Home value 500,000$. They did not have money, so they deposit 5% = 25,000$. Take them 40 years to pay off 500,000$. If they deposits 20%, take them only 25 years pay off the Home. Their loan mortgage is 2000$ / mo. So they pays more 15 years = 15 y x 12 m x 2000$ =
360,000$ pay extra more than Deposit 20%. Because small Deposit 5%, 1) They have to pay extra few hundreds dollars for mortgage insurance. 2) And they pay more Interest Payment because deposit only 5%. 3) And Home Ownership, take 40 years longer to pay off the Home. Never own home with small 5% Deposit. That's why people have money usually deposit 20% reduce Interest Payment every month. After 5 years, Their Total Asset = 30,000$ because small Deposit 5%, money paid for Principal Payment very small.

think they own the home 500,000$ or whatever price after Buy Home with small 5% Deposit = 25,000$, while others deposit at least 20% = 100,000$. With 20% Deposit, *they are not stupid*. They can buy 4 x Homes with 5% Deposit, but they choose not to Buy Home with Deposit 5%. 20 years ago, people with *high salary* wanted to buy *multi-homes* with 20% Deposit when home so cheap, *small mortgage*, when Ave Home 217,000$, when easy buy home not very strict. Now they don't Buy Multi Home because mortgage too big debt, too risky. Not smart, unless you can afford 20% Deposit. Because of small Income, small salary, low wage, low cash. Home Ownership = 5%. Bank owns 95%. They don't talk about 35, 40 years big Debt, hundreds of thousands dollars. Never own Home 5% Deposit. Very risky. Dishonest, Exaggerate.

See calculation
Click here. Most people Buy Home with 5% Deposit abandon their Home after 5 years because so many risky, multi big debt, tenant problems, multi tax, mortgage insurance, home maintenance, operation cost ... Some bad tenants don't pay rent, lost jobs, winter cold, snow, hard to kick them out. They are begging. Take few months you lost money. There are laws to protect tenant. They damage your home, pick-up rent late, home maintenance, repair toilet, noise, smoking, drinking... So many problems. Without CERB (COVID-19) benefits, probably Housing Toronto will go down. CERB COVID-19 = 2000$ / month help Home owners more than Tenant. Most CERB COVID-19 Benefit money pay rent first. Gov CERB -> Tenant -> Home Owner -> Bank. Help every one. Hard to kick out Tenant during COVID-19 already a year. Whatever, don't fight with miserable loser tenant, you become loser. Some times, the Landlord, the Home owner rent, live another place to live. Some time they renovate a whole house for Rent. Very hard to sell later. The Real-estate Agent, the Sales Agent want to hook them in 5% Deposit for easy buy, easy sell, and more profits for the Bank. All people I know don't Buy Home with 5%.

After 15 years buy home in 2006 with 5% Deposit, still Bank's Home. You want to be rich -> Need work hard at least 30 years more. Easy lost home if lost job
. They ignore the fact that it will take them 35 years to pay off and own the home. They are greedy. Scientist called this is Behaviour Economics. Human Behaviours focuses on Gains 500,000$ (not yet gain 500,000$. Need work hard 40 years) not on Lost. Total Debt = 2000$ /mo x  12 mo x 40 years = 960,000$. They still has 35 years to pay off big debt mortgage of the Home. The Total Deb = 960,000$, not 500,000$, for the Home because of Deposit 5%.
For example,
you borrow credit card 10,000$, but you pay 40,000$ more because including Interest Payment. People poor because they don't use Data.
The Financial Crisis, 2008 - 2009 happened because people buy home with small Deposit. Then when Home Price dropped, or lost job, lost income, they abandoned the home easily with 5% Deposit (25,000$) not big lost. If they deposit 20% (100,000$, 4x) they will not abandone their home. They also are blamed for pumping up the price.
That's why today, the Bank needs high salary to buy home.
Amortization: Number of years to pay off the Home. No more Debt. Most people low income or average Income buy home 30 years to pay off. Small Deposit like 10%. Deposit 5% could take 40 years.

Challenging your mind, smart or dumb, level of analytics, Data Intelligence ? (Update Feb 29, 2021)
Dan bought a home 20 years when home so cheap. Now equity in his home about 1.5 millions dollars if selling the home.
1) Should he sell his home, and buy 5 x Detached Home, each valued 1.5 millions dollars, big Deposit 20% each. But big mortgage Debt = 2.5 million dollars each home.
2) Or should he keeps his home 1.5 millions dollars.
Either 1) He keeps his 1.5 millions dollars Home. Or 2) Buy 5 x 1.5 millions dollars Detached Home each Deposit 20%. Very risky.
Which way 1) or 2) You will choose for benefit and less risky?

=> Will continue more Story.

=> In most cases, pay heavy price, survival with nothing, miserable loser, because not using Data, less educated, lack of knowledge about Home, and not check background LinkedIn, not FB.

See Home Price and Salary needed Buy Home in US:



Update January, 2021 - The Summary for the whole year 2020 only Data that counts

Begin New Year 2021. The City of Toronto is in state of emergency, in lockdown. We are beginning in 2nd wave of COVID-19, begin of the dark winter 3 months Jan -> March. Toronto Housing Market for a whole year 2020 is already has Data.
Home Market in Toronto, and 5 biggest Cities, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver already released in January 2021
The Summary of Average Home Price for the whole year 2020 in City of Toronto: 1,000,850$ up 117,470$ last year 2019, summary for whole year = 883,380$. City of Toronto Home Return On Investment (ROI) more than Ave return every year 65K -> 75K.
- In GTA Summary whole year :
929,699$ up 110,420$ compare to last year 2019, summary = 819,279$ .
- Home Sales up in record this 2020 year. Up =
64.5% compare to last year  2019.
- In Toronto, Detached Home or Single Family Home is most demand type of home. Both Price and Sales up in record.
- In Vancouver :
1,047,400$ up 5.4% compare to 2019 - Home Sales up  = 53.4% compare to last year  2019.

NOTE: This is not every months of 12 month ups/downs Price, not 12 x Price of Year-to-Date price. This is summary a whole year Price. Home price ups/ downs 12 months, but only Summary Price is a whole year tells Home Price of a whole year 2020. The final Home Price of year 2020 is 1,000,850 $ finally.

In Jan 2021, Summary Data Ave Home Sales & Home Price of Toronto 2020.

Home Average Summary Ave Home Price for 2020 Last Month Nov, 2020 Summary Last Year, 2019 Summary compared to last year
City of Toronto Average Home Price
Toronto 9.6m = City of Toronto 3 m + GTA (District around Toronto) 6.5 m
- City of Toronto Population 3 m. Center of Financial Hub, Stock Market TSX, Big Banks, Gov Agencies. - City of Toronto is Capital of Ontario biggest Province. Its Municipalities: North York, Etobicoke, Downtown, East York. Toronto is multi-culture more than 100 nationalities & languages. Next year 2021, 401,000 Immigrants come to Canada, most of them will settle in Toronto. Hundreds of thousands people look for place to live, which pushes the Demand for Housing in Toronto. Click See Map.
$1,000,850$ No need
Summary Price Last year
Profit = $117,470
More than average returns 65K -> 75K every year. 65K -> 75K equals to salary 150,000$ /y returns.
1 x Home = 150,000$ / year salary return
2 x Homes = 300,000$ / year salary return
3 x Homes = 450,000$ /year salary
  return "
For example; You make 50,000$ / year. But after spending, minus for Tax, Rent, Car, Insurance, Food, Debt, Restaurant, Travel, Misc Spending, Phone... you have 6000$/ year return (as example. maybe more). That counts 6000$ / year not 50,000$.
It doesn't matter How Much you
MAKE. How Much you HAVE that counts. Millionaires make big money by brain.
=> How long do you work hard to Have 100K?
- 10y, 15y, 20y, never?
Detached Home
A Home stand alone on street. Size, area same as Semi Detached. Not bigger. In Canada, people like privacy, stand alone. That's why expensive.
Detached: Click here
Price up 12.1%
Home Sales Up: 4.1%
Summary Compared to last year  2019
No need
Summary Price last year 2019
$ 1,318,953

Profit  =  $151,904
*most profit in 2020
Before COVID-19, In Feb, 2020 Detached Home = 1.48 millions.
Post Lock Down COVID-19
, In June, 2020, Detached = 1.52 million dollars.
At peak, Detached Home in Toronto = 1.56 millions dollars
Semi-Detached Home
2 Home attached, not separated on street. Size, area same Detached home. Every day, easy go to work & back home. Your car is in front of the house.
Price up 11.6%
Home Sales Up: 11.7%
Summary Compared to last year  2019
No need Summary Price last year
Profit = $121,123

Pre COVID-19, In Feb, 2020 Semi-Detached Home = 1.20 millions.
Post Lock Down COVID-19
, In June, 2020, Semi = 1.29 million dollars.
At peak, Semi Detached Home  = 1.33 millions dollars
Town Home
Town Home is not on the street like Detached, Semi Detached.
A Community, Village of Home, a lot of them, hundreds, thousand built close together. Some Communities of Home include sharing swimming poor, school, gym ..like a Village. 
Price Up
Home Sales Up: 5%
No need Summary Price last year
Profit = $67,204
Pre COVID-19, In Feb, 2020 Condos = 846,465$
Post Lock Down COVID-19, In June, 2020, Town home = 853,339$.
Apartment, including sharing swimming pool, gym ...
Price Up 6.3%
Home Sales: -6.7%
No need Summary Price last year
Profit =  $39,921
*Least Demand in 2020
Pre COVID-19, In Feb, 2020 Condos = 722,675$
Post COVID-19, In June, 2020, Condos = 672,465$.
Average Home Price
GTA = Greater Toronto Area. Suburban Districts outside of City of Toronto. Population 6.5m.
: Mississauga, Vaughn, Markham, Brampton ... Click See Map.

Home Price up: 13.5%
Home Sales up: 8.5%
No need Summary Price last year
Profit = $110,420
Compare to last year
----------------- Old Data -----
GTA Region's Ave Home Price
Current its Ave Price =
GTA is big, 6.5m population. It divided few regions:
Durham Region:754,893$
York Region:1,001,800$
Halton Region:929,000$
Peel Region:894,188$
1) In time of COVD-19, City in lock down, empty street, people work from home. People move out of Condos Downtown to Suburban outside City. They look for big space Home, backyards, thus push Demand for Home, and Price high.
2) They look for Home big space. But Semi, Detached Home in City of Toronto so expensive. Thus they move out the City to Suburban.
GTA Detached Home $1,063,456
Price Up
Home Sales Up: 18.3%
No need Summary Price last year
Profit =  $137,653
Summary Data Compare to last year

*most Demand in 2020

Less than Summary Semi Detached Home City Toronto 
Less than Summary Detached Home City Toronto  $415,164

5 biggest Canadian City's Data released in Jan, 2021 for Home Data December, 2020.

5 biggest Canadian City Data for Summary Home Price 2020 Last month Nov, 2020 Summary whole year Price Last Year 2019
800,000 population, Tourism, Film Industry. Province BC. -> Rank #4 Ave Home Price in the world
1) Hong Kong 2) Singapore 3) Shanghais 4) Vancouver & Toronto 5) Shenzhen 6) Los Angeles 7) New York  8) London  9) Beijing 10) Paris -> by CNBC -These Cities' Price down in COVID-19. But not Toronto up significantly.
- Summary for whole year Home $1,047,400 - Price Up: 46,400$ - Home Sales up: 53.4%. Comp Last year 2019. Ave Summary Home Price Vancouver change little = $46,400. While Summary whole year Price Toronto Up = $117,470
Summary whole year Detached = $$1,554,600 Price up 10.2%, Sales up: 71.3% Comp Summary Last year 2019 = Most Sales in 2020
- Townhouse  $813,900 Price +4.9%- Home Sales:+62.9%
- Condo  $676,500 Price +2.6% Sales:+40%
  - Summary whole year Ave Home = $1,001,000
- Summary Ave Detached Home = $1,423,500
Summary Ave Townhouse  $778,400
Summary Ave Condo  $656,700
Montreal. City of Province Quebec
2nd biggest City Canada after Toronto 1.75 millions population, Montreal University, McGill University.
Ave Home Price $426,500 Price up 21.9%
Condos (Apt)
= $325,000  14%
1,000,000 population or 1m, Capital Canada.

Ottawa Capital is civilized, quiet, good place to live, less crowded, less all kinds of people like Toronto, mostly white color Employees working for Government Offices. 

- Affordable Home and Rental. A Semi Detached Home in Toronto can buy 2 x Detached Ottawa
- Ave Home Price = $547,071 Price up 16% - Home Sales up 36.4% Comp Last year 2019
- Ave Detached Home =
$647,082 Price up 17% Sales up: 26%
- Ave Condo
$357,653 Price up 13.1%, Sales up: 43.1%
This Detached Home in Ottawa 4 bed-rooms 529,500$ -> Click see bigger photo
City Calgary.
Province Alberta

1.26 millions population, Canada Center Oil Producers.
Compared to last year Dec, 2019.
Ave Home =
$422,300 Price  +1.5%
Home Sales up 40.1%
Detached = $490,500 up 2.8% Y/Y
Semi = $393,300 down 1.5% Y/Y
Town Home
= $280,500 up 0.2%
Condos (Apt)
= $243,600 down 2.1%
Last Nov 2020,
Ave Home =
= $492,800
Semi = $395,100
Town =$282,200
Condos = $245,400
Kitchener- Waterloo
234,000 population, Hi-tech, Start-up, Canada Silicon Valley, Waterloo Univ, Head Office of Black Berry, Nortel, Head Office of Google Canada ...

Summary Data Home for whole year 2020
Ave Home
$612,531  Price up 16.1% - Sales up: 28%.
Detached =
$719,203 Price up 16.9%
Semi = $520,703 Price up 18.3%
Town Home = $468,891 Price +14.6%
Condo =
$391,698 Price up 13.7%
Last month Nov  2020
Ave =
- Detached =
- Semi = $562,989
- Town  = $482,901
- Condo = $400,822
Province's Ave Home Price
Quebec =  $340,200
Newfoundland & Labrador =   $281,900
Saskatchewan = $283,371
Winnipeg =
Halifax = $393,461
Alberta = $405,500

Important News. The vote for 2020 = The Detached Home in GTA suburban the Winner in 2020 COVID-19
Summary for whole year 2020 in COVID-19 time = Record Home Price & Home Sales across Canada
1) Interest Rate record low 0.25%, until 2024, thus Mortgage Rate very low in record is the main reason for the Home Price & Home Sales in record across Canada. 2) Then Gov's COVID-19 Benefits package helps people and businesses thru COVID-19. 3) Then low Supply Home. 4) Then pent up Demand March -> May 1st lockdown.
NOTE: In previous Blog few months ago, we tell a Story, a person in the City of Toronto, bough a Semi Detached Home just one year, then sold that Semi Home less than 1 week for 120,000$ profit.
2) Detached Home of City of Toronto is the most profit in 2020 = 151,904$, across Canada. See Data -> Look at the last Profit column
Detached Home of GTA both Home Price up 15% and Home Sales up 18.3%, Profit = 137,653$, the most Demand Home in 2020 across Canada. Because people move out the City of Toronto to suburban GTA out side the City of Toronto that becomes ghost town. Restaurant, Theatre, Head Offices, Banks, Gov Agencies closed. Condos in the City also less Demand. Because people also move to GTA. GTA Homes cheaper than City of Toronto.
Condos of City of Toronto is the least Demand Sales down -6.7%, across Canada in 2020. The main reason is COVID-19, City of Toronto like ghost town, people need home more space, because they Stay-Home, Work-from-Home, is the main reason Condos in the City. Which is pushing the Demand of all types of properties, Detached Home in GTA on Demand, Home Sales & Home Price up in GTA outside the City of Toronto.
Detached Home in Vancouver is the most Home Sales in record = 71.3% across Canada in 2020
City of Calgary is the least Demand, least growth region in Home Sales and Home Price around 2% or not growth across Canada. Because of high unemployment and  Oil Sector not doing well.
GTA (Greater Toronto Area) suburban outside the City of Toronto is the most Demand region, across Canada. Home Price up 13.5% & Home Sales up 8.5% in record because people in the City move out the City. International Students also move out the City learn at Home in their country.
The Ave Home Price and the Detached up the most by percentage % are Ottawa Ave up16%, Detached up 17%, and Kitchener-Waterloo Ave up 16.1% and Detached up: 16.9%.
The most expensive Home and also A Million Dollars Home in Canada: 1) Detached Home Vancouver 2) Detached Home in the City of Toronto 3) Semi Detached Home in the City of Toronto 4) Detached Home in GTA. They are also A Million Dollars Home.
What do you forecast Toronto Home Market in 2021? Continue to grow, and Demand.
Because: 1) Good Gov Fiscal Policy + Momentary Policy of Central Bank, 2) Low Supply and 3) Immigration.
1- Interest Rate continues keeps in record low in 0.25% until 2024. 2- Canadian Government continues support COVID-19 all kinds of COVID-19 benefit packages 3- Immigrant 401,000 will come to Canada this year. These are main factors contributes to growth in Toronto Housing Market.
11) "
Housing Risk will come from 1) Fading Income support and expiring mortgage deferrals 2) Rising Interest Rate (low Interest Rate until 2024). But not from COVID-19."  Says Brendan LaCerda, senior economist at Moody's Analytics
12) Ave Home Price across Canada is
470,000$ if including Toronto & Vancouver = 607,280$.

=> Ontario, Toronto is currently in State of Emergency,
"Stay-Home" Order effective Jan 14, 2021, because of COVID-19 in 2nd wave. Hospital out of capacity. Could be until Feb, 2021. (Jan 15,2021)

As Data Scientist, We as well as Real Estate Industry, don't use and don't care about Data of your Home, his/her Home, their Home, or any particular Home, particular street, particular area, not accuracy, meaningless, not scientific, cheating, to represent a whole population of a City. We use Average Data to represent a whole population, a City. We also calculate and use "real Data" like Profit = 117,470$ for accuracy, easy understand Number, value, and avoid use percentage like Profit = 11%, 10%. People will have hard time to understand real Number, its Value.
For example; GTA Ave Price up 13.5% (Calculate = 110,420$)  and Ave Home Price Ottawa up 16%. But GTA profit more because its Ave Home Price 2x more than Ottawa. When we use Profit = 110,470$ people easy understand "real Number" its Value.
For example; A person shows his Home says it is 2 millions dollars  straight from Mouth. Not Scientific Data, meaningless "Mouth Data". It doesn't represent a whole City. You need to average thousands of homes. Only the Database System can calculate, analyse accuracy thousands of Data. All Data we collect are "Official Data".

We Scientist talk Data based on "Official Data" and Research. No "Mouth Data". No Bad Mouth. Need Computer Scientist, Data Scientist who is professional and trained to make sense of Data. Common people, not trained, not see Data, even access to a lot of Data. Like Anthropologists, looking at stone, animal, know their history thousands of years.

Update Feb 6, 2021

Invest Real Estate in Toronto Home Market for big Profit. Don't love cheap. You gain nothing.

To Buy Home, you need Deposit + regular Income (salary, not self-employed, not regular) prove that you can pay monthly Mortgage 30 years, for example in Toronto around 120,000$. People think they own Home right after Buy Home, even Deposit only 10%, mortgage at least 30 years (big mortgage. Even 20y ago, Ave Home = 217,000$, still take 30 years to pay off. Today A Million Dollars Home), and Buy Home only 15 years since 2006, very popular. Still Bank's Home. Exaggerate.
99% people even just move in Home, they think their home, own 1.5 million dollars Home. It is not. It is Bank's Home. The Bank own 80% you own 20%. Bank can take your Home any time if you don't pay loan (mortgage) on time. They spent 300,000$ for 20% Deposit for 1.5 million dollar Home, then they think they own 1.5 million Home, but actual Asset = 300,000$. Honesty #1. You want to be rich, millionaire -> Take 20 years working hard for it. Not easy path.
The Bank is lending money for you to buy Home. It is their Home. You need to have at least 15 years, more than 1/2 road you can say your home. They have mortgage for 30 year, 35 years to pay mortgage for Home. If you buy home 15 years ago, since 2005, it is still Bank's Home. You are only 1/2 road.
Home in Canada or in US in Europe, the way to Buy Home basically the same. In US you can Buy Home with 5% Deposit. The difference between Deposit 5%, 10% and 20%, 25% is that you pay for Interest Payment 300,000$ -> 350,000$ more, a lot of money, and more years like 10 years more. The Real Estate Agent, the Lender, the Bank did not tell you because they make more profit. People can't wait to have Home. No calculation. No Data. Big mistake when Buy Home.
For  example; A Home 500,000$, deposit 5% = 25,000$ to Have Home. Take 10 years to save 25,000$. If Deposit  20% = 100,000$, take 20 years. Can't wait 20 years for Deposit 20% = 100,000$. So people less Income, less Money will buy Home 5%, 10%. But Small Deposit, the money pay for Interest Payment could more than 200,000$. A lot of money.

NOTE: By Number, Canada rank # 7 with 505,010 millionaires with 37.8m population, after US #1 8,676,895 millionaires with 330m, China #2 1,800,215 millionaires with 1.4 biilion population, Japan #3 1,618,670 millionaires with 127m, German #4 1,022,625 millionaires with 84m people, UK #5 893,900 millionaires with 68 m, France #6 887,340 millionaires with 67m people ...
By Population
, Canada rank #2 after US, more than German. If every one who owns A million dollars Home in Vancouver, City of Toronto, GTA then the number of Millionaires of Canada more than China. Impossible. This Statistic in 2019 before the jump of Home Prices in Toronto and GTA. If Statistic today, Canada will by rank #6 above France.
From DATA, in 2020, Ave Home in Toronto up 117,000$,  Detached= 152,000$, Semi Detached = 121,000$ a lot. Usually people work hard for 12 years to have that money. But, Home in Toronto returns just 1 year.

A Story:  How long do you work hard to have 120,000$? -> 12y, 15y, never. How much Profit if Buy Home in Toronto Home Market?
Invest in Property is the Big Game for Big Men. Need Knowledge. The BIG Return is Long-Term like 20y. Don't Play Short-Term like 1 year, 5y, 10y.
That's why people miss-opportunity to become Millionaire, because they sell Home short for what ever reason in short term. Short Term such as, Lost Job, Cash out for Profit, Move different location.... In Canada, if you want big Profit, you shod Invest in the best Location like Toronto, Vancouver Home Market, the best Location is #1. Play Big. Win Big. Do not choose the location where Home is cheap, waste time. Invest in Stock, paper, is very Risky. When it crash, you lost all paper. Specially, the Retail Investors, Day Traders, Reddit’s WallStreetBets, millions of them, more powerful than big Billions Hedge funds Investment Firm in Wall Street play short. They, retail investors, can pump up a Stock like Game Stop, Black Berry, more risky ups/downs like Coastal Rider, Market is manipulated like gamble in Casino => Invest in Property, whatever, you Have A Home, not Paper but Physical Asset, to live. Save RENT. You no worry. Says a Scientist Professor, continues, I would recommend to invest in Detached Home, Semi-Detached Home in the City of Toronto for "Big Profit".  You need a Deposit Cash from 150,000$ -> 200,000$ to buy Home in Toronto. Toronto is better Location than Vancouver, because its biggest City of Canada, the future Growth, the Immigration, the Population 9.6 million more than 6 x times Vancouver, a Financial Hub, big Banks, Manufacture Hub of Canada...Most people Choose other location cheap Home like Montreal, but small Return, waste time, not worth it. When you live, you get big ROI (Return On Investment).

A Story:  Update Feb 6, 2021
20 years ago
, Two people, one lives in Toronto, one lives in Montreal. Both Have Home. After 20 years working hard, the one lives in Toronto, became Millionaire. The one lives in Montreal, now Asset = 400,000$. => Choose the right Location is the best advice in Investment in Property. A woman said: " I sold my Semi-Detached Home in Toronto. From Toronto moved to live in Montréal because Home is very cheap. A Semi-Detached Home in Toronto can buy 2 x big Detached Home in Montreal. And she shows her Home a big Detached Home with swimming pool + big back yard with 1/2 price of a Semi-Detached Home in Toronto. Feel good. Big space, cheap home. " -> The way she thinks is straight emotional, naive, grade 5. She did not use Data, use Brain. It is hard not easy use Data. Data Intelligence.
-> Warren Buffett, billionaire investor, said, “If you don't find a way to make money while you sleep, you will work hard until you die."
-> We say : "If you don't find a way to make money while you live, you will work hard until you die."  - Wealth Effect Theory.
She lacks Data. Poor because she doesn't know Data.
She made decision based on "Emotional Intelligence". She feels like it, because cheap and big Detached Home, big space, big backyard, swimming pool for 1/2 price of Semi-Detached Home in Toronto.
-> That's why this Story teaches a lesson why 2 people working very hard 9am->5pm for 20y, one became Millionaire, and one is still poor.
She wasted big time for 20 years living a place that is not Return On Investment (ROI). If she lives in Toronto, she became a Millionaire -> Big ROI. In COVID-19, a lot of people want to move out of the City, less stress, less crowded, feel good. Big mistake. Maybe they don't have enough money to buy home in City of Toronto, Detached difference 400,000$, Semi difference 100,000$. So they buy home in suburban GTA. In COVID-19, there are around 80,000 people moved out the City of Toronto to their home town, suburban. But then there hundreds of thousands of Immigrants every year move in big City like Toronto.

Simple -> Just Buy Home in Toronto and Live -> You Became Millionaire. Don't love cheap. You gain nothing.

Human Intelligence: Emotional Intelligence vs. Data Intelligence.
As Scientist, we see people, managers, businesses made decision based on "Emotional Intelligence". Human Evolution evolved thousands of years learn making decision by "Emotional Intelligence" for survival. It is Human Evolution, Darwinism. But today, Technology, Software, the Internet had changed the way we make decision. We are smarter, not Dumb. special AI (Artificial Intelligence). But "Emotional Intelligence" still in Human thousands of years, part of Human Intelligence, thousands of years, can't erase. They make decisions based on emotion, feeling, Like It or Not, self-satisfied, feel good, easy making decision. They disregard for fact, logics, analytics, data, science Data Intelligence.
NOTE: Self-satisfied is one of big part of "Emotional Intelligence" -> If you feel good, satisfied yourself  then OK. 
No Pain. No Gain. You will not achieve anything if self-satisfied.
For example, in COVID-19, we are making decision based on Science, Data = True Love. Data said thousands and thousands people died of COVID-19. The truth. Can't ignore. Not by Ideology = Blind, like not wearing Mask. When we are making decision ignore the fact to exchange for self-satisfied, self indulge, it is wrong, immoral.
For example, the woman made decision to move out of City of Toronto, sold her Home to Montreal based on Emotional Intelligence. Because Home in Montreal so cheap, a Detached Home, big space, big backyard, swimming pool for 1/2 price her Semi Detached Home in City of Toronto. She lacks of knowledge, don't do Research, not look at Data, Data Intelligence, because she is not smart.
Love Cheap -> Gain Nothing. Toronto returns on investment ROI = 65K -> 75K / every year. Become a Millionaire after 20 years. 
NOT because of making decision based on Data Intelligence makes us less Human Emotion, less Feeling, less Love. But making decision based on Data Intelligence makes us True Love not Blind, Fair, Fact not Fake, Reality not Honey, Truth, Honesty #1. No Biased, no Discrimination. The more we are educated, the more we learn making decision by Data Intelligence. Smarter not Dumb.

Same as: - If you don't find a way to make money while you live, you will work hard until you die.

-> Find a place Buy A Home and Live. Just Live and Money self-generated while you Live. Even Become Millionaire.

This year 2020, in North York, North of City of Toronto, a person, moved from other place, that Make
120,000$ by selling his Home, not doing business, not doing anything, just live in place North York for 1 year. Take 12 years working hard to Have such money. In other places, working hard for whole life, never have 100,000$.

-> Most people choose to Invest in Real Estate is that they focus on Rental Income, Cash Flow. ->
Wrong. Less Knowledge. Smart Investor Focus on Location #1 -> Point to Toronto, the Return On Investment ROI of Home Price. If you live and owned home in Toronto for at least 20y, you will understand, see real data.
-> Semi-Detached for Investment, returns more profit than new home, detached home. Because less property tax, less mortgage, less maintenance, cost less.

You need to calculate
Ave Location Return, ALR for the last 20 years in order to make decision for Real Estate Investment.
-> On Average Location Return last 20 years, City of Toronto  = 65K -> 75k / year


In previous Blog few months ago, we tell a Story, a person in North York, North of the City of Toronto (we know personally), bough a Semi Detached Home just one year ago in 2019, then sold that Semi Home in 2020, less than 1 week for 120,000$ profit. The return Profit = 120,000$ is consistent with the return of Data this year. He spent 200,000$ Deposit buy this home  -> Live in this Home 1 year -> Now sold this home, made Profit = 120,000$, not including Deposit. Then the new Home Owner moved in this home. He said he borrowed the Bank 800,000$ mortgage -> Pay around 3500$ / month current Interest Rate = 0.25%, Mortgage Rate as low as 1.7%. 20 y ago, Mortgage Rate like 6% - 7.0%. That's why Home Price 20y ago so cheap, because of high Interest Rate. Not many people wanted Home. Property Tax = 300$ / mo, Utility = 200$/ mo, Home Insurance around 70$ / month -> He rent out his 2nd Floor = 1800$ / month. His Family lives in 1st floor with 3 bed-room, 1 bath room = 1700$ / month. This is cheap. In Toronto, 3 bed-room usually 2500$/ month for RENT. Moreover, every year, Toronto Home returns ROI (Return On Investment) 65K -> 75K, equal to salary of 150,000$ profit for him. Now, you can see Buy Home is more profit than RENT home. RENT home he lost 2500$ /month = 30,000$ / year for nothing.
Home in Toronto or Canada usually have 1st Floor, and 2nd Floor with separate exit entrance. The 2nd Floor includes: Living Room, Bath Room, Kitchen, Bed Room like 1st Floor.

Conclusion: Cost to Buy Home in Toronto, and a plan Become Millionaire. The Game of big man.

Rather rent a 3 bed rooms condos, apartment, cost 2500$ / month. You borrow a mortgage loan
800,000$ buy home in City of Toronto, Mortgage Amortization = 25 years. 5 years Fixed cost Mortgage Rate 2%, loan = 3500$ / moth. The Deposit = Price of Home - 800,000$. After Rent out the 2nd Floor 1800$ / month. 
Your Total Cost = 3500$ / mo (mortgage Loan) - 1800$ / mo (Rent Income) + Property Tax = 300$ / mo + Home Insurance 65$ / mo + Utility = 199$ / mo. This is fixed cost must pay every month. No worry Home Maintenance like toilet broken, maybe a year, or Roofing maybe 10 years.
Your Total Cost = 2500$ / mo =  Rent of a 3- bed room Apartment. A little more or less. But give you and idea.
=> But you Have A Home with Return On Investment ROI  = 65k -> 75K =  Salary of 150,000$ / year reward for Buy Home.
Buy Home in City of Toronto get paid 150K salary.
=> After 20 years you have Home, and
become Millionaire.
=> The Toronto Home Price after 10 years will be double from
1 Million Dollars ->  2 million dollars. Up just By Inflation alone, money, car lost value, only Home, Gold increase value. Specially during COVID-19, Governments around the World  pumps in Market a lot of Money. Like a Burger, you can not stop a Burger 10 years ago 2 $ dollars and 10 years  later same price 2 $. The Price must go up by Inflation.

(Update Feb 6, 2021)

Buy Home in Toronto is your Millionaire Plan. But depend on the Bank. In US the same. Can a Professor with salary $105,000, have Deposit = 200,000$ get approved? If so, how much a Home is he allowed to buy by the Bank?  Before Buy Home, your worth  -> How much is your salary?

Calculation:  The Bank requests some Data:
1) Salary = 105,000$ 2) Location = Ontario, Toronto 3) Have Deposit: 200,000$ (good Deposit)
4) Monthly Expensive: 600$. Keep minimum. Your groceries, food, restaurant, drink 12$ / day = 360$ / mo already. Not include: car insurance 199$ / mo, life insurance, shopping, child care, transportation... 5) Monthly Loan: 500$ (keep minimum)
=> He can only to borrow:
675,000$ for 5 years Fixed Rate 2% - Monthly Payment = 2088$  / mo.
: Monthly Expensive (4)
: such as groceries, transportation, child care, life insurance, car insurance (199$ /mo), shopping . Not including: Rent or Housing Expensive. Monthly Loan Including (5) : Car Loan, Student Loan, Credit Card Loan Payment. For example: You have Credit Card borrow 10,000$. Your monthly payment = 300$ / mo. That counts 300$ loan.
Deposit: Small like 100,000$ need Mortgage Loan Insurance. At least 20% Deposit no Mortgage Loan Insurance. Home over A Million Dollars Home  need Deposit at least 20% -> The Professor is approved for a Home Price: 595,000$, Monthly Payment 5 years Fixed 2% = 2230$ / m
But in Toronto Ave Home Price = A Million Dollars Home -> So He moved out to Suburban, GTA, Small Town, Ottawa, Montreal... Even Professor, salary 105,000$ can't Buy Home in Toronto even have Deposit = 200,000$. He can only afford Condos in the City of Toronto.

- National Bank: Housing Affordability in City of Toronto -> Ave A Million Dollars Home = $1,039,438 needs $178,499 Income. Take 24 years Saving for 20% Deposit for Home (Non-Condos). At 28 years old begin Saving -> at 52 years old can begin Buy Home. Not yet own Home, another 25 years = 77 years old -> Still better than RENT.
5 years Saving for Deposit at least 20% for Condos.
NOTE: You can put more than 10% of Net Income saving for Home Deposit. Like 20% -> Reduce to 12 years Saving for Deposit.

For example; Start planning Millionaire early ->  All in or Nothing. OK. (Up Feb 28, 2021)
A couple at 28 years old each salary = 80,000$, each saving 10% of salary -> After 12 years saving can Buy Home at 40 years old with high Deposit at least 20% (not 5%, 10%) . One needs 24 years (National Bank). But two as couple needs 12 years saving.  After 20 years, Own Home at 60 years old. And also Home Price up Appreciation. Retire early Millionaire at 60. Both are high paid career. => A lot in Toronto.
20 years ago, a Professor didn't need 24 years saving because Home so cheap Ave = 217,000$ not 1-millions dollars Home, and high salary 100,000$.
20 years ago, a Factory Couple could Buy Home in Toronto. Today, a high paid Professionals Couple can Buy Home.
=> Time changed
because society advanced so fast, industrialized, developed. We can't stop the growth. Go backward. Therefore, there are people left behind, unavoidable.
In any big city, any country, not just Canada, when society advances next level. Can't stop the growth, the change. -> People advance next level, desire for high living standard, nice cloths, beauty, looking good, travel, car, home -> Citizen Rich. Country Strong. The gap between Rich & Poor wider.

Rich Plays with Rich -> Became Richer. Poor Plays with Rich -> Became Rich. Poor Plays with Poor -> Became Poorer
-> Poor continues next Children next Generation. Can't escape poverty.

The Reality. Can't complain society but yourselves not advance, mind set poor. Society continues advance. Can't go backward. Can't complain why Home Price high. MacDonald can't go back 2$ of 20 years ago. -> Use DATA. People poor because do not use Data.

Our Calculation Salary: 180,000$.
See what you get? -> Request Data:
1) Location: Toronto 2)  Monthly Expensive: 1000$ 3) Monthly Loan: 500$
4) Deposit: 200,000$ (20%) OK Deposit. No extra cost Mortgage Insurance.

You get approved:
Home: 1 millions dollars ($1,000,000)
5 years Fixed Mortgage: 2.0%, 25 years
Monthly Payment: 3500$ / mo.
Housing Cost (Property Tax, Utility, Heat,  Maintenance, Home Insurance.): 850$ / mo
Total Operation Cost: 3500+ 850$ = $4300
Rental Income: 2500$ / month. Whole House: 5000$ / mo. Profit: $700 / mo

After 20 years -> Millionaire. (Need 20 years) -> Game of Elite Toronto.
Deposit 5% -> 40 years debt -> Million Debt. ->
Difference: $3500 x 12 m x 15 y = $630,000.

Difference between Deposit 20% and 5% is pay extra 15 y: $630,000. Take longer 15 y pay off Home + More Interest Payment. -> Why not Buy Home with 5% Deposit. Click here.

Now Can't buy 1-millions Home with 5% and require high salary at least $200,000
Very close to calculation of National Bank.

A person complains: " Why I have been working hard for 10 years. Nothing. But that person has been working 20 years. Become Millionaire ? "

Home. No Home = No Thing. Best advice. You don't need work hard. You need Home.

Another person says: " I am excited. I want to buy a few homes. All in or Nothing. Listen to mouth data non sense, not professional, not train, no LinkedIn, no degree. Bad. We need professional Data Scientist who can make sense Data. Thank you for 64K advice."
Answer: " You are Elite Toronto. Good luck. "

Our Calculation is a little bit difference with National Bank of Canada because we use very small minimum Monthly Expensive only 600$, and small minimum Monthly Personal Loan only 500$. In reality, should be higher. Thus he can borrow less and salary required increase. So when buy home, don't buy car, pay off other debt, loan, reduce monthly Living Expensive. After buy home, you can buy car.

Salary needed to afford a home in Canada from National Bank Latest 2021
In Toronto, to afford for Condos you need Salary 124,335$, for House you need Salary or Income = 178,499$. If you save 10% of your Income or Salary (but what Salary or Income. How big? -> They refer Salary or Income 124,355$ for Condos, and 178,499$ for Home), for Condos take 5 years, for Home take 24 years in order to afford the Deposit 20%.
Which means if you don't have such salary of income, the Lenders, the Banks will not let you borrow money.

The Report from National Bank came out few month ago. But just recent months, Housing Market in Toronto jumps same as Vancouver. Even higher.

Update Feb 10, 2021.

A person said
: You make me feel bad. My girl friend said I lied to her, because my job tells her I can't afford a Home in City of Toronto. Even Professor Salary 100K, Deposit 200K  can't afford. I told her I have a Home in City of Toronto. But actually I Rent.

Answer: In Toronto, Home became a hot issue for people. Have Home in Toronto after 20 year, you Become A Millionaire on top 5% of 37.8m Canada Adult population, on Top 2.5% in Toronto, of 9.6m Toronto & GTA population.
She thinks you are very good, self started, self made Millionaire Top 5% Adult Canadian population, Top 2.5% Toronto population. There is no thing wrong, even better, if some one love Money. See value of Money. Work hard for Money => No steal, no corruption Money. She loves you the ability, the intelligence working hard to make such money, saving Money. I have deep respect for her. She is a smart girl.
There are kinds of people matched with kinds of people. Some high Dream. Some low Dream. Some no Dream. Hope you will find the one fits for you. No worry. Good luck.
Have a Home in Toronto is more than driving a 350K Lamborghini car, but useless, because car loss value, and not generate profit 65K- 75K / year like Home in Toronto. Home increases value, car = 0 after few years.
My advice is to improve your career to make more money.
A Desire for Rich (Love your country.) is good. Which helps you work harder, try harder, produce more Products & Services. Have more Money -> Become rich powerful Consumer Spending 65% of GDP and Economy, more than Gov Spending + Export + Business Investment & Spending combined = 35% .
Formula Calculate
GDP = C + G + I + NX
(where C = Consumer Spending, G = Government Spending, I = Investment, NX = Net Import & Export).
COVID-19 affects GDP big.
That's why, in any country,
Citizen Rich -> Country Strong
(Economically. A lot of meaning), become Developed not Developing -> All depends on the Citizen has desire for Rich to build the Country Strong. Rich means have money to buy things. It is not feeling rich, then you rich. In war we need strong Military. In peace we need strong Economy.
You have to live in developed country and as Scientist in order to understand the system running. In the developed country like Japan, Canada, US, German, UK, G7 depend on Consumer Spending trillions of dollars to create 60% -> 65% of GDP, in US 70% of GDP.
(The Wealth Effect Theory by Author)

-> 300K Lamborghini

NOTE: Consumer Spending
is the citizens of a country. Every day, millions of them as customers spend money to buy Products & Services from businesses big, small of the country. Such as, buy Home, car, pay bills, eat local restaurant, travel... They are the customers help businesses survival, create jobs, pay taxes. If Consumers or customers are weak spending, not much money, very hard to grow GDP and Economy. Big expensive items like Real Estate, Car need rich Consumers Spending. Consumer Spending is counted as GDP of a country. To measure Consumer Spending: Use GDP per Capital.

As Scientist we speak Data, the truth. Data help improve better. Good problems solving. We don't bad mouth anyone. We help people. Love you.

A Millionaire after working hard 9am-5pm every day for 20y, Buy Home in Toronto 20 years ago when so cheap.

To Become Millionaire = Save 65,000$ -> 75,000$  every years for 20 years. Which means you must have Income or Salary 150,000$. After Income Tax, Living Expensive -> You Save 65,000$ -> 75,000$ (high Income, high Tax)

You need to calculate Ave Location Return, ALR for the last 20 years in order to make decision for Real Estate Investment.
-> On Average Location Return last 20 years, City Toronto  = 65K -> 75k / y

Property Tax is the main source of revenue for the City, any City in the world. Specially in COVID-19 time, all revenue down, like Transportation, Subways, Buses.., but Property Tax increased.

How can you know a City's  Home Price is high?
Use Ave Home Price

You hear people said by mouth " This City, that City Home very high price. But how high?" They hear local people said, he said, she said. Or they pick up some local area in the City, with high Home Price, like Downtown Toronto, then use it as Home Price for a whole City.  ... In true, fair for all, for comparison, Real Estate Industry used Average Home Price, like Toronto. Average Home Price came from calculated for Property had been sold for that month only. That is why Ave Home Price changed every month. A Home is true price when it has been sold. Not he said, she said.

Use Ave Home Price
is calculated the same formula, we can compare in fairness, accuracy, Toronto to Hong Kong,  Toronto to Vancouver, to Ottawa

Why We Need Money?
When I lived with my parent, I did not see Money important. Then I started life =0, alone, in big city, working in factory, I began see the value of earning a pay cheque, earning money so difficult.
- We need money for: Education, Clothes, Beauty, Health, Drink, Restaurant..
- We need money for Start-up a business.
- We need money for children. The children see their friend had  things, good schools, but they don't have, very sad.
- We need money for helping parent, relatives, friends, charity.. People said: " Give, you will get back." - But no money, how can you give?
- We need money for Travel
- We need money for Food, groceries, restaurant...
- We need money for Insurance
- We need money for Car, Condos, Home. Money for almost every thing.

GDP per Capital of Developed countries, G7. Became developed country need GDP per Capital like Developed country:

US: 65,000$ USD
Japan: 40,000 USD
Canada: 46,000 USD
German: 46,000 $USD
UK: 42,000$ USD
France: 40,000$ USD
Italia: 33,000$ USD
India GDP = 2.9 Trillion dollars but GDP per Capital = 2100$ USD.
Consumer Spending tells us about the rich, the prosperity, the power of BUY as customer of citizen. In developed countries, Consumer Spending about 60% -> 65% of GDP. Citizen Rich -> Country Strong.
From GDP equation:
1) Countries that less or week Consumer Spending rely on Export boost GDP. While developed countries rely on more Consumer Spending to increase GDP.

2) Government Spending (Fiscal Policy) good for GDP because not only it is a contribution on GDP, but also helps Consumer Spending. Double Effects.
3) Monetary Policy Interest Rate (powerful tool of the Fed) helps boost Consumer Spending big. Low Interest Rate helps boost Stock Market, Housing Market ...
4) Increase minimum wage helps big Consumer Spending, improve Income. Bottom Up Economics. China did that, big increase GDP.
5) A lot of measures but can't explain here.

How much Profit if Buy Home in Toronto Home Market? Don't love cheap. You gain nothing. Even lost.
=> A Scientist Professor explains: " Need Data. You need to look at the history Data of Toronto, and calculate the profit. If you have owned Home in Toronto, you know already the Profit after 20 y. If you are not in Toronto, and not own Home, you will not see. You need to know how to Collect Data and do Research. Thus Buy Home in Toronto, every year he profits = 65K->75K because Home Price goes up in the past 20 years from AVE = 217,000$ -> AVE = A Million Dollars = 5x double. Applied to Detached Home = 1.5m, Semi Detached = 1.2 m, even more. If he RENT, every year, he lost 30,000$ for RENT. In 20y, he lost 600,000$. And RENT keeps increased. Toronto Home Market is expensive compared to other cities 2x more expensive. A semi detached in City of Toronto can buy 2x Detached Home in Ottawa. But it is worth it.

=> Invest 150,000$ -> 200,000$ Buy Home in Toronto, you will get a return from 65,000$ -> 75,000$ every year for 20 years continuously = Equal to The ROI (Return On Investment) of 150,000$ salary every year for 20 years. It is not paper, it is Home, less risky. Peace of mind.

Because Buy Home in Toronto, after 20 years, he became Millionaires, not lost 600,000$ for RENT for Nothing.
The main reason he gains and became Millionaire, not because of the Income RENTING. But from the Increase of Home Price. A lot people think Buy Home rely, need on RENT Income for Profit. Wrong! Rent Income helps covers expensive, but not big Profit. That's why invest in property, you need to choose the best Location is #1. With 200K, you buy big cheap Home in Montreal, or other places, will not give you the big return like Toronto.
This year, Toronto Home Price returns 100,000$. Rent Income returns 21,600$, but minus for you Home Expensive = Nothing. "

Buy Home in Canada, US now became more affordable than before because of record low Interest Rate 0.25%
To Buy A Million Dollars Home ($1,000,000) in Toronto, you Deposit 20% = $200,000. A Canadian BIG Bank offers Mortgage Loan 800,000$, Mortgage Rate about: 2.2% 5 year Fixed Rate (Fixed Rate 2.2%, lock in, more expensive than Variable Rate, fluctuate, changed by market, around 1.7%), Amortization = 25 years, You pay for Total Interest Cost = 241,941$. You can always reduce Interest Payment by big Deposit at least 20%. Monthly Mortgage = $3473,15 = Every month you have to pay for the Bank, like pay RENT, not include: Property Tax (Semi around = 249$ / mo, Detached = 499$ / month - Variable but give you some ideas), Utility 200$ (variable), Home Insurance  = 65$ /month offered by the Bank. After 25 years, you pay off the loan. 20y ago, Mortgage Rate = 6% - 7% -> Borrow $800,000 will cost around $10,000 / month. But Ave Home Price cheap = 217,000$. After Deposit, you have Mortgage = 150,000$ -> 200,000$. 4x times Small Mortgage.

A Big Canadian Bank: Bank of Montreal said that " Canadian House Prices Now 46% Higher Than U.S."

Salary needed to afford a home in US American Latest 2021


Update December, 2020

A middle class Toronto said: " Using Data and your backgrounds as Scientist, you make sense Toronto Home good. I can see Home value. You make me want to buy more Homes in Toronto. Thank You for advice.
Answer:: " It is not How Much you MAKE. But How Much you HAVE that counts". For example, you MAKE 50,000$ / year. But after pay for Tax, Rent, Phone, Restaurant, Drink, Living Expensive, Travel...you HAVE 6000$ (more or less as an example) RETURN that counts. You HAVE 6000$ NOT 50,000$. Invest in Toronto Home Market returns on investment (ROI) that I have proved every year 65K -> 75K, equal to ROI of salary 150,000$ / year. This year 2020 returns ROI 116,000$. Only 10% of people in the world have salary 80K. A Home in the City of Toronto ROI (Return On Investment) equal to 150,000$ double salary of 80,000$. Lucky you live in the City of Toronto. However, you need at least 200,000$ for Deposit, and good job salary 100,000$ / year, a salary of Professor. Choose LOCATION is #1. In Canada best LOCATION is: 1) Toronto 2) Vancouver. Next year 2021, and may years to come, 401,000 Immigrants come to Canada, most of them settle in Toronto. Rich Immigrants Buy home. Poor Immigrants Rent home. Both Buy or Rent is pushing Demand for Housing. That is special characteristic of Toronto that other Cities don't have. As Scientist we see thing that common people don't see or don't understand, because they don't know how to research Data, collect Data, don't care, don't use the DATA or NUMBER."

- It is not BIG home, SMALL home, TYPE of home, it is LOCATION, WHERE you live. A Semi-Detached Home in City of Toronto is 110,000$ more expensive than Detached Home in suburban GTA (Data).

- Home Ownership: very important. Usually people Buy Home low Deposit less than 30% on mortgage at least 30 years, some people 35y, 40y... You bought home 15 y ago or since 2006, you only 1/2 road. Still Bank's Home. If your mortgage 4000$ / month -> You in mortgage debt 4000$ x 12 m x 15 y =  720,000$ in Mortgage Debt. Buy Home, need Deposit at least 20% to SAVE hundreds of thousands dollars of Interest Payment, shorten a lot years of Mortgage.

People Buy Home think they own Home, even Deposit only 10% and Buy Home only 15 years since 2006. Big mortgage. Exaggerate.  They have mortgage for 30year, 35years to pay mortgage for Home. If you buy home 15 years ago, since 2005, it is still Bank's Home. You are only 1/2 road. (Update Jan 2021)

- This 'older millennial' around 40s has Salary of Professor 105,000$. Can't Buy Home in Toronto. WHY?
- Buy Home in Toronto, need salary 120,000$  for monthly mortgage + 20% deposit 250,000$ -> YOU RENT
- Even if you have money for Deposit 250,000$. But do you have the salary 130,000$ to pay month mortgage ? -> YOU RENT
- 20 year ago Ave price
217,000$ small mortgage, small salary, a factory couple 5.50$ / hour could afford. Now A Million Dollar, big mortgage, big salary at least 120,000$  -> YOU RENT. To Buy Home, need Salary + Deposit. Income or Salary proves to afford monthly payment.
=> Who can Buy Home and Can't not Buy Home in Toronto? Few cases.
1) - Professor salary 100,000$ alone can't afford Home in Toronto like this older millennial
2) - Need A couple middle income like both Engineer, or Teacher salary 60,000$ each. OK. But do they have Deposit? - Borrow relatives or parent millionaire for investment. OK. -> A lot in Toronto.
3) - Need at least 4 x Income or Salary of minimum wage is OK. 20 year ago, small mortgage Ave = 217,000$ needed income of a couple working in factory 5$ / hr. OK. Today, Buy Home in Toronto Ave = A Million dollars, 4 x times bigger. Buy Home Toronto, needs a whole family: Parent, Children, Relatives ...combined salary Buy Home and working for home, pay Mortgage. This case a lot in Toronto.
- Today,
Have 250,000$, need Salary of Professor 50$/ hr = 100,000$ / year, work hard for 12 years. All about Data. See Become A Millionaire - Click here. We Scientists TALK DATA.
Salary needed to Buy Home from CNBC: https://www.cnbc.com/2019/06/11/salary-needed-to-buy-a-home-in-major-us-cities.html - See Salary of Professor 20y ago 50$ / hr, 100,000$ / y. See his [ Cheque ]
- In US, can Buy Home with 5%. A big Debt
. A Home 400,000$, Deposit 5%= 20,000$. Carry A Big Debt 35 y.
 (Update Jan 2021)

Home Market in Toronto, and 5 biggest Cities, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver already released in December 2020
Average Home Price in City of Toronto for Nov, 2020, year-to-date:1,000,125$ up 116,853$ last year 883,272$.
- In GTA year-to-date :
929,433$ up 111,159$ compare to last year Nov 2019.
- Home Sales up in record 4 months in a row, this Nov month   =
24.3% compare to last year Nov 2019.
- In Vancouver is:
1,044,000$ up 5.8% - Home Sales up  = 22.7% compare to last year Nov 2019.

Toronto Home Price changed every month. Every month, there are 2 prices: 1) Monthly Price compare to last year. Take a year to see difference Price, not like stock Price changed in second. 2) Year-to-Date Price, average of months. But year-to-date is the up-to-date, latest Price of Toronto Home at that time. For example, in Jan -> August, Price changed every month. In August there are was 2 prices: 1) Monthly 1,030,506$, and 2) Year-To-Date 1,020,506$ = Average of Jan + Feb + March + ... Aug month. So year-to-date Price more accuracy, reflects latest Ave Home Price at the time month August. The difference between "monthly Price" and "year-to-date Price" is not much difference giving A Million Dollar Price. Year-to-Date End of this year 2020 returns 116,853$ -> This year 2020, it returns 116,853$ big money, higher compare to last year Ave Home Price year-to-date =  883,272$, more than 50,000$ the average return = 65K -> 75 K every year. The difference Price between Vancouver and Toronto is very small, insignificant giving it is a million dollars.
Toronto, GTA, Vancouver are biggest Home Market, most highest Price in Canada.
NOTE: Salary 50,000$ / year =  2 x Income of minimum wage 14$/hr, you need to work hard 15 years to have 100,000$.
In Toronto, there are people work 10 years still in debt, after Tax, Living Expensive, nothing left, harder to make end meets, just like any city in the world, specially in time of COVID-19. It is not BIG home or SMALL home, or TYPE of home, it is LOCATION, WHERE you live. Even Semi-Detached Home in City of Toronto is 110,000$ more expensive than Detached Home in suburban GTA (Data). A person just bought a Semi Detached Home in City of Toronto last year, he just sold his house in 1 week, made 120,000$ in one year, same as the increase of Toronto Home Price. -> Says, a person who lives in Toronto for 30 years.

In the world, millionaires population are created by Home, 90% their asset in Home. Top 10 Ave Home Price in the world In the time of COVID-19:
1) Canada has 2 Cities
Vancouver #4, Toronto rank #4. Toronto Big City of Canada, 10x bigger than Vancouver, Center of Financial Hub, Manufacture Hub, Big Banks, Stock Market, Gov Agencies, Head Office of big corporations. Then 2) China's Shanghais #3, Beijing #9. 3) Then US's Los Angeles #6, New York #7

Important News in December, 2020:
In General: The usual reasons for Toronto Home Market and Canada Home Market is very hot in Home Sales and Home Price:
1) Record Low Interest Rate.
Thus Low Mortgage Rate. Bank of Canada keeps Interest record low 0.25% until 2023. 2) Low Supply. Low Inventory. 3) Pent up Demand from the 1st Wave Lock Down in March, April, May.
4) Canada Gov's COVID-19 Benefit
346 Billions dollars help 37.8 million population of Canadian Family and Businesses get thru the pandemics. Thus boosting Consumer Spending to highest level.
5) Job Market in the Time of COVID-19, is very good for people medium and high income. These people see no effect by COVID-19. 
While People low income, low wage lost the most jobs.
6) Canada anticipates receiving 401,000 new Immigrants next year 2022. This boosts the Demand for Housing Market when hundred of thousand new comers come to Toronto looking for shelter.
7) Pockets of listings have also cropped up from sellers facing down lingering unemployment from the COVID-19 pandemic, as the period for deferring mortgages draws to a close. More people are Listing to sell their Home because of financial, unemployment, in COVID-19 time, carry big mortgage, as the period for deferring mortgages near close.

Semi Detached in City of Toronto Home Sales ups compare to last year by percent %. But Detached Home by number is still most demand.
- We have seen people bought semi detached Home in City of Toronto last year, just sold semi detached home in few days, 1 week, profit = 120,000$ in 1 year. So fast. The same semi detached home, last year took the previous home owner to sell their home in 2 months. But Detached Home is still most demand, out number selling than Semi.
People are looking for Home:
A Million Dollars Home. Like driving 250,000$ Mercedes car.
For example, Detached Home in Vancouver, and Detached & Semi Detached Home in the City of Toronto is A Million Dollars Home. A Detached Home in GTA always less than a Semi Detached Home in City of Toronto at least 100,000$. Even this month GTA Detached Home up 170,000$, the most jump so far this year. But still less than Semi-Detached in City of Toronto = 110,000$. Follow Data.
2) Affordable less expensive than Detached Home, cheaper Detached Home's Property Tax double,
good for Rental, Property Investment.
3) Not crowded space sharing like Town Homes including 20, 30 homes attached in row, in a Community of many rows of hundreds of Homes, or Condos.

You can always upgrade from Semi to Detached any time, very easy. Because you already have Home with capital. We have seen people upgrade from 1 x Detached Home 1.5 million to 2 x Semi Detached Home = 2.6 million (1.3m x 2) pay same Property Tax for 2 x Semi = 1 x Detached Home. Save a lot of money + increase asset of Home from 1.56m to 2.6 million. 1 x Semi Home to live and 1 x Semi Home to Rent.
20y ago when Home so cheap, people with high income choose to have 1 x Detached Home and 1 x Semi Detached Home. We tell you a Story of a couple working in factory, 5.5$ / hr each, both = 11$ / hr, took them 15 years to save 25,000$ to buy a semi detached home in 1998. While a Professor, 50$ /hr, 100,000$ / year worked 3 months have 25,000$. So easy 20y ago when Ave Home so cheap = 217,000$ not A Million Dollar Home that you could Buy A Home with 25,000$. No Stress Test salary like today, because small loan mortgage. Today needs 250,000$ for 20% Deposit + Salary 120,000$. Stress Test from Bank required to make sure you have money to pay mortgage monthly. It does not discriminate low income. But it makes sure you have money, good salary to pay for high mortgage monthly. That's why 105,000$ is Salary of Professor still not enough.

In December 2020, Ave Home Price of Toronto for month November 2020.

5 biggest Canadian City's Data released in December, 2020 for Home Data November, 2020.

Home Sales up on record on November month across Canada, not just Toronto, GTA, Vancouver.
In the world, millionaires population are created by Home, 90% their asset in Home. Top 10 Ave Home Price in the world In the time of COVID-19:
1) Canada has 2 Cities
Vancouver #4, Toronto rank #4. Then 2) China's Shanghais #3, Beijing #9. 3) Then US's Los Angeles #6 New York #7

5 biggest Canadian City Data for November, 2020 Average Last month Oct, 2020 Last Year, Nov 2019
800,000 population, Tourism, Film Industry. Province BC. -> Rank #4 Ave Home Price in the world
1) Hong Kong 2) Singapore 3) Shanghais 4) Vancouver & Toronto 5) Shenzhen 6) Los Angeles 7) New York  8) London  9) Beijing 10) Paris -> by CNBC -These Cities' Price down in COVID-19. But not Toronto up significantly.
- Ave Home $1,044,000 - Price Up: 44,000$ - Home Sales up: 22.7%. Comp Last year Nov, 2019. Ave Home Price Vancouver Not change, compared Sept, 2019. While Toronto Up 20% = $196,000 in Aug, 2020
Ave Detached Home = $$1,538,900 Price up 9.5%, Home Sales up: 27.8% Comp Last year Nov, 2019
- Townhouse  $814,800 Price +5.6%- Sales:+40.1%
- Condo  $676,500 Price +3.4% Sales:+12.2%
Ave =  $1,045,100

Detach = $1,523,800
Townhouse  $813,000
Condo  $683,500
- Ave Home = $1,000,200
- Ave Detached Home = $1,415,400
- Ave Townhouse  $772,800
- Ave Condo  $651,500
Montreal. City of Province Quebec
2nd biggest City Canada after Toronto 1.75 millions population, Montreal University, McGill University.
Ave Home Price $423,400 Price up 17.5%
Detached = $435,000 up 0.6% Y/Y
Condos (Apt)
= $316,000 down 2%
Last month Oct, 2020
Ave Home  =
= $430,030
= $323,500
Ave Price = $360,300
= $350,500
Condos (Apt) = $290,000
1,000,000 population or 1m, Capital Canada.

Ottawa Capital is civilized, quiet, good place to live, less crowded, less all kinds of people like Toronto, mostly white color Employees working for Government Offices. 

- Affordable Home and Rental. A Semi Detached Home in Toronto can buy 2 x Detached Ottawa


- Ave Home Price =
$542,721 Price up 20% - Home Sales up 25% Comp Last year Nov, 2019
- Ave Detached Home =
$602,892 Price up 20% Sales up: 26%
- Ave Condo
$361,758 Price up 15%, Sales up: 22%
Last month Oct, 2020

Ave Home =  $550,734
Detached = $603,253
Ave Condo = $368,936

This Detached Home in Ottawa 4 bed-rooms 529,500$ -> Click see bigger photo
City Calgary. Province Alberta
1.26 millions population, Canada Center Oil Producers.
Compared to last year Nov, 2019.
Ave Home =
$423,600 Price up 1.6% - Home Sales up 24.5%
Detached = $492,800 up 2.9% Y/Y
Semi = $395,100 down 1.3% Y/Y
Town Home
= $282,200 down 0.5%
Condos (Apt)
= $245,400 down 1.1%
Last Oct 2020, Ave Home = $422,600
= $489,800
Semi = $394,700
Town =$274,400
Condos = $248,600
Kitchener- Waterloo
234,000 population, Hi-tech, Start-up, Canada Silicon Valley, Waterloo Univ, Head Office of Black Berry, Nortel, Head Office of Google Canada ...

Compared to last year Nov, 2019.
- Ave Home
$637,366  Price up 13% - Sales up: 28%.
Detached =
$753,641 Price up 14.4% Sales +28.6%
Semi = $562,989 Price up 30.4% Sales +5.2%
Town Home = $482,901 Price +8.6% Sales +53.4%
Condo =
$400,822 Price up 12% Sales +60.7%
Last month Oct 2020, Ave = $635,301 
- Detached =
- Semi = $539,434
- Town  = $499,641
- Condo = $395,627
Province's Ave Home Price
Quebec =  $340,200
Newfoundland & Labrador =   $281,900
Saskatchewan = $283,371
Winnipeg =
Halifax = $393,461
Alberta = $405,500

We will continue updating ...

November, 2020 

A Scientist says (Update Nov 11, 2020) " - Back to in the early days of COVID-19 pandemic in March, April, I said COVID-19 is Air transmission, airborne, can spread thru air, linger in the air. Thus talking loudly, singing, laughing, coughing could spread the virus COVID-19. Need good ventilation room. At that time, people, doctors did not believe COVID-19 air borne, air transmission. Even WHO's Doctor just accepted this theory in July 10, 2020. See I update the Date in my Blog about COVID-19. In early days, people believed that COVID-19 only spreading thru big droplets, not thru micro droplets, tiny particles, not thru air. Thus Social Distancing good enough. No need Mask, not effective, counter productive, even caused dangerous, because misused of mask, from top Doctors. Minister of Health in Quebec was joking mask, mockery wearing mask. -> See my post on COVD-19. People in Canada and in US did not take Mask seriously. People including Doctor said that Mask protect others only. But I said Mask protect both you and others.
I may be the first one early days of pandemic, wrote in Blog March & April 2020 during 1srt wave, said that: " The reason American got infected COVID-19, wide spread infection, because of Behaviour, not wearing Mask, not taking mask seriously, in a fight against COVID-19 between Life and Death " - Now looking back, it is true. Mask is the most important defence against COVID-19.
=> Now I recall memory about Mask, because the 2nd Wave of COVID-19 is coming in the dark winter just beginning. In the History of Pandemics, the 2nd Wave is the worst, much worst more than 1st Wave, before Pandemics gone. Be careful this darkest Winter coming. We already see in Canada, US, and Europe, COVID-19 cases spike double compared to 1st wave. The winter still doesn't come yet.
=> The Prime Minister of Canada is just calling urgently all Provinces, Cities must do what ever it takes, with total support from Federal, to stop the spread COVID-19
currently spike on record double.
All is about save life. Read my Blog about COVID-19 in April, May. Click here. Including my update the important Date that Mask became important, recognized."

Home Market in Toronto, and 5 biggest Cities, Montreal, Ottawa, Vancouver already released in November 2020
Average Home Price in City of Toronto for October, 2020 is: 1,025,925$ - In GTA is: 968,318$
- Home Sales up in record 4 months in a row, this Oct month also in record in all Oct months =
- In Vancouver is:
1,045,100$ - Home Sales up in record second-best in all Oct months = 29%

NOTE: In 2019, Vancouver rank #4 Average Home Price in the World. In 2020, in the time of COVID-19, most top 10 big City's Home Price dropped property price significantly.
Vancouver doesn't drop price, but its property price stands still. Currently Vancouver's Home Price rank #3 in the World. Only Toronto Home Price increased significantly. Now price same as Vancouver.

In the world, millionaires population are created by Home, 90% their asset in Home. Top 10 Ave Home Price in the world In the time of COVID-19:
1) Canada has 2 Cities
Vancouver #4, Toronto rank #4. Then 2) China's Shanghais #3, Beijing #9. 3) Then US's Los Angeles #6, New York #7

A Scientist Professor, who teaches Data & Computer Science says: " Data & Computer Scientist Scientists collect Data, Analyze Data, we don't use "mouth Data" straight from mouth, such as, he said, she said, they said
. A person He said: 'my Home, my area, my neighbours on my street is 2 millions dollars. Why you used only Ave 1.5 millions?' . As Data & Computer Scientist, we don't pick up some streets, some neighbour's , some expensive areas like Downtown of City, where Home Price of Property very high. We don't use data of my home, my neighbour's home, my street home price. The only Ave Home Price that is used to measure correctly, scientifically, honesty, in fairness for all Cities, all Properties in a City is Average Home Price.
For example,
when measure Home Price in Hong Kong and Toronto, or, in Toronto with Vancouver or with GTA, we don't pick-up multi million dollars Home in Downtown, in some expensive areas, but we use Average Home Price spreading a whole City, in fairness.
Now we can measure in fairness scientifically Home Price of Toronto compared with Vancouver, with New York, with Hong Kong ...
For example,
we can say a City is Rich by a looking at a whole City's population is rich, and
their 90% asset is Home. Not in some rich areas, not population of millionaires, billionaires in that City.
For example,
Compare 100 properties in many areas, we take the Average of 100 properties. While you choose to take the Average of the top 10 expensive properties in an expensive area of your 100 properties. Not play fair.
etween Vancouver and Toronto, Ave Home Price not much difference. But Toronto 9.6m population, its City of Toronto where is Center of Financial Hub, Financial Institutions, Stock Market TSX, Manufacture Hub, Big Head Offices of Banks, Gov Agencies."
A lot of people say: " You use Official Data, Data from big corporation, trusted resources, not mouth Data, he said, she said. No Biases, Fairness, Honesty is #1."

In November 2020, Ave Home Price of Toronto for month October 2020. See above.

5 biggest Canadian City's Data released in November, 2020 for Home Data October, 2020.

Home Sales up on record October month across Canada, not just Toronto, GTA, Vancouver.
In the world, millionaires population are created by Home, 90% their asset in Home. Top 10 Ave Home Price in the world In the time of COVID-19:
1) Canada has 2 Cities
Vancouver #4, Toronto rank #4. Then 2) China's Shanghais #3, Beijing #9. 3) Then US's Los Angeles #6 New York #7

Important News in November, 2020:

In General: The usual reasons for Toronto Home Market and Canada Home Market is very hot in Home Sales and Home Price:
1) Record Low Interest Rate.
Thus Low Mortgage Rate 2) Low Supply. Low Inventory. 3) Pent up Demand from the 1st Wave Lock Down in March, April, May.
4) Canada Gov's COVID-19 Benefit
346 Billions dollars help 37.8 million population of Canadian Family and Businesses get thru the pandemics. Thus boosting Consumer Spending to highest level.
5) Job Market in the Time of COVID-19, is very good for people medium and high income. These people see no effect by COVID-19. 
While People low income, low wage lost the most jobs.

1) Condos sales in City of Toronto dropped to Sales = - 8.5%. People move out of Condos in the City of Toronto. Why?
- People are selling their Condos mainly in Downtown Toronto in favour to buy Detached, Semi Home in suburban outside the City of Toronto. The main reason is that:
1) COVID-19 still active, spike COVID-19 cases, causes Downtown Toronto mini shutdown restaurants, theatres, empty streets.
2) They work from Home in suburban outside City of Toronto. Tens of thousands of people work in Downtown for big Banks, big Gov Agencies, big corporation now work from home.
3) They like Home more spaces. Home in suburban, Detached, Semi detached  still much cheaper than Detached, Semi Detached in the City of Toronto.
Which is pushing high demand for Detached, Semi Home in suburban outside Toronto
For example, Home in GTA much cheaper than Home in City of Toronto. In the time of COVID-19, People leave, sell their Condos in City of Toronto to Buy Home more space and cheaper in GTA.
A difference Year-to-Date, between 1) Detached Home in GTA and Semi Detached Home in City of Toronto = 119,000$
2) Between Detached Home GTA and Detached Home City of Toronto = 430,000$
4) In the time of COVID-19, COVID-19 Benefits 2000$ / mo transition from CERB to new new EI benefit in Oct 3, 2020.
People qualify for 2000$ / mo, for 45 weeks of benefit, who are: full-time Employees, qualify for EI, who already working at least 8 months of their full time, but lost Job by lay off, not by volunteer, not by their fault, nor quit job, now could get near 1 years 48 weeks of Benefit = 2000$ / month. Can't ask your Company for lay off. While Gov encourages Company & Business hiring more people.
For example, people work in Factory, Restaurant, low wage, salary from 14 $ / hr -> 20 $ /hr ...
20$ / hr = 3200 $ / month. After Income Tax = 2557$ / m. Salary 20$ / hour is different with 2000$ / mo EI benefit =
557$ / mo. But salary 20$ / hr must:
1) Work full-time 160 hr/ week + Stress.
2) Work Related Expensive = Car Drive to work Gas + Car Maintenance = 250 $ / mo + Car Insurance = 199 $ / mo + Work related expense like Eat out, Relax, Cloths, Coffee Truck ... 15$ / day = 400$ / mo.
Thus Total Work Related Spending (WRS) = 250 + 199 + 400 = 850 $ / mo.
=> Thus Salary 20$ / hr make less than 2000$ / mo COVID-19 Benefit =
300$ / mo + Work 160 hr / mo + Not safety with COVID-19.
3) Avoid COVID-19. Stay at Home. Less Contact people -> But this is good for COVID-19 prevention, stop spreading.
So people just leave their job in the City of Toronto "crowded space" Condos, and settle "more space" Buy Home cheaper in GTA suburban outside the City of Toronto for
a year of safety, avoid COVID-19 as well. Currently, Data suggests that a 2nd Wave COVID-19 coming, spike COVID-19 cases on record, more than double 1st wave COVID-19, not just Canada, US but in Europe as well, in this winter called as the darkest winter. In the History of Pandemics, the 2nd Wave is the worst, much worst than 1st Wave, before Pandemics gone. Be careful this darkest Winter coming.
=> This only happens to people who leave Condos in downtown Toronto, now move to GTA and suburban outside the City of Toronto. While Detached and Semi Home in City of Toronto are still high demand. All is about COVID-19. But only temporary. COVID-19 ends soon. COVID-19 is the main reason why people buy Home, settle in GTA, suburban. We see such an increase Demand for Home in the month of Oct, 2020. People move out from Condos of City of Toronto into GTA, Suburban outside City of Toronto the month of Oct.
=> A lot of people came from GTA, suburban working in Downtown Toronto, leave jobs, lost jobs because of COVID-19. So they come back their home town. A person lives in Condos in Downtown Toronto said : " - I just lost my job working Downtown City of Toronto because of COVID-19. So I leave my Condos in Downtown Toronto, back to my home town in suburban to buy home and settle.

3) Canada just announced 400,000 Immigrants each year more than average 350,000 / year, will come to Canada. This will push big Demand for Home and for Rent.
4) Canada spent
346 billions this year 2020 on small population 37.6 millions, and next year 2021 at least 300 billions to continue supporting and helping Canadian families and businesses. This helps Economy recovery, and big Demand Housing, as seen Home Price & Home Sales up across country.
- A Canadian family with 2 children, rich, poor, lost income, lost job during COVID-19 will receive: 2 x 2000$ + 850$ x 2 (Child Benefit) = 5700 $ / month for a year since the beginning of pandemic in March, 2020.

Just announced recently. Canada will bring 401,000 / year  Immigrants in 2021, and next many years, increase from Ave 300,000 / year. 
Top 5 Canada needs more Immigrants because:
" Immigrant is the key to Canada's recovery, attract talents, and long term prosperity "  -> Canadian Government.
1) Increase population. Very small population 37.8 million, thus 401,000 / year in 10 years =  42 millions population still small population, compared to rich industrialized countries. Canada high receives Immigrants / year based on population. But still small population compared to G7 like France = 67 m, UK = 66.6m, Japan  = 127 m, German = 84m, US = 331 m.
=> In Toronto,
Canadian non white has
52% of Toronto & GTA population from Official Statistic in 2017. Some Districts in Toronto & GTA has more than 60% of non white.
2) Increase Products & Services, Consumer Spending 65% of GDP, thus increase Economy, GDP. Canadian aging population needs more Immigrants to produce more Products & Services and boost Consumer Spending.
3) Attract talents. Create more businesses. Immigrants brings skills, and finance contribution to Canada. Then Immigrants Buy Home, rent Home help boost more Demand of Housing Market in Canada. According to Immigrant Minister 1 in 3 businesses created by Immigrants.
4) Cost less to have immigrant than to raise a child until 18 years old become productive.

5) Competition, Innovation, Diverse of Ideas.

Canada opens and welcomes immigrants over the world to contribute, to have Canadian dream. Immigrants, Canadian also send money to help their relatives back their home land. For example,  A Story: A Philippino woman in Toronto, she works minimum wage 14$/ hr = 2240$ /mo (while in Philippine 1.3$  / hr) in Hotel, sent money to help her family in Philippine got thru COVID-19. During COVID-19, in Canada, she lost job. She got 2000$/moth COVID-19 benefit for a year. More than minimum wage, because no tax. If she has 3 children, she gets extra Child Benefits = 850$ x 3 = 2550$ /month. This Child Benefits for child until 17 year old. This benefit  is not COVID-19 benefit. Canadian Child Benefit has before COVID-19 for Canadian family rich or poor. US no Child Benefit. Much better than relief benefit COVID-19 in US for a check 600$ or 2000$, just one time, but very difficult to pass. While just Canadian Child Benefit gives to Canadian family for a child until 17 year old more than US's 600$ cheque just one time. Because US population 331 m vs. Canada population 37.6 m.

The Top 5 reasons Immigrants like Canada: Summary life in Canada in few words
1) Rank in Top 5 most Happiness country in the world, while US, Japan ranks in 20s. Canada is 2nd largest country in the world after Russia. But small population now 37.8 m.
2) Canada is a country for immigrants. Canada is very open policy to immigrants, the most diverse country by population in the world. Canadian came from different walks of life, diverse background.
For example;
Canada doesn't care about your different View of Politics, different backgrounds. If you have Talent, Skill, Money, good Citizen, you are welcome to Canada. It needs you.
- Unlike Japan is Homogeneous Society, 99% are same Japanese. Canada, specially Toronto, is Diverse Society. In Toronto, GTA, people come from different backgrounds, different countries. There are more than 100 different cultures, coutries to live in Toronto, GTA. Toronto is the first multi culture in the World.
3) Free Health Care, free Hospital, free Doctor to every one gets same treatment, true health is #1, regardless Rich, Poor. Only few countries free Health Care, no need, no pay for Health Insurance, not free in US, Japan, South Korea, not free in most Europe countries, UK, German, France, Italy.

People when good health don't think about when got sick. Not see far, not appreciate Free Heath Care until they get sick, their relatives, their children get sick. That's why Canada rank top 5 country of Happiness to live.
=> According to an International Travel & Health Insurance Agency:
Health Care in Canada very expensive. A non-resident visitor expect to pay up to $5,000 / day in a Canada Hospital for non Canadian double that for the intensive care unit, surgery. In Canada Hospital is 10x more expensive than 5* Hotel.

But for a Canadian cost = 0$. For example, see Doctor, in Hospital, MRI, X-Ray ... Everything cost = 0.0$. Every one, job or no job, rich, poor, poor senior, homeless, gets same treatment regardless rich, poor. No 2 -Tier Health Care for rich and poor. True health is #1. People when good health don't think about when got sick. Not see far, not appreciate Free Heath Care until they get sick, their relatives, their children get sick. In other countries, including US, a lot of people got sick means become poor, cost a lot of money. Rather die because can't afford Hospital.

4) Free Education from Grade 1 -> Finish High School Grade 12. While almost Asian countries must pay tuition fee.
5) Canada Child Benefits + Tax Break for having small children helps a lot Canadian Families, rich, poor, work or not work, income or no income. Every family gets CB / child until a child 17 year old. Not seen in G7 industrialized countries. During COVID-19, a Canadian family, rich, poor, working class, middle class lost job with 2 small children gets: 2000$ x 2 + 2 x 850$ CB / child = 5700$ / month up to a year of COVID-19 Benefit. Benefit COVID-19 started from March, 2020 -> Oct 3, 2020. Now extends to another 6 months. While every Canadian family, rich, poor, work or no work, income or no income, gets CB until a child 17 years old. Money deposit direct into mother's bank account. The purpose of Child Benefit is 1) Help Canadian family 2) Reduce child poverty. 3) Increase population

=> Minimum wage = 14$ /  hour, compared to Cost of Living, Canada is the best in G7.

=> There are more. Like Environment, Air Quality, Transportation, large Streets, High ways, fast Subways, Super high ways.....

Is it true that Canada accept more rich economic Immigrants?
It is true that Canada accepts more Economic Immigrants, Skills Immigrants and Family Unification. But Canada also accepts more refugees, around 15% Humanitarian refugees like Syrian.

When are you no more immigrant and become Canadian?
After 5 years you become Canadian. Need to pass citizenship test. Canadian is Canadian. No difference.

How big is A Canadian Dream for an Immigrant? -> Depend on How Big is your Dream.
In Canada, if you are millionaire -> You are on top 4.9% Canadian population, Japan 2.7%, S. Korean 1.7%, German 3.3%, UK 4.9% ... Toronto creates most millionaires more than half in Canada. In any country, we need to dream big what ever situation. We see people low dream, small dream  -> Easy life, self satisfied. Feel enough, even don't have anything. We see people with no dream. Dream Big means work harder, try harder, smarter, more challenging, obstacles, people jealousy, life hardship, difficulties... Dream small easier. No hard work. No struggle.

=> Check Social Media Linked In. Almost people have University Degree have Linked In, like resume, CV. If he/ she has no Linked In, then he/ she has no University Degree, no career of Professionals, not Engineer, not Scientist, not Teacher, not Doctor. Linked In also tells you when that person buy home based on their career. Usually, from the day they started career to 10 year later, they can buy home. Today, even Ave salary of Professor 100,000$ / year can not afford to buy home in Toronto that needs Salary 120,000$ + Deposit at least 20%. Use Data. All is about Honesty is # 1. Knowledge is always better.

But, in Toronto, we have seen people started life = 0, no degree, alone, no support from family, no privileges, diverse backgrounds, become Engineer, Scientist, Professor, and Millionaires. We also see immigrants become 1/2 Millionaires, Millionaires as well. Never happens this in developing and developed countries, other rich industrialized countries. In Toronto, you ask an immigrant what do they want? - Most of them will answer  :" I may work in Factory or minimum wage job to make end meets. But I want my children to become Engineer, Scientist, Teacher, Doctor ...Anything is possible here. "
Let's jump out of small well, see big sky -> Welcome to Toronto, a big City where more than 100 countries, 100 different languages of people from around the world choose to live in Toronto for their second chance of life, and Make Big Dream. These Immigrants are the best in their country come to Canada, Toronto, work hard, only one goal: Be Educated, Be Rich, Be Millionaires. Think Toronto is a Global Olympics, not Local Competition. A lot of Canadian diverse backgrounds become Engineer, Scientist, 1/2 Millionaires, and Millionaires.

But not all Immigrants are success. Empty. No dream.
No where
in the World is heaven, easy for success.
Not comfort zone.
A Scientist Professor has proved that you will not millionaire if don't meet the condition: 1) 150,000$ Income or Salary /year for continuously 20 years OR 2) Have A Home in Toronto at least 20 y.
- Life in Canada, Toronto, in US, in Europe, in Japan, in industrialized countries is not easy to get rich, not easy become a millionaire. ...
A Story: An immigrant lives in Japan for 10y. During COVID-19, she doesn't have enough money to live. Japan minimum wage, like South Korean, China very low. She asked family back home sending her money to live. This story is different story a Filipino female in Canada, worked in Hotel, lost job. She got 2000$ COVID-19 benefit for a year. She sent money back home to help her family.
In Canada, Toronto unless you have Home at least 20 y, you will not become millionaire. Unless high salary like Professor, you bought Home, sign contract at least 30y, 35y, 40y...
- If you bought home 15 years ago, since 2006, you are only 1/2 road, still Bank's home, because the Bank is like investor, stake holder lend you money to buy home.
Assume your mortgage monthly = 4000$ / month, include interest payment, the big debt, mortgage debt = .4000$ x 12 mo x 15 y =  720,000$. Your mortgage Payment monthly most 70% pay for Interest Payment because small Deposit. That's why buy home, need at least 20% Deposit a requirement.

NOTE: Case Study 1: A person buy home 1.5 million dollars after 10 years in 2011, deposit 20% = 300,000$. He said: " I have new House 1.5 millions Home (still Bank's Home, only 10 years. Need at least 20y). Not Honesty. Exaggeration!
But actually his asset = 300,000$ not 1.5 millions. Need work hard at least 25 years more. Scientist calls this is Behaviour Economics. Human, "Greed & Fear", likes to focus on Gain = 1.5 million, not yet Gain, at least 25y more to pay mortgage. But not on Lost = 1.2 millions Debt, current Debt need to pay.

Case Study 2: A person bough home 15 years ago, in 2006. His career is not Professor with 100,000$ salary. He bough home with small Deposit. He still has at least 15 years more on contract. Assume his mortgage payment 4000$ / month include Interest Payment. Thus he still owes mortgage Debt = 4000$ x 12 mo x 15 y = 720,000$ debt .

Case Study 3: Today in Toronto, Ave Home = A Million Dollars Home. Detached Home = 1.5 m, Semi Detached = 1.3m. Salary of Professor 100,000$ can not afford Home in Toronto -> Unless you have a whole Family all together Buy Home = 4 Salary. OK. But you still need to have at least 150,000$ for 20% Deposit. Your Contract at least 40 years to pay off. Better than Nothing.

That's why
*Home Ownership* very important. How many years do you already Buy Home? Mortgage Debt.
  Have Home like Have Business. Need a whole Family working for Home. No Home = Nothing. Try your best.

- 20 years ago, Ave Home = 217,000$, after Deposit, you have mortgage loan around 150,000$ -> 200,000$. Very small but still take 20y to pay off.
- Today, Ave Home = A Million Dollars Home. After Deposit 20%, you have at least 800,000$ -> 1 million. How long to pay off? - Do Math grade 5.
- It is not Type of Home, Detached Home, Semi Detached Home, it is * Home Ownership* -> How Long to Have Home? Mortgage Debt. Have Home big responsibility.
- Mortgage Debt more important than Credit Card Debt. Must pay on time every month. Can't delay -> Lost Home. Take care Mortgage Debt first of all for 30 years. Even hunger. Lost job -> Lost Home, even after 10y have home.

- Living standard is very high. After Tax (usually 20% - 25% of Ave Income 50K/year -  High Income pay more from 30% - 40%) + Miscellaneous deductible like CPP, EI.., then Rent, Car, Insurance, Phone, Restaurant, Grocery, Travel ... you have not much left. 20 years ago Ave home = 217,000$, minimum wage factory around 5.5$/ hr, Engineer, Teacher 15$/ hr. A couple working in factory in 1983, after 15 years save 25,000$ to buy home with 10% Deposit. While a Professor, 50$ / hr = 100,000 $/ year, in 3 months save 25,000$.
- Today, Ave home in Toronto
A Million Dollars Home, salary of 100,000 $ = 50$ / hr can not afford to buy home in Toronto, required 20% Deposit = 200,000$. But in US, you can buy home with 5% Deposit. In Texas, Houston, people buy home Ave = 250,000$ with 3% Deposit = 7,500$, at least 40y to own home. After 20y, still bank's home. The problem of Buy Home small Deposit is that you will pay extra Interest Payment few hundreds thousands of dollars. The 250,000$ house, he could pay 3 times more like = 750,000$. The different between 10% Deposit and 20% Deposit could be = extra 350,000$ dollars more. And take more years to pay mortgage. The sales agent doesn't tell you because the small deposit, the agent, the bank make more money.
one of biggest Cities in the World, population 9.6 m, bigger than Paris, London, more than New York City 8.5 m, where Immigrants, the best in their country, come to Toronto to make their big dream for themselves and for future Generation. Toronto, Ave Home Price rank #4 in the world, built by Immigrants since the beginning of the City, the only multi culture City in the world. But there are obstacles, barriers, biases, challenging, difficulties just like in any City, your City. However, a lot of Immigrants started life =0, overcome challenging, obstacles, become Scientist, Engineer, even Millionaire. Not for people self-satisfies in comfort zone, not heaven, not easy life, not like on TV. Toronto is like your city, but it is diverse of people, 100 nationalities and languages, not homogeneous 99% same people same language, same culture.

A Story: A Canadian Scientist Professor, started life = 0 at 18 alone, grew up in Toronto 30y ago. He already achieved his dream: From Factory -> A Canadian Scientist Professor Millionaire in Toronto. => Professor David. D Click see his [ Cheque ] 20 year ago, 50$ /h, 100,000$ / year. Which is equal to salary 250K /y in today money. When Ave Home Toronto = 217,000$. 20 year ago, Factory minimum wage = 5.5$ / hr. When today, Ave Home Price Toronto = A Million Dollars Home, Factory minimum wage = 14$ /hr. Home up 5 x time, Ave Home 217,000$ x 5 = 1,085,000$, Detached Home 1.5m, Semi Detached Home 1.3m increased 5 times more than 20 years ago, more than Ave Home Price. While minimum wage Salary up from 5.5$ -> 14$ = up 2.5x. Harder Buy Home Today increases 5x than 20 year ago although Salary increases 2.5x. If adjust Salary correlation to Home, 20 year ago 100,000$ / year = today 450,000$ / year. 20 year ago, if he started as Factory Worker 5$/ hr, or Teacher, or Engineer 15$/ hr, he would wait for 10 years later enough saving for Deposit to buy home. Then Home Price in Toronto already more than double price in every 10 years. He could miss. That's why, education will improve your career, salary.
He still keeps working next 20y on the journey of life. He is not satisfied. Last year 2020 was disappointed, stress. Hope this year 2021 will be better. For Millennial from 29 -> 39, dream big, try hard to achieve the best, because all the best is achieved in this age, when you are still the young, the restless, the ambitious, the energy. When you are in 40s, it will be harder.

Dream big even hopeless. Have Hope. Have A Dream.
Why people start up a business? - Because they dream big. One day their start-up will be big, multi-millions, billions dollars. A lot of challenging, difficulty, hard work. Just Have A Dream. Begin with having a dream. Success or not, is not important. The future is not to tell. Whatever will be, will be.
Some people think life is simple, food to eat, good enough. I don't need Money, Title Scientist, Engineer, Doctor.., Rich, Car, Home... They are Material Life will make you work harder, try harder, smarter, suffering, hardship. I satisfied with my life simple, no Home, no Bills, no Car = Nothing worry. Why should I choose hardship, difficulty, suffering? -> This is Have No Dream. Hopeless. When people Have No Dream, it becomes hopeless, no goals, no future, miserable. If People in the society think like this, then you will not build a strong, better society, because people don't want anything, no progress, no better future. There will be no Scientist, no Teacher, no Doctor, no Engineer.. Because people don't want Title. People will not work harder because they don't want Money -> Thus less Products & Services are made and produced.  People rather Homeless than work hard 20y to have Home. People want to have fun, satisfied, simple, happy. Poor people every where because they don't want Rich.
According to Scientist
, material life like Money, Car, Home.. will make people work harder, more money rewarded, Hard work & Reward, richer, and productive, produce more, and become rich Consumer Spending 60% -> 65% of GDP, of Economy. Because when you have Money, Car, Home, you have no choice but work harder, improve you career, more money. But hardship is rewarded, like Have A Home, not Homeless, more Money. Just Dream A Home makes you work hard 20 years non stopping. The Reward is Home, Money, Something.
=> When people don't want anything. They don't Have A Dream. Not talking Big Dream. When you say I don't want: Money, Title, Home.. -> You need to Have A Dream.
When I started life =0 in Toronto, homeless, worked in factory 5$ /hr, no degree, I had dream to become an Engineer, rich, improve my life better. The salary of Professor 50$ / hr = 100,000$ / year helped buy home in 3 months = Same the salary of factory couple 5.50$ / hr combined, saving 25,000$ for 15 years. 20 year ago, if you started as Factory Worker 5$/ hr, or Teacher, or Engineer 15$/ hr, you would wait for 10 years later enough saving for Deposit to buy home. Then Home Price in Toronto already more double price in every 10 years. Could miss. 
People want big dream, rich, success. People like success story of immigrants  (I am not an immigrant) started life = 0, inspired them. Specially Toronto where diverse population more than 50%.
If you are an immigrant, new comer, after 5 year, you will become a Canadian after passing citizenship test. And after 10 years, you adapt well in to society like any Canadian.
I like to tell story. Still continue next 20 years to contribute society.
In Toronto, if I can do it. So do you, where ever you live. You maybe a small town person come to live in big city alone. Started life = 0, no family, no degree, no support.
Toronto is not different with your City. You will make it. No worry. Good luck. This I share with you story from my life experience in the big city Toronto.

October 2020

Data just released on Oct 7, 2020: Just in new Home Data for Vancouver, Ottawa, Montreal in Oct,2020

City of Toronto Average Home Price for all Properties in Toronto for month September, 2020 is: $1,022,051 compared to  Sep 2019 = $913,018
-> An increase $109,033. Home Sales Up 42% a new record high of September month, compared to last year Sept, 2019 when no COVID-19.

Home Sales of Semi Detached is high 48.8%, Detached Home 28.1%, Town Home 21.5%, Condos 7%
-> Condos Listing Downtown hit 215% compared to last year. Seems over Condos Supply for Sales, sign of weakness.
-> Semi Detached Home continues the most Demand Property, last month August
up 82%, this Sept month up 50%.
A person bought a semi detached in City of Toronto last year, just sold their semi home last month Sep, 2020 after 1 week of Listing, profit = 125,000$ after 1 years buy home. While Ave Semi Detached up = 76,440$.
GTA Sept, 2020, Home Price = 960,772$ compared to  last year Sep 2019 = $843,115.
- In Sept 2020, Detached Home in GTA = $1,104,866 - Last month =$1,023,987. Last year = $946,256
- A difference Detached Home in GTA with Semi Detached Home Toronto =  $41,000

Home Price changed ups/ downs month to month not important, not "real change". Compare year to year, take a year to see "real change" more accuracy.

Important News in October: The reason for Home Sales & Home Price in breaking-record high because:
1) The Interest Rate As usually number #1: Still at 0.25% record low, borrowing cost to buy home is very low -> Demand up
The Supply issues - still lack of Home Supply -> Supply decreased
The pent up Demand up because in the time of COVID-19, people don't travel, stay local. So they shop for home, and pent up Demand from spring March -> May, when people stay home lock down during peak COVID-19. Now they buy home. -> Demand up.
All kinds of COVID-19 Benefit packages for Business and People. Canada pumps up 346 billions dollars into economy in order to support 37.6 m small population of Canadian, Businesses -> Demand up. Canada continues extending all kinds of COVID-19 Benefits Package that will end in Dec, 2020 until June 2021, .
For example;
Big benefit package like 1) CERB (Canada Emergency Response Benefit) each person lost Job, Self-employed like Taxi Driver, Yoga, Music Instructor, Contract Worker, who not qualify for EI (Employment Insurance)... Now got 2000$ / month from COVID-19 began in March 2020 should be ended in Oct 3, 2020, now extends to 6 months more. All kinds of COVID-19 Benefits like: 2) Wage Subsidize Program (CEWS Canada Emergency Wage Subsidy) to support Salary of Employees to 75%. Then COVID-19 Benefit for Support Business Rent, Commercial Rent 75%, Business Loan no interest, College Student Benefit each gets 1250$/ mo for 6 months has ended in Sept, 2020 when students back to school. Child Benefit 850$ / month/ child, 2 Childs = 1700$ / mo deposit direct into Mother's Bank account, regardless rich or poor family. Child Benefit support children until 17 years old. Not including all kinds of benefits from Province.  
5) Mortgage, Rent deferral from Government Policy, Bank supports loan mortgage deferral for Home Owners
Economic Improvement. Job Growth. Canada sees much economic improvement. Home Price and Home Sales up across Canada.
It is Consumer Spending accountable for 65% (in US 70%) of Economy, GDP, is powered up by Gov spending from all kinds of COVID-19 benefits 346 billions, Monetary policy from Central Bank lowest Interest Rate 0.25% in history, and the increase of Home Price across country. Most lost Jobs in low wage workers, such as, restaurant, travel. On average Middle Class Canadian asset across country around 350,000$.
Ave Home Price across Canada is 464,000$, not including Vancouver, Toronto. Canada around 2 trillions GDP economy on population 37.6 m, the more population the more Consumer Spending. In 2019, its 2019 Export = 446.5 billions, 2019 Gov Budget = 355.6 billions, 2019 Consumer Spending = 1.2 trillions dollars (1187,398 Billion in 2019). Consumer Spending > More than Gov Spending + Export.

How is CERB (Canada Emergency Response Benefit) in Transition to EI System and EI Rules. All in One System?
Category 1) For those on CERB but do not qualify for EI like self-employed, gig economy, free lance, contract, music, yoga Instructor, Taxi, Uber driver ... in Category 1.  Who do not qualify for EI because not working full time, not full time Employee, not enough EI Insurable Hours. They will be transferred from CERB expired on Oct 3 to EI System and Rules. They will get 2000$ / mo for 6 months, or 26 weeks, the minimum of weeks, from Oct, 2020 -> April 2021. According EI Benefit based on Unemployment Rate of  at least 13.1% -> 14%.
Category 2) For those who on CERB but qualify for EI like full time Employee of a company. Who qualify for EI because working full time. They will be transferred from CERB expired on Oct 3 to EI System and Rules. They will get 2000$ / mo for at least 6 months depend on their work status.
For example, an employee started working full time
8 months for a company in Category 2, on Jan 2020 then was let go because of COVID-19 in August, 2020 after 8 months. Total Insurable Hour = 160 x 8 + 300 extra benefit insurable hour = 1580 insurable hours. Because in time of COVID-19, Canada made easy for people to qualify for EI, it pus the Employment Rate to at least 13.1% -> Thus EI Benefits amount allows this person will get work 8 months get 45 weeks benefit. (= Maximum of number of benefit weeks entitled in EI is 45 weeks) - Each week = 500$. While those gig economy in category 1, who not qualify for EI get only 26 weeks. Based on the minimum weeks of benefits entitles of EI Rules
For example, an employee working full time
4 months for a company in Category 2. Total Insurable Hours = 4 x 160 + 300 hour benefits extra = 940 insurable hours. According EI Benefit based on Unemployment Rate of 13.1% - The total Week Paid Benefits  for work 4 months = get 33 weeks benefit of benefit 500$ / week.

=> From View of Computer Scientist System Analyst & Design, this is easy to implement the Rules and System Design = All in One System + Avoid mistake payment of benefit. This is easy to modify computer system.
There were already EI Rules built in the EI computer system, already design & built. All we need to do is to raise the EI Rues make it easy for people to qualify + more weeks of benefit. Or to lower the EI Rules make it difficult to qualify + Less weeks of benefit. We just need to adjust the Rules.
For example, in time of COVID-19, raise to Benefit paid based on Unemployment Rate to at least 13.1%. Thus more people qualify for EI + More weeks of benefit -> Every one shares the same Rules.
For example, when COVID-19 is over, all we need to do is lower the Unemployment Rate from 13.1% standard in the time of COVID-19 now to local level like before pandemic in Toronto = 6% Unemployment Rate -> Harder qualify for EI and Benefit paid less weeks. Those people in Category 1 will not qualify for EI. People in Category 2 working for 4 moths will not qualify also, because not enough Insurable Hours = 4 mo x 160 = 640 Insurable Hours applied before COVID-19. EI Rules before COVID-19 : Need minimum 700 Insurable Hours for Unemployment Rate <= 6% and Benefit weeks = 14 weeks. Not 33 weeks now. And the benefit will be much less than 500$ / week. Work minimum wage 14$, 15$ / hr -> Will get around
270$ / week (after tax) before COVID-19, not 500$ / week in time of COVID-19

Later Gov can always change EI Rules if Economy improves. Or The New Government could change the Policy.
- Which will affect people apply for EI later, not affect for people already applied. For example, vaccine out, COVID-19 over, economy improve, in Jan  2021, Gov will change EI Rules back to normal. People already applied before Jan, 2021 will still entitle to benefit as now. New people apply for EI in Jan, 2021 will get EI Rues back to normal as before COVID-19. Canada's Job Data this month good improvement, suggesting Canada Economy in recovery.

The Rule is the Rule, same for every one. For example, a person says:"- I have been working for 10y then got laid off because of COVID-19. I got 45 weeks maximum like the person working only 8 months?" - Yes, you get 45 weeks maximum of benefit. The Rule is the Rule.

=> This is an example of  EI System is built by Computer Scientist Analyse, Design, and Build Computer System. There are Data & Rules. No mouth.

Child Benefit helps the rich, the middle class or the working class, the poor?
- Canada has good Child Benefit rank #3 in the world, after Norway, Denmark. Child Benefit helps Canadian families regardless rich, poor, classes, and increase population. But actually help the middle class, the rich more. The average asset of Canadian middle class is 350,000$, high in the world. In Singapore around 280,000$. The working class, the poor need work hard at least 80 years to have such money 350,000$. See CNBC How Much and How Long You Save to Buy Home in US. Depend on where you live. We use Data source from big Financial Institution CNBC, not from mouth. In Chicago, Illinois good city, save 51,000$ take 19 years. Have 100K = 38 years working hard. The working class can't afford to have children even good Child Benefit, because there is cost to have children, mostly Child Care. Both working class parent need working.  -> Thus need Child Care, very expensive. Thus most cost. While a middle class family already have 350,000$. The wife can afford stay home take good care of children. And have 1700$ deposit into the mother bank account, not the father. And also save a lot of money for Child Care, and take good care their children.

Since 20y ago, every year Toronto Home has returned 65,000$ -> 75,000$, which is equal to salary 150,000$. This year 2020 compared to last year, it returns 196,000$. See we explain below.

=>  Home Sales is up in breaking record, specially Semi Detached
=> Sales Condos is not much only 7.7%, because: 1) COVID-19 people don't like to live, sharing with others, ups/ downs in elevators, corridor  2) People put up Condos for Sales in record, Listing up 215% compared to last year. Sign of weakness 3) People work from Home. So they buy home outside Toronto, suburban more space, cheaper than Condos in City of Toronto.
=> The Average Home Price in City of Toronto still above 1 million dollar =

GTA (Greater Toronto Area)
District around Toronto. Population around 6.2 millions.

GTA Ave Home Price = 960,772$.
Include: York Region, Peel Region, Halton Region
Rest of GTA (905) = 931,834$. Include: Durham Region

City of Toronto, or 416 phone area code, population around 3.3 millions. 2 biggest University of Canada is : York University rank #2 in North York, University of Toronto, rank #1 in Downtown.
where Ave Home Price  = 1,022,051$. City of Toronto, 3.3 millions population. Its MunicipalityNorth York, Etobicoke, East York, core Downtown Toronto.

Top 5 Biggest Cities in US & Canada:
1) Toronto = 9.5 m, City of Toronto for Toronto, where Stock Market TSX, Center of Banks, Financial Institution, Manufacture Hub. Population = 3.3 m. 2 biggest University in Canada is York Unv #2, U of Toronto #1 in City of Toronto. City of Toronto is Capital of Province Ontario.
2) New York = 8.6 m. City of New York is Manhattan, where Stock Market, Down Jones, NASDAQ, UN Headquarter, Center of Financial Institutions US, population = 1.7 m (Manhattan like City of Toronto for Toronto). New York is Capital of State = New York State
3) Los Angeles 4m, 4) Chicago 2.8 m 5) Houston 2.3 m

Toronto = GTA + City of Toronto

A lot of confusion using Ave Home Price for Toronto.
Some Media Companies use only
one Ave Home Price  = GTA Ave Home Price = 960,772$ for Toronto. Make it simple.

We use Ave Home Price Toronto for City of Toronto (416) = 1,022,051$, not Toronto GTA.

- How to Become A Millionaire. But don't forget the Debt. (Update Nov, 2020)
Millionaire =  Total Asset of Home + Car + Jewellery + Cash + Investment ... - Total Debt
(Credit card Debt, Mortgage Debt, Whatever debt ...).
In fairness and honesty.
For example,
1) A person bought Home in 2005 with small Deposit 10%, still has 15 years more to pay off home. Giving mortgage 3000$ / mo -> Thus 3000$ / mo ( Include Interest ) x 12 x 15y = 540,000$ in debt. Need work hard 15 years more.
2) A person shows his home, said: "- I Buy this Home 1.5 millions dollars." -> Need to know: 1) How Much Deposit 2) How long already Ownership. At least 20y.
=> Actually, Total Asset = 300,000$ of 20% Deposit. Total Debt = 1.2 millions. Before gain 300,000$, now lost 1.2 millions dollars. -> Big Debt to Nothing. But good debt. Still better than pay RENT = Big Debt for Ever.
NOTE: This is not small Credit Card debt few thousands. Mortgage Debt usually hundreds of thousands dollars, you need to pay on time, or lost your home. This Scientist calls "Behaviour Economics". Human Behaviour focus on Gains
(1.5 millions, not yet), not Lost (1.2 millions), Greed and Fear.
=> Not yet gain 1.5 million dollars. Need working hard at least 35y more for such big mortgage
1.200,000 $Go back 20 years ago when Home so cheap Ave 217,000$, after high Deposit, mortgage around 150,000$ -> 200,000$ Still take 20 years to pay off. Because of almost payment / month like 75% for Interest Loan.
That's why ask
What were you doing 20 y ago when Toronto Home so cheap? "
=> Question :" Why in Toronto, people can afford A Million Dollars Home, like drive 250,000$ Mercedes? "
=> Answer: "- According to "The Wealth Effect Theory" = Wealth Creates more Wealth. Higher Home Price -> Create more wealth for people, who now can afford higher Home Price -> More Demand for home. Thus push home price higher => Thus People more Wealth because of higher Home Price -> Thus more Demand for Home and Push Home Price higher -> In circle. 20 y ago 217,000$ Home -> 10 years later 500,000$ Home -> Now 1,000,000$ Home -> Still more Demand for Home. Sales on record in the time of COVID-19.
This calls "The Wealth Effect Theory explains why people in Toronto can afford high Home Price. And why Home Price keeps pushing higher, double every 10 years, as proven by Data by a Data & Computer Scientist Prof.
Not worry about high Home Price -> More Demand. But worry about lower Home Price -> Less Demand.
The Wealth Effect Theory says that this Wealth is spreading thru society, community. Benefit for all people.".
Toronto is where rich middle class, millionaires live,
rich by Home. Data shows people buy home in Toronto: 55% Rich Middle Class, Millionaires, 25% Immigrants, 15% Millennium a lot got help from the 55% of rich middle class, millionaires, only 5%  Foreigners. "

The Wealth Effect Theory combines Economics with Data Science from the Author of this Blog.

How To Become A Millionaire and Who is A Millionaire with few Rules applied?

A Data Scientist and Professor, said:
"Use Data no Mouth. The way Data Scientist Collect Data, Relationship Data, Correction Data, Analyze Data, Normalize Data in different Conditions -> different Methods.

Find Millionaires search thru millions of Homes, Condos, all kinds of properties in Canada is impossible -> No Law allows. Can't ask millions of home owners in Canada list their Asset. In Canada, US, this is invasion of privacy. Then "- How do you know their asset? " - Take 10 years + thousands of staff to do Statistics to collect hundreds of thousands of Data. Cost hundreds of millions of dollars -> But there is Methodology by Data Scientist. Experienced Data Scientist can get Data.

Canada is a rich industrialized G7 country. A lot of millionaires. Rank #2 by Population in the World, after US. Every one wants to Become A Millionaire. Not easy. Need to follow the Data and the Rules applied for "every one". No biased, in fairness, inclusive. Simple not complicated "Rules". We explain the Rules below. I know a lot of Professors, salary over 100,000$, but a lot of them are not Millionaires. See A Story in this Blog. If you not yet, wait for your time will come. We wish you work hard, contribute to society, and proud "Become A Millionaire", which is a huge contribution to society, top 4.9% Canadian population. No jealousy.

=> 90% of Middle Class Home Owners Asset is Home. Who Buy e
ither Detached Home or Semi Detached Home with 1) High Deposit at least 25%, 2) Ownership at least 20y 3) Location Ave Home Price = A Million Dollar Home like in Toronto, Vancouver (Ave Home Price rank #3 in time of COVID-19 only after Hong Kong, Singapore in the World. But now, Toronto surpasses Vancouver) -> Become A Millionaire => You Are A Millionaire on top 5% of population in Canada. After combined all assets: Home + Car + Bank Acct + 401 K + Misc stuff - Debt.  -> Based on latest "official" Toronto Home DATA in 2020. No mouth Data he said, she said.

How to find Millionaires people who satisfy these 3 Rules? - Easy.
-> 1) When?
Go back 20y career - The Rule needs 20y Ownership. Need pay mortgage at least 20y. But started career 20y ago doesn't mean you can buy home right away. Take at least 12y after started career you can Buy Home. Then in Toronto, Home already double Price every 10y. You missed. Unless you were a Professor Buy Home within  a year.
-> 2) What was He/ She doing at the time Buy Home? - The Rule needs at least 30% of Deposit. This is your career, salary, income at the time Buy Home. High Income -> High Deposit.
See A Story in this Blog: 20y ago,
A couple working in Factory take them 15 years to Save 25,000$ in combined Salary to Buy Home small Deposit 10%. While it takes a Professor 50$ /hr working for 3 months to have 25,000$ back 20y ago. See also Data from CNBC:= How Many Years People Saving Money to Buy Home -> https://www.cnbc.com/2019/06/11/salary-needed-to-buy-a-home-in-major-us-cities.html
-> 3) Where they live? The Rule needs Location that has Ave Home Price = A Million Dollars Home. Like Hong Kong, Singapore, Vancouver, Toronto, Shanghais... Top 5 Cities in the World by CNBC, has Ave Home Price = A Million Dollars Home. Canada has 2 Cities Vancouver, Toronto in Top 10 Cities high Home Price in the World, China, US as well. During time COVID-19, most Properties, Home in top 10 Cities in the World Home Price dropped a lot. In Canada, Vancouver does not drop, stand same Home Price last year 2019. See Data in this Blog. Only Toronto increased 20.1% =  200,000$ in Aug, 2020.

=> This 3 Rules will help "filter" a lot of Data. If not filter, the population of Millionaires in Toronto could be more than Japan's population of millionaires, currently rank #3 in the world.

These 3 Rules can apply for all Cities in the world. Help quickly filter a lot data. Easy making decision. A lot Leaders in Business Don't Make Decision Using Data, biased, lack of ability "Problem Solving", lack of capacity to Analyze, see far, making no good decision  
1) Should trust Data than trust
mouth Data
-> No good, Listen to mouth data, he said, she said.
For example, A person said :"- My Home is 1.5 millions dollars, but he/ she doesn't say 1.2 million dollar Mortgage Debt."
For example
, 20y ago, Took a couple working in Factory
15 years to save 25,000$, to Buy Home with 10% Deposit, Ave Home 20y ago = 217,000$. While took a Professor only 3 months, 50$ / hr to save 25,000$ -> 95% people don't believe until proven Data, change their thinking.
NOTE: 20 year ago, factory, minimum wage = 5.50$ / hr, 25,000$ was a lot.
2) Trust Data more than
Experience. While Experience of course is very important. But because a lot of people gain experience thru their own "Human Intelligence" of Believe, Assumption. Different people have different belief, biased, lack of knowledge, lack of Data, not scientifically Data proven.
Experience also depends on different Backgrounds, a Professor, an Engineer, A Scientist .. their experience different with people who are not.
For example,
different Manager, Sales Manager each has its own different experience about sales, management. Who do you trust? If listen to no good advice, the company will stay the same, never grow, no innovation.
For example, A company in Business as usual for 20 years of business experience, no new Ideas, no Innovation. Until, one person from outside of the box comes inside and changed every thing. While inside Managers 20y experience see nothing like no experience.
3)Trust Data more than
Words. Because words make people feel good, but Data not.
Because Data is honesty.
Human Behaviour is Basic Instincts, pattern of behaviours, feeling, like, hate, love, making decision response to different situation for survival, evolved thru Human Evolution for thousands of years, Greed & Fear, like Gain more than Lost... Thus make decision not good.
For example, 95% people
who Buy Home 1.5 million with  20% Deposit = 300,000$ -> Think they own 1.5 millions
Home, ignore 1.2 million dollars Debt. Lack of good judgment. This is Human Behaviour, most don't like Data.

=> Find When, Where, What -> Look at Linked In social media. 95% Professionals with University Degree, Have Professional jobs -> They Have Linked In.
Thus, we can tell a person is millionaire or their asset. Because Linked In will tell a person 1) When Started working 2) What Career 3) Where they live. A person no Linked In account is not A Professional, like Engineer, Scientist.

If you are A Millionaire -> Take time 20y for You Work hard & Save 65,000$ / year in 20y. Which means 1) You need salary or Income at least 150,000$ / year for 20 years. Because after Income Tax, Living Expensive you Save 65K -> 75K / year. Take 20 year Work hard 20y & Save 65K / y = Become A Millionaire. OR:
2) Just
Buy Home in Toronto. Then Work hard 20y for Home please. Its Return On Investment ROI = 65K -> 75K in 20y. Most Toronto Millionaires Become A Millionaire By Home Rich.

Wish you Become A Millionaire. But don't forget the Debt. Millionaire =  Total Asset - Total Debt. In fairness and honesty for all. (Update Oct 31, 2020)
For example, a person still have 15 years more to pay off home. Giving mortgage 3000$ / mo -> Thus 3000$ / mo x 12 x 15y = 540,000$ in debt. A person shows his home, said: "- I buy this Home 1.5 millions dollars, a new home." -> Actually, Total Asset = 300,000$ of 20% Deposit. Total Debt = 1.2 millions Debt. Big Debt to Nothing

NOTE: - When we "Collect Data" hundreds of thousands even millions Data Set (Table Data with many fields), we Normalize Data all the same based on the same rules. No biased. For example, we don't pickup some areas, some expensive home, "mouth Data" in order to present as a whole population. Different situation has different way Collecting Data. Collect Data Sales Orders, generated from millions of Customers ordered online is easy. Sales Data is stored Database is different with Collect Data of Millionaires in population, more difficult, not available in database. Sales Data, Customer Data is easy to find, measure. For example, Measure Total Sales, Total Tax, " - How Many Customers ordered more than 1531$ " from 100 millions of Customers = Easy. But hard to measure How Many Millionaires in population.
But with the "Business Rules" applied
"same Business Rules applied on Data" for every one who satisfied these Rules. We don't know Who are they, fairness, no biased -> We can Normalize Data, filter Data, find Data of Millionaires population easily. It is like "How Can We Find The Most Expensive Home Price Top 10 in the World"
- Each city has millions of Home, each Home is different values, each street different, each area different ... Even poor city still has Home worth 2 millions dollars. Hundreds of thousands of mouth Data, my home price, my friends home price, this area Home Price.
A person in Mississauga, in GTA says
"- This Home worth 2 million dollars" straight from mouth. Then x hundreds of thousands mouth Data. Suddenly, a whole Mississauga City's Home worth 2 millions dollars Home.. No "Official" Data, only mouth Data.
But actually, Ave Home Price in Mississauga around 800,000$.
A person says "- In Tokyo, this area Home worth 3 millions dollars. Why not on Top 10 list?" - Pickup some expensive area
A person, after graduated from school, just working 5 years, says "- I bought this Home 1.5 millions dollars."
A person says "- I have Home and car" .
But Total Asset =  50K. Buy Home 400,000$ with 10% Deposit + Used Car 10K = 50K
A person, started working in factory, or low wage, 15 years, says "- I bought this Home 1.5 millions dollars."
NOTE: Took a couple working in factory 15 yeas to save 25,000$. Also see CNBC data. On Average, take 12 years working for Saving Buy Home with small Deposit like 10% for Home Price around 300,000$. But, we talk about Toronto = A Million Dollars Home.
A Professor, started working 12 years, salary 100,000$, says "- I bought this Home in Toronto 1year 1.5 m "
-> Using Data, Could you analyze what is the difference between them? We don't talk about 300,000$, 400,000$, dollars Home. It is 1.5 millions dollars Home.
Since Toronto Ave Home = A Million Dollar Home -> A lot people in Toronto say mouth Data, when asked. Look like almost 90% Toronto people are millionaires = More 5 x Millionaires than Japan. While Data tells only 2.5% = around 260,000 millionaires in population 9.6 m.

-> "Mouth Data" every where. People use mouth data like mouth data.

How can you compare Hong Kong with Toronto, compare Vancouver with Toronto?
When Collect Data, Analyze Data, Scientists don't use mouth Data, a lot of noise. Use "Official Data", Ave Home Price Data, doesn't matter a Person says. It is mouth Data that makes Housing Market unstable, affect Home Price. All applied Data same Rules. Let's Data itself speaks honesty. Not mouth.

Why Deposit?
Update Oct 5, 2020 - Very important.
In the Story, 20y ago, it takes 15 years for a couple working very hard to save 25,000$ for 10% Deposit for Ave Home 217,000$. Thus Deposit 20% = 50,000$ take 30y work hard = Buy 2 x Homes of 10%. Thus the couple can't Buy Home,
because extra  working hard 15 y = Home double Price in 10y in Toronto. Deposit 30% = 75,000$, take 45y work hard = Buy 3 x Home of 10% Deposit. Impossible for the couple Buy Home. A different in 10% of Deposit = Extra 12 years of Payment to pay off Home = Cost extra hundreds of thousands of dollars.

A 5%, 10% Deposit will take at least 30y, 35 y, 40y  pay off Home.
Buy Home 10%, 5% by low income, low salary, is not the same as Buy Home 20%, 30% -> Check low income -> Buy Home 5%, 10% Deposit for sure.
A different between 10% Deposit and 20% Deposit is at least extra 10 years payment more.
Assume you pay
3000$ / month mortgage (small) = 3000$ / m x 12m x 10y = 360,000$ extra payment Debt. Like Mortgage Debt, people ignore extra 10 years of extra payment Debt.

Why Home Ownership?  - Most people with Ave Income not High Income, Buy Home at least 30 year, with small Deposit. So Buy Home less than 15y with 10% Deposit, ownership around  40% is still Bank's Home. Because the first 15y you pay more for Interest Payment like 75% of "loan" you borrowed when Buy Home, specially when small Deposit like 10%. The first 15y, you pay for actual  Mortgage Principle around 25%. For example, you borrows 10,000$ loan from Bank. Each month you pay 299$ / mo, only 99 $ into principle of loan = 10K - 99$, 200$ for Interest of loan. After 15y, payment acceleration for Mortgage Principle more than Interest Payment, because less money for interest.
=> Need work hard for Home at least 20y, specially when Buy Home low Deposit
=> Check @ the Time Buy Home: Go back 10y, 15y, 20y 
"- What was he doing? Low wage, thus small Deposit 5%,10%, different with Engineer, Professor. " Or the Salary of the person at the time Buy Home. What was he/ she doing @ the time of Buy Home => % Deposit high or low

Why Location? -We look at "Location" Ave Home Price = A Million Dollar Home, based on "Official Data" from reliable source. We use Average Home Price Data to calculate and compare. Without Average Data, you can't calculate and compare Hong Kong, Singapore with Toronto, Vancouver. You can't compare Toronto with Vancouver without Average Home Price.
Otherwise, people in Vancouver say their Home Price is most expensive using thousands of mouth data, everywhere: My home Data, my neighbour Home Data, my friend Home Data, this street Home Data, this area Home Data.... Impossible for Scientist to calculate and compare. A person in Vancouver on TV said "- Homes in Vancouver on this street around 2 millions". Straight from mouth not based on any Data.
A person in Toronto said "- In Toronto Homes on this street around 3 millions. "
-Straight from mouth
That's why Toronto now is leading Vancouver in all Home Price of all categories when compared
Average Home Price Vancouver with Toronto.
Toronto, Vancouver Home Price very high, rank #3, 4# in the World according to CNBC after Hong Kong, Singapore, specially in the time of COVID-19 . Which is different with other Locations in Canada, US and around the world.
Become A Millionaire -> We look at Location, where Ave of Home like Detached or Semi Detached in "Official Data" of Home Price Average = A Million Dollar Home.
We don't look at mouth data, he said, she said, they said ...Mouth ExacerbationNot scientifically. Show me the Data please -> All Official Data provided available ** right here ** this Blog. Scientist speaks Data, no biased. <=> Honesty is #1  

However, don't need to know Who Is Millionaire. All you need to know is every year since 20y ago, Toronto Home has returned 65,000$ -> 75,000$, which equal to salary around 150,000$ . This year 2020 compared to last year, it returns 196,000$

NOTE: This Data makes people feel good. But we don't use Data to make people feel good or bad, like it or not. We report Data, and make sense of Data.

All Data provided are "Official Data", not "mouth Data, he said, she said, they said Data" => So that you can verify.

- It doesn't matter How Much  you MAKE. How Much you HAVE that counts
For Example,
you made 50,000$ / year. But after spending, minus for Tax + Rent + Food + Car + Insurance, Phone, Living Expensive, Travel, Debt... You Have 6000$ / year that counts, not 50,000$ / year.
A Scientist Professor: " - Toronto Home in the past 20 years returned profit 65K -> 75K / year, equal to salary of 150,000$ / year. This year 2020 in August,Toronto Home returns higher last year near 200,000$ compared to 2019 last year. More than 3x of 65K-> 75K. Thus :
1 x Home = 150,000$ / year salary
2 x Homes = 300,000$ / year salary
3 x Homes = 450,000$ /year salary

To Become A Millionaire 2 choices:
1) Have salary 150,000$ continuous 20 years.
2) Buy A Home in Toronto. Keep it 20 years.

See how the Scientist Professor proves below.

Started life = 0. No Inheritance, no Help from family, no Privileges.
Millionaire  By Population:
- In Canada, Millionaires in 4.9% , US 7.8%, Japan 2.7%, S.Korean 1.8%, UK 4.9%, German 3.2%, Singapore 4.0%. - Adult Population over 18.
- In Toronto around 2.5% Millionaires, 260,000 Millionaires in 9.6 m population. Richest country in Asia Singapore around 197,000 millionaires.
-> Research shows that
a strong correlation between Home Price and Millionaire Population. Toronto population 9.6 millions, and Average Home Price is A Million Dollars Home rank #3 in the World, same as Vancouver.

Millionaires make big money by brain.

- In US, you can Buy Home with 5%. A big Debt. A Home 400,000$, Deposit 5%= 20,000$. Carry A Big Debt 35 y.
- How to Become A Millionaire. But don't forget the Debt.
Millionaire =  Total Asset of Home + Car + Jewellery + Cash + 401K + Investment ... - Total Debt
(Credit card Debt, Mortgage Debt, Whatever debt ...).
In fairness, no biases, and honesty #1.

Example: You Buy Home 10y ago in 2010.  Still have 20y mortgage left. Giving your mortgage 3000$ / mo include interest. Thus your debt is: 3000$ x 12 m x 20 y = 720,000$ Debt - No Bias, Honesty.
- Home Ownership: very important. Usually people low Deposit less than 30% on mortgage at least 30 years, some people 35y, 40y... You bought home 15 y ago or since 2006, you only 1/2 road. If your mortgage 4000$ / month -> You in mortgage debt 4000$ x 12 m x 15 y =  720,000$ in Mortgage Debt.

I still work hard next 20 years.
Follow the Data and the Rules I show you please.
Use your brain
. No listen to non sense mouth, no Data. No good for you.

My Advice as Data & Computer Scientist,
real experience:
1) A Canadian, 30 years Life Experience to live in the City of Toronto.
Started life = 0 @ 18, poor, alone, no family support, homeless, no thing, no degree, no privileges. Facing all kinds of obstacles, challenges, biases, from Factory -> Scientist Professor, Millionaire in the City of Toronto.
What were you doing 20 year ago when Toronto Home so cheap?
Since 20 years ago, I started career early 20y ago as Professor 50$ / hr,
100,000$ / year in Toronto. Back 20 y ago, Ave Home in Toronto 217,000$. Today A Million Dollars Home. Factory, minimum wage 5.5$, today 14$ increased 2.5x. So my salary 20 year ago, today is 250,000$ / y. If correlation Salary with Home Price increased 5x since 20 y ago-> Now Ave = 1,025,925$, Detached = 1.5m, Semi = 1.3 m in 2020.  So 20 y ago 50$ / hr or 100,000$ /y = increase 5x = 500,000$ Salary in today money. If you work for Government as Public Employee, salary 100K / y will put you on Sunshine List top 1% Public Employee's Salary. Harder Buy Home today than 20y ago, even salary has increase 2.5x since 20y ago. By Inflation, over time, car, money lost value. Only Home gains value.
See his [ Cheque ]. Different people have different experience, different thinking. I talk from my "real experience" in big City, not reading, not imagination.
Every time he says he always shows Data. Not mouth

He says: " - Already 20 years in Middle Class, very long road work hard for Home. 20 years long enough, one step further Become A Millionaire -> A big Dream takes 20 years. That's why I ask people be patient -> Take 20 years Work hard & Reward -> Every day 9am - 5pm you go to work hard for your Home, say, " I want to Become A Millionaire " -> Don't be shy. It is Canada. A Home in Toronto will help you get big dream. Other Locations will not. Because you need Income or Salary 150,000 $ / year work hard for 20 y continuously in order Become A Millionaire. To Choose Where to Live, Where to Buy Home, Where to do Business, Location is always number #1 -> You are lucky to live in City, where Ave Home Price rank #3 in the World like in Vancouver, in Toronto, Canada. Specially, in the City of Toronto. Every year, Toronto Home returns 65,000$ -> 75,000$, equal to Salary or Income of 150,000$ / year, as already proven in the past 20 years by a Data & Computer Scientist Professor.
=> Just buy home in Toronto
. Then let Home work it out for you Become A Millionaire. You just need to work hard for Home for 20 years
There is not such a fast rich Millionaire. Even Professor salary 100K / year.
To Live you must pay. Can't avoid responsibility.
1) Pay your Rent 20 years Become A
Homeless. OR.
2) Pay your Home in Toronto 20 years Become A

I want you Become A Millionaire. (Nov, 2020)
Two choices: 1) Have Income or Salary 150,000$ continuously for 20 years. If some one say they are "A Millionaire". Then you ask the same question: " - Do you have Income or Salary 150,000$ continuously for 20 years? More than Ave Salary of Professor = 100K / year.  " Or:
2) Buy Home in Toronto.
Already proven by people who bought Home at least 20 y in the City of Toronto
-> Explain below.
Based on latest Data of Ave Toronto Home Price in 2020. It is proven by a Data & Computer Scientist Professor. Not mouth.

A Canadian Scientist Professor, 20 y ago, his salary 50$ / hr, 100,000$ / year. Today this salary equal to 250,000$ / year.
He says: " Millionaires used Brain, intelligence to get rich. You work very hard, minimum wage, low wage hardly to get rich but get by.
Even salary of Professor 100,000$ /  y + Work hard for 20y still can't not Become a Millionaire. Already proven below.
=> Unless you lucky, live in Location like Vancouver, Toronto, and you buy home when so cheap, with small deposit 5%, 10%. Like Story of a couple working in factory since 1983. Took them 15 years combined salary 5.0$ / hour, in order to save 25,000$ Buy Home small Deposit 10% at 20 years ago when Home so cheap Ave = 217,000$.
Since 2016, this opportunity is gone. In Toronto, Buy Home need a salary at least 120,000$ in order to afford Buy Home and Home Mortgage. Do grade 5 math, not mouth.
=> 20y ago, A Professor working 3 months, 50$ / hour = A couple working low wage 5$ / hour, in factory 15 years in order to save
25,000$ to Buy Home with small Deposit 10%.
=> Few characters of a Millionaire
: "

1) Get Educated. Use Brain. Invest in your Brain
There is a big difference between a person educated and not. The way they think. Most educated Professionals have Linked In account. Intelligence Millionaires different with Dumb Millionaires.
NOTE: The choice between use your Brain - Data Intelligence. Or use your Heart - Emotional Intelligence. (feeling, love, hate ..) -> See my post about Game Theory click here will answer this. Professor Chu plays Game Theory with students to demonstrate: Making Choices vs. Human Emotions in the movie "Crazy Rich Asian" -> Use Brain, Making Choices always win. There is a Math Formula to prove. If you want to be Rich, use your Brain. Millionaire is Smart & Intelligence. Most of them Become A Millionaire because of Home in Toronto. They understand: - " Salary helps pay bill, but don't make them rich, don't make them Become A Millionaire. After pay Tax, Rent, Living Expensive, Car, Phone, Food, Restaurant, Entertainment, Leisure, Clothing, Debt, Travel, you have nothing left."
As already proved, take 20 years for Salary or Income 150,000$ working continuously 20y non stop in order to Become A Millionaire.
A Professor, who interviewed, talked to a lot of Millionaires in Toronto.

For example. Working low wage, factory .. very hard. A lot people are lucky because they live right Location in Toronto + And Buy Home early when Home cheap + And Buy Home with small Deposit 5%, 10%. This opportunity only happens in Canada, Toronto. Other big Cities in the world, working as minimum wage, factory, you are poor, just survival.
=> There are people working in factory, low wage are rich, not because their salary, but because have Home in Toronto. They choose right Location.

A Computer Scientist Professor already proved:
- Take 20 years working continuously, non stop, for a Salary or Income 150,000$ (more than Ave Salary of Professor) to Become A Millionaire"

Since 2016
, Buy Home in Toronto needs salary 100,000$ =  Ave Salary of Professor. Started in 2018, Stress Test required Test Salary + Deposit at least 20%.

3) Choose Location.
For example.
Avoid Location that did not create a lot millionaires. Doesn't matter how good and talent you are, you maybe Rich, but never Become A Millionaire. 250,000 millionaires in Toronto.
Toronto vs. New York: Toronto population 9.6 m is bigger than New York City 8.5m population. Ave Home Toronto rank #3 or #4 in the World, more than Vancouver #4 by CNBC Top 10 Ave Home Price City in the World. While Ave Home Price New York City rank #7.
For example. You work for small business, live in small Town, small City, you maybe Rich, but never Become A Millionaire.
For example. A lot people work in factory, low wage, but become rich, even Millionaires in Toronto. This opportunity only happens in Canada, Toronto. Other big Cities in the world, in your city, working as minimum wage, factory, is poor, just survival.
For example. Two person choose different places to live, Mr. A in Ottawa and Mr. B in Toronto. After 20y working hard, paid off Home, A has 1/2 millions. B becomes millionaire with asset 1.5 millions, 3 x times more than A.
Go back 20 years ago, a Professor working 3 months 50$ / hr = A couple salary combined working factory minimum wage for 15 y in order to save 25,000$ to buy home with 10%. A lot people working  in Factory today get rich because they
live at right Toronto Location #3, and Buy Home in Toronto when home cheap.
Not today Home so expensive. Only rich Middle Class, high end career can afford. Professors are the most high end salary, at least 80K / y, 4 x times higher than minimum wage. But take 12 years to buy a Million Dollars Home in Toronto

2) Value Money. Love Money = Love your country. Why?
- Money is measurement of Hard word & Reward, of Value, of Ability. You work hard, get paid by Money. You don't work, don't make money.
When you see the value of Money, you want to save more than to spend, work harder, study harder, try harder, not self-satisfy, out of comfort zone -> Citizen rich then Country rich
Money very important. Help: 1) You rich, your family rich, out of poverty 2) You Rewarded by Money in order to Make, Produce Products & Services.3) You become Rich Citizen, rich Consumer Spending. 4) Consumer Spending helps country 65% GDP increase. Help business, Create jobs, and Pay more Taxes 5) Thus, Love Money = Love your country. 6) You poor no money -> Weak Spending = Weak Consumer Spending = Weak GDP -> No good for country. Rich citizen is rich country. 

" There is no Religion, no Country, no Government, no Family, no Parent wants you to be poor. Because when you rich, you can take care yourself, your love ones, your family, your parents well. Not only good for you but also good for your country, for society. Religion, Government will help relieve your pain, your suffering, support you when poor, need help. Doesn't mean it wants you in poverty. People feel sorry, help you when you poor, needed help. But, no one wants in poverty.
But, in reality,
when you poor, started live alone, no family support, in need of money to pay rent, food, living expensive, you will see that the road is on your own. In the time of COVID-19, Government helps people all kinds of COVID-19 Benefits packages. After COVID-19 is gone. You will be on your own. -> Then we will understand Money is very important. Can't live without money. Life is Coast Rider, Roller ups/ downs. There is time up-to-the Top, and then down to the Bottom. Then Ups, Downs. Some people think Money is like material life. But I think Money is value, a Measurement of Hardwork & Reward. I came from very poor, in poverty, no privileges, when started Life = 0 in the City of Toronto.

I teach you Become A Millionaire.
Millionaires are good people. They do charity more than any group people. They are not jealous because you are rich. They want you to be rich, a millionaire.
A lot of people teach you Become Rich. Not easy in Toronto, where all kinds of people, diverse backgrounds, talents around the World come to Toronto Make A Big Dream like in Olympics Competition not Local Competition. I invite you come to Toronto to live, experience, and understand "A multi-culture Society" of more than 100 nationalities live & work together. 30 years to make ends meet, long enough, from Factory -> Become A Scientist Professor Millionaire in the City of Toronto. Already proven. My Dream has done. DONE.
20 y ago, since when first started career as Professor, salary 50$ / hr,  100,000$ / year.
I still continue next 20 year journey of life. " ->
Says, a person started life = 0, alone in the City of Toronto. (Latest Update Nov, 2020)

Say a Professor,
 " The Wealth Effect Theory " -> " Change people mindset, value money will change Economy, make country richer. A country weak Consumer Spending must depend on Export, work harder but less money. While rich Industrialized countries, G7 like Japan, Canada, US depends on Consumer Spending 65% -> 70% (in US) of Economy, GDP. Look at Consumer Spending, we can tell a country rich or poor, developed or developing.
In Canada only small population 37.8 millions, but
Canadian Consumer Spending 65% of GDP = 1.2 -> 1.3 Trillions of dollars. It is more than
Gov Budget Spending + Export + Business Spending & Investment combined = only 35% of Economy of GDP "
- Things you buy evaluated by money, brand name, luxury, cheap, not the same price.
- You go to school, you want good career, upgrade your career, because of good pay money.

- A Million Dollars Home is different with 100K Home, not the same.

Different careers pay different money, Factory different with Engineer, different with Professor, not the same.
Money is like Data to measure in order to see the differences. Without measurement, you can't see the value, blind, dumb, no brainier.
- If a person says " Money is not important ".  Then this person either poor, inability, self satisfied in comfort zone, or homeless. Money will not come to him. If you work in Factory, you will understand value of money to earn pay cheque, to make a living. => You feel happy when you see money grow in your bank account after working hard.

4) Dream Big. Think big. (latest update Nov, 2020)
Whatever your life's situation, factory, waitress, restaurant server, low wage, cleaner, warehouse. ..You should dream big like become Engineer, Scientist, Millionaire, even Black President of United Sates like Barack Obama, or Asian Vice President Kamala Harris.

You need to live, associate with people who have big dream, big mindset.
Jenny said: - " I live surround with people, who are low expectation, simple life, self-satisfied in comfort zone. Enough is enough. Life is = 0. No need car, home. If I have big dream, Have A Home, Become A Millionaire ->  They will get away, distance from me, jealous. So I must low my dream, just like them. So that they will Like me. " -> Big mistakes.
=> You don't need to low your goal, low your dream same as people. When your life at the bottom, no people will come to help you. You help people, be kind to people, but not low your dream.
You may be in the situation poor, homeless, working low wage, factory, restaurant, surrounding with people low dream
But. You don't need to low your dream, for people to Like you. Always dream big.

Become A Millionaire

Need: Take time 20y Work hard & Save 65,000$ / year. Continuously 20y no lay off. Choose 1 or 2

1) Need Income or Salary 150,000$ / year +  Work 20 years with 150K continuously.
Continuously. No lay off. Not Having that Income 150K / y in 5y or 10y. Must Have 150K / year Income at least 20y. After Tax and Living Expensive you have 65K -> 75K / y.

Why 150,000$? Here is calculation:
1) High Income -> high Income Tax = 31% = 46,555$
2) Rent or Mortgage = 12mo  x 2200$ = 26,400$
- Ave Apt Rent in Toronto = 2200$ / mo - Usually High Income live in high luxury Condos more expensive. If Mortgage even more expensive than 2200$.
Income Tax + Rent = 72,955$ = 50% or 1/2 Salary 150K -> Tax, Rent must pay where ever country you live.
Not Include: Then: Car Loan + Gas + Car Insurance + Car Maintenance + Phone, Internet, Restaurant + Travel + Misc Spending, Utility, Misc Fees + Cloths + Beauty + Hospital + Debt/ Loan ... You need around 150K / y to Save 65K -> 75K.
-> That's why even Professor 100K /y working 20y No Home in Toronto can't be a Millionaire

2) Just Buy Home in Toronto (update Nov, 2020)
With high Deposit like
25% up. Then Work hard 20y for Home.
Already proven in the past 20 ỵ, Toronto Home returns from 65,000$ -> 75,000$ / year. 20 y ago, Ave Toronto Home = 217,000$. Today, Ave Home is A Million Dollar Home. Detached Home = 1.5$ million (2020), Semi Detached Home = 1.3 millions (2020) Which means 20 y ago, if you Bought Home with high deposit at least 25%, today you own your Home after 20y working hard to pay off Home. Please allow working hard at least 20y.

Is it too late, too expensive Buy Home in Toronto now? -> NO. People have been asking this question 20y ago. Move in Toronto, big City, not move out to small City, small Town. Millionaire created in big City not small town.

Said a Scientist Professor, who started career in Toronto as Professor 20 y ago with Salary 100,000$ / year or 50$ / hr, Teacher = 12$ / hr, Software Engineer 13$ / hr, Factory 5$ /hr, who has been thru 20 y in Middle Class Toronto.
He has been following Data & doing Research every month about Toronto Home since 2017.


A Scientist Professor says: "- Please use "official Data", which has been collected, analyzed, normalized by Scientists in Real estate Industry collecting thousands of Data from thousands of Property already sold for that month. Thus Data changed every month.

For example.
1) Do not use nor listen to mouth: *he said, she said Data, biased, exaggeration, lack of knowledge*, unknown sources Data, straight mouth data. ->  Exaggeration. -> That's why Real Estate Industry has used One Ave Home Price for a whole City.
-> Do not  Pick-up Homes in some expensive Homes few millions in some expensive Areas like Toronto Downtown, New York Manhattan Downtown then imply as Home Price for a whole City. There are hundreds of thousands of Homes in a City.
Each Home is different even on the same street. -> A Home Renovation could cost at least 50,000$ easily. Thus increases value of Home at least 50K.
For example,
Open Space Architecture, Floor, modernized new Kitchen, Living Room, extra bed rooms, bath room, basement ....
Just replace all 10 Windows, Door cost 12,000$. Knock down walls, make Open Space Architecture cost 15,000$. Replace old dirty Floor, you can hear sound when walking with New Quality Hard Wood Floor could cost 8000$. Modernize Basement with extra Bed-Rooms, extend Bath Room more space taking shower, Kitchen ... like an Apartment cost 25,000$. When buy new home, your basement is empty like a laundry room. New Painting all home's walls cost around 500$.

For example, to  compare Hong Kong, New York, Toronto, Scientist can't pickup some areas of  expensive home, condos, property in Hong Kong, New York Downtown Manhattan, or in some locations in Toronto, Condos = 3 millions, Home = 5 millions, not accuracy, Not fairness distribution, exaggeration. They used Ave Home Price.
-> From Ave Home Price, for easy Evaluation, Calculation, Fairness Distribution, Accuracy, good for Historic Data -> We can see 1) Hong Kong, 2) Singapore had a lot rich millionaires, richest in Asia. High Home Price than Toronto, New York, London, Paris, Tokyo
. Without One Ave Home Price, scientist will have tens of thousands of different Data in different areas, tens of thousands of mouth Data, he said, she said ... Impossible to measure accuracy. Thus easy to exaggeration price, pump up price by rumour, by mouth not "Official Data", false information, easy manipulation price, not honesty, lack of knowledge
No good for Home Market.

2) Deposit 300,000$ for 20% to buy a new 1.5 millions dollars Home, ignore 1.2 million dollars debt = It's Bank Home if own less than 15 years. Not A millionaire but A million Debt, still nothing. Asset = 300,000$, Debt = -1.2 millions => Total Debt > Total Asset. Gain = 1.5 mill not yet gain -> Need work hard at least 35y to pay for big debt = 1.2 millions dollars. During 30y Lost Job -> Lost Home. While Lost = -1.2 mil in debt. ->  Exaggeration. Human Being Behaviour is greed & fear. They focus on Gain not Lost. Scientist called this is "Behaviour Economics", even they are professionals with University Degree.

Behaviour Economics: is a study of individual's behaviour reacts to different economic conditions, different economic policy, different economic outcome. Behaviour Economics shows that most people behaviour "irrational" to economic decision making. People would always make optimal decisions that provide them with the greatest benefit, feeling good, and satisfaction, even "irrational". Human Beings in Behave Economics is "Emotional" biased, unpredictable, Irrational thinking of common people for their own Benefit, their own Gain. Understand Behaviour Economics helps Scientist design Economic Policy, Economic Modeling, Sales & Marketing ... and understanding "irrational reactions" of individuals. Which "Tradition Economics" can't help and explain because it is "irrational". For example, hard to explain them that it is "A Million Debt not A Millionaire" . Behave Economics helps explain Why? - Why Toronto Condos sales low only 9.2%? Why during COVID-19, Toronto Home Price high in record ...

A Story: A man shows off girl friend his 1.3 millions dollars Home. The girl is impressive. But actually, he bought a million dollars Home with 10% Deposit = 130,000$. After marriage, the girls understands his Total Asset = 130,000$ and Total Debt = 1.2 million dollars to pay off for 35 years. She has to work very hard 30 y or more to pay off this debt. Lack of knowledge of Data, this girl carries a big debt A Million dollar Debt into her future. Because lack of knowledge of Data, the girl thinks very simple minded. People are poor because lack of knowledge of Data
3) Need own home at least 15 years + Buy Home with high deposit at least 20% -> Else still Bank's Home.
-> Buy a 500,000$ Home with 10% Deposit =
50,000$ -> Then think I have 1/2 millions but actually Have only 50K. Need work hard 35y pay off 450,000$ debt. ->  Exaggeration. This situation when low salary, low wage thus buy home with 1) small deposit like 5%, 10%. Or when Buy Home with 2) big mortgage like A Million Dollars Home in Toronto. Thus extends mortgage payment to at least 30y, 35 years, 40y.

=> In Canada, after Jan, 2018, Stress Test require at least 20% Deposit + Good Salary. Because prevent people abandon home with small deposit 5% = 25,000$ for 500,000$ Home to pay off Home for 35 years, 40 years. Money pay mortgage / month just paid for Interest. When Interest rate goes Up -> Home Price goes Down. They abandon their home, lost only 25,000$ Deposit 5%. It happened during Financial Crisis 2008-09. In US still Buy Home with small Deposit like 5%.
-> People complains: - Not fair for low Income, working class. Thus only Rich Middle Class, Millionaires who have a lot money Buy Home with high Deposit like at least 20%. -> Buy 500,000$ Home need 100,000$ of 20% Deposit. Not 25,000$ of 5% Deposit.
- How could we have such 100K a lot of money Buy Home with 20% Deposit? - Not fair. -> Low Income, low wage work hard 40y to have 100K to Buy Home. Too late, Home already up triple. While a Professor only 5 years.
-> It is fair.
Because while people Buy A Home = 500,000$, they pay 100,000$ for 20% Deposit. While you pay only 25,000$ for 5% Deposit. Not fair for people pay 100K. When Home Price Up, every one gets same Profit. But when Lost Job, or Home Price down, or Home cooling down, you abandon your home first, lost only 25,000$ -> Not honesty. -> That's why Financial Crisis happened in 2008-2009. While the people pay 100K still keep home or lost 100K.

NOTE: We as Scientist is to use Data and tell the fact, educate people Data, always better. Not about rich or poor, working class or middle class or millionaire.

A Story: - A Professor 20y ago, working 3 months = 15 years working of a couple combined salary in Factory for saving 25,000$ in order to Buy Home for 10% Deposit, when 20y ago, Ave Home Price in Toronto = 217,000$.
According to CNBC, Saving depend where you live because of Living expensive, in Ohio, Columbus take 12 years to save 29,000$, in Chicago, Illinois take 17 years to Save 50,000$, in New York City, take 36 years to Save 109,313$

A Story: I have seen a couple 9am -5pm, every day, are driving same car go to work in the same Factory for 25 years just for Home. No choice. In Canada, US, people bring their relatives working in same factory low wage. Save car, gas. Easy get job this way.

People get rich, Millionaire because of Home. But also people lost Job, lost Home, lost Family because of Home.

That's why need working hard 20y paid off mortgage. That's why Data tells only 250,000 millionaires, 2.5% in Toronto & GTA of population 9.6 millions, while the number of A Million dollars Home much more than the number of A Millionaire.
For example, in Toronto, if own Ave Home Price = A Million Dollar Home is A Millionaire then just Toronto number of millionaires more than richest countries in Europe like  German, UK, Italy, France in G7.
A Professor said: - Base on my own Assumption Theory, as an Economic Theory : Wealth creates Wealth. In the next 5 years, Toronto will be a lot millionaires, more than Hong Kong, Singapore, New York, London, Paris, Tokyo, Berlin, Rome ...
Toronto's population
9.6 m more than New York City 8.5m. And Ave Home Price in Toronto much higher than New York.
Wealth creates Wealth
->  A lot of rich people will afford high Home Price, thus push Home Price higher, like in 2020, price up = 200,000$. The more Home Price higher, the more they will be richer -> Thus "more Wealth created" -> Thus there is always Demand of Home Buyers for higher Home Price. Middle Class Home Owners, Millionaires, whose Wealth created more than 20y ago, accountable for 55% of Home Buyers in Toronto
-> For example, a person started life = 0, Buy Home 20y ago -> Now can afford 3 x Detached Home with high deposit = 20%, based on latest Data of Home Price in 2020 -> Thus there are always Demand of Home Buyers can afford high Home Price. Thus pushing Home Price higher. When Demand up shift Right -> Higher Price. According to my own assumption Economy Theory "Wealth creates Wealth. Wealth effect." -> That's why during COVID-19, Economy no good, millions of people lost Jobs, very high Unemployment -> But Ave Home Detached = 1.5 million still a lot of people Buy Home, sales up 65%, Semi up 81% this month.
No worry about high Home Price -> No Home Buyer. But worry about down Home Price -> No Buyer.

For example, Like Toronto Market cooling during 2017. Home Price down 33% -> But Less Buyers when Low Price
This is called
"Wealth Creates Wealth" Theory = When Price up. People richer, more Wealth created  -> More Demand, more Home Buyers -> Demand shift Right -> Push Price higher. Vice versa.
When Price down. People less Wealth -> Less Demand shift Left, less Home Buyers -> Push Price lower
This "Wealth Effect" Economic Theory contradicts with "Tradition Economist" that said :- When Home Price high -> Less Demand of Home Buyers -> Demand shift left not right -> Home Price will down. Right now, a lot Economist. including Senior Economic from a Bank, predicts Toronto Home Price will be lower. This prediction has been since 20y ago. But Toronto Home Price keeps double every 10y. ->
Data of Toronto Home Price in the past 37 years also said so.
Home different with Car, Food, other Items, when Price up, less Demand of Buyer -> Because Home creates Wealth. More higher Price -> People have more Wealth created -> More Demand of Buyer -> Push Home Price even higher -> No worry if Home Price higher no Buyers. Let Home Price adapts to Market Conditions of Demand / Supply.
From "Wealth creates Wealth. Wealth effect" Theory, we can explain why other Cities in the world, very hard to have high Home Price like Rank Hong Kong #1, Singapore #2, Toronto #3, because they don't have a lot of rich middle class, millionaires population as potential Customers of Home Buyers like Toronto, Hong Kong, Singapore, in order to afford Buy Home Ave = A Million Dollars Home.

NOTE: Toronto, 9.6 millions population, of course Toronto includes GTA is its Districts, like other big City, while New York City and its Districts around 8.5 millions population, Tokyo 9.2 mil population, Paris 2.1mBerlin 3.8 mil, London 8.9 milBy population Canada only 37.8 millions, Toronto is biggest city of population in the world.
See far -> You make money. Become A Millionaire.

That's why I say need working hard 20y paid off mortgage for
A million dollars Home of Detached or Semi, Ownership at least 90%.
Lost job, Lost Income -> Lost Home. You still need keeping Home, working for Home at least 20y. The best Evaluation for Home is to base on latest Ave Home Price detached or semi Data.

For example, when we said: "- Toronto home increased double in 10 -> 12 years. Or Toronto Home Price up faster than salary. Or Toronto replaces Vancouver in higher Home Price in all categories, such as, Home, Condos, Town home"

-> At least we provide some Data. Others just said straight from mouth, no Data. Unfortunately, there are people who used to talk no Data straight from mouth -> Like to hear, listen to mouth no Data.

-> Without Data, the ability of "Problem Solving", "Making Decision" is no good, simple minded, the ability of Analytics is weak, narrow, small minded, not accuracy, not see far.

Talk data please.

Not Scientist speaking, but Data speaking itself the fact
That's why dishonesty people don't like Data

For example; See the Story on the left -> How much Data we provide in a short story.

-> What you said is not approved until you show some Data.

Having a lot Data, access to Data doesn't mean understand Data. Need Data & Computer Scientist used Data see far, and Make sense of Data.

In software design, experience Data and Computer Scientists use Data to model Data for application first, then design screen, back end, front end.... Which means they talk Data Relationship, Data Modeling first - the most difficult & challenging, not Gui, screen, look and feel, the easiest part. While less experience software design talk about screen, look and feel, colors first, spend a lot of time, because lack of knowledge in Data.


A Story: That has some history about Toronto Home Market, and common people who live in this lovely big city. How They Buy Home back 20y ago.

- In Toronto, I know so many people, couples, families. As a Canadian Scientist, I understand, know Toronto deeply because I wear all kinds of shoes, poor, working lass, middle class, factory, scientist, professor. I live in Toronto many decades, an educated scientist, and come from very poor, no privileges, started life = 0 in Toronto. Like immigrants in new country, they worked so hard, low wage to make ends meet. Can't back to school, no education, Factory is only place they go.

I used to work in a car factory when young.
Two people operated a machine, that was cutting parts for car. One person ran machine. I picked car part came out from machine, put in a wagon, arranged part in order. Then tied them. I picked a part around 5 -> 10 pounds, must be  fast, put in a wagon. Or else parts dropped on floor. Thus stopped machine, less parts making, no productivity. I could get fired or blamed. It is called "fast pace environment" need flexible like bamboo - Before me, a worker, 6ft strong, could not stand for 3 months. Then he quit.
After done a day going home, I disarrayed both psychically & mentally even very young at 18. People work in factory all had car. They can't afford spend hours taking bus back & forth, after a working day stress and tiered. Need get up early in the morning and on time. Few times late, you could be fired. Canada winter snow. Go work by car better than take bus. Thus low wage and cost more, hardly save money after living expensive.

- A young couple came Toronto in 1983 as immigrant. In 1983, Ave Home = 105,000$.
- They started career working minimum wage around 4.50$ / hr = 720$ / m. Both had car go work. Took 15y Saving 25,000$ for a small deposit 10% to buy a home in 1998.
- In 1983, Ave Home = 102,000$. But need Save money for a deposit. -> Took them after 15y saving, in 1998, Ave Home = 217,000$ already double. Lucky they had saved 25,000$ in 1998 buy home with small deposit 10% -> Today, July 2020, Ave Home = 1,017,320$ -> Now, they are rich in mid 50s. 

According to CNBC, Saving depends where you live because of Living expensive.
In Ohio, Columbus, less expensive City, in today money take 12 years to save 29,000$, in Chicago, Illinois take 17 years to Save 50,000$, in New York City, take 36 years to Save 109,313$ , in Los Angeles take 43 year to Save 120,000$.
The couple live in Toronto 30 y ago money, not today money, working minimum wage, both have car, take 15 years to save 25,000$ is good Saving 20y ago. Even today, after 10y working, in Toronto a lot people Have 0 still in debt.

A Scientist Professor said : -Toronto Home seems double every 10y -> 12y. Summary 37 years History of Toronto Home. Go back to 1983. In 1983, ave Home = 101,626$, in 1993, ave Home = 206,490 $ double in 10y. In 1998 Ave Home = 217,000$, in 2010 ave Home = 431,276$, double in 12y, in 2020 ave Home = 1,017,320$, more than double in 10y. In next 5 years, could increase 1/2 its value Ave = 1,5 millions.
When Ave Home increased, it will pull all price of all kinds of Properties increase, of course. See Data we show compared to last year 2019 -> In 2020, Ave Home Price up -> Price Detached, Semi also increased.
You see just this year, Toronto Home has increased 195,661$
in one year. And Home Sales on record with such record Home Price.

How many times we hear from Senior Economics, Bank Analysts, Chief Economics said that Toronto Home Price will go down since 20y ago. Just recently, During COVID-19 crisis one in 100 years, worst more than Financial crisis 2008-09, they said Toronto Home will go down. During lock down 3 months, sales down 70% in April, 2020. But not only nothing happened, but also Home Price, Home Sales went up in record. Using Data, we proved that in the past 37 years thru many times economic recession, Home cooling down few times, but Toronto Home going strong. It keeps double every 10y. Data said so, a fact.

NOTE: Professor David. D, 20y ago in 1998, his salary already 100,000$, or 50$ / hr (minimum wage 5.50 $ /hr), in today money around 200,000$He started career as a Canadian Scientist Professor 15 years after the immigrant couple started career in 1983. His dream as a Canadian Scientist Professor has done 20y ago. After that, doesn't matter. See Cheque.

I want to share story to young people get started life =0 in big city that try your best.
Millennial in 26 - 39 year old, you have only 13 years of
the Young, the Restless, the ambitious big Dream, in order to make big after school, and start life = 0. Get your dream done as soon as possible. In 13 years, you need to have good salary to get 2 biggest items: - a Home and a Car to work. -> Which means you need to Save and Have 100K in 13 years, before 40s. In big city like Toronto, need 200K to have Home and Car. Then you work entire life 25y, 30y just for a Home. Every day, people go to work just for home. Without Home, they don't care much.  No Home is Nothing. Home makes you rich, something, and your girl friend happy. Car after 10y is =0, garbage. To have 100K needs good education -> Be a Scientist.
Before getting into Start-up, dream big to become millionaire, billionaire -> Get a home first.

This millionaire couple on the beach buy home early 20y ago, when home so cheap.

- Today buy home harder even minim wage = 14$ / hr, a combined salary = 28$ /hr = 53K /y, harder Buy Home + Stress Test, hard policy. Today, in Toronto required salary = 130K /y + high Deposit not 10%. Because Home Price up so fast than salary. 1998, 2000 mini wage = 5.5$ / hr -> 2020 = 14$ /hr, up 2.5x time. Home 1998 -> 2020 up 5x time, from 217,000$ in 1998 -> July 2020, Ave Home = 1,017,320$. + Rent, Life Expensive up fast by inflation -> Harder Buy Home than 20y ago.
-> 20 years ago, Buy Home so easy, cheap, not hot, not many immigrants like today. But, people didn't want to buy home because they want to live mobile, move around. Or they live and sell home less than 10y. Don't want to stick in one place for 10y or more. In 80s, 90s, Interest Rate was very high, like around 7% at least 28 times more than today 0.25%. No Stress Test, no check Salary. People low wage buy home small deposit like 10%. Will take 30y, 35y paid off home. Today, they rich because Home Price in Toronto up so fast.

NOTE: Immigrants after 5 years will become Canadian. Canada is a diverse country. Canadian come from all kinds of backgrounds. In 2016, Toronto 51.5% are non white Canadian according to official Data from Gov Stat Can, almost from Asian background. In schools, in neighbours, at work, you will see a lot of Canadian Asian background. As Canadian, you work hard, pay taxes, contribute to society like any Canadian.

: Around 35% -> 40% of Immigrants come to Canada go to Toronto, most from Asia -> From 2016 -> 2020, around 300,000 -> 350,000 immigrants / year to Canada. 60% are rich Economic Immigrants. Then Family re-unification. These immigrants will open small business, hire more people. They Buy Home or Rent Home good for Toronto Home Demand, which also helps rich Canadian Home Owners pay Rent by Rent to Immigrant. Immigrants spend & invest in Canada Economy. In Factory's floor, almost 95% are working, where Canadian less likely to work in Factory. Toronto is Head Office of big Banks & Financial Hub and Manufacture Hub of Canada, contributes around 60% of all Goods Export in Canada.
-> Since 2016, around 120,000 ( -> 150,000) immigrants / year x 4 years = 480,000 immigrants to Toronto. This translates to population of non whites in Toronto to around 54%.

-> Other cities not sure you can rich fast like Toronto. Today, Toronto replaces Vancouver where Home Price rank #4 in the world, after Hong Kong, Singapore.

-  I started career in 1998, 15y after the couple in 1983, as Professor, 50$ / hr or 100,000$ / year
. 20y ago, Teacher, 12$ /hr, Software Developer 13$/ hr, Factory worker 5.50$ /hr. => Look my cheque, I just need working 3 months = That couple * both combined income * working 15y saving 25,000$. In Canada like any rich industrialized countries, G7 like Japan, US, German. Just Income Tax 20% + Rent 35% + Car 15% = 70% income. Not include Grocery, Phone, Restaurant, Travel, Misc Spending. 20 year ago, it is very hard to save 25,000$ after 15 year working. Today, you work low wage, minimum wage, after 10y, how much do you have?

- I think this couple could Buy Home in Toronto, because: they prepared 15 y for home, since started working in 1983, buy home in 1998, when home cheap ave 217,000$.
- If you started working in 2000, even in 1998, as factory, or low wage, like this couple. You prepared 17y behind them -> Very hard buy home, because by the time have Deposit, Ave Home Price = 500,00K, more than double not 217,000$. And the couple buy home as couple combined income, not single one.

- Let's meet Professors, people's Professionals very high income how they buy home in Toronto. I know a lot of Professors. A friend of mine, who is in early 40s at the time he bought home. He started career in 2008, 12 year ago, as Professor, salary a little above 100K, on Sunshine List of public employees, whose salary >= 100,000$. Not all Professors on Sunshine List >= 100,000$. He said, just bought a  home in Toronto in 2020, where ave Home around 1 million. It took him 12y for saving 200K for 20% deposit for a million dollars Home in Toronto. Thus basically, just buy home only 1 year -> Still bank home. Need to own Home at least 15 years before you said your Home. The couple started in 1983 working in factory, buy home in 1998, much richer, at least 4 x times based on ave Home Price July, 2020 in Toronto, more than the Professor who started career 12y ago in 2008, buy home in 2020. Why? Because of Buy Home in Toronto 20y early. While the Professor after working in 12 years have around 200,000$. Even the Professor started career 15 y ago.-> We talk about Home in Toronto only, other cities not sure.

A Scientist does research about Home in Toronto said: - " On average, Toronto Home returned on investment (ROI) each year around 50,000$ -> 60,000$, equal to salary 67K / year -> 82 K / year before Income Tax. This year it returned on investment 2020 ROI = 191,416$. In 20y it returns 1 millions. "

Need Data & Computer Scientist who used Data can see far and Make sense of Data. Don't use mouth data from mouth. What you think is wrong. -> 90% people think the immigrant factory couple buy home 20y ago is poorer than the Professor salary over 100K. People who sell their home moved out of Toronto are dumb, because lack of Data. Having access to Data doesn't mean to understand Data, you need Data Scientist to make sense of Data.

- Education made a big difference. Data made easy to understand story than mouth

NOTE: - Canada millionaires population if compared By Number rank #6, after US, China, Japan, German, UK. If compared By Population of 37.6 m, Canada rank #2 after US.
- More than 1/2 Canadian millionaires population live in Toronto and rich by Home
- Recently, a new increase in Home values 20.1% up around 200,000$ (a lot) in Toronto helps add-on extra tens of thousands of Canadian become millionaires.

-> Says a Professor: - This does not happens in any country in the world, because its Home value down in COVID-19. - Canada is a compassionate country, like Child Benefit 850$ / month/ child. Child Benefit helps rich, poor family, increase population, until child 18 years old. Canada pumps 346 billions Gov Fiscal Policy,  Plus Central Bank's Monetary Policy on Interest Rate very low on record 0.25% into Economy, 37.6 millions population, mostly helps average Canadian and Businesses, who used COVID-19 benefit packages money to pay Rent (home mortgage or rent) 1st priority, then food, bills. Which helps the Economy, G7's Consumer Spending 65% of GDP, in US 70% of GDP, more than combined: Gov Spending + Business Spending & Investment + Export, and Real Estate Industry Up across Canada, like Ottawa up 22%. Because less people travel abroad spending, this money continues circulate within the Economy. Help local Community & Businesses.
=> Home Price up
across Canada, not just in Toronto add on values of 200 billions dollars, also outside Toronto, Home Price add-on 100 B into
Consumer Spending, the main factor of Economic Recovery.

What is Consumer Spending: is millions of people, citizens every day pay bills, pay mortgage, pay taxes from purchases, from spending, buy home, buy products & services, buy food, eat restaurant, travel ... is Consumer Spending. The more money in people's pocket the better for Consumer Spending. Using Gov Fiscal Policy like CERB benefits COVID-19, and Central Bank's Momentary Policy like low Interest Rate helps boost Consumer Spending. -> Thus Economic Recovery and Increase GDP. In good time, Consumer Spending depends much on Middle Class. According to "Wealth Effect Theory" the more wealth middle class, the better Consumer Spending. Thus better for Economy, GDP. In Canada Consumer Spending nearly 1.2 trillions of dollars each year on 37.6 m population. Government, Businesses don't have such money to spend, only the middle class. Total Asset of Canadian Middle class could be around 6 trillions of dollars of wealth. This Wealth mostly created by Home, continue growth. Middle Class is the leading force in Consumer Spending.
In Canada,
the number of Middle Class in few millions of people, Ave Asset = 350,00$. Which rank Middle Class Canadian number # 1 in the world by Wealth, comes from Home, more than Singapore. While the number of Millionaires in few hundreds of thousands. The Total Asset or Total Wealth of Millionaires + Billionaires in 1 trillions dollars. Total Wealth of Middle Class in few Trillions dollars.

For example,
Toronto = 200B, and across Canada = 100B, from Home Price up add-on 300 billion dollars from Middle Class into Consumer Spending.
This is  "Wealth Effect Theory" benefit for every one, rich, poor, money filter in society, in businesses.-> Home Price up across Canada add on 300 B into people's pocket. This money created from thin air.

"The Wealth Effect Theory" : is an Economic Theory from a Scientist Professor D.D. His theory came from background as a Data Scientist, a Computer Scientist, an Economist, and many decades grew up young, live in big city like Toronto. His real life experience from started life  = 0, poor, from bottom, Working Class to Middle Class, from Factory to Scientist, Professor, which shapes his view, his philosophy, helps him understand better You need to Live Thru to understand. No school teaches you this experience.


- Anyone wish to become millionaire -> Work hard & Be it. No jealousy.
- Try your best. I try to help you Become A Millionaire.

Update: Oct 1, 2020
How Do You Know A Person Is Millionaire? - You Don't Know.
1) You can't check bank account, their money, their asset somewhere.
-> Can't check hundreds of thousands Millionaires this way. Dumb. Impossible.

2) You can't check outside: He/She looking nice elegant Cloths, only 500$, latest luxury iPhone only 1500$, nice Car, only 100K car, Cash the way spending become poor, Travel, Eat, Beer... Cloths, Phone, Car, Cash, Leisure Spending = small stuff.
3) You can't listen to Mouth: For example, a person said: "- I buy this Home 1.5 millions dollars" -> But actually, 1.2 millions Debt.

But you can Evaluate Who Is A Millionaire. How? -> Home.
Become A Millionaire.
90% Wealth, Asset of a person is Home.
Go back 20 years:
Toronto Home Returns On Investment ROI each year in 20y around 65,000$ -> 75,000$.
1) If Buy Detached Home 20y ago, Ave = 217,000$ -> 2020 Detached = 1.5 millions. ROI = 75,000$ / year = Salary 105,000$ / year. After Income Tax = 75K/ year
2) If Buy Semi Detached Home 20y ago, Ave = 217,000$ -> in 2020 Semi = 1.29 millions. ROI = 65K / year = 85K Salary / year.
Buy either Detached or Semi Detached in Toronto with high Deposit at least 30%, at least 20y -> Become A Millionaire -> Based on DATA in 2020.

But need few Conditions:
1) Home Location: Toronto, Vancouver.
2) Home Ownership: at least 20 years
3) Home Down payment or Deposit at least 25%. NOTE: Deposit 10% or less 5% takes 30y, 35y, 40y -> Still need work hard extra 10 y more.

Become A Millionaire. Need:
1) Education: Give you the Ability to make more Money in order to Buy Home.
2) Location: Live in big City like Toronto where most Millionaires are created.
Hard to Become A Millionaire in small town.

All about Data: is based on latest Home Data in Toronto 2020. Which helps Data Scientist easy calculate. No mouth.

As a Scientist Professor, I just update Official Data, make sense Data, and educate people about Data. Use it correctly. Do not bias me - Just do my job as a scientist. I don't invented Data straight from mouth. I got Data from most trusted public sources, big corporations. There are 260,000 millionaires 2.5% of Toronto & GTA population, and hundreds of thousands middle class in Toronto & GTA in 9.6 m population.
" -
I will continue talking about Toronto Home, and other big 5 cities including Vancouver rank#4 Home Price in the World. I have followed Toronto Home Market every months since 2017 "

Professor David. D, 20y ago in 1998, his salary already 100,000$, 50$ / hr (minimum wage 5.50 $ /hr), in today money around 200,000$. Click see Cheque
NOTE: Superman is good and kind person. Any one can be superman. I wear superman t-shirt make me feel young, energy.

Update September 2020 
Data released on Sept 5, 2020:
Home Price for all Properties in Toronto for month August, 2020 is: $1,012,506 compared to  August 2019 = $816,845  -> An increase $195,661, Home Price up 20.1%. Home Sales Up 40.3% a record high, compared to last year Aug, 2019 when no COVID-19.
Home Price changed ups/ downs month to month not important, not "real change". Compare year to year, take a year to see "real change" more accuracy.

Toronto takes the lead, surpasses Vancouver Home Price in all kinds of Properties, Home, Town home, Condos.

In GTA (Greater Toronto Area, districts around Toronto), August, 2020, Home Price = 951,404$ compared to  last year Aug 2019 = $792,134
- In August 2020, Detached Home in GTA = $1,023,987 - Last month =$1,060,318. Last year = $946,256

Important News: The reason for Home Sales & Home Price in record high because:
1) As usually number #1: - The Interest Rate still at 0.25% record low, borrowing cost to buy home is very low -> Demand up
2) The Supply issues - still lack of Home Supply -> Supply decreased
3) The Demand up because in the time of COVID-19, people don't travel, stay local. So they shop for home, and pent up Demand from spring March -> May, when people stay home lock down during peak COVID-19. Now they buy home. -> Demand up.
4) Canada pumps up 343 billions dollars into economy in order to support 37.6 m small population of Canadian, Businesses all kinds of COVID-19 Benefit packages -> Demand up

Why Condos Sales is not much only 9.2 %  in Toronto?
- Because Condos usually attract young buyers, who don't have enough down payment, salary requirement to buy Home. They work in Toronto or Downtown. In COVID-19 time, people are working from home, from anywhere. And also because "The condominium apartment market experienced a dip in sales and new listings in the second quarter of 2020, as many potential buyers moved to the sidelines as a result of public health measures taken to combat COVID-19 and the resulting economic downturn" -> People are afraid to live in Condos, where they share with a lot of crowded people, up/ down in elevator, in corridor with a lot people, crowded every day. -> So they choose to buy home far away outside Toronto, where they live outside Toronto, their home town but got job in Toronto. They need 1) more space, avoid COVID-19 in Condos 3's C = Closed Contacts, Crowded Places with many people, Confined Spaces, still 2) work from home, 3) get good price of a Home outside Toronto, suburban,  around 600,000$, same as Ave Toronto Condos = 673,714$ in Toronto. This is pushing Home Price outside Toronto higher. However, Condos rental is up 40%. The Ave Condos rent about 2083$ / month in Toronto.
When not enough money for down payment around 200,000$, and salary requirement to Buy Home in Toronto around 130,000$, either they choose 1) Condos Rent or 2) Buy Home out side Toronto, work from home, more space, less worry COVID-19 living in CONDOS, cheaper Home Price outside Toronto, same price with Condos in Toronto. That's why you see big building office of the big banks, big head office of corporations are empty in Downtown in Toronto. Because people work from home -> That's why Home Sales of Condos in Toronto not much only 9.2%.

According to a Scientist Professor:
In general, when Supply is low, and Demand is high -> Price is increased, higher, and vice versa.

5 biggest Canadian City's Data released on September, 2020 for Home Data August, 2020.

5 biggest Canadian City Data for Month August, 2020 Average Last Month July 2020 Last Year, Aug 2019
675,000 population, Tourism, Film Industry. Province BC
Rank #4 Ave Home Price in the world
1) Hong Kong 2) Singapore 3) Shanghais 4) Vancouver & Toronto 5) Shenzhen 6) Los Angeles 7) New York  8) London  9) Beijing  10) Paris -> by CNBC
These Cities' Home Price down alot in COVID-19.
Toronto takes over Vancouver higher price in all categories of property: Detached, Semi, Town Home, Condos
- Ave Home $1,038,700 Home Sales up 5.3% Comp Last year Aug, 2019.
Ave Home Price Vancouver Not change, compared Aug, 2019. While Toronto Up 20% = $196,000.
Ave Detached Home = $1,491,300 Price up 6.6% Comp Last year Aug, 2019
- Townhouse  $806,400 Price up 4.4%
- Condo  $685,800 Price up 4.5%
- Ave = $1,031,400
- Detached Home = $1,477,800
- Townhouse  $797,700
- Condo   682,500
- Ave Home = $1,001,200
- Ave Detached Home = $1,406,700
- Ave Townhouse  $771,900
- Ave Condo  $654,000
Montreal. City of Province Quebec
2rd biggest City Canada after Toronto 1.75 millions population, Montreal University, McGill University.
$440,000 (N/A) $440,000 $367,800
1,000,000 population or 1m, Capital Canada.

Ottawa Capital is civilized, quiet, good place to live, less crowded, less all kinds of people like Toronto, mostly white color Employees working for Government Offices. 

- Affordable Home and Rental. A Semi Detached Home in Toronto can buy 2 x Detached Home in Ottawa
Ave Home = $592,548 Price up 22% compared Last Year Aug, 2019

Ave Condo =
$383,640 Price up 24% compared Last Year Aug, 2019
July, 2020, Ave Home = $560,836

Ave Condo = $352,847

This Detached Home in Ottawa 4 bed-rooms 529,500$
-> Click see bigger photo
Calgary. Province Alberta
1.26 millions population, Canada Center Oil Producers.
Ave Home = $420,800 Price down 0.6%
Detached = $488,100 up 0.8% Y/Y
Semi = $393,700 down 2.1% Y/Y
Condos (Apt)
= $247,100
Last month Ave Home = $466,357  
Kitchener- Waterloo
234,000 population, Hi-tech, Start-up, Canada Silicon Valley, Waterloo Univ, Head Office of Black Berry, Nortel, Head Office of Google Canada ...
$634,409  up 21% compared to last year. - Detached Ave = $734,427 Price up 18.9%
- Semi = $535,300
- Condo =
Last Mo Home Ave = $639,814  - Detached Ave = $745,149
Semi = $522,782
- Condo = $392,770

The salary you need to earn to be able to afford a home in 15 major US cities - CNBC

 Update August, 2020 

Average Home Price for all Properties in Toronto for month July, 2020 is: $1,017,320 compared to  July 2019 = $825,904  -> An increase $191,416. Home Sales Up 50% compared to last month June 2020, 30% Up compared to last year July, 2019 when no COVID-19.
Home Price changed ups/ downs month to month not important, not "real change". Compare year to year, take a year to see "real change" more accuracy.

Toronto now takes the lead, surpasses Vancouver Home Price in all kinds of Properties, Home, Town home, Condos.

In July most important is Home Sales big increase. Detached Sales up 27.5%, Semi Sales up 36.3%, Town Home Sales up 20.2%. Only Condos Sales up 4.7%.
In GTA, Home Price = 943,710$ compared to  last year July 2019 = $806,971

July month usually sales slow because people travel. However this month July post COVID-19, 1) Homebuyers and sellers have put off summer travel, and also travel still limited in the time of COVID-19, are playing catch-up on their housing plans, after the City of Toronto entered Stage 3 of reopening from COVID-19 restrictions. 2) Rapid increase demand from the COVID-19-related no activities in April and May 3) Competition between buyers continued to increase, push Home Price high. 4) Plus other conditions in June, 2020, such as, Low Interest Rate, Supply issues, many big COVID-19 Benefit packages pump in the Economy boosting Consumer Spending...

Who had the money to buy Home in Toronto?

Is it: Foreigners, Immigrants, Millennial (26 -> 39),  Middle Class and Millionaires? -

1) 59% - It is Canadian middle class and millionaires of Toronto, who bought any home 20y ago, with high Deposit at least 30%, depend on high salary. Factory, low wage workers Deposit only 10% will take at least 35 years own home, still 15 years more to pay off mortgage. Wealth creates wealth take 20y. Go back 20y, a middle class who bought home 20y ago, with high Deposit, now can
afford 3 x Detached Homes each 1.5 millions dollars, with 20% Deposit = 300,000$, based on latest Data in 2020. Toronto has around 260,000 millionaires, more than richest countries in Asia like Singapore 183,787 millionaires, Hong Kong 170,000 millionaires. They buy 2nd Homes, or help, invest in young people, in first time home buyers.

2)  21% - Immigrants: Canada receives more Economic Immigrants 60% of around 350,000 / year immigrants. 1 in 5 Homes or 20% Homes bought by Immigrants. They settle about 3 years before buy home. Most of them buy home with Cash or Saving back their home country. Some immigrants take a whole family at least 3 members buy home, parents, children, bros, sisters, relatives. That number 21% suggests people new to the country are contributing "significantly" to real estate demand.

3) 18% - Millennial (26 -> 39): First time Home Buyers. It takes 21 years of full-time work for the typical young person to save a 20 per cent down payment around 200,000$ on an average priced home above 1 million dollars, in Toronto &  GTA." - An statistics shows that around 18% young people buy home in Toronto, where very high Home Price compared to the rest of Canada. By the time Millennial (26 -> 39) has 200,000$ for Deposit 1 million dollars Home Detached or Semi, He/ She is already in 40s or 50s, and Home Price will not the same as 20y ago. Too late Buy Home.
A Professor said:- Today, My salary around 100,000$ about 50$ / hour (minimum wage 14$ /hr) including bonus, over time. I am on so called Gov's sunshine list of public employee who paid at least 100,000$, of top earners around 1% of public employees. After Income Tax, Living Expensive ... I could save 200,000$ in 12 year if working continuously no layoffs.
: Not all Professors on sunshine list. Canada Capital Ottawa where mostly public employees working has around 4644 employees making 100,000$ or more on sunshine List in 2019. The Author of this Blog David. D, 20y ago in 1998, his salary already 100,000$, 50$ / hr (minimum wage 5.50 $ /hr), in today money around 200,000$. Click see Cheque

Canada Capital Ottawa where mostly public employees working has around 4644 employees making 100,000$ or more on sunshine List in 2019.

4) 2%  - Foreign buyers account for about 1.8 per cent of total home purchases in the GTA (Toronto plus the regions of York, Peel, Durham and Halton) since the tax 15% was imposed only on Foreign buyers in April 2017. Before foreign tax 15% April 2017, around 5% -> 10% of Foreign Home Buyers in Toronto & GTA

In conclusion: It is Canadian middle class and millionaires of Toronto Buy Home 57% - The rest Immigrants = 21%, Millennial 20%, 2% Foreigners

In GTA, Home Price = 943,710$ compared to  last year July 2019 = $806,971
- In July 2020, Detached Home in GTA = $1,060,318 - Last month =$1,027,634. Last year = $929,633
- A difference Detached Home in GTA with with Semi Home Toronto =  $120,696

These are official Data for Toronto Home Price already Sold, not Listing Price.

 Update July, 2020 

OMG (Oh My God). Toronto Home just now released official Data in July, 2020 for June, 2020.
Average Home Price for all Properties in Toronto for month June, 2020 is:
$1,022,138 (1st time breaking barrier Ave in a million dollar) compared to  June 2019 = $915,785 -> An increase $106,303. Home Sales up 89% compared to last month in new normal COVID-19, only 1.4% down compared to last year June, 2019 good time when no COVID-19.

- This is the 1st time Toronto Ave Home Price has broken the barrier into a millions same as Vancouver is Ave Home Price 1,025,300$. Specially during COVID-19 pandemics. While all kinds of Industries, Sectors, Businesses, People line up for financial support from Government, only Toronto Home Market is going strong during pandemics COVID-19. Today, it adds on around 250 billions dollars to Middle Class, which will help lead in Consumer Spending out of the worst recession. During pandemics COVID-19, so many analysts said that Toronto Home Market will go down like other Industries, specially the worst lockdown COVID-19 very scary, people stay home, Home Sales down like 67% in April. But Home Price nothing happened. As we already explained why. Toronto Home Price stable and strong.

A big jump for Detached = 1.52 million dollars, price over Detached Vancouver. Big winner Semi jump 232,409$, Toronto Semi = 1.29 millions, smaller price gap between Detached vs. Semi. Currently market is hot, multi offering.

Home Average For Month June, 2020 Last Year June, 2019 **  Compared to June, last year 2019 Last Month May / 2020
Detached Home $1,523,770
Over Detached Vancouver 60,000$
$1,332,639 Up 14.3%, $191,131
Before COVID-19, In Feb, 2020 Detached Home = 1.48 millions. We could see end of 2020 = 1.54 millions
At peak, Detached Home in Toronto = 1.56 millions dollars
Semi-Detached Home  $1,287,832 $1,055,423 Up 22%, $232,409 (this month big winner - Post COVID-19).
Before COVID-19, In Feb, 2020 Semi-Detached Home = 1.20 millions. We could see end of 2020 = 1.31 millions.
At peak, Semi Detached Home in Toronto = 1.33 millions dollars
How many years do you work hard to have 200,000$ ? -> 20y, 30y
Town Home  $855,339  $810,039 Up 6.2%, $45,300  $794,626
Condos  $672,465  $636,606 Up 5.6%,  $35,859  $674,028

- In GTA (Districts Around Toronto) - Include: Brampton, Vaughan, Scarborough, Mississauga, Markham, Richmond Hill, Peel, Pickering, Ajax ... see Toronto Map click here
- In June 2020, Ave Home Price in GTA (Districts Around Toronto)  = $930,869. Compared to last year = $831,882.  
In June 2020, Detached Home in GTA = $1,027,634. Last year = $922,367 - A difference Detached Home in GTA with with Semi Home Toronto =  $260,198

5 biggest Canadian City's Data released on July, 2020 for Home Data June, 2020.

5 biggest Canadian City Data for Month June, 2020 Average Last Month May Last Year, June 2019
675,000 population, Tourism, Film Industry. Province BC
Rank #4 Ave Home Price in the world
1) Hong Kong 2) Singapore 3) Shanghais 4) Vancouver & Toronto 5) Shenzhen 6) Los Angeles 7) New York  8) London  9) Beijing  10) Paris -> by CNBC
These Cities' Home Price down alot in COVID-19
Ave Home $1,025,300 up 3.5% Comp Lst year -- Ave Detached Home = $1,464,200 up 3.5% Comp Lst year (Lst mo = $1,456,700)
- Townhouse  $792,700 - Condo  $680,800 (Lst mo = $686,500 ) up 3.6% Comp June, 2019
$1,028,400 $1,001,800
Montreal. City of Province Quebec
2rd biggest City Canada after Toronto 1.75 millions population, Montreal University, McGill University.
$385,500 up $17,700 compared Last Year $398,200 $367,800
1,000,000 population or 1m, Capital Canada.

Ottawa Capital is civilized, quiet, good place to live, less crowded, less all kinds of people like Toronto, mostly white color Employees working for Government Offices. 

- Affordable Home and Rental. A Semi Detached Home in Toronto can buy 2 x Detached Home in Ottawa
$489,182 up 13% compared Last Year

Detached Homes Ave =

Condo =
- N/A -
This Detached Home in Ottawa 4 bed-rooms 529,500$
-> Click see bigger photo
Calgary. Province Alberta
1.26 millions population, Canada Center Oil Producers.
$405,800 down - $14,600 comp Last Year
- Detached Home:
$479,833 down -0.32% year-over-year- Semi: $385,300 down -1.47% y-over-y
$410,400 $419,900
Kitchener- Waterloo
234,000 population, Hi-tech, Start-up, Canada Silicon Valley, Waterloo Univ, Head Office of Black Berry, Nortel, Head Office of Google Canada ...
$601,285  up 12.8% compared to last year. - Detached Homes Ave = $698,376 - Semi = $504,816 - Condo = $372,392   The salary you need to earn to be able to afford a home in 15 major US cities - CNBC

Important News  this month July, 2020

- What are main factors for Toronto Home Market Home Sales & Home Price jumps and over asking Price this July during COVID-19?
1) Record low of Interest in history, and stay low for a very long time at least 2 years because of COVID-19. Bank of Canada Governor Tiff Macklem's reassurance that interest rates will remain low for at least two years.
2) Low on Home Supply, such as, Home Listing Sales, Home Construction.
3) People middle class high income don't lost job, no affect by COVID-19. A lot people get job back, back to work thank to Canada Wage Subsidize Program that pays 75% salary by Canadian Government until end of mid December, 2020. These people have not damaged by COVID-19, take advantages on record low interest Buy Home. The people are self-employed, low income, low wage most damaged, most lost jobs by COVID-19. Toronto also has around 260,000 millionaires, more than richest countries in Asia like Singapore 183,787 millionaires, Hong Kong 170,000 millionaires.
4) Huge Government finance support for all kinds of COVID-19 benefits packages pump into economy - worth about 350 billions dollars on 37.5 millions population - And Loan deferrals for home owners affected by COVID-19 by banks have bolstered home prices.

Top 10 Average Home Price in the world.
1) Hong Kong
 2) Singapore  3) Shanghais 4) Vancouver, Toronto 5) Shenzhen 6) Los Angeles 7) New York 8) London 9) Beijing 10) Paris - Canada has 2 Cities 4) Vancouver, 4) Toronto now in Top 10 Cities.
Most top 10 cities has seen Ave Home Price dropped during COVID-19, but not Toronto.
If just use Ave Home Price Detached & Semi in Toronto = (1.52 m + 1.28m  ) / 2 = 1.4 millions dollars will put Ave Home Price in Toronto only after Hong Kong ahead Vancouver. Because Semi Home in Toronto more expensive than Vancouver less than 1m.
Bottom 5  Cities behind Vancouver & Toronto in Top 10 Cities highest Ave Home Price in the world: 5) -Shenzhen $680,283   6) -Los Angeles $679,220   7) - New York - 674,500$   8) - London 646,973$   9) - Beijing $629,276   10) - Paris $624,299  --> Data from CNBC

Update June, 2020 

Toronto Home back, reopen after COVID-19 Lockdown. So do we. Toronto-area Home Sales down plunge 54% in May, but Home Prices continue to rise — Why? - Will explain later.

Toronto Real Estate after COVID-19 Lockdown reopens in June, 2020 (for month May, 2020) compared to Data in April, 2020 (for month March, 2020)  pre COVID-19 Lockdown, you see all types of Homes down, but not much. But if compared Data of June, 2020 to last year June, 2019, you see, not only not Down, but Up. Why? -> We will explain later.

Why does Home Sales demand decrease 54% But Home Price increases?

A Scientist Professor explains: Toronto Home Market During COVID-19 pandemic

Home Sales down on a Demand curve when the demand shift left D1 -> D2 decreases, because Home Sales during COVID-19 down 54% in May, 2020 -> The Home Price will decrease from P1 -> P2. While lower Quantity Home Supply reduces Q1 -> Q2

However Home Listing Supply for Sales down on Supply graph, when the Supply shifts to the left S1 -> S2  also decreases, because Home Listing for Sales down 53% in May, 2020. During COVID-19, less people want to sell their home, Open House -> The Home Price will increase from P1 -> P2. While lower Quantity Home Supply reduces Q1 -> Q2

These Home price movements are traced out by left shifts of the Supply & Demand curve and they continue until the new market equilibrium is reached. Since both Home Sales Listing Supply reduced 53% and Home Sales Demand reduced 54% not much different change -> As a result Both Demand & Supply are trend down in balancing. Thus Home Price will not decreased, stay the same   -> Price Equilibrium not down but slightly increased if compared to last year.

Both Home Sales and Home Listing trend down in balance.-> Toronto Home Market OK remained balanced during COVID-19.

Who has money to buy home in COVID-19 time?

In new normal COVID-19 time, most people low income less than 20$ / hr lost jobs very much more than people work more than 30$ / hr, high income, less lost jobs. These high income people still have job, no affect by COVID-19, will buy home. They take advantages of low Interest in record history, while low Supply => Push Home Price higher in post COVID-19 reopen.
The beginning of bidding wars, bully offers, and buyer and seller confidence have already returned to the market. If you think COVID-19 will make Home Price going down, and less demand for home in Toronto -> You are wrong, not in Toronto. A lot rich Middle Class people, millionaires in Toronto are waiting for this opportunity -> Which will help economy recovery out of the worst recession from this *huge* Consumer Spending. Not few hundreds, not few thousands spending, but few hundreds of thousands dollars Consumer Spending filtering into Economy. Consumer Spending in Trillions of dollars, accounts for 60% -> 65% of GDP in most Industrialized Countries, US = 70%, G7 (GDP Canada = 2 trillions dollars). Consumer Spending more than Gov Spending + Business Spending + Export combined. Although Gov just extends Benefits package like CERB (Canadian Emergency Relief Benefit) package 2000$ / mo / person lost job - 8.4 million Canadians applied for CERB as of June 4. Still better than US 40 m, as in June, UE rate = 14.7% highest since Great Depression vs. 13.7% in Canada from 5.5% in Feb/2020. In Japan, big surge young people homeless. - People applied for CERB not all full-time workers, including: part-time, self-employed, season workers, Uber/ Taxi drivers...- Around 15.5 millions Canadian full-time working from 37.6 millions population. Wage Subsidize Program support 75% Salary /  employee, Rent Subsidize Program 75% / business, Students Benefit Subsidize Program 1250$ / mo / College student from May -> August, for extra 2 months until end of August, and many other Benefit Programs. In total = 6 months, from March/ 2020 -> June/ 2020 -> Extends extra 2 months till End of August/ 2020. Government Spending big deficit may not afford for more Benefits package. Now, reopen, Gov may end gradually all COVID-19 Benefits end of August/ 2020, except Child Benefit still there before COVID-19. The same as other COVID-19 benefits provided by Provinces, Cities across country ran out of money. Mayor of Vancouver city said Vancouver ran out of money, same as Mayor of New York city said so on TV CNN New York ran out of money. The reason Gov spend money on COVID-19 Benefits to support citizens in hard time, and it wants to boost Consumer Spending. -> It may continue supporting all COVID-19 benefits for sometimes.
Update: Canada Minister of Employment said: The extend 8 more weeks or 2 moths is final for people on CERB, unless there is another 2nd wave of COVID-19. However, other Benefit Programs like: Canada Wage Subsidized Program support 75% salary for Business's Employee, still continues to keep people employed, helps businesses reduce payroll, stay open. Only CERB (Canadian Emergency Relief Benefit) for 8.4 millions ends in end of August. Good to know to prepare your finance in COVID-19 time.
Update June 19, 2020

Toronto-area Home Sales down
plunge 54% in May, but Home Prices continue to rise — Why? - A Scientist Professor Explains.
Home Sales is Demand curve.

When it Shift Left Because Lower Home Sales 54%, like May, 2020

Demand: D1 -> D2 -> Home Sales Down.
Quantity: Q1 -> Q2 = Down

Price: P1 -> P2 = Lower Price
Home Sales Listing is Supply curve.

When it Shift Left S1 -> S2 ->  Because Home Listing Down drop 53.1%, like May, 2020

Quantity: Q1 -> Q2 = Home Supply Down
Price: P1 -> P2 = Price Up
Price Equilibrium, not changed much, when both Demand & Supply down in balance

As a result
of both Home Sales Demand curve down 54% and Home Supply Supply curve also dropped 53% = Balancing

-> Home Price is Equilibrium. Price not down much

COVID-19 has no affect on Toronto Housing Market even hotter. Houses are Selling for Over Asking in Toronto at an Above-Normal Pace the highest percentage since 2016.

For the week ending June 14, freehold homes in Toronto were selling over asking at a 44% clip, the highest percentage for this time of year since 2016’s record-breaking summer. While all kinds of businesses went down 0, COVID-19 has no much affect on Toronto Home Market, which makes people more confidence return to market.

Very low Interest rate helps currently = 0.25% because of COVID-19,
until at least end of 2021. Even lower than 2008-09 Financial Crisis = 0.5%. Before COVID-19 = 1.75%. Interest Low helps 1) Lower mortgage payment 2)  Cheaper money to borrow. By cutting Interest -> Cheaper loan. The Fed or Central Bank is pumping cheap money liquidity into market to stimulus economy. 3) Reduce impact of Stress Test thus easier qualify Buy Home.

NOTE: Stress Test introduced in 2018, by design for the Banks to test by increasing rate extra 2% on current Rate, if a person to qualify for a mortgage to buy home, pay mortgagee if when Interest increases. Thus not abandon their home like happening during Financial Crisis 1008-09. Now interest so low. Likely Interest will not increase in future for a long time. Stress Test seems not much impact on person to qualify for a mortgage. -> Thus make it easy qualify to Buy Home.
- Before COVID-19,
Stress Test made it difficult to buy home, thus helps reduce Demand of Home Sales and control price not jump too much high in hot market like Toronto.


In Canada, a family couple with 2 children, how much they will get in COVID-19 benefit for 6 months from March -> End of August?

(2000$ x 6 mo ) x 2 adults + 2 children x 850$ x 6 months Child Benefits = 24,000$ + 10,200$ = 34,200$  for 6 months benefits.
For sure, more than US, Japan, most Industrialized Countries. After 6 months COVID-19 benefits maybe will not continue. Only Child Benefit stays for until child 18 year old. By design, CB supports Canadian family rich or poor, and increases population. Money direct deposits to mother's bank account.


Update May, 2020, June, 2020  continuing

Using Data fight COVID-19 - Update June, 2020
- June 1, 2020: PM of Canada Justin Treadeau said that "- Government begins collect Data on COVID-19 " -> Collect Data on Testing, Treatment as we have been suggesting in early May, 2020. - You need to design a computer system (DBMS) that CANDO (Collect Data, Analyse Data, Normalise Data, Design Data, Organize Data). Which is very important, because on a war with COVID-19, Collect Data is like Intelligence in real war, which helps make better decision to protect, defence, and win the battle. But make sure privacy is also important to prevent discrimination, racism and discrimination on economic opportunity, job discrimination. For example, recently, we see anti-Asian in Vancouver. Currently, GTA accounted for 76% of new infection active COVID-19 cases in Toronto, Ontario.
: Toronto is capital of Ontario, GTA is Districts around Toronto. Ontario is biggest Province of Canada, 14 m population. Nearly 70% or 9.5 m Ontarians live in Toronto & GTA.
For example, Province Ontario active cases = 4,110 as May 27, GTA = 3171 = 77% of all active COVID-19 in province Ontario, Ottawa, Winsor, Hamilton = 509 cases. Data makes people live in Toronto, and other areas feel better, and go out spend money in their local businesses, tourists travel, restaurants. Thus businesses in safe areas, like Toronto, Downtown reopen likely attract more people from other areas. Data also helps make decision where, when locations, areas can open soon. More Resources, Testing, Tracing, Contain, Education on hot zone like GTA. A Scientist Professor says.

Why GTA has more COVID-19 cases than in Toronto and other areas in province Ontario?
Because GTA population or Districts around Toronto around 60% are immigrants, people diverse background, working class, live in high rise crowded Buildings. Their jobs in factory, front-line workers in hospital, hard condition low wage jobs,... not in office, their living conditions and working conditions make them vulnerable to get infection COVID-19. This also happens in US, Blacks, Hispanics, Mexicans got mostly infection COVID-19 by population. For example, Chicago 3rd largest city in US, only after New York 8.6m, Los Angeles 3.99m, Chicago population 2.7 million. Black only 30% of population, but 70% COVID-19 cases are Blacks. GTA is around 40% of Ontario's population, but 77% of COVID-19 cases. So Data ratio is very much the same Data of Black 30% population but 70% COVID-19 cases.

Using Data fight Racism and Inequality efficiently and effectively - Update June 2020

Racism begins with hate, jealousy, fear, and intolerance. Racism and Inequality are real not just in policing but also in business, company, institution, in Government that affects people of diverse backgrounds, blacks, minority, new Canadian, ethnic Canadian to make ends meet, economic opportunity, job opportunity, promotion, job security ... After the death of black man George Floyd, which sparks huge demonstrations to fight racism in many countries, including Canada, happening in many cities like Montreal, Toronto, Vancouver ... The question is after all demonstrations are gone, systemic racism, hidden racism are back. So how can you fight racism effectively? - Use Data. But how?

=> Need Government to introduce Equality & Opportunity Law that makes Government Agencies, Schools, Businesses, Companies to have statistics & publish statistics about the % Presentation of Minority, Women, and encourage to meet a Standard of Equality based on racial representation in Community. A lot of white people reject racism existing, look at Data. People don't use data but mouth, tongue. -> That's why need Data.

For example,
In Toronto around 52% of Toronto population are Ethnic, diverse background, non whites, according to latest Data from Statistic Canada (StatCan), in GTA around 60% are people in diverse backgrounds, non whites, 9% are blacks in Toronto & GTA. 75% of minority ethnic population are 30% from South Asian, Indian descents, like Indian majority, Sikh, Pakistan, Bangladesh, Tamil .. and 45% from East Asian, Chinese descents like Chinese majority, Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Philippines. Most Economics from Banks say Toronto Home Price is high price because Immigrants work hard and Buy Home. Canada receive around 350,000 / year, 60% rich Economic Immigrants. These immigrants first landed just asking to Buy Home. Canada needs more immigrants to drive Economy, produce Products & Services while its population 37.6 m is smallest in G7 and getting older. Take 10 years for Canada to reach 41 millions, still very low compared to G7, Japan 127m, German 84m, UK 68m, France 70m. Around 4 immigrants work on factory floor -> Create a job for 1 Canadian works in Office. Toronto is center of Financial Hub, big Banks, majority middle class whites in office, and Manufacture hub of Canada. The Manufacture Hub, majority immigrants that needs "hands on" to produce more than 50% of export Goods, not Services. Canada Export in total = 450 Billions dollars, GDP 2 trillions dollars in 2019 with population 37.5 m. Child Benefit for a child born in Canada to 18 years old cost around 120,000$ / child until 18 years old. This child is not productive yet at 18. Bring an immigrant come and produce right away, not cost anything. If immigrants don't buy home, they rent Home in Toronto, which helps middle class home owners in Toronto pay mortgage. -> Then immigrants Buy Home, mortgage, which creates more white color jobs in office for Financial Hub, for Banks, Financial Institutions. But it doesn't reflect in Employment and Opportunity by population in Government, in Schools, in Corporations, in Businesses. 

For example,: In Canada, usually after 5 years, Immigrants and their children become Canadian, called: racialized Canadian, ethnic Canadian, entitle all Rights, under Charter of Rights as Canadian. In history, except Indigenous Canadian, all Canadian are immigrants from another country. For example, long time Canadian hockey - Canadian national sport - pundit legend Don Cherry has been fired after more than 40 years working, by Sportsnet for on-air remarks about what he believes are new immigrants not honoring the country's fallen soldiers. The statement from Bart Yabsley, Sportsnet President, said: “- Sports brings people together — it unites us, not divides us. Following further discussions with Don Cherry after Saturday night’s broadcast, it has been decided it is the right time for him to immediately step down. During the broadcast, he made divisive remarks that do not represent our values or what we stand for." The NHL league (National Hockey League) said in a statement that Cherry’s remarks were “offensive and contrary to the values we believe in.” Mississauga Mayor Bonnie Crombie, who is Ethnics Ukrainian background, called his comments “Despicable. We’re proud of diverse cultural heritage and we’ll always stand up for it.”  Calgary Flames head coach Bill Peters said: - “I saw it (Monday) and we talked about it. Our country is based on inclusion. We have a very diverse country. We have a wonderful country." - Minister of Defence Canada, Harjit Sajjan, who is Sikh background said: - Last night, Don Cherry made comments that are wrong in describing Canadians' remembrance of our veterans. His remarks don't recognize the contribution of Canada's diverse communities. I hope we can turn this into a moment where we can learn about about all who have served" - Sponsor beer Budweiser also weighed in, that they respected Sportsnet’s call. “The comments made Saturday on Coach’s Corner were clearly inappropriate and divisive, and in no way reflect Budweiser’s views. As a sponsor of the broadcast, we immediately expressed our concerns and respect the decision which was made by Sportsnet today.” - See  https://nationalpost.com/news/canada/don-cherry-fired

: Immigrants who are legally in Canada. Can work, but not Canadian yet. After 5 years, they applied for Canadian citizen. New Canadian who are Canadian, residence in Canada less than 10y. Ethnics Canadian, who have been here for long time like at least 25y. Don't know whom Immigrants Mr. Don Cherry was talking about. Did he mean only Whites are Canadian? -> Sportnets, NHL, Minister of Defence, Mississauga Mayor, Budweiser, the girl staff in South East Asia Doctor Clinic (see video below)... are examples of people who speak up against racism.

For example, Pres Trump used to complain most immigrants come to US from Mexico, bring drugs, gangs... But Immigrants come to Canada from Asia, specially from South Asian, Indians descents like Indian (majority), Sikh, Bangladesh, Pakistan, and from East Asia Chinese descents, like Chinese majority, then Japanese, Vietnamese, Korean, Philippines. These immigrants, stay in Canada around 5 years will become Canadian citizens. When coming to Canada, rich Economic Immigrants open business. While poor immigrants work in factory to make ends meet. So in general, the majority of immigrants to Canada is Indian and Chinese, and then Indian descent, Chinese descent. Canadian immigrants work hard low income. Their dream is to buy home. Each immigrant community has its own small business characteristics, such as, Indian community open Tim Horton's coffee franchises, Chinese community open restaurants, Vietnamese community open Nails & Salon, Korean community open Variety, Convenience store...

For example,
a Canadian Scientist Professor says: - When I first started life = 0 in Toronto at 18 years old. I worked back & forth in many factories in Toronto in 1990s. I rarely see Canadian born on factory floor. Then I quit factory back to school. Decades later, in 2010s, I worked as Software Engineer for many big and small manufactures, I still don't see Canadian born on factory floor, although I see immigrants from Europe like Eastern Europe, Turkey. On factory floor, 95% diverse racialized Canadian from Asia. In main office of many Companies I worked, majority 80% are Whites. I teach few schools in Toronto & GTA, where a lot of diverse students 40% - 50%, and diverse population in Toronto & GTA, in main office, Staff, Teachers, Professors, Administrators, majority like 80% are Whites, not inclusive work force.  
Why not see young Canadian born (not just white) work in factory? - See a lot young Canadian born work in restaurants, food services, but not in factory because factory is hard work. The environment is called "fast paced environment", hard for people tall, heavy move fast, need fast, flexible, like bamboo, standing all day, parts coming out from machines continually. Factory starts minimum wage.
How about Toronto neighbours?
- At the present, where I live, my neighbours, next to my home, right side is a white English family, left side is a Philippines family... Next to White family is Indian Family, next to Philippine family is white Italian Family. Along the streets I live, there are Chinese, Indian, Italian, Vietnamese, Philippines, Whites families. A lot Chinese families. Of course, all neighbours, we are all Canadian. In like 20y, no argument, no conflict, no bad talk. They go to work, go home. Repeat. One experience was Italian neighbour came to me asked for cutting grass.
In conclusion, in Toronto & GTA where diverse population more than 50%, but in my experience where I work, I see on floor factory, 95% are diverse racialized Canadian, in main office, 80% are whites.

Why have conversation about racism now? 

- I live and grow up in Toronto, GTA wearing many different shoes. Toronto and its GTA, 9.6 millions people, is biggest City in Canada, only after New York, 8.6 m in US. According to Data from Giant Banking Credit Suissethere are 4.5% Canadian millionaires by population, Japan 2.7%, S.Korea 1.8%, UK 4.5%, German 3.3% -> Which ranks Canada number  #2 of millionaires in the world by population. According to Toronto Star, in 2012, there were 422,000 millionaires in Canada, when 2012 ave Home in Toronto = 497,130$. Today 2020, around 520,000 millionaires in Canada, Ave Home Price  $952,804. -> See where they live Click here. More than 1/2 Canadian millionaires population live in Toronto & GTA = 265,000 millionaires, richest Asia Singapore = 183,737 millionaires. There are 2.5% millionaires of 9.6 m population in Toronto & GTA. I started life = 0, no money, no degree, at 2% bottom line poor in Toronto.

To get rich, take time, go back 20y
What were you doing, your salary 20y ago and Where did you live ?
- Just ask simple question and use grade 5 math. Were you: Factory Worker 5.50$ /hr, Teacher 12.0$ /hr, Engineer 13.0$ / hr? -> I started career 20y ago as Professor 50$ / hour at right Place Toronto & right Time big Salary & Home cheap. Salary same as 250,000$ today, Ave Home Toronto 218,000$.
Why go back 20y ago?
- Because 20y ago, Buy A Million dollars Home Detached or Semi in Toronto was very cheap, small mortgage. Salary of Professor could Buy Home within 1 year with high Deposit % like 30%. Engineer's salary must wait 10y Saving. Then Home in Toronto increased so fast every year after 10y. Could miss. -> Buy A Million dollars Home in Toronto, deposit 20% = 200,000$. -> Debt = 800,000$ -> Will take 40 y paid off home. Still pay big mortgage, big debt. Compared to 20 year ago, Mortgage to Buy A Million dollars Home after 20% Deposit in Toronto round 200,000$, 4 x less than today. Still take 20y paid off 200,000$ -> That's why live in A million dollars Home Detached or Semi doesn't mean A millionaire. That's why take back 20y.

I work hard to become Canadian Scientist Professor millionaire in
4.5% millionaires Canadian population, and in 2.5% Canadian millionaires population in Toronto & GTA. For a person started life = 0, just 20 years ago, no inheritance, no privilege, now same with 2.5% Toronto millionaires, who live in Toronto for many Generations. I am doing OK, no complain. I continue working harder next 20y, and keep going, will retire at what ever age Pres. Trump will retire. I see Inequality and Racism. Now, the death of Mr. George Floyd sparks anger about racism, inequality around the world -> The opportunity to make a change.

- Inequality of Wealth Distribution.

A lot people asked :- You are a Canadian Scientist Professor Millionaire in top 2.5% of Toronto Millionaires. Why do you speak up against racism?
Answer: - If you read in this Blog, not just me, but also other Canadian companies, Canadians like, Sport Nets, Budweiser, NHL, PM Justin Treadeau, Minister of Defence, Mississauga Mayor, the girl staff in South East Asia Doctor Clinic ...  speak up against racism & intolerance. We want to improve Canada more inclusive, equality, and diversity, which is a strength of the country.

NOTE About Data: " - To avoid biases, confusion, mouth-to-mouth Data exacerbation, unknown Data, easy pump price up data, unscientific Data, Scientist, Real Estate Industry used Ave Home Price for calculation, fairness distribution & representation for a whole population. Scientists, Real Estate Industry don't pick-up Home, Condos in few expensive areas like Downtown to present as Home, Condos Price of a whole City. All is about Data. No mouth data. Use few Average Data, Scientists can do calculation easily, simple understand, accuracy & scientificUse mouth-data, he said, she said = tens of thousands different Data, unscientific mouth-data, unknown source Data, unofficial Data, Scientists can not do calculation. For example: My home, my friend's home, my neighbour's home data, anyone can say anything Data, or pick-up few expensive area Home Price Data is biases, unscientific, fake data, mouth exacerbate Datadid not represent accuracy & scientifically a whole population of a city. Impossible calculation scientifically & accuracy. Not sure that other City in the World used Ave Home Price = Ave Price of All Properties = $952,804 like Toronto " -> Says, a Scientist Professor

For example, in Toronto & GTA Schools, nearly 50% are students come from diverse backgrounds, but minority ethnic Canadian Teachers only 15%. -> It doesn't reflect Standard of Equality by population. -> Need more Canadian of minority diverse background Teachers.

Toronto Sun, April 18, 2020

This Peel Board School in GTA had 85% students from diverse radicalized minority speaking 110 different languages. But only 25% minority Staff come from radicalized minority Canadian, 75% are whites.

The PDSB covers GTA's schools of districts like Brampton, Caledon, Mississauga, and West of Toronto, in total 155,000 students in 217 elementary schools and 43 secondary schools

Schools are public funding. What about private funding like businesses, companies, the Data of ratio of presentation of minority even much less than 25% -> The same systemic racism could happen in businesses, institutions, schools.
A Scientist Professor says: - Data tells alot about population, society, and systemic racism. The data of diverse backgrounds high school students in GTA 85%, 110 different languages very diverse backgrounds, is correlation to the diverse population in GTA 60%. This is as an example of systemic racism.

For example, Blacks population only 9% in Toronto & GTA, but just watch on TV every day 99%, blacks got problems with Police, the most by population, not seen happening to immigrants, other ethnic Canadian -> Poverty in Blacks for many Generations, is the big problem compared to other Ethnic Communities in Toronto, which makes them more vulnerable. -> Improve poverty, more funding to Black Community will help.

For example, On factory, see almost Immigrants work there. Almost Immigrants have experience working in factory.

For example, in Mississauga big City in GTA, a white woman (from Ukrainian, big Poland, Ukrainian Eastern Europe Community in Mississauga, and in Toronto) while waiting a long time for Doctor in a South Asian Clinic, she demanded to see white doctor. People in Toronto & GTA accused her racism, because she demanded "White Doctor" not South East Asian "Indian Doctor". Her racism reflects attitude "White Professionals" is better than "Minority Ethnic Professionals", which is systemic racism. If businesses think like her, then there is less demand for people in "Diverse Background" Professionals. https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/toronto/white-doctor-video-mississauga-1.4168199
NOTE: Mississauga biggest City in GTA, around 850,000, 7th largest city in Canada, is the most ethnic diverse area in GTA, where people of diverse backgrounds has 60% of population, like South East Asian, Indian the most of ethnic population in city Mississauga, then Chinese, Vietnamese. Average Home Price around 750,000$. See Toronto map, click here

It is OK to have conversation. Unlike Blacks, Whites, Asian backgrounds less engage in racism conversation, racism demonstration. For example, look at Demonstrators in Toronto, Black only 9% but almost 60% demonstrators are Blacks, 37% from whites. While more than 50% are Asian backgrounds in Toronto, GTA, but only 5% of demonstrators. They shy away from this issue. -> Because most Asian backgrounds back in their country, 99% are same people, homogeneous population. They don't experience racism because every day they are surrounding with people are the same nationality, same culture. So they feel not comfortable, not experience with racial issues. Unlike big cities in North America, Europe mix of population. Specially Toronto has more than 100 nationalities living called home. If you think Racism like a shame, then likely you get more racism. Racism doesn't mean " I am better than you ", but it means intolerance. You see in above story - A white woman had racism attitude to dark skin ethnic Indians in Doctor Clinic because of her white skin. It is wrong, need to speak out, like the girl staff wearing black shirt in clinic in video. She criticized the woman that :-> You are extremely rude and racist (intolerance). You are bad example for your children, your community.

A person says: - If you are treated differently, you must stand up and express yourself. If you don't say, accepted, you will be continued treated differently. When you live in a multi cultures like Canada, all kinds of races, more than 100 countries and nationalities, racism happens. Racism begins with hate, jealousy, fear, and intolerance. Canadian Company is very strict, zero tolerance about racism at work. An employee  says: "- Go back to your country". Or racial jokes -> Then this worker got fired right away. Companies are afraid to be labelled as racism.
A Canadian Scientist Professor says: - A lot Students in diverse backgrounds just keep quiet when marks not fair to them, unlike whites students. Most Professors are willing to give extra marks. Sometimes Professors don't see it unless Students speak out. He says: - People asked me that  ... Before you were Nothing, no Degree. Since migrated to Canada, Toronto, you became a Scientist Professor Millionaire, in Toronto middle class 20y. Do you think you were treated racism LOL? - I replied: - Every one as diverse background racial Canadian all encountered some kinds of racism, obstacles, biases, adversities, inequality, different treatment, promotion .... Looking back history, Chinese Community, Indian Community, Italian Community, Japanese Community all experienced racism. We must speak out against racism.

How to win the war on virus - the COVID-19 ?  - Update May 8, 2020

Virus war is different Human war, invisible. Every Scientist from different country plays important role. In virus war, it is Science, follow Science. You can't negotiate, can't use weapon, nuclear bomb. The only things Human can win virus war is 1) The Behaviour, self-defence, like Social Distancing, Mask, Stay Home, Wash Hand., and ultimate weapon to win = 2) The Vaccine.

To win the war on COVID-19, there are 3 frontiers:

The 1st Frontier: The Behaviour -> 2) The 2nd Frontier: The Testing -> 3) The 3rd Frontier: The Cure. Lets' exam each:

The Behaviour: - The 1st Frontier: Called the 1st Line of Defence Frontier used most effective defence like Lockdown & Stay Home, when virus attacked fast & furious, outbreak like mid March, 2020 - This Frontier requires citizens as solders well-behaviours, self-sacrifice. In this virus war, the citizens like solders. Mask is the additional tool for this Frontier, like gun for solder. To win battle you need "good solders" be well behave, disciplines. The 1st Frontier required self-sacrifice, self-discipline like good solders -> You can't win the  battle with "no good solders" no discipline, no behaviour. The old saying: - Prevent disease is always better than cure disease - is the 1st Frontier. The virus COVID-19 spreads thru Human Behaviour: Hand, Mouth, Nose, Eyes, things that people do every day: Talk, Breath, Touch, Cough, Gathering ... UK 67 m population, US is laxing on Mask, not take it seriously, as a result, Data tells huge COVID-19 cases & Death, unlike most Asian Countries. While France, Italy has learned the lesion after severe damaged by COVID-19. Now "Wearing Mask" is a mandatory for citizens of these countries. France has camera at public subways, transportation take picture of people not wearing mask. Dr. Harvey Fineberg, former Dean of the Harvard School of Public Health, Chairman of a committee with the National Academy of Sciences,  advised:  "- l start wearing a mask when I go to the grocery store".
The Cost: This 1st Frontier is less cost money and less human casualties.  That's why Asian Countries not rich, very small budget. But fight COVID-19 very good, less money, less COVID-19 cases, like Vietnam 100 million population = 288 cases & Death = 0.

In reopen economy, wearing mask is a must, additional defence, where social distancing is hard to maintain, hard to mobile, lost control, mis-behaviour, lax. Just wear mask as additional defence. Specially in an area where there are very high alert of COVID-19 cases, hotspots. Save lives.

The Testing & Treatment: - The 2nd Frontier - Called the Casualties Frontier, where the Battle, but no effective weapon yet, focus on Testing: Need: Doctors, Nurses, Front Line Workers, the Government  .. ..  - When you see the Testing increasing -> Which means something wrong with the 1st Frontier, the 1st line of defence weaken, not strong, lax, like not comfortable **wearing mask additional strengthen defence**, trade-off my freedom, not sacrifice, still want party, gathering, beach ...  No good. These citizens like solders who are not well-behaviours at 1st Frontier -> Now need Testing to make sure they are not "wounded solders" COVID-19 infection yet. So this 2nd battle is also important. That's why we hear a lot talking about Testing, because only weapon used to fight with COVID-19. But less about Treatment because still no effective Treatment -> Pres Trump suggested Hydroxychloroquine, not only not help, but side effect increased of heart attack on patient. COVID-19 patients recover from their Immunity System +  from care & support of Doctor, Ventilator, all kinds of trials Drugs, Placebo .. Most people with mild corona virus illness will recover on their own because of their Immunity. That's why needs Vaccine.
Testing is good to increase more capacity of Testing more people in order to Trace contacts and Reduce infection in population. Collect Data on Testing. -> But the problem is to keep Testing millions and re-peat millions Testing citizen (the solder) because this citizen keeps bad Behaviours -> Then this citizen needs Testing again. For example, a White House Staff after testing many times negative, but just recently testing Positive for COVID-19. Testing is not always reliable. People who already tested negative, still can get re-infected if not well behaviour -> Still spread virus.
NOTE: There are people get infected like seniors not because they are not well-behave. But they get infected by Asymptomatic people no symptom or not well behave live with them.
If the 2nd Frontier is so overwhelmed by people -> Then maybe should strengthen, have additional defence for the 1st Frontier like "Wearing Mask"
-> If the 1st Frontier of Defence is good -> Less cases COVID-19 in Testing, less Deaths.
The Cost: This 2nd Frontier is very costly money and human casualties, such as, Testing, Human Resources, Doctors, Nurses...Hospitals, Hospitalization COVID-19 patients ..

The Cure & Vaccine: - The 3rd Frontier:  - "The final winning Frontier" of Research & Development: Need: Doctors, Scientists, Professors - The Medicine, the Treatment, the Vaccine ... So far, there is no Vaccine,  " still in early stage " a lot of talks & hope. Hope vs. Truth. The last hope give it 2 years. The Vaccine is the ultimate Tool to win virus war. Even the curve flatten, but no Vaccine -> A new normal COVID-19, a war still continues. So far, there is still no effective Drug, no effective Treatment, no effective Medicine -> All of Tools in 3rd Frontier still in Talking, in Testing, in Experiment, in Clinical Trial ...
The Cost: This 3rd Frontier is very costly money, such as, Research, Experts, Human Resources, Doctors, Research Scientists, Professors....

So The Behaviours, the 1st Frontier is the most important Defence, unless The Vaccine successful. Prevent disease is always better than cure disease. If the 1st Frontier was broken down, defeated, overwhelmed -> ** The Solders no good.** -> Then we will never win the war on virus COVID-19. Since 2001, the Afghanistan War, US has about 2500 deaths in 19 years of war. But COVID-19, only 2 months, more than 80,000 deaths, over 1.5 millions people wounded, and a whole Economy sinks, more than 30 millions people lost jobs. COVID-19 is more than a war. Still just the beginning.

For example: In US, because they lost the 1st Frontier of Defence, for example, not wearing mask -> So COVID-19 overwhelmed the 2nd Frontier of Testing with many millions Testing -> But at last 3rd Frontier still nothing, no effective Drug, no effective Treatment, no Vaccine -> As a result, the COVID-19 cases over a millions, and more than 80,000 Deaths so huge than any countries in the world.  Although US #1 super power in the world in all categories, Medicine, Technology, Money, Talents, Experts... But most damaged on war COVID-19 ->  Maybe the Behaviour has something to do.

Since a Scientist Professor doing research on How Asian Countries, North American fight against COVID-19, a war between Life & Death. Using Data, we show the problems & differences  between Asian Countries very much less number of COVID-19 cases than North American fighting COVID-19 -> The problem has been solved. Because US did not take mask seriously. Since then, a lot of talks about this on TV, Social Media .. Before, although recommendation, but people don't take it seriously, because mixed messages from Medical Officers, top Leaders not wearing mask, no benefit, counter productive. -> Recently, some staffs at White House got infected virus -> COVID-19 hit so closed. We see US begins to embrace wearing mask seriously.

Update May, June, July, 2020  continuing
Up-to-Date "Wearing Mask": Help you and others Reduce COVID-19 transmission  -> Save lives

Few Notes: " Wearing Mask will help reduce transmission COVID-19, and save lives " long ago in April, 2020, from a Research of a Scientist Professor on How Asian Countries, North American fight against COVID-19, a war between Life & Death. He said : "- Inconsistent messages. People confused don't know who to trust. They take messages wearing masks not seriously" - Back then, in April 2020, He explained the difference between North American and Asia in war with virus is wearing mask. He also explained in his post that COVID-19 can transmit as tiny particles, aerosols thru air, staying on air for a while, since he had watched Japanese scientist did the experiment. That's why when people large gathering, beach, talking, laughing, sneezing ... will spreading COVID-19 to others. In this case, "wash hand" can't help, when you breath in. Mask is great help. Back then, some local Doctors on TV rejected the ideas COVID-19 transmit thru air, said, such as: " Mask counter productive, not benefit, even dangerous. ". Health Officers, Politician didn't want to wear mask, played down mask. They said Social Distancing 6ft, Wash Hand good enough. North American see mask not important, counter-productive. In early April, 2020, he recommended: "- In reopen economy, wearing mask is a must, additional defence, where social distancing is hard to maintain, hard to mobile, lost control, mis-behaviour, lax. Just wear mask as additional defence." Since then, the Behaviour has changed a lot. He said: - As a Scientist, every one should contribute. The most important is people now take masks seriously. Save lives. " - He began document the Date which Health Officers, Politicians began the change on Mask. Take a while, even WHO. Should be in early stage of pandemics COVID-19

- May 11, 2020: White House staff wear masks. After a staff infected COVID-19. As a staff working in White House, He was tested negative COVID-19 many times. But last time was positive COVID-19. Testing is not vaccine that certificates you immune from COVID-19. You still need careful protection.
- May 12, 2020: Quebec is 1st Province, its city is Montreal, in Canada urges its people wear mask when out public. Canada like US before, Wearing Mask not taking seriously. But Quebec Premier Francois Legault, 1st Leader in Canada, arrives at a news conference on the COVID-19 pandemic wearing a mask for 1st Time. No Leaders in Canada wear mask in Press or Conference. While Leaders in Japan almost in Conference wear masks.
- May 14, 2020: Ontario and its Capital Toronto, following Quebec, encouraged people wearing mask, specially where Social Distancing is challenging. Many big supper markets in Toronto like Loblaw, Food , many stores tell people mandatory wearing mask, a must in their store. Some Doctors on TV before saying mask was counter-productive. Now change their opinion to consider "wearing mask". Even for Doctors, Politicians, wearing masks still different view, inconsistent messages, changing many times, from one to others.
- May 20, 2020: Canada's top doctors Chief Public Health Officer of Canada from Public Health Agency of Canada now say: - Non-medical masks now (today May, 20, 2020) recommended for Canadian. Wearing non-medical masks can help stop the spread of COVID-19. This advise is reversed from the advice before that "Wearing Mask is counter-productive", inconsistent message before.
First time
, see PM Justin Trudeau was wearing mask in public, when entering Canadian Parliament. Canada like US before "wearing mask" not important, counter-productive. - Before, many local Canadian Doctors, even Quebec's Minister of Health on TV said that "Wearing Mask" was counter-productive, no benefits -> Not too late. Since extreme measures (not include wearing mask, only official recommended in May 20) began during "lockdown began March 15", in March 20, = 215 COVID-19, 0 Death -> As May, 20, 2020, = 80,102 COVID-19 confirmed in Canada, 6,028 Deaths.
- May 20, 2020: Governor New York launched a campaign " New York Wearing Mask ". He said on TV on this day: - Wearing mask works, and help reduce transmission of COVID-19.
- May 21, 2020: Spain today asked mandatory everyone above 5 years old wearing mask.
- May 24, 2020: Doctor Birx, Chief White House Task Force on COVID-19, wearing mask, first time admitted " - Clear scientific evidence masks work, help. Wearing Mask when Social Distancing hard to maintain." She just realized now wearing mask work, help reduce transmission virus. Not just long before, she said  wearing mask non beneficial, counter productive. https://www.businessinsider.com/birx-clear-scientific-evidence-masks-work-trump-able-social-distance-2020-5

- May 27, 2020: US COVID-19  Deaths surpassed 100,000  In less than 3 months war with COVID-19..And 40 millions people unemployed. Economy went down even more than Financial Crisis 2008-2009.
People didn't have to die. In less than 3 months war with COVID-19, more than American died in these major wars combined: Korean War = 33,686 (1950-53), Vietnam war 58,220 (1964-72) US Army withdrew in 1972 completely out of Vietnam. Fall of Saigon in 1975. War after 9/11 Afghanistan war 2,372 (2001 - 2018), Iraq war 4,424 (2003-2018). In all these wars Total = 98,702 - Japan Attack on Pear Harbor In total, 2,403 Americans were killed. The War of 1812-1814 American invaders, annexed Canada, roughly 15,000 Americans died as a result of US fighting with Britain and Canada. Roughly 8,600 British and Canadian soldiers died from battle.
June, 16, 2020 - Total American Deaths by COVID-19 = 116,700 in just 3 month -> More than Total American Deaths in all major battles abroad in 200 years  = 116,105, since 1812 Battle American with Britain & Canada to Present, except WW2. Not including economic damages. Message for people looks down on COVID-19. Be careful.

- May 27, 2020: Doctor. Christopher Murray, Director of the University of Washington Institute for Health Metrics and Evaluation said:" The Data is clear: The path ahead in the COVID-19 pandemic is being shaped by masks. We now have really clear evidence that wearing masks works -- it's probably a 50% protection against transmission." -> Wearing mask early could reduce Infection and Death to 1/2. Which translates into tens of thousands of lives could be saved. Which validates the Research of a Canadian Scientist in April that : " - The big problem of American in war COVID-19 a result of big casualty is not wearing mask, not taking mask seriously. Problem solved. " - Back then, top Doctors, Medical Officers on TV said: "- Do not wear mask, counter productive, no beneficial ". Since May, 2020, many Policies about Mask have been implemented.
- May 28, 2020: New York Governor ordered Businesses in New York :"- Do not allow customers who do not wear mask to enter in their store".
- May 29, 2020: A Doctor on CBC News 8PM, May, 29, she said: "- There is no data that proves Mask is effective". -> Even between Doctors have different view about mask. Inconsistent messages. Which made common people confused, not take mask seriously. Simple understanding like Mask work, help. But even Doctors don't understand.
- June 1, 2020: Today, WHO ( World Health Organization) officially recommended people should wear mask, specially where Social Distancing is challenging. WHO changed its stance on wearing a mask. Take a while. A Scientist Professor, who proved Human to Human Transmission, air-Transmission, and thus need mask, the benefit of mask, recommended wear mask when Social Distancing is challenging long time ago said: -  Could save alot of lives. https://www.wionews.com/world/who-updates-guidelines-on-wearing-masks-303693

July 1, and 4, 2020 - Canada Day, US Day ... We revisited mask and COVID-19 after reopening in both US, Canada. Since reopening, COVID-19 cases spike in US. Toronto now mandatory required people wearing Mask in Public places, on Subways, Transit Bus, Library ... In  US, many states like New York required mandatory Mask wearing in public, in business ... Doctors, Scientists say Mask save lives. Which a Scientist Professor recommended back in April, May that "- Not wearing Mask, not taking mask seriously is the main reason US had huge COVID-19 cases, huge death, get infected and died by COVID-19

In July, 7, 2020 - About 239 Scientists in the world asked WHO (World Health Organization) look into Research that COVID-19 is Airborne Transmission. Which means that COVID-19 can transmit thru air by micro droplets, tiny particles that can linger, stay in the air. People breath in micro droplets. In this case, need mask to protect you, wash hand is useless, not prevent you get infected by COVID-19. In reopening reality, we see that most COVID-19 infections come from large public gathering, large crowd, bar, beach, crowded people, close contacts, closed space room, Yoga Class ... - In these settings, washing hand doesn't prevent people from COVID-19 infection. People need wearing mask  for protection. Just like Mask, WHO rejected the benefit and prevention of Mask before. Later they change their View. Now, WHO one step behind the understanding COVID-19  Airborne Transmission. Dr. Richard L. Corsi, dean of Maseeh College of Engineering and Computer Science at Portland State University, and one of 239 scientists from around the globe appealing to the World Health Organization and other national health bodies to formally recognize the potential for the airborne spread of COVID-19 said that: - “The debate over whether the airborne transmission route occurs is over. Many of us have claimed its relevance from very early in this pandemic. It was real then. It is real now. Period.- Which a Canadian Scientist Professor recommended back in April, May (see Blog April, May) that: "- COVID-19 can transmit thru air, air transmission, airborne via small micro droplets, tiny particles. Which can linger, stay aloft in the air, and can travel in space in the air. If you in the room, in the air space, you could breath in the COVID-19 and get infected.
On Tuesday July 7, 2020,
the WHO acknowledged evidence is emerging of airborne spread of the pandemic virus, WHO said that in quote:The possibility of airborne transmission in public settings — especially in very specific conditions, crowded, closed, poorly ventilated settings that have been described, cannot be ruled out.” - Before, WHO said that "- COVID-19 spread via droplets only one or two metres before dropping to the ground" - Which encourages people do not wearing mask, not taking mask seriously.

July 10, 11, 2020 - In July 10, 2020, WHO confirmed COVID-19 spreads Airborne, air transmission. People can breath-in virus get infected if not wearing mask.
- In July 11, 2020, Pres Trump on July 11, 2020 wears mask in public for the first time, during a visit to military hospital Walter Reed. Maybe now he sees the important of mask is not just to protect others as alot people thought. That's why alot people don't wear mask, because they think mask just protect others not themselves. But now, after WHO confirmed COVID-19 spreads Airborne, Air Transmission, people can breath in virus and get infected. Which now proves that "wearing mask" not just to protect others but also to protect yourself. Before people, including Doctors, Heath Officers, WHO believe that "Wearing Mask for to protect others, because it covers your mouth, nose to shoot out virus when coughing, sneezing, talk loudly.. into objects around in environments. Then people touch on these objects, then touch their eyes, nose.

July 13, 2020 - Quebec asked " Masks to be mandatory in Quebec. as of Saturday July 18, 2020 in indoors public places, stores, bus, transit " - People will be fined even jail not wearing mask. People can call Police on people not wearing masks. Before not mandatory, not penalty.

July 15, 2020 - A Doctor from McGill University on CBC News in July 14, said that :" - Mask helps protect others not the person wearing mask " - Even Doctor got wrong on Mask, an important tool against COVID-19. In July, 15, on CNN : - Mask protect both the person wearing Mask and Others as well. As we said:- "Mask protect both. People less likely wear mask if just protect others. They have reason : " Why should I wear mask, uncomfortable, just to protect others. " - Three W’s to ward off COVID-19:” 1) wearing a mask, 2) washing your hands, and 3) watching your distance. But of the three, the most important thing is wearing a mask. There’s less likely that fomites (contaminated surfaces) are a major source of transmission by touching your hand, then touching your eyes, whereas there is more likely that the COVID-19 transmission through inhaled droplets, tiny particles, micro droplets, aerosol. That's why COVID-19 spreads thru air, airborne, aerosol, so fast and furious. Avoid 3 C's = 1) Crowded people 2) Closed Contacts of people. 3) Closed off space room, indoor. These 3 C's you could likely inhale, breath in virus. Wear mask. "

July 20, 2020 - The World Health Organization (WHO) has called upon people across the globe to avoid the "Three Cs". Very good -> I already recommended on July, 15 = Avoid 3Cs.


July 22, 2020 - A Doctor, from University of Toronto, on CBS News, The National, July 22, said that : " Mask should not mandate in schools. Mask could be counter-productive for students " - Again, no brainier. Not good message send out. In July, 23, B.C Doctors go to court asking for " demand mandate masks in schools " . Many Cities, States, Provinces, Countries already mandate "wearing masks". See back in April Blog down below, I already recommended enforced wearing mask and What measures for School open safe for students, teachers to prevent COVID-19 between Life and Death

On Saturday, July 11, 2020 NHK Japan: - WHO confirmed on Friday, July 10, 2020: - Aerosol spread possible -> Which means COVID-19 spread thru air, airborne. People can breath in virus.  

It is scary. Which explains COVID-19 spreads fast & furious thru aerosol, micro droplets breath in than thru hand touching. People should take COVID-19 seriously.

Accidently after the Date July, 7, when I posted in Blog about WHO and COVID-19 Air transmission, airborne. Now WHO confirmed on Friday July 10. That's why I update the Date about Mask.

NOTE: WHO (World Health Organization) has tens of thousands Doctors, Health Officers & Scientist. Their budget 4.4 billions . It is big. WHO has big influence over Doctors, Health Officers of many countries around the world, that contribute money to WHO. That's why Doctors, Health Officers in many countries follow Who's Health Guidance to fight COVID-19. Many of them worked for WHO.

a Canadian Scientist Professor says: " Understanding both Wearing Mask protect both you & others, not just protect only others, and COVID-19 Airborne Transmission at early stage would save thousands of lives and billions of dollars Health Care Cost. Understanding Mask & COVID-19 Airborne is the most important tools of prevention to fight against COVID-19 between Life & Death "


Note: This Air Conditioner in restaurant setting in closed contacts in a closed space room is different with Air Conditioner in Building, Apartment, which unlikely transmit virus from air-conditioners in apartments.
UPDATE: June 6, 2020
- NHK WORLD Japanese
- Research Scientists proved Air Conditioner enable COVID-19 transmission of customer Asymptomatic A in middle table  A, by air-conditioner is circulating virus in air between 3 tables A, B, C in restaurant. Other customers could get infected COVID-19 by "breath-in" no mask, even more than 2 m in same room. It is Air Transmission.

People, Doctors, Politicians, WHO Health Officers think COVID-19 transmit mainly by touching your hands in to your eyes. Thus need hand washing. But they don't think COVID-19 transmit thru air by nose "breath-in", inhale, exhale.  

-> Why Mask for Dummies - Mask helps cover your nose, mouth when talking loudly, speaking, coughing, laughing, sneezing ..to shoot out virus, tiny particles, micro droplets, droplets into closed objects, environment, into closed contact people. Thus first of all protect others breath-in or touching objects. Mask also helps you not breath-in virus. Thus protect you. People less likely wearing mask if they think just protect others. They wear mask to protect themselves first. That's why large gathering very dangerous without mask because of air not touching. Where Social Distancing is hard to maintain.-> A Canadian Scientist already recommended this long time ago. WHO just recommended today.

Since a Canadian Scientist Professor has solved problem: - Why US has more COVID-19 infections & Death, long ago, which helps open acceptance and change Behaviour about "wearing mask". How many times we have to explain to No Brainers, Doctors, Politicians about important of mask. Save lives.

1st Frontier is the Behaviour to Protect yourself. If you wait to 2nd Frontier Testing, you already late one step behind. After reading Blog , we just save your lives, thousands of lives.

For example, Some local Canadian Doctors said No, mask counter productive. Mayor Toronto, advised "wearing mask" recently, while other Mayors not recommended. Same for Politicians. Mixed messages, undecided, inconsistent, even such important Behaviour between life & death like wearing mask. Not too late.
How fast COVID-19 can spread fast thru air - A Research Scientist said: - Why you should wear a mask, not just Wash hand. He confirmed COVID-19 can transmit thru air by just talking, laughing, breath in. Watch this video from CNN May 14, 2020 - Click here. When I walked in ATM bank, I realized I should wear mask. In so many public places where Social Distancing can't.


Update: April, 2020 in lockdown COVID19

According to a Canadian Scientist Professor: - Should we wear the mask? -> A million dollars question. Make a big difference between live and death, and spreading COVID-19.

A Story
: COVID-19 can spread by building ventilation, store ventilation, say Canadian researchers.

The outbreak of COVID-19 at a restaurant in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou was a puzzle.
The suspected index patient was a visitor from the corona virus’s epicentre in Wuhan. But the eight other customers who later tested positive were not sitting close enough for droplet transmission. A team of local scientists eventually came to an eye-opening conclusion about the episode: tiny particles of virus had hitched a ride on currents created by the eatery’s air-conditioning. COVID-19 can be spread by building, store ventilation, say Canadian researchers.
NHK World Japan
has done a experiment with Japanese scientists using Camera can enhance 100,000 times size of hair. It captures tiny particles when a person sneezed or talked loudly drifting far away more than 2m in the air by air conditioner in small closed space.

Even so many Doctors on TV recommended wearing mask not beneficial, necessary
unless you are sick or nurses, doctors, before and after the outbreak. But this proves that we should wear the masks all the time to avoid infection and spreading, even practicing "Social Distancing 2m away". In Asia, the rate of infection & death are very minimum, like Vietnam 100 millions people, but only 270 cases COVID-19, 0 death as of April, 27, 2020. And their Health Care is not as big budget as many G7 countries. They wear masks from early beginning. But in North America, Europe, people don't take "wearing mask" seriously. Even Doctors on TV recommended wearing mask not only no effective, but easy get infections, scare people.
As an example
95% citizens in Canada, US do not wear mask out side home, on street, in the opposite, 95% citizens in Vietnam, Japan wear mask on street. Almost Politicians in Asia on TV wearing masks, but not see in North America, in Europe. Still now. Or they take it "wearing masks" seriously just recently. Too late. -> As we see the numbers of COVID-19, and death in these countries are very high. In US, most advanced & huge budget Health Care & Technology in Industrialized Countries, G7, approaching 1 millions COVID-19 cases in just 2 month from few dozen in early March, 2020. In Canada as of April 27, 48,500 COVID-19 cases, 2707 death.

Update: After the above Story in April, 27, 2020, On same day's night, on the National, an icon show Nation's News of CBC News at 9pm Toronto time, there was an interview with the Chief Medical of Canada, who admitted that she changed mind-set on her past recommendation that "wearing masks not beneficial, even counter productive" - Now on this Interview, she admitted that shifting on masks has changed again in this Interview that wearing mask is beneficial, an extra caution for people, and reduce spreading COVID-19

Another example, on NHK World TV, Japanese Parliamentary, including Japan PM Shinzo Abe, all wear masks, and Social Distancing, in Parliament Hall. While in total contradict, Canadian Parliament including PM Justine Trudeau Social Distancing, but not wearing mask. As you see, Japan and Canada has different view on masks. In Japan, 127 m population, as of April 29, 13,852 COVID-19 cases, 389 deaths. In Canada, as of April 29, 51,230 COVID-19 cases, 2984 deaths.

NOTE: If we can help explain problems, problems solving, then take it. If not, then learn, caution. Back to a million dollars question between Life & Death, and spreading COVID-19:  - Should we wear the mask? ->  Even there is a big differences between Canadian Doctors & Scientists and Japanese Doctors & Scientists.
For Canadian Scientists,
look at Japan Parliament, where Ministers,  PM, top leaders of a country, say: - It is not safety for leaders, because they seem sitting seem closer than Social Distancing recommended. They are wearing masks, but masks are not beneficial, not important, even counter productive.
For Japanese Scientists, look at Canadian Parliament, where Ministers,  PM, top leaders of a country, say: - It is not safety for leaders, because they are not wearing masks although Social Distancing. In Hong Kong, Vietnam, Gov warms people wear mask first of all. Look at the Data, most Asian countries, by population ratio %, the number of people COVID-19 infected much less than North America

People can catch COVID-19 by inhale, breath in tiny particles, which wash hand can't prevent, smaller size as100,000 times human hair. Which explains why COVID-19 spreads so fast & furious from few cases to millions of cases in just 3 months. -> Thus mask help protect, when talking, sneezing, coughing. Which wash your hand can't protect you in this case. Of course before entering this room, they have temperature checked, wash hand ... People can still spread virus even show no symptoms, check temperature normal, no coughing. It seems likely that this will occur more often in the healthiest and the younger age groups, including most children, called Asymptomatic COVID-19. -> " - Person has been exposed to a disease (like Hepatitis C, COVID-19 ...), then immune from that disease. But who is still carry with them the virus of the disease, and transmit them to others, 1st their family "
-> Asymptomatic Transmission is the reason health officials today changed their stance on masks.
(CNN May 5, 2020).

This photo captured on computer by a Canadian Scientist, on NHK World TV in April 29, 2020 showing Japan Parliament, Japanese leaders are sitting close. All is wearing masks -> For them, wearing masks more beneficial, more protection, more important. When PM Abe talks, he is shooting out thousands of tiny light particles and heavier droplets in to the air. But all of them droplets, particles are trapped by his mask not spreading into air, not floating in the air, and not dropping around objects nearby. Which other people could touch them by hands or inhale.

-> Mask helps right away, cover mouth, nose, cover tiny light particles come from mouth, nose at first line of defence, first of all, when talking, coughing, sneezing, and then help others wearing masks stop inhale, breath in what ever in the air. Wash hand in this case does not prevent virus. Every one should think like you have virus inside. Mask stops people shooting out virus as well.
-> Social Distancing
lets the tiny light particles still come out first from the mouth, nose in the air when speaking, sneezing, coughing, and other people not wearing mask still inhale, breath in what ever in the air, influenced by ventilation, wind. In the air, there are hundreds of thousands, millions of tiny light particles depend on crowd of people, some tiny light particles dropping on near surface, object then people get infected by touching. If wearing mask could prevent this spreading. Some tiny light particles drifting away.

According to a Canadian Scientist, Japan Parliament although sitting closer, but wearing mask, it is safe. Watching TV from International Countries helps me see thru their societies, on their streets, see the differences how they live & deal COVID-19 that others can't see.

- What does it mean "Stay Home"? - "Stay Home" is ** the most effective prevention helps reduce Testing, reduce Infection, reduce spreading ** you and others from infecting & spreading COVID-19. Stay Home works 100%. -> Just "Stay Home" help flatten the curve. So when you hear COVID-19 cases begin flatten the curve -> It is from "Stay Home" easy, a simple measure, like during lockdown. So people want to out door again. Be cautious. -> COVID-19 cases could begin again. The 1st wave COVID-19 is spreading from few people in Wuhan. The 1st wave causes so damaged in just 2-3 months, already seen. The 2nd wave every where countries, not just a few spreading in Wuhan like 1st wave, will have already tens of thousands people already infected COVID-19, and tens of thousands people from Asymptomatic COVID-19, who have virus, but not show any symptom, healthy, normal, because they may have good immure in their body subdue virus like children, young people. But they still can spread virus to others. According to a Japanese Professor, the majority of COVID-19 cases spreading by these Asymptomatic COVID-19 people, the silent spreaders. -> That's explain why older people like retired, most stay home, not active life style, but got the most infected, most deaths -> Because young people live in same home.
A Story: A person is called an out Patient A, who got diaries, then visited a Japanese Hospital as out patient, show no symptom of COVID-19. This Patient A then infected the Doctor, who saw him. -> Then that Doctor infected his colleague Doctor. -> Then spreading many Staff, many patients in hospital -> They have to trace around 600 people. Caused an outbreak in many near by Japanese Hospitals just 1 person Patient A.

- Should students wear mask in classroom? ->
Yes in new normal COVID-19. Should enforced wearing mask in schools. Good Ventilation, then of course Social Distancing, Scheduling classes less crowded, include online, Wash hand, Check Temperature.
Wearing mask doesn't mean not Social Distancing. Of course, we still keep practicing Social Distancing, Wash your hand. 
-> A Canadian Scientist Professor, doing researches, says: How Asian Countries, North American fight against COVID-19, a war between Life & Death. Scientists play very important role.  
- When doing research, I use Data and open mind. I look thru different windows, in different societies in different countries, listen thru different background Experts. So that can see the differences, different opinions, different society. -> You don't see the differences if just look and compare yourself.-> See Data the number of people get infected and deaths in Canada, US really shocking, many times more than Asian countries.

A Story:: Vietnam has done the best job against COVID-19 in Asia. During the outbreak in mid-March, 2020, I had seen on TV, a Vietnamese security guard fought with a man who did not wear mask. The man then threw his smart phone in the security guard's face. His face was bloody, severe injured. So many times the Police fought with people not wearing masks. Vietnam small area = 331,000 km2, 100 m people, Canada area = 10m km2, 30 x area than Vietnam, only 38 m. Social Distancing is very difficult to maintain very crowded clusters of people, they rely on masks, another extra defence, to protect from virus.

=> Why US had the most number % by population = More than 1.15 millions of COVID-19 cases, and 70,000 deaths, giving US has the best advanced Health Care System, most biggest budget, best Experts in the world?
-> Because they don't take masks seriously, the first defence from virus, in the beginning. - The Behaviour - The big Mistake. Since 2001, the Afghanistan War, US has about 2500 deaths in 19 years of war. But COVID-19, only 3 months, more than 60,000 deaths, and a whole Economy sinks, more than 30 millions people lost jobs. Still just the beginning.
I also looked at all measures again COVID-19, like Social Distancing, Wash hands, How COVID-19 Infection spread, Track Infection, Testing, Vaccine, How they handle Economy, Budget.... US is doing good -  Like almost Asian Countries, US practiced Social Distancing very early in March before the outbreak. Only not wearing masks, not taking masks seriously. " -> That's why, from Data, the fact, the result of policy, measures, no biases, their COVID-19 cases & Deaths very high, keeps increasing. ->  Hope will help solve problem. Save lives.


Using enhanced camera 100,000 size of tiny hair, Japanese Scientists & Researchers found and captured tiny particles when a person sneezed or talked loudly drifting far away more than 2m Social Distancing, in the air by air conditioner in closed space, like in 8 patients in a restaurant in the southern Chinese city of Guangzhou. If these 8 people worn mask, they should be ok, help stop multiply.

A Canadian Scientist says: - I myself watched this experiment before the out break mid-March on NHK Japan, scary seeing tiny particles captured on enhanced camera in dark room like thousands of firefly from nose, mouth scattering, drifting away in the air, waiting for people inhale. From this experiment, COVID-19 can stay in the air for a while. - Later, this has been confirmed by Japanese Scientists. - Canadian Researchers also confirmed COVID-19 can spread by Building Ventilation. - Chinese Scientists find evidence COVID-19 Can Float In the Air for Hours. The research also suggests that virus droplets that have landed on the surface of nurses' PPE could be knocked back into the air -> (This knocked back into the air is scary. I don't believe but they said in the Research). This kind of airborne COVID-19 can spread more people, dangerous.

There is preliminary evidence that COVID-19 airborne transmission — in which the disease spreads in the much smaller particles from exhaled air, known as aerosols — is occurring, and that precautions, such as increasing ventilation indoors, should be recommended to reduce the risk of infection. The transmission of COVID-19 through human respiratory droplets and direct contact is clear, but “the potential for aerosol transmission is poorly understood.”
To date, most efforts to stop the spread of the virus, such as social distancing, have been based on the belief the virus is not transmitted through the air. If it was found conclusively that the virus was transmissible through the air, it would significantly strengthen the case for mandatory mask-wearing to stop the spread of COVID-19. ->
Could save  Lives and thousands of COVID-19 cases. This explained why countries in Asia that have enforced wearing masks, and of course Social Distancing like Vietnam during the out-break, had 270 COVID-19 cases, 0 death, very low in 100 m population.

-> Which may explain in a crowded people, in large gathering, in some places, some people are talking, coughing ... virus can be drifting away. More cautious, in big or small room, even practice "Social Distancing" people should wear masks. -> My friends, just be cautious for you, your family, and other's safety. You make decision for you. Just give you a true story had happened.

Japan Parliament, PM Shinzo Abe, of course including Japan Health Minister, all wear masks, in April, 29, 2020. So wearing Masks 1st priority. While Canadian Parliament none wearing masks, only Social Distancing. In Japan, almost Press Conference, Politicians, Scientist wear masks on TV.  Not see in Canada on TV. Wearing masks not important, even counter productive -> Picture worth thousands words.

- Today April 29, 2020, PM Justin Trudeau in Canada Parliament  2/3 empty, most thru Internet Conference, sitting away Social Distancing, not closed, not wearing masks like Japan Parliament.
When PM Justine talks,
he is shooting out thousands of tiny particles, plus bigger & heavier droplets in to the air. All particles, droplets from his mouth are free spreading into air, floating in the air, and dropping around objects nearby. Which other people could touch them by hands. But other MPs are sitting Social Distancing, they are safe, because Social Distancing that most heavier droplets will drop not far 2 m distance. But particles (not droplets in Social Distancing) proven by Japanese, Chinese, Canadian Scientists exist and can be drifting, floating in the air longer.
People keep Social Distancing safety,
but they in thousands outdoor, still shoot virus from mouth, nose when talking, coughing, sneezing in the air, on street. The virus then drop on trees, home grass, chairs, objects ... Then other people catch virus by sitting, touching ... That's why in Asian countries like South Korean, Japan, Vietnam ... they use chemical to clean streets, trees ...
- South Korean clean the street

Updating: (May, 2020)

CDC recommends people wear cloth masks to block the spread of COVID-19. Click here

Dr. Harvey Fineberg, chairman of a committee with the National Academy of Sciences, former Dean of the Harvard School of Public Health advised: Click here
NOTE: Dr. Harvey advised:  "If you generate an aerosol of the virus with no circulation in a room, it's conceivable that if you walk through later, you could inhale the virus - l start wearing a mask when I go to the grocery store". - So according to Dr. Harvey - Corona virus lingers in the air for a while, because people put out when breathing or coughing, talking, laughing more force than just breathing ... You could inhale the virus by breath in -> Air transmission. Wash hand can't help.
-> Which validates my post on this COVID-19 in April, 2020. Still a lot mysteries around dangerous COVID-19 the way it infects people fast & furious, like in US, in 2 months, since March 13, from few cases to more than 1 millions in 2 months, like in US, giving US population only 2.7 x times than Japan, but 1.3 m cases, Japan 15,500 cases. From Data, only air transmission can have this fast & furious Transmission in modern technology century, not old centuries ago..  Giving almost Asian countries wear masks thus reduce a lot of cases. Almost cases come from industrialized rich countries Europe, North America. Doctors, Scientists, still confused. No effective treatment, no medicine, no vaccine, so far, only Talking, Experiment, Testing.. The more info you have  -> The smarter you are than no brainier  -> The better decision you make for you family, children, customers, and others in community. Save Lives.

On May 5, 2020, Dr. Fauci advised people wear mask.

NOTE: As always said, People must practice Social Distancing first priority. No one stops you wearing mask if you feel unsafe. An extra defence you and others always smart defence of protection against COVID-19. -> It is the Behaviour will make a big difference between Life & Death in new normal COVID-19

1) What should Businesses do to adapt in a new Time of COVID-19?
- Have online strategy. Create, Build a new Digital Cloud Platform, such as: Online Businesses, Digital Businesses. Businesses that adapt Digital Businesses Management, online, distancing Payment, Cloud Payment, *Cloud Print* (Only Office software), *Cloud Receipt*(Only Office software), Cloud Cashier like Office software. Not in-store cashier like tradition store (Not just pickup/delivery software like 3rd party vendor charge alot of commission) to manage Orders, Customers, Pickup/ Delivery,  more profit, less cost of operation, no commission paid for 3rd party... will be a winner as smart businesses. And smart business needs smart people.
Tradition Business
more cost, location, manpower, already gone out of business. COVID-19 will stay longer, around 2 years more of social distancing even reopen business. So even reopen business, customers in-store are reduced 75%, because social distancing. Like before 100 customers in store. Social distancing required only 25 customers. -> Less Profit.

NOTE: We have seen
a big jump demand for our Office software during COVID-19 -> See [Office Slide Show] on top page

2) One good news when a lot bad news every day. Take it.
=> Some people say: During COVID-19, people suffer, heavy losses. Big Home Price jumps make people uncomfortable.
=> A Scientist answers :- Open mind. See far. Toronto Home Price up 157,000$, and 200 Billions dollars add on and filter thru Canada Economy, not just in Toronto, is a big gift created from thin air, not from Tax Payers Money, and no need working hard for 20y of saving, tax break for middle class around 2500$ / year, cost Gov billions of dollars. So many countries devastated, damaged by  COVID-19 dream of this kind of money will help them recover later 1,2,3 years from now. COVID-19 has more few times damaged Economically than Financial Crisis in 2008 in short time, according to a Japanese Economic. I am only a messenger sends good message. Right now, Toronto Home Market is only hope for people losing hope, specially for Middle Class own Home, Condos currently see big losses, their businesses much damages during COVID-19. Ave Home Price in Toronto up 157,739$ -> Home Price, Condos Price up across the board.  Estimate around Toronto Home Price up 157,739$ and GTA up 110,000$ -> Add on 200 Billions to the Economy in just one year. It is as same as COVID-19 Relief Package.
In the past 20y, we see Middle Class Canada their Wealth growth combined in
Trillions of dollars, has increased double 2x, triple 3x, 4x. On average Canadian Middle Class Wealth = 427,271$. Which is most Wealth in industrialized country, G7.  90% of Wealth, came from the increase of their Home Price. Because Home is 90% of Middle Class Wealth.
For example, 20y ago, Ave Home Price around 218,000$, a Semi Detached Home around 260,000$, Detached Home around 320,000$ -> Which today price creates a lot of Millionaires in Toronto.
A 20y middle class in Toronto says
: - We have seen a lot of them from Nothing to become Millionaires in Toronto. You have to live in Toronto to see or Do grade 5 math. All is about Data. See far.
According to
a Canadian Scientist, who live thru, survival 20y middle class big city like Toronto, live thru middle class in Industrialized Country like Canada, who see many Gov Policies that has effect to Middle Class, who wear Middle Class shoes in order to Understand. What Middle Class Life Style and every day Living, Struggling, Hoping for ?... Who has done a lot Research about Bottom Up Economics in industrialized Countries. It is the Middle Class who pay the Bills, all kinds of taxes, Income Tax (main source of Revenue for Federal), Sales Tax (main source of Revenue for Province), Property Tax (main source of Revenue for City) ... It is the Middle Class, millions of them, combined Wealth in Trillions of dollars, who is heavy lifting the Economy, and main leading force driving Consumer Confidence, 65% - 70% of GDP and Economy. -> This Middle Class Wealth will help Consumer Confidence 65% of GDP, Economy Recovery in many recession -> It is the Middle Class create Jobs, grow Economy and increase GDP.
=> Canada is the only country in Industrialized Countries has created the Ministry of Middle Class and Prosperity last year Nov, 2019, first time.

=> Toronto & GTA Housing Industry, hundreds of billions of dollars, ave price up $157,000, add on 200 billions dollars , still stand strong, is good news. During COVID-19, all kinds of people, all kinds of Industries, all kinds of businesses asking for help, asking for money, for relief, cost hundreds of billions of dollars. During tough challenging time of COVID-19 a test of one-in-100 years -> Good performing Businesses, Industries will survival during tough time, stand up, and keep going.
3) Question & Answer during COVID-19.

Question: - What should Businesses do to adapt in a new Time of COVID-19?
Answer: - Have online strategy. Create, Build a new Digital Cloud Platform, such as: Online Businesses, Digital Businesses. Businesses that adapt Digital Businesses Management, online, distancing Payment, Cloud Payment, *Cloud Print*, *Cloud Receipt*, Cloud Cashier like Office software. Not in-store cashier like tradition store (Not just pickup/delivery software like 3rd party vendor charge alot of commission) to manage Orders, Customers, Pickup/ Delivery,  more profit, less cost of operation, no commission paid for 3rd party... will be a winner as smart businesses. And smart business needs smart people. Tradition Business more cost, location, manpower, already gone out of business. COVID-19 will stay longer, around 2 years of social distancing. So even reopen business, customers in-store are reduced 75%, because social distancing. Like before 100 customers in store. Now social distancing required only 25 customers in store.. -> Less Profit.

Question: - Who is paying the Bills, and the Taxes the most for the Economy ? - Who is creating Jobs?
- >Trickle Downs Economics believe that it is Upper Class, Billionaires who are creating jobs.
US President Ronal Regan had used Trickle Downs Economics for creating his Policy in favour of upper class. While Bottom Up Economics believe that it is Middle Class, who are creating jobs, pay most Bills and most Taxes for the Economy. Which one is true? -> Can you explain using the real Data to prove, no blah blah mouth no Data.

Question: - What is Theory and Foundation of Bottom up Economics?
- When we say Bottom Up Economics, we say bottom up the Middle Class, of course inclusive  the Working Class in Bottom Up Economics, but Working Class is not the main leading force for driving the Economy.

Question: - If give 1000$ for Upper Class, for Middle Class, for Working Class, poor Bottom Class, what will they do 1000$ first priority? - Use your life experience thru different social classes.

Question: How do you define a Middle Class?
- A Middle Class is defined by Income around over 40,000$ and less than 100,000$. Or defined by Wealth around Ave =
427,271$. Most Middle Class is having Home, but not a must condition. Like by Income, alot people income over 40,000$. But could not afford home in Toronto requires at least 130,000$. A majority of Canadian are in Middle Class around 65%, 30% Working Class.
- Is a Millionaire in Middle Class? - No. A Millionaire is top 5% of population not in Middle Class.
According to giant bank Credit Suisse there are 4.5% millionaires in Canadian Adult population, Japan 2.7%, South Korean 1.8%, Singapore 4.0%, German 3.0% millionaires in Adult population. Unlike people think, Middle Class by Wealth 10x richer more wealth than Middle Class by Income.
Does it mean a Middle Class had over 100,000$?
-> Not really. 49% Canadian, Japan, 60% American, 62% German (Unification with East German) don't have 100K (Data from giant bank Credit Suisse) same as most adult population in Industrialized Countries. An income 40,000$ after Income Tax + Misc Deductable = 2600$ / month. Not yet pay for Rent, other Living Expensive -> What ever country, you must pay Income Tax. -> Pay all Living Expensive like Rent, Car, Car Insurance, Gas, Phone, Food, Grocery, Smoke, Drink, Travel, Misc ... enough survival, no saving. In Toronto, Rent 1-bed room = 1600$ / month. That's why Data from giant bank Credit Suisse is accuracy. Almost Middle Class in Industrialized Countries share the same. But Middle Class Canadian is richer because of Home. Used Data we can see thus making good decision.=> From Data, we see that Middle Class by Income is less Rich, less Wealth 10x than Middle Class by Wealth. -> It doesn't matter How much you make -> How much you have that counts. For example, a middle Class mid-income 50,000$ / year after Income Tax = 3250$ / mo -> Take 50 years working hard to have same Wealth with a Middle Class by Wealth Ave = 428,000$. If income = 40,000$ / year -> Take 60 years to have 428,000$. => For example, Saving is 600$ / mo -> 7200$ / year ->  Take 60 year to save 428,000$.

- Behavioural economics.
Study about the effect of Emotional Intelligence, Cognitive Decision, Culture, Society, Psychologysocial classes of Individuals, citizens on irrational making decision economically. It helps us measurable, understand Human Behaviour better when they react to different Economic Situation, and Economic Policy. From Behaviour Economics, we can develop Policy, design Models of Consumerism's Behaviour, Sales & Marketing Strategy in order to response to change in Policy and Market Condition. Which makes the difference between Tradition Economics and Behaviours Economics. The importance of understanding Behavioral Economics for marketers is immeasurable as it allows for a better understanding of the human mind. -> The Behavioral Economics usually are scientists who experience life thru different social classes, wear their shoes.

Question: During COVID-19, should we give a bit more for Middle Class, who suffer the most by Income?
- For example, A middle Class income from 50,000$ or 4000$ / mo now down to 2000$ / mo giving by relieve benefit? -> Not really. Japan, Canada gives the same money distributed the same to every one, regardless social classes, rich, poor, income, even the working class more advantages in benefits, less losses economically by COVID-19. But US process differently thru EI system giving based on Income, make easy eligible. Then give extra 600$ to every one, rich, poor, regardless social classes. This way fair, simple process, simple rule, easy design software system, avoid wrong payment, double pay...

- Giant Banking Credit Suisse forecasts Canada Millionaires will big jump more than 1/2 next 5 years, 2023 more than any G7, developed countries including US. This Report from 2018, where Ave Home Price = 787,856$. Most of the big 1/2 jump Canadian Millionaires from Toronto, where an increasing Home value. Currently Home Price up more than 100,000$, there are 260,000 Millionaires in Toronto, Singapore is the richest country in Asia has 183,737 millionaires. Recently, Hong Kong takes the lead over Singapore as richest country in Asia.
Less than $100,000:
Canada 48.9%, Japan 48.9%, UK 50.6%, Singapore 52%,  US 60%, German 62%,  S.Korea 60%, Thailand 99%, India 99.3%, Indonesia 99%, Philippine 99.2%, and 95% World population.
- Almost 1/2 Adult population in rich developed countries like Canada, Japan ... don't have 100,000$. -> Not easy to have 100,000$, unless have home.-> After COVID-19, the number could up 10% more people don't have 100,000$ on top current good number in good time.
For example
, in Canada, Japan = jump 60% have no 100,000$ from 48.9% after 1st wave of COVID-19 for 4 months -> Government any country will not afford 2nd Wave COVID-19 of money giving same money in 1st wave -> Save money for next big raining day. Unless having vaccine take at least 1 year. COVID-19 one-in-100 years. A Data Scientist Professor looks at this real number => In US March,1 only 62 COVID-19 cases -> In 18, April, 706,880 confirmed cases. => Giving already strict Social Distancing -> What if not?

Millionaires Rank by number not ratio by Population
US #1 =8.7m millionaires in 330 million population, China #2 =1.9m in 1.4 billion, Japan #3 =1.6m in 127m, German #4 =1.02m in 84m, UK#5 =894,000m in 68m, France #6 =878,000m in 70m, Canada #7 =505,000m in 38m, South Korean #8 = 477,000m in 52m, Australia #9 =474,000m in 25m, Italy #10 =418,000m in 60m.
If rank Millionaires by Population, Canada or Australia could rank#1

Data from Giant Banking Credit Suisse -

Canada provides Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) package relief to people who lost job because of COVID-19 virus for 4 months of benefits. It includes people, such as:
1) Who do not qualify for EI, such as, not enough Insurable Work Hours. Such as, in the past to apply for EI in region Toronto required 700 working hours or 4 1/2 month will get 14 weeks benefits. Now because of COVID-19, even work less than 4 months, work Part-time less hour /week, still eligible for EI Employment Insurance Benefit -> Will get 16 weeks benefits of 2000$ / months.
2) Who work on contract, precarious, seasonal jobs, short term, part time contract job ...  Qualified.
4) Increase more Canada Child Benefit (CCB) currently regular benefit 550$ / month / child for child under 18 age.
5) Increase more benefits for Seniors, Free Interest for Student Loan  ...
6) People who got sick, stay home take care children, on quarantine because of COVID-19 also get 16 weeks benefits of 2000$ / months
7) Wage Subsidize 75% employee salary dated back March 15, 2020 to encourage Business keep employees, cheaper Loan Credit, 0 interest for 1 year,  grant 10% of Loan if paid off loan on time for businesses.
8) If you receive the Goods and Services Tax credit (GSTC), you will automatically receive a one-time special payment by early May of almost $400 for single individuals and $600 for couples.
9) Ontario is doubling the Guaranteed Annual Income System (GAINS) maximum payment for low-income seniors, for six months starting in April
10) The individual tax filing deadline is deferred to June 1, and the deadline to pay any balance due for your individual income tax and benefit return is deferred to September 1.
If you expect to receive benefits under the GSTC or the Canada Child Benefit, it is advised not to delay the filing of your return to ensure your benefits for the 2020-21 benefit year are properly determined.
11) Gov is working with lenders to allow deferred mortgage payments (contact your mortgage provider for details).
12) For Canada Student Loan holders, there is a 6 month, interest-free moratorium on Canada Student Loan payments.
13) Ontario Student Assistance Program (OSAP) loan repayments are suspended from March 30-September 30 during which time borrowers will not be required to make any loan or interest payments.
14) The Province is setting electricity prices for time-of-use customers at the lowest off-peak price, 24 hours a day for 45 days effective March 24.
15) The City of Toronto is providing a 60-day grace period for property tax, water and solid waste utility bill payments and late payment penalties as of March 16.

COVID-19 is not biased Rich, Poor, Color of Skin ... Everyone has loses big or small depending each story.
A True Story:  It is true story on TV from a different country.
A local office is giving relief gift, including noodle bag, rice .. to people effected by COVID-19 economically. Most of them poor line up for receiving gift.
There was a man drove a car, parked near by parking lot. Then he lined up for gift. - People criticized: - You are rich, have car. Why do you still need gift?  He was rejected the gift.
The man explained to TV reporter: - " Before COVID-19, I had good job, work very hard, made a lot money, a lot more than minimum wage, a lot more than money giving by Gov to support citizen during COVID-19. So I can afford home, car go to work. Since COVID-19, I lost job, lost income. I have more bills to pay than anyone line-up here: Car Insurance, Car loan, Gas, Home Mortgage, Utility, Home Property Tax, Home Insurance ... I am also much difficult situation."  - COVID-19 happens or not, people have nothing not much changed. Canada gives 2000$ / month, 500$ / week, for 4 months, for every one lost job same as Net Income of minimum wage 14$ / hr = 2240 $ / mo after Income Tax. So the people, like Middle Class, who work more than minimum wage, more Living Expensive like Home, see big lost. Most people think abstract from feeling (quick, general, simple. No need Data take long time, do research. Tiered or How Do Research? ). Like on TV says people of working class, low wage most suffered during COVID-19. Using Data, middle class lost, suffer most.
: On April 12, 2020, in US, thousands of cars line up on street, drive-thru for relief gifs. Unbelievable see on TV in America. Described as it happens one-in-100 years. Like Depression in 1929, only difference is people drive car. The man who is the Officer to give gift says to TV Reporter: - Anyone, regardless driving fancy car, living in fancy home, all qualify for the gift. Because they lost job, lost income like every one.

NOTE: Compared to most Industrialized Countries, G7, Canada has the most generous Relief Benefit Package by ratio of population
For example,
Canada Child Benefit, regardless Social Classes, rich, poor, giving extra 300$, every month, on top of regular 550$/mo Child Benefit =  850$ / month / Child for child under 18 age. During CIVID-19, consider a low income family, working minimum wage with 2 children will get = 2000$ x 2 (for 4 months) + 1700$ (Child Benefit every month, COVID-19 or Not) =  5700$ / month.

Update: April, 15, 2020:
Just-in today. Canada now expands Canadian Emergence Relief Package to people, who work Part-time Jobs, Contract, precarious jobs less hour / week ... These workers will not qualify for EI, or before this expand, because work contract job, less hour, not full time, such as, work 12 hr/ week, 48 hr / month. This expands will make them qualify for CERB 2000$ / month for 4 months. However, the government is expecting companies to take advantage of the Wage Subsidy Program that gives 75% salary of worker to businesses in order to keep workers, meaning fewer of them would be in receipt of CERB.

- A Canadian Scientist says:
I see a lot of my friends, who are Scientists doing high paid from 100$ / hr Scientific & Research job. Employer can't afford them full time. They get hire working on part-time jobs, precarious jobs, contract jobs, season jobs. CERB is giving regardless background, rich, poor, social classes. Every one is treated equally the same benefit.

Some people say,
Consumer Spending in trillions of dollars, account for 65% of GDP Economy, in most Industrialized Countries, G7, and Middle Class is main leading & driven force driven in Consumer Spending. Millions of them Middle Class's Wealth combined few Trillions dollars in Wealth for spending. In Canada, estimate 6 Trillions of dollars or 6000 Billions of dollars of Middle Class Wealth. On average, Canadian Middle Class has Net Worth around 427,271$. It is better than UK, German, France, Japan in G7. Without them pay Mortgage, pay Bills, and Spending every day, Banks, Businesses can't survival. Consumer Spending more than Gov Spending + Business Spending & Investment  + Export combined, all around 35% of GDP. Currently Canada Gov spends for COVID-19 benefit around 200 Billions, around 10% of Canada GDP 2 Trillions only 38 millions population, compared to Middle Class Wealth in few Trillions. If they have more loses and more debt increasing during COVID-19 already, then will take a while, longer recovery for Economy, not big V shape few months.   
For example,
Canadian Consumer Spending in 4th quarter 2019 = 1,187,371 millions = 1,188 billions = approximately 1,19 trillions. Canada Gov Budget 2019 = $355.6 billion

Update: April, 22, 2020
The new
Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB):
$1,250 per month from May through August for eligible students, and $1,750 for students with dependents or permanent disabilities
The new Canada Student Service Grant (CSSG): Up to $5,000 for a student’s education in the fall for students who choose to work in national service positions and serve their community.
Doubling the Canada Students Grants Program
Broadening the eligibility for Student Financial Assistance
Creating 76,000 jobs for young people in addition to the Canada Summer Jobs program, in sectors that need an extra hand right now or that are on the frontlines of this pandemic.
Specific support for Indigenous students

- Will continue updating News relating to COVID-19

Projection Forecasting Data Modeling -  How much is accuracy? - All is about Data

A Scientist Professor, who is not only Professor Teaching Data Science, Computer Science, but also Scientist Building Software Analyse & Manage Data Management

- Recently, COVID-19 all is about Data. Scientists give people some Models what happened if people not Stay Home, Physical Distancing. They forecast the worse situation like in US, Dr. Facci, White Home project could have 100K -> 200K people died. In Ontario Public Health Ontario President Dr. Donnelly in April,3,2020 forecast model that COVID-19 could last 2 years, 100,000 people could die just in Ontario if not stay home, social distancing. He said: - "Over the full course of this pandemic, which may last for 18 months or even two years... had we done nothing, Ontario may have suffered 100,000 deaths". So let's overview:

Forecasting Data Modeling VS. Data Modeling. Used by Data & Computer Scientists. All is about Data

Projection Data Forecasting Modeling -> See far.

Data and Computer Scientist used Projection Forecasting Modeling to forecast, projection of Data -> Then Code, Program, Game Theory, Build Software Analytics to analyse based on mathematic formula by coding, and input data in order to project Data. Human can't hand calculate alot of Data, must be computer software program calculates when input a lot of input data, read data from various sources. Not talking, guessing Data -> So that for Game Theory, Planning different situation, Good, Bad, and Worse situation, and for people taking the problem seriously.
->  How much is accuracy Projection Data Forecasting Modeling? Some models could be accuracy 90% if conditions are met. Good for Decision Making because can see Data in advanced happening in different scenarios in order to prepare, planning, rather blind, see nothing. - Not scare people. Some people disagree, exaggeration, but take it seriously.
For example,
Sales Forecasting Software System can predict, forecast, project Data accuracy how many T-shirts sales next Quarter, next Month, next Year, based on current Input Data, Historic Data past sales, Business Rules. But if weather not good, COVID-19 happened, then of course this forecast, data projection will not meet. One of application is called " Data Warehousing "
Data Warehousing
is the process of constructing and using a data warehouse. A data warehouse is constructed by integrating data from multiple heterogeneous sources that support analytical reporting, structured and/or ad hoc queries, Data projection, Forecasting, and Decision making. Data warehousing involves data cleaning, data integration, and data consolidations.
For example, If taking seriously, having Projection Data, Forecasting Models from the beginning in January when COVID-19 just starting in Wuhan -> Then other countries like US, Italy, Spain, France would take it seriously early, and thus reduced damages. People just talk about Models after already outbreak in Mid-March. -> Countries should have run Models in January when just COVID-19 started.

Game Theory click here. All about Making Choices and Decisions  Game Theory to demonstrate that, involving both Psychology, Human Emotion and Choice -> Human Emotional Intelligence VS. Data Intelligence. Game Theory also explains why: Give Back More -> Gain More.

 Forecasting Data Modeling Data has few Techniques, let's exam 3 popular Techniques:

1)-> Qualitative Techniques: - Usually we get advice from trusted friends, employees, close relatives. Who we trust, closed. We also rely on our own experience. But, Qualitative Technique used Expert opinion like Data Scientist, Computer Scientist, Professor, Doctor, Researcher .., for example, and information about special events of the kind already mentioned, happening, and may or may not take the past into consideration. Expert opinion is a Panel of diverse Scientist. - Quantitative Technique uses these Methods:
A) Delphi Method: - A Panel of Experts, Data, Computer Scientist, Professor, Doctor, Researcher, investigates a sequence of questions by asking. Then get their opinions.
B) Use Market Research Method: - From several Experts, Researchers to research the problem and give solution.
C) Panel Consensus Method: - The technique based on Assumption of several Expert opinions, which can help arrive a better forecast, better than just one person's opinion.

2)-> Time Series Analysis and Projection: On the other hand, focuses entirely on patterns and pattern changes, and thus relies entirely on *Historical Data*.
=> Most mathematical formula on Theory, on blackboard, on paper, are short program, easy translate into program by Computer Scientist. An Analytic Software for Analyzing, Forecasting, Modeling Data based on Mathematic Formula accuracy for Models and Modeling, not mouth guessing Data as people think, had built in hundreds of mathematic Formula. Data are fed from Database (DBMS) and Read & Populate Data into into Array. -> Then Calculate, Project Data for Models. ->Then Graph. Some Methods used by  Time Series Analysis and Projection are:

--  Program Linear Regression using Java. Not difficult ---

public class LinearRegression {

public static void main(String[] args) {
int MAXN = 1000;
int n = 0;
double[] x = new double[MAXN];
double[] y = new double[MAXN];

// first pass: read in data, compute xbar and ybar
double sumx = 0.0, sumy = 0.0, sumx2 = 0.0;
while(!StdIn.isEmpty()) {
x[n] = StdIn.readDouble();
y[n] = StdIn.readDouble();
sumx += x[n];
sumx2 += x[n] * x[n];
sumy += y[n];
double xbar = sumx / n;
double ybar = sumy / n;

// second pass: compute summary statistics
double xxbar = 0.0, yybar = 0.0, xybar = 0.0;
for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) {
xxbar += (x[i] - xbar) * (x[i] - xbar);
yybar += (y[i] - ybar) * (y[i] - ybar);
xybar += (x[i] - xbar) * (y[i] - ybar);
double beta1 = xybar / xxbar;
double beta0 = ybar - beta1 * xbar;

// print results
StdOut.println("y = " + beta1 + " * x + " + beta0);

// analyze results
int df = n - 2;
double rss = 0.0;
// residual sum of squares
double ssr = 0.0;
// regression sum of squares
for (int i = 0; i < n; i++) {
double fit = beta1*x[i] + beta0;
rss += (fit - y[i]) * (fit - y[i]);
ssr += (fit - ybar) * (fit - ybar);
double R2 = ssr / yybar;
double svar = rss / df;
double svar1 = svar / xxbar;
double svar0 = svar/n + xbar*xbar*svar1;
StdOut.println("R^2 = " + R2);
StdOut.println("std error of beta_1 = " + Math.sqrt(svar1));
StdOut.println("std error of beta_0 = " + Math.sqrt(svar0));
svar0 = svar * sumx2 / (n * xxbar);
StdOut.println("std error of beta_0 = " + Math.sqrt(svar0));

StdOut.println("SSTO = " + yybar);
StdOut.println("SSE = " + rss);
StdOut.println("SSR = " + ssr);

If there are n elements x1, x2, x3, . . ., xn
in an array and if we want to calculate the
geometric mean of the array elements is
Geometric mean = (x1 * x2 * x3 * . . . * xn)1/n
Input : arr[] = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8}
Output : 3.76435
= (1 * 2 * 3 * 4 * 5 * 6 * 7 * 8)1/8
= 403201/8
= 3.76435

Input : arr[] = {15, 12, 13, 19, 10}
Output : 13.447
= (15 * 12 * 13 * 19 * 10)1/5
= 4446001/5
= 13.477

-  Program Geometric Average use Java. Not difficult -

import java.math.*;

class GeometricAverage {

// function to calculate geometric mean
// and return float value.
static float geometricMean (int arr[], int n)

// declare product variable and
// initialize it to 1.
float product = 1;

// Compute the product of all the
// elements in the array.
for (int i = 0; i < n; i++)
product = product * arr[i];

// compute geometric mean through
// formula pow (product, 1/n) and
// return the value to main function.

float gm = (float)Math.pow(product, (float)1 / n);
return gm;

// Main function
public static void main (String args[])
int arr[] = { 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8 };
int n = arr.length ;
System.out.println (geometricMean(arr, n));


Output = 3.76435


Input Data:

X[] = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10}
W[] = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10}
weighted mean
= (W[0] * X[0] + W[1] * X[1] + W[2] * X[2] + . . . +
W[n-1] * X[n-1]) / (W[0] + W[1] + W[2] + . . . + W[n-1])
= (1 * 1 + 2 * 2 + 3 * 3 + . . . + 10 * 10) /
(1 + 2 + 3 + . . . + 10)
= 385 / 55 = 7
Output : 7

Input Data:
X[] = {3, 4, 5, 6, 7}
W[] = {4, 5, 6, 7, 8}
weighted mean
= (W[0] * X[0] + W[1] * X[1] + W[2] * X[2] + . . . +
W[n-1] * X[n-1]) / (W[0] + W[1] + W[2] + . . . + W[n-1])
= (3 * 4 + 4 * 5 + 5 * 6 + 6 * 7 + 7 * 8) /
(4 + 5 + 6 + 7 + 8)
= 160 / 30 = 5.33333
Output : 5.33333

-----  Program Weighted Average using Java. Not difficult ---

class WeightedAverage {

static float weightedMean(int X[], int W[],
int n)
int sum = 0, numWeight = 0;

for (int i = 0; i < n; i++)
numWeight = numWeight + X[i] * W[i];
sum = sum + W[i];

return (float)(numWeight) / sum;

public static void main(String args[])
// Take num array
int X[] = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10};
int W[] = {1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10};

int n = X.length;
int m = W.length;

if (n == m)
System.out.println (weightedMean(X, W, n));
System.out.println ("-1" );


Output = 7



For example, Research the History Data of Ave Home Price in Toronto for the past 20 years, ups, downs, its changes, and patterns, thru good & bad times, recession... -> Will help forecast future Ave Home Price.
History Data shows that in the past 20 y, * thru 2 x Recessions 2000, 2008, recently Housing Cooling in 2017 * in 2000 Hi-tech, Dot.Com bubble, 2008 Financial Crisis and Subprime Mortgage, Ave Home Price in Toronto always Ups, and double 2x every 10 years. Ave Home Price in 1999 = 228,372$ ... -> Then Hi-tech Dot.Com bubble 2000, Stock Market crashed, recession, Ave Home Price in 2000 = 243,275 $, in 2001 = $251,508, in 2003 = $293,067, 2005 = $335,907, continue UP ... -> Then Financial Crisis 2008, Subprime Mortgage, Stock Crashed, Ave Price 2007 = 376,238 $, in 2008 = 379,347 $, 2009 = 395,260 $, in 2010 = $ 431, 276... continue UP ... -> Then after 2008 recession, 2012 Ave = 497,130$, 2013 = 522,958$, 2015 Ave = 622,121$, 2016 Ave = 729,837$, then big jump 30% from 2016 to in Spring 2017 in March, April, May = 917,000$ . -> Then Housing Cooling in 2017 = 822,737$ after big jump, then cooling in 2018 = 787,856$, then back to normal in 2019 = 883,520$, latest March 2020 = 989,218$.

Look at Historic Price of Detached, Semi Detached, in 1999, Ave Home Price =  228,372$,  a Semi Detached Home around 260,000$ -> 280,000$, a Detached around 320,000$ -> 340,000$. If invest 65,000$ for 25% in a Semi Home 20y ago -> Today March 2020, Semi in Toronto  = 1.208 millions, Return On Investment around ROI = 1.2 millions, because after 20y already paid of loan Mortgage = 260,000$ - 65,000$ = 195,000$ very small mortgage easily paid off after 20y. This ROI = 1.2 millions same as Buy Detached Home, from in 20y Investment 65,000$ for Deposit.

Conclusion: What were you doing 20y ago? -> Time is money. Go back 20y ago.  -> Invest 65,000$ (around 150,000$ today) 20y ago in 1998, in 99, 2000, in Toronto to Buy Home either Semi or Detached, your Return On Investment as March, 2020 same = 1.2 millions dollars. A Scientist Professor does this experiment to test Human Intelligence :"- Giving 65,000$ you have option to chooses Buy Home either Semi Detached or Detach Home." ->  95% people chooses to buy Detached home for more profits, willing to pay a high Price. But Scientist, who witness thru both Semi & Detached Home, see Data both, found not really. Both Same Profit.  Detached Home means pay extra more Cost / every month, pay extra 10 years, cost more = 5000$ / month / 12 mo x 10 year = 600,000$ extra.
NOTE: If you have good money, good stable career, then choose Detached. But believing that Detached Home return more Profit than Semi is not True. A Scientist Professor says: - Choose between 2 x Semi Detached Home = 2.4 millions better, more profit than 1 x Detached = 1.48 millions. While Property Tax of 2 x Semi Detached = 1 x Detached Home. Detached doesn't mean Up more than Semi.- just recently March 2020, Semi Detached jumps 204,000$ from 1,004,208$ to $1,208,073, thus 2 x Semi ROI = 408,000$. A Detached jumps = 122,000$ from 1,363,357$ -> $1,485,304.
A person used to work in Factory says: - Working minimum wage (20y ago = 5.50$ /hr, today = 14$ / hr = 2.5x increase)  like Factory Worker, Restaurant Server, Food Server, Misc Worker .. 20 years ago, Income = 5.5$ / hr x 160 = 880$ / month -> After Income Tax, Net Income = 748,0$. Then pay Rent 350$ =. Thus having 400$ for all Living Expensive like Car, Gas, Car Insurance, Glossary, Phone, Restaurant, Drink ... The most you can have left is 100$ / mo or 1200$ / year for Saving, if no Traveling. In 50y save = 1200 x 50 y = 60,000$ => Thus 20y ago, work minimum wage takes 50 years to Save 65,000$. After 20y, Home Price in Toronto in 2020 already up more than 4x to near 1 million already. Hardly to afford a Home. Too late.

Although Price of Detached more than Semi, but you pay more Cost / month / in 20y for more Cost of Mortgage Interest, Property Tax, other Misc Cost to trade off for high Price Profit. Human Nature is Greed, focus on Gain 1.48 millions of Detached, but ignore Lost that pay more Cost for Detached. Doing Data Projection Cost / Profit Analyst, ROI of Semi is as same as Detached = 1.2 millions after 20y.
Look at the Price Difference after 20y as latest March, 2020, Semi = 1,208,073$ - 260,000$ = 948,073$. While Detached = 1,485,304 $ -  320,000$ = 1,165,304$ -> Difference = 217,231$ after 20y. But the extra cost you pay for Detached in 20y a lot more than 217,231$.

A Scientist proved that if you used same amount 65,000$ to buy a Detached Home instead of Semi 20y ago, thus Deposit % less than Semi  -> After 20y still around ROI = 1.2 millions same as ROI as Semi, because Home Ownership, % Deposit less than if Buy Semi. You pay more each month for 20y for Property Tax, high Mortgage Interest, high Cost of Maintenance for Detached. -> Use Time Series Analysis and Projection, we can prove from Projection of Data. For example, because Buy Semi, thus less Mortgage Interest, more % Deposit -> Faster 5 years pay off than Buy Detached with high Mortgage, less % Deposit. Giving your monthly cost for Detached Home of Mortgage + Property Tax + other Mis Cost = 5000$ => Thus pay extra more than 5 years = 5000$ x 12 x 5y = 300,000$ cost more than Buy Semi pay off faster than 5year. Therefore, from Data Projection, we prove that ROI of Detached Home and Semi Detached is the same = 1.2 millions dollars after 20y.

: Time Series Analysis and Projection: tells you that in the past 20y, despite thru 2 Recessions, 1 Housing Cooling, Home Price in Toronto always UP, and Double 2x in every 10 years. In the past 20y, all kinds of Analysts, Financial Advisors, Online News scare people, said:-  Toronto Housing will down, crashed. Specially "When Crisis" during Financial Crisis 2008, Housing Cooling 2017 alot people scare selling their home. They listening to scary news mouth tongue Data, straight from mouth. No mention Data -> But Data tells not only nothing happened, but also ...Home Price Ups. No worried. All is about Data.

3)-> Causal Models: - Uses highly refined and specific information about relationships between system elements, and is powerful enough to take special events formally into account. As with time series analysis and projection techniques, the past is important to causal models. Casual Models uses Data Relationships, Data Correlations from different events. The challenge is How to find Data Relationship, Correlation accuracy.
For example, Toronto Home Price is related to Interest Rate, Immigrant, Inflation, Gov Policy like Stress Test, Home Supply ... Which involves identifying these Data Relationships, Data Correlations of these elements of event. -> Then generate the forecasts Modeling of Ave Home Price Toronto.
-> There is a Data Relationship, Correlation between Interest Rate and Home Price, Immigrants & Home Price ...
- For example, in 90s vey high Interest Rate 8% -> 6%. Then 2000 recession Interest Rate slowly down from around 6% to 1.75% in Dec, 2019 = Down 3.4x approximately. Same period of 20y 1998-1999 -> 2019, Data Correlation with Home Price ups 4x, in 1999 Ave = 228,372$ -> Ave Price Dec, 2019 = $884,385 = Double 4x approximately.
NOTE: Not necessary exact Data Relationship, Correlation ratio = 4x, but give a view that when Interest Down trend -> Home Price up trend.

Interest Rate in last 20y: -  Interest Rate very high Feb, 1991 = 16%, late 90s from 8% -> 6%, 5.75% then slowly Down starting in 2000 recession to recession 2008 Interest Rate 0.75% ->  April, 2009 = 0.25% record low. Then slowly up to Dec, 2019 = 1.75%. Now, as March 2020, because of COVID-19 down from 1.75% to Interest Rate = 0.25% record low in few months.

=> Which methodology above has been used Data Projection Forecasting Model in COVID-19?
PM Canada Justine Trudeau already answered this question on regular update morning April, 07, 2020 at 11 am.

=> There are few other powerful Techniques used by Data & Computer Scientists sorry, too long, can't describe here.

Data Modeling
Data Modeling: - Is the process of creating a Data Model for the data to be stored in a Database. This data model is a conceptual representation of Data objects, the associations between different Data Objects (Customer, Product, Order, Order Detail ...) and the Rules (Business Rules, Logics ...).
For example, Data Modeling: - Build a Database Management System (DBMS) that has Data Collection of Customers, Orders, Order Details, Products, Supplies ... Techniques are CANDO = Collect Data, Analyze Data, Normalize Data, Design Data, Organised Data. Data Modeling is true Data Collected for Database, Tables Design. Data Modeling requires understand Data Relationship, 3 of them: One-to-One, One-to-Many, Many-to-Many.
- The Data Relationship between Customer and Order is One-to-Many.
- The Data Relationship between Order and Product is Many-to-Many. We can’t represent a Many-to-Many relationship directly in a database relation scheme. Many-to-Many database relationship is not acceptable.
** WARNING ** If not resolve Many-to-Many Relationship Database will cause data errors, duplication, corruption, lost data integrity, even lost data. Ask your Developer if they know or Not. And How to Resolve this Many-to-Many Relationship? -> A Scientist Professor said.

Data Modeling has 3 Types of Data Model.

1) Conceptual Data Models: (CDM) High-level, static business structures and concepts. This Data Model defines WHAT the system contains. This model is typically created by Business stakeholders and Data Architects. The purpose is to organize, scope and define business concepts and rules.

2) Logical Data Models (LDM): Entity types, data attributes and relationships between entities. Defines HOW the system should be implemented regardless of the DBMS. This model is typically created by Data Architects and Business Analysts. The purpose is to developed technical map of rules and data structures.

3) Physical Data Models (PDM): The internal schema database design. This Data Model describes HOW the system will be implemented using a specific DBMS system. This model is typically created by DBA and developers. The purpose is actual implementation of the database. Table: (Customer) Users: 1 -> Orders (infinitive symbol) is: 1 - to - Many Relationship ( most popular relationship in Data Modeling )
For example: This is Physical Data Models of Business Order Management System


Update March 2020

Quick update: -Toronto Home Report released in March 5, 2020 for Feb, 2020 last month.

Important News March, 2020
We declare Toronto Home Price now is equal to Vancouver Home Price based on latest Data. For the first time all Categories, Detached Home, Semi Detached, Town home, Condos in Toronto now is equal or surpass Vancouver.

- World Cities in Top 10 Ave Home Price in 2019: Vancouver rank #4 in Global Average Home Price of Cities in the World in 2019 latest Data in Top 10: 1) Hong Kong, 2) Singapore, 3) Shanghais 4) Vancouver 5) Shenzhen 6) Los Angeles 7) New York 8) London 9) Beijing 10) Paris - Canada has 2 Cities 4) Vancouver, 4) Toronto now in Top 10 Cities most Ave Home Price in the world.
- Other Cities in Top 50: There thousands of cities in the world. In top 50 in the world from other countries: Australia: Sydney #13, Melbourne #15, Ireland Capital Dublin #16., United Arab Emirates (UAE) Dubai #18, Saudi Arabia Jeddah #14, Saudi Arabia Capital Riyadh #17, Spain Barcelona #21, Thai land Bangkok #33, Malaysia Kula Lumpur #32, Soviet Moscow #23, Italy Rome #22, .

NOTE: Toronto, Sydney, Melbourne used to be in Top 10. But these cities were pushed out out of Top 10 List, because "..suffering from increasingly Affordability constraints ", according to the "Research Report". Which is " giving European Cities in Top 10 " like London, Paris. Now, Toronto comes back in top 10, but not Sydney, Melbourne. Latest Data in March 2020, Toronto has bounced back to # 4 or #5 before Shenzhen #5 in 2019. -> According to a Scientist, who is CS Professor, and has done Research Scientist for big 5 Canadian Bank . According to him, Data has cause, relationship, correlation with other Data.
For example,
Scientist can prove that when Home Price high -> Rent high as well. Data also have 3 x Relationship: 1-to-1, 1-to-Many and Many -to-Many. Data Relationship between Student -> Student ID = 1-to-One Relationship, because A Student Dave has one and only 1 Student ID and VS. That Student ID #2156 belongs to only one Student Dave.
The Data Relationship between  Customer -> Invoice = 1-to-Many Relationship, because Dave can buy 1 or more Invoices, such as,  Invoice 123, Invoice 317, Invoice 219. And an Invoice ID#123 is bought, belong to one and only one Customer, Dave. All is about Scientific Data, honesty, not biased, not from Mouth Data.

What is difference between Scientific Data and Mouth Tongue Data?
Since Toronto Home Price goes up, we have seen all kinds of mouth tongue price. Scientific Data comes directly from Research of big International Financial Organization, Government Agency released Data. Mouth, Tongue Data comes from people, who just said, direct from mouth, tongue, not official, not scientific research. Thus easy exaggerated from mouth to mouth. Anyone can say anything. For example, a person said direct from mouth: - This area, home is worth 1.5 millions. This person Picks up a few very high Home Price at some high end Location, such as, Downtown. Or this Home Price is not proven because hear from other people said so. When you ask them where that data came from? -> Almost of them said they hear from local people, someone, friends, relatives said. And next mouth could exaggerate Price, so on...  This Price doesn't reflect a whole area, a city.

1) WHY such a jump and Corona virus has no impact on Toronto Home Price & Home Sales, but even push higher?
Because from now on and maybe for a while, Interest begins going down significantly a lot to deal with virus affecting economy, not only in US, Canada. but whole world, this month down - 0.5 point, used to be up 0.25. Never seen such Interest Cut such low since Financial Crisis 2008. Forecast it will continue go down more even to 0 or Interest negative like Japan. It helps reduce the stress of Stress Test. This is good time for Buy Home for Home Buyers and Home Owners.

A person said: - Thank you for your Blog boosting me more Confidence and Knowledge on Toronto Home Market. Toronto is not Vancouver. It is Center of Financial Hub and Manufacture Hub of Canada. While all kinds of negative news because of virus, all kinds of sectors down, stock market down, but at least one good news from Toronto Home Market boosting my Confidence, and Consumer Confidence in general.

2) Of course, no matter Rich or Poor, Home ups or downs, Home or no Home, every one still needs to make ends meet, pay bills.

** What Did You Do 20y ago? ** Take at least 20y Buy Home in Toronto + high Deposit at least 30% to be Rich
Since 1999 when Toronto Home so cheap? Did they work low wage in Factory, Restaurant, Server, Engineer...? Go back 20y. Take 20y be rich.

Case Study: - A friend of mine, Professor H., who started career as Professor in 2006, just Bought Home in 2016, with 20% Deposit = 200,000 $ for a Million Dollard Home. So far, only 3 years Home ownership.. Then still Bank's Home. Why? - Because take him 10y Saving 200K to Buy A Millions Dollars Toronto Home in 2016 by Prof high salary. So Buy Home only 3y in 2020 not much ownership, only around 25% ownership (Already 20% Deposit. Most monthly Mortgage Payment paid for interest, only small paid for Principal. Stress Test required 20% Deposit start in 2018). Home Toronto already double in 2016 compared to 2006, Ave =  356,941$,  very high double 2016, Ave = 730,000K. Thus  Buy Home very high price. Take Professor H. for 10 years, started career in 2006 -> 2016 Buy A Million Dollars Home with 20% Deposit = 200K. Take Professor H. 10y to Save 200K. Now only 25% Ownership. => What if a Factory, Engineer, Teacher ... compared to Case Study of Professor H. => While Professor David, started career in 1998, 50$ / hr, 96,000$ / y ( NOTE: 96K in 1998 in today money 2020 = 2.5x , 3 x = 250K -> 300K. In 1998, mini wage = 5.50 /hr -> in 2020 = 14$ /hr = 2.6x. Since 20y, Home Price in Toronto has increased 4x. Big Mac, Rent ... has increased 3 x. By Inflation, Money decreased Value over time -> Thus, Home increased value. From a Professor. ). Prof. David Buy Home 30% Deposit within a year, when Ave Home Price = 219,000$ -> To be rich go back 20y when home so cheap.

From Case Study Prof H. started career in 2006, buy A million dollar Detached Home in Toronto in 2016 with 20% Deposit = 200K. Today 2020, Prof H. 's Total Asset = 25% ownership = 250,000$  + His Home Price in 3y has up 150,000$, in 2016 Ave = 729,837$ -> Ave in 2019 = 883,520$ (Good Return only in Toronto). Thus, since started Professor career in 2006 to now, Prof H, Total Asset = 400,000$ (Prof H. still have 50K student debt, although paid off alot.) . And Prof D. in 1998, when Ave Home Price = 216,815$. Then Apply in "real talk" -> Who were you when started career in 2006? - Student, Factory, Server, Office Worker, Engineer, Teacher, Scientist, Professor..?
Back 20y, it doesn't matter what kind of Home, Detached, Semi Detached. If you started your career 20y ago as Factory, Engineer, Teacher, you will have less asset than a Professor started career same 20y ago, like Prof. D. Because Professor D. can buy Home with high Deposit, or multi Homes same year. Not waiting 10y for Saving. Look at Salary of Prof D. = 50$ / h or 96K / y from 20y ago, in today money = 250K / y, and do grad 5 math. After 20y, Professor can buy 4 x new Detached Home, each 1.3 millions with 20% Deposit each. People are greedy. They spend 270,000$ for 20% Deposit to buy a Detached 1.35 millions. Then they think they own 1.35 millions. How smart is it? They ignore over 1 millions dollar in debt. It took 10y for Professor H. to save 200K from started career in 2006 -> Buy Home in 2016, when ave Home Price already double Ave 2016 = 730,000$. How long does it take you to save 200k in order to Buy A million dollar Home in Toronto with 20% Deposit ?

=> What if you are not Professor, Salary less than Professor ? You are late to Buy Home few years later than 2016, because not enough Saving. -> In 2017, where Ave Toronto Home Price even higher Ave 2017 = 822,727$. -> In 2018, Stress Test (OMG. No hope) took effect make is even harder to Buy Home than in 2017? -> Just late than 1 year Buy Home in 2017, even high Salary like Prof H may lost opportunity Can't Buy Home, or Buy Home with small Deposit = 10% not 20% -> While Prof D. most advantaged, started career early as Prof in 1998, when Ave Home 1998 = 216,815$. With his salary = 50$ / hr in 1998 equal to 250K /y today money, He can buy home high Deposit or multi Homes in 1 year. Data helps people see far, Problems Solving easy. All Data is given so people can see & verify. Much, much, much better than no Data -> "Real Talk" A woman said:- My man said he has a millions dollar Home (Rent Home). He didn't had LinkedIn ( a flag, not a Professional ). He is not a Professional, and not live in Toronto. Now I learn a lot from this Blog that Home is the most important make a big difference between Something and Nothing. I can analyze Data, such as, Location, Deposit, Ownership, Ave Home Price, Total Asset, Need working at least 20y to be Rich, No Home is Nothing, 100K Ave, because 49% Canadian, Japanese, 60% US, 62% S.Korea adults no 100K. Thanks. -> Because even Professor H. such high salary still nearly missed to Buy A Million Dollar Home in Toronto. "Real Talk"

Update: March 6, 2020
To get rich,
Ask " 1) What were you doing 20y ago?  2) How much was your salary 20y ago? 3) Where did you live 20y ago? "
- Because take 20y working hard, save 50K / year to be rich

- Because 20y ago, A million dollar Toronto Home was so cheap.
Because doesn't matter what type of Home, take 20y Home Ownership.
Take 20 y to be rich. Of course, no matter Rich or Poor, Home ups or downs, Home or no Home, every one still needs to make ends meet, pay bills.

HOW? Ask :- What did you do in last 20y in order to save 50,000$ / year continuously in 20y? -> Just ask this simple question and use grade 5 math. Save 50K / year, live in US, Canada no easy, unless you are Professor with salary over 100K / y 20y ago. What if 20y ago, you were in school, or worked as Engineer, Teacher, or minimum wage Server, Factory? Easy. Use grade 5 math. Learn many Case Study here. You can know accuracy Wealth of your partners, your friends.

Have Home + Car, but Total Asset = 55,000$  A person said: - "I have a Home 1/2 millions, and a car."  - Big cheese. -Then show photos of very nice 1/2 million dollars home, car. His asset in home actually only 50,000$ because bought Home few years ago with 10% deposit. Must work at least 30y more. But still better than Rent Home + Used car = 5000$. Total Asset = 55,000$. -> This Case Study can find anywhere in Canada, in US, in the world. See Ave Home Price in US in 50 states in 2019 from Business Insider. All is about DATA.

A Scientist Professor says: - When says ".. I have Home, Car ..." This is not Data because Home, Car is object, abstract, imagination. Need be measured. -> Seems like all Homes are equal. A million dollar Home same as 100K Home.  Thus easy exaggerate or mislead people. We should use Total Asset to measure Home, Car. Total Asset is Data because it is measured. Each Home Value is different Price depends on:
1) Where City, Town? Location, Location, not big or small home
2) How Much % Deposit 5%. 10%, 20%, 30% Pay Off Home fast ..
More Deposit faster Pay off Home like Deposit at least 30% -> Pay off 20y. Deposit 10% -> 30 year. But longer saving if not high salary like Prof. Example if buy 500,000$ Home, deposit 100,000$ for 20% take 15 years saving. Then deposit 10% = 50000$ take only 8 year saving. Most people deposit 10% because small salary. Can't wait 15y because Home Price will up
3) Home Ownership = How long Own Home ->
Pay off Home 30y different with Pay off Home 20y is = If mortgage + property tax = 5000$ / month x 12 mo x 10y = 600,000$ pay extra than Semi Detached Home paid off 20y -> Choose Semi Detach pay off Home in 20y by increase Deposit at least 30%, faster than Detached home expensive take 25y, 30y paid off. -> Thus add on 5y = 300,000$ extra, 10y = 600,000$ extra. After 20y can always upgrade from Semi -> Detached or buy another Semi.
4) Type of Property = Detached, Semi, Town home
5) Renovation could increase Home Price 50K -> 80K

So when a person said:- I have home.  You need to ask:- 1) What is Ave Home Price of Location, Location. Toronto different with Montreal. 2) When Buy Home how much is Deposit? 3) Home Owner Ship? How many years already paid into mortgage? 4) What Type of Home? 5) Home Renovation. -> All of this make up the value, price of a Home. Do not rush into talking. This apply same in Business. -> Which helps make good decision and problems solving.

A Computer Scientist Professor,
who is teaching " Data Analyst, Design, Implementation, and Management " in College for Computer Science Students, has done this test to demonstrate the important of using Data in Making Decision & Problem Solving. He gave students college level A Case Study. A owns A Semi detached Home for 20y, bought at least 30% Deposit. B owns a brand new 1.5 millions Detached Home. Now in market as of March 2020, Detached home worth 1.48 millions, Semi Detached worth 1.2 millions. He asked "- Which one is richer, has home most value?" -> 95% of Computer Science Students at College level said: "- B has new Detached Home most valued 1,48 millions, richer "
Professor laughing said: " - A is more richer than B. A could buy 4 x Detached Home 1.48 millions like B, but with at least 20% Deposit, not 10%. ". Students ignored Deposit and Ownership, rush into making decision not good, not accuracy, not see far -> Thus apply in Business, Business Development, in Investment, Stock Market, in Software Design ... could lead to failure. As you see, today most people are making decision, problem solving no good, because do not use Data Intelligence most used by Scientist.

Spend 270,000$ for 20% Deposit to buy a new 1.35 millions dollar Home. Then claim I own 1.35 millions, ignore 1.1 millions in debt. This is too much greedy, too much exaggeration over 1 millions, not honesty, blah blah grade 5. Allow 20y work hard & reward pay off whatever Home -> This called Work hard & Reward for 20y working hard. => That's why need Data in fairness, honesty, no biases, good faith.

Want to be a millionaire? - Big dream = Take 20y Work hard & Reward.  

Not late. Don't be greedy. Be patient. Work hard & Reward -> Millionaire take 20y working hard. Move to Toronto -> Buy A million dollar Home at least 20% Deposit around 200,00$ -> Work hard 20y.

 A millionaire couple walking on the beach

NOTE: Work hard & Reward. Not jealous rather an example of encouragement. Millions of  people live in Toronto come from all kinds of backgrounds, nationalities, from small towns, different cites, who started = 0, faced challenging, obstacles, biases, in order to make big dream in big City.

NOTE: As Scientist, I talk Data. Without Data people think abstract, not real. What ever their mind imagines, because lack of Data they can't measure.
For example, when said, to be rich, need working hard 20y. People don't see the "real number". Can't measure "Rich" -> Why take 20y long time? - But when I said need saving 50K / year. Now they see "real Data = Save 50K / year for 20y to be rich = Millionaire. " -> Not easy to be rich. -> That's why Take 20y. How do I save 50K / year, when income not even = 50K / year in last 20y. Then I need pay Rent, Tax, Car, Food, Travel, On/Off job... too. Not easy. That's why need Data so that can measure. -> Without Data, people can say anything, imagine anything that can't measure, can't see value.

For example, We know Ave Toronto Home Detached or Semi Home is A million dollars Home. It seems a lot of millionaires in Toronto, but Not. Data shows that around 260,000 Millionaires in Toronto in 9.6 millions Toronto & GTA population, more than 1/2 millionaires in Canada 505,000 millionaires rank # 2 millionaires by population in the world. Thus not easy become Toronto millionaires even live in Toronto. People  Buy/ Sell Home often after 10y, 15y. Not many people live in home for 20y. Home like Stock, you have to keep long term to see profit. Don't cash out/ in get profit too soon. -> The Data of Millionaires tells whole picture of a City Toronto Rich, but not easy become Toronto Millionaire. Ottawa has 25,250 millionaires, Vancouver around 40,400 millionaires, Quebec more than 250 years founding around 106,052 millionaires. China, today a rich country, 1.39 billions people, but only 1.9 millionaires. Singapore is the richest country in Asia -> There are 183,737 millionaires in 2019.

-> Without Data, people can't see values, can say anything, see thru windows, imagine anything that can't measure.

Wealth Asset of Middle Class American
n US, you can Buy a Home with 10% Deposit + Car - In US, all you need *50,000$ to have Home + Car*. US home cheap, Ave Home 300,000$ deposit 10% = 30,000$ => Have a Home paid off 30y.
Unlike in Toronto Ave home Detached or Semi Detached = above A Million dollars Home, Toronto Ave Home Price rank #4 in the world, only after Hong Kong #1. Ave Home in US cheap in most US States is US Home Ave = $226,800 according to Zillow, but that varies by state. Data no mouth.
- https://www.businessinsider.com/cost-to-buy-a-house-in-every-state-ranked-2018-8#19-florida-33

- Started Life = 0 alone, no support in Toronto at 18.
I grow up in Toronto. From no Degree, Poor, Factory to Canadian Scientist Professor Millionaire. One quick advice: - To be successful in big City like Toronto ->
Use your brain.

Linked In: https://www.linkedin.com/in/daviddang/

CEO of multi-billions corporations like: Facebook Mark Zuckerberg, Pay Pal, Tesla Elon Musk, Shopify Tobias Lütke, Apple Steve Jobs, Oracle Larry Ellison, Alibaba Jack Mar, Dell Michael Dell, Microsoft Bill Gates, Amazon Jeff Bezos ...  dropped out CS. Only CEO Jeff Bezos graduated in Computer Science. However, all of them had Start-up's Entrepreneurship Mindset & Spirit, Passion, and Innovation like I do.

Started career as Professor 20y ago, in Middle Class Toronto 20y ago.
From Factory 5.50$ / hr to Professor salary 50$ / hr, 96,000$/ y 20y ago, today equal to 250,000$ / y. Minimum wage in 1998 = 5.5$, today 14$ = 2.5x. Teacher = 12$ / hr, Software Engineer 13$ / hr, Mc Donald Big Mac 20y ago around 2.0$, now 6$. -> So by Inflation, Home Price gains value over time up too. 

- With this high salary, Professor could do anything. Buy Home with high Deposit, Multi Homes
- Today, Home in Toronto A million dollars Home. Middle class Home Owners in Toronto wants to become millionaire. Big dream. Why not? Congrat ! -> But, allow 20 years Work hard & Reward Home Ownership. Be patient. Don't be greedy. Home like Stock long term, don't Buy/ Sell Home too soon after 10y, 15y. Keep at least 20y.
I still continue working hard next 20y.

- Advice: Jump out of comfort zone:
- In any country in the world, people like you, whatever background, as a good citizen, Contribute to society, Work hard & Reward & Get Rich. To get rich, like a frog jumps out small well, sees big sky -> Just leave small town move to big City like Toronto, 9.5 millions population, (of course Toronto includes GTA is its Districts like other big City, while New York City and its Districts around 8.4 millions population, Tokyo 9.2 mil population, Paris 2.1m, Berlin 3.8 mil, London 8.9 mil, Shanghai 24.3 mil. By population Canada only 37.8 millions, Toronto is biggest city in the world ). Toronto where 260,000 millionaires, more than 1/2 Canadian Millionaires live. In big city Started Life = 0, no family support, not easy, but Reward Big.

-> I, no privilege, did it. You will OK. There are always ups/ downs like coast rider. Try your best.
Real Talk.

How to Get Rich = Buy Home, Do Business, or combined: Work + Buy Home + Do Business:
- Working for company helps you make end meets, pay for Living Expensive. Hard to Get Rich
-> 50K salary, after Income Tax + Rent = 65% of Income.  Then 35% for Living Expensive like Car, Car Loan, Car Insurance, Gas, Grocery, Shopping, Restaurant, Drink, misc Spending, Phone, Internet, Beauty, Cloths, Travel, On / Off Job, Lost Job...  50K salary / year take you 30 years saving 200,000$. Not enough Deposit 20% for a Home in Toronto.

=> A friend of mine who is full-time Professor,
salary around 200K, stated career in 2005. Just bought A million dollars Home in Toronto in 2017, just 3 years ago, after 12 years working, saving 200,000$ for 20% Deposit Home in Toronto. How long does take Buy Home in Toronto with 20% Deposit if not Professor?

=> In new normal COVID-19, can't depend on Government, on Company for long time.
During COVID-19 companies lost profit nearly 90%. Take a while for them recovery. Even Government is not sure if it can continue supporting relief benefit package. GDP hit hard few times more than Financial Crisis 2008 just few months COVID-19. The Relief Package only half way, but Gov Message out " - Back to work " -> Advanced notice for you prepare, before Relief Benefit runs out.

-> To get rich you need Buy Home or Do Business, combined: Work + Buy Home + Do Business.
- Buy Home take 20 years, but less risk because you have no choice either pay for Mortgage or pay for Rent. But need Buy Home right Location like Toronto. -> In the last 20y, Buy Home Detached or Semi in Toronto returns on average 50K / year equal to salary of 65K / years.
- Do Business
a lot of risk, but can help you get rich.

=> A sample of Prof David, click Cheque  in 1998, 50$ /h, 96,000$ / year equal to 250K /y today

- Update March, 2020.

20y ago, I already  loved Detached Home in Toronto. Click here see bigger photo

- 20y ago Professor salary 50$ / hr, 100,000$ / year could afford this Detached Home no problem

- Another View. Not all Detached Home as big as this one, most Detached same size as Semi.  - Click here see bigger photo. At peak, Ave Detached Home in Toronto = 1.56 millions, Semi Detached Home = 1.35 millions.

NOTE: In 2016, Ave Home Price 730,000$ includes all properties: Detached, Semi, Town home, Condos. Thus Ave just Home Detached & Semi, would be higher. For example, Ave Home in Toronto is 883,520$ in Dec, 2019, but Ave Detached, = 1.35 millions, and Semi Home = 1.1 millions.

=> Analyze in Feb:  When analyze you need to provide Data as much as possible. Don't use your mouth, people mouth. Data helps measurement. Without Data, you can't Measure -> Can't measure then Can't See, Can't Value. -> Can't see, can't value -> Make decision no good. Lack of Ability, Capacity. Lack of  Vision. Blind. See near, see good as same as bad. Biases.
=> - Could you forecast next 10 y Toronto Home Price ? Will analyze ROI (Return On Investment). => Yes, use data last 20y. Soon.
=> - Put 200,000$ in Stock Market or in Toronto Home Market? Will analyze ROI (Return On Investment).
=> - Upgrade from Semi Detached Home to Detached Home or Buy another Semi Home? Which one more values, more benefits, less Cost, less Risk, economically make sense, and Richer?
=> - In 20y, minimum wage, and all kind of salary had increased significantly more than double. Example, minimum wage has increased 2.6x from in 1998 = 5.5$ -> 14$ / hr in 2018. Do you think Buy Home today is easier than 20y ago? Prove used Data.
 - Can't prove by saying that:- Home in Toronto very expensive, Ave = a million dollar Home. -> Not see far, not good, not enough Data. Can't make good decision. But, at least you give 1 x Data Ave Home in Toronto = a million dollar Home. Still better than people direct blah blah from mouth Grade 5, not any Data. Example, Some people said: - " Condos in Toronto worth 1 million dollar. Or, Home in Toronto very expensive worth 2m, 3m dollars. Or, my friend home just bought 1.5 m in that area. Or, I see a Home 2 m for Sales in that area."  - Yes it is true that there are a lot million dollar condos in Toronto, there are Home in Toronto worth expensive multi million dollars. But no good Data, not scientifically, fake Data, exacerbation, lack of education. This is biased because you just pick up small quantity of expensive million dollars condos, expensive multi million dollars Homes in some areas, some streets. some people to present all properties in Toronto. People said this, their Ability & Analytics = Grade 5, don't know anything, exacerbation, fake data. -> How? -> Need to Take Average of all Properties = 883,520$, of Average of each type of Property, like Ave Detached = 1.35 m, Ave Semi = 1.1m, Ave Condos = $663,894 ... in every streets, remote areas, all Districts, Municipalities, small Towns in City, like Real Estate Industry of Toronto. No exaggeration. -> Said a Data & Computer Science Professor

- Currently, Both Detached & Semi Home Toronto Ave = A Millions Dollars Home.
- In Dec 2019, Ave Detached Home Price = $1,318,953 Year-to-Date. And Semi-Detached Home Price = $1,044,675 millions Year-to-Date. And Ave Home Price in Toronto = $883,520 Year-to-Date.

NOTE: About Data Collection. Usually, every month you get monthly Data compared to same months of last year, called: Month-to-Date Data from report every month. OK accuracy, reflection month by month Ups / Downs. The most important Data is Year-to-Date Data, which is summarised, calculated for A Whole Calendar Year of Home Price for that year. Most accuracy.

Update January 2020: New Home Price in Toronto, and GTA already out in January, 2020 for December, 2019.

Stress Test Caution according to CEO Royal Bank. Read this article about the Housing Market View of CEO Royal Bank, one of the biggest bank in Canada. According to him, "- Stress Test has decreased the Demand for Housing Market, caused looming and rankled for Real Estate Industry ". Stress Test caused less Demand on high price Property like Detached Home. Consumers will buy more on less Home Price Property. But he admitted that Stress Test is good policy when Interest low. He also admitted that bigger challenges for Housing Market not in Demand side but in Supply side. Canada continues attracts an increased number of immigrants.
Translate stress test into real Home Buyer. The stress test means that, a borrower with 20 per cent down payment or Deposit 20% = 120,000$, and an income of $100,000 a year, even like salary of Professor, could qualify to buy a house worth about $597,000, while ave Detached Hone = 1,35 millions. Harder to qualify Buy Home. As we said, not easy Buy Home in Toronto. If you could not Buy Home 10y ago, you will never Buy Home now in Toronto.

WHO can afford Buy Home in Toronto? - Millionaires, Rich Middle Class, High Salary over 100K, like Professor, combined 2 x Income of 65K, Rich Economic Immigrants account for 60% of all Immigrants in Canada. During Toronto Housing peak & cooling in 2017, a lot Home Owners either cash-out profit or selling their home, now, very difficult for them to Buy Home.

The Return of Detached or Semi Detached is the same after 20y Buy Home. See prove below.

Where Canadian Millionaires live in Canada, and How Many of them?

Latest Update: Jan, 2020

The Star is number #1 News Paper and Media in Toronto.
Data from The Star in 2012 validates about Data in 2018, we show Canada has 505,000 millionaires.
=> With 505,010 millionaires Canada rank #2 of millionaires By Population in the world after US

What does it mean as millionaires?
- It means Success. Hardwork & Reward. A big Dream,
not easy achieve in 3 x Generation. Not about money, rich & poor, as small minded thinking. It's hard because less than 4% in population, even in rich country like Canada rank #2 millionaires.
Canada just creates a new Ministry of Middle Class and Prosperity in Nov, 2019.
How difficult to become Canadian millionaires?

- Canada rank #2 Millionaires by population in the world. More than 1/2 millionaires around 260,000 millionaires, live in Toronto, GTA (Districts around Toronto) of 9.5 milli